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February 1685


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Letters Patent, Privy Seals, Royal Sign Manuals and Warrants, Treasury Warrants, Commissions, Orders, Letters, Memorials, Reports and other Entries: all not of the nature of Treasury Minutes.

Date.Nature and Substance of the Entry.Reference.
Feb. 7.Royal constitution of Sir George Jefferys, kt. and bart. as Chief Justice of the King's Bench, during pleasure.King's Warrant Book X, p. 9.
Same of Sir Thomas Jones, kt. and Serjeant at Law, as Chief Justice of Common Pleas: during pleasure.Ibid, p. 10.
Same of Sir Job Charlton, kt. and Serjeant at Law, as one of the Justices of Common Pleas: during pleasure.Ibid.
Sir Creswell Levins, kt. as a same.
Sir Tho. Street, kt. as a same.
Same of William Montagu, Sergeant at Law, as Chief Baron of the Exchequer with all the rights, privileges and emoluments as held by Sir Edward Turnor or any other: to hold during pleasure.Ibid, pp. 10–11.
Same of Sir William Gregory, kt. and Serjeant at Law, as one of the Barons of the Coyfe of the Exchequer, during pleasure.Ibid, p. 11.
Sir Edward Atkyns, kt. as a same.
Sir Robert Wright, kt. as a same.
Same of Sir Francis Wythens, kt. and Serjeant at Law, as a Justice of the King's Bench, during pleasure.Ibid.
Sir Richard Holloway, kt. as a same.
Sir Tho. Walcott, kt. as a same.
Henry Guy to the Customs Commissioners to send Mr. Dickinson and three or four more of the most knowing and ancient officers of the Customs to attend the Attorney and Solicitor General this afternoon.Out Letters (General) VIII, p. 34.
Feb. 10.Letter under the royal sign manual to James, Duke of Ormonde, Lord Lieutenant of Ireland. We have resolved that from Dec. 25 last 30,000l. per an. shall be supplied out of the revenue in Ireland towards the paying of the Forces in England and that the [loss by] exchange thereon be likewise defrayed out of the Irish revenue. Thomas Price of London, goldsmith, has undertaken to pay to the Paymaster of the Forces in England for the aforesaid use 10,000l. for the first four months on said yearly sum, [he] having an allowance of 10 per cent. for the exchange thereof to which we have agreed. You are hereby to give warrant to the Receiver General of the Irish revenue to pay to Charles Fox, Paymaster of the Forces in England. 11,000l. upon account, viz. 10,000l. for the pay of the Forces in England and 1,000l. to be by him paid to said Price for said exchange. Said 11,000l. is to be paid as follows, viz. 5,500l. on Feb. 25 inst., 2,750l. on Mar. 25 and 2,750l. on April 25.Out Letters (Ireland) IV, pp. 131–2.
Henry Guy to Mr. Kingdon. When you were at the Treasury last about the surplus of the Hearthmoney you were ordered to attend the King on the following Monday with your positive answer. That meeting being hindred by the sad accident of the late King's illness the King expects your attendance on him at the Treasury on Thursday afternoon next with your final answer concerning that matter.Out Letters (General) VIII, p. 34.
Feb. 12.Same to the East India Company for an estimate or state of an account of what Customs will be due to the King for the 5 East India ships that came last in.Ibid.
Same to the officers of the Works. Send to the Treasury Lords forthwith a list containing (1) the names of all the officers of the Works who had any salaries or allowances due to them at the death of the late King; (2) the names of their respective places; (3) the said salaries or allowances; (4) the sum due to each for arrears to Christmas last.Ibid, p. 35.
Same to the officers of the Greencloth for the like list and details of all the servants of the late King payable by the Cofferer of the Household.Ibid.
Same to Mr. Griffin, Treasurer of the Chamber, for the like list and details of all the servants of the late King payable in the Office of the Treasurer of the Chamber.Ibid.
Same to Mr. Darcy and Mr. Benyon for the like list and details of all the servants of the late King paid either liveries, wages or allowances out of the Office of the Great Wardrobe.Ibid.
Same to Sir Robert Howard, Auditor of the Receipt, for the like list and details of all the officers and servants of the late King payable at the Receipt of the Exchequer either for salaries, wages or annuities; with a statement whether their patents or privy seals were for life or otherwise.Ibid, p. 36.
Feb. 16
[probably erratum for Mar. 16].
Royal warrant to the Attorney or Solicitor General for a privy seal for a discharge of the baronet fee of 1,095l. due to the King from Sir William Soames, bart. for the baronetcy conferred on him by the late King Charles II. (Treasurer Rochester's warrant dated May 20 to the Receipt for a tally of discharge accordingly. This warrant quotes the privy seal as dated April 30.)King's Warrant Book X, p. 44. Money Book VI, p. 63.
Feb. 16.The like for discharge of the like fee due from Sir William Blacket of Newcastle for the like baronetcy. (Warrant dated May 5 to the Receipt ut supra, the privy seal being quoted as dated April 15.)King's Warrant Book X, p. 45. Money Book VI, p. 54.
Henry Guy to the Auditor of the Receipt for a copy of the establishment (remaining in the Exchequer) of the Household of Charles I.Out Letters (General) VIII, p. 36.
Feb. 17.Royal warrant to the Attorney or Solicitor General for a great seal for a grant to Sir John Ernle of the office of Chancellor of the Exchequer: to be executed by himself or deputy during pleasure. Likewise for a great seal for a grant to him of the office of Under Treasurer of the Exchequer: to hold during pleasure.King's Warrant Book X, p. 5.
Same to same for a same to [renew the Commission of the Customs viz. to] constitute Charles, Lord Cheyne, Sir Nicholas Butler, Sir John Buckworth, Sir John Werden, William Dickinson and Thomas Chudleigh to be Commissioners of Customs with 1,200l. per an. each: with John Sansom as their secretary with a salary of 400l. per an. but with a declaration that 300l. per an. of said salary is to be paid to Robert Bertie: and with John Lloyd to be agent and solicitor (as he was lately) to said Commissioners with a salary of 300l. per an. (Cancelled and replaced by the royal warrant of Feb. 20; the only difference between the two warrants being that in the latter the Commission is to extend to the control of the Four and a Half per cent. Duty as well as to the Customs in England and Wales, and that the name of Werden as being a baronet is put before that of Butler.)Ibid, pp. 5–6, 8–9.
Same to the Clerk of the Signet for a privy seal for 100,000l. to Charles Bertie, Treasurer and Paymaster of the Ordnance, as imprest for land and sea service to be performed by the Office of Ordnance. (Money order dated Feb. 24 hereon. Money order dated Feb. 26 hereon.)Ibid, p. 7. Money Book VI, p. 1. Order Book I, p. 1.
