Appendix I
South Carolina Land Grants


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K. G. Davies (editor)

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'Appendix I: South Carolina Land Grants', Calendar of State Papers Colonial, America and West Indies, Volume 43: 1737 (1963), pp. 314-319. URL: Date accessed: 26 November 2014.


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Appendix I

South Carolina Land Grants

A register of grants of land in South Carolina between the years 1675 and 1765 has been preserved under the reference CO. 5, 398. The entries for 1737 have been extracted and are given below. The register records the name of grantee, place where the land granted lay, number of acres, date of grant and rent. The rent for all grants made in 1737 was 3s. sterling per 100 acres.

GranteeNo. of AcresPlaceDate
Allston, William129Craven County13 July
Ash, Margaret350do.8 April
Ash, Richard and Livingston, William440do.13 July
Atkin, Edmond56Berkley County13 August
Atkinson, Anthony300Craven County13 July
Badenhope, Jesse1000do.8 October
Barnett, John250do.12 August
Bayley, Ralph175Granville Countydo.
Birmont, Joseph250Craven County13 July
Blamyer, Mary450Berkley Countydo.
Bonneau, Henry500Pon Pon Riverdo.
Bonneau, Henry131Berkley County12 August
Brockington, William500Craven County13 July
Brown, John25do.12 July
Brown, Thomas725Little River13 July
Brown, William258Colleton County12 August
Buckhannan, William500Craven Countydo.
Bull, Stephen533Colleton County13 July
Bull, William5365Savannah River12 August
Burnham, Nicholas640Colleton County13 July
Butler, Thomas508do.12 April
Campbell, Hugh170Saltcatcher River12 August
Chandler, Philip250Black River13 July
Cheesman, Thomas1500Craven County12 August
Chevilett, John and Sarah500Purrysburgh township12 February
Child, Josheph400Berkley County12 August
Christie, Henry300Craven Countydo.
Cleland, John312do.13 July
Clerk, William450do.12 August
Coachman, Benjamin350Craven County12 August
Coachman, James400Berkley County13 July
Cochran, John300Craven County12 August
Colleton, John35Berkley County13 July
do.289Santee Riverdo.
Copeland, Hugh300Craven County12 August
Cottino, Andrew400Pedee River17 February
Crauford, Daniel776Granville County13 July
Crawl, Ann650Colleton County12 August
Dean, Daniel209Berkley County13 July
Dechamp, Francis291do.12 August
Delas, James300Granville County29 June
De St. Julien, James500Santee River13 July
Deveaux, Andrew1350Saltcatcher Riverdo.
Dick, John400Craven County5 February
Drake, Jonathan500Wacawmaw River12 August
Drake, William677Santee River17 February
Dry, William19Berkley County12 February
Dupont, Abraham500do.13 July
Dupont, Gideon160do.12 August
do.100do.13 August
Dupre, Cornelius800do.13 July
do.183do.12 August
Eldridge, Jane600Craven Countydo.
Elizard, Abraham800Granville County29 June
Elliott, Barnard600Colleton County13 July
Elliott, Thomas500Pon Pon Riverdo.
do.500Craven Countydo.
do.575Granville County12 August
Elliott, William, jnr.730Colleton County13 July
Ellis, Gedion500Black Riverdo.
Evant, John700do.12 August
Fairchild, John400Berkley County13 July
Finley, Francis500Craven Countydo.
Fishburn, William1400Granville Countydo.
Fitch, Constant840Colleton County12 August
Fladger, Robert700Craven County12 February
Fleming, Thomas650do.12 August
Fountain, John150Granville County6 October
Fox, Henry650Craven County17 December
Gardner, William300do.13 July
Glazenbrook, Ruth418do.12 August
Glover, John400Berkley Countydo.
Goddard, Capt. Francis1700Craven County12 February
Godin, Benjamin480Colleton County29 June
Gray, William147do.13 July
Green, John300Craven County12 August
do.140do.13 July
Hamlin, George800Berkley Countydo.
Hendricks, Timothy850Granville County12 August
Henley, Daniel500Craven County11 May
Hext, Edward250do.13 July
Hill, Richard700Black Riverdo.
Holliday, Giles500Queensborough townshipdo.
Horr, Robert300Craven County12 August
Huggins, John1200Black Riverdo.
Huggins, Josheph300Santee Riverdo.
Hunter, George800Granville County29 June
Hurst, Joshep1000Craven County13 July
Hutchinson, John2100do.12 August
Izard, Walter4000Pedee River9 February
do.270Granville County6 June
Jackson, John320Colleton County12 August
