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February 1661, 1-15


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'Entry Book: February 1661, 1-15', Calendar of Treasury Books, Volume 1: 1660-1667 (1904), pp. 195-208. URL: http://www.british-history.ac.uk/report.aspx?compid=80027 Date accessed: 23 November 2014.


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February 1661, 1–15

Date.Nature and Substance of the Entry.Reference.
Feb. 1Money warrant for 10,979l. 17s. 0d. to Robert Viner, goldsmith, for gilt and white plate and other things for the King's service.Ibid, XIV. p. 29.
Same for 10,000l. to Stephen Fox, Esq., Clerk, Comptroller of His Majesty's Household, for Secret Service without accompt.Ibid, p. 30.
Same (dormant) for 100l. per an. as annuity to Samuel Barrow, Doctor in Physic, appointed one of the King's Physicians in Ordinary by letters patent of Aug. 3 last.Ibid.
Report to the King from Treasurer Southampton concerning the consideration made to Mr. Fox (for his services abroad to the King) on his being appointed Paymaster of the new raised forces.Ibid, II. p. 190.
Letters patent for 200l. per an. to Lodowicke Carlisle and Joan his wife from Sept. 29 past.Ibid, XIV. p. 44.
Same for 1,000l. to the Queen-Mother for half year to Sept. 29 last, on 2,000l. per an., payable to her by letters patent of Dec. 20 last, in respect of wardships in the Queen's jointure in conformity with an agreement made by the late King with the said Queen. Money warrant thereon of same date.Ibid, p. 55; VI. p. 122.
Same for 450l. and 150l. to the Treasurer or Receiver General of said Queen-Mother for same on 900l. and 300l. respectively, payable by the like dated letters patent, and in conformity with the like agreement in consideration of the revenue of the Greenwax granted to her in her jointure, but afterwards relinquished in exchange for the sum of 1.200l. per an., 900l. thereof payable out of the farm of Post Fines and 300l. thereof payable out the farm of another part of the said Greenwax.Ibid. XIV. p. 55.
Feb. 1Warrant from Treasurer Southampton to the Earl of Berkshire and others, farmers of the Post Fines, and to said Earl and Lord Howard, his brother, farmers of another part of the Greenwax, to pay 450l. to the Treasurer or Receiver General of the Queen Mother for six months due Sept. 29 last on the 900l. per an. and 300l. per an. allowances as above.Early Entry Book VI. p 122.
Same from same to the Clerk of the Pipe, for a particular of the hundred of Tose land and Leightonstone, co. Hunts, granted by the late King to Henry Earl of Manchester.Ibid, p. 127.
Feb. 2Treasurer Southampton to the King. "Sir Henry Cholmley whom I understand to have bin very active and adventurous in the last successfull attempts for your Majesties restitution ... produces your Majesties commission to authorise him to give full pardon and security to any he engaged in your Majesties service. And he alleadgeth he used that only in the case of his nephew Bourchier whose father was dead and engaged in that sentencing his late gracious Majesty: and though I know not whether your Majesties intentions extended to men of that deepe dye yet the father being dead, the sonne a loyall and active person and one whose estate at present without an Act of Parliament cannot be forfeited, and in the last parliament when an act of attainder was framing that might have reacht him Sir Henry Cholmley was seeking the safety of the estate by a proviso," but was directed to decline that way and instead to trust to the King's grace. Will not withstand any grace the King may intend petitioner in view of Sir Henry Cholmley's desire to charge his nephew's estate with 1,000l. and free the King of all his pretences.Ibid, II. p. 193; VI. p. 125.
[?]Report to the King from Treasurer Southampton concerning the lease of the manor of Stoke under Hamdon, which is petitioned or by Col. Wheeler, Lord Windsor and Lord Gorges.Ibid, VI. pp. 125–6.
Feb. 4Money warrant for 400l. to John Lord Berkeley without accompt for a jewel bought of him and given to the Savoy Ambassador.Ibid, XIV. p. 33.
Same for 6,000l. to Col. Legg, Lieut. Gov. of the Ordnance, to be employed for the supply of his Majesty's stores.Ibid, II. p. 195.
Feb. 5Warrant from Treasurer Southampton to the Customs Commissioners to deliver, duty free, to Richard Downing, Sergeant Skinner to His Majesty, 50 timber [a timber = 40 skins] of ermine imported for the King's use and service against the Coronation.Ibid, VIII. p. 165.
Same from same to same for grant of a bill of store for the importation and re-exportation by John Ramsey, of London, merchant, of 31 pieces of coarse Irish woollen cloth sent to London by his correspondent at Dublin by mistake, being intended for Flushing.Ibid, p. 166.
Same from same to the Clerk of the Pipe and all others concerned to deliver to William Harbord and John Fisher (appointed to the office of Auditor of the Duchy of Cornwall and the charge and custody of all the records and accompts of the receivers, ministers and other officers of that revenue) all such records. accompts. books of enrolments, views, entries, and other writings remaining in their hands touching the tinneries or any of the manors, lands, or other hereditaments of the said revenue, taking an inventory of all the said records.Ibid, VI. p 130.
