December 1569 - December 1569


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'Accounts: December 1569 - December 1569', St Martin-in-the-Fields: The accounts of the churchwardens, 1525-1603 (1901), pp. 242-249. URL: Date accessed: 25 November 2014.


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December 1569 - December 1569

This is thaccompte

of vs Harrolde Bynghame John Barnarde and Robarte Penythorne (fn. 1) Churche Wardenes of the parryshe of Sct Martens in the fieldes by Charinge crose in the Countye of Midd' Chossen and appoyntede for the space of one Hole yeare Endinge at the Nativitye of our Lorde godd a thowsande ffyve Hundrethe three Score and Nyne and in the Twelfe yeare of the Raigne of our Soveraigne Ladye ELizabethe by the grace of god Quene of Englande ffraunce and Irelande Defendoure of the faythe &c' As well for the Receipte as alsoe the paymentes and all other ordynarye Chardges Specyfied and Conteyned in this our accompte as heare after ffollowethe &c'

Inp'mis ther ys remayninge in our Handes of our fyrst yeares accompte as apperethe by our Booke wche we haue deliuerede vppixli xjs iiijd ob'

The Receipte of all somes of moneye Receyvede by vs in this our Seconde yeare for Buryalls kneles and suche Lyke as heare after ffollowethe &c'

