Minute Book
September 1674


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'Minute Book: September 1674', Calendar of Treasury Books, Volume 4: 1672-1675 (1909), pp. 249-252. URL: http://www.british-history.ac.uk/report.aspx?compid=80490 Date accessed: 27 November 2014.


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September 1674

Sept. 11.
Treasury Chambers.
Present : Lord Treasurer.
The Lord Treasurer directs 1,000l. to be paid for the immediate supply of the Wardrobe.
The Lord Treasurer to discourse with the Earl of St. Albans concerning the Wardrobe.
Mr. Bertie to speak with Sir Allen Apsley about repairing the Mews Stables at St. James's.
The Lord Treasurer orders 3,000l. to be forthwith paid to the Master of the Ordnance as part of his establishment of 60,000l. per an. [viz. for the year] commencing at Midsummer, 1674.
The Lord Treasurer orders 2,000l. to the Works as part of the year's establishment commencing from April 1 last.
Mr. Mountney, junr., to have — due for interest upon two orders.
A warrant to the officers of the Works to give an estimate of the wall of New Park and what the charges of the repairs will come to.
The [? arrangement of the course of the assignments upon the] sixth quarter [of the present Eighteen Months' tax is] to be dispatched.
A letter to be written to Sir Robert Howard to know what orders are in course on the late subsidy.
The Lord Treasurer directs a warrant for 1,500l. [for] half a year of the Lord Privy Seal's salary due at Michaelmas next "for the use of the Chest" [possibly a lacuna ; and also — to the Navy Treasurer for the use of the Navy Chest].
A letter to Mr. Mountney for [him to pay into the Receipt] 182l. due to the Lord Privy Seal for half a year of his fee payable out of the Customs.
Mr. Thomas Harris of the Inner Temple to be found at the "Crown," between the Temple Gates. [Write him] to attend [the Treasury] in Sir Robert Thomas's concerns.
Capt. Anthony Young to have 965l. for a vessel he has sold to the King. The said sum to be paid out of 59,000l. received by Mr. Stephens of the Farmers' of the Excise.
Mr. Shales to write to Mr. Lyttelton for an account of his payments while Cashier to the Treasury of the Navy and to the officers of the yards for the needful returns from them, &c., and to go to Sir Cha. Lyttelton to adjust with him the case of the goods consigned to him by the Governor of Jamaica part of the proceed of Capt. Galeop's prize ; and to give the Lord Treasurer an account of the whole.
Give the Lord Treasurer an accompt how far Viscount Yarmouth's discharge reaches.
[Ibid, pp. 128-9.]
Sept. 14. Sir Gabriel Sylvius's case to be referred to the Customs Commissioners.
The order of Council for making several ships free [or naturalized as English] is to be referred to them [the Customs Commissioners] to consider and report and to inform the Lord Treasurer as well as they can what the number of ships is which have been lost this war and how many made free to repair the said loss.
The Lord Treasurer will speak with Mr. Finch on the business of hair seized by his deputy at Dover.
[British Museum Additional MS. 28,077, p. 130.]
Sept. 15. A letter to be written to Mr. Mountney to pay 50,000l. into the Exchequer.
[Ibid. p. 129.]
Sept. 16.
Treasury Chambers.
Present : Lord Treasurer.
The Lord Treasurer directs that care be taken, by the 23rd day of this instant Sept., that the sum of 4,827l. 2s. 4d. be paid to the Treasurer of the Navy for the service of the victualling in part of the establishment of the 200,000l. per an. for the use of the Navy this present year. A letter to be written to Sir Robert Howard directing the payment of the aforesaid sum for the Victuallers accordingly.
A letter to be written to Mr. Backwell to pay the [remain of the Queen Consort's dowry or] Portugal money into the Exchequer.
The Lord Treasurer appoints 200l. to be paid towards the present necessary repairs of the Stables at the Mews, as an extra of the service [of the Office of Works].
Enquire when Mr. Slingsby passed his last accompt about the Coinage [duty].
Col. Kingwell to have 500l. in further part of his order for 1,500l.
The Lord Treasurer allows the distribution of the said Coinage duty, as the Customs Commissioners have reported, viz. 4d. to the Receiver General, 4d. to the Comptroller, and 4d. to the Collector in the respective ports.
Write to Alderman Backwell to give an accompt of what money he hath already received from the States [General of the United Provinces], the Lord Treasurer having heard that he hath already received four-fifths [thereof and ask him] what hopes he has of receiving the remainder, and that he comply as soon as he can with Sir John Banckes's tallies.
The Lord Treasurer to speak with Mr. Maddocks on a business concerning the Navy.
