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September 1667

Date.Nature and Substance of the Entry.Reference.
Sept. [? 1]Circular letter from the Treasury to the officers and Farmers of the Customs, pressing them to make loans to the Government. "His Majesties affaires requireing speedy supplies of ready money for paying the seamen, which through the interruption of the Bankers' payments cannot be supplyed by those meanes through which his Majesty hath been furnished heretofore, His Majesty expects that his good subjects but especially his servants and all such who have received particular benefit by their depending on him and expect the continuance of his favour, in so pressing an occasion will not be wanting to assist His Majesty with the loan of such money as they are able to furnish and that they will encourage others to the same. Wee therefore desire you to call together or send to all His Majesties officers under your inspection and presse them to so good a worke: and wee desire you to returne to us the list of all His Majesties officers under your inspection with the sums which they are willing to lend" on the security of the Eleven Months' tax, with the 6 per cent. interest provided in the Act therefor, and a further 4 per cent. gratuity. "Wee hold it necessary to let you know that the severall sums of money registered on the Act [for the Eleven Months' tax] for seamen's wages amounting to 380,000l. in the whole are yet entire so that such as desire an early repayment of their money may have their security upon those orders registered for the seamen."Ibid, XXXIV. pp. 29–30.
[? Sept. 1]The like circular letter as above to the Grand Commissioners of Excise, Commissioners of Appeals in Excise, Farmers of the London Excise, Farmers of the Hearth money, Officers of the Prize Office, Officers of the Mint, Officers of the Works, Auditors and Receivers General of the Revenue, Officers of Receipt of the Exchequer, of the Duchy of Cornwall, of the Hanaper and Alienations, Officers of the First Fruits and Collectors of the Tenths, Farmers of the Coal, of the Post Fines and Greenwax and of the Alum.Treasury Miscellanea Warrants Early XXXIV. pp. 30–1.
Sept. 3Report to the King from the Treasury on the petition of John Nurton, of Worcester, clothier, praying a grant of the tithes of the parish of Powick ("Poyt"), near Worcester.Ibid, XXXVII. p. 23.
Money warrant for 250l. to Dr. John Troutbeck for 1¼ years to June 24 last.Ibid, XVII. p. 62.
Same, dormant, for the pension of 200l. per an. to said Troutbeck: as by the letters patent of April 3 last.Ibid.
Money warrant for 12,902l. 16s. 8d. to Sir Stephen Fox for the entire pay of the two naval regiments to the 28th Sept. inst.Ibid, p. 63.
Same for 60l. to Sydney Godolphin, Page of Honour to His Majesty: for a half-year to June 24 last.Ibid, pp. 63, 64.
Same for 26l. and 30l. to Christopher Roper, Page of Honour to the Queen Consort, for arrears, &c., to June 24 last.Ibid, pp. 63–4.
Same for 572l. 19s. 0d. to John Lord Mordaunt for the garrison of Windsor, June 22 last to the 3rd inst.Ibid, p. 64.
Same for 120l. to Charles Arundell, a Page of Honour to the Queen Consort, for one year to June 24 last: the like for Thomas Felton.Ibid, p. 65.
Signature by my Lords of 25 Treasury orders, dated August 13, for, in all, 100,000l. to the Earl of Anglesey for salaries and wages of officers and seamen.Treasury Order Book XXXV. pp. 40–1.
Sept. 4Money warrant for 25l. to Col. Gervase Holles, a Master of Requests: for June 24 quarter last.Treasury Miscellanea Warrants Early XVII. pp. 65–6.
Sept. 5A new instruction for the Commission for Dean Forest for setting out the King's 10,000 acres for nurseries for ship timber.Ibid, XXXVII. pp. 24–5.
Sept. 5The Treasury to Mr. Taylor, of Windsor, to assist without any further obstruction Sir John Denham et al., detailed (lately authorised by the King to view the castle, &c., of Windsor), in making a certificate of his (Taylor's) repairs in said Castle.Treasury Miscellanea Warrants Early XXXVII. p. 23.
