Henry VIII
May 1545, 26-31


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James Gairdner and R. H. Brodie (editors)

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'Henry VIII: May 1545, 26-31', Letters and Papers, Foreign and Domestic, Henry VIII, Volume 20 Part 1: January-July 1545 (1905), pp. 402-428. URL: http://www.british-history.ac.uk/report.aspx?compid=80396 Date accessed: 23 November 2014.


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May 1545, 26-31

26 May.811. The Privy Council.
A. P. C., 170.
Meeting at Greenwich, 26 May. Present: Chancellor, Suffolk, Privy Seal, Essex, Winchester, Gage, Wingfield, Paget, Baker. Business: — Letter to my lord of Hertford touching slaughter of two of the King's subjects by the Spaniards at Newcastle, requiring him to take order with Gamboa for their punishment; also signifyng that two Spaniards of Gamboa's band had each received 50s. here, to be rebated off their wages. Letter to Thos. Treffrye and John Kyllygrew to deliver a ship stayed at Falmouth which Bart. Compiegne deposes to belong to ––– (blank), Italian, and to contain no Frenchmen's goods. Letter to lord Poyninges that munition would shortly be sent him, and that he should spare victuals as if siege were already laid, and convey victual into the Owlde Man. Letter to the Lord Deputy to signify what he had done in conveying victuals to Guisnes, and to bargain for 400 hacbuttes, &c.
26 May.812. Furnishing Galley Slaves.
Soc. Ant.
Procl., ii. 151.
Mandate to the mayor and sheriffs of London to proclaim that, being informed that, notwithstanding wholesome laws to preserve the people from idleness, "the mother and root of all mischiefs," there remain, especially about London, a great number of "ryffyns and vagabondes," able to work but living by theft and falsehood in play, whereby simple young men are polled and undone, and by "other detestable vices and fashions commonly used at the Banke and such like naughty places, where they much haunt and in manner lie nightly for the accomplishment and satisfying of their vile, wretched, and filthy purposes," the King intends to use all such "ruffyns, vagabondes, masterles men, common players and evil disposed persons" to serve him in these wars in certain galleys to be armed forth before 1 June next; and he commands that no person shall name any man to be his servant who is not his household servant, bailiff, keeper or other lawful servant. Westm., 26 May 37 Hen. VIII.
Modern copy, p. 1.
26 May.813. The Privy Council to Lord Poynings.
R. O.
St. P.. x. 445.
The King perceives by his letters dated yesterday at 10 a.m. the assembly of the French to besiege the pieces under his charge; and now requires him to use victuals as though the siege were already laid, to employ all his labourers and induce the soldiers also to work at the fortifications and the removal of things outside the town which may be hurtful, as mounts and trenches, and to spare his powder. Of powder and other things lately required a refreshing shall be sent from hence, but the King marvels that of the 40 last of powder he left there but 20 remain, when there has been no "occasion to spend any but at the only camisado," and thinks the master of the ordnance to blame if the remnant of the powder is wet and the bow strings rotten His Majesty also marvels that there are no handguns, considering the number sent from hence, those won at the camisado, and those had directly out of Flanders. Henceforth, Poynings will doubtless see that all things are well husbanded and that every man looks well to his charge.
Draft in Paget's hand, pp. 2. Endd.: The Counsail to my lord Poyninges, xxvjo Maii 1545.
26 May.814. The Privy Council to Richmond Herald.
R. O.We have communicated your sundry letters to the King, who is informed that the Grave van Odinbergh, inhabiting about Hamborow or Breme, offers to serve him with 10,000 or 15,000 footmen, as appears by a schedule herewith addressed to me, the duke of Suffolk, by Captain Light-maker. You shall repair to the said Grave and assure him he never had to do with a prince that can and will better recompense his service; and learn what number of men and of what sorts he will bring, how and by what day he will bring them to Cales or into England, what money he will require beforehand for their conduct, and what wages for himself and his men. All points to be set forth plainly in writing and sent hither with all diligence, with advertisement of all occurrents.
Draft in Paget's hand, pp. 2. Endd: Mynute. The Counsail to Richmond the heraulde, xxvjo Maii 1545.
26 May.815. Tunstall and Sadler to Henry VIII.
R. O.Send letters from the Warden of the West Marches, with others addressed by him to the earl of Lenoux.
The Spaniards make no little exclamation for their wages, and Sr. de Gamboa, their captain general, declares in writing that 2,183l. 6s. 8d. is due to them as being unpaid both for April and May. By the book, lately received from the Council, of the strangers' wages and days of payment, it seems that Gamboa and his company were fully paid to 30 April, and that they have received 595l. more than they declare, besides what they owe for the haquebutes which the King provided. Beg to know the state of the reckoning, the prests paid before they came hither, and the prices of the haquebutes "to be defaulked of their wages." Have meanwhile been enforced to give them another 1,000 mks. in prest this day (so that since arriving at Newcastell they have had 2,000 mks.) to avoid inconvenience betwixt the inhabitants and them, "which agree not all the best, the cause whereof is alleged to be want of money." Darneton. 26 May 1545. Signed.
P. 1. Add. Endd.
27 May.816. The Privy Council.
A. P. C, 171.
Meeting at Greenwich, 27 May. Present: Chancellor, Suffolk, Privy Seal, Essex, Admiral, Winchester, Gage, Wingfield, Paget. Business: — The customers and searchers of London brought the appointed declaration "of what they take upon Strangers." (fn. 1) Letter written to the town and hundred of Reigate to permit lord William Howard, appointed to serve upon the seas, to take 10 of his own or the duke of Norfolk's men, and yet the town and hundred to keep ready the number appointed to them by the commissioners. Jo. Bapt. de Sambitores, factor of Chr. Garcia, in Flanders, had letters to the mayor of Sandwich and John Johnson of Thanet for certain oils saved out of a Portuguese ship that perished beside Sandwich. The lieutenant of Bart, de Keyres, at Guisnez, sent back with letters to lord Gray to travail to agree them; and, failing that, to use the service of the lieutenant with 10 soldiers separately.
27 May.817. Otwell Johnson to John Johnson.
R. O.London, 27 May 1545: — Money sent to his sister and Harryson, in all 140l. Reserved 20l. in hope of some profit thereof "the same being old angels of full weight without remedy." Took by exchange 100l. st. payable at sight at Andwarp to John Henrickesone, of Flisshing, at 26.5, and 60l. st. payable in the payments of this Paesce Mart to Thos. Jennyns, girdler, at 26.8, "which is none evil reckoning." Wool and other business matters with Patenden, Sugar, Wymer and Mrs. Fayrey. Wines or other French wares cannot during this war be brought into England without the King's special licence, "which will not also be easily obtained, wherefore do not charge yourself with any."
Hol., p. 1. Add.: at Calleis. Endd.: answered 7 June "and entryd into memoriall."
27 May.818. Sabyne Johnson to her husband, John Johnson.
R. O.Glapthorne, 27 May 1545: — Perceives by his letter of the 13th that he was then going into Flanders. Has received from her brother Otwell 140l. (upon days specified) and paid Barth Hose 20l. If Wm. Laurence, when he comes, says that he has wool, she will not trust him too much, but send Richard to see it. Will "stay all this town wool and Polbrocke." Hopes to get quails to fatten against the coming of her uncle Anthony and aunt "who will be here shortly after your coming home. Your two little maidens and I am in health, the Lord be praised! But I have had an impediment this 4 days that many would have their wives to have it all the year; for 4 days I could not speak. It came with a cold." Commendations from "my brother Robart and my sister, my brother Breten, my brother Laurance and my cousin James; all these have been with me all these holy days."
Hol., p. 1. Add.: At Andwarp. Endd.: answered at Calleis 10 June "and entred into memoriall."
27 May.819. Mary Queen of Scots to Henry VIII.
Royal MS.
18B. vi. f. 181.
B. M.
Forby our pleasure, these divers years bygone have been continual wars by sea and land betwixt your realm of England and ours of Scotland, and we, with advice of our cousin James earl of Arrane, &c., and our Council, have thought it expedient to send ambassadors to treat and conclude a peace. Praying you therefore, dearest uncle, to grant your safeconduct to Robert, bp. of Orknay, Henry lord Methwen, Sir John Campbell of Calder and Sir John Campbell of Lundy, or any three or two of them, to come to you for that purpose; and to deliver it to Carrik pursuivant, the bearer. Striviling, 27 May 1545, 3 Mary.
Letter-book copy, p. 1.
28 May.820. The Mint.
See Grants in May, No. 88.
28 May.821. The Privy Council.
Dasent s
A. P. C., 172.
Meeting at Greenwich, 28 May. Present: Chancellor, Suffolk, Privy Seal, Essex, Admiral, Winchester, Gage, Wingfield, Paget, Baker. Business: — Warrants to John Rogers, surveyor of works at Bullen, for presting and transporting 500 labourers, 100 mks.; and to Thos. Chalenour for 30l. for Petro Michaele and Don Andreas Carrillio, Spaniards, with letters to the earl of Hertford to speak with Gamboa for placing them in the King's service. Robt. Long, merchant of London, licensed to unlade certain canvas and Paris thread recovered by him at Antwerp from French merchants. Letters of thanks to the officers of Plymouth for fortifying the town, with instructions to fortify the passage by St. Nicholas Isle towards Stonehouse and to certify what is done. The alderman of Bridge ward in London and others, bringing with them the beadle in charge of the gate upon the Bridge, declared that about Hallowtide certain outrages (described) were committed upon the Bridge; and one Hogges, and Jack Banester, confessing that they were concerned, both in them and in the late affray at the Bell in Fish Street when Sir Thos. Hennage's servant was slain, were committed to the Clynk, and the beadle, who would confess no knowledge of any of them, was appointed to be further examined and punished by the alderman. Letters to Lord St. John and John Wynter at Portsmouth to set forth the ten ships, Wynter to sail in the Sariour or the Lesse Gallee and bring with him as many of the Frenchmen as be pilots, with all the prizes and the ship and small boat taken by Sir Geo. Carewe. St. John to provide the 10 ships with a month's victuals.
28 May.822. Clerkenwell.
R. O.Sir Edw. North's warrant to Sir John Williams, treasurer of Augmentations, to repay bearer, Mr. Bellowe, 20l. which he has paid for purchase, among other lands, of a tenement within the precinct of the late priory of Clerkenwell, Midd., rented by one Willoughbye at 40s. st., of which tenement the King resumes possession. From the Court, 28 May 37 Hen. VIII. Signed.
ii. Subscribed as received "by me John Bellowe, esquire," 27 June.
P. 1. Add.
28 May.823. The Navy.
R. O.Estimate made 28 May 37 Hen. VIII. for 3,600 men, over and above 2,400 "now setting forth to serve his Highness by the sea under the lord Vycunt Lysley, high admiral of Yngland," viz.: —
Prest and conduct of 3,600 mariners, gunners and soldiers under the "conduction" of Sir George Carowe, to be sent after his said lordship, 6s. 8d. each. Wages and victuals for two weeks before their entering "sea wages," 7s. 4d. each. Delivered to the Lord Admiral for conduct of 1,500 soldiers "not mentioned in the declaration put up to your Lordship before Whitsuntide," 300l.; and 600 coats for soldiers 120l. "Item, your Lordship's pleasure to be known for coats for the said 3,600, whereof is 1,800 mariners at 2s every coat, 180l., and 1,800 coats for soldiers at 4s. every coat, summa 360l." Total 3,530l.
P. 1. Endd.
28 May.824. Sir Henry Savill to William Plompton.
Correspondence, 250.
(Camden Soc.)
Cousin Plompton, I am sorry to hear from your servant that you have been very sick. "And if your sickness continue wheare [q. when?] the commandment comes forth, send forth your servants and tenants and send forth your excuse to my lord Lieutenant, with a letter of the truth of your sickness, and of the time of the continuance thereof; and being advertised of the truth, he will excep of your lawful and reasonable excuse." York, 28 May 1545, 37 H. VIII.
28 May.825. Thirlby and Others to the Council.
R. O.
St. P., x. 446.
In pursuance of the King's pleasure signified by the Council's letters, because the Emperor's commissioners had been last week at Callys, on Monday last (fn. 2) all returned to Graveling and there have since been examining the articles delivered, taking general causes in the forenoon, and particular in the afternoon, and spending one day in the complaints of one side and the next day in those of the other. The general complaints on the Emperor's side are (1) that 4d. capitage or head money is demanded of the Emperor's subjects at Dover and Gravesend; (2) that of late years ships are compelled to unlade at London in the midst of the river and to hire lighters for the purpose; (3) that on arrival at London the master of the ship is first bound to declare what he brings and to pay 6d., then the merchant must declare and pay 8d, then, after paying the whole custom, they must take a bill of acquittance for the same, price 2d., then comes an officer who seals the wares and must have 1d., and even then the merchandise may not be put to sale until the searchers have seen it and taken away the seal; (4) that the King's customs are greater than they were 100 years past, when 3d. in the pound paid all charges; in proof of which it is required that the books of record may be seen. Have answered: — (1) That the capitage (which the Emperor's commissioners alleged to be taken of the Emperor's subjects "for the redemption of their heads") is a charge taken this 100 years and more for the search and other duties. (2) That customs were paid long before the fifty years mentioned in the treaty of 1495, and may be levied in any reasonable way; and because merchandise was being privily discharged at houses upon the river side, the order was made, for English and strangers alike, that it must be discharged by lighters or boats. In argument the Emperor's commissioners insisted that this was a new charge, and that they might likewise make laws to meet with frauds of English merchants; and to this the writers agreed, provided it was done bona fide and laid no new charge upon English merchants, and yet, the place of custom at Andwerpe being where it is, they could not have that just cause that the King had. (3) As to declaring, sealing, etc., the writers answered that a table of rates was set in the custom house, and as to the small demands of the officers they had written into England. The Emperor's men pressed to see the records showing what customs were taken in old time, and offered to show their books in return.
Of the private matters that of Jasper Duchy was taken first, and the writers, after showing that the King might justly arrest the herrings and that the Emperor's men used his subjects so in wars with France when he was yet at peace, said that part of the herrings belonged to Florentines, whose matters could not be heard at this Diet, and considering the King's good affection to Jasper Duche it was advisable for the said Jasper to divide his cause from the others and to give in a more reasonable account than 9,000l. Fl. The Emperor's commissioners answered that they would write to Jasper Duche to sever his portion from the others, if possible, but they were all the Emperor's subjects, enfranchised at Andwerpe. In the matter of the jewels the writers alleged sentence already given and the Emperor s commissioners were very earnest and talked largely, Chapuis especially. Not much has yet been said in the matter of Burgos, and the writers have not yet perused certain writings exhibited by the other side.
