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July 1685, 11-20


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July 1685, 11-20

July 11.Henry Guy to Mr. Gray. You are to pay into the Exchequer the money in your hands without further delay as by my letter of the 6th inst.Out Letters (General) IX, p. 101.
Same to the Customs Commissioners to inspect and seal the Countess of Pembroke's luggage at her lodgings in Whitehall.Ibid.
Same to the Attorney General. The King is pleased to accept 30,000l. from Mr. Kingdon, Mr. Trant, Mr. Bridges and Mr. Jenew for the surplus of the Hearthmoney, 15,000l. thereof to be paid in a month from to-day and the balance in three months. You are to draw a discharge to be given by the King to them for the above consideration and with power to them to recover debts due to them from their officers and others with whom they have deposited money.Ibid, p. 102.
Same to the Customs Commissioners to report on the enclosed letters [missing] concerning Capt. Lyne, searcher at Southampton port.Reference Book III, p. 136.
Separate money orders for 100l. each to James Griffin, Hen. Finch and Oliver Nicholas for last June 24 quarter as Grooms of the Bedchamber. (Same dated July 14 for Henry Slingsby, Fra. Russell and James Fortrey. Same dated July 15 for David Lloyd and Richd. Leweson.)Order Book I, p. 35.
Warrant by Treasurer Rochester to Philip Burton to pay 200l. to Richard Graham for disbursements [in Crown law charges].Money Book VI, p. 97.
July 11.Royal sign manual for 700l. to Henry Guy, for secret service, without account: to be issued on the 10,000l. dormant privy seal of June 30 last (Money warrant dated July 11 hereon. Money order dated July 13 hereon.)King's Warrant Book X, p. 161. Money Book VI, p. 97. Order Book I, p. 35.
Privy seal for an annuity or yearly pension of 1,000l. to George Dunstan, esq. to be payable quarterly from Christmas last.King's Warrant Book X, p. 163.
July 13.Money warrant for 300l. to Henry, Earl of Peterborough, for last June 24 quarter on his annuity or pension as Groom of the Stole and (in that respect) First Gentleman of the Bedchamber.Money Book VI, p. 96.
Same for 150l. to Henry, Duke of Beaufort, for same quarter on his same as a Gentleman of the Bedchamber.Ibid, pp. 96, 129.
(The like dated same for 150l. each to James, Earl of Ossory, and Henry Edward, Earl of Lichfield, for same as same.)
(The like dated July 25 for 150l. to James, Earl of Arran, for same as same.)
(The like dated Aug. 3 for 150l. to John, Lord Churchill, for same as same.)
(The like dated Aug. 21 for 150l. to John, Earl of Mulgrave, for same as same.)
(The like dated Sept. 24 for 150l. to Charles, Duke of Somerset, for same as same.)
Same for 53l. 6s. 8d. to John Potinger, Comptroller of the Pipe, for one year to June 24 last on his allowance for writing the farms and debts of Recusants and summons of Pipe in Pipe hand twice every year. (Money order dated July 14 hereon.)Ibid, p. 98. Order Book I, p. 37.
Same for 96l. 15s. 0d. to the Secondaries and Clerks in the Treasurer's Remembrancer's Office, viz. 18l. 15s. 0d. to the first Secondary for 3¾ years to 1681, June 24, on his fee of 5l. per an.; 33l. to the second Secondary for 8¼ years to 1676, Christmas, on his fee of 4l. per an.; 45l. to the Clerks for four years to 1680, Lady day, on their fee of 22l. 10s. 0d. payable every second year.Money Book VI, p. 98.
Same for 3,164l. 6s. 6d. to Richard Kent and Charles Duncombe for interest to June 24 last on several sums by them lent for the service of the late and present King: as by an account thereof made up by Auditor Aldworth and allowed by Treasurer Rochester the 9th inst. (Money order dated July 14 hereon.)Ibid, p. 99. Order Book I, p. 37.
Money order for 45l. 8s. 4d. to William Wardour, Clerk of the Pells, for one year to June 24 last as reward for attendance in vacation and as in lieu of the sums of 16l. 13s. 4d. per an. and 8l. 15s. 0d. per an. anciently allowed him by tally of assignment out of the Customs.Order Book I, p. 35.
Same for 100l. to same for same year for attending the Lord Treasurer for the despatch of his Majesty's service.Ibid.
