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December 1661


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December 1661

Date.Nature and Substance of the Entry.Reference.
Dec. 2Same from same to same for same for 300l. to John Channoveau to be distributed to the French comedians as royal bounty for their services in acting before His Majesty here. (Money warrant hereon dated Dec. 16.)Ibid, pp. 50, 67.
[?]Fiat from same, in Latin, for letters patent to constitute Maurice Tresham, of the Middle Temple, escheator for the King for the counties of Northampton and Rutland.Ibid, VII. p. 138.
Dec. 3Warrant from same to the Customs Commissioners to discharge a seizure of some clothes and tobacco belonging to William Deane, who is bound to the Barbados.Ibid, X, p. 15.
Same from same to same for same of some coarse Holland, Scotch cloth, calico, and Norwich stuffs, shipped by William Thomas for his own use, he being bound for a long sea voyage.Ibid.
Dec. 4Treasurer Southampton to the Surveyor General for his opinion as to a lease of certain concealments in co. Suffolk, discovered by two several inquisitions under a commission in behalf of Thomas Fry.Ibid, VII. p. 139.
Warrant from same to same for a constat of a small house in Waltham Forest, petitioned for by Sir Laurence Smith.Ibid, pp. 139–40.
Prefixing:—Said Surveyor General's report on said Smith's petition for same.
Dec. 4Warrant from Treasurerer Southampton to the Clerk of the Pipe for a lease to William West of a close called the Ward in the parish of Eton, co. Bucks, parcel of the possessions of the castle and honor of Windsor.Early Entry Book VII. p. 140.
Prefixing:—Particular of the premises and Surveyor General's ratal.
Report to the King from Treasurer Southampton on the petition of William Trumbull concerning the park of Easthampstead in Windsor Forest.Ibid. p. 167.
Prefixing:—Surveyor General's report to Treasurer Southampton on same.
Warrant from Treasurer Southampton to the Customs Commissioners to permit Sir Arthur Forbus and Sir Theophilus Jones to take six horses and three trunks into Ireland, they both being persons of trust and employment on His Majesty's service, and now removing themselves into Ireland.Ibid, X. p. 16.
Dec. 5Same from same to same to permit two boxes containing silver and plate to be shipped from Chester port for Ireland for the use of the Earl of Orrery.Ibid; III. p. 55, X. p. 16.
Same from same to the Clerk of the Pipe for a lease to Peter Fuidge of a tenement in Haye, co. Cornwall, parcel of the manor of Grediow, parcel of the possessions of the late priory of Tywardreath, and now of the Duchy of Cornwall.Ibid, VII. p. 143.
Prefixing:—Particular of the premises and Surveyor General's ratal.
Report to the King from Treasurer Southampton on the petition from Lord Byron for 600l. out of the fines on goods forfeited for non-payment of Custom.Ibid, p. 145.
Money warrant (dormant) for the annuity of 50l. per an. to Sir John Nicholas, K.B., one of the clerks of the Privy Council, as by letters patent of 1660, July 16.Ibid, III. p. 58.
Dec. 6Same for the fee of 18d. a day to Edmond Harrison as surviving patentee of the office of King's Embroiderer, as by the letters patent of 1621, Oct. 13, which granted said office to John Shipley (Shepley), since deceased, and said Harrison.Ibid, p. 54.
Same for 250l. to Thomas Holder for His Majesty's adventure in the business of Guinea; the Customs Commissioners having advanced the said sum of 250l. upon the Lord Treasurer's warrant.Ibid, p. 57.
Warrant from Treasurer Southampton to the Customs Commissioners to discharge a seizure of haberdashery wares shipped by William Crabb, mariner.Ibid, X. p. 17.
Treasurer Southampton to Sir Andrew Henley. As most of the Deputy Lieutenants are Members of Parliament and absent from the county by reason of attendance on Parliament, desires him to continue his stay in the county in case any commotions should arise by any restless spirit endeavouring to beget new broils.Ibid, VII. p. 144.