Have received answer to their general articles of complaint: — (1) that the import of 5 per cent, contrary to the treaties, on wares carried between Flanders and France in war time when the King was at peace, was justified by the war; (2) that the impost of 1 per cent, would be abolished when the new burdens laid in England were removed; (3) that, as to the restraint of harness bought in the Emperor's countries and stoppage of that bought in Italy, the laws against it were old, and like restraint was used in England forbidding horse, leather and almost all merchandise to be carried out without special licence; and (4) as to excessive customs and unlawful search the customers had been written to.
As to our special articles, they argue that only complaints which have arisen about the arrest, or since or near that time, should be examined; but they have written to the Queen, and meanwhile offer to write to places where causes have long depended, that justice may be done without delay. As to the matter of Mr. Forman, they say that the Emperor has written to the King that certain of his books may be exhibited, or at least a certificate thereof sent. They have promised to deliver all their answers in writing, and if so they shall receive the like of us. Graveling, 28 May 1545. Signed: Tho. Westm': Will'm Petre: Edward Carne: S. Vaughan: T. Chambrelain.
P.S. — These letters were finished, and we ready to meet the other commissioners today, when it was told us that George Elyott's son, in the lodging of me Sir Edw. Carne, with whom and with his father all our servants were daily conversant, is fallen sick of the plague. Thereupon the Emperor's commissioners mean to depart today to Burborough and we to Callys. We would know where to meet with them henceforth; for they will not come to Callys because the plague is not ceased there, and it is in Dunkirk and many other places of these countries. They sent word this morning that they had received more ample commission touching the place, we having found fault that it was restricted to Graveling only.
Pp. 7. Add. Endd.
28 May.826. Petre to Paget.
R. O.Pray help us to an advertisement of such things as were contained in the schedule of our letters which we lately sent to the Council, and if you would cause Mr. Chancellor of the Tenth to order a perfect book to be made of customs, subsidies and other duties paid by the Emperor's subjects, with some annotation upon the grounds and antiquity of the same, it would ease us much. Because they still require so earnestly to see the records of 100 years past, which, they say, will show that more is exacted than the treaty allows, I desire to know whether we shall grant that the said records may be seen in England. They offer to have theirs seen if any case so require. Begs to be commended to the lord Chancellor, and eftsoons prays him "to remember those declarations to be made by th'Exchequour." Graveling, 28 May.
P.S. — These letters, were sealed and we ready to go to meet the ambassadors again, when George Eliott, who is here for London and was with us yesterday until 10 p.m., sent word that his son is fallen sick of the plague, hard by my lodging. Mr. Kerne is lodged in the same house, and our servants have been in company both with father and son. We sent word of this chance to the ambassadors, who this morning received a larger commission as to the place, and we intend to disperse some of our servants and return to Calice until we know the King's pleasure touching the place of our next meeting; for they are unwilling to come to Calice, because plague is not ceased there. "I thought myself ever a tall man and not to fear over much the plague till this morning. I was not more afraid of the like in all my life, the thing cometh so suddenly and so dangerously."
Pray advise us what to answer in the matter of the wrecks, in which the treaty is plain against the English usage. "We cannot all imagine how to answer in that matter with any colour of reason." Have I done well to address these letters to the Council? The matters seems too long and tedious to be addressed to the King.
Hol., pp. 2. Add. Endd.: 1545.
28 May.827. Stephen Vaughan to Paget.
R. O.This day, a chaplain of Shepuys, of 60 years old, who has been long with him in England, came to tell Vaughan that affection to England bound him to reveal that two Frenchmen, John de Congre and Roger de Prate, learnt every secret in England and hourly signified it into France. Once, said the chaplain, he was passing with them between Dover and Calles when a Flemish ship boarded their passage and, knowing Congre to be a Frenchman, notwithstanding his passport, searched him and took away certain letters which he and Roger de Prate had written into France "signifying what provision the King's Majesty had made against France, and that the same had prepared a great number of ships to land an army of men in Brytaigne." The chaplain added that one Thomson "dwelling amongst the bottle makers besides Powles," told him "that he (qu. Congre?) hath used all these wars to be a great conveyer over of money out of England." This Thomson, said the chaplain, has dwelt with Congre, "or with his master in France, and knoweth all his secrets;" and there is nothing so secret in England but John Congre and Roger de Prate and his wife know it and signify it into France. Gravelyng, 28 May.
P.S. — The chaplain says he has at St Omer's the letters which were taken in the foresaid passage, and will send them to me; when I will send them straight to the Council.
Hol, pp. 3. Add.: To the right honorable Sir William Paget, one of the principal secretaries to the King's Majesty. Sealed. Endd.
29 May.828. The Privy Council.
A. P. C.. 173.
Meeting at Greenwich, 29 May. Present: Chancellor, Suffolk, Privy Seal, Essex, Admiral, Winchester, Gage, Wingfield and Paget. Business : — Upon the murder of John Farnold, servant to Sir Geo. Bayneham, in Wiltshire, letters were written to the sheriff and justices of the peace to make enquiry, and to send up John Smith, of Wroughton, and Thos. Fluell. Ric. Pokoke had warrant to Tuke for 23l. 10s. 4d., for conduct of 48 prisoners from Boloyne to Depforde. The earl of the Isles in Scotland, by warrant to Mr. Carewe, had 250l. in reward. One St. Clere, declaring that in Devon and Cornwall certain gold is ignorantly molten with the tin, and so unawares conveyed abroad to the profit of strangers, had letters to Sir Thos. Denys, Sir Hugh Pollard and Mr. Stukeley in Devon, and to Sir Hugh Trevanyon, Mr. St. Aubyne and John Militon in Cornwall to permit him "to put his cunning in ure" for one month, and to certify the result.
29 May.829. The Privy Council to Thirlby and Others.
R. O.Having considered the "griefs exhibited unto you by the Emperor's commissioners," whereof you sent an abstract, and conferred with the officers of the Exchequer and with the customers, comptrollers and searchers, we find that the sums (other than subsidy and custom) taken by officers, originated by the good will of the givers and have continued time out of mind, as appears by the bills (fn. 3) of the officers (copies herewith). If the merchant stranger will have one to write the bill of contents of his merchandise he should pay for it, as the Englishman does. If the ship, which must be searched at Gravesend, arriving at midnight with fair tide and weather, and loth to anchor until day, will have the searcher "arise at midnight, etc.," he should have somewhat for his pains. We marvel at their complaining of the searchers receiving a groat or two when we should rather complain of their corrupting the King's officers and conveying away for the gift of a groat or two things which ought to pay custom. If they think themselves grieved with these trifles which they pay for their own commodity, "let them agree to order greater impost wherewith the King's subjects be charged in those parts for like causes, and semblable redress shall be done here." And so must you likewise answer for the anchorage, for which the King's subjects pay twice as much in the Emperor's dominions. They do not pay for the packing of tin and lead, but for the numbering and weighing of it, as the King's subjects do, and have done long before the year mentioned in the treaty. For subsidy and custom there is matter of record to be shown since King Richard II's time. The point of the treaty which they stand upon, viz., that the subjects of either Prince "be like gently and freely used in other's country" is not to be understood for their payments, but for their liberty and safety; for "the Princes convented that neither should set none other new imposts than that were paid before such a year." If the dukes of Brabant had not given certain exemptions to our nation, and the Princes had not convented not to make new imposts as aforesaid, they might have taken the same imposts. "As for the matter of the wrecks, which you think, by the treaty, will be hard to be defended, we think therein as you do; and yet the King's Mate thinketh not reason they should so use and interpret things at their will, that when they shall think the treaty serveth for them that then it shall be good and they will use it, and when it maketh against them, then they will not understand it but use cauteles and sinister interpretations at their pleasure. And therefore his Majesty would not you should so readily condescend that the treaty is this or that unless you see a semblable conformity in them for such things as you see by the treaty maketh for his Majesty; and in no wise to grant to any one thing except they will agree to another, and if they by theyr wont understandings will interprete the words at theyr pleasure, you must do the semblable."
The King having important things to be done by "you, Mr. Vaughan," in Flanders, requires you to prepare to depart thither forthwith; which departure must be declared, at your next assembly, to the Emperor's commissioners.
Draft in Paget's hand, pp. 4. Endd.: M. to the Commissioners at Gravelin, xxixo Maii from the Counsaill, 1545.
29 May.830. Anthony Cave to John Johnson.
R. OYngarsbye, 29 May 1545:– Business matters concerning wool sales and money, in which the writer mentions Deryck Franz, the scarcity of fells which is likely to follow "these murrain years," Olter van Merch, Blason, Thos. Smyth, Brisket, and Mr. Hollis.
"I thank you heartily for your news both of the Emperor's proceedings and taking the French galleys. God send all our enemies so to speed, that God may stir up some good mean to an universal peace amongst his people."
Further private matters including the demand by Sir John Buttler for "quit rent for my houses of Barton's" (in Calais).
Hol., pp. 2. Add.: at Cales. Endd.: "Answered at Callais le 7 in June, etc."
29 May.831. Vaughan to Paget.
R. O.Shortly after the departure of Hams from Gravelyng I spoke again with Chapuys' chaplain, who said the letters taken about John Conger, of which I wrote by Hams, were written about the time of the King's going over to Bulleign, and that the same John de Conger and Roger de Prat, before the King's going over, wrote to the captain of Bulleyn that, notwithstanding the bruit of the King's army going to Montrell, he should beware of Bulleyn. The chaplain also said that Tomson, the bottle maker, keeping shop by Pawlys Churche, was followed one night at midnight carrying a great bag of money of Conger's which brake besides St. Andrew's Church in Estchepe "and part of the money ran out." Tomson was then bringing it aboard a ship of Conger's and has been a great counsellor of Conger, but should not be meddled with at present lest it stay Conger's return into England. "If Thomson be well examined, the King's Majesty may, notwithstanding passport given to John Conger, 'season' upon his person and goods for the treasons that he hath wrought against the same." Calles, 29 May.
Hol, pp. 2. Add. Endd.: 1545.
30 May.832. Wriothesley.
Rymer, xv. 69.Surrender to the Crown, by lord Chancellor Wriothesley, of the advowsons of the prebend of Masham in York cathedral, and of the rectories of Shitlington, Beds., and Bowdon Magna, Leic. 30 May, 37 Henry VIII.
Enrolled [Cl. Roll, p. 2, No. 31] as acknowledged, same day, before the King in Chancery.
30 May.833. The Privy Council.
A.P.C., 174.
Meeting at Greenwich, 30 May. Present: Chancellor, Suffolk, Privy Seal, Essex, Winchester, St. John, Gage, Browne, Wingfield, Paget, Baker. Business: — The King, being shown copies of the books of the numbers of men serving in his camp at Boloyne and in the wards of the duke of Norfolk and lord Privy Seal at Monstrell, and therewith the numbers certified in every shire, it was, for the "repulse of th'enemies bruiting to invade," devised that the duke of Suffolk should attend the King with the shires hereabouts, the lord Privy Seal with the Western men and the duke of Norfolk with Norfolk and those parts, to whom letters were addressed for his repair to Court. Letters addressed to Sir Geo. Carewe, Wm. Broke and the rest of the Admiralty to dismiss the victuallers of Calais and Guisnes "taken to serve in the intended voyage." Warrant to Sir John Williams to pay Wm. Broke, for Robt. Leg, land wages of his 500 men for 10 days at Bricklesey at 5s. apiece; also to pay Broke, surveyor of the waterworks at Dover 299l. 18s. 8d. for two months, to 24 May, for the making of a pier and a mount. Letters to Deputy and Council of Calais to certify what munitions and victual they have and want. Wm. Layton had warrant to Sir Edm. Peckham for 10.000l to be conveyed to Sir Ealph Sadleyr. Ludovic Muncio had warrant to Sir Brian Tuke for 75l. reward. A ship called St. John de Luse, lately taken Westward, ordered to have passport to Bayonne, and in her John Desuman, Numingie de Mendesavell, Marten de Marget, Salamon de Morven, John de Sarestiquy, Adam Despores, John de Hagorette, Chantoque de Masse, John de Rachue and Esteven de Papus.
30 May.834. The Privy Council to Hertford.
R. O.
St P., v. 449.
The King has seen letters from Casseles to Sadler, the one containing an offer to kill the Cardinal and the other excusing their change of purpose for sending one to meet Sadler on the Borders, requiring that John Forster, who as a prisoner may go without suspicion, may be sent to them. As to the first point, the King, reputing the fact not meet to be set forward by him, and yet not misliking the offer, thinks that Sadler should write to Cassillis that it does not seem meet to be communicated to the King, but that if he (Sadler) were in Cassillis's place he would do what he could for its execution, thinking thereby to do the King acceptable service and to benefit Scotland. As to sending Forster, albeit their proceedings herein seem to conform to their doings heretofore, the King will practise with them, and Forster must desire them to write what they would have him report. If they allege danger of interception, Forster can answer that, being in cipher (which Cassillis has), the letters cannot be read; and he must decipher their intent and learn what they look for out of France, and when and where it shall land. The earls and Douglas need not doubt the King's favour, as both written not long ago to Douglas and signified last of all to Cassillis.
Marvel at Gamboa's altercation for the wages and prests, of which the Council sent a true copy and now send it again, for there is no other; whereby it appears not that they are paid for all the month of April, some being paid only to the 16th. Hertford shall tell Gamboa that the King "museth" at his behaviour in this, when the copy was certified by the whole Council of Calais. Let Gamboa put his contention in writing. The price of the hacquebut is 16s., as Mr. Hobby, now there, can inform you; and also of the number of the Spaniards, for he was at their last mustering at Calais. We send Mr. Sadler a bill of money paid here upon wages, coats and conduct, and for prests to the strangers at their departing hence. Mr. Knyvet brings the bargains made with all the horsemen strangers, except the Almayns, who are not yet all come hither. Greenwich, 30 May 1545. Signed by Wriothesley, Suffolk, Russell, Essex, Gardiner, St. John and Paget.
In Paget's hand, pp. 4. Add. Endd.: R. fro the Lordes, primo Junii 1545.
R. O2. Modern copy of the above.
Pp. 3.
30 May.835. Hertford, Tunstall and Sadler to Paget.
R. OSend letters which arrived yesternight from the Wardens of the West and Middle Marches, to be participated to the King. Whereas Tunstall and Sadler were lately advertised by the Council to declare how the King's money here is employed, they send herewith a declaration for the present month and will send the like monthly. Dernton, 30 May 1545. Signed.