Same for 5l. to William Parks, Porter at the gate of the Receipt, for last June 24 quarter's attendance there and on the officers there.Ibid.
July 13.Warrant by Treasurer Rochester to the Customs Commissioners to order the collector Inwards London port, and the collectors of the outports to forthwith give account to Mris. Ellen Gwynn of the receipts of the Customs on logwood alias blockwood since 1677, Michaelmas, and of the quantity of said logwood entered outwards for export and how much they have paid to officers for the care of said duty and of the balance remaining after deduction of such charges and debentures on such exports and to forthwith pay her the said balance; and so from time to time hereafter: all in accordance with the patent of 1676, Sept. 13, by which Charles II granted to Laurence Hyde, now Earl of Rochester, said duty for 21 years from 1677, Sept. 29, "which said grant was in trust for Mrs. Ellen Gwynn and my name is therein used in trust and for the use and benefit of the said Mrs. Gwinn."Out Letters (Customs) X, pp. 36–7.
Same by same to same to establish James Ayerigg (Agrigg) as the officer for surveying, tasting and distinguishing of brandies and strong waters in London port for the additional duty granted thereon: at 80l. per an. salary.Ibid, p. 37.
Reference by same to same of the petition of William Carter for employment as surveyor or examiner of such bonds, drawbooks and ratals as will be required by the new duties on wines, tobacco, sugars, silk etc.Reference Book III, p. 138.
Same by same to same of the petition of Francis Weaver, collector of Portsmouth port, praying to be placed on the establishment and paid quarterly with the rest of the Customs officers: he having executed said office for some years past for his patent salary with an allowance of 10l. per an. for a clerk.Ibid, p. 139.
Henry Guy to the Attorney General. You must send me your patent before the warrant for your salary can be prepared. (The like letter to the Solicitor General.)Out Letters (General) IX, p. 102.
Treasurer Rochester to Sir Peter Killegrew. The Auditor of the Duchy of Cornwall informs me that from an imperfect certificate sent to Mr. Griffith, deputy to said Auditor and since deceased, by Bryan Rogers (who together with Mr. Hooker acts as Receiver General of said Duchy under you) it appears that the profits of the pre-emption and coinage for the year ended 1684, Sept. 29, came to 5,402l. whereas the preceding year they amounted to 6,282l. The vouchers, tin rolls and other papers requisite for making up the account are wanting. You are to attend the Auditor with the said tin rolls attested as usual and the other requisite vouchers, so that the balance on the account may be paid in "and more especially that I may know from you or the said Mr. Rogers how and by what means the said abatement happens" and how it may be prevented for the future.Ibid.
Henry Guy to the Customs Commissioners to report on Mr. Hall's patent as customer of Chichester port.Ibid, p. 103.
July 13.Henry Guy to Mr. Kent [the Customs Cashier] to pay into the Exchequer 200l. of Customs money. (Same to the Auditor of the Receipt to issue same to me [Guy] on my warrant for 400l. for secret service, which warrant "shall be sent to you.")Disposition Book IV, p. 48.
Same to the Auditor of the Receipt to advance 700l. to me [Guy] for secret service, out of the loans on the new duty on linens etc. The regular warrants for same shall be sent to you as soon as they can be despatched.Ibid.
Same to same to issue 183l. 10s. 0d. to me [Guy] for secret service: out of the money of the Letter Office. Likewise out of the loans on Hearthmoney to issue 100l. each to Heneage Finch, James Fortrey, Oliver Nicholas, James Griffin, David Lloyd, Francis Russell, Richard Leveson, Henry Slingsby, Grooms of the Bedchamber; 300l. to the Earl of Peterborough, and 150l. each to the Duke of Beaufort, Earl of Ossory and Earl of Lichfield, Gentlemen of the Bedchamber.Ibid, p. 49.
Also you are to send with the weekly certificate of the receipts and payments at the Exchequer a particular account of the loans on the new duty on linens setting out the date, sums and names of lenders.
Same to Charles Fox, esq., to pay 274l. 1s. 0d. to Sir Joseph Tredenham for 1679–80, Jan. 16, to 1684–5, Jan. 16, on his fee of 3s. a day as Governor of St. Mawes [Castle].Ibid.
Warrant by Treasurer Rochester to the Clerk of the Pipe to allow to sheriffs 12d. per £ on moneys they shall levy for the year ended Sept. 29 last on the forfeiture of 20l. per month on Dissenters: all for the encouragement of said sheriffs in executing process: the said allowance having been made them from time to time.Warrants not Relating to Money XI, p. 105.