JanuarijIt'm the viijth daye was Buryed fenixe sternes ChildeNic'
It'm the xxiijth daye was Buryed gartrede SymoneNic'
It'm the same daye was Buryed Edwarde Johnsone (fn. 2) Nic'
It'm the xxvth daye was Buryed Alis SpencerNic'
It'm the xxviijth daye was Buryed Elnor wanbree (fn. 3) Nic'
ffebrewaryeIt'm the xiijth daye was Buryed Gryffen NyCcollsxvjd
It'm the xvjth daye was Buryed Jone Maynardeijd
It'm the xvijth daye was Buryed Jesper hacaburdeNic'
MarcheIt'm the vjth daye was Buryed Katheren Russell (fn. 4) Nic'
It'm the ixth daye was Buryed Katheren ThackwellNic'
It'm the xth daye was Buryed John HarmaneNic'
It'm the xiijth daye was Buryed ALys powellviijs
It'm the xvijt daye was Buryed Petter NyColsoneixs
It'm the xxij daye was Buryed Thom's Parckeixs
Receyvede for Buryalls in our Ladye daye quarterxxvijs vjd
AprellIt'm the second daye was Buryed Agnes Jones Syster to mr Ashlyeviijs
It'm the forthe daye was Buryed Elizabethe Basbrowne (fn. 5) ixs
It'm the xxixth daye was Buryed one farname of the garde (fn. 6) xvjd
MayeIt'm the xxth daye was Buryed Robarte Persyfallixs
It'm the xxx daye was Buryede ELynor Cankeijd
JuneIt'm the fyrste daye Buryed Jone [blank] Sr'unte to henrye Alysoneijd
It'm the same daye was Buryed James Cogges (fn. 7) ijd
It'm the xxijth daye was Buryed one of Mr Darlowes meneijd
It'm the same daye was Buryede Petter garlandeijs iiijd
Receyvede ffor Buryalls in Mydsomer quarterxxxs iiijd
JulijIt'm the xviijth daye was Buryede [Elizabeth Garlande]ijs iiijd
It'm the xixth daye was Buryede Davye THomasijd
AugusteIt'm the xviijth daye was Buryede Katheren Laneijd
It'm the vjth daye was Buryed Willm prestoneNic'
It'm the xxijth daye was Buryed Margarete WylsoneNic'
It'm the xxxjth daye was Buryede Arnolde prestoneNic'
SeptemberIt'm the iiijth daye was Buryede Nycholas JarretheNic'
It'm the vth daye was Buryed John Barnarde (fn. 8) ixs
It'm the xxiij daye was Buryed garratte Maneme (fn. 9) Nic'
It'm the xxvth daye was buryed John Harvyeixs
It'm the xxvjth daye was Buryed John WhellerNic'
It'm the xxvj daye was burye[d] ffrauncis ThymbelbyeNic'
It'm the same daye was Buryed Marye Wyllyams (fn. 10) Nic'
It'm the xxviijth daye was Buryed Agnes Nycolsoneijd
Receyved for Buryalls in Myghelmas qrterxxs xd
OctoberIt'm the xjth daye Lyonell AshleyeNic'
It'm the same daye was Buryed Marye WortleyeNic'
It'm the xiij daye was Buryed Rycharde BarkerNic'
It'm the xiiij daye was Buryed Wyllm Whasheiijs iiijd
It'm the same daye was Buryed Nycolas Wyll'msNic'
It'm the xxvth daye Will'm Dennis was Buryedeijd
It'm the xxxth daye was buryed John Bayngleye (fn. 11) ijd
It'm the same daye was buryed John ffryerNic'
NovemberIt'm the fyrste daye was buryed Margerye CaltoneNic'
It'm the xixth daye was buryede Davye ffortuneNic'
It'm the xxvth daye was buryede John Moateijs iiijd
DecemberIt'm the seconde daye was Buryed Oreane (fn. 12) gryffeneNic'
It'm the vth daye was Buryede Thoms TomsoneNic'
It'm the viijth daye was buryed John Collyver (fn. 13) & Rob'rt Jamesijd
It'm the ixth daye was buryed Margerete Jamesijd
Receyved ffor Buryalls in Chrystmas quartervjs iiijd
In p'mis Receyvede and gatherede for the Clarke and Sextens wages and for the pewes in the Churche for our ladye daye qrter Endinge the xxvth of Marche 1569xlvjs iiijd
It'm Receyvede and gathered the xxt of Aprell 1569 for the halfe of the token moneye at Easterxxvjs iiijd
It'm Receyvede and gatherede for the Clarke and Sextens wages and for the pewes in the Churche for mydsom'er qrter Endinge the xxiiijth of June 1569xlvjs iiijd
It'm Receyvede and gatherede for the Clarke and Sextens wages and for the pewes in the Churche for Myghellmas quarter Endinge the xxixth daye of September Anno D'ni 1569xlvjs iiijd
It'm Receyvede and gathered for the Clarke and Sextens wages and for the pewes in the Churche for Chrysmas quarter Endinge the xxvth daye of December Anno 1569xlvjs iiijd
It'm Receyvede of Mr Dockter Hewycke for the rente of his Chamber for one whole yeare Endinge the xxvth of December, 1569vjs viijd
It'm Receyvede of Rycharde Darlowe for the Lampe and the hollye water stoke of stone and other olde brase—xs And for a greate Drye ffatte (fn. 14) —iiijsxiiijs
It'm Rec' of thoms Coole for halfe the sowder of the quire guttervs
S'ma Tols of the whole Receipte of this our Seconde yere Amountethe to the some ofxxvli xiijs viijd ob'
Where of disbursed and Layde owte for the vse of the churche in the same yere anno d'ni 1569 as heare after ffollowethe &c'
In p'mis payde to the Clarke and Sexten for there quarters wages dewe at the Annunciac'on of or Ladye beinge the xxvth of marche 1569xxxs
It'm payd to Edwarde kyngston brikmaker for iij M (fn. 14) of brike to make the walle by the Vickars tenn'antes at xs the thowsandexxxs
It'm payde to John Drewe Lymmane for x loades of lyme at xiiijd the loadexjs viijd
It'm payde to John Reade Vyntner for the Dynner whene John Barnarde was Sworne Churche warden at Candelmas (fn. 15) anno 1568xxxs
It'm payde to John peter Carpenter for the gate makinge and the framexijs vjd
It'm payde to Richarde longe bricklayer for iiij daies worke D' occupied in makinge vp the walle at xiiijd the dayevs iijd
It'm payde to Rychard Robynsone for iij loades of sande and iijd loades of gravell at viijd the load, iiijs, and for caringe iij lode of Rubishe—vjdiiijs vjd
