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'Index of Persons: E', Calendar of State Papers Colonial, America and West Indies, Volume 42: 1735-1736 (1953), pp. 403. URL: Date accessed: 16 April 2014. Add to my bookshelf


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Eden, Charles, late Governor of North Carolina, purchase warrants for lands issued by, 132.
-, -,-, question of blank patents issued by, 141 p. 86.

Edlington, John, Surveyor General of Barbados, certificate concerning, 479 iii.
-, -,-, commission appointing, 443, 479 i.
-, -,-,-, validity of, in question, 485.
-, -,-, objections to Act on survey of land, 479.
-, -,-, petition of, 443.

Edwards, William, servant of Alexander Wood, deposition of, 157 xi.
-, -,-, treatment of, 157 vii.

Egmont, Earl of. See Perceval, John.

Elizabeth, Queen, attack on Spaniards by Sir Francis Drake, 348 xv.

Elton, Sir Abraham, Bristol, memorial received from, 495, 496.

Ely, Gersham, Colonel, Jamaica, party fitted out by, in Jamaica, 73.
-, -,-, recommended for Council, 226.

Erskine, David, Lord Cardross and Earl of Buchan, settlement at Port Royal, 348 xv.

Espegnet, Colonel, at Conference with Penobscot Indians, 365 ii.

Esten, Benjamin, blacksmith, Nassau, charge of arson against, 454 ii.
-, -,-, escape of, from the Bahamas, in H.M.S. Shark, 454 ii.

Evans (Eyans), —, North Carolina, 161.
-, -, Richard, Councillor, North Carolina, absentee, 97.

Everard, Sir Richard, late Governor of North Carolina, blank patents, list of, 151.
-, -,-, purchase warrants for lands issued by, 132.