Miscellaneous, 1565


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'Elizabeth: Miscellaneous, 1565', Calendar of State Papers Foreign, Elizabeth, Volume 7: 1564-1565 (1870), pp. 277. URL: http://www.british-history.ac.uk/report.aspx?compid=72197 Date accessed: 24 November 2014.


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Miscellaneous, 1565

[1565.]902. Franciscus Farias and N. Molinus to Bishop —.
Have been exiles from Spain for religion for eight years; and now it is sought, by means of connecting them with one who has fled from Flanders on account of a robbery, to obtain their transmission. They declare their innocence of any crime, and ask his advice and protection. Signed.
Orig. Endd. by Cecil: Exules pro verbo. Lat. Pp. 3.
[1565.]903. Eric XIV. of Sweden to the Queen.
Assures her that, though the machinations of his enemies have hitherto prevented him from marrying her, yet such is his earnest wish. Complains of his enemies, the Danes and Lubeckers, over whose fleet he has gained important advantages (having blockaded them in Oresund), to follow up which he asks her assistance. Signed.
Orig. Add. Endd.: 1565. Lat. Pp. 3.