Appendix II
List of Jurors


Centre for Metropolitan History



William Le Hardy (editor)

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'Appendix II: List of Jurors', County of Middlesex. Calendar to the sessions records: new series, volume 3: 1615-16 (1937), pp. 316-325. URL: Date accessed: 30 October 2014.


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[Note.—The names contained in this list are not included in the general index.]

Adkinson, John, of Islington, gentleman,547/172.
Allen, William, of Charterhouse Lane,546/220.
Androwes, Francis, of Clerkenwell,546/220.
Arnold, William, of Kensington,546/193, 547/147.
Ashe, Anthony, of Islington, gentleman,546/193, 552/146.
Ashton, William, of Northwood,545/246.
Asplen, Nicholas, of Field Lane,545/291.
Atwood, John, of St. Martin's-in-the-Fields,544/69.
Ayer, Henry, of Edmonton,545/246.
Ayres, Thomas, of Kingsland,552/162.
Baker, Edmund, of Uxbridge,545/246, 551/87.
-, Robert, of Westminster,542/144, 546/193, 548/123.
Barbor, Edmund, of Bromley,545/246.
-, -, of Old Ford, gentleman,552/146.
-, Roger, of Chancery Lane,550/154.
-, William, of St. Giles'-in-the-Fields,548/123, 552/146.
Barlowe, Robert, of Tottenham,551/87.
Barkesteed, Michael, of the Strand,553/172.
Barnes, John, of Hornsey,542/144.
-, Richard, of St. John Street [Clerkenwell],546/220, 547/172.
Barton, John, of Charterhouse Lane,545/291.
Bateman, Lawrence, of Chiswell Street,542/170.
Bates, Matthew, of Uxbridge,545/246.
-, Thomas, of Charterhouse Lane,545/291.
Bayley [Baylie], Walter, of St. Dunstan's-inthe-West [Shire Lane],544/54, 548/123.
Beckford, William, of Uxbridge,551/87.
Bell, Francis, of Cow Cross,546/220.
-, Thomas, of the Strand,553/172.
-, William, of King Street,544/69.
Bennell, Christopher, of Westminster,544/54, 547/147, 552/146.
Berry, Thomas, of Westminster,544/69.
Beverley, Richard, of Whitecross Street,542/170.
Bigg, Richard, of St. Giles'-in-the-Fields, gentleman,542/144.
Blackman, John, of Field Lane,545/291.
Blackston, William, of Islington,547/172.
Blumstone, John, of Hoxton,546/193.
Bond, Thomas, of Westminster,544/54.
Boone, Stephen, of Islington,547/172.
Boreman, —, of the Strand,553/172.
Borne, John, of East Smithfield,545/246.
Boulton, Michael, of Clerkenwell,547/172.
Bowman, —, of Hackney,552/162.
Boyden, John, of the Strand,553/172.
Brasier, John, of Field Lane,545/291.
Bratt, Thomas, of Westminster,544/54, 548/123.
Brayman, Richard, of Cow Cross,545/291.
Bridges, Thomas, of Westminster,544/69.
Bright, William, of Chancery Lane,550/154.
Browne, Henry, of Field Lane,545/291.
-, Robert, of Clerkenwell,547/172.
-, Thomas, of Chancery Lane,550/154.
Brownrigge, Giles, of the Strand, gentleman,544/54, 551/87.
Buckston, John, of Cow Cross545/291.
Bunnell, Walter, of the Strand,553/172.
Burbage, Cuthbert, of Shoreditch, gentleman,542/144, 548/123.
Burbeck, Thomas, of Uxbridge,551/87.
Burley, William, of Old Ford,552/146.
Burnett, Henry, of Westminster,547/147, 551/87.
Burt, John, of St. John Street,545/291.
Burton, John, of Fulham,542/144.
-, -, of Hammersmith,552/146.
-, -, of Paddingswick,546/193, 547/147.
-, Thomas, of St. Giles'-in-the-Fields,546/193.
-, William, of St. Giles'-in-the-Fields,552/146.
Butcher, Robert, of Chancery Lane,550/154.
-, —, of Hackney,552/162.
Buttermore, Richard, of Islington,547/172.
Capper, Randolph, of the Strand,553/172.
