March 1548 - March 1550


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'Accounts: March 1548 - March 1550', St Martin-in-the-Fields: The accounts of the churchwardens, 1525-1603 (1901), pp. 127-133. URL: Date accessed: 25 November 2014.


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March 1548 - March 1550

Thys ys the acco'mpte of us John Goldhurst and Randall kyrbee Chur'wardens of the paryshe of Saynt Martyns in the ffelde besyde Charynge Crosse electe and Chosen to contynew as wardens ffrom the ffeaste of our lady thannu'cyacion in the yere of our lorde a Thowsaunde ffyve hundreth ffortye and eyght and in the secounde yere of the raygne of our sou'aygne lorde kyng Edward the syxt vnto the feast aforesayde of our lady in the yere of our lorde a Thowsaunde ffyve hundreth and ffyftye and in the ffourth yere of the raygne of our sayd sou'aigne lorde Edward the syxt by the Grace of god kynge of Englonde ffraunce and Irelonde Defendor of the ffaythe and in yerthe of the Churche of Englonde and Irelond supreme Head That ys to saye for the space of too hoole yeres complete, of all and synguler our receptes and paymentes and other ordynarye Chaurges specyfyed and conteyned in thys accom'pt as by the Declaracyon hereof more playnlye appere as ffollowethe.

Memorand' the sayd wardens do Charge them selves with nothynge of the wardens beynge in the rowme the laste two yeres byfore.

Receptes for Buryalles and knelles ffor bothe these yeres
Imprimis reseyued for a knell at the buryall of mr Morrantxijd
It'm receyued for the Clothe at all the buryalls of bothe yeresiiijs iiijd
It'm receyued for brekynge of the grounde at the buryall of mr Myllet the xth Day of Decembervjs viijd
It'm receyued for the brekynge of the grounde at the buryall of mr Crose the xijth day of novembervjs viijd
It'm for the knell of the sayd mr Crosexijd
It'm receyued for the brekynge of the growne at the buryall of the wyffe of Thomas a leevjs viijd
It'm receyued at the buryall of John Askewe ffor the brekynge of the groundevjs viijd
It'm receyued at the buryall of mother Cooke ffor brekynge of the groundevjs viijd
S'mma totalis of the buryalles ffor bothe thesse yeresxxxixs viijd.

The gatherynge at the Quarter dayes for the fyrste yere of this accompte wyth the money gathered for the pewes in the Churche and paschall money wyth other receptes as ffollowethe (fn. 1)

Our Lady Quarter

Imprimis receyued of the p'yssheners ffor the token money in the Churchexxxs
It'm receyuede ffor the Clarke and sextens wages and for the pewesxxjs xd

Mydsomer Quarter

It'm receyuyd for the Clarke & Sextons wagesxxiijs iijd

Myghylmas Quarter

It'm receyuyd for the Clarke & Sextons wagesxviijs viijd

Crystmas Quarter

It'm receyued for the Clarke & Sextens wagesxxs xd
Sum'a totalis for thes foure Quarters of the fyrst yerevli xiiijs vijd

The gatheringe at the Quarter dayes for the secounde yere of this accommpt wyth the token money and other receptes as hereafter more playnelye apperethe:—

Our Lady Quarter

Imprimis for the Clarke and sextons wagesxlijs iiijd
It'm receyued for the token money of the p'isshenersxviijs

Mydsomer Quarter

It'm receyuid for the Clarke & sextons wagesxxvs iijd

Myghylmas Quarter

It'm receyuid for the Clarke & sextons wagesxxvs iijd

Crystmas Quarter

It'm receyuid for the Clarke & sextons wagesliijs
Sum'a totalis of the foure Quarters in the secound yereviijli iijs xd

Receptes receyuid by the sayd wardens in the tyme of this accompt as hereaft' appereth

