High Sheriffs from 1576 to 1845


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Alfred Suckling

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'High Sheriffs from 1576 to 1845', The History and Antiquities of the County of Suffolk: volume 1 (1846), pp. XLII-XLVIII. URL: http://www.british-history.ac.uk/report.aspx?compid=75105 Date accessed: 20 September 2014.


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a. d.
1576.Robert Ashfield, of Stowlangtoft, Esq.
1577.John Higham, of Barrow, Esq.
1578.Sir William Spring, of Pakenham, Knt.
1579.Sir Robert Jermyn, of Rushbrook, Knt.
1580.Sir Philip Parker, of Arwerton, Knt.
1581.Sir Thomas Barnardiston, of Kedington, Knt.
1582.Sir Nicholas Bacon, of Redgrave, Knt.
1583.Sir William Drurye, of Halsted, Knt.
1584.Sir Charles Framlingham, of Debenham, Knt.
1585.John Gurdon, of Assington, Esq.
1586.George Colt, of Cavendish, Esq.
1587.William Clopton, of Kentwell Hall, Esq.
1588.Francis Jermy, of Brightwell, Esq.
1589.Philip Tilney, of Shelley, Esq.
1590.Sir William Waldegrave, of Smallbridge, Knt.
1591.Thomas Rous, of Henham, Esq.
1592.Nicholas Garneys, of Kenton, Esq.
1593.Lionel Talmache, of Helmingham, Esq.
1594.Robert Ford, of Butley, Esq.
1595.Thomas Crofts, of Saxham, Esq.
1596.Sir William Spring, of Pakenham, Knt.
1597.Thomas Eden, of Sudbury, Esq.
1598.Sir Anthony Wingfield, of Letheringham, Knt.
1599.Henry Warner, of Mildenhall, Esq.
1600.Anthony Felton, of Playford, Esq.
1601.Edward Bacon, Esq.
1602.Sir Edmund Withipol, of Ipswich, Knt.
1603.Thomas Estotevile, of Dalham, Esq.
1604.Sir Nicholas Bacon, of Redgrave, Knt.
1605.Edmund Bokenham, of Great Thornham, Esq.
1606.Sir Thomas Playters, of Sotterley, Knt.
1607.Anthony Penning, of Ipswich, Esq.
1608.John Wentworth, of Somerleyton, Esq.
1609.Lionel Talmache, of Helmingham, Esq.
1610.Sir Thomas Wingfield, of Letheringham, Knt.
Sir George Le Hunt, of Bredfield, Knt.
1611.Thomas Tilney, of Shelley, Esq.
1612.Sir Calthrop Parker, of Arwerton, Knt.
1613.Sir Martin Estotevile, of Dalham, Knt.
1614.Sir Robert Brooke, of Yoxford, Knt.
1615.Sir Robert Barker, of Trimley, Knt.
1616.Thomas Clench, of Holbrook, Esq.
1617.Sir Lionel Talmache, of Helmingham, Knt. and Bart.
1618.Sir Edward Lewknor, of Denham, Knt.
Sir Charles Gawdy, of Debenham, Knt.
1619.John Wentworth, of Somerleyton, Esq.
1620.Sir Henry North, of Wickham Brook, Knt.
1621.Sir William Spring, of Pakenham, Knt.
1622.William Whettle, of Ampton, Esq.
1623.Robert Brooke, of Nacton, Esq.
1624.Sir Nathaniel Barnardiston, of Kedington, Knt.
1625.Geoffrey Pitman, of Woodbridge, Esq.
1626.Samuel Aylmer, of Claydon, Esq.
1627.Sir John Prescot, of Hoxne, Knt.
1628.Maurice Barrow, of Barningham, Esq.
1629.Brampton Gurdon, of Assington, Esq.
1630.Sir Henry Bokenham, of Thornham, Knt.
1631.John Acton, of Bramford, Esq.
1632.Sir Robert Crane, of Chilton, Knt. and Bart.
1633.Sir William Soame, of Thurlow, Knt.
1634.Sir Edmund Bacon, of Redgrave, Knt. and Bart.