Instructions by same to Mr. Phill. Frowd, Governor of the Post Office, in reply to the latter's paper of proposals of May 12 last in regard namely to three items only thereof (1) ariding surveyor is hereby to be sent to view the roads of England to establish posts where there are none and to prevent the several abuses now committed and particularly to settle a post to Buckingham and Aylesbury. Give him instructions as to By letters, stage coaches, carriers etc. (2) One officer more is to be added to the Foreign [Letter] Office to take care of the rebates and to enter same in a book, the name, sum and date thereof "that the Return man may go to each merchant's house and examine whether the rebates so entered were really made or no." (3) The three porters or messengers are to have 11s. a week each instead of 8s. as at present in consideration they are not now permitted as hitherto to take in any letter on post nights after the gates are shut.Ibid.
Fiat by same for royal letters patent to constitute Thomas Wolstenholme customer of Bridgwater port: to wit, the post he held at the death of Charles II.Ibid, p. 108.
July 14.Henry Guy to the Auditor of the Receipt to issue as follows out of such moneys of the Customs, Excise and Hearthmoney as are directed to be this week paid into the Exchequer, viz.Disposition Book IV, p. 50.
Out of the Customs.
to the Treasurer of the Navy [on the Navy's] weekly money1,50000
to ditto for sea officers and bills in course40000
to ditto for the Victuallers1,00000
to the Treasurer of the Ordnance1,00000
Out of the Excise.
to me [Guy] for secret service on a warrant to be sent1,907100
to Philip Packer, Paymaster of the Works, for his Majesty's new buildings in the Privy Garden1,50000
to the Treasurer of the Chamber1,717100
to Mr. Graham for the Privy Purse1,00000
to Mr. Spencer on his privy seal60000
to Sir Robt. Vyner1,00000
Out of the Hearthmoney.
to me [Guy] for secret service by [way of] advance75000
to Mr. Seagar7500
Out of the Post Office.
to Mr. Burton50000
(Same dated same to the Customs Cashier, forwarding the paper of the disposition of the Customs money for the present week; said paper including the abovesaid four Customs items [payable out of the Exchequer] together with the following item [payable direct out of the Customs Office on tallies] viz. 2,000l. to Richard Kent and Charles Duncombe in part of their debt. Total disposition of the Customs, 5,900l.) (Same undated [to the Commissioners of Excise and Hearthmoney] forwarding similar papers of disposition for the Excise and Hearthmoney for the present week: said paper for the Excise including the above five Excise items [payable out of the Exchequer] together with the following items [payable direct out of the Excise Office on tallies] viz. 1,500l. to the Prince of Denmark; 1,000l. to Mr. Toll in repayment of part of his debt; 1,604l. to the inferior officers on the last June 24 quarter's salary bill [of the Excise Office]. Total disposition of the Excise, 11,829l. and similarly for the Hearthmoney disposition: the paper including the above two Hearthmoney items [payable out of the Exchequer] together with the following items [payable direct out of the Hearthmoney Office on tallies] viz., 1,500l. to Mr. Duncomb in further part of 22,000l. lent on the Hearthmoney rent payable Lady day last; 542l. 10s. 0d. on the last June 24 quarter's salary bill of the Hearthmoney Office. Total disposition of the Hearthmoney, 2,871l. 10s. 0d.)
July 14.Henry Guy to Mr. Griffin [Treasurer of the Chamber] to pay as follows the above 1,717l. 10s. 0d., viz. 1,387l. 10s. 0d. to the Yeomen of the Guard and 330l. to the huntsmen.Disposition Book IV, p. 51.
Three royal sign manuals for respectively 1,907l. 10s. 0d., 750l. and 183l. 10s. 0d. to Henry Guy, for secret service, without account: to be issued on the 10,000l. dormant privy seal of June 30 last. (Three money warrants dated July 15 and 16 hereon. Three money orders dated July 16 hereon.)King's Warrant Book X, p. 162. Money Book VI, p. 101. Order Book I, pp. 39, 41.
July 14.Allowance by Treasurer Rochester of the last June 24 quarter's salary bill of the Excise (total, 4,759l. the details being ut supra, pp. 131–2).Money Book VI, p. 99.
