America and West Indies
August 1719, 25-31


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Cecil Headlam (editor)

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'America and West Indies: August 1719, 25-31', Calendar of State Papers Colonial, America and West Indies, Volume 31: 1719-1720 (1933), pp. 214. URL: Date accessed: 20 October 2014.


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August 1719, 25-31

Aug. 25.
370. Order of Lords Justices in Council. Approving of representation of 8th inst., and repealing two Acts of Pennsylvania accordingly. Signed, Jas. Vernon. Endorsed, Recd. 10th, Read 16th Sept., 1719. ½ p. [C.O. 5, 1265. No. 130. i.]
Aug. 26.
371. Circular letter to Governors of Plantations on the Continent of America including Nova Scotia. An Act having been passed in the last session of Parliament, against clandestine runing of uncustomed goods etc., wherein is a clause, which requires a more strict examination for the future, into the goodness of pitch and tar imported here from the Plantations; encloses printed copies, that you may cause the same to be made known in the best manner within your Government, to ye persons concerned in the manufacturing of pitch and tar. Encloses copy of certificate that will be given by the officers of the Customs, upon which præmiums are to be allowed (v. Aug. 11th). You will on this occasion let those manufacturers of pitch and tar know, that they ought to consider the abovementioned clause as designed for their incouragement, and to establish that manufacture in such a manner as that it may be a lasting benefit to this Kingdom, as well as to the Plantations. I am further commanded to send you a copy of an account of the method practised in Muscovy, in making tar, which perhaps may be of use to the manufacturers of that commodity in your Government for the same reason. I likewise send you rules for raising of hemp. Signed, Wm. Popple. [C.O. 324, 10. pp. 267–269.]
Aug. 27.372. Capt. Gardner to Mr. Secretary [?Stanhope]. Prays for orders for 6 months provisions for the garrisons at Placentia and Annapolis and presents for Indians etc. Signed, Rt. Gardner. 2 pp. [C.O. 217, 38. No. 4.]