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October 1668


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October 1668

Date.Nature and Substance of the Entry.Reference.
Oct. 1Sir G. Downing to Sir R. Long concerning what the Customs Farmers detain towards repayment of their loan of 200,000l.Treasury Outletters Miscellaneous I. p. 292.
Treasury warrant for renewal of a lost order for 100l. to Marke Cottell in repayment of loan.Treasury Order Book XXXV. p. 164.
Same for an extent against the heirs, &c., of Sir Edward Bash, Kt., and John Beauchamp, deceased, Farmers of the lordship of Dyffryn Clwyd cum Ruthin, co. Denbigh.Treasury Miscellanea Warrants Early XXXVII. p. 169.
Money warrant for 100l. to John Burtwistle for the poor of St. Martins in the Fields.Ibid, XVIII p. 86.
Signature by the Treasury Lords of orders on the Exchequer in general, viz. for 600l. to the Earl of Carbery for one year's allowance: 925l. to Baptist May on the yearly allowance of 3,700l.: 170l. 10s. 0d. to William Chiffinch for a house at Newmarket: 500l. to Mrs. Winifrid Wells, in lieu of the benefit of the sale of underwood.Treasury Order Book XXXVI. pp. 48–9.
Oct. 1Treasury warrant to the Clerk of the Pipe for a lease to Sir Philip Palmer of the office of bailiff of the seven hundreds of Cookham and Bray.Treasury Miscellanea Warrants Early XXXVII. pp. 189–90.
Prefixing:—Ratal of the particular of the premises.
[?]Entry of demise by lease under the Exchequer Seal to William Northey of a messuage in Hartford, co. Huntingdon.Ibid, p. 190.
[?]Same of same to Robert and Ambrose Hampson of the manor of Downe Barnes and other appurtenances in Norhall, Henham, &c., co. Midd., part of the lands of Samuel Carleton, outlaw.Ibid.
Oct. 2Order registered on the Royal Aid for 175l. 18s. 4d. to Lord John Berkeley and the other Commissioners for executing the office of Master of the Ordnance.Treasury Order Book XXXVI. p. 69.
Oct. 5The Treasury Lords [to the Commissioners for the Aids for co. Kent] to get in the arrear standing out thereon.Treasury Miscellanea Warrants Early XXXIV. p. 126.
Same to the King's Remembrancer to stay process against Thomas Argall, Receiver of Aids, &c., for Essex.Ibid.
[?]Same to same to stay same against William Kerby on his account as receiver of Royal aid for co. Lancs.Ibid.
Oct. 5Sir G. Downing to Edward Kendrick, Richard Shuker and Robert Linton concerning their exceptions to the Piedmont account; and their proposed discoveries of the mismanagement of those moneys.Treasury Outletters Miscellaneous I. p. 295.
Same to Mr. Sherwyn to attend to-morrowIbid, p. 296.
The Treasury Lords to the Lord Keeper to pass a commission to persons, detailed, as Commissioners for Exeter for the Wine Act.Treasury Miscellanea Warrants Early XL. p. 18.
Order registered on the coinage duty for 500l. to Philip Packer, Paymaster of the Works.Treasury Order Book XXXVI. p. 139.
Declaration of the account of the Customs Commissioners from 1660, July 24 to 1662, September 29. (Charge 836,529l. 3s. 9¼d., discharge 825,411l. 14s. 8d.)Treasury Outletters Customs I. p. 130.
Same of Sir John Shaw and Joseph Ash as collectors of the Navigation Act.Ibid.
The Treasury Lords to the King's Remembrancer to stay process against Col. Roger Whitley, late Receiver of Hearth money for several counties of North Wales: and against Sir Samuel Sterling as same for cos. Bedford and Kent.Treasury Miscellanea Warrants Early XXXVI. pp. 109, 110.
Treasury allowance of the Michaelmas quarter's salary bill, detailed, for the Excise of London, Middlesex and Surrey.Ibid, XXIV. p 75.
Oct. 6Sir G. Downing to Sir R. Long and to the Grand Commissioners of Excise for an account of unpaid orders registered on the Country Excise.Treasury Outletters Miscellaneous I. p. 299.
Same to Mr. Prettiman for same on First Fruits and Tenths: and for the like on their various revenues respectively to the Farmers of the Post Office: and to the Farmers of the Issues of Jurors.Ibid, p. 300.
Order registered on the Royal Aid for 1,062l. 15s. 9d. to Col. W. Legg.Treasury Order Book XXXVI. p. 69.