Feb. 5Warrant from Treasurer Southampton for George, Bishop of Worcester, to pay his first fruits, amounting to 944l. 17s. 6¾d., in four years.Early Entry Book II. p. 195b
Feb. 6Same from same to the Excise Commissioners to pay Jane Lane 1,000l., voted her by the late Parliament for being instrumental in preserving the King's person.Ibid, XI. p. 8.
Money warrant for 30l. to Mr. Sumers, who is appointed to repair to Ireland with the sword of state to be delivered there to the Lords Justices.Ibid, XIV. p. 33.
Same for 100l. to the ordinary Grooms and Pages of His Majesty's Chamber for one year to Christmas last, to be divided among them as of the King's free gift and reward for their pains: and dormant warrant for same in future.Ibid, p. 34.
Report to the King from Treasurer Southampton on the petition from Thomas Major, gent., said petition setting forth that the late King. as Prince, granted him the office of Remembrancer to the Commissioners for his Revenue, with the like fees as formerly allowed to John Parkinson; that he further served as Clerk of the Council to the present King when Prince, enjoying both offices up to 1642, "and since hath bin at charge and trouble in keeping the charters, grants, records, books and other evidences and writeings concerning those revenues," and therefore praying an annuity as formerly granted by the late King to Hierome Cook, the said revenues being now to be governed by the Lord Treasurer.Ibid, II. pp. 196–7.
Prefixing:—Entry of said petition and of the report thereon from the Attorney General and the Surveyor General of Lands.
Money warrant for the issue of 2.000l., part of the 6,000l. warranted the 4th inst., to Col. Legg, ut supra, p. 196.Ibid, p. 195b.
Warrant from Treasurer Southampton to the King's Romembrancer for a particular of the lands of Robert Jason, in co. Middlesex, as found by inquisition on his outlawry at the suit of John Keyte.Ibid, p. 198.
Same from same to Joseph Seymour, Auditor of the said county, for a particular of the office of collector of rents of the late priory of Chalcomb, co. Northants, as formerly held by Henry Beecher: and of the office of collector of rents of the monastry of Ronton, Stone, Tutbury, Croxden, Rocester, Hulton. Walsall, Tamworth, Brewood, Lichfield, West Bromwich, [the] Carthus[ian House] Juxta Coventry, and pensions and portions in co. Staff., and the monastry of Bordesley, co. Worcester.Ibid.
Feb. 7Same from same to the Customs Commissioners to suffer Mr. Booth, one of the Justices of Common Pleas for Ireland, to transport two mares and one gelding custom free, they being for his own use in Ireland.Ibid, p. 167.
Same to same to pay 10l. for creation money to Lionel Earl of Middlesex, for half a year to Sept. 29 last, and to continue same in future.Ibid, p. 168.
Feb. 7Warrant from Treasurer Southampton to the Surveyor General of Lands for a constant of divers parcels of lands desired in the petition of Dr. Quartermayns and Mr. Alchorne.Early Entry Book II. p. 21.
Prefixing:—Said Surveyor's report dated 1660–1, Jan. 31, on said petition.
Money warrant for 50l. to Lady Ann Graham for the charge of her intended journey to Scotland.Ibid, XIV. p. 34.
Same to the officers of the Receipt concerned, for the discharge of the baronet fees of 1,095l. due from Walter Earnley, of New Sarum, co. Wilts, and Robert Newton, of London.Ibid.
Same, dormant, for 316l. 13s. 4d. per an. to Sir Robert Pye, Auditor of the Receipt of the Exchequer and Writer of the tallies there, and his clerks, from St. John Baptist last; as by letters patent of 1624, Dec. 20.Ibid, p. 35.
Money warrant for 30l. to Winifrid Latham, relict of Lewis Latham, late Sergeant of the Hawks to the late King, in respect of her necessities and of her late husband's arrears, "which I cannot think fitt to make any payment upon."Ibid, VI. p. 130; XIV. p. 35.
Warrant from Treasurer Southampton to Sir Charles Compton and others, detailed, to fell timber in four coppices in Whittlewood and Salcey Forests, co. Northants and Bucks, viz., Dunn's Coppice in Hasleborough Walk, King's Coppice in the Gullett Walk, Pointz Coppice in Hanger Walk, all in Whittlewood Forest, and Rawley's Mace Coppice in Salcey Forest.Ibid, II. pp. 199–200.
Treasurer Southampton to the Customs officers to restore to Monsr. Soursaut, His Majesty's tailor in Bow Street, Covent Garden, several parcels of goods seized, belonging to the King and the Duke of York.Ibid, p. 201.
Prefixing:—Secretary Nicholas to Treasurer Southampton, dated Feb. 6.
Warrant from Treasurer Southampton to the Clerk of the Pipe for a lease to Sir Thomas Mainwarings of the fines and perquisites of Court in the forest, hundred and manor of Macclesfield, co. Chester.Ibid, pp. 202–3.