P. 1. Add. Endd.
31 May.836. The Privy Council.
a.p.c., 176.
Meeting at Greenwich, 31 May. Present: Chancellor, Suffolk, Privy Seal, Essex, Winchester, St. John, Gage, Browne, Wingfield, Paget, Baker. Business:—Sir Ric. Gresham and other merchants showed letters declaring the stay of Englishmen's goods in Spain and their reference to the Council of the Indyas, confirmed by —— Churche, who came in post out of Spain. Letters addressed to Mr. Harvel, ambassador in Venice, to return a bill of exchange given by Acelyne Salvago to Wm. Thomas, making it payable to Sir Ant. Browne. Instructions, &c, delivered to Sir Robert Townesende, serjeant at law, sent to supply the place of justice of Chester, &c, which Sir Nic. Hare had; with letters to the President of the Welsh Council. Marche, of Calays, who received the King's fells, tallow, &c, last year in the camp, had letters to repair hither and declare his account. Upon a supplication by the factor of Quintanadoen, a Spaniard, against Hawkyns of Plymouth, who declared that he could prove "colouring" of Frenchmen's goods, it was thought that the lord Chancellor, returning that night to London, should send Mr. Knight, clerk of Parliament, to the Emperor's ambassador, with Hawkyns and Mr. Windeham, who had also taken a ship challenged by the Spaniards.
31 May.837. Hertford to Paget.
R. O.
St. P. v. 451.
Being appointed lieutenant here in the North, is bound to devise how the Scots, who will never make or keep agreement without compulsion, may be brought to conformity; which can only be done by invasion, and not until victuals come. At Bartholomewtide, with 1,500 horsemen and 2,000 or 3,000 footmen, for six weeks, over and above the ordinary garrison and the 800 Clevois not yet come, furnished with biscuit, beer, sack and cheese for 10,000 men for two months, Hertford would bring the Scots "on this side Fright" into such misery that they could not annoy this realm. His plan is to get Hume castle, fortify the footmen in the church at Kelso, and then devastate the country round. With garrisons at Hume, Kelso and Wark, the March and Tividall would be kept obedient and Lodian in great subjection. Suggests that when the labourers have finished Tynmought they might work at Wark, which, with a convenient furniture of victual and an increased garrison, may do more annoyance to Scotland than Barwik, Norram and all the rest of the frontiers. Commendations to my Lady. Daruntun, last of May.
Hol., pp. 3. Add. Endd.: 1545.
31 May.838. Hertford and Sadler to Paget.
R. O.Yesternight arrived letters from the Warden of the Middle Marches, showing that our neighbours the Scots are doing as opportunity serves them, which doubtless will be well recompensed; and presently have received letters from the Warden of the West Marches enclosing others to the earl of Lenoux. All sent herewith. Dernton, 31 May 1545. Signed.
P.S.—A letter herewith from the Warden of the East Marches shows how Barnes has demeaned himself, whom Wilson lately made privy to the practices he "had to do on the Borders." Now, after examination and the matter proved, Hertford intends to cause Barnes to be hanged.
P. 1. Add. Endd.
R. O.2. The sayings of John Barnes, 30 May, before Sir Robt. Constable, Sir John Nevile, Henry Evre and Ric. Bowes.
Perceiving by John Carr, captain of Warke, that there should be a journey into the Mershe on the night of 29 May, Barnes desired a servant of Carr's to help him to a messenger to go to Hume; which messenger he commanded to tell lord Hume to see to his horses, as a raid would be made into the Mershe within four nights after. Signed by the examiners and with Barnes's mark.
Copy, p. 1. Endd.: Barnes confession.
31 May.839. Northern Garrisons.
R. O.Declaration, headed "ultimo Maii 1545," of payments for the King's garrison and other affairs in the North for the month of May 37 Hen. VIII., viz.: – One month's wages of captains, petty captains and soldiers in garrison, to 1 June, 2, 597l. Two prests to Seignior de Gamboa, captain general of the Spaniards, 1,333l. 6s. 8d. To Thos. Gower, prest for works upon town, bridge and castle of Barwycke, 200l. To lord Wharton, prest for works upon the castle and citadel of Carlisle, 200l. To Thos. Gower and John Man, prest for works at Holie Eland, 100l. Paid at two pay days at Tynmouth, for works there, 809l. 11s. 6d. To Hugh Boyveld, master of ordnance at Newcastell, for wages of fletchers, bowyers, carpenters, wheelwrights, smiths, &c, and for mounting and stocking of ordnance, 53l. 13s. 2d. Total, paid by the hands of Mr. Uvedale, 5,293l. 11s 4d.
Leaving in the hands of Sir Ralph Sadleyr, high treasurer of the wars against Scotland, 201l. 10s., and of John Uvedale, under-treasurer, 326l. 9s. 8d.
Large paper, p. 1. Endd.: A declaration of Mr. Sadleyr's account, &c.
31 May.840. Ambrose Saunders to John Johnson.
R. O.Callais, 31 May 1545:—Business and private matters. "Mr. Helyeard hath his styllytory and bear which you sent hym. This daye in the mornynge he is gone to Guysnes. Betwyxt this and Mr. Sowthwekes goinge into Flaunders, which wylbe on Twisdaye next, I shall desire him to send you owt the proportion of his bodie ffor the meat makinge of his dowblett. For news you shall understand that the French king is appointed this night to be at Bullen with 40,000 men. I trust he will be soon weary."
Hol., p. 1. Add: at Andwerpe. Endd.: "answered by mouth at Callais, etc."
31 May.841. City of Hamburg to Henry VIII.
R. O.A ship of Hamburg, containing barley from Copenhagen, Peter Meyers master, proceeding recently to trade in Scotland, having heard nothing of the King's warning, was stopped on the seas by the King's ships and brought to Hilge Eilant on pretence that the barley belonged to Scots. Are certified that no part of the barley belonged to Scots, and as their citizens sailed from Denmark ignorant of the said warning, and bent, like other cities of the German Hanse, upon their accustomed trade, and in friendship with the King's subjects, they pray the King, of his clemency, to restore the said ship and goods. Dated 31 May 1545. Subscribed: Consules ac Senatores Civitatis Hamburgensis.
Lat. Hol., pp. 3. Add. Endd.
ii. Endorsed with note in Mason's hand of the "effect of this letter."
31 May.842. Edmond Harvel to Henry VIII.
R. O.
St. P., x. 452.
Wrote on the 16th inst. Letters have since appeared, from Andrinople, of 4 May, mentioning that the Turk will not move this year, but has dissolved his camp and returns to Constantinople. It is affirmed that truce shall follow between the Emperor and Turk for 5 years, on condition that the Emperor sends an ambassador to the Turk "by all August." The Bishop of Rome goes on fortifying his towns. Of the Council at Trent is no mention although sundry prelates are there assembled, among whom is Cardinal Pole living in continual fear. All men are in expectation to know what will follow of the Diet at Urmes, the Protestants being impatient of living in perpetual suspicion of their adversaries. Here is come Signor Ludovico de Larme's father, who has been troubled in Rome for his son's cause and is urged by the Bishop to remove his son from your Majesty's service; but both father and son are constant to persevere in it. Ludovico entertains a good band above the captains allowed him and much desires to be set to work; and the rest of your captains declare their readiness. The rectors of Vincentia lately commanded Philippo Pini, your captain, to depart out of the Venetian dominion, but, finding that this was done without the Signory's consent, I wrote to the rectors, and Pini has returned. The Venetians are jealous of any assembly or disorder of arms, but remain very friendly towards your Majesty. Venice, 31 May 1545.
Hol., pp. 2. Add. Endd.
31 May.843. Edmond Harvel to Russell.
R. O.In pursuance of Russell's letters of 30 April, will help Anthony Bassan and his brethren "for the sublevacion of ther tancis in this citee" when more fully instructed in the matter, as he has declared to their brother. Perceives that the King is greatly bent to the wars against France and that the Frenchmen bruit an invasion of England with 60,000 men. That nation being "more glorious of words than of deeds," their open power is not to be feared; but they are reported to design the occupation of some place in England, some think Hampton. Considering how all English ports are fortified, and what vigilance is used, such discourses seem vain. The Turk has licensed his men of war and is reported to have concluded a truce with the Christian princes for five years, on condition that the Emperor sends an ambassador to him before August next. Letters out of Flanders report the taking of Ardres and of two French galleys. Venice, 31 May 1545.
Hol., p. 1. Add. Kndd.
844. Cardinal Pole to [Paul III.].
Poli Epp,
iv. 35.
As little children we desire your Holiness to see to our conservation; for the people say "Nondum venit tempus domus Domini ædificandæ." Begins "Hactenus Beatissime Pater, sicut modo genitos ex spiritu infantes decet, lactis rationabilis et sine dolo nos tantum cupidos ostendimus, nullis verbis, nullo sermone cum quoquam usi sumus quasi id fructus ætatis infantia nobis negasset."
845. Musters beyond Trent.
Soc. Ant.
Procl., ii. 152.
Mandate to the Mayor and Sheriffs of London to publish a proclamation that the King has appointed an army royal to be levied beyond Trent for the annoyance of the Scots and Frenchmen intending displeasure to those parts, and he charges all gentlemen and others dwelling beyond Trent to repair home immediately, and be at the order of his Lieutenant there, except those who are commanded to give personal attendance here. Westm.
Modern copy, p. 1.
846. Grants in May, 1545.
1. John Guylrnyn, the King's servant. Fiat for his appointment as collector of custom and subsidy in the port of the city or town of Bristol and creeks adjoining; in reversion after Wm, Goodwyn. Signed by Norfolk, treasurer of England; with certificate of security given in the Exchequer, signed by Sir Chr. More. 1 May 37 Hen. VIII.
2. Edward earl of Hertford, Great Chamberlain of England. K.G. To be the King's lieutenant and captain general in the North, with authority to muster and array the inhabitants of cos. York, Durham bishopric, Cumb., Westmld., Kendall, Nthld, Lane. Chesh., Notts.. Derb.. Salop and Staff., the city of York and towns of Kyngston-upon-Hull and Newcastle-upon-Tyne, and to lead them against the Scots or their adherents; and also with them to invade Scotland, and to command the assistance of the King's ships in the North; also authority, at discretion, to ennoble and decorate such as distinguish themselves, to hear causes pertaining to his office, to make a marshal of the army and armada and statutes for the good rule of the same, make proclamations, inflict punishments, issue safeconducts, etc. Westm.. 2 May 37 Hen. VIII. – S.B. No note of delivery. Pat. 37 Hen. VIII. p. 2, m. 17 (dated 2 May). Rymer, XV. 72.
3. Hen. Becher and Wm. Hobson, of London, haberdashers. Fiat for their appointment to the keeping of a messuage and garden in Chartham next Canterbury which belonged to Wm. Pontabe, in the King's hands by reason of a cross erected upon the said messuage, and of 4ac. 3ro. of land in Stone in St. Peter's parish, Thanet, which Thomas Mayton gave to the rectory of St. Laurence in Thanet without licence; from Mich, last for 21 years; at 5s. 4d. rent and 4d. increase, or more if any other, without malice offers more. Signed by Norfolk and subscribed with the names of Robert Leverton and Jas. Pyrry, late of London, as sureties. 2 May 37 Hen. VIII.
4. Ric. Fulmerston. Fiat for his appointment as tronator and peisator in the port of Ipswich and creeks adjoining. Dated 1 May 37 Hen. VIII. Signed by Norfolk. Westm., 2 May.
5. John Holcroft. Annuity of 25l. out of lands in Dunham, Sinderlande, Altringham, and Asheton Underlyne, Chesh. and Lane, in the King's hands by the minority of Wm. Boweth. s. and h. of George Boweth, dec.; with wardship and marriage of the heir. Westm., 24 April 37 Hen. VIII. Del. Westm., 3 May.—P.S. Pat. p. 18, m. 32.
6. Wm. Horseley, yeoman of the Guard. Lease (by advice of Daunce, Southwell and Moyle. general surveyors, of the manor or lordship of Cropton. Yorks, parcel of the lordship of Sherefhoton, Yorks.; from Mich, next, for 21 years. St. James's, 2 May 37 Hen. VIII. Del. Westm, 3 May. –P.S.
7. Sir Wm. Ewre lord Ewre. To be chief steward of the lands in cos. Line, and Yorks which came to the King by the attainder of Sir Francis Bygod; from 10 March last; with full rights enjoyed by Sir Ralph Ewre, his son, or any other. Also to be constable of Scardeborghe castle, Yorks.; from 10 March last; as amply as Wm. Tunstall, Sir Walt. Griffith or the said Sir Robert (sic) Ewre. With grant for life of the manor of Northstede. Yorks., at 24l. rent. St. James's, 23 April 37 Hen. VIII. Del Westm., 4 May.– P.S. Pat. p. 18, m. 30.
8. Ric. Michell. Warrant for livery of lands in co. Soms., as s. and h. of Ric. Michell, dec, who, by an office found 13 Dec. 31 Hen. VIII., died seised in fee of the manor of North born with lands in Northborn and Durleghe. holden of the honor of Trobrige, parcel of the Duchy of Lancaster, and also of lands in Hilfarens holden of the King as of the late priory of Barleghe. Dated 25 April 37 Hen. VIII. Del. Westm., 4 May.—S.B. (signed by Hynde. Sewster and Beamount.)
9. Roger Dalyson, elk. Presentation to the parish church of Lasbye, Line dioc. void by death and in the King's gift, hac vice, by grant of Thos. Grymston, Greenwich, 5 May. Pat. 37 Hen. VIII., p. 13, m. 12.
10. Sir Ric. Southwell, one of the General Surveyors. Grant in fee (for the manors of Haynforde, Upton, Wendling, Swanton Newers and Cardeston. Norf., and the advowsons of the rectories of Hayn forde and Swanton Newers, and lands sold to the Crown by indenture dated 28 April 37 Hen. VIII.) of the lordship and manor of Nedirdale alias Netherdale, Yorks.,—Bellaland alias Byland mon.; the manor of Holwall, Dors., and pasture for 404 sheep in Holwall, leased to Sir Thomas Dyones, and the advowson of Holwall rectory,—Mylton alias Midleton mon.; Brankastre manor, Norf., rent of 13s. 4d. out of Brankastre rectory, a portion of tithes in Depedale, Norf., and the advowson of Brankastre rectory,—Ramsey. Del. Westm., 5 May 37 Hen. VIII.—S.B. (Signed by Suffolk, Russell, Paget, Petre, North, Williams, Hendle and Bacon). Pat. p. 14, m. 36.