Carill, Thomas, of Uxbridge,545/246, 551/87.
Chaplyn, Benedict, of Islington,547/172.
Coape, John, of Whitecross Street,542/170.
Code, George, of St. Martin's-in-the-Fields,544/69.
Collins, George, of St. Giles'-in-the-Fields,546/193, 552/146.
Cooke, John, of Shoreditch,542/144, 545/246.
Cooper [Cowper]
-, Edmund, of King Street,544/69.
-, Robert, of Whitecross Street,542/170.
Cotterell, John, of Field Lane,545/291.
Coultman, Edward, of Islington,547/172.
Cowper, seeCooper.
Curtis [Curtys]
-, Robert, of Enfield,544/54.
-, Thomas, the elder, of Enfield,544/54.
-, -, the younger, of Enfield,551/87.
C—koe, Richard, of Chiswell Street,542/170.
Dallett, Thomas, of Field Lane,545/291.
David, John, of Enfield,544/54.
Dawson, William, of St. Martin's-in-the-Fields,544/69.
Denney, Richard, of St. Martin's-in-the-Fields,544/69.
-, -, bailiff,548/123.
Devenishe, William, of Field Lane [Chick Lane],545/291, 551/87.
Dodd, Francis, of Westminister [Drury Lane],545/246, 547/147, 548/123, 552/146, 551/87.
-, John, of St. Martin's-in-the-Fields,544/69.
Downer, Henry, of Edgware,545/246.
Draper, Thomas, of Westminster,544/69.
Duckett, —, of the Strand,553/172.
Dunning [Duninge, Dunnynge], Thomas, of Westminster,544/54, 547/147.
Edwards, Richard, of Chancery Lane,550/154.
Ellacott, Nicholas, of Chancery Lane,550/154.
Etheridge, George, of the Strand,553/172.
Evans, Solomon, of Chancery Lane,550/154.
Ewer [Ewar], Robert, of Westminster,544/54, 547/147.
Farmer, Thomas, of Westminster,554/69.
Fawconer, Thomas, of Cow Cross,545/291.
Fisher, Christopher, of Westminster, gentleman,544/54.
Fletcher, Edward, of King Street,544/69.
Flood [Fludd], William, of Westminster,544/54, 547/147. 551/87.
-, -, of Fulham,542/144, 552/146.
Fluellen, John, of St. John Street,546/220.
Flye, Thomas, of Stanwell,545/246.
Foster, Thomas, of Charterhouse Lane,545/291.
Fowkes, Daniel, of the Strand,553/172.
Francis, Thomas, of "Sandend",547/147.
Francklyn, John, of —,542/144.
Freake, Julius, of the Strand,553/172.
Garrett, James, of Bromley, gentleman,552/162.
-, John, of Uxbridge,551/87.
Gates, John, of Acton [Ealing],545/246, 547/147, 552/146.
Gerton, Thomas, of King Street,544/69.
Glasse, Walter, of St. Martin's-in-the-Fields,544/69.
Godfrey, John, of Chancery Lane,550/134.
Gomersall, William, of Chancery Lane,550/134.
Goshawke, William, of Chancery Lane,550/154.
Gosnold, Roland, of Clerkenwell,546/220.
Grammett, William, of Westminster,544/69.
Graye, Henry, of Bromley, gentleman,545/246.
Greene, Richard, of Chancery Lane,550/154.
-, William, of Mile End, gentleman,552/162.
-, -, of Shire Lane,550/154.
Gregorie, John, of St. John Street,546/220.
Griffin, Robert, of Charterhouse Lane,545/291.
Griffith, Tedder, of Clerkenwell,547/172.
Grimston, Marmaduke, of Field Lane,545/291.
Halfhide, John, of Enfield,551/87.
Hall, Henry, of Paddington,546/193.
Halsey, Richard of the Strand,544/54, 548/123.
Hamerton, John, of Chancery Lane,550/154.
Hanford, Adrian, of Westminster,544/69.
Hardie, Christopher, of Chancery Lane,550/154.
Harding, William, of the Strand,553/172.
Harfull, Edmund, of St. John Street,548/123.
Harrison, Robert, of Clerkenwell,546/220.
Harsnepp, Roger, of Westminster,544/54, 547/147.
Harvie, William, of Hackney [Old Ford],547/147, 552/146.