[?]Report to the King from Treasurer Southampton on the case of Mr. Halke, who got a grant of the place of Customer of Rye, which was fruitless, Rye proving but a member of the port of Chichester. John Rowe was confirmed in his post of Customer of Chichester by the Treasury Commissioners suitable to the King's gracious inclination to have all Customs officers confirmed if no objection lay against them, But it has since appeared that he was disloyal. Therefore proposes his removal and Halke's appointment in his place.Ibid. VI. p. 129
[Before Feb. 8]Copy of an order of the Exchequer Court, countersigned by Treasurer Southampton, requiring in accordance with the proviso of exception as contained in the Act of Indemnity, whereby the accompts of all treasurers, &c., since 1642–3, Jan 30, are reserved to His Majesty, that the accompts of all treasurers, receivers and other accomptants as follow shall be audited and taken by auditors to be assigned by the Lord Treasurer, viz., the late Treasurers at Haberdashers' Hall and Goldsmiths' Hall, Treasurers for weekly and monthly assessments, Treasurers for sale of lands of the King, Queen, and Prince. Bishops, Deans and Chapters, and delinquents' estates; Treasurers for prize goods; Treasurers for First Fruits and Tenths and for propagating the Gospel in Wales: Further that the following accounts be taken and audited by the Exchequer auditors for their respective counties, viz.: all receivers and collectors of any contributions or taxes which upon taking the treasurers' accompts shall appear to have any money remaining in their hands; all receivers appointed by any committee; all commissioners for sequestration, loans, benevolences, fifths, and twentieth parts, decimations, militia, drums, colours and trophies, and of all other persons who within the time aforesaid received any moneys to the use of the public; all accompts for poll money, all accompts for the estates of idiots and lunatics since the suspension of the Court of Wards: Further that the accompts of all receivers of the lands and impropriations belonging to Bishops, Deans and Chapters, and prebends shall be taken by the auditors of those counties where the diocese is, until such time as the said bishops &c., were restored: Finally that all accompts taken by the assignment of the Lord Treasurer as aforesaid shall be declared before the said Lord Treasurer: and that all other accompts taken by virtue of this order shall be declared before the Barons of the Exchequer and pass through the Remembrancer's office into the Pipe according to the course of the Exchequer.Ibid, II. p. 230.
Feb. 8Treasurer Southampton to [the Excise Commissioners]. "Since there is a necessity of striking tallies for the Excise that is growing, assigned by Act of Parliament towards Alderman Backwell's 28,000l., which must be by Privy Seal Warranted, which Privy Seal he is now passing. I am content you make payment to him of such moneys as you have in your hands. taking his bond to produce his Privy Seale or repay his money within a month."Early Entry Book VI. p. 129.
Treasurer Southampton to William Lemon, and John Blackwell, junr., late Treasurers at War, to deliver into the King's Remembrancer's office before the 20th inst. an exact account of all sums received from each county under the late acts, dated 1652, June 15, for raising 90,000l. per month for the maintenance of the armies in England and Scotland for six months from the 20th of June, 1652, to the 25th of December then following; and under another late pretended act dated 1652, Dec. 10, for extending said assessment six months longer; in which said act said persons are appointed Treasurers.Ibid, II. p. 231.
Money warrant for 400l. to Clare Bolton, being an advance of two years from St. John Baptist last, on her pension of 200l. per an., granted by letters patent of 1660–1, Jan. 12, same being in regard of the services to Charles I, performed by her late husband Theophilus Bolton.Ibid, VIII. p. 86; VI. p. 132.
Warrant from Treasurer Southampton to the Customs Commissioners for discharge of a seizure of oil imported by Thomas Darling, of Kingston upon Hull, and seized at Hull under the Navigation Act.Ibid, p. 169.
[?]Memorial to Treasurer Southampton from [the Customs Commissioners] complaining of the frauds on the Customs which are contrived by masters and merchants. especially in not following the former usage of trade in taking the first convenient tide after they have passed Gravesend to come up to some lawful quay at London, but instead thereof lying in the river joining their ships to their houses at St Katherine's, Limehouse, Redriff, Ratcliff and other places on both sides the river or lying by any other ships or vessels whereby to discharge fraudulently their most valuable goods. Propose the appointment of some small boat to give injunction to the ships to proceed up the river as they ought, and to be assistant to the Customs Commissioners herein by certifying the names of captains or masters disobedient herein.Ibid p. 170.
[? Feb.8]Treasurer Southampton to the Barons of the Exchequer to certify the loss found to have accrued to the Crown by the default of the officers formerly employed in the collection of the chantry rents in England and Wales as suggested by Walter Devereux and—Cary in their petition for said office: all in view of His Majesty's service requiring speedy resolution of the matter, as divers bailiwicks are not disposed of, and their rents lie uncollected.Early Entry Book II. p. 213.