Dec. 7Same to Henry Aldrich and Capt. Thomas Hanslop. "Whereas I am informed that there are in the custody of Francis Royley, of Westminster co. Midd. divers bookes and writings which concerne the transactions of the late Comittees and Commissioners at Haberdashers' and Goldsmiths' Hall and other books of accompts and writings which concerne the receipts and payments of severall summes of money by divers persons under the late usurped powers by colour of severall pretended orders, ordinances, and acts made or pretended to be made by the said usurpers or some of them, whereby it will appeare that there are severall great summes of money remaining unaccompted for in the hands of the persons who received the same, which said moneyes are belonging to his Majesty, not being pardoned by the late Act of General Pardon," therefore requires them to repair to the said Royley's house and demand same and to deliver them to John Lord Berkeley: and in case of refusal to take a constable and search any house or other place suspected, lest the said books, &c., be embezzled or taken away.Ibid, p. 149.
Dec. 7Report to the King from Treasurer Southampton on the petition of Roger Palmer ut supra p. 170 under date 1661, Nov. 18.Early Entry Book VII p. 150.
Prefixing:—Surveyor General's report of the 30th ult to Treasurer Southampton on said petition.
Same to same from same on the petition of the Mayor, Aldermen. &c., of Chichester concerning the hospital for 10 poor people heretofore erected by William Cawley one of the late King's judges, the said poor being by the King's restoration now cast on the charity of the said city, which is unable to bear the charge by reason of the multitude of poor within the city: and therefore praying the re-endowing of the hospital out of said Cawley's lands. Recommends the matter as so plain a charity and befitting the royal goodness, otherwise the poor hospital must fall, as by the good providence of God the church has been restored to her lands and the King to his.Ibid, p. 152.
Treasurer Southampton to the principal officers of the Navy and the Warden, Master and Assistants of Trinity House for them to select some expert person to consider and report upon the proposal made to the King by the Duke of Ormonde and others. his participants in that work, of making a mole or harbour for ships at or near Deptford on some 200 acres of the King's lands.Ibid, p. 153.
Commission from same to Thomas Jenkins, steward of the manor of Iscoed Gwynionydd, co. Cardigan. and three others named, for an inquisition as to the lands called Keveny Mace in said lordship or manor held by leases from the Crown long since expired.Ibid, pp. 157–8.
Money warrant dormant for the wages and fees of 12d. a day and 12d. a day and 16l. 2s. 6d. per an. for a robe, to Thomas Kinward, chief joiner of all the King's buildings in England and chief joiner within the Tower of London, as by the letters patent of 1660, Sept. 12.Ibid, III. p. 96.
Same for same of 12d. a day to John Davenport, chief carpenter of all the King's works in England, as by the letters patent of 1660, July 21.Ibid.
Same for same of 12d. a day to Edward Marshall, master mason of all the works in the Tower and in all the honors, castles, lordships and manors wherein the King is used to dwell. as by the letters patent of 1660, June 25.Ibid, pp 96–7.
Same for same of 12d. a day to Thomas Bagly, chief glazier in all the King's houses, lordships and manors in England. as by letters patent of 1634, April 26.Ibid p. 97.
Dec. 7Money warrant, dormant, for the wages and fees of 1s. 6d. a day to Henry Phillipps, master sculptor and master carver in wood to the King, as by letters patent of 1661, July 30.Early Entry Book III. p. 97.
Same for same of 8d. a day to Arthur Haughton as purveyor of His Majesty's works in the Tower of London, and in all his honors, castles, lordships and manors wherein His Majesty is used to inhabit, as by letters patent of 1660, Sept. 7.Ibid, p. 98.
Money warrant for 20l. to Judith Hobson, relict of Edward Hobson, in respect of services and necessities.Ibid, p. 59.
Same for 1,000l. to Sir William St. Ravy for the charge of transporting deer from Germany and other foreign parts to replenish Windsor and Sherwood Forests.Ibid.
Same (dormant) for the allowance and fee of 10s. a day to John Viscount Mordaunt as Governor and Captain of Windsor Castle, as by the letters patent of Feb. 28 last.Ibid, pp. 59–60.