Hayward [Heyward]
-, Christopher, of Hoxton,546/193.
-, William, of Westminster,544/54, 551/87.
Haywood [Heywood], Robert, of the Strand,553/172.
Head, Matthew, of Westminster, gentleman,544/69.
Heard, John, of Edmonton,545/246.
-, Richard, of Stoke Newington, gentleman,552/162.
Hewett, Richard, of Hoxton,546/193.
-, William, of Golding Lane,547/172.
Heyward, see Hayward.
Heywood, see Haywood.
Hide, Nathaniel, of the Strand,553/172.
Hill, Charles, bailiff,548/123.
-, Thomas, of St. John Street,545/246, 546/193. 548/123.
Hitchinough, William, of East Smithfield, gentleman,542/144, 545/246, 547/147.
Hobbes, Thomas, of Uxbridge,545/246.
Hodge [Hodges]
-, Henry, of Shoreditch,548/123.
-, Humphrey, of Shoreditch,546/193.
Holden [Holding], Joseph, of Fulham [Hammersmith],542/144, 547/147.
Holman, Roger, of Chancery Lane,550/154.
Holland, William, of Cow Cross,545/291.
Hopwood, Elmer, of Chancery Lane,550/154.
Horton, Richard, of Field Lane,545/291.
Houghton, Stephen, of Finchley,547/147.
Howard, Abraham, of Field Lane,545/291.
Howell, David, of King Street,544/69.
Howsen, James, of the Strand,553/172.
Huband, George, of Chancery Lane,550/154.
Huggin, John, of the Strand,553/172.
Hunt, Thomas, of Stoke Newington, gentleman,552/162.
Hurlock, Edward, of Islington,547/172.
Illingworthe, William, of the Strand,553/172.
Ivory, William, of Cow Cross,545/291.
James, Isaac, of St. Martin's-in-the-Fields,544/69.
Johnson, Ralph, of Bethnal Green,552/162.
Jones, Robert, of Field Lane,545/291.
Jorden, John, of Chancery Lane,550/154.
Kempe, Alexander, of Whitecross Street,542/170.
Kendall, James, of —,542/170.
Knott, Edward, of Enfield,544/54.
Lamynge, John, bailiff,548/123.
Lane, William, of Islington,547/172.
Leared, see Lered.
Lee, John, of the Strand,552/172.
-, Thomas, of the Strand,544/54, 548/123.
Leister, William, of Islington,547/172.
Lered [Leared], Thomas, of Holborn,542/144, 548/123. 552/146.
Limberte, Robert, of Hackney,552/162.
Littleboy, Jeremiah, of Finchley,547/147.
Lockyer, James, of Edmonton,545/246.
Lowe, John, of St. John Street,546/193, 551/87.
Lyles, Mark, of Whitecross Street,542/170.
Maddoxe, Thomas, of Westminster,544/54, 548/123.
Man, Francis, of Chancery Lane,550/154.
Manestie, Robert, of Edmonton,551/87.
Markham, John, of St. John Street,547/172, 548/123.
Marsh, Francis, of Islington,547/172.
-, Robert, of Finchley,547/147.
-, William, the younger, of Willesden,545/246.
Marshall, Henry, of Chancery Lane,550/154.
Marveill, William, of St. John Street,545/291.
Mason, Francis, of Field Lane,545/291.
-, Thomas, of St. John Street,546/220.
Mathewes, Adrian, of St. John Street,546/220.
Maunder, Nicholas, of Chancery Lane,550/154.
May, Richard, of Chiswell Street,542/170.
-, -, of Islington, gentleman,547/172.
Medcalfe [Metcalfe], Henry, of Old Street,542/144, 548/123.
Mennell, William, of Westminster,544/54.
Mersam, Richard, of Turnmill Street,546/220.
Metcalfe, see Medcalfe.
Michell, John, of Charterhouse Lane, [See also Mitchell].551/87.
Milborne, Richard, of St. John Street,546/220.
Miller, Geoffrey, of Shire Lane,550/154.
-, John, of Islington, gentleman,540/193, 551/87.
Milles, Tobias, of King Street,544/69.
Millett, Robert, of Southall,545/246.
Millward, Richard, of the Strand,553/172.