Same to same for a same for 200,000l. to Anthony, Visct. Falkland, Treasurer of the Navy, as imprest for the service of the Navy and the Victualling thereof. (Money warrant dated Feb. 24 hereon. Money order dated Feb. 25 hereon.)King's Warrant Book X, p. 7. Money Book VI, p. 1. Order Book I, p. 1.
Same to Lawrence, Earl of Rochester, Lord President of the Privy Council and Chief Ranger of New Park near Richmond, to cause such convenient parts in said park as are overgrown and run with moss, weeds, furrs [furze] or rushes to be forthwith ploughed and sown with corn for two or three years next ensuing and to be well dunged the last year and laid down again very smooth and level as well for the meliorating the feed of the said ground for the benefit of the deer, as for the better riding and evener going thereon: the King being informed that several parts of the meadow and other grounds there are so overrun with moss etc. and that the best way to kill same is by ploughing.King's Warrant Book X, p. 21.
Feb. 17.Henry Guy to Sir Tho. Jenner. I have laid before the Lord Treasurer your certificate in behalf of Thomas Delawne. He must put his request into a petition and on a reference to you you are to make your certificate.Out Letters (General) VIII, p. 37. IX, p. 1.
Appending: said certificate dated Feb. 17. "Tho. Delawne convicted at the Old Bailey about 9 months since for printing a book against the Common Prayer, was fined 100 marks: hath layn ever since, being not worth anything: now desires to be put into the Newgate pardon, being sensible of his fault."
Same to Mr. Trant, Mr. Bridges and Mr. Kingdon. Send to the Lord Treasurer forthwith all the books of the Hearthmoney for 1683, Michaelmas [half year], and such abstracts for that half year as have not been already delivered to Mr. [Auditor] Aldworth; and also all abstracts for 1684, Lady day [half year]. You are also to send this week the account of the produce of that revenue for the five years ended at 1684, Lady day, according to your promise to the King. (Same to same of same date. Send me word to-morrow what day you will send the said five years' account.)Ibid. VIII, p. 37. IX, p. 1.
Same to the Customs Commissioners. You are to make no payments upon debentures. If there be any necessary occasion for making such payments you are to acquaint the Lord Treasurer therewith. (Same to same. If you think the above course prejudicial you may continue the said payments until [to-morrow Wednesday evening, when] you attend the Lord Treasurer therein.)Ibid. VIII, pp. 37, 38. IX, p. 1.
Same to Mr. Ashmole [Comptroller of the Excise] for a certificate of the arrears due at Christmas last upon the pensions of 24,000l. per an. granted out of the Excise to his Majesty when Duke of York and of 12,209l. per an. to the Queen Dowager and of 10,000l. per an. to the Prince of Denmark.Ibid. VIII, p. 38. IX, p. 1.
Feb. 19.Same to the Customs Commissioners to order Mr. Phillips, a Customs officer, who has seized a box at Deal come in the Jean Paon from Dieppe and directed to Mr. Congnard father and son, merchants in London, to send said box to London. Give the Lord Treasurer notice as soon as it arrives.Ibid. VIII, p. 38. IX, p 2.
Appending: petition of said Congnard and note of the contents of said box being works on mathematics and engineering, "la fortification en Comte de Pagan, la fortification du Chr. [Antoine] de Ville, la fortification de Millet, son traité d'Euclide, traité en nivellement, l'exercise nouveau des mousqueraires," and mathematical instruments.
[?]Treasurer Rochester to Mr. Fanshaw concerning the Queen Dowager's portion. The late Treasury Lords have communicated to me your letter of the 1st, which came to their hands before I received the staff. You inform therein that you have received the whole of the Queen Dowager's portion except about 10,000 crusadoes and it is ready to be remitted to England only you desire leave to retain some small part of it for your future payment in case the King continue you in your employment. You are hereby directed to ship all the said money you have received (except some small part thereof as desired above) in the Centurion, Capt. Wrenn commander, or in the Tyger, Capt. Wheeler commander, or in any his Majesty's frigates of the fifth rate or upwards that shall first touch at Lisbon for England. Take his receipt for the money and advise me by post.Ibid. VIII, p. 39. IX, p. 2.
Feb. 19.Henry Guy to the Customs Commissioners enclosing a book and letter [missing] written by Mr. Stockton. The Lord Treasurer thinks there are several matters therein worthy consideration, especially when the Parliament meets. Peruse same and send him your observations thereon.Out Letters (General) VIII, p. 39. IX, p. 2.
Same to Mr. Pepys for a copy of the estimate sent to you by the Navy Commissioners of the quantities of timber, hemp, pitch, tar and other materials and stores which will be needful to carry on the service of the Navy for this year.Ibid. VIII, p. 40. IX, p. 3.
Same to the Customs Commissioners to open at the Custom House and to deliver to the Resident of [from] Florence his household goods.Ibid. VIII, p. 40. IX, p. 3.
Appending: inventory of said goods arrived on the ship Antego Merchant from Leghorn (including a little old damask bed with gold fringes, little red apples covered with wax, a suit of clothes cinament colour, an old suit of silk clothes with gold buttons, an old drugget suit of clothes, an old green hunting suit, 6 pair of linen stockings, night caps of several sorts, 12 old shirts, a waistcoat and a pair of drawers of incarnation taffety etc.).
Same to Mr. Kingdon, Mr. Trant and Mr. Bridges. In response to the order of the 17th inst., supra, p. 4, you have this day brought some of the books only very imperfectly, but none of the abstracts required. You are positively to forthwith bring all the said books and abstracts with inventories thereof for his Majesty's immediate service and you are from time to time to give notice to Mr. Aldworth when and where you proceed in stating the accounts of the produce of said revenue for 5 years to 1684, Lady day, with the respective receivers and collectors thereof; to the intent he may have inspection and assist you therein.Ibid. VIII, p. 41. IX, p. 4.
Feb. 20.Same to Mr. Pepys to send orders to such of the King's ships as shall touch at Lisbon to receive [from Mr. Fanshaw] the moneys of the Queen Dowager's portion, ut supra, pp. 4–5.Ibid. VIII, p. 41. IX, p. 4.
Same to the Customs Commissioners to send to the Duchess of Portsmouth's lodgings in Whitehall a trunk and a long case arrived in the Customs' warehouse for her.Ibid. VIII, p. 41. IX, p. 4.
[sic erratum for Feb.] 20.
Same to Mr. Darcy and Mr. Bynion to send the Lord Treasurer an estimate for covering the floor and ceiling of the Queen Dowager's bedchamber with grey cloth, "to the end that matters may go in your [Wardrobe Office] business in that method they were lately put."Ibid. IX, p. 5.