1635.Sir John Barker, of Trimley, Bart.
1636.Sir John Rous, of Henham, Knt.
1637.Sir Philip Parker, of Arwerton, Knt.
1638.Sir Anthony Wingfield, of Letheringham, Bart.
Edward Duke, of Benhall, Esq.
1639.John Clench, of Creeting, Esq.
1640.Sir Symonds D'Ewes, of Stowlangtoft, Knt.
1641.Sir William Spring, of Pakenham, Knt.
1642.Sir William Castleton, of Bury, Knt. and Bart.
1643.Maurice Barrow, of Barningham, Esq.
1644.John Colton, of Earl Soham, Esq.
1645.Sir Arthur Jenney, of Knodishall, Knt.
1646.Thomas Bloss, of Belstead, Esq.
1647.Thomas Kerridge, of Shelley, Esq.
1648.Robert Wright, of Wangford, Esq.
1649.Sir Wiseman Bokenham, of Thornham, Knt.
1650.Sir William Hervey, of Hengrave, Knt.
1651.Edward Clarke, of East Bergholt, Esq.
Sir Robert Coke, of Huntingfield, Knt.
1652.Edward Wennieve, of Brettenham, Esq.
1653.Robert Cordell, of Long Melford, Esq.
1654.Sir John Barker, of Trimley, Bart.
1655.Martin Salter, of Battisford, Esq.
1656.James Calthrop, of Ampton, Esq.
1657.Thomas Baker, of Fressingfield, Esq.
1658.John Wyard, of Brundish, Esq.
1659.John Wyard, of Brundish, Esq.
1660.Sir John Castleton, of Bury, Bart.
1661.Renold Williams, of Stoke, Esq.
1662.Joseph Brand, of Edwardston, Esq.
1663.Francis Theobald, of Barking, Esq.
1665.John Bence, of Ringsfield, Esq.
1666.Sir Edmund Bacon, of Redgrave, Bart.
1667.Jeoffrey Howland, of Covehithe, Esq.
1668.Samuel Blackaby, of Stowmarket, Esq.
1669.Sir Robert Diver, of Ipswich, Bart.
1670.John Clarke, of Bury, Esq.
1672.John Risby, of Thorp Morieux, Esq.
1673.William Soame, Esq.
1674.Francis Sherwin, Esq.
1675.Joseph Warner, of Sudbury, Esq.
1676.Joseph Warner, of Sudbury, Esq.
1677.John Acton, of Bramford, Esq.
1678.Sir Willoughby D'Ewes, of Stowlangtoft, Bart.
1679.Sir John Rous, of Henham, Bart.
1680.Sir Robert Brooke, of Yoxford, Knt.
1682.Thomas Waldegrave, of Smallbridge, Esq.
1683.Thomas Waldegrave, of Smallbridge, Esq.
1684.Jacob Garrett, of Creeting St. Mary, Esq.
1685.Sir John Cordell, of Melford, Bart.
1686.Jeoffery Nightingale, Esq.
1687.Sir John Castleton, of Bury, Bart.
1688.John Clerke, of Bury, Esq.
1689.Edmund Sheppard, of Campsey Ash, Esq.
1690.Sir Dudley Cullum, of Hawsted, Bart.
1691.Sir Joseph Brand, of Edwardston, Knt.
1692.George Goodday, of Fornham, Esq.
1693.John Hammond, Esq.
1694.William Cooke, of Linstead, Esq.
1695.Daniel Browning, Esq.
1697.John Pack, of Stoke Ash, Esq.
1698.John Cornwallis, of Wingfield, Esq.
1699.Thomas Aldrich, of Hessett, Esq.
1700.Samuel Warner, of Parham, Esq.
1701.Henry Cooper, of Yoxford, Esq.
1702.John Scrivener, of Sibton, Esq.
1703.Sir Richard Allen, of Somerleyton, Bart.
1704.Richard Phillips, of Ipswich, Esq.
1705.Thomas Kerridge, of Shelley, Esq.
1706.Leicester Martin, Esq.