Oct. 6Treasury warrant [to the King's Remembrancer] to stay process against Charles Goodwin, Esq., late Receiver of Aids for co. Sussex.Treasury Miscellanea Warrants Early XXXIV. p. 127.
Oct. 6
and 8
The Treasury to the respective Auditor of the Crown revenues and to the Chancellor of the Duchy of Lancaster concerning the certificates of the fee farm rents, reserved rents, annual rents, tenths, pensions, portions and chantry rents. Only a general account of the total has been received. Require a particular of each sum payable under each of the above heads with names, &c.Ibid, XXXVII. pp. 172, 173.
Oct. 7Sir G. Downing to Mr. Prettiman calling again for the account of unpaid tallies on First Fruits and Tenths.Treasury Outletters Miscellaneous I. p. 300.
Same to Capt. Cock to attend to-morrowIbid.
Same to Sir R. Long. The accompt of the assignments on the small branches of the revenue is to hand, but not that of the unpaid orders registered on the country Excise and on the London Excise.Ibid, p. 301.
Same to Sir John Shaw for a paper of his desires as to his present farm.Ibid.
The Treasury Lords to Mr. Wadlow and his partners, to furnish the Treasurer of the Navy with 10,000l. this week, 10,000l. next week and 5,000l. weekly thenceforward.Treasury Miscellanea Warrants Early XL. p. 19.
Oct. 8Treasury warrant to the King's Remembrancer to stay process against George Gipps, Receiver of Aids for Suffolk.Ibid, XXXIV. p. 128.
The Treasury Lords to the Commissioners for Aids for co. Northampton, concerning a mistake in the assessments on said county as appears by the account of Nathaniel Smith, Receiver General thereof.Ibid.
Treasury warrant for 50,000l. to the Earl of Anglesey: on the Wine Act.Ibid, XL. p. 20.
Signature by the Treasury Lords of orders for 10l. to Joseph Williamson for gratuity for lending 500l. to the King: 24l. and 16l. to Lord Ashley for the like: 4l. to Sir John Knivett for the like: 15l. 13s. 4d. to Lord Berkeley for the like: 3l. 18s. 6d. to John Loup for the like: 19l. 17s. 10d. to John Harvey for the like: 3l. 16s. 4d. to William Hynton for the like: 1l. 15s. 7d. to Robert Hall for the like: 1l. and 2l. to Thomas Ruddiard for the like: 19l. 9s. 6d. to the Countess of Thomond for the like: 0l. 18s. 11d. to Thomas Gaywood for the like: 1l. 17s. 8d. to Bullyn Reymes for the like: 3l. 19s. 5d. to Francis Finch for the like: 3l. 17s. 4d. to Sir John Nicholas for the like: 19l. 12s. 10d. to Sir Richard Brown for the like: 5l. 13s. 8d. to Sir Denny Ashburnham for the like: 7l. 11s. 8d. to Capt. Wingate for the like: 0l. 18s. 11d. to Thomas Lownes for the like: 17l. 16s. 8d. to John Ashburnham for the like: 2l. 14s. 6d. to Henry Firebrasse for the like: 15l. 8s. 1d. to Francis Finch for the like: 3l. 14s. 2d. to John Fitzherbert for the like: 3l. 3s. 6d. to Edm. Woodroffe for the like: 3l. 10s. 8d. to Nich. Deereing for the like: 3l. 1s. 4d. to _ for the like: 370l. 10s. 0d. to Edward Backwell for repayment of loan on the Eleven Months' tax: 18l. to the Farmers of the London Excise for reward for loan: 500l. to Geo. Kirke, Groom of the Bedchamber to the late King: 100l. to Dr. Thomas Gorges in reward for services in Ireland.Treasury Order Book XXXV. pp. 165–6.
Oct. 8The Treasury Lords to the King's Remembrancer to stay process against William Kirkby, late Receiver of Hearth money for co. Lancs.Treasury Miscellanea Warrants Early XXXVI. p. 109.
Oct. 9Sir G. Downing to Sir R. Long concerning two papers relating to the Hearth money.Treasury Outletters Miscellaneous I. p. 304.
Same to the Attorney General and to Mr. Lawrence to avoid the patent of the present Assaymaster of the Mint by process at law as he still continues beyond the seas.Ibid.
Same to Sir Denys Gawden to assist in drawing the account of moneys expended on the extraordinary fleet this year.Ibid.
Same to Mr. Fenn concerning Capt. Cock's assignmentIbid, p. 306.
Same to Mr. Slingsby to hasten his accounts of the coinage money.Ibid.
Same to Adam de Cardonell at Southampton to return to his employment in the Customs there.Ibid.