Mitchell, John, of St. John Street, [See also Michell].546/193.
Morgan, Richard, of St. John Street,548/123.
Mostyn, Robert, of Islington, gentleman,546/193.
Motteram, William, of the Strand,544/54, 547/147.
Mountague, William, of King Street,544/69.
Munday, John, of Turnmill Street,546/220.
Munter, Edward, of East Smithfield,545/246.
Muscott [Muscett], John, of the Strand,544/54, 546/193, 548/123, 551/87.
Musgrave, Abraham, of St. John Street,545/291.
Mustian, William, of Shoreditch, gentleman,542/144.
Newberrie, William, of Uxbridge,551/87.
Niccolls [Nicholls]
-, John, of Hackney,547/147.
-, Richard, of "Miles Pytt",545/246.
-, Thomas, of Stoke Newington, gentleman,552/162.
Normandvile, William, of King Street,544/69.
Orrell, James, of Westminster,544/54.
Parker, Bartholomew, of Westminster,544/69.
-, Thomas, of Westminster,544/69.
Pasmore, Geoffrey, of Westminster,544/54.
Pawlett, see Pollett.
Pearson, Robert, of Islington,547/172.
-, William, of Stoke Newington, gentleman,552/162.
Peirson, see Pierson.
Phillipps, Richard, of —,542/170.
Phippes, Thomas, of the Strand,553/172.
Pierson [Peirson]
-, Benjamin, of Islington,547/172.
-, Henry, of Cow Cross,542/144.
-, -, of St. John Street,546/193, 551/87.
Pigg, Reginald, of Ashford,545/246.
-, Richard, of Ashford,545/246.
Pitt, John, of Charterhouse Lane,542/144.
-, -, of St. John Street,546/193, 548/123.
Pollard, Miles, of Islington,547/172.
Pollett [Pawlett]
-, Edward, of Willesden,546/193, 552/146.
-, John, of Willesden,545/246, 552/146.
Poole, Valentine, of Old Ford, gentleman,552/146.
Poulton, John, of the Strand,553/172.
Prescott, Geoffrey, of the Strand,544/54.
Preston, Henry, of St. John Street,548/123.
Prestwick, Miles, of Hackney,552/162.
Pullen, Edward, of Shire Lane,550/154.
Purser, Samuel, of Field Lane,545/291.
Ratcliffe, William, of Islington,547/172.
Rayncock,—, of Charterhouse Lane,546/220.
Reade, Nicholas, of St. Martin's-in-the-Fields,544/69.
Reeve, Hugh, of St. John Street,545/291.
Rice, John, of St. Martin's-in-the-Fields,544/69.
Richardson, John, of Brentford,545/246.
Ridgdall, Nicholas, of St. John Street,546/220, 547/172.
River, Francis, of Clerkenwell,546/220.
Rodes, John, of Charterhouse Lane,546/220.
Rolfe, Abraham, of Finchley,547/147.
-, John, of Finchley,547/147.
Rose, Reginald, of Hackney,552/162.
Rowe, Richard, of Hackney,542/144, 547/147.
Rowell, Thomas, of the Strand,553/172.
Rudd, Andrew, of St. John Street,546/220.
Russell, Robert, of Shoreditch, gentleman,542/144, 548/123.
Rydinge, John, of Islington,547/172.
Saunders, Thomas, of Finchley,547/147.
Scott, John, of the Strand,553/172.
Shawe, William, of St. John Street,546/220.
Sheckspeare, John, of the Strand,553/172.
Shelton, Elizeus, of the Strand,553/172.
-, William, of Islington,547/172.
Shercroft, William, of Fulham,542/144, 552/146.
Sherley, George, of Clerkenwell,547/172.
Smyth, George, of Islington, 547/147, 552/146, 551/87.
-, Hugh, of the Strand,553/172.
-, Ralph, of King Street,544/69.
-, William, of Chancery Lane,550/154.
Smythson, Edward, of Whitecross Street,542/170.
Sparkes, Thomas, of Westminster,544/54.
Spracklinge, Jeremiah, of Clerkenwell,547/172.
Stainrod, Gervase, of Chancery Lane,550/154.
Stanford, Hugh, of Shire Lane,550/154.
Stanger, Thomas, of St. John Street,545/291.
Stanley, William, of Clerkenwell546/220.
