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'Corrigenda', Calendar of State Papers Foreign, Elizabeth, Volume 18: July 1583-July 1584 (1914), pp. LVII. URL: Date accessed: 24 October 2014.


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Corrigenda. &c.

p. 5, l. 5 from bottom, for d'Alliers read L'Allier.

p. 8, lines 11, 12, for Duke read Dr.

p. 27, l. 20, for worl read word.

p. 84, last line but one, for Robert read G. Robert.

pp. 134, 135, for P. Ortell read J. Ortell.

p. 170, l. 26, for bodies read stomach [i.e. Fr.cœur, not corps].

pp. 173, 174. Cmyfford is evidently Clyfford (of. p. 386), the wrong cipher symbol having been used.

p. 222, l. 6. Panet is probably a mistake for Paget, the wrong symbol having been used.

p. 229, l. 30, for [qy. Monçao] read [in Aragon].

p. 240, l. 3 from bottom, for show read swear.

p. 256, l. 9. for [John of Nassau] read [Baron of Hohensaxen].

p. 257, l. 39, for seigneurs read seigneur; l. 40 for and M. Bassagni, governor read in Bassagni, government; l. 44 for comes from read returns to.

p. 260, l. 11 from bottom, for Avigna read Avigua.

p. 263, l. 30, for Wesel read Weser.

p. 264. The French King's letter is printed in Memoires de Castelnau, t. i. p. 589 (ed. 1731).

p. 275, l. 7 from bottom, for Boulogne read Bologna.

p. 294, first entry, after Newsletters add ix, 16 bis.

p. 351, l. 7, for Osson[le]ville read Ossonville [i.e. Haussonvile].

p. 355, l. 24, for d'Agre read Dayre [?];l. 6 from bottom, and p. 356, l. 1, for Pyeses read Joyeuse.

p. 438, l. 9, for [qy. Khiva] read Kaffa.

p. 489, l. 6, for Peuenaar read Neuenaar.

p. 580, l. 35, for Plaset read Plaet.

p. 794. “Venice, Senate or College of, ‘the Signoria.’” The term Signoria is apparently in some cases used to signify the College, by whom orders were issued; in others the Senate, by whom they were ratified. It has therefore seemed best to put the two together under one heading.