11. George Tresham, of Newton Parva, Ntht., and Edm. Twynyho. Grant in tail, for 867l. 13s. 3d., of a messuage and lands in Creton Magna, Ntht., in tenure of John Chery, and all lands of Sulbye mon. there,—Sulbye; the rectory and advowson of the vicarage of Gedyngton, Ntht, and a messuage in Thorpemallesworth, Ntht, in tenure of Thos. Oave,—Pipwell; lands in Brampton Ntht., in tenure of Wm Hatton, and all lands there of the mon. of St. James beside Northampton,—St. James's; tithes pertaining to the vicarage of Claynes, Wore, in tenure of Walter Walshe,—Whynton priory; the lordship and manor of Preston Capes alias Preston super Montem, Ntht., and a wood called Yorles wood in Preston Capes,—Warwick College; rent of 2s. and service from lands of John Falde in Poddyngton, Beds, a messuage in tenure of Wm. Burton there, the rectory and the advowson of the vicarage of Podyngton,—Cannonsashebye; a cottage in Wolde, Ntht., in tenure of Thos. Musserd, and all lands of Dela-praye mon. in Wolde,—Delapraye; messuages in Harepole, Ntht., in tenure of Rog. Carroll and Edw. Gyffard, and all lands there of Chacombe priory,—Chacombe; a pasture called Hethcote, Warw., bounded by the common field of Mytton on the one side and by lands of the bp. of Coventry and Lichfield on the other, in tenure of Wm. Morecote,—Warwick College; two messuages, &c, in the High Street of Kenellworth Warw., in tenure of John Fissher. and lands called Beryfurlong in Fulbroke, Warw., in tenure of John Richardeson,—Kenellworth mon.; a pasture called le Pall and a meadow called Palemedow, in tenure of Joan Sprote, now wife of John Harburley, in Wigwyke and Hareley, Salop, a messuage there in tenure of Thos. Taylor, and all lands of Wenloke priory there,—Wenloke; a messuage and tenement formerly called Bacons and now called Abbottes in the town of Whittham, Essex, towards Cressyng there on the west, and 4 crofts pertaining thereto (one of which is called le Downe) lying on the one side of the way towards the said tenement called Abbottes between the highway from Whittham towards Cressyng on the east and the bank leading from Notleigh to Whittham on the west, other 4 crofts (one of which is called le Downe) lying on the other side of the way there beside the said tenement, viz., between the highway from Wyttham towards Cressyng on the west and the lane from Wyttham towards Lostland on the east, another croft called Abbott Eswynefylde (between the lands of St. John's of Jerusalem called le Ledeswynefelde on the east and the lane leading from Estfelde towards Lostland on the west, the lands late of Sir Thos. Moungomery on the south, and the lane leading towards the lands of the vicarage of Wyttham called le Vicars Hornehouse [on the north]) and other two crofts called Sewer landes and Abbott-horneham (lying together between the earl of Essex's land called Elmefelde on the east and the said lane from Wyttham to Lostland on the west, the land of St. John's and the vicarage lands called Vicarshornham) in Wyttham, in tenure of Wm. Hall,—St. John's, Colchester; the farm called le Mere Place alias le More-place in Kynges Pewne, Heref., in tenure of Hugh, Geoff, and John Sheter, and all lands of Wormesley priory there,—Wormesley; lands in Burton in Condover parish, Salop, in tenure of Thos. Late-ward, and all lands of Lylleshull mon. there,—Lylleshull; rent of 2s. in Wynnes-ley in Westeburye parish, Salop, and laods called Marshalles Lands there, in tenure of Thos. Trentham,—Shrewsbury mon.; and a messuage, &c, in Rige and Hurdewike, Staff, and Salop, in tenure of Ralph Tunkes, and all lands there of Brewood priory, Staff.,—Brewood. Del. Westm., 5 May 37 Hen. VIII.—S.B. (Mutilated. Signed by St. John, Suffolk, Russell Baker, Petre and perhaps others, whose signatures may be lost.) Pat. p. 15, m. 15.
12. Nthld.—Commission to Sir Robt. Bowes, Sir John Wodryngton and Sir Bobt. Ellerker to make inq. p. m. on the lands and heirs of Robert lord Ogle and Ralph Whetwodd. Westm., 6 May. Pat. 37 Hen. VIII., p. 12, m. 1d.
13. Commissions of array, to endure until Christmas next, viz.:—
Surr., Suss., Hants., Wilts., Oxon and Berks.—Lord Chancellor Wriothtsley, K.G., Henry earl of Arundell K.G., William lord Seynt John, Chamberlain of the Household, K.G.. and Sir Anthony Broun, master of the Horse. K.G. Westm., 29 April 37 Hen. VIII.
Essex.—John earl of Oxford and Sir Thos. Darcy. Westm., 4 May ut supra.
Suff.—Thomas lord Wentworth and Sir Thos. Darcy. Ut supra.
Kent (from Depjord Strand to Rochester Bridge).— Sir Ric. Longe. Ut supra.
Kent (from Rochester Bridge to Dovour).—Sir Thos. Cheyney, K.G., and Sir Thos. Seymour. Westm., 7 May. Ut supra.—S.B. Pat. 37 Hen. VIII., p. 2, m. 15. Bymer XV. 71.
14. John Skudamore. Livery of lands as s. and h. of Ph. Skudamore, dec. Del. Westm., 7 May 37 Hen. VIII.—S.B. (Signed by St. John, Hynde and Sewster). Pat. p. 5, m. 26.
15. Thomas Denton. The grant of lands in Abingdon, Berks., etc., calendared in Vol. XIX., Part i., No. 610 (20) although enrolled in 36 Hen. VIII. is of the year 1545, and the Signed Bill for it has since been found in the file for that year. Del. Westm., 7 May 37 Henry VIII. S.B. (injured: signed by St. John, Suffolk, Russell, Baker, and others whose signatures are illegible).
16. Bpric. of Llandaff. Restitution of temporalities on the election of Anthony Kechin as bishop, vice Robert, the last bp., translated to the abpric. of York. Westm., 6 May 37 Hen. VIII. Del. Westm., 8 May.—P.S. Pat. p. 5, m. 34. Rymer, XV. 74.
17. William Wybavn of Begham, Suss., and John Wybarn, his son. Grant in fee, for 335l. 14s. 4d., paid to the treasurer of the Chamber, and 142l. 9s. 2d. paid to the treasurer of Augmentations, of the rectory and advowson of the vicarage of Pepyngbury, Kent, woods called Kynbelgrove Coppyce (7 ac.), Rolleywoode Coppyce (8 ac), and Cockshotwood Coppyce 5 ac) in Pepyngbury parish, and all lands of the said rectory leased to John Sheff,—Cardinal Wolsey and previously to Begham mon., Suss.; the manor of Pepyngbury or lordship of Pepyngbury Magna and Pepyngbury Parva, Kent,—purchased fromThomas Crumwell late earl of Essex; the manor of Tyllingdowe alias Tyllyngdown, Surr., and woods called Tyllyngdown Woode, Horwoodhull, le Breche, Westefielde and Southfielde in Tanridge parish, Surr.,—Edward duke of Buckingham; with all appurtenances of the premises in Pepyngburie, Orgar, Detlyng and Cumbridg, Kent, in Lamportes and Borne Suss., and in Tanrydge, Surr. Also ten messuages in the parish of St. Sepulchre without Newgate, London, in tenure of John Pryor and Garrard Hynke,—Copercyonerslandes; all the messuages in the said parish of St. Sepulchre within the alleys named Newgate Alley, Myddell Alley and Luttesalley, and the said alleys, in tenure of Robt. Gylberte, which formerly belonged to the Duke of Somerset and are now parcel of the Copercyoners-londes; and a burgage in Polestrete without the walls of the borough of Denbigh, co. Denbigh, in tenure of Fulk Butter forfeited by—(blank),—Jevan apTuder, lately outlawed for felony. Westm., 8 May. Pat. 37 Hen. VIII., p. 14, m. 41.
18. John Wyllyams, LL. D., King's chaplain. Presentation to the third prebend in Gloucester cathedral, vice James Vaughan, dec. Westm., 3 May 37 Hen. VIII. Del. Westm., 8 May.—P.S. Pat. p. 18, m. 28.
19. Anne Crofte. Warrant for livery of lands to her as sister and next heir of John Whitwell, who died, 21 May 36 Hen. VIII., seised of lands in Felmyngham and the manor of Felmyngham Hall, holden of the King, and other lands there (named).—Dated 21 Feb. 36 Hen. VIII. Del. Westm., 8 May 37 Hen. VIII.—S.B. (signed by St. John, Sewster and Beamount).
20. Walter Vaughan, yeoman of the Guard. Fee of the Crown of 6d. a day vice Hen. Holden, dec., from 25 Jan. last, when Holden died. Westm., 26 April 37 Hen. VIII. Del. Westm., 9 May.—P.S. Pat. p. 18, m. 28.
21. John Synger, clk., of the Chapel Royal. Grant of the prebend or canonry of Walton in the collegiate church within Bridgenorthe castle, Salop, void by death of Wm. Moulder. Westm., 4 May 37 Hen. VIII. Del. Westm., 9 May.—P.S. Pat. p. 18, m. 28.
22. Sir John Poulet, the King's servant. Annuity of 30l. out of the manors of Powdram and Ilton, Devon, in the King's hands by the minority of Wm. Courteney, kinsman and heir of Sir Wm. Courteney, dec, viz. son of George, s. and h. apparent of the said Sir Wm.; with wardship and marriage of the heir. St. James's, 4 May 37 Hen. VIII. Del. Westm., 10 May.—P.S. Pat. p. 5, m. 31.
23. Sir Hugh Poulet, the King's servant To be surveyor of the lands in cos. Soms., Dors., Wilts, and Hants, and elsewhere, in the King's hands by the attainder of Ric. Whytyng, late abbot of Glastonbury; with 20l. a year and diets of 13s. 4d. when occupied in the courts or about the accounts. Westm, 5 May 37 Hen. VIII. Del. Westm., 10 May.—P.S. Pat. p. 5, m. 33.
24. Anthony de Guarras, merchant of Spayn now resident in London. Licence, at the request of the Emperor's ambassador, "notwithstanding these present wars with France," to import 400 tuns of Tholoze woad and Gascon or French wines. Westm., 8 May 37 Hen. VIII. Del. Westm., 10 May.—P.S. Pat. p. 18, m. 23. In English.
25. Midd.—Commission to Sir Rog. Cholmeley, Robt. Chidley and Wm. Staunford to make inquisition upon the idiotcy of Wm. Page. Westm., 11 May. Pat. 37 Hen. VIII. p. 12, m. 1d.
26. Nicasius Tetsweirt, the King's subject. To have the next room of clerk of the Signet that shall fall void, the present four ordinary clerks being John Godsalve, Ric. Taverner, Wm Honninges and Gregory Raylton. Westm., 7 May 37 Hen. VIII. Del. Westm., 11 May.—P.S. Pat. p. 18, m. 28. In English.
27. Thos. Grey, the King's servant. Lease of two cottages in Normanton upon Sore, Notts, and certain lands there late in tenure of Sir Ant. Babington, which belonged to Lenton mon. and came to the King by the attainder of Nic. Heth, last prior there; for 21 years from Mich. last. Del. Westm., 11 May 37 Hep. VIII—SB. (signed by Daunce and Southwell). Pat. p. 18, m. 29.
28. Robt. Norton and John Browne, of Westdeping. Line. Lease of lands (specified) there parcel of the lands of Henry late duke of Richmond and Somerset; for 21 years from Mich next. Del. Westm., 11 May.—S.B. (signed byDaunce, Southwell and Moyle). Pat. p. 18, m. 29.
29. Chr. Morland or Morelonde of Bunwell, Norf., yeoman. Pardon for the slaying of Ric. Walter, of Bunwell. spooner. St. James's, 12 May 37 Hen. VIII. Del. Westm., 12 May.—P.S. Pat. p. 14, m. 21.
30. Hen. Lee. Grant in fee, for 363l. 14s. 10d., of the lordship and manor of Teffount Evyas, Wilts., a wood called Holte Copyce (9ac) there, and the advowson of the rectory,—Walter lord Hungerford, attainted; the house and site of Rothewell priory, Ntht., a virgute of land adjoining it in tenure of John Lane, and the demesne lands which were in occupation of the late prioress,—Rothewell; Notley Grange, in tenure of Wm. Cooke in Sondon alias Sonyngdon parish, Beds.,—Notley mon., Bucks.; a messuage in tenure of Hugh Dekyns in Hawryge within Corse parish, Glouc., and all possessions of Lytell Malverne priory in Hawryge,—Little Malvern; and burgages in tenure of Jas. Tomkyns and Thos. Shepeham, in Webley, Heref., and all possessions of Wormesley mon. in Webley,—Wormesley. Del. Westm., 12 May 37 Hen. VIII.—S.B. (signed by Suffolk. Russell, Paget, Petre, North, Sir Robt, Southwell, Sir Ric, Southwell, Ric, Duke and Robt. Chydley). Pat. p. 14, m. 38.
31. Sir William Paget, one of the King's two principal secretaries. Licence to retain, over and above his daily attendants and those under him in his offices, 40 persons, gentlemen or yeomen, in his livery. Del. Westm., 12 May 37 Hen. VIII.—S.B. Pat. p. 18, m. 29.
32. Baldwin Willoughbye, the King's servant. Lease of a water mill in Oveston, Ntht., parcel of the lands of the late duke of Richmond; for 21 years from Mich. next. Del. Westm., 12 May 37 Hen. VIII. S.B (signed by Daunce, Southwell and Moyle}. Pat. p. 18, m, 29.
33. Robt. Rawson. Custody of all lands in Waldby, Estrington, Clementhorp, Owstrop and Sterlingthorp, Yorks, which belonged to Ph. Waldby, dec; with wardship and marriage of William s. and h. of the said Philip. Westm., 12 May 37 Hen. VIII. No note of delivery.—P.S. Pat. p. 18, m. 80 (undated).
34. Wm. Sheldon. Licence to impark 300 ac. of his lands in Weston, Warw., to be called the park of Weston, and to keep deer and other game and enjoy free warren and a several fishery therein. Westm., 7 May 37 Hen. VIII. Del. Westm., 13 May.—P.S. Pat. p. 18, m. 23.
