America and West Indies
August 1725


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Cecil Headlam (editor) and Arthur Percival Newton (introduction)

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'America and West Indies: August 1725 ', Calendar of State Papers Colonial, America and West Indies, Volume 34: 1724-1725 (1936), pp. 408-412. URL: Date accessed: 21 November 2014.


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August 1725

Aug. 2.
698. Governor the Duke of Portland to the Council of Trade and Plantations. I should not have troubled your Lordships at this time when nothing offers itself worth taking any notice of, and that everything is in a state of tranquility, expecting letters and directions from England, was it not that I might be thought negligent etc. I am busy in the mean time in rectifying as much as I can severall neglects and abuses, which have been overlook'd, if not countenanc'd too long, but this is a work not to be done at once, which is attended with a good many difficulty's, and wish I cou'd say that there are no obstructions given to it; however shall not be discourag'd, and intend to go on, in whatever I am satisfied and convinc'd is for H.M. service, and the good of this Island. I can't flatter myself when I reflect on the tempers of those I have to deal with here, that there will be none who will grumble or complain, but I hope I may venture to affirm, that those complaints (if any) will be found groundless, and the countenance, I promise myself, I shall always meet with from home, in every thing that can be done consistent with the trust repos'd in me, will make me slight the noise and clamours, which must have prevented attempts of this kind formerly. What likewise at present takes up some of my time, is the constant care about the partys sent out (if possible) to destroy the runaway and rebellious negro's, but as whatever concerns the Publick is perform'd and executed with such negligence, and attended with so many difficulties, besides the charge which is pretty considerable; I can't yet tell whether these partys will answer expectation; They certainly will do good, and if all matters were under a good regulation, these partys wou'd effectually have done the intended service etc. Signed, Portland. Endorsed, Recd., Read 26th April, 1726. 2 pp. [C.O. 137, 16. ff. 215–216?.]
Aug. 2
699. Same to the Duke of Newcastle. Repeats preceding. Signed, Portland. Endorsed, Rd. April 26th, 1726. 2 pp. [C.O. 137, 52. ff. 153, 153?., 154?.]
Aug. 2.700. Wm. Blakeway, Judge of the Vice-Admiralty, S. Carolina, to Mr. Burchett. Yesterday arrived here a sloop from Jamaica, the Master whereof informs me, that some French and Dutch ships, who had been down on the Spanish coast, in order to trade, arrived at Jamaica just before he sail'd, and gave an account, that the Spaniards of the Kingdom of Peru, finding the prohibition of foreign trade severely put in execution by the Vice-Roy, and several of the principal of their merchants hang'd for trading, contrary to the laws of Spain, they have proclaimed a new Vice-Roy for themselves, pretending to make their own terms with the Crown of Spain: whatever may be their first intentions or pretence, this is thought to be a revolt, and they are become so vastly numerous in all those Provinces, that I question, if all the power of Spain can reduce them etc. Signed, Wm. Blakeway. Endorsed, Enclosed in Mr. Burchett's letter of 30th Sept. Copy. 1 p. [C.O. 5, 383. No. 11.]
Aug. 5.
701. Council of Trade and Plantations to the Lords Justices. Representation upon complaints against Governor Hart (?. 22nd June). We have been attended by petitioners and their Counsel, as likewise by Counsel in behalf of Colo. Hart etc. The complaint consists of many charges, whereof the principal seem to us to be those which relate to Mr. Hart's suspending and appointing Councillors, contrary to his Instructions, and to his receiving large presents from the Councils and Assemblys of the Islands under his Government. As to the Councillors, quote their letters of 20th Aug., 1724 and 27th April, 1725 q.?. Continue: As to the presents, the petitioners referred to the Minutes of Assembly of Antego, 10th Jan., 1721/2, and to the Minutes of the Council in Assembly of the said Island, 15th Nov., 1723, for the sums of £1000 and £600 mony of that Island; and by the said Minutes it does appear that those sums were voted for Colo. Hart. It does also appear by one of Colo. Hart's speeches to the Council and Assembly of Antego, transmitted to us by himself, that he had at different times received £4300 mony of that Island, from the said Council and Assembly: But whether the sd. sums were received by him as presents, contrary to his Instructions, or by virtue of the Acts which he was allowed to pass there for his better support, pursuant to his Instructions, we cannot take upon us to determine, having no evidence before us to fix the several times of receipt, or the heads upon which the respective paymts. were made. The compt. contains sevl. other particulars, to some of which the petitioners were not prepared to offer evidence, and other heads of the charge might probably admit of explanations, if Mr. Hart had time to answer thereunto; and forasmuch as the Council who attended in behalf of Col. Hart, declared they were not instructed to make a defence to this complt., and therefore pray'd that copies of the same might be transmitted to him, and a reasonable time allowed for his answer, we shall not trouble your Excellencies with the particulars laid before us any further at present, but beg leave numbly to submit to your Excells., whether it may not be proper that Mr. Hart be acquainted with the matters laid to his charge, and have an opportunity of making his defence. [C.O. 153, 14. pp. 193–196.]
