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May 1685, 21-31


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'Entry Book: May 1685, 21-31', Calendar of Treasury Books, Volume 8: 1685-1689 (1923), pp. 189-200. URL: http://www.british-history.ac.uk/report.aspx?compid=82497 Date accessed: 30 October 2014.


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May 1685, 21-31

May 21.Warrant by same to Sir Nicholas Crispe, collector outwards, London port, to swear in John Baron as deputy to John Berkeley and William Shaw in the office of one of the two searchers at Gravesend.Warrants not Relating to Money XI, p. 64.
Same by same to Philip Packer, Usher of the Receipt of the Exchequer, to put Bartholomew Fillingham, Tho. Hall and William Lowndes, Agents for the Arrears of Taxes, in possession of "that room in the house whereof you have the custody as Usher of the Receipt, which was heretofore called the Treasury Chamber and in the time of the Lord Treasurer Southampton was used by Sir William Doyley and others, the then Agents for bringing in the Taxes."Ibid.
Same by same to the Surveyor General of Crown Lands for a particular and ratal of the old castle of Newcastle upon Tyne, with the Castle Garth, herbage and other appurtenances; which it is the King's pleasure to grant to the mayor and burgesses of said borough for 31 years in reversion of the Earl of Macclesfield's term therein, and on terms ut supra, pp. 169–70.Ibid, pp. 67–8.
May 21.Henry Guy to Sir Richard Bulstrode. Return to the Lord Treasurer your answer to the enclosed papers [missing].Out Letters (General) IX, p. 77.
Same to Sir Gilbert Talbott to have the branch candlestick now in the Jewel Office new boiled forthwith and made ready for the Queen's service.Ibid.
Same to Mr. Duncombe [Cashier of Excise], to pay 1,500l. to Mr. Packer to-morrow for his Majesty's new buildings in Whitehall. Put this item into your next week's certificate of the Excise.Disposition Book IV, p. 32.
Money warrant for 819l. to Edmd. Poley, "who was lately employed in his Majesty's service at Ratisbon"; being for 273 days on his ordinary, 1683, Sept. 30, to 1684, June 29. (Money order dated May 23 hereon.)Money Book VI, p. 64. Order Book I, p. 26.
Same for 640l. 11s. 0d. to same for four bills of extraordinaries in the said service 1683, June 26, to 1685, April 5.Money Book VI, pp. 64–5. Order Book I, p. 26.
Appending: said bills (1) 1683, June 26, to Oct. 26: as allowed by Secretary Sunderland, the bill being dated Ratisbon, 1683, Nov. 11.
for intelligence3550
for lodgings3100
for postage, pens, ink etc., news[papers] and pamphlets etc27150
(2) from [1683] Oct. 26, to 1683–4, Jan. 26: as allowed by Secretary Sunderland: the bill being dated Ratisbon, 1683–4, Feb. 23.
for intelligence2600
for postage, pens, news etc.2500
for lodgings23100
for mourning for myself, my coach and my family, by order8000
(3) from 1683–4, Jan. 26, to 1684, Aug. 26, as allowed by the Secretary of State 1684, Oct. 15, with the exception of the last article which is submitted to the Treasury Lords.
for intelligence4500
for postage, pens, news and stationery ware3380
for lodgings4100
(4) from 1684, Aug. 26, to 1685, April 5.
for intelligence4780
for postage and to the stationer3500
for lodgings4100
for the expenses of my journey from Ratisbon from 1684–5, Feb. 4, to 1685, April 515400
(Money order dated May 23 hereon.)
May 21Money warrant for 1,825l. to Sir Richard Bulstrode for two years to April 14 last on his ordinary of 50s. a day as Resident with the Governor of the Spanish Netherlands. (Money order dated May 23 hereon.)Money Book VI, p. 66. Order Book I, p. 26.
