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1670. Letters Patents, Privy Seals, Royal Sign Manuals and Warrants, Treasury Warrants, Commissions, Orders, Letters, Memorials, Reports and other Entries: all not of the nature of Treasury Minutes.

January 1670

Date.Nature and Substance of the Entry.Reference.
June 2The Treasury Lords to the London Commissioners of the Excise. We have appointed the Farmers of the Country Excise to pay to you the increase of rent upon the certificate of their respective farms: your acquittance to them to be a sufficient discharge. (Cancelled.)Warrants Early XXIV. p. 73.
Dec. 13Money warrant, dormant, for 106l. 5s. 0d. per an. to Sir Robert Holmes, Captain of the Isle of Wight. Carisbrooke Castle and other forts there, and Governor and Receiver of said Isle of Wight: to be paid out of the revenues of the county of Southampton, in part of the 690l. 2s. 7d. per an. for himself and the officers of said island: the revenues of said island being insufficient to meet said wages by the amount of the said 106l. 5s. 0d.Ibid, XXII. pp. 114–5.
Jan. 1Sir G. Downing to the Earl of Kinnoul or his deputy at the Custom House to pay in the 600l. owing for 2½ years' rent to June 24 last of the rent of said Earl's farm of smalts and potashes: otherwise my Lords will seize said farm.Out Letters General II. p. 190.
Same to Sir Philip Warwick and Sir R. Long. My Lords desire to speak with you again on Monday in order to their further satisfaction about such money of the Aids as the Commissioners of Accounts say has been diverted from the service of the late war.Ibid.
Jan. 3Treasury endorsement of a royal sign manual dated 1669, Dec. 31, for a pass for horses, &c., for Thomas Viscount Fauconberg, appointed Ambassador Extraordinary to Venice.Out Letters Customs I. p. 188.
Jan. 5Sir G. Downing to Sir Tho. Strickland to forthwith pay in the 1,100l. of his rent of the salt farm, which he promised to pay a month's time past.Out Letters General II. p. 191.
[?]Same to John Lampleigh, Edw. Stanley, and Richard Patrickson, Justices of the Peace of the county of Cumberland, concerning the excise of said county. Yours of the 8th has been communicated to my Lords. Be assured I shall always be very ready to do all good offices for your county.Ibid.
Jan. 7Money warrant for 10l. to Anthony Seagar as chamber keeper of the Treasury chamber for Xmas quarter last.Warrants Early XVIII. p. 283; Order Book XXXVII. p. 93.
Jan. 7Treasury order on the Exchequer in general for 200l. to Dr. Benj. Worsley for his service done formerly.Order Book XXXVII. p. 93.
Jan. 8Money warrant, cancelled, for 60l. to the Duke of Newcastle and Earl of Ogle for one year on his annuities of 40l. and 20l. and in part of 180l. arrears due thereon.Warrants Early XVIII. p. 292.
Treasury order for 75l. to Lady Williams for rent of her house: on the Exchequer in general.Order Book XXXVII. p. 92.
Jan. 10Same for 275l. to the Masters in Chancery for salary: out of the Customs of August next.Ibid, pp. 16, 93.
Treasury warrant to the King's Remembrancer to deliver up the bonds of Francis Dormer, Collector of Hearth money for co. Warwick and city of Coventry.Warrants Early XXXVI. p. 151.
Sir G. Downing to Mr. Wardour, clerk of the Pells, to certify my Lords on Monday next what moneys have been issued out of the Exchequer from 1668–9, Jan 1, to 1669–70, Jan. 1, for payment of interest or reward for procuring [loans of] moneys: [viz. payments respectively] out of the Customs or any other branch of His Majesty's ordinary revenue by virtue of any Treasury warrant.Out Letters General II. p. 192.
Same to Mr. Meynell to attend him to-morrow-Ibid.
Same to Mr. Breedon to meet him to-morrow and meanwhile to do nothing in the business which was to be moved before my Lords this afternoon.Ibid.
Same to Mr. Payne, of the [King's] Remembrancer's office, to attend my Lords to-morrow about the draft of the warrant for the Auditors to be present at the Apposals of the sheriffs.Ibid.