Feb. 9Warrant from Treasurer Southampton. "Whereas the wharfingers of the several keyes in the port of London, formerly gave bonds in His Majestices Court of Exchequer for their fair and just carriage in their shipping and landing merchants' goods, &c., which payed customes, which not having of late bin observed His Majesty hath bin defrauded of much custome, which ought not only to be prevented in the future but to be examined as much as there is at present any meanes to doe the same, for the time that is past," therefore requires all particular wharfingers in the port of London to permit their books of entry of all goods and merchandize since Midsummer last to be viewed and examined by the Customs Commissioners or their agents, who if they please may transcribe them.Ibid VIII. p. 168.
Money warrant for 5,000l. to James Duke of York in part of the arrears of 15,000l. due on his annuity of 20,000l. granted by letters patent of the 7th instant.Ibid, XIV. p. 36.
Warrant from Treasurer Southampton to the officers of the Receipt concerned, for the discharge of the baronet fee of 1.095l. due respectively from Mathew Herbert, of Bromfield. co. Salop; Sir Richard Stidolph, of Norbury, co. Surrey; and William Powell, alias Hinson, of Pengethley, co. Hereford.Ibid.
Money warrant for 61l. 7s. 1d. to Joyce Lanier, wife of Andrea Lanier, late one of the King's musicians, being fees, &c., due from the King's happy return to Oct. 30 following [being the day of said Lanier's death].Ibid, p. 37.
Same for 5,375l. to William Witherings, Esq., for faithful service done to His Majesty.Ibid. pp. 37–8.
Same, dormant, for 50l. per an. to Elizabeth Burley on her annuity or yearly pension granted by letters patent of Decr. 15 last.Ibid, p. 39.
Treasurer Southampton to the Surveyor General of Lands to put Sir Francis Mackworth to have the custody of that part of Wayt's (Thomas Waite's) estate called the farm of Overton (Market Overton), co. Rutland.Ibid, II. pp. 204, 207.
Appending:—Copy of the King's warrant for same to the Lord Treasurer.
Feb 9Warrant from Treasurer Southampton for Humphrey, Bishop of Salisbury, to pay his first fruits, amounting to 1,246l. 14s. 6½d., in four yearly instalments and on his own security.Early Entry Book II. p. 205.
Same to the Surveyor General of Lands to pursue the warrant of Dec. 21 last to the steward of the manor of Leigh Durant, parcel of the Duchy of Cornwall, on the petition of William Garrett, citizen of London, concerning several small copyhold tenements and a mill there.Ibid, pp. 208, 209-10, 213.
Appending:—Said warrant to said steward from said Surveyor General: and King's warrant for discharge of the fine of 290l. on the reversion of same, dated Whitehall, 1660–1, Jan. 18.
[? Feb.10]Warrant (practically in duplicate) from Treasurer Southampton to John Catcher, gent., supervisor of the blowing houses in Cornwall and Devon, and to all the blowers and owners of blowing houses, for an exact account to be given to said Catcher by the masters and owners of the blowing houses of all the tin by them blown from June 24 last to Deer. 24 last, and for the duty of 4s. by the hundred to be paid to him to be employed for the use of the garrison of Pendennis and Scilly, according to His Majesty's late establishment.Ibid, VI. pp. 152, 153–4.
Feb. 10Same from same to Robert Napper, Receiver General of the Duchy of Cornwall, to pay 60l. to John Howes (? Hawes) for the necessary repairs of the several coinage houses at Lostwithiel, Liskeard, Truro, and Helston, which are utterly ruinate or in great decay.Ibid, p. 154
Feb. 11Same from same to Sir Edmond Sawyer and John Phelips, Auditors of the Exchequer Court (in accordance with the exception in the Act of Indemnity concerning the receipts of subsidies, customs, prize goods, assessments, &c., for the period 1642–3, Jan. 30, to 1659, June 24) to take care that all persons whatsoever liable to accompt by virtue of the said exception be called to accompt within the time limited by the act (viz. . before 1662, June 24) by Exchequer process or other directions: with power to call for and to peruse all accounts which since 1642 have been taken by the auditors of those times, whereof some have been passed down into the Pipe Office, some remain in the King's Remembrancer's Office, and some remain in the hands of the said auditors not yet declared: further to speedily state all accounts which may be referred to them or any other auditor.Ibid, II. p. 233.
Same from same to same to prepare for declaration the accompt of Sir Tho. Adams, George Witham, and John Dethick, lately treasurers amongst others for divers assessments in the years 1645, 1646, 1647, and 1648.Ibid, p. 225.
Same from same to Richard Kinnesman, the auditor concerned, for a particular of the office of collector of rents belonging to divers chantries in the city of Salisbury and other places, co. Wilts, as formerly exercised by Edward Yerbury, gent.Ibid, VI. p. 133.
Report to the King from Treasurer Southampton on the petition of John Brett, of London, merchant, concerning 916l. 13s. 4d. worth of gold seized by the present King in 1648, out of the ship "Starr" from Guinea, the present King, being then in the Downs, having on petitioner's address promised repayment. Repeats his resolution of not examining or allowing debts of this nature.Ibid, p. 135.