Same to Philip Atkins and Matthew Roden to attend the Treasury concerning Elizabeth Johnson's petition relating to some houses in Suffolk.Ibid, p. 307.
Same to Sir C. Harbord for a value of the lands discovered by Sir Edward Wyndham.Treasury Miscellanea Warrants Early XXXVII. pp. 173–4.
Prefixing:—Report dated Aug. 5, from said Harbord on said Wyndham's petition.
Oct. 10Royal warrant for 200l. to Arthur Berkeley as royal bountyIbid, XV. p. 191.
Oct. 11Money warrant for 800l. to Sir Allen Apsley for his allowance for falconers and hawks for one year to Lady Day last.Ibid, XVIII pp. 87–8.
Oct. 12Same (dormant) for the fees, detailed, to Clement Spelman as Baron of the Exchequer in place of Thomas Leek.Ibid, p. 75.
Sir G. Downing to Mr. Downes at the Wine Licence Office: making an appointment.Treasury Outletters Miscellaneous I. p. 307.
Same to Mr. Fenn concerning Capt. Cock's orders: desires an account of that 46,000l. specifying particularly which [orders] are assigned and to whom.Ibid.
Same to Sir W. Doyly for his remarks on a draft letter to the Commissioners [of taxes] for the several counties.Ibid.
Treasury warrant to the officers of Sandwich port to discharge a seizure of spices belonging to Peter Crickett, John, Peter Abigail and Isaac Dekewer, and John Allaby, John Debuck et al. poor weavers in Sandwich.Treasury Outletters Customs I. p. 131.
Money warrant for 30l. to John Wilkinson, one of the Six Clerks of the Chancery. as royal bounty for numbering the Sixpenny Writs for eight months: said 30l. to be first paid into the Receipt by the Clerk of the Hanaper.Treasury Miscellanea Warrants Early XXII. pp. 138, 139.
Same (vacated) for 500l. to the Paymaster of the Works. in part of 8,000l. per an. for the WorksIbid, p. 149.
The Treasury Lords to the Commissioners of Aids for East Kent concerning the arrears of taxes on said county, amounting to 27,122l. 8s. 6½d. mostly lying on the East Division (Shepway, St. Augustine and Seray).Ibid, XXXIV. p. 129.
Oct. 12Treasury warrant to the King's Remembrancer to stay process against Symon Smith, Receiver General of Aids for Surrey; and William Bowdler, same for Hereford.Treasury Miscellanea Warrants Early XXXIV. p. 130.
Oct. 13Same to William Packer, Paymaster of the Works, to borrow 500l. on William Harbord's orders for repair of the wall of Richmond New Park.Ibid, XXIII. pp. 16–17.
Same to Francis Stevens to arrest Thomas Hosier, head collector of the borough of Brecon for arrears on the Aids: and Thomas Phelipps as same for the hundred of Builth, co. Brecon, for the like: and John Powell as same for the hundred of Penkelly, co. Brecon.Ibid, XXXIV. p. 131.
Oct. 14Money warrant for 322l. 15s. 0d. to Isaac le Goose for a pearl sold to the Queen. (Money orders Nov. 3).Ibid, XVIII. p. 76.
Privy seal for 5,000l. to Sir Ste. Fox for a secret and necessary service of much importance.Ibid, XV. p. 202.
Fifty orders registered on the Wine Act for in all 50,000l. to the Earl of Anglesey towards setting out an extraordinary fleet this year.Treasury Order Book XXXVI. pp. 85–7.
Money warrant for 558l. 12s. 0d. to Sir Jeffery Shackerley for Chester garrison for seven months to Sept. 26 last. (Orders hereon of same date, on the Country Excise).Treasury Miscellanea Warrants Early XXVI. p. 18; Order Book XXXVI. p. 57.
Oct. 15Sir G. Downing to Mr. Fenn to accelerate Major Andros' warrant for an assignment on the last 6,000l. of Capt. Cock's orders.Treasury Outletters Miscellaneous I. p. 311.
The Treasury Lords to the Attorney General to insert certain clauses and alterations detailed in the new agreements with the Customs Farmers.Treasury Outletters Customs I. p. 132.
Dormant money warrant for 250l. per an. each to Sir Denny Ashburnham, Sir George Benyon, Francis Finch and Edward Wyngate, late Commissioners of Excise: and 200l. to John Ball, late Cashier General of Excise.Treasury Miscellanea Warrants Early XXIV. p. 19.
Treasury warrant to the Clerk of the Pipe for a lease of marsh lands in the manors of Holbeach and Whaplode to William Burgesse and Thomas Deane.Ibid, XXXVII. pp. 182–3.