Same by same of the same quarter's salary bill detailed of the Hearthmoney Office (total, 542l. 10s. 0d.).Ibid, p. 100.
Warrant by same to the Customs Commissioners to pay same quarter's salary bill of the outports (total, 4,590l. 14s. 2d. for established salaries and 572l. 10s. 0d. for additional salaries).Ibid.
Separate money orders for 300l. to the Earl of Peterborough for last June 24 quarter as Groom of the Stole.Order Book I, pp. 37, 38, 41, 43, 45, 46, 52.
150l. to the Duke of Beaufort for same quarter as a Gentleman of the Bedchamber. (Same dated July 20 for the Earl of Ossory as same.) (Same dated July 27 for the Earl of Arran.) (Same dated Aug. 5 for John, Lord Churchill.) (Same dated Aug. 12 for the Earl of Feversham.) (Same dated Aug. 26 for the Earl of Mulgrave.) (Same dated Sept. 30 for Charles, Duke of Somerset.)
Henry Guy to the Commissioners of Excise and Hearthmoney for a draft of the instructions con cerning the Hearthmoney you think proper to be given to the Judges who go the circuits.Out Letters (General) IX, p. 103.
Same to the Customs Commissioners enclosing the Attorney General's opinion [missing] touching the weekly payment of the duty arising by French linens. You are to order the outports officers to keep separate accounts of the proceed thereof and to return same weekly to the Receiver General in order to the payment thereof into the Exchequer.Ibid.
Same to Ralph Grey. Treasurer Rochester has given order to the King's Trustees to take their course at law against you.Ibid.
Same to the Navy Commissioners. In answer to yours of to-day Treasurer Rochester has already paid to the Navy Treasurer 3,000l. in part of the 29,745l. therein mentioned; and would have you proceed to make such contracts within that sum as you think best. He will provide the money as you shall send to him for it.Ibid.
July 15.Money orders for 20l. each to John Lowe and Peter Le Neve, Chamberlains of the Receipt, for 1685, Easter and Trinity terms, for their additional increase of fee for sorting and ordering records in the Treasury [of the Receipt] at Westminster.Order Book I, p. 38.
Warrant by Treasurer Rochester to the Customs Commissioners to employ Henry Wilkinson (one of the landwaiters in Stockton port) as surveyor ibid. loco Michael Hardcastle, who has relinquished same.Out Letters (Customs) X, pp. 37, 38.
Richard Sheldon as surveyor, waiter and searcher at York loco Rob. Sanderson, lately dismissed.
James Lyell to be established as surveyor to examine the sufficiency of securities for the new additional Customs and to attend at the waterside at 80l. per an. salary.
Henry Wolstenholme to be established as assistant for said new duties to Mr. Wicks, the Receiver of the Plantation duty; at 50l. per an. salary.
Tho. Andrews to be established as assistant for said new duties to Mr. Davies, the examiner and computor; at 50l. per an. salary.
Robert Jackson as a waiter and searcher in Newcastle port loco Henry Wilkinson, who is to be surveyor of Stockton.
John Jacob as a boatman at Rye loco Rd. Lylburne, who has deserted same.
William Duke as a landwaiter, Weymouth port loco Cha. Cogan, removed to be a landwaiter at Poole.
July 15.Henry Guy to the Customs Commissioners to permit the ship William, bound for Jamaica, John Bennett master, to proceed in her voyage with the following passengers, provided she produce a pass from the Earl of Sunderland.Out Letters (General) IX, pp. 103, 104–5.
Appending: list of said passengers. Simon Musgrave and Rachel his wife, Gertrude Potts, Margaret Richards, John Richards, Edmond Robinson.
To be sold: Thom. Hart, Dowry Noutes, John Bankes, Geo. Renhall, Joseph Jones, Sam. Bucknall, Robt. Rea, John Lismore, John Elmes, Dan. Rowland, Christo. Healths, Charles Biggs, John Houley, Ann Stevenson, Sarah Pile, William Webb, Robt. Longstraw, Mar. Parke, Joane Alderston.
Free passengers: Hum. Turkey, Will. Stamper, Evans Player, James Bucknell, Geo. Fletcher, Anth. Teshmaker, Edw. Aylmer, Sam. Clerke, Will. Philips, Mary Philips, Geo. Philips, James Blaire, Fran. Blaire, Henr. Macheury, John Smitt.