35. Sir John Smythe, one of the barons of the Exchequer. Custody of the manor of Trewithy and lands in Trewithy, Beryowe, and Cashefrenche, Cornw., which belonged to John Kecwyche. dec.; with wardship and marriage of George Kecwyche, s. and h. of the said John. Westm., 7 May 37 Henry VIII. Del. Westm., 13 May.—P.S. Pat. p. 18, m. 23.
36. Peter Pymlet, late of Henbury, Chesh. General pardon for murders, robberies and felonies. Westm., 4 May, 37 Hen. VIII. Del. Westm., 13 May.—P.S. Pat. p. 18, m. 27.
37. George Henneage, archd. of Lincoln, King's chaplain. Licence of nonresidence from all his benefices; and to keep a household chaplain who may also be absent from any benefice he may have. Westm., 3 May 37 Hen. VIII. Del. Westm., 13 May.—P.S. Pat. p. 18, m. 27.
38. Town of Boston, Line. To be a free borough governed by a mayor, 12 aldermen and 18 other burgesses to be called the Common Council, and to have a recorder, a town clerk, six constables, a coroner, two sergeants ad clavam, and a clerk of the market. Nicholas Robertson to be the first mayor of the said borough, and to hold office from the feast of SS. Philip and James next. The mayor and burgesses to be a body corporate. The following are appointed aldermen, viz., Nic. Felde, John Tupholme, John Wendon, Wm. Spynke, John Taverner, Wm. Kydd, Thos. Sorsby, Hen. Foxe, Wm. Isott, Wm. Bowles, Hen. Hoode, and John Mergery, and to elect the 18 burgesses who shall form the Common Council; and annually the Aldermen and Common Council shall, at the feast of Annunciation of St. Mary, elect one of the aldermen to be mayor from the said feast of SS. Philip and James for one year.
With many other regulations and liberties. Del. Westm., 14 May 37 Hen. VIII.—S.B. (slightly injured: signed by Wriothesley, Suffolk, Hertford, Lisle, Gardiner, Thirlby and Wingfield), Pat. p. 4. m. 32.
39. Ralph Crofte. Grant, in fee, for 132l. 13s. 4d., of the manor and grange called Hunton Graunge, in tenure of John Husbonde. sen. Robt. Barker, Wm. Kylborne, Ric. Brokehole, Jas. Kylborne, Wm. Husbond and John Husbond, jun., in Hunton, Yorks,—St. Leonard's, York; a messuage and lands in tenure of Thos. Chamber in the township of Hooton, Yorks.,—Marrycke. Del. Westm., 14 May 37 Hen. VIII.—S.B. (signed by Suffolk, Russell, Paget, Sir Ric. South well, North, Sir Robt. Southwell, Bacon and Duke). Pat. p. 6, m. 27.
40. Philip and Thomas Lovell. Grant, in fee, for 103l. 10s., of messuages and lands (specified) in Skelton, Yorks., in tenure of Robt. Camas, Wm. and Joan Symson, Peter Welles, Wm. Wilson, Laur. Robynson, John Coltman, the wife of—Gamas, Roger Curwen and Thos. Dobson,—St. Mary's mon., York. Del. Westm., 14 May 37 Hen. VIII—S.B. (signed by Suffolk, Russell, Paget, Petre, Riche, North Sir Ric. Southwell, Wm. Staunford and Robt. Chydley). Pat. p. 18, m. 5.
41. The inhabitants of the town of Warwick. Charter of incorporation as the burgesses of the town of Warwick, and grant to them of the rectories of St. Mary and St. Nicholas in Warwick, of Chaddisley, Wore, and of Budebroke, Warw., with the advowsons of the vicarages, and a house, &c., in the street called Cannone Rowe in tenure of David Vaughan, clk., all which belonged to the late college of St. Mary in Warwick and are valued at 58l. 14s. 4d. yearly; at rent of 6l. 13s. 4d.; with the issues from Mich, last, and all bells and lead of the said churches. The burgesses shall pay the vicar in the said church of St. Mary, hereby to be named and incorporated, and his successors, 20l. a year, and 40s. besides for tithes, and shall make annually to the master or pedagogue of the King's school of Warwick, similarly to be hereby named and incorporated, and his successors, 10l. a year, and shall immediately make a grant to the said vicar and master of a con venient house (sic) within the said town for the habitation of the said vicar and master and their successors. They shall also pay yearly to two chaplains, priests, one clerk and one sacrist, in the said church of St. Mary, competent salaries. Also the King by his supreme ecclesiastical authority grants that there shall always be in the said church of St. Mary a vicar perpetual, by him presented, in the place of a rector, who shall execute the office of a rector in all things except in the repair of the chancel. Establishment also of a free school of one master or pedagogue in Warwick to be called the Kinges Newe Scole of Warwike, the master to be nominated by the Crown, and to receive the aforesaid annuity of 10l. Also licence to the said burgesses to give to the said vicar perpetual of St. Mary's and his successors the said 20l. and 40s. a year and a convenient dwelling, and to the said master or pedagogue and his successors the said 10l. a year and a convenient dwelling. St. James's, 10 May 37 Hen. VIII. Del. Westm;, 15 May.—P. S. Pat. p. 5, m. 23.
42. Ric. Burnbye. Livery of lands as s. and h. of Thos. Burnby, dec. Del. Westm., 15 May 37 Hen. VIII—S B. (signed by Hynde, Sewster and Bcamount).Pat. p. 5, m. 30.
43. John Braye, now lord Braye, Livery of lands as s. and h. of Edmund lord Braye, dec. Del. Westm., 15 May 37 Hen. VIII.—S.B. (signed by St. John, Sewster and Beamount). Pat. p. 6, m. 23.
44. Yorks.—Commission to Sir Peter Vavasour, John Vavasour, Wm. Monketon and Marm. Fawkes to make inq. p. m. on the lands and heirs of Martin Hilliard, Hen. Stokwith and Robt. Logge. Westm., 15 May. Pat. 37 Hen. VIII. p. 12, m. 1d.
45. Hen. Allen. Annuity of 8l. out of lands in Flekney, Arnesby, Gnoston, Twyford, Saxby, Brentingby and Stabulford, Leic, and in Tyxore, Uppingham and Manton, Rutl., which belonged to Ric. Pecke, dec, during the minority of Eustace, s. and h. of the said Ric. Pecke; with wardship and marriage of the heir. Westm., 7 May 37 Hen. VIII. Del. Westm., 15 May.—P.S. Pat. p. 14, m. 20.
46. Wm. Parkynson, one of the yeomen of the Queen's chamber. To be keeper of Capulbanke park within the fee of Richmond, Yorks, with fees from 12 Dec. last. Westm., 7 May 37 Hen. VIII. Del. Westm., 15 May.—P.S. Pat. p. 18, m. 6.
47. John Cocke, one of the King's footmen. Lease of a messuage and three virgates of land in Oveston, Ntht., in occupation of Eliz. Manning, parcel of the possessions of the late duke of Richmond and Somerset; from Mich, next, for 21 years. Del. Westm., 15 May 37 Hen. VIII—S.B. (signed by Daunce, Southwell and Moyle). Pat. p. 18, m. 28.
48. John Jones. Lease of a water mill called Lolleham Mylle, parcel of Torpell manor, Ntht., in tenure of Edw. Bocner, 4½ ac. of meadow there at Mylleholm and a pasture called Northburghylles in the parish of Etton, parcel of the lordship of Maxsey, Ntht., in tenure of Eliz. Lyle, parcel of possessions of the late duke of Richmond and Somerset; from Mich, next, for 21 years. Del. Westm., 15 May 37 Hen. VIII.—SB. (signed byDaunce, Southwell and Moyle). Pat. p. 18. m. 31
49. Thos. Dyer, the King's servant. Grant, in fee, for 409l. 15s. 10d., of the manor of Greyngton. Soms., and the advowson of the rectory of Greyngton.—Glastonbury. Del. Westm.. 16 May 37 Hen. VIII—S.B. (signed by St. John, Suffolk, Russell, Baker, Petre, North, John Caryll and Wm. Staunford). Pat. p. 4, m. 21.
50. Peter Seynthill. Grant, in fee, for 623l. 7s. 6d., of the lordship and manor, the rectory and the advowson of the vicarage of Rockebeare, Devon, and a wood there called Westwode (6 ac.)—Canonleigh; a moiety of the manor of Egleston, Dors., a meadow called Litle Mede at Warham, Dors, 2 ac. of meadow in Holmede in Egleston, in tenure of John Squyer, and all possessions of Shene mon. in Egleston,—Shene mon., Surr.; and a close called Long Wydyhoke alias Wydyhokes, in tenure of Thos. Downton, in Yatmyster parish, Dors.,—Cerne. Except other advowsons. Del. Westm., 16 May 37 Hen, VIII—S.B. (signed by Suffolk, Russell, Paget, Petre, Baker, North, Sir Robt. Southwell, Chydley and Duke). Pat. p. 5, m. 1.
51. Marmaduke Beke. Lease of. two corn mills in St. Giles's parish in Redyng, a fulling mill thereto annexed called Saincte Gylys Mylle, with tithes of the same, together with a stable and barn annexed to the tenement of John Aspull in Mylle Lane there, a void plot of ground adjoining that stable, a barn and two meadow plots to the north of the said two mills and a lock belonging to them called Tanlocke; also other two corn mills in St. Mary's parish. Redynge, with a fulling mill there, called Mynster Mylles and a lock called Greys Locke; together with all profits of fishings with "bowkes" at the said locks, and at the tails of the said mills and locks, and throughout the waters from the said locks, with all tithes, and free passage of boats for repairs and for fishing. Which premises came to the King by the attainder of Hugh Cooke, late abbot of Redynge. For 21 years from Mich. next. St James's, 10 May 37 Hen. VIII. Del. Westm., 18 May.—P.S. Pat. p. 2, m. 24. In English.
52. John Adlam, of Westburye, Wilts, clothman. Grant, in fee, for 222l. 16s. 8d., of the manor of Lyghe next Westbury, Wilts, which belonged to Farleigh mon., service and rent of 20s. out of Penleigh manor, Wilts, which Wm. Lord Stourton now holds, service and rent of 10s. out of lands in Westbury parish which Sir John Arrundell now holds, service and rent of 3s. 6d. out of Haywood manor, Wilts, which Robt. Leversegge now holds, service and rent of 12s. out of lands called Brokewayes in Westbury, which John Brokewayes now holds, service and rent of 14s. out of lands in Westbury which Nic. Willoughby now holds, service and rent of 6s. 8d. out of tenements in Bratton within Westbury parish which John Ingram now holds, service and rent of Id. from a cottage in le Marshe within Westbury parish which John Whyte now holds, service and rent of 2s. 2d. from lands called Greninges and Cockestede which the chaunter of the chantry founded in Westbury church now holds, messuages and lands in Lyghe in tenure of John Ussher, John Skulle, John George, Thos Phyppe, John Case, John Lucas, Robt. Johannes, Jas. Bocher and Ric. Hoskyns, a close and stream of water descending to the fulling mill there in tenure of John Bathe alias Wheataker, the chief messuage of Lygh manor and lands leased with it to John Whatley, the waste called Lyghe Common, and all appurtenances of the manor of Lyghe, also Lynley pasture in Rowde parish, Soms., in tenure of Thos. Donett,—Farleigh. Except advowsons. Del. Westm., 18 May 37 Hen. VIII.—S.B. (signed by Suffolk, Russell, Paget, North, Sir Ric. Southwell, Sir Robt. Southwell, Henry Bradshawe and Robt. Chydley). Pat. p. 5, m. 21.
53. Sir Robert Tyrwhytt, jun., and Elizabeth, his wife. Grant, in fee to the said Sir Robt., for 720l. 18s. 4d., of the house and manor of Old Eagle, Line., the rectory of Old Eagle, the lordship and manor of Northescarle Line., the rectory of Northescarle, the advowsons of the vicarages of Old Eagle and Northescarle,—Eagle preceptory and St. John's of Jerusalem.
Also grant to the said Sir Robert and Thomas Kyddall, in fee to the said Sir Robt., of lands in tenure of Edith Burdyde, Miles Mershall and Alex. Burdyde, in Brandon, Line.; rents and services out of lands of Robt. Sutton and George Shores in Stragelthorp; the manor of Kyrkeby Grene, Line., in tenure of Ric. Smythe, together with a toft in Thorpe and land adjoining it in Gubbyans Marsh; a toft in Soopwyke and a "le Dale" in Merton marsh,—Temple Brewer preceptory and St. John's of Jerusalem. A messuage called le George in Stylton, Hunts, in tenure of Humph. Bucke,—Busshemeade priory, Beds; tithes in Chesterton, Hunts,—Thorney mon., Hunts; Walcott grange in Walcott parish, Line., in tenure of Wm. Laughton,—Semperyngham. Del. Westm., 19 May 37 Hen. VIII.—S.B. (signed by Suffolk Russell, Baker, Petre, St. John, North Duke and Chydley). Pat. p. 11, m. 27.
54. Edw. Nicholson. Lease (by advice of Daunce, Southwell and Moyle, general surveyors) of two water mills under one roof in Estdeping, Line., parcel of possessions of the late duke of Richmond and Somerset; for 21 years from Mich. next. Westm., 14 May 37 Hen. VIII. Del. Westm., 19 May.—P.S. Pat. p. 14, m. 20.
55. John Taylor, the King's servant. To be one of the messengers in the Receipt of the Exchequer, vice Robt. King, dec. St. James's, 4 May 37 Hen. VIII. Del. Westm., 19 May.—P.S. Pat. p. 14, m. 22. (Cancelled, because surrendered 7 July 1 and 2 Philip and Mary, to be re-made to the said John and —— (blank) Taylour his son.)
56. Ambrose Dauncye. Fiat for his appointment to the farm of the subsidy and ulnage of cloths for sale in co. Wilts, with a moiety of the forfeiture of cloths exposed for sale without being duly sealed; for 21 years from Easter next at 76l. 19s. rent and 12d. increase, or more if any other, without malice, offers more. Headed: 12 May 37 Henry VIII. Teste: 19 May.—S.B. (signed by Norfolk and subscribed with certificate by Sir Chr. More of security given in the Exchequer).
57. Edward earl of Hertford. Grant, in fee, of the late college of Oterye St. Mary, &c. Hampton Court, 22 Jan. 37 Hen. VIII. Del. Westm., 20 May, 38 Hen. VIII.—P.S. Enrolled erroneously on Pat. 37 Hen. VIII. p. 1, m. 26.
