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'Errata', Calendar of Treasury Books, Volume 2: 1667-1668 (1905), pp. 747. URL: Date accessed: 24 November 2014.


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Page 23,line 7, for Powse read Reuse.
" 24, line24, for. their office read the Pipe Office.
" 54,line 12, for. Cumberland read.Cambridge.
" 82,line 22 and p. 86, line 28, for. French wines read sic for French shipping.
" 93,line 21, for. office of Treasurer of the Chamber read office of the Great Wardrobe.
" 95,line 22 from bottom, for. Backwell read Bucknall.
" 100,line 27, for. Auditor Newport read Andr. Newport.
" 106,line 8, for. the warrant read.the [Dutch] war.
" 110,line 1, for. Sir Thomas read Mr. Thomas.
" 135,line 25, for. Major Barcroft, Auditor Phillips' deputy, called in with his Poll accounts read Auditor Philips' deputy called in with Major Barcroft's Poll account.
" 247,line 14 from bottom, for. Sir John's read the said John's.
" 265,line 12, for. 100,000l. read 10,000l.
" 267,line 3 from bottom, for. his docquet read Mr. Godolphin's docquet.
" 297,line 12, for. money for her read money for Mrs. Lanier.
" 334,line 2 from bottom, for. the Earl of Berkshire read the County of Berkshire.
" 373,line 6 from bottom, for. Bucknell read Backwell.
" 375, line 18 from bottom, for. Mr. Cooper, deputy to read the deputy to.
" 417,line 10, for. Lagon read Legouse.
" 417, line 19 from bottom, after Ordnance add [sic for Mint].
" 470,line 10 from bottom, for. payments read fragments.
" 489,line 1, for. Hay read May.
" 562,line 22, for. Sir Francis Daniell read Sir Thomas Daniell.
" 568,line 11 from bottom, for. Thomas Finch (Fynell) read Thomas Finell.
" 580,line 4 from bottom, for. Ryde read Ryve.
" 595,line 11 from bottom, for. Revesley read Reresby.
" 598,line 27, for. Sir Thomas Killegrew read Mr. Thomas Killegrew.
" 610,line 15, for. Sir John Harvy read Sir Job Harvy.
" 626,line 18, for. Suffolk read Southwark.