Same to Major Andros to furnish Alderman Backwell or his correspondent with so much tin as amounts to about 1,000l. "at the rate it now goes: and let me have an accompt from you what process you have made in selling the tin [at Ostend] and what time you think you shall have finished [the transaction."]Ibid, p. 193.
Treasury order on the Country Excise for 62l. 10s. 0d. to Edward Wingate; 50l. to John Ball: 62l. 10s. 0d. each to Sir Denny Ashburnham and Francis Finch.Order Book XXXVII. p. 252.
Jan. 11Money warrant for 100l. to John Callandrine, gent., as royal bounty for services.Warrants Early XVIII. p. 284; Order Book XXXVII. p. 93.
Same for 40l. to Capt. Robert Challoner as royal bounty for services as late Receiver of Hearth money, co. Somerset.Warrants Early XVIII. p. 287.
Treasury warrant to the Surveyor General of Crown lands for a particular of the office of high steward of the honour of Ampthill, Beds and Bucks, and the stewardships of the manor of Ampthill and Milbrook and town of Bedford, Campton ("Camilton") Shefford, Dunstable and Stepingley, and all other manors, lands, &c., of said Honor. and the office of bailiff of same, and the office of custody of the Mansion house of Ampthill and master of the game: with a view to the grant thereof to Robert, Earl of Ailesbury.Ibid, XXXVII. p. 294.
Jan. 11Money warrant on the Country Excise for 50,000l. to William Ashburnham for the expense of the Household for one year from Oct. 1 last: and for 5,000l. towards defraying the interest thereon.Warrants Early XXIV. p. 40.
Sir G. Downing to Mr. Slingsby and Mr. Sherwin to attend my Lords to-morrow in order to my Lords' satisfaction about the accompt of the Dunkirk money.Out Letters General II p. 193.
Same to Col. Kirkby to attend my Lords to-morrow about the arrears of the Aids remaining on the accompts of said Kirkby and his brother as late Receivers for co. Lanes.Ibid.
Same to Sir Henry Wood to forbear paying any money to Monsieur Verbeck without further order from my Lords.Ibid. p. 194
Same to Sir Denys Gawden to attend my Lords to-morrow about his demand of several sums of money.Ibid.
Same to Sir Richard Braham to attend my Lords on Tuesday concerning Thomas Lisle's petition on behalf of Horatio Moore and Francis Moore, children of Horatio Moore, deceased, setting forth that said Braham is indebted 700l. to them.Ibid.
Same to Mr. Bagnall to attend my Lords on Tuesday about his petition.Ibid.
Same to John Busbrod (sent per Mr. Warcup) to forthwith repay the 275l. entrusted to him by the Sub-Commissioners of Excise for Dorset for remittance to London; the bills of exchange which he gave in place thereof not having been met.Ibid.
Money warrant for 1,460l. to Thomas Lord Windsor in full of 1,500l. as by the privy seal of 1664, Aug. 9: to be registered in course on the Hearth moneyWarrants Early XXI. p. 21.
Treasury order on the Exchequer in general for 12l. 10s. 0d. to Nicholas Estoll on his 50l. per an.Order Book XXXVII. p 93.
The like for 37l. 10s. 0d. to Charles Gyfford on his 150l. per an.Ibid.
Jan. 12Money warrant for 19l. 17s. 0d. to Anthony Seager for necessaries for the Treasury Chamber.Warrants Early XVIII. p. 284; Order Book XXXVII. p. 93.
Sir G. Downing to Sir T. Littleton and Sir T. Osborn, Treasurers of the Navy, to attend my Lords on Friday about distributing between you and the Victualler of the Navy such moneys as are now about to be assigned on the Customs for this year's service [of the Navy].Out Letters General II. p. 195.
Same to same to certify my Lords what money you have received and paid for the use of the Navy since your entrance into your office, and how much thereof on those Acts of Parliament by which only one penny in the £ is allowed as a fee to the Treasurer of the Navy: and whether you have paid any of the said money to the Victualler of the Navy.Ibid.
Treasury order for 132l. 7s. 0d. for the Lieutenant of the Tower in full of 1,713l. 12s. 0d. for the Tower garrison.Order Book XXXVII. p. 12.