58. Charles Ryngwod. Livery of lands as s. and h. of John Ryngwod. dec. Del. Westm., —— (blank) May, 37 Hen. VIII.—S.B. (signed by Hynde, Sewster and Beamount. Pat. p. 6, m. 2. (dated 20 May).
59. John Leveson of Wolverhampton, Staff., merchant of the Staple of Calais. Grant, in fee, for 584l. 11s. 8d., of Hardewyke manor, Salop; rent from lands in Grynshyll, Hadenhal and Haston. Salop, in tenure of Humph Madockes, Ric. Mathewe, Thos. Twyford, John Pycheatoke, Ric. Banaster, Rog. Corbet, Thos. Sturye, Ric. Seyry, Ric Dakys, and John Ive; messuages, etc., specified, in Grynshyll in tenure of John Ege, Thos. Emerye, Ric. Mathewes, Ralph Aleyn, Ric. Webbe, John Key, John Cowper, John Felton and Roger Harley; in Hadenhal in tenure of Ric. Banaster, Ric. Jukes, Humph, and Agnes Peynton, Alan and Adam, sons of Ric. Twys, and John Baker alias Wydoes; in Hasten in tenure of John Coton; in Smethecote, Salop, in tenure of Wm. Walford; in Asteley, Salop, in tenure of Ric. Meyr, John Madockes, Wm. Kelfort, Ric. Banaster; in Consawe within the parish of St. Mary, Shrewsbury, in tenure of John Russell; in Mocleton, Salop, in tenure of Rog. and Ric. Wattes and Robt. Dicher; in Edgebalden, Salop, in tenure of Wm. and Agnes Cooke and Ric. Dycher; in Besforde, Salop, in tenure of Ric. Dege and Geo. People; in Acton Reyner, Salop, in tenure of Wm. Meykyn; in Balderton, Salop, in tenure of John Heyward and Ric. Hussey; in Steple. Salop, in tenure of Ric. Tyler; in Hardewyke beside Hadenhall (Hardewyke Grange) in tenure of Ric. Tyler; in Smethcote and Slepe in Kylmershe in tenure of the said Ric. Tyler; and the rectory of Shawberye, Salop, with tithes in Shawberye and Wythyforde. in tenure of Edw. Lytelton, Ric Corbet and Rog. Lancashire, and the advowson of the vicarage of Shawberye,— Haughmond. Also rents of 1d. out of lands of John Moseley and 7d. out of lands of Thos. Johnson in Brewood, Staff., land called Dawpleke in Brewood in tenure of Rog. Fowke, rent of 3d. from lands of Ric. Whytmore in Horsebroke and Stretton, Staff., lands in Horsebroke in tenure of Ric Bromehall and John Tomkyns, and all lands in Brewood and Horsebroke which belonged to Brewood priory, Staff.— Brewood, Staff. Del. Westm., 20 May 37 Hen. VIII.— S.B. (signed by Suffolk, Russell, Paget, Petre, Sir Ric. Southwell, Sir Robt. Southwell. North,Whorwood and Sewster). Pat. p. 6, m 4.
60. Lady Elizabeth, widow of Sir Chr. Morys. Grant to her and her assigns of all the goods and chattels of her late husband, together with the lease of the house in which he dwelt. Addressed to Daunce, Southwell and Moyle, General Surveyors, and Tuke, treasurer of the Chamber and of the Court of General Surveyors; because Sir Chr., who held the office of master of the Ordnances, had the employment of money for which the account was never declared, and the premises were attached for payment of his debt to the Crown, which they "will nothing countervail"; but. in consideration of his services and towards the relief of his widow ' "being left in weake astate," the King grants them to her. St. James's, 13 May 37 Hen. VIII. Del. Westm., 20 May—P.S. Pat. p. 6, m. 7. In English.
61. Edmund Wood, alderman of Norwich. Grant, in fee, for 560l. 22d., of the manor of Aylesham alias le Sextens Manor, Norf., lands lying near le Lyttle Brige in Aylshame parish, in tenure of Hen. Olyver, lands (formerly Hastynges) in the North field of Ingeworth, woods called Sextens Woode, Olde Wood and le Alderker (20½ ac.),—Bury St. Edmunds; lands in Mulsham within the parishes of Chelmysforde and Baddowe, Essex, called Baldewyn Hughes and Coldehams, in tenure of Wm. Myldemaye,— Sir Thomas More, attainted. Del. Westm., 20 May 37 Hen. VIII.—S.B. (signed by Suffolk, Russell, Paget, North, Sir Robt. Southwell, Sir Ric. Southwell, John Caryll and Bacon). Pat. p. 8, m. 3.
62. George Keynsham. Lease of the demesne lands of the honor and manor of Plympton, Devon, in the King's hands by the attainder of Henry marquis of Exeter, except the land called Battisford in tenure of Sir John Crocker and others, and all woods, &c.; for 21 years. Westm., 7 March 36 Hen. VIII. Del. Westm., 20 May 37 Hen. VIII.—P.S. Pat. 36 Hen. VIII. p. 19, m. 4.
63. Thos. Kynge and Ric. Fissher. Lease of the site and demesne lands of the manor of Billing Magna, Ntht., now in tenure of Thos. Palmer, and a messuage &c., there in tenure of Edw. Freman, parcel of lands of the late Countess of Richmond and Derby; from Mich, next for 21 years. Del. 20 May (place and year not noted).—S.B. (signed: Per Joh'em Daunce, Joh'em Hales and Richardum Pollard. (fn. 4)
64. John Cheyney. Livery of lands as s. and h. of John Cheyney, dec. Del. Westm.. 21 May 37 Hen. VIII.—S.B. (signed by Hynde, Sewster and Beamount). Put. p. 5, m. 25.
65. Wm. Denys, the Kings servant. To be keeper of Merlewood park and of the warren of coneys of Milborneheth and the wood of Filmer within the lordship of Thornbury, Glouc., with herbage and pannage of the said park and profits of the said coneys. Also to be receiver of the lordship of Thornbury and bailiff of the King's honors of Hereford and Gloucester in co. Glouc. and of all the King's lands of Estyngton and AJkerton, Glouc.
The above on surrender (1) of pat. 12 Feb. 14 Hen. VIII. to John Huntley, gentleman usher of the Chamber, then groom of the Chamber, of the keeping of the said park, etc., in the King's hands by attainder of Edw. duke of Buckingham, and (2) of pat. 26 Oct. 33 Hen. VIII. to George Huntley, son and heir apparent of the said John, of the reversion of the same. Westm., 17 May 37 Hen. VIII. Del. Westm., 21 May.—P.S. Pat. p. 5, m. 32.
66. Joan Goer, widow, Wm. Goer, weaver, Jas. Tavernour, cook, and Joan Pope, spinster, all of Denbury, Devon. Pardon of outlawry for failing to appear in tbe Common Pleas to answer a plea against them by Ric. Strode, esquire. Westm., 21 May. Pat. 37 Hen. VIII. p. 14, m. 21.
67. Robert Towneshende, serjeant at law. To be the King's justice in cos. Cheater and Flynt. On surrender of pat. 14 Aug. 32 Hen. VIII. granting the office to Sir Nic. Hare, vice Sir Wm. Sulyard. then dec. Del. Westan., 21 May (year not given).—S.B. (subscribed by Chancellor Wriothesley). Pat. p. 14, m. 22.
68. John Pascall. Fiat to the escheator of Essex for livery of lands to him as s. and h. of John Pascall, dec, who held of the King, in socage, Langdon Marsh in South Beameflete, and died 23 April 36 Hen. VIII. Dated 24 April 37 Hen. VIII. Teste 21 May.—S.B. (signed by Hynde, Sewster and Beamount).
69. Ric. Gerveys, alderman of London. Release from the office of an alderman, in consideration that he is vexed with stone, stricture, gout and other perilous diseases; and exemption from serving on juries or in office as sheriff, &c. (list given). Westm., 17 May 37 Hen. VIII. Del. Westm., 22 May.— P.S. Pat. p. 2, m. 21.
70. John Holcroft. Grant, in fee, for his services and for 344l. 12s. 10d., of the house, &c, of the late priory of Holland within Wygan parish, Lane., and all lands (minutely specified) in Holland and Markelande alias Marghlande within Wygan parish, which belonged to the said priory, all which premises are in tenure of Sir Thos. Butler; and other lands (specified) in Holland in tenure of Ric. Fayreclough, Chr. Fayreclough, Edw. Fletcwood and Jas. Byllyng, in Orrell within Wigan parish in tenure of Robt. Charnok, Thos. Fayreclough, Nic. Tuson, and John Haswall, in Wigan in tenure of Edm. Chaloner and in Markelande alias Marghlande within the town of Pemberton in tenure of John Whalley, Rog. Whalley. Humph. Wynstanley, Wm. Walthewe, and Geoff. Glasbroke,— Holland priory, Del. Westm., 22 May 37 Hen. VIII— S.B. (signed by Suffolk, Russell, Paget, North, Sir Ric Southwell, Sir Robt. Southwell, Staunford and Chydley). Pat. p. 4, m 12.
71. Miles Spencer, D.C.L. Grant, in fee. for 805l. 13s., of the site, &c., of the late college of St. Mary in the Fields within the city of Norwich, the church and steeple of the same, and all roads leading to the said college in the parish of St. Peter de Mancrofte; the chief messuage. &c, in the parishes of St. Peter de Mancrofe and St. Stephen, in tenure of Steph. Purwhit; 20 messuages in the parish of St. Peter de Mancrofte in tenure of Ela Butterey, Alice Dowe, Barnard Saunderson, John Lancaster, Hugh Semer, Geo. Garland, — Warde, Wm. Dennys, Wm. Garnyshe, Wm. Fylbeck, Alice Lambert, Thos. Goldringe,—Barton, widow, Robt. Fenne, John Florence, Hen. Grene, John Jones, John Surman, Ph. Smyth and John Melton; a chief messuage called Abrahams Hall in the parish of St. Peter de Mancrofte in tenure of Wm. Polley; three tenements in St Stephen's parish in tenure of Hen. Colfer alias Coffer, and four other messuages there (tenants Paul Wilshame, Wm. Clerk, Wm. Haggarsse, Chr. Curtisse, and John Cooke); two messuages in St. Andrew's parish in tenure of Thos. Crane and Wm. Hill, and messuages in St. George's parish in tenure of Robt. Emmx alias Emmes, John Greneleffe and John Gryffyn; rents and service (specified) from the Mayor, Sheriffs and Commonalty, Hen. Fuller, — Potter, widow, (now in tenure of Jerome Quasshe alias Swasshe), Ric. Cooke, Thos. Cooke, and — Rawson, widow, for tenements in Norwich; the moiety of a garden in St. Stephen's parish in tenure of Jas. Grene; and numerous gardens and messuages in various parishes in Norwich, in tenure of John Spendlowe, John Quasshe alias Swasshe, Ric. Catlinge, sen., Ric. Fletcher, John Leek, — Bakhouse, John Pottynghall, John Atkyns, Ph. Smyth, John Blowme and Wm. Clerke, shoemaker. Also the manor and rectory of Bowthorp, Norf., in tenure of the said Miles Spencer, the advowson of Bowthorp vicarage, with all appurtenances in Bowthorp and Baburgh, Norf.; and the rectories of Eston and Feldedallinge, Norf., the rectory and church and rectories and churches (sic) of Fresingfeld, Suff., with the advowsons of the vicarages of Eston, Feldedalling and Fresingfeld. All which premises belonged to the said college. Del. Westm., 22 May 37 Hen. VIII.—S.B. (signed by Suffolk, Russell, Paget, Sir Ric. Southwell, Sir Robt. Southwell, North, Hendle and Bacon). Pat. p. 4, m. 16.
72. Paul Gressham. Lease of the warren of coneys upon Hampden within the manor of Stoke under Hampden, Soms., a dovecot within the court of that manor, 1 ac. of pasture about the walls of the castle there in tenure of John Woode, pasture called Grovesmede alias Grubbes-mede in tenure of Joan widow of John Chasye, and a close called Courte Garden (11 ac.) in tenure of John Mereon, parcel of the said manor of Stoke; also the chief messuage of Melton Faconbridge, Soms., and certain lands specified there, in tenure of Alice widow of John Wydycombe, parcel of the manor of Melton Faconbridge; all which premises belonged to Wm. earl of Huntingdon; from Mich, next for 21 years. Del. Westm., 22 May 37 Hen. VIII.—S.B. (signed by Daunce and Southwell). Pat. p. 14, m. 13.
73. Thos. Byrkhed, S.T.B. To be keeper, master or governor of the hospital of Little St. Bartholomew in West Symthfeld in the suburbs of London. Westm., 18 May 37 Hen. VIII. Del. Westm., 22 May.—P.S. Pat. p. 14, m. 22.
74. Humph. Jurdane. Lease (by advice of Daunce, Southwell and Moyle, General Surveyors) of the manor of Brekles in Grymston, Norf.; from Mich, next, for 21 years. Westm., 17 May 37 Hen. VIII. Del. Westm., 22 May. —P.S.
75. John Braddill of Whalley, Lane. Grant, in fee, for 378l. 5s. 10d., of the grange called Riston Graunge in Bollonde and Craven, Yorks, in tenure of Ric. Banaster, and certain messuages, etc., in Bollonde and Craven, viz., Mylnehill (tenant Thos Bankes), Esburding (Thos. Bankes), Coklokhouse (Wm. Holden), Grenefelde (Ric. Holden), Halstede (Ric. Proctour), Fayrehill (Chr. Banke), Hawlis-hill (Giles Holden), Newhouse (Agnes Becrofte). Catlowe (Ric. Tempest), Hollyns (Thos. Jakson),—Kirkstall; rent and service of 2d. from lands of Ric. Scolfelde in Castelton, Lane, a cottage called Garthsidehay in Castelton in tenure of Geoff. Wallesden, and two cottages in Wysewolde, Lane, in tenure of Ric. Richardson and Fras. Pasloo,— Whalley. Del. Westm., 23 May 37 Hen. VIII.—SB. (signed by Suffolk, Russell, North, Sir Robt. Southwell, Sir Ric. Southwell, Staunford and Chydley). Pat. p. 4, m. 19.
76. James Browne, of London, haberdasher. Grant, in fee, for 1.035l. 11s. 8d., of the lordship and manor of Westhaughton, Lane, with appurtenances in Westhaughton and Preston in Amoundernes, and all other lands of Cokersande mon. in these places — Cokersande. Del. Westm. 23 May 37 Hen. VIII.—S.B. (signed by Suffolk, Russell, Paget, Petre, St. John, Ryche, North, Sir Ric. Southwell, Bacon and Duke). Pat. p. 4, m. 22.