Other servants to be sold not belonging to S.M. [? abovesaid Simon Musgrave]. Leonard Hagg, Thom. Dowson, Edw. Laurence, Will. Thickins, Will. Morton, Andrew Dowson, John Whiting, Sizera Elwood, Archibald Noble, John Martin, Peter Withers, Will. Weeke, Joseph Dyer, Will. Hawkes, Aver. Ellis, Will. Bottom, Henry Willson.
Reference by Treasurer Rochester to Auditor Aldworth of the account of interest due to Col. Friend and partners.Reference Book III, p. 144.
Prefixing: abstract of said account as certified by Sa. Story for Elias Ashmole, Comptroller of the Excise: same shewing a principal of 22,000l. due to them 1684, Dec. 15, as the remainder of 30,000l. by them lent to the late King 1683, June 15: on which said 22,000l. there has been repaid 12,000l. to them since 1684, Dec. 15: total interest due from said date to June 15 last, 525l. 15s. 7½d.
July 16.Same by same to Mr. Fillingham, Mr. Hall and Mr. Lowndes of the petition of Hanah Billingsly shewing that her husband John Billingsly was one of the partners of John Wadlow in the contract as to collecting the first Wine Act money under Charles II and paid all he owed on that account to Wadlow, who was their Treasurer, but he [Wadlow] afterwards defrauded the King of part of the said moneys whereupon process issued against her husband with the rest of said partners: therefore prays his discharge as some of the others have been discharged, and petitioner being poor with four "fatherless" children.Ibid, p. 139.
July 16.Reference by Treasurer Rochester to William Harbord, Surveyor General of Crown Lands, of the petition of Thomas Leigh of Ridghall, co. Chester, for a fresh lease of several cottages and other small encroachments on the waste within the Hundred of Broxton and elsewhere, co. Chester, as granted by a sign manual dated 1663, April 14, to William Ross for the separate maintenance of Mary, petitioner's grandmother, who after the death of [her husband, petitioner's] grandfather, John Leigh, did marry William Greenville: the said Ross having subsequently unfaithfully run away with the said lease and died in Scotland which rendered his said grandmother ever since incapable of receiving the benefit of said grant and she has assigned all her interest to petitioner.Reference Book III, p. 139.
Henry Guy to Mr. Lytcot. Your patent as Comptroller [of the accounts of the Customs] must be renewed with additional clauses for the new duty.Out Letters (General) IX, p. 103.
Same to Mr. Graham and Mr. Burton to report on the petition and case [missing] of Edward Barrell concerning the estate of John Rivans, a felo-de-se.Ibid.
Reference by Treasurer Rochester to the Master, Wardens and Assistants of Trinity House of Deptford Stroud, and to the Navy Commissioners of the proposals of Peter Carew as by a reference from the King of the 4th inst.Reference Book III, p. 141.
Prefixing: paper of said proposals: shewing that "after your Majesty's royal father [sic] had caused the Woodmongers' charter to be dissolved about 12 years ago by reason of their extortions in combining to raise the price of coals, some other persons driving the coal trade do daily practice the same thing; and it being free by law for every one to sell coals many of other trades do sell the same oppressing the poor by many frauds, one under another, whereby they [the poor] are much wronged in their measures and the high prices [the traders] do continually combine to have them sold for per chalder": that having considered the measures at Newcastle, at the Pool in the river of Thames, at the wharves and as retailed to the poor respectively I am able to make out that if said trade were managed by Commissioners the King would gain near 50,000l. per an. "and the Commissioners be limited not to raise the price above 22s. per chalder just measure at any time of the year." I have considered what number of ships your Majesty may need to build or buy for this use and have conferred with people who will provide same and be reimbursed out of the profits [provided] that they may have timber out of the [royal] forests to build such ships and [protection] to take up ballast in the river etc. without molestation of the patentees. Such ships may on occasion be serviceable as fireships and will provide 3,000 sailors in readiness on all occasions. Therefore prays a reference hereof to persons expert in navigation etc.
Same by same to Richard Graham and Philip Burton of the petition of William Justice late Receiver of the fines and forfeitures of Popish Recusants in the North and East Ridings, co. Yorks, praying for allowance of his extraordinary charges therein, his accounts being ready to be passed.Ibid, p. 142.
July 16.Reference by Treasurer Rochester to the Commissioners of Excise and Hearthmoney of the petition of Tho. Langhorne, nephew to Richard Langhorne and clerk to him at the time of his commitment, whereby petitioner lost his employment: having four children, prays a collector's place in the Excise.Reference Book III, p. 142.