Reference by Treasurer Rochester to the Customs Commissioners of the petition of John Butler, customer and collector of Boston, for a fresh grant of his said office to him and his son Richard; his present grant being void by the late king's death.Reference Book III, p. 93.
Same by same to the Commissioners of [Excise and] Hearthmoney of the petition of Katherine Owen, wife of Henry Owen, shewing that her said husband was surety for John Owen, late collector of Hearthmoney, and that for said John's debt of 136l. 9s. 0d. to the King her husband's estate is in danger; therefore prays stay of process and to be allowed to pay said debt by 50l. per an.Ibid.
Same by same to the Attorney General and to the Surveyor General of Crown Lands of the petition of Lady Eliz. Delavall (as by a reference from the King dated May 3 inst.) shewing that Sir Henry Vane was in his life time seized of divers royalties, privileges and hereditaments in co. Durham, part of which he wrongfully withheld from the late King and that after his attainder the late King granted all the said royalties and premises in trust for petitioner, but by reason of several defects in penning said grant petitioner has hitherto had no benefit thereby. Therefore prays a renewal of the said former grant with the insertion of such words as may convey to her all the mines opened and unopened in the Forest of Teesdale as also Barnard Castle and Raby Castle and the parks thereto belonging which are all in co. Durham and all such estate as did devolve on the late King by the attainder of said Vane "or were otherwise vested in the Crown at the time of the said attainder and which are now in your Majesty's disposal."Ibid, pp. 94–5.
Treasurer Rochester to the Governor of Barbados. In accordance with the enclosed copy of the order of the King in Council of the 8th inst. I desire you to make diligent search after all the debts and estate belonging to James Holloway and Ralph Moxon or any others in partnership with him [Holloway] and to seize same, and to pay the proceeds to the King's receiver in Barbados. (Same to Sir Richard Dutton, the Governor of the Leeward Islands, to the like effect as to the said estate in the Leeward Islands and particularly in Antigua. You are to remit the proceeds to Henry Guy. The like letter to Lord Howard, Governor of Virginia, [and to the Governors of] the four Colonies of New England, viz., Rhode Island and Providence Plantation, Connecticut, New Plymouth and New Hampshire.)Out Letters (General) IX, p. 79. Out Letters (Plantations General) I, pp. 167–9.
Appending: copy of said order in Council made upon reading this day at the Board the report dated Mar. 27 last from the Lords Committees of Council for Trade and Foreign Plantations on the order of reference of Feb. 26 last on the case and allegation of Walter Stephens and other creditors of Ralph Moxon and James Holloway, said report being to the effect that as Holloway has been convicted of high treason we think his estate is thereby forfeit notwithstanding the deeds produced to us which appeared manifestly fraudulent. It is alleged that Moxon traded in partnership with Holloway and was wholly ignorant of the said treason. On proof of partnership, so much of said estate as is Moxon's may be made good to Moxon's creditors, they undertaking to discover their joint debts and estate. The Governors as above may be written to, to remit the effects into England as above whereupon such a dividend may be between your Majesty and the said creditors. The said report is hereby approved and direction given accordingly.
May 22.Henry Guy to the Navy Commissioners. How much will pay the Dartmouth's men, now on board, for a year?Out Letters (General) IX, p. 77.
May 23.Warrant by Treasurer Rochester to Philip Ryley, one of the serjeants at arms attending the Lord Treasurer, to arrest Charles Garret, a scrivener of London, and Tho. Feeling (Tealing) of Winkfield, co. Berks, innholder, for felling and grabbing great quantities of wood in Braywood in the forest of Windsor; and likewise Lazarus Page, Humphry Beckly and Robert Ewst of Bray, co. Berks, yeomen, for carrying away said timber, to the King's great damage and without any manner of warrant for same.Warrants not Relating to Money XI, p. 65.