Same for 20l. to Robert Swann on his yearly 80l. for serving the King in his escape [after Worcester]: on the Exchequer in general.Ibid, p. 92
The like for 50l. to the Pages of the Bedchamber as royal bounty for their attendance.Ibid, p. 93
Jan. 12Treasury order for 60l. to John Rose for salary as His Majesty's gardener.Order Book XXXVII. p. 93.
Same on the Country Excise for 41l. 5s. 0d. to John Dugdale, John Collins and Tho. Gaywood, late officers of the Excise, and for 35l. to John Howland, John Champaute, late same.Ibid, p. 252.
Jan. 13The Treasury Lords to Sir Henry Wood to pay to Sir Thomas Bond (who has attended us with a letter of attorney from Mr. Verbeck) the remainder of the moneys due to Verbeck.Warrants Early XXXIII. p. 126.
Three Treasury orders on the Country Excise for, in all, 11,000l. to William Ashburnham for the Household.Order Book XXXVII. p. 252.
Jan. 14Royal sign manual for 350l. to Isaack le Gouche for a diamond ring given to Monsieur le Comte de Muffey [Maffei], envoy from the Duke of Savoy, sent to condole on the death of the late Queen Mother.Warrants Early XV. p. 403.
Royal sign manual for 40l. to Richard Lightfoot, keeper of Bushey Park, for repair of posts, rails and pales.Ibid, p. 400; Order Book XXXVII, p. 16.
Money warrant for 80l. to the eight clerks of the four Tellers of the Receipt, as royal bounty for extra services about the Aids, Eleven months' tax and Wine Act.Ibid, XVIII. p. 284; Order Book XXXVII. p. 93.
Same for 746l. 13s. 4d. to Sir Dennis Gauden for the victualling ordinary for the present month.Warrants Early XVIII. p. 285.
Same on the Country Excise for 286l. 13s. 0d. and 63l. to Sir Ste. Fox for the pay from Oct. 16 last, and cost of raising, of an additional foot company for the Isle of Wight.Ibid, XXIV. p. 41; Order Book XXXVII. p. 254.
Treasury warrant to the King's Remembrancer to stay process against Capt. Cock, Treasurer for the Sick and Wounded, for the sum of 10.000l. returnable by him before the Barons of the Exchequer in eight days of Hilary term next: his books and accompts being in the hands of the Commissioners of Accounts, whereby he is prevented from making up and perfecting his accompt.Warrants Early XXXIV. p. 215.
Three Treasury orders for 467l. each to Edward Backwell in repayment of loan on [the Customs of] August, Oct. and Nov. 1670.Order Book XXXVII. p. 13.
Jan. 16Treasury orders on the Country Excise for the following sums to Sir Ste. Fox for the garrisons [for two months of four weeks each to Jan. 15 instant], viz.:—Ibid, pp. 252–3.
For two removing companies37800
For York and Clifford's Tower528148
For Windsor54168
For Portsmouth1,30640
For the Tower of London57140
For Tynemouth37280
For Scarborough18814
For secret service to be disposed of by His Majesty's order70968
For the Soilly Islands36880
For Harwich34740
For Hull and the blockhouse81148
For the blockhouse at Gravesend and Tilbury fort19868
For Guernsey52240
For the Earl of St. Albans1531611
For Jersey791188
For Landguard fort18900
For Berwick and Holy Island1,25568
For Carlisle53994
For Dover17940
For Deal and thereabouts173120
For Chepstow17940
For Chester159120
For Dartmouth, St. Mawes, Sandown, Upnor, and Yarmouth20828
For Plymouth fort and Island1,08328
For Pendennis Castle19954
For Sheerness21528
Jan. 16Treasury orders for 16,526l. 1s. 7d. to Sir Ste. Fox on the Country Excise for the Guards [for two months of four weeks each to the 15th instant].Order Book XXXVII. p. 253.