Prefixing:—Ratal of particular of the premises.
The Treasury Lords to the Commissioners for Assessments in Kent to meet Sir W. Doily at Canterbury concerning the arrear outstanding in said county.Ibid, XXXIV. p. 133.
Oct. 16Mr. Levett's accompt of receipts on the Eleven Months' tax for Wilts is referred to Sir W. Doyly.Ibid.
Oct. 19Sir G. Downing to Mr. Brewer: to attend my Lords to-morrow.Treasury Outletters Miscellaneous I. p. 312.
Money warrant dormant for 300l. per an. to Sir William Morice: for his pension as by the letters patent of 1661, May 10.Treasury Miscellanea Warrants Early XXII. p. 163.
Oct. 20Money warrant for 138l. 10s. 10d. to Philip Packer for the Works.Ibid, XVIII. p. 75.
Oct. 21Warrant for dormant privy seal for 10,000l. to be paid as by special directions to be given under the sign manual after satisfaction of 3,957l. 8s. 3d. to the companies detailed, of Lord Wentworth's regiment in proportions detailed. In the margin is written a long list of payments assigned hereon.Ibid, XV. pp. 180–1
Oct. 21Warrant for transferring to the Hearth money Thomas White's 4,000l. charged upon the Poll money and Sir Dennis Gawden's 30,000l. on same.Treasury Miscellanea Warrants Early XV. p. 182.
Same for 41,560l. 4s. 5d. to Sir Robert Vyner for divers chains, medals and other gold works and gilt and white plate.Ibid.
Privy seal for 80l. per an. pension to Robert Swan for assisting the King's escape after the battle of Worcester. (Money warrant. dormant, hereon, dated Nov. 6).Ibid, p. 201; XVIII. p. 83.
Sir G. Downing to Sir Thomas Strickland concerning the moneys to be paid to Mr. Packer.Treasury Outletters Miscellaneous I. p. 313.
Same to Mr. Ball for a certificate of the tallies on the London Excise remaining unpaid at the expiration of his commission as Treasurer.Ibid.
Same to Auditor Beale as to allowances of impost wines formerly made to Ambassadors.Ibid, p. 314.
Signature by the Treasury Lords of orders on the Exchequer in general for 209l. 5s. 3½d. to John Walker, Usher of the Exchequer [Court]: 60l. to John Rose, the King's gardener: 37l. 10s. 0d. to Charles Gifford on his annuity: 460l. to Thomas Thynn, Envoy, &c., to Sweden: 200l. to Sir Robert Long: 100l. to William Wardour: 100l. to Edith Cary.Treasury Order Book XXXVI. p. 49.
Money warrant for 200l. to the Earl of Carbery for half-a-year for his stables as President of Wales.Treasury Miscellanea Warrants Early XXII pp. 96–7.
Oct. 22Same for 55l. 15s. 6d. to Col. Francis Berkeley, being an arrear granted to him due to the King from John Gunter. William Williams and Robert Dover, late Sub-Commissioners of Excise in South Wales.Ibid, XVIII. p. 89.
Order registered on the farm of unwrought wood for 1,998l. 15s. 10d. to Lord Arlington for defalcations on the postage.Treasury Order Book XXXVI. p. 103.
Treasury warrant to the Attorney and Solicitor General for a grant to John Sharpe, of London, of three-fourth parts of Crown lands in Upwell and Outwell, co. Norfolk (containing 260 acres), escheated to the Crown by the death of Mary Moore or Sir Lewis Tresame or Sir William Tresame: and of the remaining fourth part thereof to Mary Blagge, relict of Thomas Blagg, late one of the Grooms of the Bedchamber.Treasury Miscellanea Warrants Early XXXVII. p. 178.
The Treasury Lords to the King's Remembrancer to renew process against John Crispe, of Newton, co. Cambridge, and Nicholas Cotes, of Cancell, co. Cambridge, for detaining Hearth money receipts of said county.Ibid, XXXVI. p. 110.
Same to the sheriff of Cambridge recommending the effectual execution of the above.Ibid, p. 111.
Oct. 23Order in Council adding further particulars, detailed, to the order of September 26 last, containing a list of payments to be made by the Treasury Lords.Ibid, XV. pp. 190–1.
The Treasury Lords to the Customs Farmers to discharge the seizure of the lace belonging to the Spanish Ambassador's gentlemen.Treasury Outletters Customs I. p. 133.
Order for 75l. to Dame Rebecca Williams and 150l. to Dame Barbara Villiers.Treasury Order Book XXXVI. p. 52.