Henry Guy to Mr. Stanford. Sir Richard Bulstrode has agreed to refer the whole matter in dispute between you and him to Mr. Allibone or Mr. Brent, who are both your counsel, and that he will certainly pay what they ordain, provided you engage to stand to the arbitrage. The Lord Treasurer thinks this very reasonable.Out Letters (General) IX, p. 77.
Same to Mr. Harbord to attend the Lord Treasurer on Monday or Tuesday next.Ibid.
Royal sign manual for 375l. to Henry Guy, for secret service, without account: to be issued on the 10,000l. privy seal dormant of May 6 inst. (Money warrant dated May 25 hereon. Money order dated May 25 hereon. The privy seal incorrectly gives the sum as 575l.)King's Warrant Book X, p. 123. Money Book VI, p. 66. Order Book I, p. 26.
May 25.Warrant by Treasurer Rochester to the Receiver General of the Duchy of Cornwall to pay William Upcott, George Treweeke, Nathl. Luggar and George Collins out of the revenues of said Duchy 80l. per an. each as salary as supervisors of the tin blowing houses.Money Book VI, p. 66.
May 25.Money warrant for 50l. to John Pottinger, Comptroller of the Pipe, for half a year ending this Easter term for the service of him and his clerks in issuing process against Popish Recusants for the 20l. per month penalty and in giving speedy dispatch to the Receivers of Recusants' forfeitures. To be paid out of Recusants' money in the Exchequer. (Money order dated May 27 hereon.)Money Book VI, p. 67. Order Book I, p. 27.
Same for 100l. to Francis Mansell for half a year to 1683, Christmas, on his annuity.Money Book VI, p. 67.
Henry Guy to Major Brett and partners, late Victuallers of the Navy. As you delay to bring in your objections to Mr. Sturt's account the referees, Sir Richard Haddock et al. cannot make their report. Bring them in forthwith.Out Letters (General) IX, p. 78.
Same to Mr. Darcy and partners to forthwith provide the following items.Ibid, pp. 78–9.
Appending: (a) letter dated May 16 from the Lord Chamberlain to the Lord Treasurer. There is a suite of hangings of eight pieces of the History of Charlemaine, 13 foot deep, which want to be new lined with canvas to preserve them. Also there is wanting cases of bayes for eight rich chairs of state, eight footstools and eight cushions which were made for the coronation, to keep them from dust. Please order same to be delivered to Philip Kennersly, Yeoman of the Removing Wardrobe.
(b) Same dated May 25 from same to same. The King has commanded that the Esquires of the Body and Gentlemen of the Privy Chamber and other servants should lodge upon pallat beds in the rooms of their respective waiting. There will be wanting a traverse curtain of black diaper calico in the Presence Chamber at the lower end of the room and three canopies of crimson serge to put over the pallat beds. Please order these to be delivered as above.
Same to the Auditor of the Receipt to issue as follows.Disposition Book IV, p. 32.
15l. to Mris. Ursula Elliott out of the Duchy of Cornwall money.
100l. to me [Guy] for secret service out of Wine Licence money, on an order for 300l.
187l. 4s. 7d. to ditto [for same] on an order for 687l. 4s. 7d.: to be issued out of the 354l. 15s. 0d. of Customs money directed to be reserved the 5th inst. supra, pp. 166–7.
Same to the Customs Cashier to pay 100l. to the Treasurer of the Navy to fit out to sea the Mary and Charlott yachts.Ibid, p. 33.
Same to Mr. Duncombe to pay out of the Excise 1,000l. to the Earl of Arran detaining 31l. 4s. 6d. for fees thereon.Ibid.
Reference by Treasurer Rochester to the Surveyor General of Crown Lands of the petition of George Simson, shewing that Christopher Vane, esq., did pretend a title to the lead mines within the liberty of the King's forest of Teesdale, but it being made appear otherwise he was obliged to pay to the late Earl of Carlisle, bow bearer of the said forest, 500l. which the Earl owned to have received "further saying he intended to have a better pull with him than that"; that to informant's knowledge there has been 80l. weekly made out of those mines for several weeks and that the title to said mines properly belongs to the King alone. (Henry Guy to Mr. Harbord, of same date, forwarding said petition.)Reference Book III, p. 93. Out Letters (General) IX, p. 78.