Stedman, Thomas, of Westminster,544/54, 547/147, 552/146, 551/87.
Stony, John, of Chancery Lane,550/154.
Stride, Maurice, of Islington,547/172.
Strike, Benjamin, of King Street,544/69.
Stryker, Robert, of St. John Street,545/291.
Stuckey, Andrew, of the Strand,553/172.
Symons, Robert, of Fulham.542/144.
Symper, John, of Islington,547/172.
Sympson, Richard, of the Strand,553/172.
Taylor, Anthony, of Hornsey, 547/147.
-, Edward, of Clerkenwell,546/220.
-, Nicholas, of Newington,552/162.
Theames, Edward, of East Smithfield,545/246.
Thicknes, Edward, of Westminster,544/54, 547/147.
Thomas, John, of Newington Green,552/163.
-, Meredith, of the Strand,544/54, 547/147.
Thorneton, John, of St. Giles'-in-the-Fields,548/123.
Thorniworke, Thomas, of Holborn,548/123.
Tito, Silas, of Field Lane,545/291.
Tompkins, John, of Shire Lane,550/154.
Trowman, William, of St. Clement Danes,553/172.
Tuffnell [Tuffnayle]
-, Richard, of St. John Street,545/246, 546/193. 548/123.
-, -, of Charterhouse Lane,551/87.
Twyford, Robert, of Willesden,545/246, 552/146.
Tymperem, John, of St. John Street,545/291.
Usher, Thomas, of Kingsland,552/162.
Vincent [Vyncent]
-, William, of Acton,546/193, 547/147.
-, -, of Willesden,552/146.
-, -, the elder, of Willesden,545/246, 546/193.
Walton, William, of Stanwell,545/246.
Wase, Jasper, of St. Giles'-in-the-Fields,546/193, 548/123.
Waterworth, John, of Islington,547/172.
Wax, Leonard, of Westminster, gentleman,544/69.
Wells, John, of Shire Lane,550/154.
Welch [Welsh], John, of Edmonton,545/246, 551/87.
Wheetley, Thomas, of Bethnal Green,552/162.
Whitchurch, Thomas, of St. Clement Danes,553/172.
White, William, of Shire Lane,550/154.
Whitmore, George, of "Baumehouse", gentleman,552/162.
Whittell, Richard, of Islington,547/172.
Wickham [Wycome], Thomas, of Islington,546/193, 551/87.
Williams, Hugh, of Whitecross Street,542/170.
Wilson, Philip, of Bethnal Green, gentleman,552/162.
Woode, —, of Mile End Green,552/162.
Wool—, James, of Whitecross Street,542/170.
Wycome, see Wickham.
Wyld, John, of Edmonton,545/246.
Yeomans, Hugh, of Shoreditch542/144, 546/193, 548/123.
Yorke, William, of St. John Street,547/172.


Austen, Cecily,553/137.
Bannister, Katherine,545/245.
Bateman, Mary,545/245.
Bostock, Emma,547/146.
Brome, Rose,547/146.
Cancke, Ann,545/245.
Cecill, Margery,545/245.
Day, Susan,547/146.
Dickenson, Helen,553/137.
Ellesmore, Joan,545/245.
Faroe, Isabel,547/146.
Farmer, Mary,545/245.
Fludd, Helen,545/245, 547/146.
Fynche, Elizabeth,545/245.
Gifford, Susan,545/245.
Gowen, Elizabeth,553/137.
Gryffyn, Susan,553/137.
Heath, Katherine,545/245.
Higginson, Ann,545/245.
Johnson, Ann,547/146.
Low, Mary,547/146.
Meale, Ann,547/146.
Monday, Joan,547/146.
Niccolls, Eleanor,545/245.
Nicholson, Margaret,553/137.
Pettingale, Margaret,547/146.
Pewalters, Katherine,553/137.
Rachfythe, Alice,553/137.
Reade, Ann,553/137.
Robinson, Anne,553/137.
Shipton, Margaret,553/137.
Sinock, Ann,547/146.
Stockdale, Ann,547/146.
Stone, Elizabeth,553/137.
Stutfield, Sybil,545/245.
Tubballs, Lettice,553/137.
Vynynge, Mary,545/245.
Wray, Susan,547/146.