August 1562


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'Supplement: August 1562', Calendar of State Papers Foreign, Elizabeth, Volume 7: 1564-1565 (1870), pp. 543-544. URL: Date accessed: 29 November 2014.


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August 1562

Aug. 7.
1765. Intelligence from Poland.
Hither are come out of Finland certain ships, and in them twenty horses, forty-eight barrels, and one great chest full of silver brought aland of Duke John of Sweden. They look for him here before Midsummer, and he shall marry the King of Poland's youngest sister of thirty-eight years of age, and the apparel is a making here for all his men. Two of this Council are at Lubeck, and there are all the cities together, and it is concerning their privilege in England. They will lay their steelyard at Rouen, where the French King has promised them a great freedom, and to provide wool and all manner of things needful for them to make cloth. They will give over their occupying in England, and not suffer no Englishmen to come into these East parts. Since Easter, the Muscovites be entered the King of Pole's land, and have destroyed above 700 towns and villages, and carried the young people away and slain them that could not go with them. Furthermore, the Muscovite has burnt of the King of Pole's land fifty Dutch miles in length, and twenty in breadth, and lies now at Smolensko with 200,000 men. A town is taken from the King of Poland by the King of Sweden's men of war.
Orig. Imperfect. Endorsed: Intelligence from Moscow. Pp. 3.