America and West Indies
October 1663


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'America and West Indies: October 1663', Calendar of State Papers Colonial, America and West Indies, Volume 5: 1661-1668 (1880), pp. 164-166. URL: Date accessed: 26 November 2014.


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October 1663

Oct. 15.
566. Sir Chas. Lyttelton, Deputy Governor, to Sec. Sir Henry Bennet. Has received the King's commands of the 29th April to cease from making further attempts on the Spaniards, and hopes soon to establish trade with them, especially in negroes, which they can fetch from nowhere else so easily. From letters lately received from Mr. Coventry, finds that the war with privateers was not intended to be taken off by the King's instructions, so has not thought it his duty to call them in. The work at the fort, which is three parts finished, now at a stand, and will need 2,000l. more to finish ; unless his Majesty will allow at least 100 men in pay for a garrison, it would be better to leave it as it is—open to the land, for there would be more mischief feared from themselves than from the enemy. In time of danger it cannot be defended with less than 300 men, and such a number is scarce possible to be had upon a sudden alarm as is to be expected. The nearest settlement is 20 miles distant, and it would be a hard matter to persuade a militia to march so far from their own private concerns : the negroes can be nowhere else so conveniently kept, but to keep them in great numbers would be very unsafe without a guard. The island in a much more prosperous condition than it was some months since, especially as to its plenty of provisions, which are cheaper by one-half than when they first landed about 14 months since. Hog, which is the planters' food, has fallen from 7d. to 2d. per lb., and tame cattle, sheep, and horses have mightily increased of late. Wishes he could say the planters had also increased, for since Lord Windsor's arrival not more than 200 have come, and the year has been very sickly, and carried away great numbers. The discouragements given at the Windward Isles have been very great, and unless his Majesty take some very particular course therein, he must not expect this island well settled, without some accidental advantage, as the negro trade, draw them down. Does not desire to continue here, being much more desirous to return to wait on his Majesty's person, and to resign his affairs here into an abler hand, which he every day expects to do. 3 pp. [Col. Papers, Vol. XVII., No. 80.]
Oct. 15.
567. Copy of the preceding letter. Indorsed, Copy of that by Mr. Warren. 3 pp. [Col. Papers, Vol. XVII., No. 81.]
Oct. 16/26 N.S. 568. Copy of the agreement of sale by Jacques Berruyer and Julien Desloires to Charles de la Forge of the islands of Martinique, Grenada, Grenadines, and St. Allouzie [? St. Lucia] for 41,500 livres, dated April 1, 1651. Indorsed by Williamson, "Sale of the West Indy Company of their pretensions to Martinique, Grenada, Grenadines, &c." 5 pp. [Col. Papers, Vol. XVII., No. 82.]
[Oct. 19.]
569. Warrant to the Provost-Marshal of Barbadoes. To take Humphrey Walrond into custody until he give the Council an account upon oath of the sums of money received by him as President of the island for permitting certain Spaniards to trade with the island in Sept. and Oct. 1662 and May 1663, and until he pay such moneys as are due thereon to his Majesty. Certified copy by Edward Bowden, Deputy Secretary. Indorsed, Received 19 Oct. 1663. Read in Council May 9, 1664. 2 pp. [Col. Papers, Vol. XVII., No. 83.]
[Oct. 19.] 570. Another copy of the preceding. 1 p. [Col. Papers, Vol. XVII., No. 84.]
Oct. 23.
571. Sir Chas. Lyttelton to Sec. Bennet. On the 19th inst. there were brought into port two Spanish prizes, by a captain of a small vessel, who in fight with the first so disabled his own ship that he was forced to quit her and enter the prize, and when plying on the coast of Hispaniola fell in with the second, which, finding that he carried an English flag on a Spanish vessel, bid "him amaine for the King of Spain," but after four hours' fight, being cruelly torn and damnified, at length submitted. This ship is the Maria of Seville, of 300 tons, carrying 1,000 quintals of quicksilver for the King of Spain's mines in New Spain, besides wines, olives, and other goods, which, on account of the loss of the bills of lading, are not yet known. There are 70 prisoners, amongst them some friars, one of whom "goes Visitor-General to his order, which is Mercenarians." The captain, and owner of most of the cargo, Don Michell de Valencia, is a person of quality, and treated with all civility, and he and a merchant, Joseph de Castro, will at their own request be shortly sent to Campeachy. The letters, which seem much to aim at attempts upon Jamaica, say that they cannot despatch a fleet from Spain before June. The first prize was worth very little, and the goods are like to be sold for a quarter at most of their value, by reason of the want of money. Has presumed by Mr. Rumball to present him with a small trifle of Guinea trade. The bearer, Mr. Warren, is a very understanding man, and well able to inform him concerning much of the place. 3 pp. [Col. Papers, Vol. XVII., No. 85.]
Oct. 23.
572. Copy of the preceding letter, without the postscript. 3 pp. [Col. Papers, Vol. XVII., No. 86.]
Oct. 23.
Point Cagua.
573. Minutes of the Council of Jamaica. Ordered that if any negroes shall raise a mutiny, any two justices of the peace may order their masters to sell or send them off the island. That the credit and rates of tobacco may be regained, ordered that two justices of the peace in each precinct swear in persons to roll and make tobacco, which no others shall presume to do. That Lt.-Col. Lynch cause an Assembly of 30 freeholders to be fairly chosen in the several quarters of the island before Dec. 20 next. That the Act for chaining boats to the shore, for the avoiding of persons running away, be published. Four proclamations of the Deputy Governor in accordance with the above Minutes of Council. 4½ pp. [Col. Entry Bks., No. 37, pp. 22, 23, and No. 34, pp. 85-88, 90.]
Oct. 27. 574. Capt. Thos. Teddeman to the Navy Commissioners. Greenaway has arrived from the Barbadoes, and says there are two Barbadoes' ships in Dover road, who came in company with him. [Dom., Chas. II., Vol. LXXXII., No. 65, Cal., p. 316.]
Oct. 28.
575. Warrant from Lord Willoughby to the Provost-Marshal of Barbadoes. To enter any house in which he supposes Humphrey Walrond to be secreted ; and in case of resistance to raise force and command all officers, soldiers, constables, and other persons whatsoever to aid and assist him ; and having entered such house to arrest Humphrey Walrond (if there found) and keep him in custody until he pay such moneys as shall prove to be due from him to the King. Indorsed, The second warrant. 1 p. [Col. Papers, Vol. XVII. No. 87.]
Oct. 29.
576. The King to (Francis) Lord Willoughby. Whereas his Majesty has made a grant of the province of Carolina to Edward Earl of Clarendon, George Duke of Albemarle, John Lord Berkeley, Anthony Lord Ashley, and others, to be by them and their assigns settled and planted ; and whereas his Majesty is informed that divers persons under his command desire to go thither, which will be rather advantageous to the settled plantations, by lessening the excessive increase of commodities, which has abased the prices, so that the planters and traders cannot subsist, it is his Majesty's pleasure that he hinder not any free and disengaged persons under his government from going to Carolina, and that he give order to all Governors and Deputy Governors under his command to observe the same. With mem. that the same letter was sent to the Governor of the Bermudas excepting the last clause of giving order to all Governors, &c. 2 pp. [Dom. Entry Bk., Chas. II., Vol. XIV., pp. 16, 16đ.]