America and West Indies
June 1704, 12-20


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June 1704, 12-20

[June 12.]382. Paper entitled Part of Governor Nicholson's letter to Micajah Perry, July 30, 1703. I have writt both to Mr. Povey and Col. Blackistone, if they think fitt to give some guineys, and to imploy persons that what the charge may be may call upon you for it, and place to my account etc. Pray call on Mr. Warr at my Lord Nottingham's and Mr. Tucker at Mr. Secretary Hedges, and acquaint them that if they will be pleased to do anything in my affairs, I have desired you not only to pay the necessary charges, but also to gratify them. Pray if you find it in the least necessary in this or other things to order ye Bishop of London's Chaplain or Secretary what needfull, as likewise at the Plantation Office, Admiralty, or any other office or person that you shall think necessary to give mony or presents to. Endorsed, Recd. from Robert Beverly. Endorsed, Recd. Read June 12, 1704. 1 p. [C.O. 5, 1314. No. 25.]
June 12.383. Mr. Thurston to [? Mr. Popple]. I have not yet been able to obtain payment of the money for the soldiers at Newfoundland. Sailing orders will be dispatched to-morrow at furthest. Deal being so very unlucky a place as not to admit of any returns, a minute's delay may put it out of all power of sending anything this year. The ordinary method of sending the specie is by water by some of the Deal hookers; that appears so hazardous to me, as well as uncertain, that I propose it's going by land rather with 2 horse granadiers to protect it. The overcharge may well be borne out of the 50l. contingent money. Prays for the delay of the sailing orders. Signed, J. Thurston. 1½ pp. [C.O. 194, 3. No. 26.]
June 12.
7 a clock at night.
384. Mr. Thurston to Mr. Popple. I have now received the money referred to in preceding. Signed, J. Thurston.Endorsed, Recd. Read June 12, 1704. 1 p. [C.O. 194, 3. No. 27; and 195, 3. p. 333.]
June 12.
385. W. Popple, jr., to Josiah Burchet. Upon receiving above, the Council of Trade and Plantations desire you to move H.R.H. Council that sailing orders to the convoy for Newfoundland be not sent till Thursday next. [C.O. 195, 3. p. 334.]
June 13.
386. Sir C. Hedges to Governor Nicholson. It being now more difficult than formerly to gett pitch, tarre and other Navall Stores for the use of H.M. Fleet, it has been proposed to procure such quantities of them as may be had in H.M. Plantations. You are therefore to give your opinion what may be done in Virginia in that particular. Signed, C. Hedges. [C.O. 324, 30. p. 6.]
June 13.
387. Council of Trade and Plantations to the Queen. In obedience to your Majesties order in Councill of March 9, upon the Petition of Peter Vanbelle, relating to some negroes of his, seized at St. Christophers, and condemned at a Court of Admiralty at Nevis in May 1699, and praying that the Governour of the Leeward Islands may be directed to transmit copies of the Proceedings of the said Court of Admiralty in order to the hearing of his Appeal before your Majesty in Councill, we have considered the same. Quote opinion of the Attorney General. [See May23.] Whereupon we humbly offer that a letter be writ to Governor Sir W. Mathew. directing him to enquire thereinto, and in case he do finde the said Court was held by virtue of his late Majesties Commission for the sentence given by the President and Councill of Nevis as the Councill there, that then he transmit authentick copies of the Proceedings of the said Court in the usual manner, in order to the hearing of the Appeal before your Majesty in Councill, whereof he is to give due notice to all parties concern'd in the Leeward Islands; but if he finde that the said Court was held by authority from the Admiralty, we are humbly of opinion that the Petitioner be left to proceed as in cases belonging to the Court of Admiralty. [C.O. 153, 8. pp. 312–314.]
June 13.