Feb. 11Money warrant, dormant, for 100l. per an. to Sir Philip Warwick from Michaelmas last in accordance with the letters patent of 1633, Juna 20, granting said annuity to Thomas Warwick, Esq., and Philip (now Sir Philip) Warwick, his son.Early Entry Book XIV. p. 38.
Warrant from Treasurer Southampton to John Weston, one of the messengers of the Chamber in ordinary, to attend upon Sir Edmond Sawyer and John Phelips, two of the Auditors of the Exchequer Court, who have been appointed to take care that all accompts exempted out of the Act of Indemnity may be speedily stated according to the tenour of said Act.Ibid, II. p. 224.
Feb. 12Same from same to the Customs Commissioners to pay to the judges the several salaries due upon their letters patent enrolled with the said Commissioners. "I conceive my first order warranted their constant payment and imports your discharge with the Auditor, and that tallyes be struck for the same."Ibid, VIII. p. 171.
Treasurer Southampton to Gabriell Beck, of Lincoln's Inn, Esqr., to deliver forthwith into the office of the King's Remembrancer all such books of receipts and payments made by virtue of the pretended ordinances dated 1644, Oct. 18, for an assessment for the army in Ireland, and of 1645–6, March 9, for continuing said assessment: in which said ordnances said Beck was appointed to keep said books.Ibid, II. p. 231.
Same to Sir Henry Holdcroft, Sir John Thorowgood, William Steele, John Cooke, Fra. West, Hen. Davers, Jo. Browne, Geo. Cooper, Richard Read, Rich. Young, William Skynner, Nicholas Martyn, and John Pocock and all others concerned, to forth-with send to the Treasurer the names, surnames, and places of abode of all such persons as they have appointed to be collectors, receivers or treasurers in accordance with the powers given by the Act of 1649, June 8, for providing maintenance for preaching ministers (which empowered them to receive and dispose of First Fruits and Tenths), and by the additional Act of the same title of 1650, April 5 (which empowered them to make leases, &c., of the premises).Ibid, p. 232.
Warrant from Treasurer Southampton to Sir Jeffrey Palmer for a bill to grant to the Treasurer and Sir Anthony Ashley Cooper all sums and profits arising upon writs of covenant and writs of entry and other writs upon alienations compounded for in the Office of Alienations for seven years from Lady Day next; rendering therefor into the Hanaper the rent of 1,346l. 12s. 0d. out of the profits of writs of covenant and 200l. out of those of the writs of entry.Ibid, VI. p. 134.
Money warrant for 50l. to the Churchwardens of the city of Westminster as royal bounty to the poor of said city.Ibid, XIV. p. 39.
Same for 150l. to Sir Bernard de Gomme for half-year to Xmas last on his pension granted by letters patent of August 1st last.Ibid, pp. 39–40.
Orders for the regulation of the office of Keeper of the Register of Seizures; said orders being made by Treasurer Southampton, Chief Baron Sir Edward Atkins, and Sir Christopher Turner a Baron of the Exchequer (authorised by letters patent of Sept. 12 last, with the Attorney General to have the oversight of all forfeited goods and prohibited goods imported or exported, and of all informations touching Customs causes). All searchers, waiters, farmers' deputies, &c., of Customs are required and charged to presently deliver all seizures or stay of goods to the collector of the Customs of the outports or the keeper of the warehouse in London port; "to be by them kept untill wee shalbe informed of the cause of such seizure with the quantity and quallity of such goods by" Thomas Sankey, keeper of the register for forfeited ships, goods, wares, and merchandise (said Sankey having been there to appointed by letters patent of Nov. 30 last, loco Henry Kearsley, who had been appointed to said post by the original letters patent above-said of Sept. 12 last, but who surreadered his said office to the King by the deed of Nov. 1 last): all in order that the said seizures may be discharged by course of law or otherwise according to the order of the Exchequer Court. Also that no information be entered in any of the Courts by any attorney or officer before delivery of a note (expressing the cause there. of) to the said Keeper of the Register [of Seizures] in the port of London, and notice from him to the King's Remembrancer in the Exchequer. All writs of appraisement returned into the Exchequer Court for the causes aforesaid are to be first brought and shewed to the said Keeper of the Register, "and if he finde the appraisement to be much under appraysed then to acquaint some of us therewith that such course may be taken therein as shalbe requisite." The said Keeper of the Register is also to take bond of all persons procuring licence to compound with any offender and is further to yield a yearly account of such bonds and how same were discharged. Further in order to obviate the expensive process of paying fines into the Exchequer and getting a quietus est there (where the charges might come to more than the fine) the said Keeper of the Register of Seizures is to receive for the King's use all fines not exceeding 5l., and to give his acquittance for same, making a charge of only 4s. for such acquittance: the said Keeper of the Register being to yield a yearly account of such fines.Ibid, VIII. pp. 222–6.
