Journal, August 1736
Volume 45


Institute of Historical Research



K. H. Ledward (editor)

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'Journal, August 1736: Volume 45', Journals of the Board of Trade and Plantations, Volume 7: January 1735 - December 1741 (1930), pp. 127-128. URL: Date accessed: 28 November 2014.


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Journal, August 1736

Thursday, August 5. Present:—Mr. Pelham, Sir O. Bridgeman, Mr. Brudenell.

New Jersey.

Three orders of the Committee of 24th of May last, referring to the Board three petitions, one from the Council and Assembly, one from the Grand Jury, and one from the agent of New Jersey, desiring a separate government for that province; as also a paper of reasons for that purpose, were severally read, and the Board taking this matter into consideration, agreed thereto, and signed a report to the Committee of Council, proposing the same.


The secretary then laid before the Board the accounts of incident charges of this office, from Lady Day to Midsummer last, amounting to £279 14s. 8d., and a letter to the Treasury, desiring payment thereof, was agreed to, and signed.

Tuesday, August 10. Present:—Mr. Pelham, Mr. Brudenell, Mr. Plummer.

St. Christophers.

Mr. Wavel Smith.

Mr. Smith desires to be heard again upon the subject of the Act giving him a salary of £60 a year, mentioned in the minutes of the 17th of June last; but the Board deferred appointing any day for this purpose, until there shall be a full Board. [v. Oct. 26th and Novr. 2nd, 1736.]



Mr. Consul Deane.

Letter from Lord Harrington with two papers relating to Mr. Deane's complaint of the magistrates having proceeded in a case properly before him, and of a servant of his, having been fined at Ostend, was read. Mr. Deane has constantly heard and determined all disputes between all English subjects at Ostend; the magistrates have never till now interfered in disputes between the subjects of England and the Flemings, the matter comes then before the magistrates, but the English Consul in that case sits among the magistrates.

Mr. Deane is desired to procure the best proofs he can get, of the several facts contained in the above papers.


New Hampshire.

Rhode Island.


An order of the Committee, directing the Board to prepare a state of the paper currency in the Massachusets, New Hampshire, Rhode Island and Connecticut, was read; ordered that letters be wrote to the several agents for this purpose.

Wednesday, August 18. Present:—Mr. Pelham, Mr. Brudenell, Mr. Plummer.

St. Christophers.

Mr. Coope, agent.

Mr. Coope desires the Board will consider and report upon the Act for settling the limits and bounds of the several parishes, and for amending the Act for regulating vestries, and for erecting into parishes those parts of the island formerly belonging to the French, passed in August, 1733; the Board resolved to consider of it at another opportunity.



Mr. Consul Deane.

Three depositions of the master, mate and mariner of the vessel who carried Mr. Connel to Ostend, as mentioned in the papers referred to the Board by Lord Harrington, whose letter was read at the last meeting, were now read.


Plantations General.

Letter from Mr. Carkesse, secretary to the Custom House, with a copy of the inspector's leidger for the year 1730, and a letter from Mr. Oxenford, Assistant Inspector General, giving reasons why the leidgers are not further completed, were read.


A letter from Mr. Wood, desiring copies of several Jamaica laws, in order to the printing thereof, was read; but the Board, intending to give directions for the printing a collection of the laws of that island by the king's printer, do not think proper to give copies thereof to any other person for that purpose; ordered that the secretary do write to Mr. Wood accordingly.

South Carolina.


Letter from the Duke of Newcastle, referring to the Board several letters and other papers received from Mr. Oglethorpe at Georgia, relating to the disputed bounds between Carolina and Florida etc., was read; and the Board resolved to consider further thereof at another opportunity. [v. Sept. 29th.]

Wednesday, August 23. Present:—Mr. Pelham, Mr. Brudenell, Mr. Plummer.



Plantations General.

Mr. Crosse.

Letter from Mr. Crosse, desiring the Board to consider the Consul's memorial, read the 2nd June last, desiring that Canary wines may be imported directly from the Canaries to the plantations, was read, and ordered that Dr. Halley be reminded of the letter wrote to him the same day, desiring to know in what quarter of the world the Canaries are situate.

Leeward Islands.

Virgin Islands.

Letter from Mr. Gray to the secretary, with some proposals for the settlement of the Virgin Islands, was read.



Copy of an order in Council of 11th instant, approving the Board's report upon Mr. Chitty's petition about the rhubarb contract, signed the 18th of June last, was read.



Copy of an order in Council of 11th instant, approving the Board's report upon the petition of the merchants of London, Bristol and Liverpool, signed the 29th of June last, was read.

South Carolina.

Copy of an order in Council of the 15th of July last, approving Board's report of the 18th of June last, upon Mr. Morley, the Provost Marshal's petition, was read.

New Jersey.

Two copies of orders in Council of the 16th June last, approving the Board's report of the 13th of May last, proposing the Copper Act of New Jersey may lie by probationary, was read.

South Carolina.

Copy of an order in Council of 16th June last, approving the Board's report of the 20th of April last, proposing Mr. Colleton and Mr. Braithwaite to be councillors, was read.


Two letters from Captain Pitt, Governor of Bermuda, with papers, was read, and an answer thereto was agreed to and ordered to be sent.