Treasury warrant for the arrest of John Eccleston, Receiver of the Queen's revenues for Suffolk and Cambridge: Charles Reade, Receiver of same arising out of the Lennox Lands in co. Yorks: and Thomas Oliver, Receiver of same for cos. Salop, Stafford, Hereford and Worcester.Ibid, p. 24.
Signature by my Lords of 19 Treasury orders of August 23 for in all, 15,000l. to Samuel Pepys for Tangier garrison: of August 28 for 200l. to John Knivet in repayment of loan: for 50l. to Dr. Doughty for same: for 50l. to John Redding for same: of August 31 for 50l. to David Mead for same: for 50l. to William Towers for same: for 100l. to Edward Warcupp for same: for 100l. to Francis Roper for same: for 100l. to Paul French for same: of Sept. 3 for 50l. to Thomas Plume for same: for 200l. to Sir Edward Carteret for same: of August 23 for 25,000l. to Sir Edward Griffin for the wages, &c., of the Household: of August 24 for 1,048l. 3s. 9d., 2,033l. 14s. 5d., 3,076l. 15s. 3d., 2,123l. 15s. 7d. and 211l. 5s. 4d. to Sir William Warren for provisions delivered into the stores: of August 28 for 124l. 16s. 8d., 328l. 16s. 8d., 41l. 7s. 6d., 249l. 10s. 4d. and 40l. 10s. 8d. to Sir George Boreman for ballast delivered to His Majesty's ships at Deptford: of August 23 for 10,000l. to Hugh May for the Works: of July 15 for 112l. 0s. 0d. to Nicholas Morice, Secretary at Breda: for 2,000l. to William Harbord for repairs at Richmond Park: for 10,000l. to John Harvy for the Queen: for 5,000l. to Laurence Hyde for the Robes: for 10,000l. for the Wardrobe: for 2,000l. for Col. John Lane: of August 26 for 422l. 1s. 6d. to John Mason for provisions delivered to the stores at Chatham: for 154l. 6s. 10d. to Edward Sylvester for iron work: for 122l. 19s. 3d. to John Morecock for boats delivered, to the sotres: for 693l. 13s. 10d. to William Graves for workmanship: for 173l. 10s. 6d. to James Marsh for boats delivered: for 166l. 10s. 10d. to Philip Colby for kersies, delivered: for 423l. 9s. 7d. to Ralph Heather for cables delivered: of August 29 for 291l. 12s. 6d. to Ralph Whistlow for rope, oil, &c.: of August 30 for 478l. 16s. 0d. to Dona Cockwell for provisions: of Sept 3 for 145l. 18s. 3d. to John Ruffhead for provisions: for 1,145l. 18s. 0d. to Viscount Mordaunt for Windsor garrison.Treasury Order Book XXXV. pp. 42–5.
Money warrant for 10,000l. to Capt. George Cock for the Sick and Hurt.Treasury Miscellanea Warrants Early XVII. p. 67.
Sept. 6Sir George Downing to John Banster, Michael Grove. Tho. Huggins et al, deputies of Charles Fitch as [receiver] of the Hearth duties for Essex; to attend the Auditor with their accounts in place of said Fitch, who is prevented from appearing by sudden illness.Ibid, XXXVI. p. 39.
Treasury Commission to Ralph Apsley to collect the arrears of the Crown revenues of co. Suffolk: he having been previously employed by the Receiver General for said county in the collection of several small rents, &c., there.Ibid, XXXVII. p. 26.
Sept. 6The Treasury to Auditor Phelipps to state Mr. Colvill's account of interest money amounting to 456l. 11s. 3d.Treasury Miscellanea Warrants Early XVII p. 70.
Money warrant for 3,472l. to Baptist May for the Privy PurseIbid, p. 66.
Privy Seal for 30,000l. to Arthur Earl of Anglesey by orders on the Eleven Months' tax for payment of the officers and others of the Navy.Ibid, XV. pp. 14–5.
