March 1552 - March 1554


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'Accounts: March 1552 - March 1554', St Martin-in-the-Fields: The accounts of the churchwardens, 1525-1603 (1901), pp. 141-150. URL: Date accessed: 22 November 2014.


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March 1552 - March 1554

This is the accompte of vs Will'm Browne and Crystofer Nedome Churchwarde's of the p'yshe of saint Martin in the ffeldes besyde Charing Crosse in the Cowntye of Myddelsex electe and Chosen to contynewe as wardeins ffrome the feast of Tha'nuncyacon of the blessed virgin saint Marye in the yeare of our Lorde god a Thowsaunde ffyve hundrethe ffyftye and two And in the sixte year of the Reigne of our Late Soueraygne Lorde King Edwarde the Sixte, Vnto the ffeast of Thannu'cyacon of the blessed virgin saint Marye in the yeare of our Lorde god a Thowsande ffyve hundrethe ffyftie and ffowre, (fn. 1) in the ffirst yeare of the Reigne of our Soueraygne Ladye Marye by the grace of god Quene of England ffraunce and Irelande Defendor of the ffaythe and in Earthe of the Churche of Englande and Irelande vnder god the supreame Heade, That ys to saye for the space of two hole yeares to be ffullye completed and ended of all and singuler our Receptes and paymentes and other ordynarye chardges specyfyed and conteyned in this our Accompte as by the Declaracon herof more plainelye Dothe apeare as herafter ensuythe.
ffirst the forsayde wardeins Doo Chardge Themselves with ffowre poundes six shillings and Three Pence to them Delyuered by the wardeyns beinge in the Rowme the Laste two yeares beforeiiijli vjs iijd
Receptes ffor Buryalls and breakynge of the grounde ffor the space of Two yeares of this our Accompte (fn. 2) liijs vjd
Gathered at the ffoure Quarter Dayes ffor the Clercke and Sextons wages in thies two yeares of thys our accomptexiijli iijd
Gathered the yeares afore sayde for pewesiijli vs
Som'a totalis of thies Receptesxxiijli vs