388. Council of Trade and Plantations to the Queen. In obedience to your Majesty's Order in Council of March 30, last, upon the petition of six Members of Council of Virginia, we have been several times attended by Mr. Commissary Blair and others concern'd on that side, who have delivered to us severall papers and affidavits in proof of their particular complaints, and we have been attended by the Agent of Col. Nicholson, who having made some reply to the said accusations desired to be referred to such further answer as Col. Nicholson should make upon his receiving the said affidavits and papers; whereupon, tho' the matters laid to Col. Nicholson's charge be of a high nature yet we are humbly of opinion that it is for your Majesty's service that such persons who have the honour to be commissioned by your Majesty in the Government of your Plantations, may not fall under your Majesty's displeasure before they be made acquainted with the matter laid to their charge, and have an opportunity of making their defence, and whereas the said Agent is dead since our receiving the said papers, so that there is no person here to appear in the Governor's behalf, we do therefore most humbly offer that your Majesty direct that the Petition, affidavits etc. be forthwith transmitted to such of your Majesty's Councill, inhabitants of Virginia, as have not signed the accusations, that they may communicate the same to Col. Nicholson, in order to his making his defence, and that the said Counsellors, or any three of them, may be directed and impowered by letters under your Majesty's signet and sign manual, to receive all testimonies and affidavits either for making good the accusations against Col. Nicholson or tending to his vindication, to be transmitted hither for your Majesty's final determination. And that Col. Nicholson be strictly enjoyn'd by your Majesty's letters not to overawe or discourage any persons whatsoever by threats or otherwise from giving their testimony or evidence in these matters. And that in case the proofs and evidencies in this matter be such as shall make it appear necessary for Col. Nicholson to come to England in order to his justification, your Majesty give him leave to attend your Majesty accordingly, and that a Commission be sent at the same time to Col. Seymour, your Majesty's Governour of Maryland, constituting him Commander in Chief of Virginia, for the taking care of that Province in the absence of Col. Nicholson, or until your Majesty's further pleasure be known. [C.O. 5, 1360. pp. 479–482.]
June 14.
New York.
389. Mr. Ingoldesby to the Earl of Nottingham. After 15 weeks bad weather, I came to Virginia Jan. 9 in the Foway friggot, having lost company with ye rest of ye fleet, ye Dreadnought, wch. was our Commodore, on whom was Governor Seymor, was forced to bare away for Barbados for want of water, and did not arrive in Virginia until ye middle of April, but all in health. I being taken ill of an ague and fever could not get to New York until ye beginning of March. Lord Cornbury has been very civill and kind to me, ordered my Commission for Lieut-Governor to be published in Council ye next day after my arrival; his Lordship's great prudence and steddy conduct has almost exstinguished ye divisions yt. were amongst ye inhabitants, and is very much in ye esteeme of ye people, especially ye better sort, who talk very kindly of his Lordship, and are willing to use their uttermost endeavours to make him happy and easy in his Govermt., ye debts contracted by his predecessor amounting to at least 12,000l. are a great subject matter of complaint, the necessary things of the present warr and defence of the Province makes a constant demand of fresh supplys from the People, and the staple of ye country, ye manufactury of flower, being of little value all this warr, a stop being put to ye consumption thereof in ye Spanish West Indies, has much impoverished the inhabitants. The Assembly are now sitting to provide for defence of ye frontiers etc. As soon as it is up, H.E. designs for Albany etc. I hope your Lordship will be pleased to get some sallary settled upon me. I find the country very inclinable to do for me [as for Capt. Nanfan] but they say that H.M. has ordered that no present shall be made etc. Signed, Rich. Ingoldesby. Endorsed, R. Aug. 11, 1704. 3 pp. [C.O. 5, 1091. No. 9.]
June 14.