May 25.Fiats by Treasurer Rochester for royal letters patent to constitute Thomas Venn, esq., Comptroller of Customs in Bridgwater port: to wit the office he held at the death of Charles II.Warrants not Relating to Money XI, p. 68.
Robert Levintz, esq., as searcher of Customs in Lynn Regis port: to wit ut supra.
Reference by same to the Chancellor of the Exchequer of the petition of Thomas Newton, woodward of Whittlewood and Salcey forests, co. Northampton, for some compensation in lieu of poundage on about 2,000l. worth of timber felled in Whittlewood and Salcey forests, the proceeds whereof were delivered to the Earl of Arlington in accordance with the warrants of 1682, May 10, and 1684, May 6, in both which warrants poundage is prohibited to be taken; the late Treasury Lords having promised petitioner satisfaction "some other way when the money was paid in but [this] was prevented by his late Majesty's death."Reference Book III, p. 94.
May 26.Henry Guy to the Auditor of the Receipt to issue to Col. Werden for the Queen's use the 3,000l. of Hearthmoney now remaining in the Exchequer. Likewise to issue to me [Guy] for secret service 1,000l. out of Excise money this day paid into the Exchequer.Disposition Book IV, p. 33.
Same to same to issue as follows out of the moneys of the Customs, Excise, Hearthmoney and Post Office paid or directed to be paid into the Exchequer this week, viz.:Ibid, pp. 33–4.
Out of the Customs.l.s.d.
to the Treasurer of the Navy [on the Navy's] weekly money1,50000
to ditto towards paying sea officers and bills in course40000
to ditto for the Victuallers1,20000
to ditto for one year to the Dartmouth's men2,00000
to ditto for Ann Deane, widow15700
to the Treasurer of the Ordnance in part of 3,000l.70760
Out of the Hearthmoney.
to ditto in full of ditto2,292140
to Lord Willoughby of Parham10000
to Ann, daughter of Sir John Lawson62100
to me [Guy] for secret service by way of advance10000
Out of the Excise.
to Charles Fox, Paymaster of the Forces5,00000
to Visct. Brouncker on his privy seal for the Household1,00000
Out of the Post Office money.
to me [Guy] for secret service by [way of] advance50000
to Philip Burton50000
(Same dated same to the Commissioners of Excise and Hearthmoney, enclosing the paper of the disposition of the Excise and Hearthmoney for the present week; said paper including the above six items [payable out of the Exchequer] together with the following items [payable directly out of the Excise Office on tallies] viz.: 1,000l. to Mr. Toll in part of his debt; 500l. to Mr. Hornby in part of his debt; 1,500l. to Mr. Freind and Mr. Calvert in part of their debt. Total disposition, 9,000l. on the Excise and 2,555l. 4s. 0d. on the Hearthmoney.)
(Same dated same to the Customs Cashier, enclosing the similar paper for the Customs; said paper including the abovesaid six items [payable out of the Exchequer] together with the following items [payable directly out of the Customs Office on tallies] viz., 2,000l. to Richard Kent and Charles Duncombe in part of their debt; 1,000l. to Mr. Hewer in part of his debt. Total disposition, 8,964l. 6s. 0d.)
(Same dated same to the Navy Commissioners to pay the abovesaid 157l. to Ann Deane, widow of John Deane, late purser of his Majesty's ship Glocester.)
May 26.Henry Guy to the Auditor of the Receipt for a certificate of what was due to each person that was instrumental in the late King's escape at Worcester [viz. on their pensions].Out Letters (General) IX, p. 80.