Same by same to the Customs Commissioners of the petition of Andrew Blanque, an Italian, shewing that being bound for Hamburg he arrived here from Genoa in the Angell of London, Richard Anderson commander; that he had entrusted to him 20 doz. of gloves as a present from the Resident of the Grand Duke of Tuscany, now at Hamburg, to Monsieur Tezere, Resident of the King of Sweden at Hamburg: said goods have been seized: prays delivery of them.Ibid.
Same by same to the Surveyor General of Crown Lands of the petition of John Arundell for extension of his lease of a small parcel of the manor of Kennington called the Princes Meadows, in consideration of his charges in defending the Crown's interest in the premises, which [charges] cost him near 700l.Ibid, p. 143.
July 17.Henry Guy to the Auditor of the Receipt to issue as follows:Disposition Book IV, p. 51.
to me [Guy] for secret service: out of the Letter Office money183100
to Edward Griffin, Treasurer of the Chamber, out of same109100
to me [Guy] in part of an order for 1,000l. [for secret service]: out of the revenue of the Duchy of Cornwall10000
to Philip Rycaut 36l. 15s. 8d. out of same, and 135l. 14s. 1d. out of arrears of Hearthmoney and 3l. 9s. 9d. out of any disposable money in the Exchequer175196
(Same dated same to said Griffin to pay the abovesaid 109l. 10s. 0d. to Benj. Coling and John Whinyard, yeoman ushers of the House of Peers, for one year's charges.)
Same to Wilfrid Trewman and William Baines. Treasurer Rochester does not think fit to grant your request for a commission to enquire after concealed lands etc. in Hull and the East Riding. But if upon your own inquiry you can discover such he will reward you.Out Letters (General) IX, p. 104.
Same to Mr. Harbord and Sir Christopher Wren to see the proof of Mris. Frances Ellis's title, viz. the lease alleged by Mr. Fanshaw to be from the late Earl of St. Albans to her late husband in 1670.Ibid.
July 18.Same to the Customs Commissioners to deliver the following to the Earl of Peterborough on payment of Customs: viz. a trunk, a case of pictures and a small box of medals and agates on board the Phenix, Stephen Warrener master, from Bruges.Ibid.
July 20.Reference by Treasurer Rochester to the Customs Commissioners of the petition of Antho. Meeke for an additional searcher's place, London port, for the new impositions.Reference Book III, p. 143.
Warrant by same to the Clerk of the Pipe for a fresh grant to Stephen Godfrey of the offices of bailiff and collector of the liberty of the late monastery of St. Mary near the Walls of the city of York and of the manor of Whitgift and Armin, co. Yorks, with the respective fees of 4l. and 45s. per an., his former grant thereof dated 1663–4, Feb. 27, having become void by the death of Charles II.Warrants not Relating to Money XI, p. 106.
Same by same to same for a lease to John Tooker of (1) the parcel of land in Ryme, co. Dorset, called Pounds Barton, containing one acre, in which the capital messuage of the manor of Ryme once stood; together with the tenement or cottage now erected thereon and in the occupation of Joseph Warren, being parcel of the Duchy of Cornwall: as demised to John Warren 1628, June 16, for 99 years terminable on the lives of said Warren, Margaret his wife and John his son at a rent of 20d. per an. and fine of 6l.: (2) a tenement or cottage and the orchard, garden and backside thereto lying in Ryme as demised to Joan Clyde, widow, for 99 years terminable on the lives of said Joan, John Williams of Evill [Yeovil] co. Dorset, and George Williams, his son, at a rent of 12d. per an. and fine of 5l. The present lease is to be for 99 years from Lady day last terminable on three lives under the old rents and at a fine of 5l.Ibid, pp. 107–9.
Prefixing: two particulars of the premises and ratals dated July 15 thereof by the Surveyor General of Crown Lands. George Williams's life in the second parcel is first to be surrendered.
Money warrant for 164l. 5s. 0d. to William Shaw as assignee of Treasurer Rochester for 1½ years to June 24 last on said Lord Treasurer's fee of 6s. a day as Keeper of his Majesty's New Park, near Richmond.Money Book VI, p. 102.
Same for 8,000l. to Sir Stephen Fox as in part of 16,000l. to him for secret service as by the privy seal of July 15 inst. (Money order dated July 21 hereon.)Ibid, p. 102. Order Book I, p. 39.