Signature by my Lords of Treasury orders of Sept. 4 for 539l. 14s. 6d. to James Barton for provisions delivered into the stores: for 513l. 8s. 9d. to Mr. Sylvester for same: for 316l. 4s. 6d. to Mr. Ruffhead for same: for 289l. 19s. 6d. to Mr. Pley for same: for 579l. 17s. 4d. to Mr. Barton for same: for 151l. 7s. 10d. and 311l. 5s. 7d. to Christopher Coles for same.Treasury Order Book XXXV. p. 45.
[? Sept. 6]Demise to Marie Williams of various messuages, &c. in Soughton, co. Flint, on the outlawry of John Conway.Treasury Miscellanea Warrants Early XXXVII. p. 27.
Sept. 9Treasury warrant for the arrest of William Fellowes, of Englefield, Berks, John Forest, of Bray, Berks, and Ambrose Toll, of Coxwell, Berks, deputies of William Porter, late Receiver of Hearth money for Berks.Ibid XXXVI. p. 40.
Same to Auditor Chislett to allow to William Kirby, late Receiver of Hearth money for co. Lancs., one half of 1,714l. recovered by him on forfeitures on the Hearth Money Acts: together with 1d. in the £ paid by him to the Clerk of the Peace there.Ibid.
Money warrant for 724l. to John Lord Robartes, Keeper of the Privy Seal, on his allowance in lieu of diet, 1666, Dec. 25 to 1667, June 24.Ibid, XVII. p. 67.
Same for 1,397l. to Sir Stephen Fox towards disbanding the forces in Guernsey and Jersey.Ibid, p. 68.
Same for 56l. to Nicholas Morice for one month as Secretary to the Extraordinary Embassy at Breda.Ibid.
Sept. 10Same for 140l. to the Duke of Albemarle for money grown due on his creation money as Earl of Torrington.Ibid, pp. 68–9.
Treasury warrant to the Receipt to cancel a tally for 440l. levied on William Broxholme, Receiver of Firehearths for Kingston on Hull, and to levy two separate tallies in place thereof.Ibid, p. 69.
Money warrant for 2,300l. to the Earl of Anglesey in further part of 5,000l. for extraordinaries of the Navy.Ibid, p. 72.
Treasury warrant to the Customs Farmers to discharge a seizure of goods as below.Treasury Outletters Customs I. pp. 16–17.
Prefixing:—Petition from Sir William Batten, Sir William Penn and Samuel Pepys for discharge of certain wines and logwood taken as prize, but seized by the Customs officers at Hull. With order of reference, dated August 26, to the Customs Farmers; and the said Farmers' report thereon, dated Sept. 4, and a further query from the Treasury as to defalcations hereupon.
Sept. 11Same to Viscount Fanshaw to take the securities, detailed, of Simon Smyth, of Westminster, as Receiver General of Crown revenues for cos. Southants, Wilts and Gloucester.Treasury Miscellanea Warrants Early XXXVII. p. 28.
Sept. 11Money warrant for 250l. 0s. 0d. (266l. 13s. 4d.) to the Earl of Oxford, Chief Justice itinerant of the forests this side of Trent: for 2½ years to Easter last.Treasury Miscellanea Warrants Early XVII. pp. 69, 70.
Same for 10,000l. to the Earl of Anglesey for pay of the officers, &c. of the Navy, serving in the late war.Ibid, p. 71.
Treasury warrant to the Auditor of the Receipt for the allowance of 4 per cent. as over interest money. (Privy Seal dated August 16, see supra, p. 178.)Ibid, pp. 71–2.
Sept. 13The Treasury to Viscount Fanshaw to supersede proceedings against the sureties, detailed, of Malger Norton, Receiver of Crown revenues for Durham, Northumberland and Richmond.Ibid, XXXVII. p. 27.
Treasury warrant for the arrest of William Lavington and Thomas Davyes, late high collectors of the Aids for co. Gloucester, for moneys in their hands unanswered to the King.Ibid, XXXIV. p. 33.
The like for Henry Harper as same for co. Hereford, and for William Jenkins, John Perry, Henry Freeman, Thomas Woodhouse and Henry Barrett, same for the town of Kingsland, co. Hereford.Ibid.