Same to the Attorney General. Col. Whitley has consented that the Lord Treasurer shall determine the case which has depended in the Exchequer between the King and him. Draw an order of Court by consent binding him to pay what the Lord Treasurer shall award and have the order confirmed by Court. (Same to Col. Whitley to the like substance.)Ibid.
Same to Mr. Darcy et al. to forthwith provide the following particulars.Ibid, p. 81.
Appending: letter dated May 26 from the Lord Chamberlain to the Lord Treasurer. There are wanting these particulars for his Majesty's bedchamber at Whitehall which his Majesty would have provided forthwith viz.: four purple stools for the bedchamber and two white calico curtains and two stools of grey cloth for the inner rooms beyond the bedchamber. These are to be delivered to Mr. Rogers, keeper of the Standing Wardrobe at Westminster.
Same to Mr. Pepys, enclosing four affidavits [missing] concerning Capt. Votear.Ibid.
Two royal sign manuals for respectively 1,000l. and 500l. to Henry Guy, for secret service, without account: to be issued on the 10,000l. privy seal dormant of May 6 inst. (Two money warrants dated May 26 hereon. Two money orders dated May 27 hereon.)King's Warrant Book X, p. 123. Money Book VI, p. 67. Order Book I, p. 26.
Reference by Treasurer Rochester to the Customs Commissioners of the petition of James Pierce, junr., for renewal of his patent as a King's waiter, London port, void by the late King's death.Reference Book III, p. 96.
[?][Same by same to the same of] the petition of James Lyell to the King for the post of one of the Surveyors of the Custom House, London, void by the death of Thomas Thynne: said petition being referred May 23 from the King to Treasurer Rochester.Ibid.
May 26.Reference by Treasurer Rochester to the Chancellor of the Exchequer of the petition of Philip Packer, Usher of the Receipt, shewing that he was ordered to put the Commissioners for the Arrears of Taxes into possession of the room called the Treasury Chamber in his house "which hath been always for the use of the Lord Treasurer and Chancellor when they please to come upon business at the Receipt of Exchequer, and formerly had diet there provided by the usher and was to his advantage to attend them and was not otherwise excluded from the custody and use thereof and was never disposed otherwise save in the time of the Lord Treasurer Southampton to Sir William Doyly and others for the like service about the taxes in the time of the great plague, who ever since that time have provided for that service in some other place: that it will be with great inconvenience to the officers of the Receipt (especially to Sir Robert Howard's office erected since Sir William Doyly used the room) and with great inconvenience to your petitioner's family and burthen to your petitioner and his servants to keep the Exchequer doors open for resort and access of all sorts of persons and at late hours (as was experienced in Sir William Doyly's use of the room) and for your petitioner and his servants' constant passing to serve the officers [of the Receipt] with their necessaries." Therefore prays that some other place may be fitted for said Commissioners, "that so the Exchequer doors may be closed in due time after the clerks are gone from the offices and absent upon holy days and festivals, as is always used."Reference Book III, pp. 96–7.
Same by same to William Blathwayte of the petition of Capt. Francis Rolleston shewing that four years since (on the recommendation of his present Majesty) he had a letter from Charles II to the Duke of Ormonde for the first Company that fell [vacant] in Ireland and for a half pay pension till then; but so far he has had nothing but what he has purchased. Therefore prays his four years' arrears on [said] pension.Ibid, p. 97.
Same by same to Sir Philip Lloyd, Warden of the Mint, and to the Mint Commissioners, of the petition of John Prescott, of Prescot, co. Lancs, fustian man, as by a reference thereof from the King dated Whitehall, Mar. 7 last: petitioner shewing that in May last [? 1684] Edward Jackson was executed for clipping the coin, that a few months before he owed petitioner 950l. and that after a tedious lawsuit petitioner took his bond for 450l. in full of said debt: that he petitioned the late King thereon and had reference and report and order thereon. Therefore prays to be satisfied his said debt out of a discovery of said Jackson's estate, he having the information of said discovery ready to be exhibited; or [alternately] desires to know what share the King will allow to petitioner on 13 packs of said Jackson's cotton wool seized at Manchester.Ibid, pp. 97–8.