The present orders to be subject to revocation if upon trial they be found not fit to be continued.
Feb. 12Warrant from Treasurer Southampton to the King's Remembrancer. "Whereas there are divers sumes of money oweing to His Majesty for goods seized and stayed in divers ports and places of this kingdome, whereof many have bin lately entered and the goods disposed of by the party that seized them and yet nothing at all paid to His Majesty; which it seemes proceeds from the delatory course which is held in that Office from the makeing up of the records, recording the goods and levying the monies, whereby His Majesty may loose much by reason of death or other accidents hapening to the parties indebted whereof diverse in space of time become insolvent: which monies by a more speedy and diligent course might be recovered and received to His Majesty's use": therefore requires charge to be given to all the attornies and clerks belonging to that office to observe the royal letters patents and the great seal directed for the oversight and ordering of all seizures, suit and informations concerning the importation and exportation of any goods, wares, and merchandise; and that they make and exhibit no information for any such causes before notice given in writing to Thomas Sankey or his deputy at the Custom House in London, who is Keeper of the King's Register of Seizures, and who is carefully from time to time to inform the Lord Treasurer of all such moneys as shall be due and payable to His Majesty and to use his best industry and diligence for calling in the same. and to see that the goods are not sold or disposed of before the King's part be satisfied. Further, the said attorneys and clerks are to give from time to time to the King's Remembrancer notice of all recoveries that are or shall be made of any goods and in due time to make up the records for all goods recoverable.Early Entry Book IX. p. 44.
[? Feb. 12]Warrant from Treasurer Southampton to the Customs Commissioners concerning the same matter as above and the losses arising from neglect in the execution of the laws and provisions for preventing importation and exportation of prohibited goods, as also the payments of duties due remissly looked into and sales of seizuros effected without payment in of the King's share and without the Exchequer Court being cleared thereof: therefore requires them to give notice in writing to the above-said Sankey or his deputy attending at the Custom House, London, of all seizures, stay of goods, informations, returns of writs, discharges and other proceedings touching any the causes as above, that the same may be duly prosecuted and discharged: also to take present order for the seizing of all such goods as have been seized and writs returned that the same may be recorded in the [Exchequer] Court or otherwise discharged: and further, to forthwith pay in all money due to the King by reason of any such suit, seizure or information.Early Entry Book IX. p. 44.
Feb. 13Royal letters patent by the King for 1,200l. per week to Sir Maurice Berkley, Receiver and Paymaster of the garrison of Dunkirk from Dec. 25 last for the constant charge of said garrison.Ibid, XIV. p. 59.
Feb. 14Treasurer Southampton to John Dethicke, Sir John Woollistone and Francis Allen to deliver into the office of the King's Remembrancer before the end of the present month an account of all moneys received by them from the Receivers of the counties concerned by virtue of a pretended Act of date 1648–9, Feb. 13, entitled an Act concerning the sequestration of South Wales and Monmouth: together with an account of their disbursements and vouchers for each paymentIbid, II. p. 225.
Same to same for same of same, as Treasurers at War for the then army under the late Act of 1649, August 10, entituled an Act for the admitting of the six counties of North Wales to a general composition for their delinquency.Ibid, p. 226.
Same to Sir Gilber Gerrard, formerly Treasurer of the Army, for same of same under a late ordinance entitled an ordinance for the speedy raising and levying of money for the maintenance of the army by a weekly assessment for two months from 1643, August 3.Ibid.
Same to John Blackwell, junr., and Richard Deane for same of same, as Treasurers or Receivers General under several Acts or ordinances of Parliament, and orders from the late usurper, called the Protector, and his Council bearing dates 1653, June 9; 1654, June 8; 1654–5, Feb. 8; 1655, May 29; 1655. Novr. 27; 1656, July 24, and two others not specified, for monthly assessments in England and Wales.Ibid.
Same to John Dethick, Sir John Wollaston, and Francis Allen for same of same as Treasurers at War under the late Act for raising 90,000l. per month for the forces from 1640, March 25, and by another Act from 1649, Dec. 25, and by other Acts for the like of the following dates, 1649–50. March 21; 1650, Nov. 16; 1651, April 5; 1651, Sept. 1; 1651, Decr. 9.Ibid, p. 227.
Feb. 14Treasurer Southampton to Tho. Noell, Stephen Estwick, and William Hobson to deliver into the office of the King's Remembrancer before the end of the present month an account of all moneys received by them as Treasurers under a late Act for the sale of the manors of rectories, and glebe lands, late belonging to Archbishops, Bishops and Deans and Chapters.Early Entry Book II p. 227.
Same to same for same of same as same under a late Act dated 1649, April 20, for the abolishing of Deans and Chapters.Ibid, p. 228.
Same to Sir John Woollaston. Tho. Andrewes, John Dethick, and Fra. Allen, Aldermen of London, for same of same as Treasurers under a late Act dated 1649–50, March 11, for selling the fee farm rents belonging to the Commonwealth of England, formerly payable to the Crown of England and Duchies of Lancaster and Cornwall.Ibid.