Oct. 23The Treasury Lords to the King's Remembrancer to stay process against Lawrence Bathurst, Receiver of Aids for co. Gloucester: and John Northcott, same for Devon: and George Gipps and John Newsham.Treasury Miscellanea Warrants Early XXXIV. pp. 134, 135.
Treasury warrant to the Attorney General for preparation of a grant to John Oneby of the office of one of the Messengers of the Receipt, on the resignation of Edward Seymour.Ibid. XXXIII. p. 78.
Oct. 26Order registered on the Royal Aid for 1,000l. to Edward Arden for the Commissioners of Accounts.Treasury Order Book XXXVI. p. 69.
Money warrant for 300l. to Sir Edward Scott for one year on his pension.Treasury Miscellanea Warrants Early XXIV. pp. 20–1.
Oct. 27The Treasury Lords to John Richards, Sheriff of Hampshire, to enquire as to the trees felled in the Isle of Wight.Ibid, XXXVII. p. 174.
[?]Entry of demise by lease under the Exchequer Seal of the manor of Downe Barnes and divers lands in Norshall Hensham, &c., co. Midd., to Robert and Ambrose Hampson.Ibid.
[?]Treasury warrant to the King's Remembrancer for a commission to 32 persons, detailed, for executing the articles of enclosure for Dean Forest as by the Act of Parliament passed 9 May, 1668, for same.Ibid, pp. 175–7.
Prefixing:—Articles of instructions to be observed therein.
Oct. 27Sir G. Downing to Sir R. Long to dispatch the register of money which the officers of the Works are to have upon the chimneys.Treasury Outletters Miscellaneous I. p. 318.
The Treasury Lords to the Warden, &c., of the Mint. By your certificate of the 15th inst. it appears that not above 2,500l. has been coined in shillings since Aug. 28 last, and no sixpences or other smaller money. Until further order you are to coin no silver coins greater than shillings and you are to get your stamps ready for coining sixpences and other smaller coins.Treasury Miscellanea Warrants Early XXXIII. p. 79.
Oct. 28Warrant for a privy seal for a grant to the Duke of Richmond of several yearly rents reserved in certain grants of the Alnage and moiety of Forfeitures and amounting to 997l. 1s. 11d. in the whole.Ibid, XV. pp. 186–8.
Royal warrant for 120,000l. for the Ordnance, half for land, half for sea services. (Privy seal, Nov. 27.)Ibid, pp. 202, 228.
The Treasury Lords to Lord Arlington. Desire to know what salary the King has appointed for the Earl of Carlisle as Extraordinary Ambassador to the King of Sweden.Ibid, XXXIII. p. 79.
Same to the King's Remembrancer to stay process against Thomas Sands.Ibid, XXXIV. p. 135.
Oct. 29Allowance by the Treasury Lords of Richard Gregory's quarterly bill as Messenger of the Chamber in Ordinary. for his attendance on the Treasury.Ibid, XVIII. p. 76.
Sir G. Downing to John Short and Edward Rose concerning neglect of their duty as Sub-Collectors of the Royal Aid in the lathe of St. Augustine, Kent.Treasury Outletters Miscellaneous I. p. 320
Same to Capt. Wharton to return for alteration the warrant for his striking tallies for 1,000l. odd on the fragments of the Royal Aid.Ibid.
Oct. 29The Treasury Lords to the Commissioners for the Poll money for co. Yorks, concerning the duplicates of the assessments for the Hundreds of Beverley and Dickering and Claro which have not been returned to the King's Remembrancer's office.Treasury Miscellanea Warrants Early XXXIV. p. 136.
The like letter to the Commissioners respectively of thirteen counties detailed.Ibid, pp. 136–7.
Oct. 30Money warrant for 200l. to Arthur Berkeley as royal bountyIbid, XVIII. p. 88.
Privy seal for 4,000l. out of Hearth money to Thomas White to cancel a tally on the Poll money to that amount.Ibid, XV. pp. 194–5.
Same for 41,560l. 4s. 5d. to Sir Robert Vyner, King's goldsmith, for jewels and plate, &c., detailed.Ibid, pp. 238–9.
Sir G. Downing to Mr. Williamson concerning the moneys taken in Ireland from some prisoners of Zealand. As to Viscount Dungan's business the difficulty is that the Treasury Lords' name is not mentioned in the order of Council: which is always done in business they are to take notice of. Please amend it.Treasury Outletters Miscellaneous I. p. 321.
Treasury warrant to the Customs Farmers for 30 tuns of wine, duty free, to the French Ambassador.Ibid, p. 135.