Same by same to the Customs Commissioners of said Commissioners' report on the petition of Capt. Keegle ut supra, p. 107. They are to state whether they think the deposit should be returned as well as the seizure be discharged.Ibid, p. 99.
May 26.Reference by Treasurer Rochester to the Customs Commissioners of the order of the King in Council dated May 8 inst.Reference Book III, p. 99.
Prefixing: said order referring to Treasurer Rochester the petition of the sugar planters now residing in London, in behalf of themselves and the rest of the King's subjects, planters of sugar in Barbados, Jamaica and other parts of America: petitioners complaining inter al. of the Customs Commissioners' order of Oct. 9 last for a great abatement in the allowance of tare which they formerly had upon each cask of sugar.
Same by same to William Harbord, and Sir Christopher Wren of the petition of Frances Ellis, widow of Andrew Ellis, as by a reference thereof from the King dated April 11 last: petitioner shewing that the late King took a lease from petitioner of a piece of ground leading from St. James's to Charing Cross on [payment of] 100l. to petitioner and 5l. per an. to the Earl of St. Albans: said lease is now expired: prays delivery of same or some compensation.Ibid, p. 101.
Same by same to Anthony Stephens of the petition of Richard Gibson, shewing that as Sir Thomas Beckford in 1677 declined to serve the King's ships with slop cloths petitioner entered into partnership with Luke Noone [for such slop cloth contract for the Navy] and disbursed 1,600l. out of 2,500l. issued by Noone [in such slop cloths]: that upon stating the account between Noone and petitioner in Sept. last 575l. appears due to petitioner out of 748l. 6s. 0d. due from the King to Noone as by the certificate of Mr. Maddocks, late Paymaster of the Navy: that the Lord Treasurer has lately ordered 700l. to said Noone and Sir Rich. Haddock, Comptroller of the Navy, has stopped the last 500l. intending 200l. thereof for his cousin Hall, a linen draper, for goods delivered to Noone after petitioner's partnership with him was out: that Noone's proportion of this 500l. is only 162l. 3s. 0d. of which petitioner has paid him 37l. and is free that the remaining 125l. 3s. 0d. be received by Mr. Hall, who nevertheless has accepted from Noone as better security for his debt a certificate from Capt. Shales of the like nature with Mr. Maddocks's for 205l. "and in the present Treasurer's of the Navy's time to pay." Therefore petitioner prays that the 500l. lately ordered towards payment of Mr. Maddocks's 748l. 6s. 0d. certificate [may rank] as a debt much older than that stopped by Capt. Shales (being stopped [as a deduction] from the seamen in [Navy] Treasurer Seymour's time).Ibid, pp. 101–2.
Royal warrant to the Attorney General for a great seal for a grant and confirmation to Henry Hildeyard (Hiliard) of all those lands and grounds sometime heretofore derelict and left by the sea adjoining the manors or lordships of Marsh Chapel and North Cotes, co. Lincoln, commonly called the Fifties lying between the said lordships and the sea at low water "that is to say all those the Fifty grounds in Marsh Chapel aforesaid, abutting west on the lordships of Marsh Chapel, east on the sea, south on the lordships of Wragholm and Ganthrop [Gunthorpe] and north on the Fifty grounds of Northcoats aforesaid: and also all those Fifty grounds of North Cotes abutting west on the said lordships of North Cotes, east on the sea, south on the Fifty grounds of Marsh Chapel aforesaid and north on the Fifty grounds of Tetney, co. Lincoln"; to hold in free and common socage as of the manor of East Greenwich at the rent of 5l. per an.; with liberty to embank, fence and enclose.King's Warrant Book X, pp. 124, 125–6. Warrants Early XXXIII, ff. 12a-b.
Appending: approval by Sir Robert Sawyer, Attorney General, of the draft of said patent.