Money warrant for 2,000l. and 10,000l. to Sir Stephen Fox towards disbanding the forces of the several garrisons.Ibid, XVII. p. 73.
Treasury warrant to the Auditors to make certain allowances, detailed at length, in the Customs Commissioners' accounts.Treasury Outletters Customs I. pp. 18–20.
Treasury order of reference on the petition [to the King] from Henry Marquess of Worcester, for a grant of the manors of Wollaston, Tintern. Matherne ("Morn"), Portskewett ("Purcasset,") &c., in South Wales, formerly in grant to his ancestors.Treasury Miscellanea Warrants Early XXXVII. pp. 28–9.
Signature by my Lords of 143 Treasury orders of August 22 for, in all, 36,210l. to the Treasurer of the Navy for wages of officers and seamen.Treasury Order Book XXXV. pp. 46–50.
[? Sept. 13The Treasury to the Commissioners, detailed, for the Aids in the West, Reigate and Brixton divisions respectively of Surrey, to call the collectors to a speedy account for the arrears standing out.Treasury Miscellanea Warrants Early XXXIV. pp. 27, 32.
Sept. 16Treasury warrant to the King's Remembrancer to supersede process against Thomas Rogers, late Receiver of Hearth money for Surrey.Ibid, XXXVI. pp. 17, 42.
Same to the Attorney or Solicitor General for a grant to John Watts of the office of Receiver General of Crown Lands in London, Middlesex, Essex and Herts: on surrender of same by his father Sir John Watts.Ibid, XXXVII. p. 29.
Letters from the Treasury to the Customs Farmers and to the Customs officers at the ports of Southampton, Hull, Bristol, Newcastle, Yarmouth, Plymouth, concerning the employment of Andrew Newport et al., ut supra, p. 84, to assist in the Customs during the passing of the farm of the Customs from the present farmers to the new farmers.Treasury Outletters Customs I. pp. 20–1, 23–4.
Followed by:—Instructions to said officers as to their conduct herein.
Money warrant for 253l. 15s. 0d. and 101l. 10s. 0d. to Anthony Cogayne to be paid to John Tregonwell for the rent of the Mulberry Garden and Mulberry Garden Fields for 3½ years to June 24 last.Treasury Miscellanea Warrants Early XVII. p. 74.
Sept. 16Signature by my Lords of 186 separate Treasury orders of August 22 for, in all, 45,090l. to the Treasurer of the Navy for salaries and wages of officers and seamen.Treasury Order Book XXXV. pp. 50–6.
Same by same of 242 separate Treasury orders for, in all, 59,640l. for Sir Stephen Fox in part of 68,820l. to be registered and assigned to such persons as His Majesty shall direct.Ibid, pp. 56–63.
Treasury warrant [to the King's Remembrancer] to discharge Maulger Norton from custody.Treasury Miscellanea Warrants Early XXXVII. p. 50.
[? Sept. 16]Demise to Walter Robins of a water mill and tenement in Hele, co. Cornwall, in reversion after George Bullock, &c.Ibid, p. 51.
Sept. 17Declaration of account, 1664–5, of Robert Challoner, Receiver of Hearth money, co. Somerset.Ibid, XXXVI. p. 42.
Treasury warrant for process against the tenants of the manor of West Dereham, co. Norfolk, for the rent hitherto answered to the King by Sir Thomas Walsingham.Ibid, XXXVII. pp. 30–1.
Same to the Receipt for tallies of assignment to be struck on the Farmers of the London Excise for 27,684l. allowed them by way of defalcation on their rent from 1665, Nov. 8 to 1666, Dec. 25.Ibid, XVII. pp. 73–4.
Same to Capt. Cock to deposit his order for 5,000l. as security for a loan of 4,500l. thereon.Ibid, p. 79.
Signature by my Lords of 11 separate Treasury orders for, in all, 8,830l. for the Treasurer of the Navy for salaries and wages of officers and seamen.Treasury Order Book XXXV. p. 64.