Paymentes Ordenarye

In primis payde to the Clarke for his hole yeres wages endyng at Chrystynmas for thies two yeresviijli
It'm payde to the sexton for his wages for a yere and a halff endynge at Mydsomeriijli
It'm paide to the Sextons wyf for wasshinge and for Bromesijs
It'm paide ffor breade Drincke and Chese at the Accompte of the Olde Churche wardeynsxviijd
Som'e of thies paymentesxjli iijs vjd
Receued by vs Will'm Browne and x'pofer Nedome, the fforsayde wardeyns for certene stuff solde by vs as herafter in percelles ensuythe
In pr'mis Receued of Edmonde Ogull ffor an olde settyllxxd
It'm Receued of Master Doctor Huycke for two yeares Rente ended at Myhillmas in the ffirst yere of the Reign of our Sou'aigne Ladye Quene Maryexiijs iiijd
It'm Receued for a ladder of Harolde Byngh'mxijd
It'm Receued of wyll'm Mathewe ffor olde brokyn stuff of the Roode Lofte (fn. 3) ijs xd
It'm Receued of Mr Best ffor the Clothesvjs viijd
It'm Receued of wyll'm water for Lyke broken stuffiijs iiijd
It'm Receued of Agarxijd
It'm Recued of Mr Vycar (fn. 4) ijs
It'm Receued of Doctor Peakynsvjs
It'm Receued of Mr Worleye for olde Tymberxiijs iiijd
It'm Receued of the Clarkexijd
It'm Receued more for Broken stuffiijs vijd
It'm Receued of the p'ysshion's for token monye at Easter this Last yere of our accomptexxxixs
It'm solde and Receued for ye Co'munyo' Cupp all sylv' weinge xxxiijti ownces & half a q'ter after iiijs viijd the owncevijli xiiijs vijd
Memorand Gathered and Receued of the p'ysshion's towardes the Chardges of breade and wynexixs
Som'e of the sayde Receptesxiijli viijs iiijd
Receued also by vs the forsayde wardeins of certene men in the p'yshe aforsayde towards the makynge of the pewes for the Co'munyon (fn. 5) as hereafter pertyculerlye ensuythe
In primis Receued of Master Pyrryeiijs viijd
It'm Receued of John Evansiijs iiijd
It'm Receued of John Goldhurstxxd
It'm Receued of Richard Hamdonxijd
It'm Receued of swaffordevjd
It'm Receued of Burnopvjd
Som'e—xs viijd
Somma totalis of all the hole Recepts of thies two yearesxxxvijli iiijs
The saide accompta'nntes Doo aske allowance ffor paymentes by them Layde out to and for the Churche vse in thies two yeares of this theyre Accompte as here after in percelles more playnelye apearethe
In primis for a lode of lymexijd
It'm payde to Gawdye the Brycklayer and his laborer for Coverynge of Ropers (fn. 6) grave and wyll'm Bucklays (fn. 7) xijd
It'm payde for a hundreth of Pavinge Tyleijs xd
It'm payde to Gawdye and his laborer for coveringe of Gyles Bonfeldes (fn. 8) gravevjd
It'm payde to penythorne for a pewe for the poorevijs ijd
It'm payde for wrytynge of a Byll that was put in to the sp'uall Courtevd
It'm payde for ij C and a half and xjli of leade and xjs the hundrethexxixs viijd
It'm payde for thre Elles of ffyne Normandye Clothe of thell q't' & brede (fn. 9) at iijs the Ellixs
It'm payde for a pece of Dyaper conteyninge xxxvti yardes in lengthe at vjd ob' the yardexixs
It'm payde for three newe Bawdryckesiijs vijd
It'm payde for the Juryes Drinckinge when they satt vpon the Churche goodes (fn. 10) iiijs iiijd
It'm payde for the makinge of the booke of the Churche goodes that was Delyu'ed to the Com'yssyon's (fn. 10) iijs iiijd
It'm payde to Mr. worlaye for the Rent of the Churche waye Due at Myhillmas in the sixt yere of kinge Edward the sixtexiijs iiijd
It'm payde for two bookes for the s'vice of the Communyon (fn. 11) viijs
It'm payde to penythorne thelder for mending of the Pewesxijd
It'm paid to Androwe weston for makinge of two seates and Deskes wt in the Quere for the vycar and the Clerkeijs
It'm payde to Gyles quarell Glaysier for mendinge of the glasse wyndowexiiijd
It'm payde ffor two bellroopesijs jd
It'm payde for the Proclamacon and a prayer ffor the Quene (fn. 12) ijd
It'm payde for alterynge of the pulpytt & for stuffiijs vjd
It'm payde for an olde portace (fn. 13) xd
It'm payde to John powre for levelynge of the Churche wayevjd
It'm for puncyons (fn. 14) and q'ters for the gate in the churchewayexviijd
It'm payde for a payre of Garnettes for the same gateijs
It'm payde for naylesixd
It'm payde to the Carpentarxd
It'm payde to his laboreriiijd
It'm payde to penythorne the yonger for takynge Downe of the vpper parte of the pewes in ye Querevd
It'm payde ffor two newe Bellroopesijs iiijd
It'm payde ffor a loode of lymexd
It'm payde for hemmynge of three Tabillclothesiiijd
It'm payd for a paper bookevjd
It'm payde for a booke of paper for the poore (fn. 15) xxd
It'm payde for a booke of paper for the Co'munyon (fn. 16) iiijd
It'm payd for the [blank]xijd