Feb. 20.Same to Mr. Kent. Send the Lord Treasurer an account what money, if any, is owing to the East India Company on their own [East India goods'] Customs.Ibid.
Feb. 20.Henry Guy to the East India Company for an estimate or account what Customs will be due to the King for the 5 East India ships that came last in.Out Letters (General) IX, p. 5.
Same to the Auditor of the Receipt. There is present occasion for the payment to me of 800l. for his Majesty's especial secret service and the privy seal and money warrant cannot be so speedily passed as the service requires. You are to send to the Teller in whose hands is the remain of the 50,000l. lent by Charles Duncombe on the credit of the Hearthmoney to advance me 800l. thereout on my acquittance, he detaining the Exchequer fees thereon. The privy seal and money warrant to authorise this payment will be sent you when ready.Disposition Book IV, p. 1.
Royal warrant for a great seal for renewing the Commission of the Customs. See supra, p. 3.King's Warrant Book X, pp. 8–9.
Royal letters patent constituting Henry, Earl of Clarendon, as Keeper of the Privy Seal with the fee of 365l. per an. payable out of the small Customs of the port of London: all loco George Marquess of Halifax whose patent of appointment of 1682, Oct. 27, is hereby vacated: all to hold as amply etc. as Henry late Earl of Bath, Henry late Earl of Manchester, John, Lord Robartes, Arthur, Earl of Anglesea, George, Earl of Halifax, or any other.Ibid, pp. 51–2, 65–6.
Treasury reference to Auditor William Aldworth of the account as follows: "his Majesty being this day present here [at the Treasury Chambers] was pleased to order that this account should be referred."Reference Book II, pp. 193–4. III, pp. 1–2.
Prefixing: an account of the revenue arising by firehearths and stoves in England and Wales for the 10 half years of Mr. Anthony Row and partners' management from Mich., 1679, to Lady day, 1684, according to the audits of the books of collection returned to the office and to the contracts made for the four Northern Counties and Wales: and [account likewise] of the rent to be paid by the said Rowe and partners and the allowance to be made them for management pursuant to their contract with the late King: together with the account of the surplus of the said revenue [which surplus was] farmed to Mr. John Geneu for the forementioned term.
Collected of the revenue due at Mich., 167994,002110
ditto Lady day, 168096,905109
ditto Mich., 1680109,64516
ditto Lady day, 1681102,634160
ditto Mich., 1681102,46200
ditto Lady day, 1682105,645199
ditto Mich., 1682104,906166
ditto Lady day, 1683105,45230
ditto Mich., 1683105,747129
Collected of the revenue due at Lady day 1684108,07996
the Inns of Court and Chancery for the 5 years (which could not be regularly collected half yearly)82146
the surcharges upon officers are uncertain and the difficulty of proving them renders them impossible to be recovered, those that have been already allowed and accounted for amount to425100
total produce of said revenue1,036,72861
Rent to be paid by Antho. Row and partners and the allowance made to them for management: 188,000l. per an.940,00000
the poundage allowed the said Row and partners for collecting the surplus at 12d. the £4,83683
his late Majesty gave the people of Northampton the Hearthmoney that should arise in that town for 7½ years of the term of said Row and partners688100
surplus for the above 5 years91,203710
for which [surplus] there is paid and to be paid for rent by Mr. Geneu20,00000
the charges and expenses of managing the surplus cannot be ascertained till all accounts are adjusted but are estimated at least at15,00000
the money remaining in arrear which cannot be certainly known till the officers have made up their accounts is estimated at11,00000
which being deducted from the gross surplus leaves net45,302710
Feb. 21.Patent under the great seal granting to Charles Fox the office and place of Receiver and Paymaster of the Guards, Garrisons and Forces, during pleasure: to be executed by himself or sufficient deputy to be approved by the King: together with the house now or late in his possession and the rooms used for the said office in the Tilt Yard adjoining the Horse Guards. In order to the preventing of frauds in the payment of said Guards etc. he is hereby to have the inspection, cheque and control of all accounts and payments to be made for said Guards etc. but not to be accountable for more money than shall come to his own proper hands: all with the wages, fee and allowance of 20s. a day.King's Warrant Book X, pp. 30–1.
Feb. 21.Henry Guy to Mr. Kingdon, Mr. Trant and Mr. Bridges enclosing (a) infra. There is no prejudice can happen to you thereby for when the collection of arrears is complete the sum arising thence will appear distinctly by the account.Out Letters (General) IX, p. 5.
Appending: (a) order by Treasurer Rochester dated Feb. 21 to the Commissioners of Excise and Hearthmoney to direct all the Hearthmoney collectors to return to the Cashier all the money that shall be collected upon that revenue either for arrears or for the growing duty: but in making such returns they are to keep these two items distinct as the Cashier is to keep an account of the arrears separate from that of the growing duty.
Same to the Board of Greencloth. By my letter of the 12th inst. you were desired to send the late Treasury Lords an account of the moneys due at or before Christmas last to the late King's servants payable by the Cofferer of the Household. You are to send such account with all speed to the Lord Treasurer.Ibid. p. 6.]
The like notice to the Auditor of the Receipt for the like account as to the King's servants payable in the Exchequer: to Mr. Griffin, Treasurer of the Chamber, as to the King's servants payable by him: and to Mr. Darcy and Mr. Benyon [as to the servants and liveries payable in the Great Wardrobe]: and to the officers of the Works [ut supra, p. 2].
Treasurer Rochester to Mr. Price, [Receiver General of the Revenue of Ireland]. I am informed that you are entitled to 8,000l. which was made payable by the [Irish] establishment to the assigns of Roger late Earl of Orrery next after 3,000l. to Sir Timothy Tyrrell out of the 5,000l. per an. quit rents formerly assigned to the Duke of Ormonde. There is a grant made by the late King to the Earl of Sunderland which the King is now pleased to confirm and his Majesty is moved on behalf of said Earl to have your said 8,000l. transferred from the said fund in order that the payments due to said Earl may the sooner become payable. I am therefore to propose to you that said 8,000l. be made payable to you out of the fees of 6d. per 20s. which you have power to detain out of the moneys which you issue by virtue of your office and to be payable thereout next after the sums already charged thereon. This can be no disadvantage to you and I recommend you to accept it.Out Letters (Ireland) IV, p. 133.
Signature by Treasurer Rochester and Sir J. Ernle, Chancellor of the Exchequer, of the docquet of an in custodiam lease under the Exchequer seal to John Bowater, esq. of divers lands and tenements in Coventry, parcel of the estate of Sir William Jesson, kt. outlaw: at a rent of 9s. 5d. per an. and fine of 18s. 10d.Warrants not Relating to Money X, p. 43.