Same for 3l. a month to Gregory Granger as one of the Yeomen Prickers of His Majesty's Harriers, as by letters patent of 1630–1, March 6.Ibid, p. 60.
Same for 3l. 6s. 8d. a month each to James Bowles and Michaell Hancocke as same, as by letters patent of 1660, Dec. 7.Ibid.
Money warrant for 10.000l. to the Duke of York out of the arrears of Excise as by the order of Parliament of Decr. 27 last.Ibid, p. 61.
Same for 3,500l. and 128l. 5s. 0d. and 202l. to Sir John Shaw, Treasurer and Receiver of Dunkirk, for one month's pay to the Mardyke regiments from 1661, Nov. 15, and also for Col. Grace's and Col. Geraldine's regiments.Ibid.
Warrant from Treasurer Southampton to Sir Augustine Coronell to pay a bill drawn on the Navy Treasurer, Oct. 3 last, to the order of Alexander Bence, merchant: same to be allowed out of such moneys as said Coronoll shall receive from divers ships liable to the Portuguese duty "which you shall answer into His Majesty's Exchequer as part of the Queen's portion; or in case you bring nothing of that to account then it shalbe receaved of you as a loane to His Majesty and by Privy Seal [be] repaid out of the Exchequer, both principal and interest."Ibid, p. 62.
Money warrant for 500l. to Edward Batson and Simon Waterman on account for new building Wakefield lodge and repairing other lodges in Whittlewood Forest.Ibid.
Same for 90l. to Thomas Holder upon account for His Majesty's additional adventure in the business of Guinea.Ibid, p. 63.
Same for 19l. 10s. 0d. to Andrew Laurence, Guide and Surveyor of the ways, bridges, gates, causeis and passages for 1660, Nov. 27 to 1661, March 25, on his fee or pension of 2s. a day payable at the Receipt, and allowance of 3s. 4d. a day for riding charges, and additional allowance of 3s. 4d. a day during employment.Ibid, pp. 63–4.
Dec. 7Money warrant, dormant, for the fee or stipend of 40l. per an. to Thomas Clayton, junr., Doctor in Physic, as Physic Reader in the University of Oxford, as by letters patent of 1641, Dec. 31, which granted said office to Thomas Clayton, senr. and junr.: said Thomas Clayton, senr., being long since dead.Early Entry Book III. p. 64.
Same for the ancient fee of 12d. a day for himself and 3½d. a day for his servant, to John Barwell for his office of Esquire Sadler, as by letters patent of 1660, July 24.Ibid, p. 65.
Same for the fee of 2s. a day to Richard Downing and Abraham Downing, his son. for their office of Skinner or Sergeant Skinner, as by letters patent of 1660, July 20.Ibid p. 66.
Warrant from Treasurer Southampton to Auditor Birch to draw out and send to the respective counties, cities, &c., duplicates of the accounts of all sub-commissioners [of Excise] where there has been complaint or suspicion of their not having duly charged themselves with their receipts since the Excise was taken out of the farmers' hands: all for said accounts to be examined by such persons as said Auditor shall think fit to examine same, who are hereby authorised to send for all persons who have paid said duty, provided they travel not further therein than the next market town upon the market day, to examine the acquittances and to write fairly in a book any sums found to be omitted in the said accounts and transmit same to the Auditor of the Excise to enable him to put same in charge against the accomptant: all with an offer of a third the proceeds to go to the person certifying.Ibid, XI. pp. 78–9.
Dec 12Lord Treasurer Southampton and Lord Ashley to Sir Ralph Freeman. Sir William Parkhurst, and the other officers of the Mint. "It being represented to His Majesty how great a difficulty and stop of trade is occasioned by the Minte not coyning greater quantities of money then at present it doth," therefore ordered for the better despatch that at first the quantity of silver or proportion that is ordered to be coined as half-crowns be coined now altogether, that so the first obstructions being removed the lesser coin may successively be coined with less prejudice to the course of trade.Ibid, III. p. 65.