Treasury warrant for a Privy Seal for the issue to the East India Co. of 3,309l. 11s. 9d., representing moneys, detailed, advanced by the said Company to Sir Gervas Lucas for the King's service in the island of Bombay. (Privy Seal hereon, dated Oct. 23: money warrant hereon, dated Nov. 21: Auditor's order hereon, dated Dec. 30.)Treasury Miscellanea Warrants Early XV. pp. 22–3; XVII. p. 133; Treasury Order Book XXXV. p. 97.
Same for a Privy Seal, in terms prefixed, for payment of the pension of 3,000l. per an. to the Duke of York, same having been granted by the letters patent of 1665, June 13, to James Duke of Cambridge, and being now by letters patent of 15 July last conferred on the Duke of York for the maintenance of such other children as he has or may have. (Privy Seal hereon, Sept 30: money warrant hereon, Oct. 14.)Treasury Miscellanea Warrants Early XV. pp. 16–17, 34; XVII. pp. 101–2.
Sept. 19The Treasury to the Customs Farmers for a state of their office receipts and debts to the 29th inst.Ibid, XXXIII. p. 12.
The like to the Excise, Ordnance, Paymaster of the Guards, Navy, Wardrobe, Alnage, Cofferer, Robes, Treasurer of the Chamber, Works, First Fruits and Tenths, Hanaper, Tangier, Alum Farm.Ibid.
Money warrant for 500l. to Lady Dryden in further part of 3,000l., as by the Privy Seal of 1666, June 25.Ibid, XVII. p. 76.
Signature by my Lords of Treasury orders of Feb. 5 last for 200l. to Sir Arthur Slingsby in repayment of loan (to replace a lost order): of Sept. 7 for 50l. to John Sparke for same: for 388l. 11s. 8d. to Henry Whistler for provisions delivered into the stores: of Sept. 9 for 147l. 15s. 0d. to Thomas Fletcher for carved work for the Navy: for 391l. 8s. 3d. to Isaack Walker for work done to His Majesty's ships at Chatham: of Sept. 10 for 100l. to Brampton Gurden in repayment of loan: for 100l. to Robert Roane for same: of Sept. 11 for 194l. 19s. 6d. to John Young for provisions: of Sept. 14 for 50l. to Lodowick Lewis for repayment of loan: for 60l. to Thomas Browne for same.Treasury Order Book XXXV. pp. 65–6.
Sept. 20Ratification by the Treasury Lords of a money warrant of date 1665–6, March 20, for 100l. to John Bennet for erecting in June, 1666, a pest-house for Westminster.Treasury Miscellanea Warrants Early XVII. p. 81.
Money warrant for 103l. 6s. 8d. to the Duke of Buckingham for arrears of his creation money to his respective dignities.Ibid, p. 75.
Same for 76l. 13s. 4d. for the perpetuities to Cambridge University, viz. 20l. for two years on the perpetuity of 10l.; 30l. on the perpetuity of 10l. per an. for a preacher: 26l. 13s. 4d. for two years to June 24 last on the perpetuity of 13l. 6s. 8d. for a divinity lecture.Ibid, p. 76.
Same for 10l. to Elizabeth Pinckney, widow, as royal bountyIbid, p. 77.
Same for 20l. to Sir Edmond Sawyer for half a year on his fee as an Auditor of Crown revenues.Ibid, p. 183.
Sept. 23Treasury warrant to the Customs Farmers to pay the Lord Privy Seal's tallies for 724l.Treasury Outletters Customs I. p. 25.
[? Sept. 23]The like for two tallies to Sir John Robinson for 217l. 8s. 0d. and 617l. 8s. 0d. for the garrison in the Tower.Ibid.
Sept. 23Signature by my Lords of three Treasury orders for in all 1,067l. 18s. 10d. to the Treasurer of the Navy for Navy officers.Treasury Order Book XXXV. p. 66.
Sept. 24Declaration of account of Nicholas Sexton, Receiver of Hearth money for co. Southampton.Treasury Miscellanea Warrants Early XXXVI. p. 43.
The Treasury to Viscount Fanshaw concerning the impropriety of Whittington being sworn in as searcher of Hull and his securities taken by one Mr. Harpham, an Attorney in the King's Remembrancer's office, without the direction or privity of the Treasury.Treasury Outletters Customs I. p. 26.