The like of a like lease to Emma Mason, widow, of divers lands and tenements in Coventry part of said Jesson's estate at a rent of 31s. 1d. per an. and fine of 62s. 2d.
The like of a like lease to Sir William Villiers, bart. of divers lands and tenements in co. Warwick, part of said Jesson's estate: at a rent of 25s. 3d. and fine of 50s. 6d.
Feb. 23.Reference from Treasurer Rochester to William Harbord, Surveyor General of Crown Lands, of the petition of Sir William Bowes, kt. as referred from the King the 20th inst., "his Majesty being well assured of petitioner's loyalty." Said petition sets forth that the Earl of Carlisle, lately deceased, had a grant of the offices of Forester of the Forest and Chases within the Lordship of Barnard Castle and Ranger of the Forest of Teesdale and Chase of Marwood, co. Durham: that five or six of petitioner's ancestors have successively enjoyed said offices: therefore prays a grant thereof, petitioner being best able to execute same for that several of the said forests and chases are enclosed within or adjoining to his own estate.Reference Book II, p. 194. III, p. 3.
Same from same to the Customs Commissioners of the petition of Jno. Waller for a vacant noontender's place: he being in a necessitous condition and having a promise from the Lord Treasurer.Ibid. II, p. 195.
[The like reference] upon the petition of Jeremy Hayes late waiter and searcher at Harwich. [Entry incomplete.]Ibid.
[?][A loose undated unsigned paper pinned into the Reference Book.] Money received of Mr. Harsnet when went out of town360Ibid.
received of Mr. Jeve8168
received of Mr. Keen5134
Paid for ditto [for Harsnet] charges, detailed, of passing patent14146
Mr. Dryden1100
Mr. Brandereth2160
Madam Becher174
[leaving due]21110
My own expenses029
Feb. 23.Treasurer Rochester's warrant to the Customs Commissioners for payment of the salaries of the Customs officers of the outports for last Christmas quarter (being 4,465l. 3s. 2d. established salaries and 581l. 5s. 0d. additional salaries: total, 5,046l. 8s. 2d.).Money Book VI, p. 1.
Same to Richard Kent, Customs Cashier, to pay the same quarter's salary bill of the Customs officers, London port (being 5,707l. 10s. 0d. for established salaries and 141l. 5s. 0d. for additional salaries).Ibid.
Henry Guy to the Excise Commissioners enclosing last week's disposition of the Excise cash as follows, viz.:Disposition Book IV, pp. 1, 2.
to Charles Fox, Paymaster of the Forces4,500
to the Cofferer of the Household2,600
Treasurer Rochester directed this disposition the 17th inst. The said sums are to be paid and charged in the Receipt of the Exchequer. But if the Excise Cashier pay said moneys [direct] to said accountants he is to deliver to the Tellers the acquittances of said accountants in lieu of money and the Tellers will give him tallies therefor. (See infra under date Mar. 5.)
Feb. 23.Henry Guy to the Customs Cashier to issue as follows out of Customs money, viz.:Disposition Book IV, pp. 1, 3.
to the Treasurer of the Navy, being intended for the dry dock1,000
to ditto in further part of 12,000l. promised for the ordinary and some extraordinary repairs1,000
to Philip Packer for the Works, being intended for Somerset House300
Together with: the like directions as above as to procedure. (Same dated Feb. 24 to the Auditor of the Receipt for the issue of the sums as in the above two letters of direction and further to direct the Tellers to charge themselves with the above moneys if tendered them [by the Excise Cashier or Customs Cashier] or upon the acquittances of the abovesaid persons [or offices]. The money [if so paid into the Receipt from the Excise or Customs] is to be advanced to the said persons for the said uses in manner ut infra.)
Same to the Auditor of the Receipt. It will be for his Majesty's service that the money arising from the several branches of the revenue be paid and charged in the Exchequer. But forasmuch as the same cannot from thence be issued without a great or privy seal which cannot be passed so speedily as in this case is necessary, and the Lord Treasurer thinking that the service will suffer very much unless some expedient be used for supplying the several public offices and other persons with ready money at this juncture when all privy seals and patents during the late King's pleasure for issue of money are voyd: you are to desire the Tellers to make issues by way of advance to accountants to his Majesty or to others as the service shall require and as the Lord Treasurer shall direct. The Clerk of the Pells is to take notice of such issues. The requisite privy seals and other warrants for the regular issuing the said money will be passed with all expedition.Ibid, p. 2.
Royal warrant to the Attorney or Solicitor General for a great seal for a new Commission of Excise, the new Commissioners to be Sir Denny Ashburnham, bart., Francis Parry, Charles Davenant, Dr. of Laws, John Freind, Felix Calverd, Nathaniell Hornby and Richard Graham: the late Treasury Lords (viz. Sidney, Lord Godolphin, Sir John Ernle, kt., Sir Stephen Fox, kt., Sir Dudley North, kt., and Henry Frederick Thynne, esq.) having on the 5th Feb. inst. in the late King's reign contracted with Sir Peter Apsley, kt., Sir Benjamin Bathurst, kt., and James Grahme, esq. for them to take the whole duty of Excise for 3 years from date of said contract at 550,000l. rent. The said Commissioners to have power to give Commissions and appoint salaries to sub-commissioners and officers for the collecting said revenue in the several counties with the Lord Treasurer's approval and with the approbation of said Apsley, Bathurst and Grahme. The Commissioners are further to have power to reassume any farm for non-payment of rent or breach of covenant. They are to levy all fines, penalties and forfeitures, paying thereout the informers and churchwardens and overseers of the poor, in the locality concerned, the portion of such fines as appertains to them and paying the King's portion into the Receipt. Power given them to enter ships in port to search for brandy, strong waters or aquavitas and all other Exciseable liquors. Further said Commissioners are hereby to be chief Commissioners, officers, Collectors and Receivers of Hearthmoney (the revenue arising by firehearths and stoves) with all powers for collecting, receiving and managing thereof and also for viewing, surveying and numbering all chimney hearths, firehearths and stoves and for inspecting or copying all rolls or returns of former farmers, managers, collectors or receivers of said revenue: with like powers ut supra, for their appointing and removing sub-collectors, deputies or agents in the various counties etc. with such salary as the Lord Treasurer shall approve. The Commissioners to have power to administer oaths and to have a salary of 1,000l. per an. each, payable quarterly: and with the usual exemption from juries etc.: and with power to proceed in all causes left unfinished by the preceding Commission or Commissions.King's Warrant Book X, pp. 12–20.
Feb. 23.Henry Guy to the Auditors of Imprests for a certificate what accounts are lying before you unpassed and what ready to be passed.Out Letters (General) IX, p. 6.