77. Nic. Lestrange. Livery of lands as s. and h. of Sir Thos. Lestrange, dec. Del. Westm., 23 May 37 Hen. VIII.—S.B. (signed by Hynde, Sewster and Beamount). Pat. p. 6, m. 3.
78. John Stydolff. Livery of lands as s. and h. of Thos. Stydolff, dec. Del. Westm., 23 May 37 Hen. VIII.—S.B. (signed by Hynde, Sewster and Beamount). Pat. p. 6, m. 22.
79. Sir Ph. Hobbye. Grant (for his good service), in fee, of the advowson of Elmeley rectory and of the free chapel of Elmeley, Worc., parcel of Warwyck's lands, also the rectory of Elmeley, Worc., rent of 20l., late parcel of the said free chapel, out of the manor of Wykewan alias Childeswikewan, the lordship and manor of Nawnton alias Nawynton, Worc., parcel of the possessions of the said free chapel, and the advowson of the vicarage of Elmeley. Grenewich, 23 May 37 Hen. VIII.—P.S. No note of delivery. Pat. p. 7, m. 6 (undated).
80. Robt. Towneshende, serjeant at law. To be justice in cos. Denbigh and Mountgomery, in Wales, exercising the office as is done in cos. Merioneth, Carnarvon and Anglesey within the principality of North Wales. Del. Westm., 23 May (year not noted). —S.B. (subscribed by Chancellor Wriothesley). Pat. p. 14, m. 21.
81. Robt. Towneshende, serjeant at law. Annuity (for his good service) of 100/. from the Annunciation of St. Mary last. Del. Westm., 23 May (year not noted). —S.B. (subscribed by Chancellor Wriothedey). Pat. p. 14, m. 21.
82. Anthony Foster. Grant, in fee, for 440l. 5s. 5d., of the manor and the advowson of the rectory of Parva Wenlock, Salop., woods called the Wrekyn Comen Woode (220ac), Colmer Comen Woode (180ac), and Tymber Comen Woode (200ac.) in Parva Wenlocke, belonging to the said manor,— Wenlock priory; Shiffordes Grange, Staff., in tenure of Sir Robt. Nedeham,— Cumbermer mon., Chesh.; the advowson of the church or chapel of Llanvayr Gylgoydd, Monm., and the chapel or grange of Llanvayr aforesaid, in tenure of Thos. Baskarvyle, Walter app Pye and John app Richard app Phelipp, and woods called Llanvayr Wood (l0ac.) and Llanvayr Grove (6ac.) belonging to the said chapel or grange,— Dore mon., Heref.; the advowson of the rectory and parish church of Hynxworth, Herts.,— Pypwell mon., Ntht. Del., Westm., 24 May 37 Hen. VIII.—S.B. (signed by Suffolk, Russell, Paget, Petre, North, Sir Robt. Southwell, Hendle and Chydley). Pat. p. 4, m. 9.
83. John Godsalve. Livery of lands as s. and h. of Thos. Godsalve, dec. Del. Westm., 25 May 37 Hen. VIII.—S.B. (signed by St.John, Hynde and Beamount). Pat. p. 5, m. 28.
84. Ric. Eden, archd. of Middlesex. Licence of non-residence. Del. Westm 26 May 37 Hen. VIII.—S B. (end d. as made at the suit of Mr. Paston). Pat p. 2, m. 18.
85. Edmund Harman. Grunt, in fee, for 317l. 15s. 8½d., of the manor, the rectory and the advowson of the vicarage of Thyrrefeld, Bucks,— St. Alban's mon.. Herts.; a messuage called Banbury Courte in tenure of Robt. Delawoodde and Anne bis wife in St. Helen's parish, Abendon, Berks., with gardens, &c,— Abendon; and the advowson of Wydforde rectory, Glouc.
Also grant to the said Edmund and Agnes his wife, in fee to the said Edmund, of the rectory of Burforde and chapel of Fulbroke, Oxon., the advowson of Burforde vicarage,—Keynsham priory, Soms.; a close of pasture called le Eightene Acres in tenure of Sir John Brydges and Thos. Brydges in Fyfelde parish, Oxon, abutting upon Fyfelde common on the north, south and west, and upon Bruerne Woodde on the east,— Bruernc mon. Del. Grenewiche. 26 May 37 Hen. VIII.—S.B. (signed by Suffolk, Russell, Paget. North, Sir Ric. Southwell, Bacon and Duke). Pat. p. 4. m. 14.
86. Ric. Staverton, one of the King's ushers. Grant for life, of 13 tenements worth 100s. a year on the south side of Holborn in the suburbs of London, opposite the mansion of the bp. of Ely, abutting upon the end of the lane called Faterlane parcel of the lands of Sir Ric. Carleton, attainted; as amply as Ric. Staverton, his father, held them. Westm., 7 May 37 Hen. VIII. Del. Westm., 28 May,—P.S. Pat. p. 2, m. 15.
87. Borough of Boston. Grant to the mayor and burgesses of Boston, Line., and their successors, for 1,646l. 15s. 4d., of the lordship and manor of Boston, parcel of the lands of Henry, late duke of Richmond and Somerset, and all other messuages lying north and south of the manor of Halgarto upon the bank of the water of Boston in Boston, all the King's messuages in Wormegate in Boston, in le Newe Bocheroo, on the north side, in Boston, in le Newe on the south side in Boston and in lez Barber Howe, Fysshe Rowe, and Bocher Rowe, on the north and south sides of the Bridge, in Bar gate, le Checker, and Chamber Rowe, Gascoyn Rowe, Tylney Lane and Olde Frere Lane in Boston, the messuages, etc., [called?] Nyne Rentes and Fyve Rentes and lez Newe Rentes in Boston, the meadow in Boston, the water mill there, all messuages, etc., in Jesarhall in Boston, the "beame" in Jesarhall and all buildings, stallage, peisage, docage, tronage and other customs in Jesarhall, lez Stathes, le Hallgarthe and elsewhere in Boston, which belonged to Henry, duke of Richmond and Somerset, and all appurtenances of Boston manor. Also grant of the office of le beame and of stallage, niensurage, peisage, tronage, and docage, with all issues and profits thereof and the appointment of deputies.
Also grant of a messuage and two gardens in tenure of John Parowe, in Boston,— Old Malton priory, Yorks; a mill, etc., in Boston in tenure of Thos. Wright,—Fountaunce mon.; a messuage in Boston in tenure of John Blauncherd,—Durham mon.; all lands in St. Botolph's parish in Boston which belonged to the mon. dePratis Leycestre; the impropriate rectory of St. Botolph in Boston and the advowson of the same,—preceptory of Dalby and Rotheley, and St. John's of Jerusalem; and the advowson of the vicarage of St. Botolph in Boston. Also the messuage and house [called?] Hussley Towre in Boston, and rents and services from lands (specified) in Boston, viz., of Edm. Turner (4s.), Ric. Willoughby (16s. 2d., the Sign of the White Stag), Wm. Scamylby (13s. 4d., Sign of the Sarsen's Heed) the Guild of St. Mary (8s. 10d.), Edw. Bawtre (3s.), Thos. Fayde (2s.), the Guild of Corpus Christi (10s. 8d.), Geoff. Pynchebecke 20s ), Robt. Pulvertofte (3s.), Wm. Bell (5s.), John Cokeson (4s.), Ric. Grene (4s ), Beatrice Pynchebecke, widow (4s), John Sutton (6s.), Wm. Kydd (10d.), the Guild of Corpus Christi (10d.), Thos. Wormesley (6d.), Chas. Hulson (11¾d.), Geo. Hulson (12d.), John Meres (I5d.). the late mon. of Spaldyng (2s.). Ric. Tonnard (6s.). Robt. Cony (7d. and 8d.), Robt. Pulvertofte (18d., garden purchased from John Roche), Thos. Harr (6d.), John Roche (12s. 4d.). Thos. Moreton (2s. 2d.). Edw. Byrte (11d.), Robt. Cony (1d.), Wm. Etwell (3s. 6d.), Thos. Murry (2s. 6d.), Thos. Marre (20d.), John Goodale (2s.). John Nesse (2s. 4d. and 10s.), John Huchynson (15s.), heirs of the Duke of Rychemond (13s. 4d.), the Guild of St. Mary (8s.), the late priory of Haverbolme (2½d.), the Guild of Corpus Christi (3d.). Robt. Cony (4d.). Sir Thos. Burneston (1 lb. of cummin).— John, lord Hussey attainted. Also grant of all lands in Boston in tenure of John Cokeson, Rog. Shypwright, John Clerke, Wm. Esotte, John Roche, Wm. Gladwyn. Geoff. Hall, John Johns, John Cosyn, Peter Emery, Ric. Kellet's heirs, Thos. Harroppe, Ric. West, Edm. Brett, Wm. Etwell, Edw. Bawtre, Thos. Waltham, Simon Leche, Thos. Marry, John Almonson, Thos. Yonge, John Tupholme. Edm. Turnour, Wm. Esott, Wm. Gladwyn, Robt. Warde, Simon Goodale, Hen. Foxe, Wm. Hill, Wm. Pynchebek, John Huchinson's wife, John Raynolde, Wm. Pynchebecke's wife. Ric. Tannard, John Stephynson, Hen. Mylys, John Bucketon, Gilb. Whitacre, and Thos. Palmer, and all other possessions of lord Hussey in Boston,—John, lord Hussey.
Also a messuage and six cottages in Wormegate in tenure of Ric. Busshoppe, —Barlynges mon.; messuages in tenure of Joan Dyker, widow, Joan Cordie. Wm. Welles, Matilda Harwood, Joan Cokeson, widow, Joan Rauthwell, Helen Wylkyn-son, Wm. Robynson, Joan Crofte. Margery Wyndesore, and Thos. Mahugh, sen., in Boston, a chief messuage in Spane Lane, Boston, in tenure of Hen. Mylys, and the gardens there in his tenure extending from Bardyke to the pasture in tenure of Robt. Thomlynson, a messuage (36 ft. by 22 ft.) in tenure of John Leeke in Kyrkelane. Boston, upon the eastern end of the water there, 2 ac. of land lately in tenure of Hen. Mylys and afterwards leased to John Parrowe and Edm. Turnour in Spayne Lane, and a "garden plotte" in tenure of John Grene,— Kyrkested mon.; a messuage in tenure of Ric. Awcoke in Boston.— Bridlington priory, Yorks; and 8 ac. of pasture in tenure of Thos. Pannell in Boston,— Jarraux mon., Yorks; and all possessions of Barlynges. Kyrkestede, Bridlington and Jarvaux in Boston.
Also rent of 2d. and service from a tenement of Robt. Thomkynson, messuages in tenure of Thos. Curryer and the wife of Hen. Armyn. five stables in tenure of John Smythe, Robt. Ingoldemylle, Wm. Bryan. John Draper and Wm. Browne a chief messuage in tenure of Wm. Kydde, a messuage in tenure of Nic. Cowper, and a cottage in tenure of Thos. Wolwynder, all in Boston,— Swyneshede priory; rents and service in Boston, viz., 5s. from lands of Wm. Gooderyk in Emerye Lane, 2s. from a messuage of Ric. Sawerbye at the west end of Emerye Lane and 13s. 4d. from land called Westnatn Thynge, of Thos. Frenche.— Thorneholme priory; rent of 6s. 8d. and service from lands of the chantry of St. Mary in Boston, and a garden in tenure of John Tupham in Boston,— Haverholme priory; a messuage in tenure of Robt. Paynter, in Boston, — Nunneormesbye priory; lands in tenure of Robt. Adam, in Boston.—Alvyngham priory; two tofts formerly in tenure of Chr. Newcome in Boston, — St. Katharine's priory next Lincoln; a fishery in tenure of Peter Emerye, in Boston —Bardney mon.; seven houses there in tenure of Thos. Warde, John Roper, Thos. Wolwynder, John Kelynge, John Greye, John Skypper and Ric. Wase, and a cottage in Wolwynder's tenure,— Kyme priory; four cottages there in tenure of John Parkyn, Wm. Stanley, John Bartylmewe, and Robt. Parkyn. and a chief messuage and cottage in tenure of Wm. Kydde,— Spaldyng mon.; a house there in tenure of the relict of Wm. Chapman,— Styx-wolde priory; a cottage in tenure of Nic. Robertson,— Lowthparke mon.; rent of 33s. 4d. and service from lands of Thomas Manars, earl of Rutland, in Boston, land in tenure of the heirs of Thos. Robertson, a messuage in tenure of the heirs of Edw. Bawtree, two cottages in Lincolne Rowe in tenure of John Cole, a garden in tenure of John Harcastell, a messuage at Skyrbeck Gote in tenure of Thos. Yonge, a pasture in tenure of John Margerye, a messuage and stable in tenure of John Parowe, the lands in tenure of Thos. Browne, a garden in tenure of the wife of Thos. Grene, land late in tenure of Thos. Lordewyn and afterwards of Thos. Leeke, land at Grenedyke, and lands in tenure of Ric. Goodyng, all in Boston, —cell of Fryston, and Crowlande mon; the house and site of the late White Friars in Boston with its 5 ac. of lands there, a messuage in tenure of Thos. Walthewe, and a reedy pasture in Skyrkebek lately in tenure of John Tupham and afterwards of Wm. Heydon,—White Friars, Boston; the house and site of the late Augustinian Friars in Boston and its grounds of 10 ac., and a messuage in tenure of John Fawcote at St. John's Bridge,— Augustinian Friars, Boston; the house and site of the late Grey Friars in Boston, and a house in tenure of John Noppye there — Grey Friars, Boston. Del. Westm., 28 May 37 Hen. VIII.—S.B. (injured: signed by Suffolk, Hertford, Lisle, Gardiner and Thirlby). Pat. p. 4. m. 23.
88. The under-treasurer of the mint at Cantorburye. Commission to coin only groats of 4d. according to the "standert lately devised" until the feast of All Saints next and to use diligence. This notwithstanding that the establishment of his office ordained that only the half groat, the penny, the half penny and the farthing should be made in that mint. Grenewich. Del. Greenwich, 28 May 37 Hen. VIII.—S.B.
In English.
Like commission to the under-treasurer of the mint at York. Greenwich. Del. Greenwich, 28 May 37 Hen. VIII.—S.B.
