America and West Indies
November 1700, 21-25


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Cecil Headlam (editor)

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'America and West Indies: November 1700, 21-25', Calendar of State Papers Colonial, America and West Indies, Volume 18: 1700 (1910), pp. 663-664. URL: Date accessed: 30 October 2014.


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November 1700

Nov. 21.945. Journal of Council of Trade and Plantations. Upon consideration of the Acts of the Leeward Islands past by Col. Fox, and of Mr. Attorney and Mr. Solicitor General's opinion about his right to assume that government, ordered that Mr. Attorney and Solicitor be desired to call here to-morrow or Tuesday in order to the further clearing of that matter. [Board of Trade. Journal, 13. p. 251; and 97. No. 206.]
Nov. 25./Dec. 6.
Rio Issequebe,
Fort Kyk
946. Samuel Beeckman to the Dutch West India Company, Middelburgh. The Castell Sonburgh brought 188 head of fairly good negroes, without having lost any on the journey. If the Company could only have such luck every time, this growing Colony would prosper more and more and [we should not have] such losses as to our sorrow we have, through mortality and death of negro slaves, seeing more than 300 barrels of sugar rot upon the fields. None the less, all other matters are as could be wished. Our newly cleared plantations are satisfactorily burned, which gives us hope of making up for the loss of the poor deceased, and that your worships may be encouraged to send more good slaves, which we again humbly request you to do. On Oct. 22 arrived from Surinam a young gentleman named Pieter Bockestein, sent to Surinam with express letters of introduction to the Governor, Mr. Van der Ween, from the King of Great Britain, recommending him to be hospitably received and helped to collect all sorts of curious feathered and other animals, shells, seeds, plants, etc. And as His Excellency was of opinion that the said curiosities are more to be obtained here, he sent him hither, and we have received him as desired.
Matters are going well with the Company's new Plantations, Middel en Souburg. We are busy with the masonry for the coppers. Asks for two new coppers and a new main-sail for the Yacht. The state of this Colony is more and more blessed by the Almighty. P.S.—Four European servants have just died. Signed, Samuel Beeckman. Inscribed, Read Feb. 28 (N.S.) 1701. 6 pp. Dutch. Style very obscure. [Colonial Office Transmissions, 457. No. 5.]