Same to the Commissioners of Excise and Hearthmoney to report on (a) infra.Ibid, p. 7.
Appending: (a) letter dated Feb. 21 inst. to Henry Guy from Lemuel Kingdon, P. Trant and William Bridges. We employed several experienced officers on purpose to make discoveries and collect the arrears and they have made several considerable discoveries: yet do not go on in their collection in regard they are not assured of 10s. in the £ to be allowed them which we did agree with them for. "Much of the arrears will be lost and the improvements of the growing duty will be but very little by discoveries to what it would be if the method twas put in and the allowance we made were continued."
Same to Mr. Peregrine Bertie, Charles Bertie and Charles Osborne. Treasurer Rochester desires you to make a reconveyance to the King of the honors, manors and lands which were settled upon you in trust for the late Earl of Plymouth and which by his death without issue ought to return to the Crown.Ibid.
Same to Mr. Ashmole for a list of all the pensions payable out of the Excise with an account of what is due on [each of] them respectively.Ibid.
Same to the Customs Cashier for the like account of pensions payable out of the Customs.Ibid.
Feb. 23.Henry Guy to Mr. Stephens to continue to send to the Lord Treasurer weekly certificates of the receipts and payments for the Navy "as you have used to do."Out Letters (General) IX, p. 7.
Same to the Auditor of the Receipt to admit Francis Villiers, now one of the Tellers, into the execution of his office: he having given security and taken the oaths.Ibid.
Same to Lord Dartmouth enclosing 5 Ordnance bills, ut infra, concerning which there has been so long a contest between Lady Clutterbuck and Signor Milanesi. If she assigns them to him can they be paid to him and is there money in the Ordnance Office to satisfy them or must other money be provided for that purpose?Ibid, p. 8.
Appending: list of said bills, four to Jasper Clutterbuck for respectively 37l. 10s. 2d., 419l. 18s. 3d., 143l. 13s. 1d., 87l. 1s. 3d., and one to Charles Clutterbuck for 414l. 4s. 5d.
Same to Mr. Agar for a certificate what sums you have raised in Whittlewood and Salcey Forest towards the 12,000l. for the [Earl of Arlington] Lord Chamberlain; "and where the said money is."Ibid.
Feb. 24.Royal warrant to the Attorney or Solicitor General for a great seal for a grant to John Berkeley and William Shaw of the office of one of the two searchers at Gravesend, which office they have lately enjoyed, during pleasure, and as amply etc. as Henry, Earl of Clarendon, William Chiffinch and Martin Fowkes (in trust for Tho. Chiffinch, esq.) the other searcher there do now hold.King's Warrant Book X, pp. 20–1.
Same to same for a same for a grant to Henry Thornhill of the office of Receiver of Crown Revenues in Kent, Surrey and Sussex and cities of Canterbury, Rochester and Chichester, to wit, that office that he hath himself lately enjoyed: to hold, during pleasure: with the fee of 100l. per an.Ibid, pp. 24–5.
Treasurer Rochester's warrant to the Customs Commissioners to pay 80l. to Gyles Dowle for one year from 1684, Lady day, for his employment in destroying and suppressing the growth of tobacco in the counties of Gloucester, Worcester, Hereford and Warwick.Money Book VI, p. 2.
Henry Guy to the Earl of Arlington [Lord Chamberlain] to swear John Langwith as a messenger of the Chamber in ordinary to attend the Treasury "as he hath done some years last past."Out Letters (General) IX, p. 8.
Same to the Navy Commissioners to give order for the transmission to the Lord Treasurer of weekly certificates of the wages in the yards as are sent from time to time by the Clerks of the Cheque to the Navy Board: and also weekly certificates of the debt of the Navy as well as of the cash "in that form which was constantly used when the Earl of Danby was Lord High Treasurer: and that no new men (shipwrights or other workmen) may be employed in the yards to create a new charge to the King without your acquainting the Lord Treasurer therewith."Ibid.
Feb. 24.Henry Guy to the Attorney General to prepare and see executed the reconveyance to the Crown from Peregrine Bertie, Charles Bertie and Charles Osborne of lands conveyed to them in trust for the Earl of Plymouth.Out Letters (General) IX, p. 9.
Same to Mr. Sturt. Send me the account mentioned in your petition as made up in your name only to which Jonathan Gauden pretends he ought to be made a party. The Lord Treasurer will hear you and Mr. Gauden on it.Ibid.
Same to Mr. Burton enclosing (a) infra. You are to acquaint Mr. Perry and Mr. Scott that the money and goods [infra] are to remain as they are until the Lord Treasurer be satisfied by the Attorney or Solicitor General whose right they are.Ibid.
Appending: (a) letter dated Jan. 24 last from Tho. Doyley [to Henry Guy]. There are 200lb. 95oz. of clippings in the hands of John Perry, Justice of Peace, and 400l. of plate and goods in the hands of Mr. Scott, bailiff of the liberty of Finsbury, same being found in the house of Mr. Caborne who was indicted the last sessions and since executed. The clippings remain in the hands of Perry until the trial of Mris. Bonnett, who was taken in the house and concerned in the clipping. She has an estate in houses at Westminster and her trial comes on to-morrow. Mr. Scott pretends a right to the moneys and goods, to which I conceive he has none. They ought to remain as they are till their ownership be settled.
Treasurer Rochester to Visct. Brouncker. The Board of Greencloth informs me that you have received from Alderman Duncomb 2,600l. towards defraying the expense of the Household for Lady day quarter last and think yourself sufficiently authorised to issue any part thereof without some particular direction from me, "which they desire me to give for the payment of the said money according to the order of the Greencloth." I desire you to issue said sum according to such order of the Greencloth, "for which this is to be your warrant until the privy seal for the Household can be passed whereby the said money may be regularly charged in the Exchequer."Ibid, p. 10.
Warrant from Treasurer Rochester to the Customs Commissioners to employ Richard Garmson (Gramson) as a tidewaiter, Lynn Regis port loco Robt. Atwood lately dismissed.Out Letters (Customs) X, pp. 1, 2, 3.
John Whittle (tidesman at Bristol) as surveyor, waiter and searcher at Beachley loco Michael Walford, who is to be surveyor of Lynn Regis.
Sam Duglas (tidesman in fee, Bristol port), as a tidesman in fee, London port loco John Price, who has relinquished same.
The like warrants for Andrew Kniveton and William Vickers.
John Byker as a tidesman at Bristol loco John Whittle, moved to Beachley, ut supra.
Humphrey Musgrave as a waiter and searcher at Whitehaven loco Levet Thompson, lately dismissed.
William Turner as a tidesman at Liverpool loco Robert Mirfin, who resigns.