May 26.Warrant by Treasurer Rochester to the Customs Commissioners to discharge the seizure of the ship William and her goods, Benjamin Watson owner, built in Holland but made free in England and seized for importing a small parcel of coffee from Alexandria.Out Letters (Customs) X, p. 24.
Same by same to same to employ Richd. Collins as a boatman, Yarmouth port loco John Broadhurst, lately dismissed.Ibid, p. 25.
John Townsend as a tidesman and boatman in Lynn Regis port loco William Gerrard, lately dismissed.
John Hele (one of the extraordinary tidesmen in Plymouth port) as a tidesman in fee ibid. loco Tho. Gooding, lately deceased.
Same by same to the Barons of the Exchequer to take the security of Richard and Edmund sons of Edmund Anguish and to swear them into office as customer or collector of the great and petty customs, Yarmouth port; same being granted them by the late King in reversion after their father, whose grant is void by the death of Charles II.Warrants not Relating to Money XI, pp. 68–9.
May 36
[sic for 26].
Fiat by same for royal letters patent to constitute John Butler, gent., and Richard his son to the post of one of the customers, Boston port: to wit, the office held by said John Butler at the death of Charles II.Ibid, p. 70.
May 26.Same by same for same to constitute Edward Carne, gent., searcher at Bridgwater: to wit ut supra.Ibid.
Warrant by same to the Commissioners of Excise and Hearthmoney to allow 50l. each for the present half year, and a moiety of the discoveries and reducements, to the three experienced officers [of the Hearthmoney] who were sent from London to assist in the survey proposed by Felix Calverd, one of the said Commissioners who has undertaken to cause a perfect survey [of firehearths and chimneys] to be made in Newcastle, Northumberland, Cumberland, Westmorland and Durham, of which no survey was ever yet made, and to collect the duty there.Ibid.
May 30.Henry Guy to Mr. Pepys. The Customs Commissioners have considered the instructions proposed by Capt. Saintloe "and [it is their opinion] that the answers given to Capt. Allen's queries may serve indifferently for heads of instructions to any of the commanders of his Majesty's ships in the service of any of his Majesty's Plantations." You are to prepare instructions, for the King to sign, to Capt. St. Loe according to the purport of the said answer.Out Letters (General) IX, p. 81.
May 30.Warrant by Treasurer Rochester to the Surveyor General of Crown Lands for a particular or constat of the second of the two little houses as follows with a view to a lease thereof to Andrew Lawrence for 31 years at 12d. per an. rent: the said Lawrence being willing to waive the lease of the first house till the controversy between the Lord Chamberlain and himself for the said house be decided.Warrants not Relating to Money XI, pp. 71–2.
Prefixing: report dated Jan. 17 last from the said Surveyor General on said Lawrence's petition for said lease. I have surveyed the two little houses. The first is next the highway leading to Chelsea, is of brick 30 feet long and 12 feet deep, containing two rooms with cellars under and two chambers over them covered with tile and built by petitioner in 1661. The second is a brick house lately built by him in the new laid-out way leading towards Knightsbridge and set upon a slip of ground taken out of that way, by the gate at the entrance into his Majesty's private way to Fulham and Hampton Court: it is one story, 28 feet square, two small rooms with cellars and the back part only a pent house and a yard paled in and a stable, in the parish of St. Martins in the Fields and in the tenure of Edwd. Mathews "and having the privilege of keeping the gate by it and of selling drink as a victualler it may yield this petitioner 8l. per an. otherwise it would not be of half that value." I conceive the first house stands on the Lord Chamberlain's ground and there is a combat between him and petitioner about it. With the privilege of selling drink it may be valued at 8l. per an.