390. Council of Trade and Plantations to Mr. Secretary Hedges. In answer to yours of 3rd inst., we take leave to acquaint you that we did upon the first declaration of the warr give directions to all the Governours of the Plantations that a weight of lead be fastned to all their packets in order to be thrown overboard in case of imminent danger from the enemy, which we believe has been constantly observed; and have had several instances of it; but as this complaint relates particularly to Jamaica and to merchants' letters, we have consulted Sir G. Heathcote and Sir B. Gracedieu, Agents, and other merchants of that Island, who have promised to write to their friends that they be very cautious in giving any account relating to the publick state and condition of that Island, and that Masters of ships bringing letters for Europe have directions from them to put such letters in a bagg with a sufficient weight to sink the same immediately in case of danger from the enemy, and we are likewise writing to the several Governors of H.M. Plantations that they take the necessary care herein not only for their own letters, but for those also of the merchants and planters. And upon this occasion they have further desired us to represent their own fears and apprehensions of their correspondents, that this important Island will be greatly indangered without a further naval strength and a recruit of land forces. [C.O. 324, 8. pp. 452–454.]
June 15.
Hampton Court.
391. Order of Queen in Council. Governor Nicholson is to return his answer to the complaints of the Six Members of Council of Virginia [March 30], and to all the affidavits etc. presented to the Council of Trade and Plantations relating thereto, copies whereof they are forthwith to transmit unto him for that purpose. Signed, John Povey. Endorsed, Recd. Read June 16, 1704. [C.O. 5, 1314. No. 26; and 5, 1360. p. 483.]
June 15.
Hampton Court.
392. Order of Queen in Council. Proclamation, this day read and approved, for setling and ascertaining the current rates of Forrain coynes in H.M. Colonys and Plantations in America, ordered to be forthwith passed under the Great Seal and printed and published; the Lords Commissioners for Trade to cause copies to be transmitted by the first conveyance to ye severall Governors etc. Signed, John Povey. Endorsed, Recd. Read June 23, 1704. 1 p. Enclosed,
392. i. Proclamation by the Queen, described in preceding. We having had under our consideration the different rates at which the same species of foreign coins do pass in our several Colonies and Plantations in America, and the inconveniencies thereof, by the indirect practice of drawing the money from one Plantation to another, to the great prejudice of the Trade of our subjects; and being sensible, that the same cannot be otherwise remedied, than by reducing of all foreign coins to the same current rate within all our Dominions in America, and the Principal Officers of our Mint having laid before us a table of the value of the several foreign coins which usually pass in payments in our said Plantations, according to their weight, and the assays made of them in our Mint, thereby shewing the just proportion which each coin ought to have to the other, viz. Sevill pieces of eight, old plate, 17 dwt. 12 grs., 4s. 6d.; Sevill pieces of eight, new plate, 14 dwt., 3s. 7¼d.; Mexico pieces of eight, 17 dwt. 12 grns., 4s. 6d.; Pillar pieces of eight, 17 dwt. 12 grns., 4s. 6¾d.; Peru pieces of eight, old plate, 17 dwt. 12 grns., 4s. 5d. or thereabouts; Cross dollars, 18 dwt., 4s. 4¾d.; duccatoons of Flanders, 20 dwt. 21 grns., 5s. 6d.; ecus of France, or Silver Lewis, 17 dwt. 12 grns., 4s. 6d.; Crusadoes of Portugal, 11 dwt. 4 grns., 2s. 10¼d.; 3 gilder pieces of Holland, 20 dwt. and 7 grns., 5s. 2¼d.; Old Rix dollars of the Empire, 18 dwt. 10 grns., 4s. 6d.; the half quarters and other parts in proportion to their denominations and light pieces in proportion to their weight; We have therefore thought fit for remedying the said inconveniencies by the advice of our Council, to publish and declare that from and after Jan. 1st next, no Sevill, Pillar or Mexico pieces of eight, though of the full weight of 17½ dwt., shall be accounted, received, taken or paid within any of our said Colonies or Plantations, as well those under Proprietors and Charters, as under our immediate Commission and Government at above the rate of 6s. per piece of current money, for the discharge of any contracts or bargains to be made after Jan. 1st, the halfs, quarters and other lesser pieces of the same coins to be accounted, received, taken, or paid in the same proportion; And the currency of all pieces of eight of Peru, dollars, and other foreigne species of silver coins, whether of the same or baser alloy, shall, after Jan. 1st, stand regulated, according to their weight and fineness, according and in proportion to the rate before limited and set for the pieces of eight of Sevill, Pillar and Mexico; so that no foreign silver coin of any sort be permitted to exceed the same proportion upon any account whatsoever. And we do hereby require and command all our Governours, LieutenantGovernours, Magistrates, Officers and all other our good subjects, within our said Colonies and Plantations, to observe and obey our directions herein, as they tender our displeasure. Given at our Castle at Windsor, June 18, 1704. God save the Queen. London. Printed by Charles Bill etc. 1 large p. Printed. Black Letter. [C.O. 323, 5. Nos. 58, 58.i.; and 324, 8. pp. 460–464.]