Imprimis receyuyd for ij hundreth of laten and a quarter after xviijs viijd the hundrethxljs xd
It'm receyuyd for a pyxe of syluer weynge xxth vnces after vs vjd the vnce (fn. 2) vli xs
It'm receyuid for a payxe of syluer weynge vjth vnces and a half after iiijs viijd the vncexxxs iiijd
It'm receyuyd for iiij knottes of syluer weynge iijth vnces and a quarter after vs the vncexvijs vjd
It'm receyuyd for a Crosse of laten and a payer of sensors of laten weynge xiiij pounde after iiijd the poundiiijs viijd
It'm receyuyd for Images of Alyblaster (fn. 3) vijs
It'm receyuyd for certayne Images (fn. 4) that where out of the Aulter clothesiiijs
Sum'a totalis of thes receptesxli xvs iiijd (fn. 5)
Sum'a totalis of all the hole receptes of thesse too yeresxxvjli xiijs vd

The sayd accom' pta'nnts do aske alowaunce for paymentes by them Layde out to and for the Churche vse in the fyrste yere of this accompt as here afte' more playnely apperethe.

Imprimis payd to the sexton (fn. 6) ffor hys hole yeres wagesxls
It'm payd for a Paraphrase (fn. 7) vs
It'm payd for the makynge of supplycacionijs
It'm payd for wrytinge at westmy'sterxijd
It'm payde to the sexton and his wyeffe for wasshynge and sckowrerynge at easterijs
It'm payd when we were byfore the Commyssioners (fn. 8) ijs
It'm payd for a boxeijd
It'm payde for the fformes standyng before the hyght Aultervs viijd
It'm payd for a byll presented to the kyngs Comyssyoners concernynge Chauntres ffree Chappells & suche lyke (fn. 9) xijd
It'm payde for wasshinge of x peces of Churche gerexd
It'm payd to the Clarke for hys quarters wages at mydsomerxxs
It'm payd to Rychard Burnoppe for makynge of the commu'yon Cuppe weynge xxxiij vnces at viijd the vncexxijs
It'm payd for new by'dynge the bybyllvs iiijd
It'm payd to a playsterer for his workemanshipe ffor whytynge the Churche (fn. 10) xlvjs viijd
It'm payde for reade leade and sysexijs
It'm payde for hundreth of lymevs
It'm payde for ij loodes of sandexd
It'm payde for browmesiiijd
It'm payde for nayles to make scafoldesxijd
Item payd to a Brickelayer and hys man for too Dayes workeijs
It'm payd for a thowsane of bryckevjs viijd
It'm payde to the Clarke for hys wages at myghyllmasxxs
It'm payde to the paynters for wrytinge (fn. 11) too hundrethe yerdes & xij after xd the yerdeviijli xvjs viijd
It'm for wrytinge a Copye of this our accompt at our ladye Dayeijs
It'm payde to ij plummers for mendyng the leadesijs
It'm payd for ther fyrexijd
It'm payde for xiiij pownde of sowlder at vjd the powndevijs
It'm payde for a bell ropexd
It'm payd to a workma' and his laborer for layinge of a graue stoneijs
It'm payde to the Clarke for hys wages at Crystmasxxs
It'm payd for kepynge our booke of accompt and wrytynge the same in p'ticuler p'celles after viijd the quarter the hole yere and makynge other byllesijs viijd
It'm payd when we were byfore the commyssyoners at ij seuerall tymesxs
Sum'a totalis of all the ffyrste yeres paymentesxxjli vs viijd

The sayd accompta'nntes dothe aske alow= aunce for paymentes by them layde out in the secounde yere of thys accompte as hereafter more playnely appereth.