Jackson, Samuel200Little Riverdo.
Jean, Michael550Wacawmaw River13 July
Jenkins, Thomas500Craven Countydo.
Johnson, Sarah520do.5 February
Kinloch, James2200Craven County13 July
do.193Savannah Riverdo.
do.3249Craven County5 July
Lawrence, James500do.17 February
Lea, George650do.13 July
Le Bas, James200Berkley County14 February
Lewis, Maurice500Queensborough township13 July
Livingston, William see
Ash, Richard
McCaw, John200Colleton River12 August
McClelland, Andrew750Craven Countydo.
McGers, James150do.8 October
McGilveray, Martha400Savannah River12 August
McKay, Patrick360Granville Countydo.
McMullen, William200Savannah Riverdo.
Mallone, Richard500Craven Countydo.
Marion, Peter1500Berkley County13 July
do.450do.12 April
Martin, Jacob2200Colleton County13 July
Martin, James800Craven Countydo.
Massey, Philip500do.12 August
do.184Little Riverdo.
do.300Craven County13 July
Maxwell, James510Pedee River12 August
Meyer, Frederick108Granville Countydo.
Michie, James1500Purrysburgh townshipdo.
Mongain, David and Francis600Granville Countydo.
Middleton, Thomas650Berkley Countydo.
Millchamp, Timothy1000Craven County5 May
Monk, Thomas500do.2 February
Moore, James600Berkley County12 August
Moore, Roger62½
Morall, William800Craven Countydo.
Moultrie, John400Berkley Countydo.
Musgrove, John300Wacawmaw River5 July
Neal, Francis300Craven County13 July
Nesbett, Alexander300do.12 August
Newman, Robert78do.12 July
Nicholas, George902do.12 August
Nicholas, Isaac246Colleton County12 August
Nichols, Stephen670do.10 April
Nisbit, see Nesbett
Norman, Moses735do.13 July
O'Brian, Kennedy158Savannah Riverdo.
Ouldfield, John, senr.300Berkley Countydo.
do.367Craven Countydo.
Pamor, Elizabeth352do.12 July
Pauley, George556Pedee River12 August
Pauley, George160Craven County12 July
do.225Wacawmaw River13 July
Peters, Phebe1400Craven Countydo.
Peters, William184Colleton Countydo.
Peyre, Judith1100Craven County12 August
Piercy, Hugha lotOrangeborough township8 October
do.850Berkley Countydo.
Pinkney, William564Colleton County13 July
Poole, William500Little Pedee Riverdo.
Pott, William200Craven Countydo.
Potts, Thomas270do.18 February
Poyis, John Lewis300Granville County13 July
Prioleau, Samuel3250do.12 August
Read, John, senr.500Craven County13 July
Read, John, junr.676Wacawmaw River12 August
Robert, Peter980Craven Countydo.
Robinson, Josheph400do.13 August
Roche, Jordan1000Little Pedee River13 July
Roper, Josheph200Craven County12 August
Rothmahler, Job500Cooper River13 July
Roulain, James500Saltcatcher River13 July
Salter, John500Craven Countydo.
Sauter, Abraham156do.13 August
Saunders, Lawrence500Granville County13 July
Saunders, Roger447Colleton Countydo.
Saunders, William710Berkley County12 August
Screven, Elisha300Black Riverdo.
Serre, Noah500Craven County13 July
Shackeford, William29do.10 July
Simmons, Thomas, junr.300do.13 July
Skene, Alexander1370Craven County17 February
do.2500Pedee Riverdo.
do.1000Craven Countydo.
Smith, Alexander700Berkley County13 July
Smith, Emanuel265Craven County12 August
Smith, William500Berkley County13 July
Snow, William300Craven Countydo.
Snowden, Joshua200Savannah River12 August
Stevens, William450Pedee Riverdo.
Stevenson, Mary600Edestoe River13 July
Stobo, Archibald900Savannah Riverdo.
Taylor, Peter1100Berkley County12 August
Thomas, Jonathan182Colleton County13 July
Thompson, James450Granville County12 August
Thomson, John575Craven County13 July
Thomson, John, junr.50Black River13 July
Toor, Catherine450Wacawmaw Riverdo.
Toully, John400Craven County17 February
Vanvelson, Garrett420Berkley County12 August
Verdity, Elizabeth331do.13 July
Vernezobre, Daniel2000Craven County29 June
Waring, Richard800do.6 June
Waties, William80Pedee River12 July
do.400do.5 February
Wedderburn, James1000Craven County12 February
Wells, Allen1200do.5 February
Whippy, William750Granville County11 May
Wilkins, William51Colleton County12 August
Williams, Samuel300do.13 July
Wilson, Wilson100Queensborough township12 August
Wright, Charles600Pedee River17 February
Wright, James1000Craven County13 July
Wright, Jermyn500Granville County17 February
Wright, Robert, junr.470Berkley County13 July
York, Catherine300Santee River12 August