Aug. 5.
702. Order of Lords Justices in Council. Approving of Representation of 28th July and appointing Richard Fitzwilliam to the Councils of Virginia, S. Carolina and Jamaica etc. Signed. Jas. Vernon. Endorsed, Recd., 19th Aug., Read 7th Oct., 1725. 1 p. [C.O. 323, 8. No. 63; and 5, 4. No. 26.]
Aug. 6.
703. Governor Hart to Mr. Popple. Acknowledges letter of 1st Oct., "with an authentick collection of the Acts of Montserrat pass'd before 1712 that have been confirm'd, which I have sent to Montserrat; and have a letter of thanks from the Council and Assembly." Acknowledges letter of 23rd Nov. Continues: I sent a copy to Capt. George, Lt. Governor of Montserrat, to make inquirey into the case of Molineux and Garet with secresy, before I proceeded to a publick examination on it: which I intended to do in person, but have been prevented by the many indispositions I have laboured under, which has reduced me to so great a degree of weakness, that I am utterly incapable of performing it, so must remit it to the Lt. Governor to examine into that affair, and make his report to me etc. I have several matters to impart their Lordships, but the unhappy state of my health will not permit me etc. Signed, Jo. Hart. Endorsed, Recd. 30th Oct., 1725, Read 27th Jan., 1725/6. 2 pp. [C.O. 152, 15. ff. 226, 226?., 227?.]
Aug. 14.
704. Governor Worsley to the Duke of Newcastle. Encloses two Acts lately passed, (i) requiring all persons to produce to the Treasurer for the time being all orders for money due to them from the publick etc., and (ii) to prevent the dangers from contagious distempers brought here by ships, etc.; also Minutes of Court of Chancery, 14th April-4th Aug. Continues: The time for the sitting of the Assembly for the last year expiring the beginning of July, I issued out new writts for the election of a new Assembly who were chosen the 27th of the said month with the greatest tranquility, and not the least disturbance in the whole Island. The present Assembly have already pass'd an Excize bill and I have taken particular care in this, that no English liquors should be subjected to any duty's, which last year I was fore'd to do by an Act to repeal that clause in the Excize Act. H.M. Order in Council, in relation to that head, not coming to my hands 'till after the last years Excize bill was pass'd etc. Signed, Henry Worsley. Endorsed, R. Nov. 1st. 3 pp. [C.O. 28, 44. No. 96.]
Aug. 14.
705. Same to the Council of Trade and Plantations. Duplicate of preceding. Signed, Hen. Worsley. Endorsed, Recd. 2nd, Read 17th Nov., 1725. 3 pp. [C.O. 28, 18. ff. 232–233?.]
[Aug. 14.]706. Enclosed in preceding covering letter. Proceedings of Court of Chancery, Barbados, April 14th-–Aug. 4th. 7 pp. [C.O. 33, 27. No. 4.]
Aug. 15.
707. Lt. Governor George to Mr. Stanyan. Encloses two letters for Messrs. Pierce's, "the Gentn. recommended by you. I hope the contents will prove agreable to them" etc. Encloses letter for Lord Gage, which he asks him to deliver. Signed, Paul George. Endorsed, Rd. Oct. 22nd Holograph. 1 p. [C.O. 152, 42. No. 148.]
Aug. 17.
New York.
708. Governor Burnet to the Duke of Newcastle. Asks for confirmation of his appointment of Walter Butler to succeed Lt. John Scot decd. "He was a lieutenant upon half pay and has remained here ever since the expedition against Canada" etc. Signed, W. Burnet. Endorsed, Rd. Nov. 4th. 1½ pp. [C.O. 5, 1092. No. 41.]