Treasury warrant to the Customs Farmers to pay to Sir Stephen Fox several tallies, detailed, viz. of 1666, Aug. 30 for 1,233l. 19s. 8d.; of 1667, June 28 for 2,809l. 6s. 8d.; of 1667. Aug. 9, for 4,500l., 1,102l. and 183l. 13s. 4d.: in all 9,828l. 19s. 8d.Treasury Miscellanea Warrants Early XVII. p. 78.
Money warrant for 342l. 17s. 3½d. to the Ambassadors at Breda from the 2nd to the 14th inst., the time of their return: and for 24l. to Nicholas Morice, their Secretary.Ibid, pp. 79, 82.
Treasury warrant to the Earl of Anglesey to assign to Sir Thomas Allyn 2,000l. payable on the 30,000l. on his giving up his assignment to the like amount on the late Poll Bill.Ibid, p. 80.
Money warrant for 30l. to Sir Joseph Seymour for 1½ years to June 24 last as an auditor of the King's revenue.Ibid, p. 100.
Signature by my Lords of 126 separate Treasury orders of Sept. 6 for, in all, 10,000l. to George Cock for Sick and Wounded: of an order of date Sept. 4 for 1,000l. to Nicholas Oudart for repayment of loan: for 500l. to Joseph Williamson for same: for 375l. and 209l. 19s. 1d. to John Downing for provisions delivered into the stores: of Sept. 19 for 23l. and 102l. 8s. 2d. to Sarah Howell for provisions: of Sept. 20 for 178l. 5s. 7½d. to William Edghill for provisions: for 20l. to Thomas Larkin, prebendary of Rochester, in repayment of loan.Treasury Order Book XXXV. pp. 67–70.
Sept. 24Treasury warrant for a Privy Seal for the Treasurer of the Navy to pay 500l. per an. to Matthew Wren, Secretary to the Duke of York, Lord High Admiral: the same to be in lieu of the gratuity hitherto accustomed to be received by said Secretary on the admission of persons to offices or places in the ships or yards by commission or warrant from the Lord High Admiral: which accustomed gratuities the King hereby wholly abolishes for the better encouragement of able men to enter his service in the Navy.Treasury Miscellanea Warrants Early XV. pp. 36–7.
Sept. 25Signature by my Lords of Treasury orders of this day for 2,000l. to the Treasurer of the Navy for officers: of Sept. 16 for 494l. 18s. 10d. to William and Robert Packer.Treasury Order Book XXXV. pp. 71–2.
Treasury warrant for a Privy Seal for 12,810l. 7s. 4d. to Sir Stephen Fox for interest and charges for borrowing, &c., the principal sum of 221,071l. 3s. 4d. from 1664–5, Jan. 21 to 1666, Sept. 29, according to the account thereof exhibited by said Fox. (Privy Seal hereon, Oct. 18. Two different money warrants hereon, dated Nov. 7 and Nov. 22 respectively, for the above amount, but different in the item of the date of the interest account.)Treasury Miscellanea Warrants Early XV. pp. 31–2 Ibid, XVII. pp. 120, 135.
Same to Viscount Fanshaw for a commission to Humfry Morice as Auditor of Lincoln, Notts, Derby and Chester, and to the Receiver General for same, and three others, for the better answering and preserving the Crown revenues in said counties.Ibid, XXXVII. pp. 31–3.
Prefixing:—Articles of instruction for said Commissioners.
Same for Charles Whittington to put in his security as searcher of Hull, loco his father, Luke Whittington.Treasury Outletters Customs I. pp. 25–6.
Money warrant for 30l. to Richard Aldworth for 1½ years to June 24 last on his fee of 20l. per an., as one of the Auditors of Crown revenue.Treasury Miscellanea Warrants Early XVII. p. 77.
Same for 22,642l. 16s. 8d. to Sir Stephen Fox for the pay of the new-raised forces, Aug. 3 last to the 28th inst.Ibid, p. 78.