Jan. 17Royal warrant for a privy seal for 1,100l. to Mr. Le Gouce for a jewel with His Majesty's picture set with large diamonds given to Monsieur [Count] Guldenlow (Goldenlew), Danish Ambassador Extraordinary: and for 350l for a diamond ring given to Monsieur Overkirke. Envoy from the Prince of Orange, sent to condole on the death of the late Queen Mother. (Privy seal hereon. dated Jan. 26.)Warrants Early XV. pp. 391. 404.
Money warrant for 9,000l. to Philip, Earl of Chesterfield and Charles Henry, Lord Wotton, as by the privy seal of 1669, 25 Aug.Out Letters Customs I. p. 192.
Same for 225l. to John, Joseph, and Philip Rostier, gravers to the Mint, for half a year to Xmas last.Warrants Early XVIII. p. 285.
Same for 100l. to Sir William Jennings as royal bountyIbid, p. 286.
Treasury warrant to the Attorney and Solicitor General for a new grant to John Neale, Esq., of the office of bailiff of the bailiwick of Burley in the New Forest, with the fee of 9l. 2s. 6d. per an., and of the herbage and pannage of swine and windfall wood in Burley Walk in New Forest: on the rental of 5l. 3s. 4d. to the Crown.Ibid, XXXVII. p. 295.
Same to same to prepare a bill for the Great Seal for a grant of the office of Receiver General of Crown revenues for Stafford. Hereford, Salop, and Worcester to Thomas Williams, loco Thomas Oliver, lately deceased.Ibid p. 298.
[?]Entry of demise by lease under the Exchequer Seal to William Wilkinson, gent., of the capital messuage called Rockley Hull in Darfeild and Silkstone, co. Yorks, parcel of the lands of Francis Rockley. outlaw.Ibid.
Jan. 17Money warrant for 500l. to the Duke of Monmouth as royal bounty to provide him with coach horses: to be paid out of the farm of imported salt. (Order hereon, dated Feb. 7.)Ibid. XXII. p. 150; Order Book XXXVII. p. 387.
Treasury warrant to the King's Remembrancer to issue process against the relict of Walter Vaughan. late Receiver of Pembroke, for 1.719l. 18s. 11d. unpaid assessments in arrear.Ibid, XXXIV. p. 215.
The Treasury Lords to the Marquess of Worcester concerning the 3,767l. 2s. 4d. arrear of the Aids standing out on co. Monmouth. Press him to see it forthwith collected and returned.Ibid, p. 216.
Jan. 17The Treasury Lords to the Lord Mayor of London concerning the arrear of 3,000l. of the Eleven Months' tax still standing out on London.Warrants Early XXXIV. p. 217.
Sir G. Downing to Mr. Mariott, Clerk of the Queen's Council. Pray attend me to-morrow to enable me the better to draw the Queen's privy seal.Out Letters General II. p. 197.
Same to Mr. Wardour for a certificate of the moneys paid out of the Exchequer in the year 1669 for interest and for over interest or reward and to whom.Ibid.
[?]Same to Robert Scowen and Simon Smith. Receivers of [Crown] revenues for Wilts, Gloucester and Southampton, for a certificate to the Treasury of what moneys have been issued out of their receipt to any persons during the said year 1669.Ibid. p. 198.
The like letter severally to the following Receivers of Crown revenues. viz.:—Ibid.
William Spencer for Lancaster, Westmorland and Cumberland.
John Watts for Essex, Herts, Midd. and London.
John Trout for Kent.
William Greene for Warwick and Leicester.
Sir John Cuttler for Notts and Derby.
Morice Wynn for North Wales and Chester.
Marke Cottle for Oxford and Berks.
Edward Dering for Suffolk and Cambridge.
Sir William Godolphin for Devon and Cornwall.
Bevys Lloyd for South Wales.
Robert Mellish for co. Lincoln.
Charles Read for the Lennox lands in Yorkshire.
John Bennett for Somerset and Dorset.
Robert and William Wolsely, Receivers General for Beds and Bucks.
Thomas Bland for co. Yorks.
Robert Naper for the Duchy of Cornwall.
Major Norton for Richmond, Durham and Northumberland.
Jan. 17Same to Mr. Sherwyn to send on Wednesday the warrant for the auditors to attend the sheriffs apposals "and the other warrant which my Lord Ashley took away from hence."Ibid, p. 199.
