Sessions, 1616
5 April


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William Le Hardy (editor)

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'Sessions, 1616: 5 April', County of Middlesex. Calendar to the sessions records: new series, volume 3: 1615-16 (1937), pp. 192-193. URL: Date accessed: 23 November 2014.


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Special Sessions held on 5 April, 14 James I [A.D. 1616].

At a special Sessions of forcible entry held at the Questhouse in the parish of St. Clement Danes on 3 April, 14 James I [A.D. 1616], before Sir Lewis Lewknor and Sir William Smyth, knights, and adjourned further until Wednesday the 5th day of April at 8 o'clock a.m. on the same day, at which day before the said Sir Lewis Lewknor and Sir William Smyth and Francis Michell, esquire, the jurors returned their verdict in writing as appears by record etc.
John Balye, Adam Denton, John Dawson, Robert Evans and Thomas Kiddermaister of St. Clement Danes, and Margaret Gibson and Elizabeth Horton of the same, spinsters, for a forcible entry into the Angel in St. Clement Danes.
P.R.B. 1/73.

12 February, 13 James I [A.D. 1615–16].
Writs to send the indictments of John Baylie and Adam Denton in the Quindenes of Easter. Witnessed by E. Coke at Westminster.
Sess. Roll 549/1, 3.

Same date.
Writs of supersedeas for the said John and Adam, similarly witnessed.
Sess. Roll 549/2, 4.

1 April, 14 James I [A.D. 1616].
Precept, issued by Sir Lewis Lewknor and Sir William Smyth, knights, to summon a jury of lawful men of the neighbourhood of St. Clement Danes to a Sessions to be held there on 3 April to enquire concerning a forcible entry made there.
Endorsed that the execution of this precept appears in a certain panel annexed to the same.
William Gore and John Gore, sheriffs.
Sess. Roll 549/5.

3 April, 14 James I [A.D. 1616].
Jury list for the Sessions held at the Questhouse and adjourned until 5 April next following, to enquire concerning a certain forcible entry made at the parish of St. Clement Danes.

Giles Brownrigge of the Strand, gentleman.Sworn.
Walter Baylie of Shire Lane.Sworn.
Thomas Lee of the Strand.Sworn.
Richard Halsey of the same.Sworn.
William Motteram of the same.Sworn.
Jerome Fisher of the same.Sworn.
Thomas Brett of the same.Sworn.
Thomas Thorniworke of Holborn.
Thomas Lered of the same.Sworn.
William Barbor of St. Giles'-in-the-Fields.
Thomas Burton of the same.Sworn.
John Lowe of St. John Street.Sworn.
Thomas Hill of the same.Sworn.
Richard Morgan of the same.Sworn.
John Markham of the same.
Richard Tuffnell of the same.Sworn.
John Michell of the same.Sworn.
John Pitt of the same.Sworn.
Henry Peirson of the same.Sworn.
John Clarke of East Smithfield.
Edward Motterday of the same.
Henry Munter of the same.
John Borne of the same.

Sess. Roll 549/6.

30 March, 14 James I [A.D. 1616].
Indictment of Ann, wife of John Carr of St. Clement Danes, innholder, John Baylie and Ann his wife, Adam Denton, John Dawson, Robert Evans, Robert Eedye and Thomas Kiddermaister, Margaret Gibson and Elizabeth Horton, spinsters, all of the same, for a forcible entry at the sign of the Angel without the Bars of the New Temple in St. Clement Danes, being the free tenement of —, whom they expelled and disseized [document very faded].
The said Ann Carr and Robert Eedye deleted.
[Prosecutors' names illegible].
Sess. Roll 549/7.

[The remainder of Roll 549 will be found in Appendix No. 3.]