Treasury warrant to the Customs Commissioners to pay 50l. to Sir Edward Walker, Garter King at Arms, for half a year to Michaelmas next.Ibid, p. 80.
Sept. 26The Treasury to the Commissioners for setting out the King's 10,000 acres in Dean Forest, requiring them to certify the value, &c., of the timber growing on the rest of the King's waste to be granted to Sir John Wintour.Ibid, XXXVII. p. 34.
Treasury orders to the Customers and Collectors of the ports, severally, of London, Hull, Newcastle, Bristol and Plymouth from Sept. 29 next to collect all duties payable on the importation or exportation of masts, timber, boards, unwrought wood, glassware, earth or earthware, stone or stoneware, oranges, lemons, citrons and pomegranates (except wood used for dyeing, or for drugs or perfume, lignum vitæ, terra sigillata, precious stones or jewels, coral, bezoar stones, crystal wrought or unwrought, and all earth or stones used as drugs or for physical use).Treasury Outletters Customs I. pp. 27, 28–9.
Sept. 26The Treasury to Alderman Backwell desiring his directions to his correspondent in Holland for payment of 11,000 gulden to Sir George Askew for defraying his charges there.Treasury Miscellanea Warrants Early XVII. p. 79.
Treasury warrant to the Customs Farmers to pay 1,400l. to Lord Holles.Ibid, p. 81.
Money warrant for 350l. to Thomas Turner for half a year to June 24 on his yearly allowance of 700l. for secret service.Ibid.
Sept. 27Petition from Richard Brassington, one of the securities of Anthony Dormer, a Collector of Hearth money in co. Stafford: praying an immediate extent against said Dormer and Richard Heath, his agent.Ibid, XXXVI. p. 44
Referred:—to Mr. Laurence.
Money warrant for 584l. 7s. 6d. to the Earl of Bath for Plymouth garrison. July 4 last to the 27 inst.Ibid, XVII. p. 82.
Same for 18l. 13s. 4d. for Richard Ball, D. D., for half a year's fee as Master or Keeper of the House or Church of the New Temple, London.Ibid, p. 83.
Same for 5,000l. to the Earl of AngleseyIbid.
before 29]
Treasury warrant to the Customers, Collectors, Comptrollers and others the King's officers in the port of London, to permit the new Farmers of the Customs (Sir John Worstenholme, Sir John Shaw, Sir Robert Viner, Sir Edmond Turner, Edw. Backwell and Francis Millington) to enter on their lease of the Customs from Sept. 29 next.Treasury Outletters Customs I. pp. 29–30.
Sept. 29Treasury commission to Peregrine Doyly as Solicitor for the Aids for co. Suffolk to attend the Commissioners of the Aids and prosecute all such things as tend to advance the due assessing, collecting and answering the Aids: all loco William Woodroffe, discharged.Treasury Miscellanea Warrants Early XXXIV. p. 38.
The Treasury to Sir Ralph Delavall et al, Commissioners of the Aids in co. Northumberland, to examine concerning the arrear standing out on John Salkeld, lately employed under Mark Milbanke there.Ibid.
Sept. 30Treasury warrant for a Privy Seal for 4,000l., as the King's free gift to Sir Edward Turnor, Attorney General to the Duke of York. (Privy Seal hereon Nov. 23. Money warrant hereon 1667–8, Jan. 3.)Ibid, XV. pp. 30. 49–50; ibid, XVII. p. 180.
Same for same for 10,000l. to William Avery: in lieu of the former Privy Seal of August 15 last, which was not so regularly drawn as it ought to be. (Money warrant hereon, Nov. 11.)Ibid, XV. p. 31; ibid. XVII. pp. 123–4.
Signature by my Lords of a Treasury order of this day for 263l 17s. 6d. for John Lord Berkeley, Sir John Duncombe and Thomas Chichesley, Commissioners of the Office of Ordnance; upon several fees.Treasury Order Book XXXV. p. 72.
Money warrant for 50l. and 200l. to Sir Edw. Walker for one year on his several fees as a Clerk of the Privy Council. The like for Sir John Nicholas as a same.Treasury Miscellanea Warrants Early XVII. pp. 85, 86.