[Aug. 19.]709. Petition of John Greatheed to the Lords Justices. Prays for a renewal of H.M. grant, in petitioner's name, of lands in the late French part of St. Kitts, purchased by him from Richard Atkins, who bought them from the original grantee, Capt. Robert Jackson, in 1715. 1 p. Overleaf,
709. i. The Lords Justices refer above petition to the Council of Trade and Plantations for their report thereon. Signed, Ch. Delafaye. ½ p. The whole endorsed, Recd. 1st Sept., 1725, Read 27th Jan., 1725/9. [C.O. 152, 15. ff. 224, 224?., 225?.]
Aug. 19.
710. Council of Trade and Plantations to the Duke of Newcastle. Enclose extract of letter from Governor Phenney, with affidavits. Continue: By which your Grace will see that the Spaniards do continue to interrupt the trade of H.M. subjects in the American seas in a most open and avow'd manner contrary to publick faith and the Treaties subsisting between the two Crowns etc. But as your Grace must undoubtedly have received several complaints from the West India merchants of the like nature; we doubt not but your Grace will obtain H.M. orders that the necessary applications for redress may be made to the Court of Madrid. Enclosed,
710. i. Extract of Governor Phenney's letter to B. of T. April 16.
710. ii–vi. Copies of depositions encl. Ap. 16. iii—vii. [C.O. 23, 12. Nos. 87, 87.i—v (without covering letter); and (covering letter only) 24, 1. pp. 75, 76.]
Aug. 19.711. Francis Fane's patent to be Counsel to the Board of Trade. Countersigned, Bisse and Bray. Latin. Copy. [C.O. 324, 49. ff. 36, 37.]
Aug. 26.712. Mr. Popple to Mr. Shelton. Reminds him of letter 12th Nov., 1723, and requests speedy answer from the Lords Proprietors of Carolina upon the proposal for determining the bounds with Virginia etc. [C.O. 5, 1293. p. 345.]
Aug. 27.
713. Mr. Popple to Mr. Carkesse. Encloses extract of letter from Lt. Governor Drysdale, relating to the importation of English wrought iron from Ireland directly to Virginia, for the opinion of the Commissioners of Customs thereon. [C.O. 5, 1365. p. 279.]
Aug. 27.
Province of
714. Lt. Governor Wentworth to the Council of Trade and Plantations. Denies Mr. Burniston's suggestion, conveyed to him in a letter from Governor Shutc, that he had written one thing to him and another to the Board etc. about his taking care of the woods etc. Refers to letter of 20th Aug. 1723, and his letters to the Surveyor General etc. Continues: One principle reason why I so strongly insisted for a person of full power his being on the spot was in regard to the Massachusets Government who have never taken the care that has been in this Province, but they have layen on that fine spot of pine trees I formerly advised your Lordships off: the last winter I wrote Lt. Governor Dummer to send or appoint officers and what dammage it was to the Crown (to suffer such spoyle), he soon after gave answer to my letter, and wrote to principle men to forbid and did what he could this timber still might be sav'd if ye line between ye two Govermts. were settled etc. My intent by what I wrote to your Lordships and the Surveyor General was to serve the King's intrest and that I might have some consideration for my expence and trouble either through the favour of my Royall master or by some agreement with Mr. Burniston etc. I can produce certificates under the hands of 500 principle men that I have prevented the destruction of thousands of pine trees this last winter etc. I shall continue to do my duty in case the proper officer do not arrive etc. This Province in conjunction with the Massachusets are in a treaty of peace with our Eastern and Canada Indians and in all probability shall agree on terms. I have been imployed three times on that occasion. The Indians will say, Yes, to everything you propose and yet when ye French Jesuits comes to say their say, why Indians will onsay what they have said in favour of the English, and upon the least disgust being prompt on by the French they'll make war again, however we shall take all possible care to bring them to ye intrest of the Crown etc. Refers to Lt. Gov. Dummer for particulars when completed. Encloses Journal of Council and Acts passed Nov. 1724–May, 1725 and account of stores of war. Concludes: Your Lordships will please to see yt. our stock is very low. I am obliged to abate the salutes for want of powder etc. Signed, Jno. Wentworth. Endorsed, Reed. 8th Nov., 1725, Read 30th June, 1726. 3 pp. Enclosed,
714. i. Account of powder and stores of war Fort William and Mary, 28th May, 1724–1725. Signed, Jno. Wentworth. Endorsed, Recd. 8th Nov., 1725. 2 pp. [C.O. 5, 869. ff. 251—254.]