1707.Thomas Macro, of Bury, Esq.
1708.Richard Norton, of Ixworth Abbey, Esq.
1709.John Sheppard, of Campsey Ash, Esq.
1710.Stephen Bacon, Esq.
1711.Thomas Bloss, of Burstall, Esq.
1712.Francis Coleman, of Hacheson, Esq.
1713.John Ewer, of Chediston, Esq.
1714.John Sheppard, of Campsey Ash, Esq.
1715.Jonathan Myles, Esq.
1716.Joseph Chaplin, of Bergholt, Esq.
1717.John Inwood, Esq.
1718.Edward Clarke, of Bergholt, Esq.
1719.Nicholas Jacob, Esq.
1720.Bartholomew Young, of Bradfield, Esq.
1721.John Pitt, of Great Bealings, Esq.
1722.Sir Jasper Cullum, of Hawsted, Bart.
1723.John Boggas, of Great Finborough, Esq.
1724.Gregory Coppinger, Esq.
1725.Hustings Wilkinson, Esq.
1726.Thomas Driver, of Earl Stonham, Esq.
1727.Robert Goodrich, Esq.
1728.Sir John Playters, of Sotterley, Bart.
1729.Tobias Bloss, of Belstead, Esq.
1730.Sir Thomas Allen, of Somerleyton, Bart.
1731.Nathaniel Acton, of Hemingston, Esq.
1732.George Dashwood, Esq.
1733.Alexander Bence, of Thorington, Esq.
1734.John Eldred, Esq.
1735.John Reynolds, Esq.
1736.John Corrance, of Rougham, Esq.
1737.Reginald Rabett, of Bramfield, Esq.
1738.Sir William Barker, of Ipswich, Bart.
1739.William Acton, of Bramford, Esq.
1740.Edmund Jenney, of Bredfield, Esq.
1741.Samuel Lucas, of Chelmondiston, Esq.
1742.Baron Prettyman, of Bacton, Esq.
1743.Sir John Barker, of Sproughton, Bart.
1744.Robert Leman, of Wickham Market, Esq.
1745.Charles Scrivener, of Sibton, Esq.
1746.Philips Colman, of Ipswich, Esq.
1747.Robert Edgar, of Ipswich, Esq.
1748.Lamb Barry, of Syleham, Esq.
1749.Thomas White, of Tattingstone, Esq.
1750.Richard Oneby, of Lowdham, Esq.
1751.George Goodday, of Fornham, Esq.
1752.William Naunton, of Letheringham, Esq.
1753.Robert Sparrow, of Brandiston, Esq.
1754.William Jennings, of Acton, Esq.
1755.Cooke Freeston, of Mettingham, Esq.
1756.John Canham, of Milden, Esq.
1757.Henry Moore, of Melford, Esq.
1758.Robert May, of Sutton, Esq.
1759.Sir John Rous, of Henham, Bart.
1760.Thomas Thorowgood, of Kersey, Esq.
1761.Thomas Moseley, of Ousden, Esq.
1762.Shadrach Brice, of Clare, Esq.
1763.Ezekiel Sparke, of Walsham-le-Willows, Esq.
1764.Sir John Blois, of Yoxford, Bart.
1765.John Golding, of Thorington, Esq.
1766.Gabriel Trusson, of Kelsall, Esq.
William Wollaston, of Great Finborough, Esq.
1767.William Chapman, of Loudham, Esq.
1768.Osborn Fuller, of Carlton, Esq.
1769.Hutchinson Mure, of Great Saxham, Esq.
1770.Eleazor Davy, of Ubbeston, Esq.
1771.John Freston Scrivener, of Sibton, Esq.
1772.Nathaniel Acton, of Bramford, Esq.
1773.Thomas Maynard, of Wrentham, Esq.
1774.Edmund Tyrell, of Gipping, Esq.
1775.Richard Moore, of Melford, Esq.
1776.John Frere, of Bacton, Esq.
1777.Robert Sparrow, of Worlingham, Esq.
1778.Reginald Rabett, of Bramfield, Esq.