To mind the Lord Treasurer to speak with some of the Commissioners of the Customs about books lately brought from Flanders directed to Her Majesty.
[Ibid. pp. 130-1.]
Sept. 18.
Treasury Chambers.
Present : Lord Treasurer.
The London [Excise] Farmers [are] called in about the Additional [Excise] duty. They pray the Lord Treasurer to accept the rent for the new rates [of the New and Additional Excise] according to their covenants in their old lease ; or that [on their] paying the full produce of the said new rates and bearing the loss of all bad debts and charges of management they may not be made losers by the New and Additional rates. The Lord Treasurer takes three days' time to give an answer to this proposal.
A warrant to be drawn for striking a tally for 14,326l. for interest [on] money advanced till Midsummer last by the new Farmers of the Excise : to be allowed out of the first third payment of their rent according to [the King's] covenant [with them].
A warrant to be drawn for the Auditors' fee upon their patent [viz.] 20l. to each [of them].
A letter to be written to Sir Robert Howard to acquaint the Lord Treasurer when any imprest rolls are made up ; but [that the states of accounts deduced from said rolls are] not to be delivered out before the parties first charge themselves.
A letter to be written to Mr. Alexander Nowell upon the complaint of some conventiclers that he detains the King's part of the fine notwithstanding the Lord Treasurer's warrant for restoring it.
[British Museum Additional MS. 28,077, pp. 131-2.]
Sept. 19. A letter to be written for payment of Sir John Finch's order for 375l.
The like for Lord Alington.
A letter for payment of Mr. Fowkes's 190l. 1s. 6d.
Mr. Richard Webster to be landwaiter at Sunderland if qualified.
A report to be drawn upon the Countess of Portland's petition.
A warrant to be drawn for 100l. for cleansing the new river at Hampton Court according to an estimate under Mr. Hugh May's hand.
Dr. Bourchier to have a letter to Sir Robert Howard for —.
[Ibid. p. 132.]
Sept. 23.
Treasury Chambers
Present : Lord Treasurer.
Memorandum : To quicken Sir Robert Howard about the certificates of the goldsmiths' interest upon [their] loan [money]. That as every goldsmith brings in the certificate of his accounts from Sir Robert Howard it be referred to Auditor Aldworth to draw up the account of two years for every one [? goldsmith] and to return the said certificates to the Lord Treasurer, upon which warrants are to be drawn for the moiety of each accompt for two years, until the Lord Treasurer and the Chancellor of the Exchequer shall adjust the time of the commencement of each goldsmith's particular accompt.
Mr. Mountney to observe [and pay] Lord Gerard's dormant warrant till further order.
The Lord Treasurer appoints 12,000l. to the Treasurer of the Navy for two weeks upon the ordinary and extra establishment of the Navy charge.
Send for Mr. Ashmole to speak to-morrow with the Lord Treasurer.
A warrant to be drawn for 10,000l. for secret service : [to be charged] upon the sixth quarter [of the present Eighteen Months' tax] in the first place.
The petition of the clerks of the peace is referred to Sir Phillip Lloyd and Mr. Sherwin to report upon.
The clerks of the Council's warrants [are] to be drawn.
To take an estimate of the rent of the Bishopric of Durham : and to know whether the next [sic? for neat] rent will answer more than what is charged upon it.
The Lord Treasurer directs the placing of Col. Whitley's 2,844l. 6s. 7d. on the list of [orders charged in course upon] the sixth quarter [of the present Eighteen Months' tax].
The Groom Porter [of the Tower] to have 200l. at present.
[British Museum Additional MS. 28,077, pp. 133-4.]
Sept. 28. The Lord Treasurer to be put in mind of the Yeomen of the Guard.
A letter [to be written to the Receipt for payment of] a quarter to Col. Howard on his pension.
The Lord Treasurer to be put in mind of giving directions in Mr. Kirk's business.
"The privy seal to be despatched for Col. Philips and the rest who are to have allowances out of the Excise : [? to be directed] to Sir Stephen Fox : and a warrant dormant to be drawn upon it as soon as 'tis passed."
The Lord Treasurer will appoint a day to discourse the business of the tin with the Attorney General, Solicitor General and Mr. Courtney. His Lordship to be put in mind of it. Thursday morning next appointed for this business.
Alderman Breeden, Alderman Forth and the rest of the Farmers of the London [Excise] are to attend then.
Lord Windsor's money is to be placed on the extraordinaries for the Works.
[Warrant for] 12,000l. to the Navy presently.
The [King's] musicians' warrants [are] to be paid.
[Warrant for] 200l. for the Robes for two weeks.
[Ibid. pp. 134-5.]
Sept. 29. Mr. Ross to have 100l. [being the unpaid] remainder of the Lord Treasurer's warrant [granted to said Ross] for 200l.
[Ibid. p. 135.]