Same to the Solicitor General and to Mr. North, of His Majesty's Counsel, to attend my Lords on Wednesday at the hearing of the business referred to them [my Lords] by the order in Council of Dec. 22 last about their [my Lords'] contracting with Sir Robert Howard and his brothers for settling on them [said Howards] the sum of 1,000l. per an. for [and in lieu of] the remainder of their term in the farm of the [Greenwax] fines, upon which Sir Robert Howard and Col. Howard have this day moved that they may have the Greenwax made over to them for security for their said 1,000l. per an.Ibid.
Same to Sir John Shaw and Alderman Bucknall to attend him to-morrow about some earnest business.Ibid.
Jan. 18One [? two] Treasury orders for 4,978l. [each] to Sir Ste. Fox in repayment of loan on [the Customs of] Oct., 1670.Order Book XXXVII. p. 13.
Jan. 19Money warrant for 5l. to Widow Elizabeth Pinkney as royal bounty.Warrants Early XVIII. p. 286; Order Book XXXVII. p. 93.
Same for 40l. to William Dugdale, "Norroy principal Herald at Arms," in part of 70l. due thereon to Xmas last.Warrants Early XVIII. p. 286.
Jan. 19Money warrant for 470l. 10s. 4d. to Sir Ste. Fox for so much paid by him to certain loyal and indigent officers by His Majesty's direction.Warrants Early XVIII. p. 291.
Treasury warrant to the Receipt for a tally of assignment to be levied and struck at the Receipt on the farmers of the Post Office for 45l. 12s. 6d. to be paid to Percival Stanny for Michaelmas quarter last on his 10s. a day as letter carrier to the King.Ibid, XXII. p. 122.
Sir G. Downing to the Solicitor General to attend my Lords on Friday for considering the getting in the arrears standing out on the several counties in the collectors' hands.Out Letters General II. p. 200.
Same to Alderman Bucknall concerning his paper for Excise defalcations, which is to be considered on Monday next.Ibid.
Same to Auditor Aldworth to take the particulars of the demands of the present Farmers of Excise for interest and gratuity of sums lent to the King, as represented by them to my Lords to-day.Ibid.
Same to Col. Birch and Mr. Ashmole to attend on Monday next at the consideration of the London Excise Farmers' demands for defalcations.Ibid.
Same to Mr. Walden. My Lords take it very ill that you came not hither according to promise directly after Xmas about your accounts as Receiver of Aids. You are to perfect your accounts without delay.Ibid, p. 201.
Same to the Governors and assistants of the new plantation in Ulster to attend on Wednesday next, when my Lords have appointed to consider the business of your agreement with Sir James Shaen about the customs of Londonderry and Coleraine, which business has been referred to my Lords and to the Lords of the Council of Ireland.Ibid.
Same to Mr. Culliford to attend my Lords on Wednesday about taking a method for the discharging of seizures. Bring with you the privy seal made in the late Lord Treasurer's time about seizures.Ibid.
Same to Mr. Leache to speak with him on Friday about the 1,000l.Ibid.
Same to Mr. Bagnall to attend on Tuesday at the hearing of Mr. Lisle's petition about the manor of Shaw.Ibid.
Same to the Barons of the Exchequer, Sir R. Long, Sir W. Doyly, Mr. Sherwyn, and the Solicitor General to attend my Lords on Tuesday about the business of the arrears of taxes.Ibid, p. 202.
Jan. 20Same to Sir W. Doyly to look after the letter which is to be written from the Privy Council concerning the arrears of the Aids of Kent.Ibid, p. 203
Same to Alderman Bucknall. My Lords moved in the Privy Council on Friday last that the Irish farmers may have three months' time to pay what rent is grown due for the year ended at Xmas last, and which is payable by the 12th of this instant January. It was then ordered that the said Farmers should attend before the Council on the 21st inst.Ibid.
Jan. 20Treasury order on the Exchequer in general for 36l. 10s. 0d. to Richard Elton, Groom of the Chamber to the Queen.Order Book XXXVII. p. 94.