It'm payde to Gawdye for Coverynge of x'pofer Nedome wyfes Graveviijd
It'm payde to Ryngers when the quene came to Whyte Hawlle (fn. 17) xd
It'm payde for mendyng of the Bell whelexijd
It'm payde for a Messe (fn. 18) booke and a Crosse (fn. 19) xvijs iijd
It'm payde for a payre of Candyllstycks and a holye water stocke (fn. 19) wt a spryncleixs
It'm payd for a Baskett of holy brede (fn. 19) iiijd
(fn. 22) It'm payde for two Tapers of half a pounde weightvd
It'm payde ffor a manuell (fn. 20) and a portas (fn. 13) iiijs viijd
It'm payde for two newe Bawdrycksijs iiijd
It'm payde ffor Throston Mayres graves Coverynge (fn. 21) vjs
It'm payde for mendyng of a Bawdrykeiiijd
It'm payde for a pece of Iron that the pyx (fn. 23) hangeth vpon over the Awlterxijd
It'm payde for a Bellrope weinge vijli and a halfxvd
It'm for mendynge of a Bawdrykeiiijd
It'm for Rynginge of the Belles vpon Asshewedensdaye (fn. 24) iiijd
Som'e of the sayde Paymentesviijli vijs vjd
The saide acco'mpta'ntes Doo aske allowa'nce, ffor paymentes also by them layde out aswell for takinge Downe of the Roode Lofte, and for makinge of the Co'munyon Pewes (fn. 25) , As also for and abowte certene stuff in alteringe of the Quere and workmen for the same as p'tyculerlye hereafter ensuythe
In prim's payde to Andrewe Weston for takynge Downe of the Roode Lofte (fn. 26) xs
It'm payde more to the sayde Andrewe weston by daye wagesxjs
It'm payde to hys manixs ijd
It'm payde to John welbyeixs
It'm payde to henry Alardeijs
It'm payde to his manvs viijd
It'm payde to two of yonges menxs
It'm payde to Buckexd
It'm payde to John watsonxd
It'm payde to will'm Trysshe (fn. 27) ijs iiijd
It'm payde to James Crawe laborerijs viijd
It'm payde to Richard button laborerxxijd
It'm payde for naylesiiijs vd
It'm payde ffor two loodes of lymeijs
It'm payde for iij q'tern of quarter bordeijs iiijd
It'm payde for halfe a hundred of Plawned (fn. 28) Bordeijs
It'm payde for two quartersviijd
It'm payde for a quayre of pap' to gath' ye chardges of the Communyon bye (fn. 29) iiijd
It'm payde to the good wyf yonge for a loode of sandeviijd
It'm payde more to two Joynersiiijs xd
It'm payde to a Brycklayerxxijd
It'm payde to two laborersijs vjd
It'm payde ffor Naylesxviijd
It'm payde for three loodes of lymexxjd
It'm payde for Bordes and quartersxxd
It'm payde for one hundrethe of pavynge Tyleiijs
It'm payde for a loode of Bryck for ye Allter (fn. 30) iiijs
It'm payde to Marckesijs vijd
It'm payde for a loode of lyme and a lode of sandexxijd
It'm payde to Gawdyes laborer for making of ye Alter (fn. 30) xxd
It'm payde and layde out for bread and wyne, for them that came to the Co'munyon in the sayde two yeres spacexxvijs ob'
It'm payde ffor vij loodes of gravell to the good wyf yonge, for the Churche yardeijs vjd
It'm payde to Button for iij loode of gravell for the same Churche yardexviijd
It'm payde to John Powre for casting abrode the sayde gravellvjd
It'm payde for pawlmes (fn. 31) and Eweiiijd
It'm payde for a payre of Sensorsvs viijd
It'm payde for a Crysmatorye (fn. 32) for oyleiijs iiijd
It'm payde ffor a precessyon' (fn. 33) ijs
It'm payde for a sup'altare (fn. 34) and two Cruetts (fn. 35) viijd
It'm paide ffor a fframe for the sepulture (fn. 36) and for Judas Crosse, (fn. 37) and for the Paschall & for cordes Platters, ffrynge, nayles & oth' necessaries aboute the samevjs vijd ob'
It'm payde for watching of the sepulturexijd
It'm payde for a Bellroope of vjlixijd
It'm payde for bromes for the sayde ij yearesviijd
It'm payde for ffrankensencejd
It'm payde for xxiiijti pound iij q't's of wax for the sepulture and paschall lyght and for ye fonte Taper and sysys for Judas crosse (fn. 37) after xd ye. li.xxs vijd ob'
It'm for wasshing of the lynnen the space of theis two yeresvjs viijd
It'm payde to John yonge for makinge clene of v. harnes (fn. 38) belonginge to the p'yshe wt swerdes (fn. 39) and Daggers wch Remanes in the churchevijs
It'm payde for iij skynnes of p'chement to wryt this accompte and to wryte the Inventorye of the churche goods wt allxviijd
It'm payde for a Chalyce wt a patyn of sylver and Doble gyltt weing xvj ownces iij q'ters aft' vs vjd the ownceiiijli xjs
It'm payde for a vestment wt Thapparell (fn. 40) xxs
It'm payde for wryting and castinge of this owre accompte as yt apeareth in this present booke and for wrytinge and castyng the same in paper, and for wryting of the Inventorye of the churche goodes in p'chement, and for wryting of the gatheryng book to gather the Clerke and sextons wages withallxjs
Som'e of thies paymentes—xvli xiijs vijd ob'

