Dates of Principal Events


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Allan James Crosby (editor)

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'Dates of Principal Events', Calendar of State Papers Foreign, Elizabeth, Volume 10: 1572-1574 (1876), pp. XXXVII-XXXVIII. URL: Date accessed: 26 November 2014.


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Arrival of Sir Thomas Smith at the French Court at Amboise1 Jan.1572.
Dismissal of Don Gerau D'Espes, the Spanish Ambassador5 ""
Arrest of Borghesi16 ""
Trial of the Duke of Norfolk16 ""
Mather and Barney executed11 Feb."
Drury and Randolph sent into Scotland18 ""
Death of the Marquis of Winchester10 March"
Capture of Brielle by De la Mark1 April"
Revolt of Flushing19 ""
Treaty of Blois19 ""
Death of Pius V.1 May"
Gregory XIII. elected Pope13 ""
Arrival of M. de Croc in Scotland18 ""
Earl of Lincoln sent into France25 ""
Earl of Northumberland delivered up by the Scots29 ""
Duke of Norfolk beheaded2 June"
Arrival of English troops under Sir II. Gilbert in the Low Countries10 July"
Sir Thomas Smith made Principal Secretary13 ""
Armistice in Scotland30 ""
Sir H. Gilbert offers to seize the town of Flushing13 Aug."
Marriage of Henry of Navarre18 ""
Attempt to assassinate Coligny22 ""
Earl of Northumberland executed at York22 ""
Commencement of the Massacre of St. Bartholomew24 ""
Arrival of H. Killegrew in Scotland11 Sept."
Edict of Charles IX. protecting the Huguenots22 ""
Death of the Earl of Marr29 Oct."
Morton elected Regent21 Nov."
Death of John Knox24 ""
Haarlem invested10 Dec."
The Earl of Worcester sent into France18 Jan.1573.
Edinburgh Castle blockaded8 Feb."
Huntly submits to the Regent Morton23 ""
Capture of the BlacknessFeb."
Rochelle invested""
The English Army enters Scotland17 April"
Edinburgh Castle summoned25 ""
Battery opened17 May1573.
Castle surrendered28 ""
Ratification of Treaty between England and Spain8 June"
Surrender of Haarlem12 July"
Kirkcaldy of Grange executed3 Aug."
Arrival of Scots in the Low CountriesOct."
Siege of Alkmaer raised8 ""
Departure of Alva from the Low Countries18 Dec."
Surrender of Middleburgh19 Feb.1574.
Battle of Mook Heath14 April"
La Mole and Coconnas executed30 ""
Commencement of second siege of Leyden26 May"
Capture of Montgomery at Domfront27 ""
Death of Charles IX.30 ""
Arrival of Henry III. at Lyons6 Aug."
Relief of Leyden3 Oct."
Death of the Cardinal of LorraineDec."