It'm payde to OLyver Deppinge Sextene for a bell Roope —xviijd, for a nower glase (fn. 16) and a quire of paper—xvjd, for v daies worke occupied in Srvinge of longe the bricklayer at viijd the daye—iijs iiijd, for caringe of the gravell and spredinge of it—xijd, for a baskette—iijd, for washinge of the Churche Clothes—xvjd, for pavinge of v graves in the Churche at viijd the pece—iijs iiijd, for bromes—ijd, and for ij longe white brusshes—vjdxijs ixd
It'm paid to John Bellowes for mendinge a forme and iij pewesxd
It'm payde for a Lether Bagge for moneyeiijd
It'm payde to John Beggarlye smythe for yronworke for the gate —vjs viijd, for a loke and a keye for the gate—xviijd, for a Ringe for the gate and mendinge a loke and a payer of henges— xijdixs ijd
THe Chardges layde owte in our Ladye daye qrter isvijli vjs xjd
It'm payde to the Clarke and Sextene for ther quarters wages dewe at mydsomer at Anno D'ni 1569xxxs
It'm payde to John howe organ maker for his halfe yers wages dewe at mydsom'xijd
It'm payd to OLyver Dypinge for washinge the Churche clothes —xijd, for Rynginge in Maye when the quene wente to grenvche —viijd, for a baldracke for the greate bell—ijs iiijd, for bromes—jd, and for one dayes worke—xijdvs jd
It'm laide owt for one Dynner when we went to Newgate wth hyme that prented (fn. 17) the keye of the weste dore of the churchexijd
It'm payde to Mr kellye for iij bushells of hearexviijd
It'm payde for oyle for the armureijd
It'm payde to John Beggarleye smythe for the vane vppon the toppe of the steppell—vs, for a loke and iij Booltes wth tynne hedded nayl's and stapells—ijs vjd, for iij payer of Joyntes—iiijs, for a newe keye for a dore vnder the Belfreye—xijdxijs vd
It'm payde to Androwe westone for a newe presse (fn. 18) for the armureiijli
It'm payde to John Shortrede for C of dowble xd n'll's—xvd, for iiijc of ijd nayl's—viijd, and for vjd n'll's (fn. 19) and sengle xd n'l's—ijs vjdiiijs vd
It'm paid to Mr penythorne for one bundell of lathe and v. sengell q'tersijs iijd
THe Chardges layde owte in Mydsomer quarter isvli xvijs xjd
It'm payde to the Clarke and Sexten for ther quarters wages dewe at the feaste of St myghell tharckangell being the xxixt of Septemb'r 1569xxxs
It'm payde to John Howe organe maker for his q'rters wages dewe at myhelmasvjd
It'm payd to a workmane and a Labowrer for sellinge (fn. 20) the pressexxd
It'm payde for one lode of Lymexiiijd
It'm payd to Olyver Depinge for washinge the Churche Clothesxijd
It'm payd to John Begarlye smythe for a loke (fn. 21) —vjd, and for yrons to hange the ladders one in the Churche—ijs viijdiijs ijd
It'm payde to the plomber for xvjli of Sowder at vijd the pounde and for wood and Colles (fn. 22) xs
It'm payde for tymber for the Crose over the stepell and for the frame of the Bells—iijs, for iiij dayes worke of a Carpenter abowte the same at xiiijd the daye—iiijs viijd & for n'lls—vijdviijs iijd
It'm payde for ij newe Laddersxijs
It'm paid for iij Brackettes—xijd and for Bromes—jdxiijd
It'm payd for the pavinge of iij graves in the Churcheijs
THe Chardges Layde owte in Myghellmas quarteriijli xs xd
It'm payde to the Clarke and Sextene for ther quarter wages dewe at the natyvitie of our lorde god beinge the xxvt of Decemb'r 1569xxxs
It'm payde to the plomber for Leade and workmanshippe for the Coveringe of the Crose and the Rooffe over the sance bellxxijs
It'm payde to John Beggarleye smythe for mendinge of a bell Clapper—xvjd, and for mendinge of a Keye—viijdijs
It'm payd for wood and Coles for the plomberxvjd
It'm payde to OLyver Depinge sextene for a Beell Roppe —ijs vjd, for towe dayes worke occupied in helpinge of the plomber —xvjd, for Bromes—jd, for a baldricke for one of the bells —xvjd, for Hollye and Ivye—xvjd, for grease for the bells—iijd, for a sacke of Lyme—ijd, for washinge of the Churche Clothes and the Surplices—xvjd, for Rynging for the quene the xvijth of november 1569 (fn. 23) —xijd & for Candels—vjdixs xd
It'm Layde owte for necessaries for the armure as ffollowethe &c' for one dossen of poynts (fn. 24) —ijd, for ijli of powder and a bage (fn. 25) —iijs, for Matches—vjd, for ij yardes of Bockerame —xvjd, and for towe—ijdvs ijd
It'm payde for one skyne of p'chemente and for writtinge the ordersxxd
It'm Laide owte when the newe churche wardens was sworneiijs iiijd
It'm payde to Mr Waters Cutler for makinge Cleane of tharmure the space of ij yeares Endinge at the byrthe of our lorde god in Anno 1569—xs, and for the newe Lyninge of viij morryons (fn. 26) —ijsxijs
It'm Layde owte for parchemente and yngrossinge vp of the Bookes of accompte and makinge the gatheringe boke and makinge newe Inventories in p'chementeviijs
It'm Layde owte to make the Masters of the p'ryshe drincke at the gevinge vpp of this our accomptexxs
THe chardges Laide owte in Chrisemas quartervli xvs iiijd
S'm Tols of the Wholle Receipte of this yeare isxxvli xiijs viijd ob'
S'm of the Whoole Chardges Layde owte in theis yeare isxxijli xjs
Sooe Remaynethe in oure handes of the Receiptes aboue the Exspences for this yeare—iijli iiijs iiijd ob' (fn. 27) Whiche we ar Reddye to Deliu' at the geveinge vpp of this our accompteiijli ijs viijd ob' (fn. 27)