Same to same for same of same as same under a late Act dated 1649, July 17, for the sale of the honors, manors, and lands heretofore belonging to the late King, Queen and Prince.Ibid.
Same to Humphry Jones and John Hunt for same of same as Treasurers under a late Act of 1649, June 6, for the sale of the goods and personal estate of the late King, Queen, and Prince.Ibid.
Same to Charles Doyley and Mathew Sheppard for same of same as Treasurer under a pretended Act of 1653, Novr. 22, for the sale and improvement of the forests heretofore belonging to the late King, Queen, and Prince.Ibid, p. 229.
Same to Thomas Andrewes, Sir John Woolaston, John Dethick, and Francis Allen for same of same as Treasurers under a late Act dated 1651, July 16. for sale of several lands and estates forfeited to the Commonwealth for treason.Ibid.
Same to John Sparrow, Richard Blackwall, and Humphry Blake for same of same as Treasurers under an Act dated 1649, April 17, for sale of prize goods.Ibid
Same to John Wallaston, Thomas Andrewes, John Dethick, and Francis Allen, for same of same as Treasurers under an Act of 1652. August 4, for the sale of several lands for the use of the Navy.Ibid p 246
Same to Robert Barret for same of same as Treasurer under an Act of 1659, August 2, for the Commissioners of London to raise three months' assessment for the incidents of the militia.Ibid.
Same to James Nelthorp and John Lawson for same of same as Treasurers under an Act of 1659–60, Feb. 2, for constituting a Committee for the Army.Ibid.
Same to the Barons of the Exchequer to press them to the attendance of the Commission [for the arrears of Excise] of which they are members.Ibid, XI. p 16.
Warrant from Treasurer Southampton as Lieutenant of Norfolk. to the Deputy Lieutenants, Colonels, Captains, and officers of the trained bands and troops in Norfolk, to free the lands in Saxlingham belonging to John Tuthill (second secondary in the Treasurer's Remembrancer's Office in the Exchequer Court) from the liability of finding arms in the trained bands and troops of said county: said Tuthill having exhibited to the Lord Treasurer the royal letters patent of 1660–1, Feb., for his exemption; said letters patents reciting that by the Red Book of the Exchequer under the title Quae sunt jura et dignitates residentium ad Scaccarim the Barons of the Exchequer, the resident clerks and officers there ministering shall not be impleaded, &c., &c.Ibid, VI. p. 162.
Feb. 14Treasurer Southampton's warrant to the Attorney General to insert two provisoes, detailed, in the grant of the coinage and great duty on tin to Christopher Billot and Samuel Enys, which has already passed the royal signature and the Signet and Privy Seal.Early Entry Book VI. p. 137.
Same from same to the Excise Commissioners to give order to the Sub-Commissioners or Receivers of Excise in co. Denbigh to pay to Sir John Carter, Governor of the fort of Holyhead, Anglesea, 237l. 15s. 0d., being the remainder of the pay due to the garrison there.Ibid, XI p. 9.
Money warrant for 10,000l. to Sir Edward Griffin, Treasurer of His Majesty's Chamber, as imprest for the service of the Household.Ibid, XIV. p. 40.
Warrant from Treasurer Southampton to the Surveyor General of Lands for a constat of the waste and oozy ground bounded within the mouth of the harbour of Poole, co. Dorset, and two land works called the Cales and South Haven, and within other parishes, hamlets or places in the said county, viz., Parkstone, Stokeford, Tottenham, Wareham, Stoborough and Arne Slape, amounting to 8,026 acres and the several islands detailed, lying within the said bounds, of all which the Duke of Richmond and Lennox desires a grant.Ibid, II. pp. 218–9.
Prefixing:—Said Surveyor's report on said Duke's petition for same.
Feb. 15Same from same to the Customs Commissioners to discharge the impost and Custom on 30 tons of Spanish or French wines granted to Don Carlos, Baron of Batteville, as by the letters patent of the 12th inst.Ibid, VIII. p. 171
Same from same to same to discharge a seizure of beef, green hides, barrel staves, and cloven boards shipped by John Wilkinson and others at Carrickfergus in Ireland, and seized at Lancaster.Ibid, pp. 172–3.
Treasurer Southampton to the Governor of New England and to the Customs Commissioners forwarding a copy of an order of the Privy Council ut infra for them to carefully observe and pursue same.Ibid, pp. 173–5.
