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'Errata', Calendar of Treasury Books, Volume 1: 1660-1667 (1904), pp. 869-870. URL: Date accessed: 25 November 2014.


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Page 8,line 14 from bottom, for fen farm rents read fee farm rents.
" 10,line 24 from bottom, for Wagan read Wogan.
" 16,line 7, for Pembroke read Denbigh.
" 21,line 24 from bottom, for Lads read Lands.
" 32,line 4, for lands read laws.
" 36,line 21, for Tamlyn read Tomlyn.
" "line 23, for Wingford read Wringford.
" 38,line 16, for Parkea read Portsea.
" 42,line 20 from bottom, for Fotherby read Fotherley.
" 72,line 14 from bottom, for Richard Backwell read Edward Backwell.
" 82,line 9, for Ireland read Holland.
" 84,line 10 from bottom, for Scoope read Scroope.
" 86,line 2, for Thomasen read Thomasin.
" 104,line 13 from bottom, for Blieland read Blisland.
" 107,line 21 from bottom, for Sir Joseph Wolstenholme read Sir John Wolstenholme.
" 206,line 8 for scaccarim read scaccarium.
" 230,line 14, for porter read Porter.
" 232,line 3 from bottom, for Duer of Exhall read Dicer of Ephall [Uphall].
" 249,line 21, for Strowd read Frowd.
" 267,line 5, the money item should read 18,831l. 19s. 4d.
" 272,the third paragraph from the bottom (referring to Col. Charles Fairfax) should be dated 1661, July 6.
" 295,line 19 from bottom, for recovered read received.
" 304,line 4, after His Majesty's insert [sic in MS., but evidently an erratum for "said John Ball's"].
" 370,line 21 from bottom, for for the late King read for services to the late King.
" 378,line 14, for the Month's assessment read the One Month's assessment.
" 420,line 11 from bottom, for Strowd read Frowd.
" 428,line 17, for Doyly read Dyer.
" "line 35, for Sir Robert Hooke read Sir Thomas Hooke.
" 429,line 13 from bottom, for Frances Orme read Francis Orme.
" 459,line 1, after to insert Alderman Backwell to.
" 467,line 9 from bottom, for Gede read Gide.
" 476,line 10, for Sir Richard Long read Sir Robert Long.
" 488,line 7, for Longmare read Longman.
" 501,line 29 from bottom, for Richary read Richard.
" 532,line 2 from bottom, for pastols read pistols.
" 550,line 19, for Privy Seal read Privy Purse.
" 615,line 14 from bottom, for Henry Harvy read [John] Harvy.
" 618,line 3 from bottom, for Thomas Bishop read Henry Bishop.
" 624,line 14 from bottom, for James Grosvenor read Jonas Grosvenor.
" 628,line 19, for 20,000l. read 200,000l.
" 678,line 31 from bottom, for Esquires read Equerries.