Treasury order for 476l. to Sir Peter Wych as envoy to Poland: on the loans on [the Customs of] May, 1671, and for 186l. to same as Envoy to the Emperor of Russia on same of May, 1671.Ibid p. 13.
Same for 477l. to Edward Backwell in repayment of loans on [the Customs of] Jan., 1670–1.Ibid.
The like for 244l. 6s. 8d. for the enlarging of St. James's Park, viz.: 244l. 6s. 8d. to Tho. Lee, 43l. 6s. 8d. to Mr. Smith and 5l. to Mr. Greatorex.Ibid, p. 93.
The like for 2l. 10s. 0d. to William Parks, porter of the Exchequer.Ibid.
Jan. 21Money warrant for 139l. to John Viscount Mordaunt in full of all arrears on his patent as Constable of Windsor Castle before the surrender thereof made, 1668, Oct. 16.Warrants Early XVIII. p. 289.
Same for 142l. 7s. 8d. to Richard Pigott, Clerk of the patents in Chancery, for fees in that office on passing the late grant of the fee farm rents. (Order hereon dated Feb. 11.)Ibid, p. 290; Order Book XXXVII. p. 94.
Same for 1,000l. to Charles, Earl of Ancram without accompt: out of the tin recovered at Ostend.Ibid, XXII. p. 55; Order Book XXXVII. p. 457.
Sir G. Downing to the Customs Farmers and to Mr. North to attend this day week at the consideration of the order in Council on the petition of Lord Berkeley and the rest of the owners of the two three-decked ships lately built here. praying an allowance of 10 per cent. on the Customs of all [goods] exported or imported in them in accordance with the Act 14 Car. II.Out Letters General II. p. 203.
Same to Auditor Chislett to attend my Lords on Wednesday next with Mr. Hill's accompt.Ibid.
Same to Sir W. Doily to let my Lords know what bills of exchange you have received of Major Andros, upon whom drawn and when payable.Ibid.
Same to Lord Willoughby and Auditor Beale to attend on Thursday and to bring the Act of the [Barbados] Assembly about the 4½ per cent. in the Barbados.Ibid.
Same to Sir R. Long for a certificate of the fragments of the 16,000l. per mensem payable into the Exchequer by the Customs Farmers over and above what is appointed to be paid out of the said moneys, and that you do issue no part thereof without my Lords' particular direction, they intending it to supply the discharge of the East India Company's order. Also my Lords desire a certificate of what old tallies of the Customs contained in the list are not brought in, whose turn of payment is past, and whether there be any such tallies on record.Ibid. p. 204.
Jan. 23Treasury order on the Exchequer in general for 40l. to Lord Windsor for secret service: to be paid out of arrears of subsidies to be paid by said Lord Windsor.Order Book XXXVIL. p. 94
Jan. 24Money warrant for 500l. to the Duke of Buckingham for horses.Warrants Early XVIII. p. 287.
Same for 14l. 10s. 0d. to Richard Gregory, messenger, for attending the Treasury on His Majesty's special affairs for Xmas quarter last.Ibid, p. 289.
Treasury warrant to the Receipt to discharge the suspension of the Early of Newburgh's farm of the profits arising by commissions and writs in Chancery, commonly called Sixpenny writs: and for the receipts thereof from Michaelmas last (from which time the payments of His Majesty's rent of said farm re-commences) to be accompted for and answered to said Earl: the said farm having been suspended by a Treasury order of 1667, June 26, and the receipt of said profits having been given to the Clerk of the Hanaper, and then to William Adderley. of Lincoln's Inn. up to Michaelmas last, and then (by Treasury order of Oct. 9 last) to Edward Seymour. Deputy Clerk of the Hanaper, or, in his absence, to John Lawrence: His Majesty having by privy seal of Dec. 18 last pardoned and released to said Earl all the arrears of his rent of 1,000l. per an. for said farm.Ibid, XXII. p. 140.
Sir G. Downing to the Attorney General to prepare conveyances of certain lands in the Forest of Dean from Mr. Maynard to the King: and in drawing same to consult the Act concerning Dean Forest.Out Letters General II p. 204.