Warrant from Treasurer Southampton to the Attorney General to prepare a bill for a grant to the Earl of Clarendon of certain coppices in the forest of Wychwood, co. Oxon, at the rental of 40l. per an.: the said Earl surrendering a late grant of same at the rent of 140l. per an.Ibid, VII. pp. 170–1.
Dec. 13Same from same to John Seymour and Charles Smith to search for all wares and merchandize mentioned in the royal proclamation of November 20 last for prohibiting the importation of divers foreign wares and merchandizes into this realm of England and Wales and the sale thereof, and to repress the excess of gilding of coaches and chariots.Ibid, X. p. 18.
Money warrant for 2,000l. to the Earl of Carbery, President of the Council in the Marches of Wales, upon account towards the repair of the Castle of Ludlow for the keeping of an honourable household there as heretofore has been used in the time of former presidents there.Ibid, III. p. 85.
Dec. 14Treasurer Southampton to [the Deputy Lieutenants of co. Southants] forwarding for their effectual observance a letter from the Privy Council, ut infra, together with the King's proclamation of the 20th ult.Ibid, VII. p. 156.
Appending:—A letter dated the 11th inst. from the Privy Council to Treasurer Southampton, Lieutenant of co. Southants, to cause to be put into effectual execution the King's said late proclamation commanding all persons heretofore officers or soldiers in any of the armies of the late usurped powers and disbanded, cashiered or turned out of any of them (except as excepted), to depart the cities of London and Westminster and the liberties thereof and not to return within 20 miles of the same from Dec. 4 last to June 24 next and forbidding them in the meantime to carry arms.
Dec. 14Money warrant, dormant, for the annuity of 300l. to William Morice, Esq., as by the letters patent of May 10 last, in consideration of the surrender by Sir William Morice. one of the Principal Secretaries of State, and said William Morice his son, of the government of the town, garrison and fort of Plymouth, as granted them by former letters patent of 1660, Oct. 10.Early Entry Book III p. 66.
Money warrant for 3,280l. to Thomas Durnford. gent, in repayment and satisfaction of moneys formerly lent to the King: same to be paid out of any moneys due from any treasurers or receivers from 1642–3, Jan. 30.Ibid, p. 67.
Warrant from Treasurer Southampton for a tally on John Clutterbuck, as so much received by him of the free and voluntary present, for 2,000l. to Stephen Fox in part of the warrant of July 3 last for 6,000l. for Secret Service.Ibid, p. 73.
Dec. 16Same from same to the Surveyor General approving his ratal of the tenement in the manor of West Anthony petitioned for by Arthur Spry; and ordering instructions to be given to the steward of the manor to pass the estate accordingly.Ibid, VII. p. 154.
Prefixing:—The Surveyor General's report on said Spry's petition.
Entry of demise to William West by lease under the Exchequer Seal of the close called the Ward in Eton, co. Bucks.Ibid, p. 155.
Treasurer Southampton's warrant for discharge of the baronet fee of 1,095l. due from Sir William Wyndham, of Orchard Wyndham, co. somerset.Ibid, III. p. 67.
Same for tallies to be struck on the Receiver of First Fruits and Tenths for the 500l. remaining due upon the money warrant for 1,200l to Viscount of Falkland.Ibid, p. 68.
Same to the Clerk of the Signet for a Privy Seal, in terms prefixed, for 195l. to be paid to the ministers of Belgrave, Birstall and Thurmaston, co. Leicester, for officiating the cure in those places for 18 months to Sept 29 last (viz.: 67l. 13s. 4d. to William Kinnes, minister of Belgrave; 67l. 13s. 4d. to William Jackson, same of Birstall; 59l. 13s. 4d. to Mathew Pagett, same of Thurmaston), the rents and profits of said rectory of Belgrave, &c., having been received by the Receiver General of Warwick and Leicester by reason of the vacancy of the See of Coventry and Lichfield.Ibid, pp. 68–9.