[Signed] p' me Robertu' best vicariu'
Thom's ffowler
John Colbrand
James harman
nycolas christian [mark] will'm waters Marke
Rob'rt [mark] Carleys mark
John hill


1 In the ordinary course of events, Evans and Bingham (vide p. 236) would still have been wardens; Evans apparently retired and Barnarde became junior warden. A John Barnarde was buried in September (p. 244), this was probably the churchwarden; Robert Pennythorn was no doubt chosen to fill his place for the rest of the year.
2 Jackeson (R.)
3 Webere (R.)
4 Ruston (R.)
5 Mariona Browne (R.)
6 George Varnam (R.) slain in self defence by one whom he had attacked (Gaol Delivery Rolls, 6th June, 11 Eliz. Middlesex County Record Society).
7 Coxe (R.)
8 Barnett (R.)
9 Mone (R.)
10 Wilson (R.)
11 Langley (R.)
12 Evans (R.)
13 Collin (R.)
14 These relics of the church were probably stored away when the Protestant revival in 1558 rendered them useless; after the many changes it is not unlikely that some churchwarden had preserved them for possible future use. "Drye fatte"; a box, packing-case or large basket (Halliwell).
15 Feb. 2, 1568–9.
16 Hour glass, cf. n. I, p. 169, Churchwardens' Accounts of Ludlow (Camden Society); and Journal Brit. Archæ. Assoc. xxix, 131.
17 The accounts contain no further reference to this incident. "Prented," qy. imprinted— took an impression of, perhaps with felonious intent.
18 Small room or closet, vide note 3.
19 Nails.
20 i.e. Plastering.
21 Lock.
22 Coals.
23 Elizabeth's accession day; first time it is mentioned in these accounts.
24 Tagged laces.
25 Bag.
26 A helmet without a visor or other protection for the face. State Pap. Dom. Eliz. lxiv, I, contains a full list of the arms due from various inhabitants of this parish. "The comon Armour charged" on the parish was 6 corslets, 6 pikes, 6 calivers, 6 morions, 12 swords, and 12 daggers.
27 The total of expenditure has been changed; so has the balance, but, by an oversight, the original has been left in the paragraph.