Same to Secretary Trevor. The warrant for 130l. for a ring, in which you moved my Lord Ashley, is preparing, and I have acquainted Alderman Backwell therewith.Ibid, p. 205.
Same to Mr. Brewer, deputy to Auditor Beale. " Since the rising of the Lords Commissioners of the Treasury. [I] being to draw up a report about what was agreed upon about the business of the London Excise I find that I have need of Mr. Ashmole's report." Pray bring it to-morrow by seven in the morning, as my Lords will be here before eight to have it from me.Ibid.
Same to the Auditors of Imprests to hasten the state of the accompt of the late Farmers of the Customs.Ibid.
Same to the late Commissioners [Farmers] of the Excise to forthwith pay in the foot of their account.Ibid.
Treasury order on the Receivers of Crown revenues for 500l. to Humfry Weld on the 1,000l. per an. for secret service.Order Book XXXVII. p. 355.
Jan. 25Money warrant for 500l. to Sir Allen Apsley (200l. thereof out of the Exchequer in general and 300l. thereof out of future Hearth money receipts, and to be registered in course), same being in full of the arrears on his letters patent of 1660, Nov. 6, for 100l. per an. for liveries for the falconers: on which patent no payment has been made: and Apsley being willing to surrender same. [The procedure on this warrant was evidently superseded by the royal warrant of Feb. 4 infra, p. 523.]Warrants Early XVIII. p. 288.
Treasury warrant to Sir Henry Wood to demand and receive into his custody all ornaments belonging to the late Queen Mother's chapel in the possession of any person whomsoever.Ibid, XXXIII. p. 126.
Sir G. Downing to Sir Edmond Turner to return the papers concerning the defalcations on the late farm of the Customs.Out Letters General II. p. 206.
Jan. 26The Treasury Lords to the Commissioners for Northumberland and Durham named in the Act for raising money for disbanding the forces [viz. the first or old Poll Act of 1660, as by 12 Car. II. c. 9, 10]. Divers sums of money are in arrear and unpaid on the said Act and are now in the hands of several Collectors, Receivers or Sheriffs entrusted with the receipt thereof. Several persons. viz.: Edward Widdrington, William Robinson. Edward Calcott Rich. Royston. Thomas Baskervill, William Hayes and Symon Sandford have been formerly employed in this service and may be serviceable therein. Have authorised them to wait on you to assist you in the work of getting in these arrears.Warrants Early XXXIV. pp. 216–7.
Treasury order for 430l. to Sir Edward Deering. Sir Tho. Strickland and Mr. Mylward, Commissioners of the Privy Seal: payable out of [the Customs of] March. 1669–70.Order Book XXXVII. p. 13.
Same on the Exchequer in general for 100l. to Sir William Jenings as royal bounty.Ibid, p. 94.
The like for 80l. to Thomas White as rewardIbid.
Jan. 27Money warrant for 112l. 10s. 0d. to John Hill, keeper of Battles Walk in Windsor Forest, for bay, &c., for 2¼ years to Xmas last.Warrants Early XVIII. p. 292.
Same for 300l. for six years last past and 50l. yearly for four more years to come to the officers of the post coinage of tin in Cornwall, they having usually enjoyed an allowance of 12d. for every stabb of tin coined, which amounted in all to about 200l. per an.: the said fee having been taken away by a convocation [of Tinners] in 1662, for ten years, whereof six are already expired.Ibid, XXII. pp. 69–70.
Entry of the declaration of accompt of Joshua Griffyth [of his receipt of Hearth money] for the West Riding of Yorkshire for 18 months to 1665, Sept. 29.Ibid, XXXVI. p. 153.
Treasury order for 1,000l. for Sir Robt. Vynor in repayment of loan on [the Customs of] Nov., 1670.Order Book XXXVII. p. 13.
Same for 467l. to Edward Backwell in repayment of loan on [the Customs of] Feb., 1670.Ibid.
Same for 500l. to the Duke of Buckingham, Master of the Horse, for horses for the King.Ibid, p. 95.
Same on the Exchequer in general for 40l. to Capt. Robt. Challoner, late Receiver of Hearth money as royal bounty.Ibid, p. 94.
The like for 175l. to Thomas Turner for secret serviceIbid.