Money warrant (dormant) for 37l. 6s. 8d. per an. to Richard Ball, D.D., as Master of the Temple, as by letters patent of Feb. 2 last.Ibid, p. 69.
Dec. 16Money warrant (dormant) for payment to be made to Daniel O'Neale periodically for powder as delivered to the Ordnance according to the contract of 1660, Nov. 5. (Vacated and passed afterwards. See infra under date 1662, April 21.)Early Entry Book III. p. 70.
Money warrant for 10,351l. 14s. 0d. to Sir George Carteret, Treasurer of the Navy, for the cost of transport of soldiers and provision to Tangier.Ibid, p. 71.
Same, dormant, for the several annuities of 80l. and 40 marks and pension of 150l. per an. to John Knight, gent, as respectively Principal Chirurgeon to the King, and Sergeant Chirurgeon, as by letters patent of 1661, July 11.Ibid, p. 72.
Same for the annuity or pension of 12d. a day and fee of 6d. a day to John Gamon for his place of one of the gunners in the Tower of London.Ibid, p. 73.
Warrant from Treasurer Southampton to the Auditor of the Receipt to pass tallies for such moneys as shall be paid by way of assignment by the receivers of the voluntary present in such counties as have been appropriated to the various public offices, &c., said Auditor not being willing without this warrant to allow such moneys as not being paid direct into the Exchequer.Ibid, pp. 72–3.
Money warrant for 100l. to Mr. Frowd, Secretary of the Standing Council for Foreign Plantations, for the incidents of said Council.Ibid, p. 74.
Same for 472l. 5s. 4d. to Sir Hugh Pollard for four months' pay to Dec. 27 inst. for the garrison of Guernsey.Ibid, p. 77.
Same for 40l. to the Marquess of Dorchester for creation money to the dignity of a Marquess at 26l. 13s. 4d. per an. for 1½ years to Sept. 29 last.Ibid, p. 78.
Warrant from Treasurer Southampton to the Customs Commissioners to discharge a seizure of calfskins entered for export by Tobias Ramemorter and Joseph Prickman.Ibid. X. p. 18.
Same from same to same for same of moneys (160l. odd) seized belonging to Abraham Lawton, of Youghal, co. Cork, representing the proceeds of Irish cattle brought over to England and sold here, and which was seized at Minehead on his return home.Ibid, p. 19.
Same from same to same to pay to the Marquess of Dorchester 30l. for his creation money to the dignity of an Earl, and, 22l. 10s. 0d. for same to the dignity of a Viscount, being for 1½ years to Sept. 29 last on the 20l. and 15l. per an. respectively for said creation moneys: and to continue same in future.Ibid, p. 23.
Dec. 17Same from same to same to discharge a seizure of silk stockings shipped by Peter Joy.Ibid, p. 21.
Same from same to Sir William Parkhurst, Warden of the Mint, to deliver to Mr. Falconberge, one of the Deputy Chamberlains of the Receipt, one nest of English weights and one pile of Scottish weights for delivery to Sir John Falconer, Master of the Mint in Scotland, for the use of His Majesty's Mint there.Ibid, VII. p. 162.
Dec. 17Treasurer Southampton to the Attorney General to proceed in drawing the bill for a grant to Lord Vaughan, Sir George Hamilton and others, their co-adventurers and participants, of the licence to search, &c., for all mines, royal and other. belonging to the King on the North side of Trent and [in the] dominion of Wales and Marches thereof, except Gloucestershire, for 41 years.Early Entry Book VII. p. 159.
Warrant from same to the Customs Commissioners to pay William Christian. Customer of Carlisle Port, 96l. 19s. 6d. for extraordinary services in the revenue.Ibid, X. p. 20.
Prefixing:—Said Commissioners' report, dated Dec. 12, on Christian's petition for same.
Lord Treasurer Southampton to 27 Receivers of the [month's] assessment for 70,000l., requiring them to pay in their arrears "otherwise the next sumons wilbe a messenger which I had reason too much to have used at present."Ibid, III. p. 71.