[June 16.]393. Capt. Robt. Gardner to the Queen. In behalf of the heir of the late Major General Selwyn. By an Act of Assembly in the time Col. Beckford was Lieutenant Governor of Jamaica, there was given to the said heir 2,000l. in consideration of the great expense the said Major General was at in transporting himself and family, as also the loss sustained by his death. The said Act being limited in time is expired, by which means the heir cannot receive the same, altho' the money is collected for that end. Prays H.M. to direct payment. Subscribed,
393. i. Whitehall, June 16, 1704. H.M. refers above to the Council of Trade and Plantations for their report. Signed, C. Hedges. The whole endorsed, Recd. Read June 20, 1704. 1 p. [C.O. 137, 6. Nos. 51, 51.i.; and 138, 11. pp. 276, 277.]
June 16.
394. Mr. Secretary Hedges to the Council of Trade and Plantations. In reply to yours of June 14, I am commanded by H.M. to signify her pleasure that you consider the present state of Jamaica, and represent your opinion in what danger it is for want of a greater Naval strength and land force, and what encrease of both you judge may be needful for its security. Signed, C. Hedges. Endorsed, Recd. Read June 20, 1704. 1½ pp. [C.O. 138, 11. pp. 275, 276; and 137, 6. No. 50.]
June 16.395. Mr. Bridger and others to the Council of Trade and Plantations. To encourage the procuring of Naval Stores from the Plantations, propose that the importers receive 10s. per barrel of pitch or tar etc. Signed, J. Bridger. Endorsed, Recd. 17, Read June 20, 1704. 1 p. [C.O. 5, 863. No. 101; and 5, 911. pp. 341, 342.]
June 17.396. W. Partridge to the Council of Trade and Plantations. Proposes to supply tar at 40s. a barrel, with an allowance besides of 3l. per tun for his encouragement etc. Signed, Wm. Partridge. Endorsed, Recd. Read June 17, 1704. 1 p. [C.O. 5, 863. No. 102; and 5, 911. pp. 339, 340.]
June 17.
St. Jago de la Vega.
397. Governor Handasyd to the Council of Trade and Plantations. This country having been at great expense in buying and fitting out two fireships by ye advice of Adml. Benbow and Gov. Selwyn, with a promise from the first to use his endeavours to have ym. mann'd, maintained and victualled on H.M. account, they have been maintained and victualled accordingly. But on the 5th, the enclosed letter was brought to me, and the Council advised that the muster-master should give me an account of the services of the officers and sailors (enclosed). Prays that the Admiralty may order them to be paid as others belonging to H.M. ships, here being no fund for answering that charge, and this Island not able in time of war to bear that great expense. Signed, Tho. Handasyd. Endorsed, Recd. 1st, Read 3rd Nov., 1704. Addressed. 1 p. Enclosed,
397. i. Officers and Men of the Eagle Galley and Hermon fireships to Governor Handasyd. Many of the seamen's families are starving. Pray for payment of their two years' service by the Island, and that their case be represented to the Admiralty. Signed, L. Boys, Henry Partington, Jno. Triggs, Jno. Shales. Port Royal. June 5, 1704. Addressed. Sealed. 1 p.