Treasury warrant to the Clerk of the Pipe for a grant to George Beane, son of Richard Beane, deceased, of the office of bailiff of the priories of Swine, Kirkleys, Newburgh Monaster, and other priories and monastries in co. Yorks.Warrants Early XXXVII. p. 301.
Prefixing:—Auditor's particular of said office.
Same to John Pratt, deputy steward of the manor of Stratton super Fosse, co. Somerset, to grant a new estate, upon surrender, by copy of court roll to Thomas Kingston. of the coal works commonly called the Gout, parcel of said manor.Ibid, p. 302
Jan. 28Money warrant for 21l. 4s. 8d. for one year on the perpetuity or perpetual stipend payable to the churchwardens of St. Magnus. near London Bridge: in part of two years arrears thereon to Xmas last.Ibid, XVIII. p. 293.
Jan. 28Treasury warrant to Auditor Sir Joseph Seymour to forbear to charge in the accounts of Humphrey Peircehouse, Deputy Receiver of the first entire subsidy and of both entire payments of the second subsidy in the diocese of Lichfield and Coventry, the sum of 13l. 7s. 9d., being 12 per cent. interest charge on 128l. 15s. 8d. not paid into the Exchequer within the time limited by the Act [for charging delinquent Receivers]: he having not received some of the said moneys till after the said time.Warrants Early XXXIV. p. 218.
Treasury order for 4,148l. to the Navy Treasurers: to be paid out of the advance of the rent or other loan on the Customs of Nov., 1670.Order Book XXXVII. p. 13.
Same for 1,000l. to Lawrence Hyde, Master of the Robes: on the arrears of the Customs rent ended at Michaelmas, 1667.Ibid, p. 14.
Jan. 29Sir G. Downing to Sir Edw. Turner, Surveyor of the outports, and to the King's officers of the Customs above stairs [in London] for a particular account of what the Customs in the outports made during the two last years of the late farm.Out Letters General II. p. 209.
Same to Sir R. Long. Sir C. Harbord, and Mr. Sherwyn to meet him concerning considering the business of seizures and of settling a regular way for the discharge thereof as was in the time of the late Lord Treasurer [Southampton] and former Treasurers' times and as is presented in the grant of the Customs farm. Mr. Culliford. Mr. Hodges, and Mr. Lawrence will attend to inform as to the matter of fact.Ibid, p. 210.
Same to the Auditors of Imprests to make all possible haste in bringing in the account of the two last years of the late farm of the Customs, and in the stating thereof to make allowance of the Farmers' charges in collecting during that time, ordinary and incident, as the Farmers shall give them in on oath, but withal to see that same agree with the charge of former years. Furthermore to allow them such debentures as they shall make appear to be for goods imported [Customs free by Treasury warrant] in those years and no other, and to take the Farmers' oath as to any debentures alleged by them to be burned in the late dreadful fire or lost: but to distinguish in the account between debentures so sworn to be burned and debentures actually produced. Furthermore to make the Farmers the allowances made by them to the merchants and to take their oath as to gratuities in gross and particulars of debts outstanding.Ibid.
Same to the Attorney General to use all possible speed in proseouting the conveyances of Audley End from the Earl of Suffolk to the King.Ibid. p. 211.
Jan. 31Privy seal authorising the proper discharge and acquittance to Sir George Carteret for the following sums paid by him as late Treasurer of the Navy, being so paid by authority of the late Lord Treasurer Southampton for services relating to the late war, viz. by the privy seal of 1668. May 2, the sum of 300l. to Richard Russell, 200l. to Sir Peter Wych, 204l. to Henry Coventry: and by the privy seal of 1667, May 2, the sum of 200l. to Edward Villiers, Esq., and 400l. to— Farr, Esq., viz. in all 1,304l.Warrants Early XV. pp. 408–9.
Treasury order for 1,130l. to the Earl of Carlisle, late Ambassador in Sweden, for his extraordinaries: out of the Customs for May, 1671.Order Book XXXVII. p. 14.
Royal warrant for 100l. to the Churchwardens of St. Martin's in the Fields as royal bounty for the poor of said parish.Warrants Early XV. p. 420.