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November 1685, 16-20


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November 1685, 16-20

Nov. 16.Fiat by same for royal letters patent to constitute Robert Culliford as Comptroller of Customs, Southampton port: to wit, the office be held at the death of Charles II.Warrants not Relating to Money XI, p. 140.
Nov. 16.Henry Guy to the Commissioners of Excise and Hearthmoney to report on the enclosed paper which the Earl of Anglesea has delivered as a complaint for breach of privilege.Out Letters (General) IX, p. 210.
Appending: note of said paper being a complaint against Jno. Barret, Receiver General of Hearthmoney for co. Oxford, and against Tho. Key and Tho. Pritchett, collectors [of same], for seizing one of said Earl's coach horses at his house at Bletchington, co. Oxford, "so that said Earl was forced to hire a horse to come to the Parliament."
Same to the Customs Commissioners to present two boatmen at Southampton, two tidesmen at Weymouth, two boatmen at Minehead and an officer for Start Point: and likewise the new officers to be established for the Isle of Wight on the sinking of the charge of the riding surveyor and the smack there.Ibid.
Same to Mr. Griffin [Treasurer of the Chamber]. Dr. Cha. Frazier has surrendered the patent which he had from the late King as one of his Majesty's physicians.Ibid.
Same to the Customs Commissioners to report on (a) and (b) infra.Ibid.
Appending: note only of (a) a French memorial about Van Citters: (b) a proposal to lay a tax upon New England.
Same to Mr. Fisher to report forthwith on Lady Oglethorpe's papers concerning the houses and buildings in St. James's Park.Ibid.
Nov. 16 and 28.Treasurer Rochester to the Master of the Rolls. Upon inquiry why several [fee] farm rents and debts of divers natures are not put in charge and process thereupon duly issued for levying same I am informed that it is for want of due transmitting the originals out of Chancery into the Exchequer according to the due course of the Exchequer; and that those sent over thither above two years since were within two days after burnt in the Treasury Remembrancer's Office in the Temple before the officers could possibly have time to transmit the same into the Pipe. The expecting till same should be again transcribed must be a work of time, and great detriment and loss will accrue to his Majesty by such delay. You are therefore to order the Clerk of the Pipe and his deputy and the sworn clerks in his office to have free recourse to the several offices and to the records within the respective custodies of the Six Clerks and of the Chapel of the Rolls whereby to extract such debts and [fee] farm rents and to make such charges thereupon that process may speedily issue for levying same. You are to order the Six Clerks and the Clerks of the Rolls to assist herein to their utmost. (Struck through and cancelled and replaced by a somewhat similar letter dated Nov. 28 inst. In this letter the burnt Originalia copies are referred to as sent over three years since and as being for 15 years viz. 15–30 Car. II: and the substantive portion of the request of the letter is altered as follows. You are desired to give order to the Clerks of the Petty Bag Office to make extracts from the records remaining there according to the enclosed form [missing] and to certify me with all expedition what debts and farm rents are standing out from 15 Car. II to this present time, so that process may speedily issue for levying same.Ibid, pp. 202, 211.
Appending. a form, in blank, of a certificate of grants of baronetcies whereon the sum of 1,095l. is payable to the King: from 15 Car. II.
Nov. 16.Henry Guy to the Attorney General to report on the enclosed draft commission [missing] for settling the [quays etc. of the] ports of Cardiff and Milford Haven.Out Letters (General) IX, p. 212.
Same to Mr. Darcy et al. enclosing the letter of the Earl of Ailesbury, late Lord Chamberlain, ut supra, p. 407. You are to provide for each of the 10 Children of the Chapel one coat and one pair of breeches of coloured cloth lined with shalloon, two pair of drawers, two pair of worsted hose, one black caster, one black felt, six pair of shoes, three pair of gloves, three whole shirts, three half shirts, two laced bands and cuffs, four plain bands and cuffs, three pocket handkerchiefs: to be delivered to Dr. Jno. Blow, master of the said children for their use.Ibid.
Reference by Treasurer Rochester to the Customs Commissioners of the petition of John Hill, shewing that Michael Gaspe, master of the St. Adrian of Dieppe ("Dierpe"), laden for Morlaix, was driven by storm into Rye on the 4th inst. where the cargo was seized, for which the owners intend to have a trial: petitioner being unwilling to join with them prays discharge of a case of sheepleather gloves and doe gloves and snuff.Reference Book III, p. 197.