89. Wm. Barbour alias Rice. Lease of the site of the manor of Lenthall Starkes with certain demesne and other lands specified; from Mich, next, for 34 years. This on surrender of a lease to Anth. Cottes, 10 March, 28 Hen. VIII. (by advice of Sir John Daunce, the King's Councillor John Hales, one of the Barons of the Exchequer, and Ric. Pollard, remembrancer in the Exchequer, then General Surveyors), for 21 years. Del. Westm., 29 May, 37 Hen. VIII—S.B. Pat. p. 2, m. 20.
90. Sir John Jermy. Grant, in fee, for 391l 17s. 11d., of the manor of Coddenham, Suff., —St. John's of Jerusalem and Battisford commandry; and the manor of Wykes Episcopi, Suff,— Ric. late bp. of Norwich. Except advowsons. Del. Grenwiche, 30 May, 37 Hen. VIII.—S.B. (signed by Suffolk, Russell, North, Sir Robt. Southwell, Sir Ric. Southwell, Bacon and Caryll). Pat. p. 9, m. 21.
91. Lord Chancellor Wriothesley. Licence to retain in his service, besides his household and other attendants, 100 persons, gentlemen or yeomen, in his livery. Grenewich, 28 May 37 Hen. VIII. Del. Grenewiche, 31 May.—P.S. Pat. p. 2, m. 17.
In English.
92. The Duke of Suffolk. Licence to retain, besides his household and other attendants, 100 persons, gentlemen or yeomen, in his livery. Grenewiche, 28 May 37 Hen. VIII. Del. Grenewiche, 31 May.— P.S. Pat. p. 2, m. 18.
In English.
93. Licences to alienate (fn. 5) :—
John Gate, of Garnettes, Essex, to Wm. Bradbury, jun. Watermill in Lytelbury. Essex, in tenure of Benedict Burton, and messuage there, in tenure of John Berners, and lands leased with them in Littelbury. Chepyng Walden and Stratehall, Essex; and also three shops (position described), in tenure of Thos. Byrde in the market place of Chepyng Walden,— Tyltey mon. (1st.) P. 5, m. 34.
John Pope to Ric. Forster. Rectory and advowson of the vicarage of Sutton Maddock, Salop,— Wombridge mon. (1st). P. 13, m. 10. (Cancelled, "quia aliter in anno 38 Hen. VIII.")
Paul Wythypole, Steph. Kyrton, Thos. Offeley, John Scutte, Ric. Bucklande. Robt. Wylford, Robt. Mellyshe, Nic. Wylford, Ric. Holte, John Canon, John Myller, Ralph Davenett, Hen. Polsted, Thos. Broke, Hen. Suckley, Ric. Wadington, Nic. Cossyn, Ralph Foxeley, John Jakes, Wm. Wylford, jun., Robt. Herdys John Jenkyng, Hen. Cooke, Robt. Dawbeney, Wm. Wolbert, Wm. Harper, John Farthyng, John Malt, Hen. Braym, John Fulwood, Thos. Roo, Ric. Maye and Ric. Buttell, merchant tailors of London, to Edmund Harman, groom of the Privy Chamber. Reversion of the manor of Wydford (or Wylforde, Glouc., in tenure of George Cotton (4th.) P. 10, m. 8
Sir Robt. Tyrwhitt, jun., and Eliz. his wife to Thos. Larke of Normanby, Line. Rent of 3s. 9d. and service from Robert Scottyng and his heirs for lands in Normanby next Spyttell, Line., and lands in tenure of Robt. Pygott and of Robt. and John Scoffyn there. (4th.) P. 17, m. 26.
Sir Wm. Barantyne, and Kenelm Throkmarton and Hen. Avetson to John Byddyll. Manor of Hatfeld, Heref, and meadow called Hymbare next Hatfeld in tenure of George Throkmarton. (5th.) P. 6, m. 26.
Lord Russell to Sir Robt. Kyrkeham. House and site of the late priory of Fynneshed, Ntht., a watermill beside the said site and closes, etc. (names and extents given) in Fynes Heade. Blather-wyke, Laxton and Dodyngton, Ntht., and all demesne lands of the said priory,— Fynneshed. (5th.) P. 14, m. 34.
Humph. Colles to Humph Barroo. Tenement in Walforde alias Walworth in Callacombe parish, Devon, in tenure of Hen., Coker,— Cleve mon., Soms. (5th.) P. 17, m. 5.
Lord Chancellor Wriothesley to John Chambre, elk.. M.D., for life. Rent of 37l. out of Tichefelde manor, Hants. (6th.) P. 17, m. 27.
John Eliot to Wm. Carowe. Meadow called Monelles Mede (4 ac.) in Strotforde, Herts., parcel of the farm called Wekeham Hall. (6th.) P. 17, m. 14; also at m. 21.
George Tresham and Edm. Twynho to Wm. Butler. House and manor of Preston Capes alias Preston super Montem, Ntht, and a wood called Yorles Woode there, — College of St. Mary in Warwick. (8th.) P. 17, m. 6.
The same to John Moign, sen., of Falkeborne, Essex. Messuage formerly called Bacons and now called Abbottes in tenure of Wm. Hall in Wittham, Essex, and certain lands there (situations described). (8th.) Ib., m. 7.
The same to Daniel Payn. Rent of 2s. and service from lands of John Falde in Podington, Beds, a messuage there in tenure of Wm. Burton and the rectory and advowson of the vicarage of Podington, — Cannonsashebye priory. (8th.) Ib.
George Tresham and Edm. Twynyhoo to Wm. and Nich. Marrett. Lands in Harepole, Ntht., in tenure of Rog.Carrell and Edw. Gyfford,— Chacombe priory. (8th.) P. 17, m. 26.
Robt. Dyghton of Parva Sturton, Line., to Sir Robt. Huse. Lands in tenure of John Lydyngton and the said Huse in Skaupwyke and Kyrkeby, Line.,— Calley mon. (8th.) P. 17, m. 26.
Thos Broke merchant tailor of London, to Edm. Lydyate. Messuage, lately in tenure of John Godyere, and now of Thos. Staples, for life, in Bagyngton. Warw., and meadows there in tenure of Jas. Crewes, a rent of 6d. payable for the common fine in Bagyngton, a pension of 20s. out of Bagyngton rectory and the advowson of that rectory,— Kenelworth mon. (9th.) P. 17, m. 1.
Edw. earl of Hertford to Sir Edw. Darrell. Manor of Wynterborne Moncton, Wilts. (9th.) P. 17, m. 22.
John Dudley, K.G., viscount Lisle and Great Admiral, to John Welbeck. Rectory and advowson of the vicarage of Feltham, Midd.,— hospital of Burton St. Lazarus, Leic. (10th.) P. 8, m. 17.
Lord Chancellor Wriothesley to Thos. Magnus, elk., rector of Myvood, Pole and Gillfeld within the dios. of St. Asaph. Annuity of 60l. for life out of the manor of Tychefelde, Hants. (11th) P. 17, m. 7.
Christina Wygston, widow, to Giles Forster and Wm. Cokesey, to the use of the said Christina for life, and then to the use of Edward Pye and the heirs of his body, with remainder in default to the use of Wm. Wygston and the heirs of his body, with remainder in default to the right heirs of Edm. Langley, dec., father of the said Christina. Purparty in the manor of Oversudyngton. (11th.) P. 17. m. 26.
Maurice Denys and Eliz. his wife to Robt. Kaylewey and Ric. Randall. Manor of Sutton Athone, Kent, lately in tenure of Nic. Statham, mercer of London, dec., and lands in Asshe next Kyngesdowne and Edinbrige, Kent,— St. John's of Jerusalem. (12th.) P. 5, m. 34.
George Tresham and Edm. Twynyho to Jas. Tomkyns and John Sheter. Farm called le Mere Place alias le More Place within the parish of Kynges Pewne, Heref., in tenure of Hugh, Geoff, and John Sheter,— Wormesley priory. (12th.) P. 8, m. 14.
Fras. Jobson to John Bode of Rocheford, Essex. A marsh and lands called Bovelles in Southmynster, alias Sydmynster, and Mayland, Essex, and ail other lands in these places which belonged to Darcies chantries in Maldon and were lately in tenure of Thos. Strangman, dec. (12th.) P. 10, m. 1.
Sir Richard Wyllyams alias Crumwell to James Crumwell son of Walter, brother of the said Sir Richard. Pardon to the said James for the acquisition, without licence, under the will of the said Sir Richard, now dec., of the rectory of Fulburne Camb. (12th). P. 14, m. 34.
Wm. Wybarn and John Wibarn. his son, to Sir Thos. Warden (sic) and Eliza, his wife, in fee to the said Sir Thos. Manor of Tyllyngdowe alias Tyllyngdown, Surr., and woods called Tylldown Wood, Horwood Hyll, le Bred, Westfylde and Southfyeld, in Tanrige parish,—Edward duke of Buckingham. (12th.) P. 17, m. 2.
George Clyfforde and Mich. Welbore to Marm. Wyvell. Lands (specified and tenants named) in Kyrby Malsarte, Dalagh, and Lymterscanes (or Limterstanes), Yorks.,— Fountaunce mon.; and the rectory and advowson of the vicarage of Southstanley alias Kyrkestanley, Yorks.,—Byrdlyngton priory. (13th.) P. 17, m. 1.
George Tresham and Edm. Twynyhoo to Wm. Morecote A lesura or pasture called Hethcote, Warw., adjoining the common field of Mitton on the one side and the lands of the bp. of Coventry and Lichfield on the other, in tenure of Wm. Morecote,—St. Mary's College, Warwick. (l4th.) P. 8, m. 17.
Geoff. Danyell to Ric. Dyckynson alias Sadeler. Messuage and three cottages in Marleborough, Wilts., in tenure of Robt. Nuttynge (14th) P. 14, m 34.
John Maynard and Margery his wife to Francis Fitzjeffrey and Elizabeth his wife, in fee to the said Francis. Lands in Mylton Harnes and Thurley, Beds., in tenure of Wm. Barr, Anne Palmer and John Fytzjeffrey (Armytaige landys), and in Clopham parish. Beds., in tenure of John Alderman, the late prior of Newnham, and John Weste, the rectory of Clopham in tenure of John Fytzjeffrey, the advowson of the vicarage of Clopham, and a wood called Clopham Wood alias Caldewell wood (30 ac),— Caldewell priory. (15th) P. 17, m. 1; also at m. 41.
Chr. Gonson, s. and h. of Wm. Gonson, late of London, to Benedicta Gonson, widow of the said Wm., his mother. Lands called le Spyttelland a field called Brode Felde, and houses called "le Grange House." "a Oxhouse" and "a garner" in St. Peter's parish. Maldon, Essex,— Byeleigh mon. (18th.) P.8, m 24.
The same to Roger Challonour. Mansion called Abbottes Inne in the parish of St. Mary Athyll next Byllyngesgate, London, in tenure of the said Challonour and Dorothy his wife (18th.) P. 17, m. 6.
The same to Benjamin Gonson. Brewhouse called le Red Lyon in the parish of St. Botolph in Estsmythfelde next London, Midd.,— St. Mary Graces. (18th.) Ib.
Wm. Pynnocke to John Knottysford. Late priory of Magna Malverne, Wore., and houses, mills, gardens and grounds (specified) there. (19th.) P. 5, m. 35.
Alex. Popham and Wm. Halley to Robt. Hyll. Lordship and manor of Thurlebare, Soms., a messuage and lands called Playstrete in Staple parish, in tenure of Henry earl of Brigewater, rent of 24s. 9½d called "le Churchettz" out of lands in Thurlebare which Henry marquis of Dorset holds of the King by that rent, messuages and closes specified at Thurleaishe being parcel of the said manor in tenure of John Carvenyell, lands also parcel of the said manor in Westhatche and Uphatche, and the manor and lordship of Tobridge in the parish of St. James next Taunton,— Taunton priory. (19th.) P. 6, m. 27.
John Fyssher of Overton, Hants, to John Twyne of Norton, Hants, and his heirs of the body of Christiana his wife, and in default to his right heirs. Manor of Sutton Scotney, Hants, and its appurtenances in Wonston parish, Hants,— Southwyke priory. (19th.) P. 8, m. 30.
John Bottom to Thos. Tonney and Robt. Archedecon, to be regranted to the said John Bottom and Wooldmadina his wife in fee to the said John. Sixty acres of arable land in Paxton Magna, Hunts. (20th.) P. 14, m. 34.
Wm. Popley to John Wysse. Manor of Somerton Erley, Soms. (20th.) P. 17, m. 27.
George Owen to John Busshe. Manor of Fryrenboroughe in Faronboroughe, Soms.,— St. John's hospital without Redelyf Yate in Bristol. (25th.) P. 10, m. 7. (Cancelled quia in anno xxxviijo.)
Sir Roger Towneshende to Thos. Towneshende and Stephen Cleydon, to the use of the said Sir Roger and Anne his wife, for life, and afterwards to the use of Robert Towneshende, serjeant at law, his heirs and assigns. Manor, rectory, and advowson of the vicarage of Gayste, Norf., — Waltham Holy Cross mon. (Greenwich, 28 May.) P. 8, m. 45.
Edmund Wood to Thos. Mildemaye. Lands in Mulsham within the parishes of Chelmysforde and Baddowe, Essex, called Baldewyn Hughes and Coldehams, in tenure of Wm. Mildemaye—Sir Thomas More, attainted. (28th.) P. 8, m. 18.
James Rokeby of Newton, Yorks., senior, to James Rokeby, junior. Lands in Slemynford in Repon parish, Yorks., in tenure of Thos. Hemsley, Marg. Layne alias Playne, widow, John Bossall, Wm. Ullathorne, John Messe Jas. Atkynson and Thos. Playne, and woods called Howhill Copyes and Slemyngforth Copyes (50 ac.) in Slemyngforth,—Fountaunce mon. (28th.) P. 17, m. 20.
Peter Seynthill to Oliver Lawrence. Moiety of Egleston manor, Dors., meadow called Litle Meade in Warham, Dors., and 2. ac. of meadow in Holmeade in Egleston in tenure of John Squyer, and all possessions of Shene mon. in Egleston,— Shene mon., Surr. (29th.) P. 8, m. 32.


1 See Boubbourg Papers (under 16 July) 1, xxii, xxvii-xxix, xxxi-xxxiv.
2 May 25th.
3 See Boubbourg Papers (under 16 July) l, xxii, xxvii-xxix, xxxi-xxxiv.
4 These signatures are evidence that although filed in 37 Hen. VHI. this document belongs to an earlier year
5 All are dated at Westminster. In this abstract the day of the month appears in parentheses before the reference to part and membrane of the Patent Roll of 37 Hen. VIII.