Miscellaneous 1553


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Arthur John Butler and Sophie Crawford Lomas (editors)

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'Addenda: Miscellaneous 1553', Calendar of State Papers Foreign, Elizabeth, Volume 17: January-June 1583 and addenda (1913), pp. 429-430. URL: Date accessed: 23 November 2014.


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Miscellaneous 1553

[A.D. 1553 ?]400. Statement by Dom Luiz of Portugal.
“I, the Infant Don Lewes, being a small worm of the ground . . . do say that from hence forward I do deny and renounce unto the Eternal Father the whole world and his desires, and I do accept as a very rich jewel the whole poverty voluntary of the spirit. I do deny and renounce all the desires of sensual flesh, and do accept the chastity and abstinence of all pleasures. As a great delight I do deny and renounce all the pride of the life, which doth consist in the election of the understanding and will. I do accept the deep humbleness, and I do acknowledge my great misery and ignorance, and the clear and firm obedience unto my good lord. And therefore I do submit all my will unto the eternal Father and . . . do make the same profession and promise in the holy hands of his only son Jesus Christ my sweet Redeemer, and I do embrace from henceforwards his holy cross, with a firm purpose to follow him in the life and death, as much as his grace will suffer me to do . . . and I do hope in his infinite goodness and bloodshed, that he will grant me largely to live and finish this life in the execution and deed of this determination, which he, by his great mercy, hath granted unto me.”
Headed. “The protest of the Infante Dom Lewez, made by him two years before he died, which was found in a casket of his 'wryten' after his decease, and it was written with his own hand.”
Endd. Translation, in the hand of Dr. Hector Nunez. 1 p. [S.P. Foreign, Mary, No. 122a.]
(Dom Luiz died at the close of 1555.)