Same by same to the Warden of the Mint and Mint Commissioners of the petition of Jona (John) Howell, shewing that on the recommendation of the Lord Chancellor when on circuit petitioner was as constable of the Hundred of Montgomery deputed by Sir Tho. Wharton and his son, late Wardens of the Mint, to prosecute clippers and coiners in Montgomery, Radnor, Brecknock and Salop; whereon he has spent 400l. and detected 250 persons whereof 35 have been executed; but petitioner has never received more than 10l. from the Treasury Lords about 20 months since.Ibid, pp. 197–8.
Same by same to the Customs Commissioners of the petition of Mr. Dryden for renewal of his patent as collector of cloth and petty customs, London port, void by the late King's death.Ibid, p. 198.
Money warrant for 60l. to Mris. Ann Goulding for half a year to June 24 last on her annuity or pension.Money Book VI, p. 176.
Same for 250l. to Sir Hugh Tint for last Sept. 29 quarter on his same. (Money order dated Nov. 21 hereon.)Ibid, p. 177. Order Book I, p. 66.
Henry Guy to the Auditor of the Receipt to issue 200l. to Mr. Mansell out of Recusants' money in the Exchequer.Disposition Book IV, p. 97.
Warrant by Treasurer Rochester to the Customs Commissioners to permit the transport to Gibraltar, Customs free, on board the Venice, Henry Caple master, of naval stores for the service of his Majesty's ships that shall arrive at that place.Out Letters (Customs) X, pp. 61–5.
Prefixing: schedule of said stores, consigned to the storekeeper of his Majesty's naval affairs at Gibraltar and delivered out of the stores at Deptford between Oct. 3 last and Nov. 11 inst. by warrants from the Navy Commissioners dated June 19 and 24 last and Nov. 10 last: said schedule being signed by Fran. Hosier and attested by J. Sotherne.
Nov. 16.Warrant by Treasurer Rochester to the Customs Commissioners to employ John Bayard (a boatman at Bristol loco Thomas Lowder, formerly preferred to be chief boatman and tidesurveyor) as a boatman in fee ibid.Out Letters (Customs) X, pp. 66, 67, 68, 69, 71, 72.
5l. per an. to be added to the salary of Henry Martin to make up his salary 10l. per an. and he to be sole officer at Studland Bay; Benjamin Webster, waiter and searcher there being removed to Christchurch and his salary at Studland Bay to be sunk.
Anthony Searle as one of the boatmen in Southampton port for the guard of the Hamble river with 25l. per an. salary: Mr. Dickinson having in his late survey of the Western ports proposed the establishment of a boat with two boatmen for such guard.
The four tidesmen in Poole port to have 30l. per an. each upon the establishment and without incidents instead of their present 10l. per an. salary and 2s. a day when employed.
18l. per an. to be sunk out of the salary of Nicho. Culliford, riding surveyor on the coast about Lulworth: he to reside at Lulworth, with 40l. per an. and without a horse: all by reason that from Swanage Bay to Weymouth is all hard and deep cliff and no landing place but at Lulworth.
The six tidesmen in Weymouth port to have 25l. per an. each without incidents instead of their present 10l. per an. each and 2s. a day when employed.
Thomas Goodridge as tidesman at Bridgwater loco Daniel Yates, lately dismissed. The two tidesmen of said port to have 20l. per an. [each] without incidents instead of their present 15l. per an. and 2s. a day when employed.
— Lutterell, a preventive officer at Start Point, near Bridgwater, is to be established there with 10l. per an. and his allowance by incidents to cease.
David Chappell, boatman at Uphill, to be dismissed as a person disaffected to the government; and for the guard of that place by water two boatmen, William Horsington and his mate, to be established at 10l. per an. each.
The tidesman in Minehead port to have 25l. per an. salary without incidents in place of their present 10l. per an. and 2s. a day when engaged.
The two boatmen at Beachley in Bristol port to have established salaries of 25l. per an. instead of being paid by incidents.
John Faunt, a preventive officer at Gadcombe in Bristol port to have an established salary of 20l. per an. in place of his present salary of 15l. per an. out of incidents.
The two extraordinary boatmen at Deal port to be established at 25l. per an. and added to the four boatmen there in place of being paid by incidents. Henry Carter (a tidesman ibid) to be established as a master of the boats there at 30l. per an. to take equal turns with the Surveyor there for a constant night watch with a boat and some of the men and to ply between the South Forelands and the Small Downs.
Edw. Roope as collector of Dartmouth at 50l. per an. salary and allowance of 20l. per an. from Cha. Orchard, customer of Exeter port, as his deputy.