Imprimis payd to a workman for iij dayes worke in takynge downe the Aulters (fn. 12) ijs vjd
It'm payde to ij laborers for workynge abought the same workeijs viijd
It'm payde for lyme and sande for the same workemeniijs iiijd
It'm payde to the Clarke for hys wages at our Ladye Dayexxs
It'm payde for a drayght of a lease for the way to the Churche and to counsell for deuysynge the sameijs
It'm payd for a payer of Inventories of the Churche goodes presentyd to the kyngs Commyssyoners (fn. 13) iijs iiijd
It'm payde to the sexton for hys hole yeres wagesxls
It'm payde to a Scryvenor for wrytynge more in the same Inventoriesxijd
It'm payde to the shreffesman (fn. 14) when we were byfore the kyngs Comyssionersxijd
It'm payde for breade and Dryncke at the makynge of the sayde Inventoresvijd
It'm payde for wasshynge vj peces of the Church gerevjd
It'm payde for wasshynge xvj peces of the Churche gere another tymexvjd
It'm payde for makynge of a keye and mendynge of a locke for the Churche Dorexijd
It'm payde to the Clarke for hys wages at mydesomerxxs
It'm payde for iiij bell ropesiijs iiijd
It'm payde for mendynge of pewes and for naylesxvd
Item payde to a workeman and hys laborer for pauynge of iij grauesxxd
It'm payde for tewleue (fn. 15) fotte of newe glasse for the Churchevs vjd
It'm payde for pauynge tyle to paue the sayd grauesxxd
It'm payde for lyme and saunde for the payuynge of the sayd grauesijs ijd
It'm payde for a ballrycke for the gret bellxijd
It'm payde for the Carryage of the olde s'uyce bokes of the Churche to westmy'ster and to the sumner (fn. 16) viijd
It'm payde for wasshynge vj peces of the Churche gere and mendynge the sameviijd
It'm payde to the Clarke his half yeres wages at myhylmas ande at Crystmasxls
It'm payde for makynge a pewe and for bordes and nayles for the sameiijs vjd
It'm payde to master pekyns for the seale (fn. 17) for the way to the Churchevijs
It'm payde for kepynge of the boke of our accompt after viijd the quarter this secounde yereijs viijd
It'm payde for ij skynes of parchement to wryght this our accomptxijd
It'm payd for wrytinge this our accompt in paper and p'chement and castynge of the same and other nessesaries wryttenviijs viijd
Sum'a totalis of all the Secounde yeres payme'tesviijli xviijs (fn. 18)
Sum'a totalis of bothe thesse too yeres paymentesxxxli iijs viijd (fn. 19)
So remayneth dewe to the saide Wardens of this accomptiijlixs iijd

Goldehurst Soluit

Thys accoumpte ys fullye & utterlye p'fited by the vewe of the deputy by the Comishionar an'o io et secud'o p. et Mar. reg etc die xvo aprilis. & for theyre ful & clere discharge Jho' Goldehurst (fn. 20) agr/ ethe to paye on thys syde su'daye nexte:—xs, & Ra'del Kyrbye (fn. 20) hathe payed yn hande:—iijs iiijd
[Signed] Robert Huycke Rychard Boyley H. Haughton.
Rog: [mark] lee
John [mark] Evance


1 As a result of the Injunctions of 1547 there is no gathering for the sepulchre light.
2 Edward's commissioners estimated silver plate at 4/4 the ounce; Churchwardens were often able to make a much better bargain.
3 Sep. 1547 the King's Visitation at St. Paul's Cathedral began, and all images were pulled down (Grey Friars Chron:) "and so alle imagys pullyd downe thoerow alle Ynglonde att that tyme, and all churches new whytte lymed with the commandmentts wryttyne on the walles."
4 Here used of any kind of figure representation.
5 The sale of these things is evidence of the fiercely moving Protestantism of the Protector Somerset.
6 Usually the first item has been for palm, box and yew: but in 1547 the use of these on Palm Sunday was forbidden.
7 In 1547 every parish was ordered to have a copy of Erasmus' paraphrase of the New Testament—to judge from the sum paid, only the first volume (the Gospels) was purchased.
8 Appointed in 1547 for the enforcement of the Injunctions, and for control of church goods no longer required for the services.
9 The Doctrine of masses for the dead having been rejected by the Church of England, the property which maintained doctrine was taken away and converted "to good and godly uses" (1 Ed. vi, c. 14).
10 vide n. 2, p. 129.
11 qy. writing up the commandments and texts (vide n. 2, p. 129), where the walls had been cleansed, by order, of all that could be regarded as tending to Popery.
12 cf. Grey Friars Chronicle, 1547, "at this same tyme was pullyd up all the tomes, grett stones, alle the auters, with the stalles and walles of the qwere and auteres in the church of the Gray freares."
13 For the examination of church goods.
14 Sheriff's man.
15 Twelve, to replace the glass destroyed by order of an Act of Parliament, 1549.
16 January 1549, the Revised Prayer Book was ordered to be used after Whitsuntide; Bishops were later commanded to collect and destroy all the old service books.
17 For seal of the lease, see p. 132.
18 Should be £9.
19 Should be £30 5s. 8d.
20 vide p. 153.