1779.John Sheppard, of Campsey Ash, Esq.
1780.Samuel Rush, of Benhall, Esq.
1781.Charles Kent, of Fornham, Esq.
1782.William Middleton, of Crowfield, Esq.
1783.Robert Trotman, of Ipswich, Esq.
1784.John Wennieve, of Brettenham, Esq.
1785.Sir Thomas Gooch, of Benacre, Bart.
1786.James Sewell, of Stutton, Esq.
1787.John Meadows Theobald, of Henley, Esq.
1788.Sir Thomas Charles Bunbury, of Barton, Bart.
1789.Nathaniel Lee Acton, of Livermere, Esq.
1790.Miles Barne, of Sotterley, Esq.
1791.Sir William Rowley, of Stoke, Bart.
1792.Alexander Adair, of Flixton, Esq.
1793.George Doughty, of Leiston, Esq.
1794.Charles Purvis, of Darsham, Esq.
1795.Jacob Whitbread, of Loudham, Esq.
1796.John Clayton, of Sibton, Esq.
1797.Chaloner Arcedeckne, of Glemham, Esq.
1798.John Sheppard, of Campsey Ash, Esq.
1799.George Rush, of Benhall, Esq.
1800.William Beaumaris Rush, of Raydon, Esq.
1801.Charles Streynsham Collinson, of Sproughton, Esq.
1802.Thomas Cocksedge, of Bury, Esq.
1803.Sir Harry Parker, of Melford, Bart.
1804.Sir Robert Pocklington, of Chelmsworth, Knt.
1805.George Nassau, of Trimley, Esq.
1806.Michael William le Heup, of Bury, Esq.
1807.Thomas Mills, of Great Saxham, Esq.
1808.John Vernon, of Nacton, Esq.
1809.John Dresser, of Blyford, Esq.
1810.Joshua Grigby, of Drinkstone, Esq.
1811.Roger Pettiward, of Great Finborough, Esq.
1812.Richard Moore, of Melford, Esq.
1813.Harry Spencer Waddington, of Cavenham, Esq.
1814.Edward Hollond, of Benhall, Esq.
1815.Charles Tyrell, of Gipping, Esq.
1816.Sir Charles Blois, of Yoxford, Bart.
1817.Sir Robert Harland, of Nacton, Bart.
1818.Charles Berners, of Woolverston, Esq.
1819.Andrew Arcedeckne, of Glevering, Esq.
1820.George Thomas, of Woodbridge, Esq.
1821.Philip Bennett, of Rougham, Esq.
1822.Ambrose Harbord Steward, of Stoke, Esq.
1823.Henry Usborne, of Branches, Esq.
1824.John Fitz-Gerald, of Bredfield, Esq.
1825.Sir Henry Edward Bunbury, of Barton, Bart.
1826.John Payne Elwes, of Stoke by Clare, Esq.
1827.John Francis Leathes, of Herringfleet, Esq.
1828.Hart Logan, of Kentwell Hall, Esq.
1829.John Ruggles Brice, of Clare, Esq.
1830.John Wilson Sheppard, of Campsey Ash, Esq.
Sir William Middleton, of Shrubland, Bart.
1831.John Read, of Holbrook, Esq.
1832.Joseph Burch Smyth, of Ipswich, Esq.
1833.Sir Thomas Sherlock Gooch, of Benacre, Bart.
1834.John Garden, of Redisham, Esq.
1835.Robert Sayer, of Sibton, Esq.
1836.Edward Bliss, of Brandon, Esq.
1837.Sir Hyde Parker, of Long Melford, Bart.
1838.Thomas Halifax, of Chadacre, Esq.
1839.Arthur John Brooke, of Horningshearth, Esq.
1840.George St. Vincent Wilson, of Redgrave, Esq.
1841.Sir Joshua Ricketts Rowley, of Tendring Hall, Bart.
1842.Edward Bridgman, of Coney Weston, Esq.
1843.William Long, of Saxmundham, Esq.
1844.Sir Philip Brooke, of Nacton, Bart.
1845.Henry Wilson, of Stowlangtoft, Esq.