Rich. Gyles, Fra. Major, Edw. Jones and William Tomkins as tidesmen and boatmen at Penzance as by the Customs Commissioners' presentment of Sept. 24 last.
Altham Gwynn as a waiter and searcher at Llanelly, a creek in Milford port loco Henry Dunnell, lately dismissed.
John Cox as a tidesman at Minehead loco John Skipwith, who declines same.
William Chappell and John Spriggs as tidesmen and boatmen at Looe at 10l. per an. each.
Michael Walford (surveyor of Beachley) as surveyor of Lynn Regis loco John Fawcet, lately dismissed.
Bartholomew Jones as a boatman at Rochester loco Rob. Legat, lately dismissed.
John Woodhave as a tidesman at Newcastle loco William Ogle, formerly presented.
Henry Lowder as a tidesman at Hull loco Sam. Dawes, lately dismissed.
Feb. 24.Warrant from Treasurer Rochester to the Customs Commissioners to return the duty of the goods lately imported from Siam, said duty amounting to 93l. 11s. 0½d.: the money having been brought to account by the Collector Inwards [London] whereby it cannot be discharged without the Lord Treasurer's order.Out Letters (Customs) X, p. 3.
Same by same to William Harbord, Tho. Agar, Tho. Newton, esqs. and Samll. Rolt, gent., to set out a convenient number of coarse trees and trees not fit for the Navy in Chambersale Coppice in Whittlewood Forest for the gating, posting and cabbening said coppice with a view to the cutting the underwood therein which is of 12 years' growth: all in accordance with the representation of Dec. 9 last from the Queen Dowager's Council, which desired such cutting of the underwood in order to preserve it from damage by carts passing through to carry off several timber trees which were directed to be cut down therein.Warrants not Relating to Money XI, p. 2.
Feb. 25.Henry Guy to the Customs Cashier enclosing the paper of the disposition of the Customs cash for the present week as follows:Disposition Book IV, pp. 4, 6.
to the 12 Judges3,00000
to the Masters in Chancery27500
to the Welsh Judges17500
to the Masters of Requests10000
to the Attorney General40134
to the Solicitor General3500
to Sir Richard May7100
to me [Guy] for secret service50000
to the Treasurer of the Navy, intended for the dry dock at Chatham60000
to ditto for the [Navy's] weekly money1,50000
to ditto for the Victuallers for two weeks1,20000
towards the [London Customs officers' salary] quarterly bill for the quarter ended Christmas last in part of 5,845l. 15s. 0d.1,50000
(Same of same date to the Auditor of the Receipt to issue 3,633l. 3s. 4d. to the Judges etc. as above out of 7,433l. 3s. 4d. of Customs money which the Lord Treasurer has directed to be this week paid into the Exchequer. The remaining 3,800l. is to be advanced for the Navy and secret service ut supra.
Same dated Feb. 26 to same for the Tellers to advance the abovesaid 3,633l. 3s. 4d.)
Feb. 25.Henry Guy to the Excise Commissioners forwarding the paper of the disposition of the Excise cash for the present week as follows:Disposition Book IV, p. 5.
to the King, in part of the arrears due to him as Duke of York6,000
to the Queen Dowager3,000
to Prince George1,500
to Mr. Toll in part of his debt1,000
to Mr. Hornby in part of his debt500
to Charles Fox for the Forces4,500
[in part of the Excise Office salary] Michaelmas quarter bill1,500
to me [Guy] for secret service600
(Same of same date to the Auditor of the Receipt to advance abovesaid items of 4,500l. for the Forces and 600l. for secret service out of such Excise money as is directed to be this week paid into the Exchequer.
Same of date Feb. 26 to same directing that of the above 600l. for secret service only 500l. be advanced for secret service and that the other 100l. be issued to the Duke of Newcastle on his warrant.)
Feb. 26.Reference from Treasurer Rochester to the Customs Commissioners of the petition of Thomas Fowler, shewing that being late landwaiter at Tangier he was one of those recommended by Lord Dartmouth for employment, but has waited for above 9 months although found fit, and particularly by Sir Dudley North who examined him.Reference Book III, p. 3.
Same from same to same of the petition of Robert Hall for the place of waiter and searcher of Hastings, co. Sussex, void by the death of John Randall.Ibid, p. 4.
Same from same to same of the petition of Robert Culliford for renewing his patent that he has had ever since 1663 as Comptroller of Customs at Southampton [port], "which patent became void by the death of the late King."Ibid.
Same from same to same of the petition of Richard Sprigg of London, merchant; petitioner shewing that he and his relations have been great sufferers for Charles I and II "at one of whose houses he [Charles I] lodged before the battle at Naseby" and petitioner had a ship which was bound for the Straits fetched out of the Downs and seized on which he wholly lost without coming to trial, being loaden with logwood, Coliators wood and cocoa nuts to the amount of 2,000l.: that being encouraged by the Customs Commissioners with a promise that he might be admitted to enter (which others have done) he has bought a parcel of Caliatours wood etc. to the amount of 2,000l. which has been shipped above 6 weeks and lies ready to be transported for England, but the Customs Commissioners refuse to take an entry: therefore prays that the goods being duly seized and appraised he may have liberty to strike a tally for the [King's] whole moiety, "paying your Majesty one tenth part of what it amounts to, which is more than the Custom."Ibid.
Feb. 26.Reference from Treasurer Rochester to Auditor Aldworth of the accounts as follows:Reference Book III, pp. 6–9.
Prefixing: (a) particular of the contracts that have been made [by W. Harbord, Surveyor General of Crown Lands] for the lands and tenements purchased for his Majesty's use and to be taken in for the park near the Castle of Winchester.