Money warrant, dormant, for the wages and fee of 10l per an. and 6d. a day to Henry Sewall and Edward Rymill for their office or place of chief arras maker and mender or repairer of all arras and tapestry cloths.Ibid, p. 74.
Money warrant for the arrears on the wages of 20d. a day and 16l 2s. 6d. a year for a livery, to be paid to Hannah Lanier to the time of the decease of her father, Clement Lanier, one of the King's musicians.Ibid, p. 75.
Same for 541l. 9s. 3d. to Richard Smith, clerk of the cheque of His Majesty's Guard, for red cloth for summer liveries of the Guard.Ibid.
Same for 159l. 12s. 0d. to Edmund Harrison. His Majesty's embroiderer, for embroidering the coats of the Yeomen of Chamber, the Yeomen waiters of the Tower and other servants, for 1661.Ibid, p. 76.
Same for 566l. 9s. 2d. to Agmondesham Pirkaies, His Majesty's goldsmith for the Guard for fine gold and silver for making spangles for the coats of the Yeomen of the Guard and Messengers of the Chamber for 1661.Ibid.
Dec. 18Treasurer Southampton to Lord Hawley, steward of the manor of Milton Fauconbridge, concerning his disrespectful action in ejecting Mr. Acton from a tenement in Martock, which had been duly granted to him, although pretended to by said Lord Hawley. Requires him to admit said Acton as tenant at the next Court.Ibid, VII. p. 160.
Warrant from Treasurer Southampton to the Surveyor General for a constat of the moiety of the little Paddock Walk in Windsor Forest for which Mrs. Sanderson has a royal warrant.Ibid, p 161.
Report to the King from Treasurer Southampton and Lord Ashley concerning the forfeited estate (amounting to about 130l. per an.) of Sir Arthur Hasilrigg in the Bishopric of Durham, which would have been forfeited to the Bishop of Durham if the conviction had been by common law, but being by Act of Parliament it appertains to the Crown. Advise that it may be an act of grace to the Church or Bishop of Durham to grant said estate to him, seeing what ravages this ill person made of the possessions of the church and of the houses and palaces belonging to it.Ibid, pp. 162–3.
Prefixing:—(1) Petition from John, Bishop of Durham and Sir Paul Neale for the above: with order of reference thereon from the King dated Oct. 14 last.
(2) Report thereon from the Earl of Clarendon, Treasurer Southampton and Lord Ashley, dated Nov. 12.
(3) Same from James Duke of York on same of date Nov. 23.
Dec. 18Treasurer Southampton to the King representing the matter of the salary attaching to the post of Governor of the town and castle of Berwick, to which Lord Widdrington has been constituted the new establishment for that garrison containing no mention of a fee although anciently the fee was 100 marks a year.Early Entry Book VII p. 168.
Report from same to same on the petition of Nicholas Copley. one of the messengers of the Chamber, concerning the arrear on his bond formerly given for Lady Lake of Dunmowe.Ibid, p. 170.
Money warrant, dormant, for the several annuities of 80l. and 40 marks and pension of 150l. per an. to Humfry Paynter as principal chirurgeon to the King and Sergeant Chirurgeon.Ibid, III, p. 77.
Dec. 19Treasurer Southampton and Lord Ashley to the Attorney General to pursue the royal warrant for a grant to Lord Ogilvy' and Mr. Cary for a moiety of all discoveries of arrears of assessments laid upon the city of York and the four northern counties by the Earl of Newcastle.Ibid, VII. p. 164.
Same to the Surveyor General referring to his consideration the petition of Mr. Andrew Newport and Richard Dutton concerning the Forest of Delamere, co. Chester. "The Lord Gerard hath some pretence which must be considered when this business is ripe to certify the King in."Ibid, p. 165.
Undertaking or promise by Treasurer Southampton and Lord Ashley to the Earl of Newport and Lord Berkeley to recommend to the Attorney General the prosecution of any such information of great frauds as shall be made by said Lords against such accompts as are put in by the Treasurers of Goldsmiths' Hall or Weavers' Hall: together with the allowance of one-third of the discovery.Ibid, p. 164.
