Appendix III
Naval Officers' Lists of Shipping


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K. G. Davies (editor)

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'Appendix III: Naval Officers' Lists of Shipping', Calendar of State Papers Colonial, America and West Indies, Volume 44: 1738 (1969), pp. 288-291. URL: Date accessed: 24 November 2014.


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Appendix III

Naval Officers' Lists of Shipping

Naval Officers' lists of shipping have survived for some, but not for all, British colonies. They were intended to be a record of all ships entering and clearing from British ports in America and the West Indies. They register: date of entry, name of ship and home-port or colony, name of master, kind of ship (schooner, snow, etc.), number of tons, number of guns, number of men, where and when built, where and when registered, particulars of cargo, port or colony whither or whence bound, where and when bond given.

The following table summarizes the entries of ships inwards and outwards and their tonnage for the year 1738. Under the heading British North America are included entries referring to Newfoundland and Nova Scotia; under British West Indies, Bermuda; under Europe, the countries of the Continent; and under Others, Africa, the Canaries, Madeira, Danish, Dutch, French, Spanish and Portuguese American and West Indian colonies.

Colony and PortPeriodBritish North AmericaBritish W. Indies intl. BermudaBritish Isles incl. IrelandEuropeOthersTotal
BAHAMAS1st quarter IN81881129200
(New Providence)„ „OUT61463479193
[C.O. 27, 12]2nd quarter IN611159411205
„ „ OUT712146711188
3rd quarter IN1322637516301
„ „OUT1022437511514314
4th quarter IN922235013513307
„ „OUT921459014304
BARBADOS1st quarter IN22943520554 (fn. 1) 3141 (fn. 1) 814289
[C.O. 33, 16]„ „OUT520143001358 (fn. 2) 570 (fn. 2) 181106
No record for remaining quarters
BAHAMASNo record for first two quarters
(St. George's)3rd quarterin (fn. 3) [3][55][2][55][3][205][11][410]
[CO. 41, 7]„ „out (fn. 3) [9][230][7][241][16][471]
4th quarterIN102409201513524576
„ „OUT2569519367441062
NEW JERSEY1st quarterIN140140
(Bridlington)„ „OUT21402140
[C.O. 5, 1035]2nd quarterIN150150
„ „OUT150150
3rd quarterIN145145
„ „OUT
4th quarterIN15050150
„ „OUT245245
NEW YORK1st quarterIN1632541203300414527890
(Port of New York)„ „OUT20412134901551756205411237
[C.O. 5, 1225–1226]2nd quarterIN2769127964662017 (fn. 4) 656 (fn. 4) 772661
„ „OUT3295723657439531806195682384
3rd quarterIN29847257553150212014533732405
„ „OUT30839248122180437512420722626
4th quarterIN2139321685983513014558662501
„ „OUT175392491815117516510311673008
SOUTH CAROLINA1st quarterIN2012441281510129754555 (fn. 5) 290 (fn. 5) 524101
(Charleston)„ „OUT1751593483233412205160614469
[C.O. 5, 510]2nd quarterIN22896113154410215014 (fn. 6) 905 (fn. 6) 532676
„ „OUT26875167882224113245674319
3rd quarterIN143841440421908550381528
„ „OUT17582143998710391691
4th quarterIN151327196768800 (fn. 7) 11406494493437
„ „OUT104221546433052130301321
VIRGINIA1st quarterIN3411704111
(James River,„ „OUT29171909281
Upper District)2nd quarterIN1293711622351130161318
[C.O. 5, 1446]„ „OUT414737521609382
3rd quarterIN575°275115019091065
„ „OUT120266172310202396
4th quarterIN41651305195
„ „OUT12021901504260
(Port Hampton)1st quarterIN92796220110016599
[C.O. 5, 1446]„ „OUT5195291196117031901110391861
2nd quarterIN66051761691115180332416
„ „OUT83251246327022858
3rd quarterIN51901694521254410271670
„ „OUT8235103856385170251175
4th quarterIN12585930512522915
„ „OUT52153622150111011532
(Rappahannock)1st quarterIN27534105485
[C.O. 5, 1445]„ „OUT
2nd quarterIN1130141365151495
„ „OUT43404340
3rd quarterIN160225021205430
„ „OUT2180161620181800
4th quarterIN140130270
„ „OUT11023601354405
(South Potomac)1st quarterIN21282128
[C.O. 5, 1445]„ „OUT387387
2nd quarterIN21815032506318
„ „OUT211521404255
3rd quarterIN431042951809685
„ „OUT31753175
4th quarterIN130160290
„ „OUT76301508680
VIRGINIA cont.1st quarterIN115011581390101555
(York River)„ „OUT12041501456215
[C.O. 5, 1444]2nd quarterIN33603958845141300
„ „OUT140135111495131570
3rd quarterIN226013532456540
„ „OUT4180120141890192090
4th quarterIN2651651804210
„ „OUT12502803330


1 Includes 52 ships of 3066 tons, origin of which is not stated
2 Includes 6 ships of 515 tons, destination of which is not stated
3 Incomplete record
4 Includes one ships of 40 tons, origin of which is not stated
5 Includes 3 ships totalling 120 tons, origin of which is not stated
6 Includes 1 ship of 40 tons, origin of which is not stated
7 Tonnage of one ship not stated