1683–4, Jan. 11. Contracted with Rob. Forder for Painters Close Field, which he holds from Mr. Morley, the lessee of the Bishop of Winchester, at 30l. per an. rent and for a remaining term of ten years in the tithes of said field which he holds from the College of Winchester, he being permitted to sow it with barley this year and take off his crop10000
Jan. 11. Contracted with ditto for five pieces of arable land called the Forty Acres in St. Faith's Field, which he holds by lease from the Dean and Chapter of Winchester and the house he dwells in and several other lands called Priors Barton Farm. He is to acquit the King from the rent to the Dean and Chapter for said Forty Acres and is to be permitted to sow same this year70000
For the inconveniency of parting with this land, which is the best arable land of his farm, and the enclosing of the park will necessitate his going a great way about to and from the rest of his land he is to have as royal bounty10000
Jan. 12. Contracted with John Badger for one croft of four acres of land lying on the south side of the late Chapel of St. James's, called Butcher's Croft, which he holds by copy from the Dean and Chapter's manor of Barton for three lives5600
Jan. 17. Contracted with Alderman Tho. Wavell for a close of pasture of 1½ acres lying next Painters' Field7500
1684, Sept. 14. Contracted with Mr. Morley for said Painters' Field of which he has a lease for three lives from the Bishop of Winchester45000
Sept. 6. Contracted with the Dean and Chapter of Winchester for a lease for two lives in Thurmond's Farm to the use of his Majesty in reversion after the death of Sir Henry Titchborn72000
(b) Account of the money disbursed by said William Harbord in satisfaction of said contracts:
1684, Sept. 27, paid to George and Thomas Taylor by Robert Forder's order10000
interest hereon to 1684–5, Jan. 27200
Sept. 16, paid to William Savage by Forder's order40000
paid to Richard Ross by same10000
interest ut supra10180
Oct. 1, paid to Richard Ross in full of 700l. by like order20000
interest ut supra3171
Oct. 10, 56l. was paid to John Badger by Alderman Taylor and repaid at London by his [Badger's] order to William Savage5600
interest ut supra100
Nov. 18, 75l. paid to Mr. Savage by Alderman Taylor's order for Mr. Wavell7500
interest ut supra0172
Sept. 30, paid by his [Morley's] order to Francis Child45000
interest ut supra8164
Sept. 12, paid to Peter White by order from Mr. Markland, the Treasurer [of Winchester Cathedral]5000
Sept. 14, to Richard Deyrell by order of the Dean [of Winchester]15000
to Hen. Kelsey by order of Dr. Pain, one of the Prebend[arie]s [of Winchester]52000
interest ut supra1491
Total interest2527
[gratuity of two-thirds]16151
Feb. 26.Henry Guy to Mr. Tudor, Auditor for Wales, or his deputy to deliver to Sir Richard Mason and Mr. Fillingham a particular of what moneys have been levied by any high sheriffs in Wales upon the estate of Richard Gwynn as Receiver of Hearthmoney in several counties or as surety for Jno. Vaughan, another Receiver of Hearthmoney. The certificate is to set out the sheriff's name, the year, the sum and to whom same has been paid.Out Letters (General) IX, p. 10.
Same to Sir Christopher Wren to attend the King at the Treasury Chambers on Tuesday afternoon next with an account of the expence requisite to make tight and preserve from damage the buildings at Winchester and to work up all the materials that lie ready there "as his Majesty was pleased to order you the last time you attended him."Ibid.
Same to Mr. Graham at Lord Dartmouth's to attend Treasurer Rochester on Saturday morning concerning the 325l. 13s. 9d. owing by Samuell Williams, late Receiver of the last Eighteen Months' Assessment for co. Southampton.Ibid.
Feb. 26.Henry Guy to Mr. Hosier at the Earl of Newport's to attend, ut supra, about the 195l. 16s. 8d. owing by you upon the last Six Months' Assessment for co. Salop.Out Letters (General) IX, p. 10.
Same to Col. Stradling to attend, ut supra, about the money owing to the King by your brother Mansell [Stradling] and yourself.Ibid.
Same to Jno. Basier. You are without further delay to pass your accounts for the late Seventeen Months' Tax, Poll, Eighteen Months' Tax and Six Months' Tax for the four Northern Counties whereof you are Receiver General: all in order to the recovery of the arrear thereon; otherwise Exchequer process will issue against you.Ibid, p. 11.
Same to Tho. Marsden at Bolton, co. Lancs. There is about 32l. owing by you upon the last assessments (the last Six Months' Assessment) for co. Lancs. for which you were Receiver General. You are to forthwith pass your account or process will issue.Ibid.
Same to Auditor Phillips to attend Treasurer Rochester with the accounts of the Receiver of London and Middlesex for the late Seventeen Months', Eighteen Months' and last Six Months' Taxes which you were ordered to state from the duplicates given to you by Capt. Phill Howard, Receiver General [thereof].Ibid.
Same to the Customs Commissioners. Application is made to Treasurer Rochester for renewing several grants of places in the Customs which were held by patents during pleasure and are now void. You are to approve such persons before he will renew such patents.Ibid.
Same to the Attorney General enclosing the Duchess of Cleveland's patent for 6,000l. per an. pension on the Excise. Send the Lord Treasurer your opinion thereon.Ibid.
Money warrant for 100l. to Henry, Duke of Newcastle, for one year to 1684, Christmas, on his fee as Chief Justice in eyre beyond Trent.Money Book VI, p. 2.
Treasurer Rochester's warrant to the Customs Cashier to pay 130l. to George, Marquess of Halifax, for 130 days, Sept. 29 last, to the 6th inst., on his fee as Lord Privy Seal, his patent for which office determined by the late King's death.Ibid.
Report from Treasurer Rochester to the King on the petition of Col. Berkeley and William Shaw. They have behaved faithfully in their office of one of the two searchers at Gravesend and the office may be re-granted them during pleasure.Warrants not Relating to Money X, p. 43.
Warrant from same to Sir Nathaniell Johnson and Sir Cornwall Bradshaw, kts., Anthony Rowe, Robert Nott and Tho. Duck to give order to the respective receivers and collectors employed by you in the collection of Hearthmoney throughout England and Wales during your management of the Hearthmoney, to forthwith attend Auditor Aldworth with all their accounts and vouchers as already stated between yourselves and them by Mr. Bridges or any other of your Comptrollers or Auditors and (where said accounts have not proceeded so far) with their original books and receipts and all acquittances and papers necessary to make good their charges and discharges. Also to direct your cashiers, accomptants and officers to permit said Aldworth to inspect all your books and papers. All by reason that said Aldworth has been instructed to examine the account of the produce of the Hearthmoney for five years to Lady day, 1684. In order hereto the King has ordered that all the books and papers lately brought by you to the Treasury Chambers (save those now in Aldworth's custody) be returned to you and placed each county or town by itself in such regular manner as to facilitate recourse thereto. If Aldworth desires it they are to be entirely delivered to him.Ibid. XI, p. 3.
Feb. 26.Warrant from Treasurer Rochester to the Commissioners of Excise and Hearthmoney confirming the instruction of Dec. 10th last from the late Treasury Lords to allow 2s. 6d. per 1,000 names to the transcribers of the books for the collecting the Hearthmoney.Warrants not Relating to Money XI, p. 4.
Constitution and appointment by same of Antho. Segar, gent. to be the messenger to the Commissioners of Appeals in Excise with the allowance and fee as heretofore.Ibid.
The like of Henry Segar as doorkeeper to the said Commissioners during pleasure and as amply etc. as Walter White or any other doorkeeper attending them.