a'no io et 2o p. et M. die xvo aprilis Thys Accon'pte ys alowed by the vewe of ye deputies by the com'ishionares, & for su'me imp'fectio' fou'de there yn browne & nedam haue payed fyue shyllyngs & so they remayne acquieted. Robert Huycke.

Som'e totlis of all the hole Two yeares paymentesxxxvli vijs vijd ob'
And so Remayneth in Readye monyexxxvjs vd ob'

Signed] Richard Boyley John Russell p' me John best
Henry Hovghton John Rollisley
Roger [mark] Lee
John [mark] Evance [mark] hary Weston

M' That the xxvij daye of maye, by a comen and agreable asse't of al the parishe of thys curche yn the p'sence of mr Doctor Westo' (fn. 41) Dean of Westm' are apoynted (fn. 42) to enquire & searche the dettes, the spoyles & detrime'ts co'cerny'g the curche or any guddes or co'modites there to belo'gy'g fro' fyftye yere past, Ro' Huycke, mr Rouseley, Robert perye, hue Hawarde [Joh]n Eua's, Nicolas Jones, Henrye Reuel, Thomas Cole & ye curche wardens (fn. 43) nowe [cut off] eyng to endure at the tyme of ye curche wardens office w' noweare

[Signed] Hugo Weston decanus Westminst'r
Robertus Huycke
John Red
wyll'm hithe
John Best
Wyll'm Coxe
Wyll'm matsey (?)
Henry Revell
Robert Were
[mark] G
by me John Colbrand
[mark] will'm Horseley
John Hareson
John Rollisley
John golyghtly
John Russell
tho's morland
Henry Houghton
by me nycholus cauessl [bound up]
Chrystoffer nedeh'm
Rychard ffeles
andro weston
[mark] [mark] Rogar nycolls
Robart Wa . . . . . .
Thomas cudde


