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'Appendix B: Musters', St Martin-in-the-Fields: The accounts of the churchwardens, 1525-1603 (1901), pp. 574-577. URL: Date accessed: 26 November 2014.


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S. P. D. Elizabeth. Vol. lxiv, No. 1.

1569 .a.d.
The Countie of Midd.The certificate of Sir Thomas Wrothe knight, Thomas Seckforde esquier, one of the masters of the requests, sir Frauncis Jobson knight, sir Thomas Chamberleyne, knight, John Asteley, Edward Fitz Garrett and John Harryng-ton esquyers, Commissioners named and apoincted in a Commission dated the xvjth day of May in the xjth yere of or souereigne lady Quene Elizabeth for the viewing and moustring of the horses and armor of suche as by lawe are bounde to kepe horses and armor in the saide Countie. That is to say
The Hundred of Osulston
The parishe of sayncte Martyne in Westm:Xpian Russell and Kateryne Forster wydowes, Fraunces Hackes, Thomas Fowler and Nicholas lyzarde beyng every of them chardged after the rate of xx li. in goodes hath every of them one Almeyne Ryvett Tow long bowes Tow sheifes of arowes Tow stele cappes and one black bill amounting To—Almeyne Ryvettesv
long Bowesx
sheifes of arowesx
stele cappesx
black billesv
John Hill being chardged after the rate of xl li. in goodes hatheAlmeyne Rivettesij
long Bowesj
sheifes of arowesj
stele cappesj
Black Billesij
Thomas BrowneEvery of theise after the rate of x li. in goodes hath one long Bowe one sheif of Arrowes One Stele Cappe Black Bill amounting To—
Henry Houghton
John Marten
Robert Penythorne
John Trotte
Willm Stowe
Willm Waters
Robert Beeste
Agnes Atsell, wydowlong Bowesxxiij
John ReadeSheifes of
Nich'as Osbornearowesxxiij
Alice Nicholson, wydowStele Cappesxxiij
Adam FowleBlack billesxxiij
Richard Robinsone
David ap Howell
James Herman
John EarpeMemor' That John Forest and Henry Holswourth being ether of them chardged after the said rate of x li. in goodes haue shewed no ar-mour at the said moustres.
Richard Darlowe
willm whashes
Humfrey Lovell
Willm Downes
John Colbrande
Phenix Skerne
Robert Hewyck esquyer, Frauncis Hackes and Willm whashe gent. have everie of them gelding and furnature for a light horseman in respect of their wifes apparell amounting ToLight horsemeniij
Memor' that Henry Houghton being chardged after the said rate for his wifes apparell hath shewed nether horse nor armour at the said moustres.
The comon Armour chardged upon the said parishe by the same Commissioners.Corslettesvj

S. P. D. Eliz. Vol. xciv, No. 16. (fn. 1)

Certyficate of Musters in the Countie of Mydd.

5° Julii Anno D'ni 1578.

In Hundreda de Osulston.

HablemenHablemen fournished wt all maner wapons & armour together.Hablemen traynedHablemen selectedCorslets for footemen fournished.Gallyuers fournishedHaq'buses Hangons & Curryers fournishedMurryonsLonge BowesSheues of ArrowsPykesAlmanyne Ryuettes
137. viz. by92—viz. byfournished
4366745951366law 100. by encr. 40. by encr. 52.3012237437413772
Coates of PlateSallettes & Steel cappesBlacke ByllesHalbardes & PartisansDymilances fournishedLight horsmen wt a Corslett murrion, pistol and Northerne staff fournishtLight horsemen fournished in an other sorteWheele wrightesSmythesPyoners & LabourersHablemen unfournishtCapitains & Officers appointed

1 Dec. 4 Eliz. True Bill that from the said day Even until now, John Hardy, Reginald Melcher, Thomas Cornyshe, Peter . . . ., Nicholas Carleton, Nicholas Kriston (fn. 1) , Edward Nell and Rich: Hamlen all of the parish of St Martin-in-the-Fields yomen, have without reasonable excuse neglected to provide themselves with bows and arrows, and neglected to practice archery, in contempt of the statute in this matter provided.—(Midd. Co. Sess. Rec.)


1 S. P. D. Vol. cxlii, No. 45, is a similar table for the Hundreds of Middlesex, for 1580.