Miscellaneous, 1559


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'Supplement: Miscellaneous, 1559', Calendar of State Papers Foreign, Elizabeth, Volume 5: 1562 (1867), pp. 611. URL: Date accessed: 28 November 2014.


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Miscellaneous, 1559

1559.1400. The English Ambassador to the Regent of Flanders.
That she will allow Bernardin Grenado to export eight horses for the Queen of England, and license Tho. Gresham to export into England 100 barrels of powder for cannon and 6,000 staves of pine wood for lances.
Endd. Fr. Pp. 2.
[1559 ?]1401. Armour and Munitions from Flanders.
Account of armour and munitions lost at Heringbanke besides Westerems, valued at 7,504l. 7s. 4d.
Endd. Pp. 2.
[1559 ?]1402. Gresham's Purchases in Flanders.
Prices of armour and munition provided by Gresham, with an account of those returned to him as unserviceable, the value whereof amounts to 8,727l.
Endd. Pp. 3.
[1559 ?]1403. The Queen to the Emperor.
Writes at the request of Count Rogendorf, whose fidelity to the House of Austria is well known, and who now seeks to exculpate himself from the false accusations of his enemies.
Draft. Corrected by Cecil. Lat. Pp. 2.
[1559 ?]1404. Throckmorton to the Earl of Bedford.
Excuses himself for not accepting the man whom the Earl offered to put with him at his coming over.
Copy. Endd. by Challoner's son. Pp. 2.