Entry of demise by lease under the Exchequer Seal to Richard Hutton of the tithes of herbage, &c., in the village of Hooton Pagnell, Clayton, Frickley and Shippens.Ibid, p. 171.
Dec. 20Warrant from Treasurer Southampton to John Reeve, his messenger, to arrest Nathaniel Bunce, a deputy searcher of London port, for forging said Treasurer's signature to a warrant.Ibid, X. p. 22.
Appending:—Treasurer Southampton to the Customs Commissioners to supersede said Bunce; and to the Attorney General proposing to put said Bunce in the pillory or stocks in the Custom House for a signal punishment.
Same from same for a tally to be struck on the Bishop of Salisbury's Tenths for 500l. in part of the money warrant of Oct. 3 last for 1,000l. for repair of His Majesty's house at Greenwich.Ibid, III. p. 78.
Dec. 23Money warrant for 392l. to Thomas Chiffinch for Monsieur Favery for goods brought out of France for His Majesty's use.Ibid.
Dec. 26Warrant from Treasurer Southampton to the Clerk of the Pipe for a grant to James Lancashire of the office of bailiff of the late priories of Wombridge, Haughmond, Wenlock, &c., co. Salop.Ibid, VII. p. 176.
Dec. 27Warrant from Treasurer Southampton to the Clerk of the Pipe for a lease to Sir Herbert Price, Kt. (Bart.), of all houses, grounds and waste lands of the manor of East Smithfield belonging to the King, and not formerly granted away in fee, except the mansion house, with the outhouses, yards, offices and grounds, parcel of the said manor, which are now held by the Victuallers of the Navy and their under officers for the service of the Navy.Early Entry Book VII. pp. 172–4, 183.
Prefixing:—Particular of the premises and Surveyor General's ratal.
With: Entry of demise.
Note of John Reeve's bill for his attendance, as one of the Messengers of the Chamber in Ordinary upon Treasurer Southampton, 1661, July 23 to Dec. 25, at 3s. 4d. a day.Ibid, III. p. 79.
[?]Entry of demise by lease under the Exchequer Seal to Jane Francke, widow, of divers closes in Barton, co. York, parcel of the possessions of the monastry of St. Agatha, co. York.Ibid, VII. pp. 172, 181.
Dec. 28Warrant from Treasurer Southampton to the Receipt for discharge of the baronet fee of 1.095l. due from Sir John Warner, of Parham, Suffolk.Ibid, III. p. 79.
Money warrant for 4,192l. 16s. 6½d. to Hugh May, Paymaster of the Works, for repairs at the Tower, St. James's, Whitehall, Westminster and Hampton Court, in 1660–1, Feb., March, and 1661, April.Ibid.
Dec. 31Warrant from Treasurer Southampton to _. "Whereas you have bin imployed by William Bond late exercising the office of Auditor of the Excise and then had and still have or doe know in whose custody sundry of the leidger bookes relating to the affaires of the Excise (formerly kept by the said pretended Auditor) now are together with sundry duplicates of the late Sub-Commissioners' quarter bookes and other bookes, journals and papers all relating to the said duty of Excise:" therefore hereby requested forthwith to deliver all same to John Birch, Auditor of Excise, his deputy or clerks, at the Office of Excise in St. Bartholomew's Lane, London, and to discover to said Birch the present locality of all other such leidger books, journals or papers.Ibid, XI. p. 99.
Treasurer Southampton's allowance of the salary bill, detailed, for the Excise Office, London, for Xmas quarter last (total, 1,285l. 0s. 0d.).Ibid, pp. 88–9
Money warrant for 10,000l. to Sir Edward Griffin, Treasurer of of the Chamber, or his deputy, as imprest for the servants, &c., of the Household.Ibid, III. p. 80.
Same for 1,000l. to the Earl of Norwich for half a year to Sept. 29 on his pension of 2,000l. per an. for seven years, as by the letters patent of Sept. 26 last.Ibid.