1 The next churchwardens came into office Dec. 25th, 1553 (p. 151).
2 The Lists omitted contained in Feb. 1553–4 (7th, 8th, 9th) the records of 33 "homines interfecti"; undoubtedly some of the victims of Wyatt's rebellion on Feb. 7th, 1553–4. cf. Machyn's Diary, p. 54 (Camden Society), and pp. 131–3, Queen Mary and Queen Jane (Camden Society, 1849).
3 cf. p. 147. Not only the Great Rood, but the Rood Loft suffered destruction. The Rood or Chancel Screen, if there was one, does not seem to have been destroyed.
4 Still Robert Best. "This yere [1554] the xxiiij daie of June a priest was put into Newgate for synging the Englishe letany in his parishe church at Charing Crosse" (vide p. 288, Narratives of the Reformation, Camden Society, 1860). This must have been R. Best. He was deprived in 1554, and Tho. Wells, his supplanter, was appointed vicar by Bishop Bonner in Sept. 1554. Best returned to his cure after the accession of Elizabeth.
5 In 1550, Ridley, Bishop of London, had ordered parish officers "to erect and set up the Lord's board after the form of an honest table, decently covered, in such place of the quire or chancel as shall be thought most meet . . . . so that the ministers with the communicants may have their place separated from the rest of the people." The provision of special pews would be quite a natural sequel.
6 Buried Feb. 15th, 1551–2 (R.)
7 Buried April 8th, 1552 (R.)
8 Guye Bonfeilde, Gent., buried May 13th, 1552 (R.)
9 Braid.
10 In Sept. 1552 a commission was appointed for the survey of church goods (Cardwell's Documentary Annals, I, p. 101). In April 1553 all churchwardens were ordered to go before the commissioners at the Guildhall (Machyn's Diary, p. 34).
11 Copies of the 2nd Liturgy of Edward vi, or at any rate of the Communion Service from it, published in 1552.
12 On July 10th, 1553, proclamation was made of the death of Edward and the succession of Lady Jane; on the 21st July, at Westminster, Mary was proclaimed Queen (p. 114, Queen Mary and Queen Jane, Camden Society, 1849).
13 A breviary: the book which contained the daily services of the Roman Church.
14 A piece of stout timber (Halliwell).
15 To record gifts and collections. By an act of 5 and 6 Ed. vi, Churchwardens were ordered to make collections for the relief of the poor.
16 To record names and collections.
17 Mary came to London, Aug. 1553; in Sept. she removed from St. James to Whitehall, and thence to the Tower; and two days later (30th Sept.) returned to Westminster for her coronation on Oct. 1st (Machyn's Diary, pp. 38, 44, 45).
18 Mass.
19 Dec. 1553, the Bishop of London ordered that every church should have a cross for processions, and the officers of the parish should provide holy bread and water.
20 A small portable book of the Roman services.
21 Buried Oct. 22nd, 1553 (R.)
22 This line has been crossed out.
23 vide n. 1, p. 27, and n. p. 61.
24 Feb. 7th, 1553–4; the day of Wyatt's Rebellion. Next day thanksgiving was made, in all churches in the diocese of London, for the defeat of Wyatt, and bells were rung by command of the queen. (vide Machyn's Diary, p. 55).
25 vide n. p. 144.
26 vide p. 143.
27 Probably for Irish, which occurs on p. 80.
28 Planed.
29 vide n. 4, p. 146.
30 cf. n. 1, p. 132. The accounts do not definitely mention the substitution of a table for the high altar, but the name "Communion table" is given on p. 138. In Nov. 1550, the alteration had been ordered. These items describe the reverse process.
31 Palms and yew for Palm Sunday.
32 For holding the Chrism or Holy Oil.
33 vide n. 1, p. 106.
34 Superaltar.
35 vide n. 1, p. 55.
36 Easter Sepulchre.
37 Judas Cross or "Lenten hearse" for carrying the "Judas lights," 24 small tapers (sises) used in the service of "Tenebrae," vide pp. 64 (n. 1), 74, 83.
38 Five sets of armour.
39 Swords.
40 vide note, p. 17.
41 i.e. April, 1555.
42 Strong Romanist—famous for his reply to those who condemned the theory of transubstantiation:—"You have the Word, but we have the sword." He it was who presided over the public disputations at Oxford between Cranmer, Ridley and Latimer, on the one hand, and certain picked delegates from the University on the other.
43 The examinations made, and recorded on pp. 20, 57, 126, 133, 149, seem to have been a result of this appointment.
44 Roger Lee and Henry Houghton, who signed all the declarations mentioned in note 2.