Feb. 27.Privy seal dormant for 253,000l. per an. to Charles Fox, Paymaster of the Forces, from Jan. 1 last as imprest for the pay of the Guards, Garrisons and Land Forces and the contingencies thereof, and 775l. 6s. 10d. for one day's pay for every bissextile or leap year: to be paid or advanced to him as the Lord Treasurer shall think fit and to be by him paid out according to musters certified by the Commissary General of Musters and according to such warrants as he shall from time to time receive from the King or the General of the Forces for the time being. All such sums as the said Paymaster shall receive out of the revenue of Ireland on account of the 30,000l. per an. which has for some time past been supplied out of the revenue of Ireland are to be charged on said Paymaster in his respective accounts. These two sums are together to make up the 283,000l. per an. which is the present establishment for the said Guards, Garrisons and Land Forces. (Royal warrant dated Feb. 24 for said privy seal.)King's Warrant Book X, pp. 21–2.
Same dormant for 10,000l. to be paid in such proportions to such persons and for such uses and services as the King shall from time to time direct under his sign manual. (Royal warrant dated Feb. 23 for said privy seal.)Ibid, p. 22.
Royal warrant to the Attorney or Solicitor General for a great seal for a grant to Robert Squibb, junr., of St. Margarets, Westminster, gent. of the office of Receiver of the Revenue of First Fruits in England and Wales and also of all Tenths and arrears of Tenths installed in the Exchequer Court: to hold during pleasure with the fee of 100l. per an.: all in as ample manner etc. as held by John Lawrence, deceased, late Receiver thereof.Ibid, p. 26.
Feb. 27.Royal warrant to the Clerk of the Signet for a privy seal for 1,500l. per an. to George, Marquess of Halifax, as Lord President of the Privy Council: 1,000l. thereof as in lieu of an allowance of diet of 10 dishes every meal formerly made to the Lord President of the Council; and 500l. thereof as royal bounty: to commence from Christmas past and to be payable quarterly.King's Warrant Book X, pp. 26–7.
Same to the Attorney or Solicitor General for a great seal for a grant to Sir Philip Lloyd, kt. of the office of [Warden of the Mint or] Keeper of the Change and money within the Tower of London and Keeper of the Coinage of gold and silver within the said Tower and elsewhere within the kingdom of England: loco Philip Wharton esq. lately deceased: to hold by himself or deputy during pleasure with all fees and emoluments and in as ample manner etc. as held by Sir Anthony St. Leger, kt., Sir Thomas Wharton, the said Philip Wharton or any other.Ibid, p. 27.
Same to same for a same for a grant to William Mann of the office of auditor of all accounts of the revenue arising by Hearthmoney (to wit, that office that he himself hath lately enjoyed): to hold during pleasure, with the fee of 200l. per an. for himself and the allowance of 120l. per an. for keeping two clerks to be constantly employed under him in the said service.Ibid, pp. 27–8.
Same to same for a same for a grant to Charles Dering of the office of Comptroller of the accounts of the revenue of Hearthmoney with full power to inspect, examine and comptrol all the books, entries and accounts of the Commissioners, Receiver, Receivers General, Cashiers and Collectors etc. of said revenue: to hold during pleasure: with a salary of 200l. per an. for himself and allowance of 120l. per an. for two clerks: with direction to him from time to time to give accounts to the Lord Treasurer of the produce of said revenue when required and weekly certificates of receipts and payments thereof.Ibid, p. 28.
Same to same for a privy seal to give power to the Lord Treasurer to issue out of unappropriated moneys in the Exchequer sums not exceeding 16,000l. as imprest to be by said Knight paid over in satisfaction for such goods, wares and provisions as Marmaduke Darcy, George Benyon and Robert Phillip shall (pursuant to warrants from the Lord Treasurer) buy or provide for the King's service [in the Great Wardrobe], or in payments for work done or any allowances, salaries, wages, liveries, rewards or other things as said Knight shall be ordered by said Darcy, Benyon and Phillips. The salary of 300l. per an. each is hereby to be allowed to said Darcy, Benyon and Phillips from Christmas last and the salary of 120l. per an. to said Knight from Michaelmas last. The said Knight is to take care that the proportion to each service be no more than reasonable; to take the hands [receipts] for all goods delivered out; to take care of the weighing and measuring of fringes, stuffs etc. and the receiving them back again from the respective tradesmen: he to be allowed in respect thereof 50l. per an. from Michaelmas last and likewise to be allowed such sum as the Lord Treasurer think reasonable up to 60l. per an. for rent of a house to be made use of for his Majesty's service: he to pass his accounts in English.Ibid, pp. 29–30.
Feb. 28.Reference from Treasurer Rochester to Sir Thomas Jenner, Recorder of the City of London, of the petition of Elinor Bonnett widow, as by a reference thereof from the King of Feb. 24 inst.: petitioner shewing that she stands indited as wife of Richard Caborne, who was executed the last sessions for clipping: that she was always loyal and honest till she became acquainted with said Caborne: therefore prays to be inserted in the next general pardon for convicts in Newgate.Reference Book III, p. 5.
Same from same to the Customs Commissioners of the petition of Christopher Warren shewing that he has been Customer of Plymouth port for 20 years and collector thereof since July last but his patent being only during pleasure determined by the death of the King: therefore prays a new patent for himself or his son Robert.Ibid, p. 11.
Same from same to Sir Robert Sawyer, Attorney General, of the petition of Adam Colclough, shewing that on a warrant lately granted him to be Surveyor of Greenwax his patent proceeded as far as the Secretary's office, where it now lies: therefore prays permission to go on with the patent; he being allowed as "fit to be employed in this revenue when upon several reports this was found to be the most proper and only legal mode of managing it."Ibid.
Same from same to same of the petition of the Company of Pinmakers of London shewing that on their late petition to the King (which is also hereby referred) concerning the many frauds and the want of a due regulation in the said trade (ut supra, Calendar of Treasury Books, Vol. VII, pp. 1521–2) the late King referred same to the late Treasury Lords, who referred same to the Attorney General, but said Attorney General is unwilling to make report without a fresh reference from the present Lord Treasurer.Ibid, p. 12.
Same from same to Brooke Bridges and Thomas Done, Auditors of Imprests, of the petition of Anthony Walker, Collector of Tenths under the late Archbishop of York, shewing that he petitioned the late King, ut supra, Calendar of Treasury Books, Vol. VII, p. 1330: that said petition being referred to the Treasury Lords was by them referred to John Lawrance, who died before he made any report thereon. Therefore prays a fresh reference thereof.Ibid, p. 17.
Same from same to Anthony Stephens [Cashier to the Treasurer of the Navy] of the petition of Sir John Wyborne for the sum of 437l. 12s. 3d. due to him for wages and disbursements in the ship Happy Return.Ibid, p. 19.