Appending:—Copy of an order of the King in Council, dated Whitehall, the 13th inst. "Upon reading a narrative from the officers and commissioners of His Majesty's Customes setting forth that some merchants trading for New England find themselves much grieved in respect of the strictness of the Act of Navigation lately passed in Parliament requiring bond to bee given here for such comodities as shalbe there laden that the same shalbe brought to some port of England, Ireland or Wales, &c., and the commodities of that country, being generally clove boards, pipe staves and other tymber, fish and such grosse comodities, doe better vend in other parts than here in England and by the proceed thereof comodities of greater value from Spayne and other parts have been usually imported into England and His Majestie thereby much advantaged in his revenue: upon due consideracon whereof and at the humble suite of some merchants now outward bound upon that trade it is thought fitt and ... ordered ..." that the Lord Treasurer authorise the Customs Commissioners to take bond of the merchants trading into those parts only to return the proceed of those commodities that they shall there lade and not bind them up to return the commodities in specie, the said clause in the said Act of Navigation notwithstanding; and to give the like liberty to the Governor of that Plantation to take the like bonds there as being most conducible to the benefit and advantage of that trade, &c.
Feb. 15Warrant from Treasurer Southampton to the Customs Commissioners to pay to William Marquess of Newcastle 10l. for his creation money as Earl. and 13l. 6s. 8d. for same as Marquess, being for half a year to Sept. 29 last: and to continue same in future.Early Entry Book VIII. p. 175.
Same from same to same to pay 10l. to the Earl of Lincoln for same time on his creation money and to continue same in future.Ibid, p. 178.
Treasurer Southampton to James Bunce, Alderman of London, Richard Glyde, Lawrence Bromfeild and all others concerned, to deliver into the office of the King's Remembrancer an account of all moneys received by them under the powers of Ordinances of 1647, May 13. for raising 200.000l., and 1647, June 3, for raising 42,000l.: said persons being appointed Treasurers in both said ordinances.Ibid, II. p. 246.
Same to Edward Greene and all other persons who have the custody of any of the books kept by the Register Accomptant for sale of delinquents' estates at Drury House: to forthwith deliver into the office of the King's Remembrancer all such books of the receipts and payments of moneys under any Act or ordinance for sale of delinquents' estates: in which said Acts Col. Mainwaring, deceased, and after him said Greene, were appointed Register Accomptants, to make entries and keep books, &c.Ibid.
Same to Hen. Robinson, merchant, and all other persons in whose custody any of the books as below remain, to deliver in ten days into the office of the King's Remembrancer all such books of receipts and payments and accompts for any moneys arising by the the sale of King's, Queen's, and Prince's lands and fee farm rents, by virtue of the act of 1649, July 17: said Robinson being by said Act appointed Comptroller of all entries and receipts, and to keep account of all such entries and receipts, &c.Ibid, p. 247.
Same to John Foulke, Alderman of London, to forthwith deliver into the office of the King's Remembrancer all books of receipts and payments kept by him as Comptroller under the powers of an Ordinance of 1647, May 13, for securing all persons who should advance 200,000l., and another Ordinance of 1647, June 3, for raising 42,000l.Ibid.
Same to the Customs Commissioners. "You have tallies struck upon you for the Treasurer of the Navy and as I understand there is about 8,000l. remayning due, whereof 6,000l. is presently designed for the Victualler of the Navy who stands in greate neede thereof, I pray you in order to His Majesties service to hasten the payment thereof.'Ibid, VI. p. 135.
Feb. 15Warrant from Treasurer Southampton to the officers concerned, to discharge the baronet fees of 1,095l. each due from Thomas Ellis, of Wyham, co. Linco'n, and Henry Vernon, of Hodnet, co. Salop.Early Entry Book VI. p. 138.
Same from same to Sir Thomas Fanshaw, King's Remembrancer, for search to be made among the records of the Exchequer what entries have been there made of the prize wines entered in the port of Bristol and the Western ports from 1607 to 1637.Ibid, II. p. 219.
Same from same to the Clerk of the Pipe for a lease to Robert Styles of the close called Well Close in Whitechapel and Stepney, co. Midd.Ibid, p. 222.
Prefixing:—Constat of the premises.
Same from same to same for same to William Beheathland of a messuage called the Christopher in Eton, co. Bucks, parcel of the possessions of Eton College.Ibid, p. 223.
Prefixing:—Particular of the premises and Surveyor's ratal.
Money warrant for 10l. to Henry Earl of St. Albans for half a year to Sept. 29 last on his creation money of 20l. per an.: and dormant warrant for same in future.Ibid, XIV. p. 41.
Warrant from Treasurer Southampton to the officers concerned, for the discharge of the baronet fee of 1,095l. due from Verney Noell, of Kirkby [Mallory], co. Leicester; and Nicholas Stoughton, of Stoughton, co. Surrey.Ibid
[?]Same from same to the various judges on circuit to give orders to the Clerk of the Assizes for their respective circuits to make enquiry in each particular county and to take the names and places of abode of all such persons as have been appointed to receive any moneys under colour of sequestrations, fifth and twentieth parts. loans, benevolences, decimations, drums, colours and trophies, and the militia; and at the end of their circuits to certify the same to the Treasurer: all in accordance with the Act of 1660, April 25, which declared that the accompts of all treasurers, receivers and other persons for any moneys by them received since 1642–3, Jan. 20, are to be accomptable to the King.Ibid, II. p. 248.