397. ii. Account of the services of the crews of the Hermon and Eagle Galley. Feb. 1702—June 1704. Signed, C[harles] Hutchinson. 2 pp. [C.O. 137, 6. Nos. 52, 52.i., ii.; and (without enclosures) 138, 11. pp. 340–342.]
June 17.
New York.
398. Governor Lord Cornbury to the Council of Trade and Plantations. Deals at length with the accounts of Lord Bellomont. Set out, New York Documents IV. pp. 1090–1099. Signed, Cornbury. Endorsed, Recd. 8th, Read 22nd August, 1704. 6 large closely written pp. Enclosed,
398. i. List of 28 papers relating to the accounts between Lord Bellomont and the forces at New York, referred to in preceding, and sent to Mr. Lowndes by order of the Council of Trade and Plantations, Aug. 22. 9 pp.
398. ii. (a) A State of the respites of the Four Companies of New York. March 1699–Dec. 1702. (b) A comparison between the Establishment and the surplus number of men kept by the Captains of the Four Companies. 2 pp.
398. iii. Mr. Champante's Account of Off-reckonings of the Forces at New York to Dec. 24, 170½. 2 pp.
398. iv. An account of the off-reckonings, and of cloathing provided by Lord Bellomont, 1697. 8 pp.
398. v. Account of sums paid by Lord Ranelagh to Mr. Champante 1697–1702. 1 p.
398. vi. Account of the subsistance, clearings and off-reckonings issued for the Four Companies during Lord Bellomont's Government. 2 pp.
398. vii. Mr. Champante's Account, March 18-Dec. 24, 1701. 5 pp.
398. viii. An account of the contingencies of the Province of New York for the years 1698–1699 and 1702–1703. 2 pp.
398. ix. Account of warrants issued by Lord Bellomont for payment out of the public funds on account of the Forces, 1698–1700. 2 pp.
398. x. Lord Bellomont's accounts of subsistance, clearings and off-reckonings for the Forces with the Pay Office in England, 1697–1701. 16 pp.
398. xi. Report of the Council of New York on the accounts of Col. Peter Schuyler, April 13, 1703. 2½ pp.
398. xii. Mr. Champante's account of the indebtedness of Lord Bellomont's Company to him. 2 pp.
398. xiii. Account of money said by Mr. Champante to have been paid to Capt. Nanfan's Company. 2 pp.
398. xiv. Mr. Champante's account of the indebtedness of Col. Ingoldesby's Company to Lord Bellomont. 2 pp.
398. xv. Mr. Champante's account of the indebtedness of Capt. Weem's Company to Lord Bellomont. 2 pp.
398. xvi. Account of Warrants issued by Lord Bellomont out of the Revenue of New York for services done during his Government, April 1698–1699. 6 large pp.
398. xvii. Account of same from May, 1702–1703. 8 large pp.
398. xviii. Copy of proceedings of all the actions depending in the Supreme Court of New York, June, 1704. Endorsed, Recd. Aug. 8, 1704. 11¼ pp. [C.O. 5, 1048. Nos. 82, 82.i.xviii; and (without enclosures) 5, 1120. pp. 113–156.]
June 19.