Warrant by Treasurer Rochester to the Receipt to take from Charles Bertie three tallies of pro struck 1684, May 27, for respectively 1,000l., 500l. and 500l. to Edward Noell, levied on the Hearthmoney farm rent for the half year ended 1684, Sept. 29 (which tallies remain unsatisfied in said Bertie's hands) and to vacate same and in lieu thereof to levy the like tallies in the name of said Noell on the half year's Hearthmoney revenue due Sept. 29 next.Money Book VI, p. 102.
Money warrant for 250l. to Sir Hugh Tint for last June 24 quarter on his annuity or pension. (Money order dated July 21 hereon.)Ibid, p. 103. Order Book I, p. 39.
Same for 200l. to Katherine Gunter for one year to 1683, Sept. 29, on her same.Money Book VI, p. 103.
Warrant by Treasurer Rochester to the Customs Commissioners to pay Charles Segar, one of the patent landwaiters, Bristol port, 10l. per an. additional salary to make him equal with the rest of the landwaiters there.Out Letters (Customs) X, p. 39.
The like for Thomas Alcock as a same ibid.
The like for Capt. Furlong as a same ibid.
William Hely to be employed as Register of Certificates in the isle of Jersey loco Laurence Cole, who was lately removed thence to be surveyor at Poole: as by the order in Council of June 14 last.
July 20.Henry Guy to the Customs Commissioners to put on board the Fubbs yacht, unopened, the goods bought by bearer, Mr. Maximilian van Namen, and belonging to Monsieur Bentinck.Out Letters (General) IX, p. 105.
Same to Mr. Graham. Col. Whitley desires leave of absence to go to Tunbridge to drink the waters. Can he be spared without hindrance to the making up of his accounts of the Post Office? (The like letter to Auditor Done.)Ibid.
Same to Visct. Falkland [Treasurer of the Navy]. The Auditor of the Receipt has delivered you an imprest account to 1683, Dec. 31. Take care of the speedy passing of your accounts to that time.Ibid, pp. 105, 106, 107.
The like notice to Visct. Brouncker for his account to 1684, Sept. 30 [as Cofferer of the Household].
The like to Lord Montagu for his account to 1684, Michaelmas [as Master of the Great Wardrobe].
The like to Mr. Bertie for his account to 1684, June 30 [as Treasurer of the Ordnance].
The like to Sir William Stapleton for the sum of 13,965l. 2s. 4d. imprested to him for the pay of two Companies of Foot in the Leeward Islands.
The like to John Baynes for the sum of 2,915l. 1s. 2d. imprested to his father, Commissary John Baines, towards the arrears of the late Regiment of Sir Tobias Bridges, deceased.
The like to Sir Dennis Gauden for the sum of 18,218l. imprested to him to 1672, Dec. 31, as Victualler General of the Navy; and the 1,282l. 14s. 11½d. imprested to him 1675, Dec. 31, as Surveyor General of his Majesty's marine victuals.
The like to Mr. Sidney for his account up to the death of Charles II [as Master of the Robes].
The like to [Edward Griffin,] the Treasurer of the Chamber, for his account to 1679, Sept. 29.
The like to Mr. Fox for his account up to 1683, Dec. 31 [as Paymaster of the Forces].
The like to the Mint Commissioners for their account to 1682, Nov. 22.
The like to Baptist May for his account of the Healing gold up to the death of Charles II.
The like to Mr. Packer for his account up to 1680, Mar. 31 [as Paymaster of the Works].
The like to Mr. Griffith for his account up to 1684, Dec. 10 [for the Stables].
The like to Mr. Hewer for his account to 1684, Mar. 31 [as Treasurer of Tangier garrison].
The like to Mr. Knight for his account of goods and wares bought [for the Great Wardrobe].
The like to Mr. Burton for his account to 1685, April 4 [of Crown law costs].
The like to Mr. Laurence for his account to 1684, April 28 [as Surveyor of the King's private ways].
The like to Mr. Roberts for his account to 1680, June 12 [as Receiver of the Honor of Windsor].
July 20.Henry Guy to the Attorney General repeating the letter of Mar. 16 last supra, p. 52, concerning the Duchess of Cleveland's 4,700l. per an. in which matter the Duchess's counsel now say they will attend you. You are to despatch said settlement.Out Letters (General) IX, p. 108.