Instructions by same to the Customs Commissioners in reply to their memorial of the 23rd inst. (1) I approve the authority and instructions you have given for a qualified collection in the Scilly Islands and will move the Privy Council for such a letter to the Governor there as you desire. (2) You are to pay Mr. Hodges's bill for his disbursements in viewing the cocquets of several ships in the river Maes [Meuse] and port of Rotterdam [coming] from the [English] Plantations. (3) I approve the new establishment for the port of Milford Haven. (4) I approve the reducement of the charge of the three smacks, viz. Capt. Browne's smack, the Margate smack and the Harwich smack; I approve your proposal for guarding the coast with small boats. You are to present to me fit boatmen for the several places who are to do the duty of waiters and searchers at land and be frequently in motion in their boats at sea occasionally as shipping shall approach their coasts.Out Letters (Customs) X, p. 27.
Warrant by same to same to reduce the salary of two of the tidesurveyors and their boats who were usually employed in guarding the river [Thames] above [London] bridge (sufficient provision being made for such guard so that said tidesurveyors may be spared).Ibid, pp. 27, 28, 29.
Further to employ John Taylor (one of the tidesurveyors, London port) as tidesurveyor in Plymouth port loco Philemon Coddan, who has relinquished same.
Robt. Rigden, William Cannon and Jno. Candle as the three additional tidesmen, London port, at 20l. per an. each, as proposed Mar. 16 last by said Commissioners.
Thomas Edmonds as tidesman and boatman at Portsmouth loco John Francklyn, lately removed to be waiter and searcher at Gosport.
Fra. Dickinson as waiter and searcher at Uphill in Bristol port loco Thomas Churchill, lately deceased.
Hen. Browne (at present commander of his Majesty's sloop attending the Customs on the coast of Kent and Sussex) as collector at Deal loco Capt. Johnson, dismissed: at the salary of 50l. per an. being an addition of 10l. per an.
The two tidesmen and boatmen in Colchester port to be paid 20l. per an. as salary without incidents instead of 10l. per an. salary and 18d. a day when employed.
James Thompson as waterman in London port loco Robert Browne, who has deserted same.
John Mering as waiter at Bridgetown in Barbados for the Four and a Half per cent. duty loco Tho. Landy, deceased.
Cha. Fuller as tidesman in Hull port loco Rob. Langley, lately deceased.
John Franklyn (a tidesman and boatman at Portsmouth) as waiter and searcher at Gosport loco — Pickford, lately dismissed.
May 30.Henry Guy to the Auditor of the Receipt to issue to me [Guy] 200l. for secret service: out of the money of the Post Office now remaining undisposed of in the Exchequer.Disposition Book IV, p. 34.
Money warrant for 62l. 10s. 0d. to Ann, daughter of Sir John Lawson, for 1679, Christmas quarter, on her pension.Money Book VI, p. 68.
Same for 100l. to Thomas, Lord Willoughby of Parham, for half a year to Lady day last on his annuity or pension. (Money order dated May 30 hereon.)Ibid, p. 68. Order Book I, p. 27.
Same for 500l. to Philip Burton as imprest for Crown law charges. (Money order dated May 30 hereon.)Money Book VI, p. 68. Order Book I, p. 27.
Same for 125l. to Sir Edward Herbert, kt., for last Hilary term's quarter on his fee or salary as chief Justice of Chester.Money Book VI, p. 68.
50l. to John Warren, esq. for same quarter on his same as one of the Justices of the city of Chester.
Royal warrant to the Attorney General to enter a noli prosequi to the information exhibited in the Exchequer by procurement of Charles Stisted against Cha. Sherman, one of the coastwaiters, London port, for taking 6d. from Henry Ball and from other merchants some other small sums for fees not established: the said prosecution being malicious and altogether groundless.King's Warrant Book X, p. 127.
Royal sign manual for 300l. to Henry Guy, for secret service, without account: to be issued on the 10,000l. privy seal dormant of the 6th inst. (Money warrant dated June 1 hereon. Money order dated June 1 hereon.)Ibid, p. 127. Money Book VI, p. 69. Order Book I, p. 27.