399. Governor Handasyd to the Earl of Nottingham Acknowledges letters of July 22, 1703, and Feb. 5. 170¾ etc. I have also your letter to Col. Dudley and Col. Quary, Feb. 9, and letters from the Commissioners of the Victualling Office in relation to provisions that should have been sent from New England to Jamaica. Mr. Rowlandson I find is unjustly suspected of having misemployed H.M. money or provisions hear, he hath very hard justice done him by some who endeavour, as I suppose, to get him our of his employment to advance some friends of theirs, which is too much the evill practise in these parts. I have sent his accounts to the Victualling Office. Our fleet of merchant ships arrived here May 6, under convoy of 3 men of war, and in their passage took 2 French prizes, what was in them I am wholly a stranger to. Our fleet of merchant ships designs from this under the convoy of two men of war July 10 or 12. Our Assembly met April 11, and has past 3 bills, for the better recovery of publick debts, to prohibit any quantity of gunpowder being kept in Port Royal, and for raising money for a further subsistance for H.M. Officers and Soldiers. As to the last, I most heartily recommend to your Lordship the hardships that is put upon both officers and soldiers, as alsoe debarring of us the priviledge of Englishmen, not admitting us to sit in the Assembly, although wee have estates in the country and are legally choisen, they having noe other reason but because we are in H.M. service, soe that I hope H.M. will not give it her Royal assent, I being under necessity to lett it passe, the Quartering Act being soe near expired. The Assembly has expelled Mr. Totterdaile, one of there Members, for using disrespecfull words in the Assembly house against H.M. Government, he has been a man that hath mightily effected popularity in opposing all Goverments, and was the first that brought in that scandalous president in the last Assembly of '41; he is now out of the Assembly, and I hope I shall have interest to keep him out, he having sowne the seed of sedition in this Island since his first comeing hear, and still continows the same, but I hope it will be noe more in his poure. The Assembly upon there requiest is adjourned to Sept. 21, and I shall endevour at their meeting to bring them into a better temper to consider of everything that may tend to the honor of H.M. Croun and dignity and the welfare of the manufactory of Old England and this Island. There is two or three chips of the old block hear that occasions a great daile of heats, but I hope to catch them in there villany, as I have done the former. The Island is at present pritty healthy. The Grand Court has been sitting for these 16 days, but is now finished, and I hope that Justice and Equity will be in fashion hear, although formerly strange things hath happened. Returns thanks for appointment as Governor. I design to send the French prisoners here to England by the men of war, and to keep the Spanish prisoners to get them changed for English. Signed, Tho. Handasyd. Endorsed, R. Aug. 11, 1704. 3 pp. [C.O. 137, 51. No. 4.]
June 19.
400. Governor Handasyd to the Council of Trade and Plantations. Acknowledges letter of Feb. 16 etc. Repeats parts of preceding and following. As to Lord Nottingham's letter relating to the good usage of the sea-officers in H.M. pay, I hope none can say that I have not treated them like Gentlemen, altho' some of them have not treated the Island as might have been expected. Capt. Trahern died the 9th inst. We have had a very great storm here, whereby H.M.S. Mermaid sprung her mainmast, and broke her mizen-mast and lost her ruther, and was in very great danger of being lost, but by God's help got into Carlisle Bay. By chance there was a spare mast here, if not, she would have been rendered useless for H.M. service. I hope your Lordships will recommend to the Admiralty that there be spare masts sent by the first opportunity for-fear of any accidents that may happen. As to the Spanish trade, I shall use my best endeavours that everything be complyed with according to Lord Nottingham's commands etc. As to Mr. Baber's petition, having understood that H.M. had reserved for me here as Chancellor the probit of wills, and innumerable trouble else that does attend as marriage licenses, and am obliged every month to hold the Chancellor Court, which cost me a great deal of money, being obliged to entertain Gentlemen and strangers that comes to attend it, who cannot well be otherwise taken care of in this place, and having understood that there has been an understanding formerly between the Governors and Secretaries here, and there being great perquisites belonging to the Secretary, as for example, every license that I am obliged to sign is 17s.6d. by the Law, for the proving of every will, 40 odd shillings, for every pass for ships very considerable, all which goes through my hands, and being obliged to give my constant attendance thereto, I thought it very hard that I should not have been so well treated as others have been formerly etc. I have a very numerous family, and shall never desire in H.M. service to inrich myself, but only to live like a Gentleman in the post that I am in, and give my children the education that Gentlemen's children ought to have. I assure your Lordships that I would keep a better table in England for 500l. than here for 2,500l; I have neither had a farthing directly nor indirectly from the Secretary of any of these perquisites, but only told the Secretary's Deputy here to write to the Patentee that I expected to be treated as other Governors had formerly been, and not to be put to such vast expence and trouble upon his account, but shall forbear saying anything about the matter for the future, except your Lordships does approve of it etc.
Your Lordships has pleased to mention my being cautious to pass any Act that may be prejudicial to H.M. prerogative. I assure your Lordships no man has been more cautious, or has faithfuller endeavoured to prevent anything in that nature than I have. But as I have a headstrong people to deal withal, a great many of which thinks themselves above both Law and reason, and know how to tack Bills as well as in any place else, but all due care imaginable shall be taken to prevent them. The officers of the Regiments return thanks for your trouble in relation to their petition. As to Mr. Cope, most of [the affairs in his petition] happened before my coming, but I have caused them to make new carriages for the guns that was defective, and a house to be built which will preserve them from both wind and rain, so that I hope nothing of the former neglect will be laid to my charge etc. As to the adjourning, proroguing and dissolving the Assembly, I shall faithfully endeavour to make it as easy as I can, still preserving H.M. Royal Authority. The Island has been very quiet and peaceable since the distroying of the enemies ships, and taking so many of them prisoners, the private men declaring they would not go with their officers to Jamaica, there being nothing else but fire and smoak, in which opinion I hope they will continue, that I may not be plagued with them as I have been; if they came like soldiers belonging to an army, I could know better how to deal with them. Contrary to that, they come like so many thiefs running into a creek or corner in the night time, covering their canows and boats with boughs and hiding themselves in the woods and rocks, till they can find a fit opportunity to surprize the negroes and burn the plantations, but I hope I shall prevent their doing much damage in that nature. As to the Commissions given to the privateers, I have taken all the care imaginable to give Commissions to such as had the report to be honest men and would not do an ill thing, and made them give in good security and severely tyed them up to their Instructions. I have received two parcels of parchment and paper and 3 books; I have given the most part to the Secretary. Signed, Tho. Handasyd. Endorsed, Recd. 5, Read 23rd Aug. 1704. 6 pp. [C.O. 137, 6. No. 54; and 138, 11. pp. 302–313.]
June 19.
401. Governor Handasyd to the Council of Trade and Plantations. The bearer of this is Capt. Jones, that had the misfortune to loss H.M.S. Seahorse through the unskilfulness of him that acted as Boatswain, who took upon him to pilate the ship, but it seems he did not know the harbour soe well as he did believe, but I am of that opinion that it was his earnestness and zeal for the service, in performing of which he lost his life. Capt. Jones is earnestly recommended to me by the Assembly, but incaice they had not, I could not forebear to doe justice to all brave men, as it appears he was, being resolved to sink with H.M. ship rather then to submitt to the enemy on any terms, which nothing could have prevented, but another of H.M. ships being drove out of her station by stress of weather, and hearing the gunns, came up to his assistance, as she was sinking, upon which the enemy quit the hopes of there pretended prize, as likewise their own vessell and landed with their men, arms etc. [Repeats narrative of May 4.] Signed, Tho. Handasyd. Endorsed, Recd. Read Dec. 19, 1704. Addressed. Sealed. 1 p. [C.O. 137, 6. No. 53; and 138, 11. pp. 353—356.]
June 20.
402. Jeronimy Clifford to the Council of Trade and Plantations. Mr. Shippard etc. have not yet finished my accounts. Prays that they may be hastened. Signed, Jer. Clifford. Endorsed, Recd. Read June 22, 1704. 2 pp. Enclosed,
402. i. Jer. Clifford to Samuel Shippard, Jacob Oosterland and John Gardner. Prays for the dispatch of his accounts. Copy. 1 p. [C.O. 388, 75. Nos. 91, 91.i.; and (without enclosure) 389, 36. pp. 193—196.]