John Baxter, one of the tidesmen in Southampton port, to be established with 25l. per an. salary like the rest of the tidesmen [there] in place of the present salary of 10l. per an. and 2s. a day when employed. Thomas Lea to be restored as tidesman in Lyme port: it appearing from a letter of Anthony Thorold, deputy to Sir Cornwall Bradshaw, customer at Lyme, that Edw. Cogan and said Lea, late tidesmen there, went with [the Duke of] Monmouth in the time of the rebellion, but it appearing that Lea's crime was only that being a Trained Bandman, he appeared at the beat of their own drums amongst others of the town, but when he perceived that they intended to join with Monmouth he withdrew and hid his musquet and came no more amongst them: and that he is otherwise a man of good credit and report.
The tidesmen and boatmen at Lyme port to have 25l. per an. salary each on the establishment in lieu of their present 10l. per an. and 2s. a day when employed.
Simon Hitchcock (a landwaiter, Lyme port) to be established as a preventive office at Abbotsbury between Weymouth and Lyme at 30l. per an.
5l. per an. each to be added to the 15l. per an. each salary of the two tidesmen in Whitby port.
Gerrard Fox (riding surveyor from Scarborough to Hartlepool) to be collector of Whitby port, a member of Newcastle port loco Thomas Shipton, lately deceased. The place of riding surveyor between Scarborough and Hartlepool to be sunk.
Nov. 17.Henry Guy to Mr. Griffin [Treasurer of the Chamber]. Capt. Bridall has surrendered the fee of 20 marks per an. payable to him at the Exchequer "in regard he is now to be paid the same on your [Treasurer of the Chamber] establishment."Out Letters (General) IX, p. 211.
Same to the Customs Commissioners to report on the enclosed proposal [missing] of the East India Company.Ibid.
Same to same. Mr. Flower, Mr. Farmer and Mr. King have produced their patents from the late King as King's musicians. They are during pleasure only, not for life; and therefore on transferring them to your Office [establishment] there is no need for them to make surrender thereof. You are to proceed to pay them on your establishment notwithstanding the late order.Ibid.
Same to Sir Dudley North to attend at my [Guy's] house to-morrow morning, Wednesday, at 8 o'clock on very important business.Ibid, p. 212.
The like notice to Richard Graham, Nicho. Courtney, Cha. Porter, Dr. Davenant, Sir Christopher Wren, Mr. Chudleigh, Peregrine Bertie, Charles Bertie, Richard Kent, Sir John Freind, William Hewer, William Blathwayte, Tho. Done, Col. Rob. Phillips, Sir Jno. Werden, Jno. Parsons, Simon Smith, Cha. Fox, Lemuell Kingdon, Tho. Neale, Hen. Clarke, Fran. Gwyn, Sir Denny Ashburnham.
Nov. 17.Money order for 5l. to William Parks for 1685, Sept. 29 quarter's attendance as porter at the gate of the Receipt.Order Book I, p. 66.
Same for 343l. 6s. 0d. to Thomas Hawgood, sword cutler, in full of swords furnished to the Troops of Horse of Christopher, Duke of Albemarle, Charles, Lord Gerard of Brandon, and Major Sir Jonathan Trelawney [among the late New Raised Forces now disbanded]: as by a certificate dated 1679, June 15, from two of the Commissioners for Disbanding: to be paid out of the last Six Months Assessment for said disbanding.Ibid.
Same for 71l. 15s. 7d. to Robt. Hall, belt maker, as in full for belts furnished to the Troops of Horse of Wentworth, Earl of Roscommon, and Capt. Ferdinando Stanhopp: [being among the New Raised Forces ut supra]: as by like certificate etc. ut supra.Ibid.
Money warrant for 300l. to the Countess Dowager Marischal for half a year to June 24 last on her annuity or pension.Money Book VI, p. 177.
Henry Guy to the Auditor of the Receipt to issue as follows out of the branches of the revenue directed to be this week paid into the Exchequer, viz.:Disposition Book IV, pp. 98, 99.
Out of the Customs.l.s.d.
to the Treasurer of the Navy for the Victuallers2,00000
to ditto for sea officers and bills in course40000
to ditto for the [Navy's] weekly money1,50000
to the Treasurer of the Ordnance1,00000
to Philip Packer for the new buildings at Whitehall1,50000
Out of the Excise.
to the Paymaster of the Forces5,00000
to Mr. Toll for interest1,26385
to the Cofferer of the Household2,50000
to me [Guy] for secret service by way of advance50000
Out of Hearthmoney.
to the Keeper of the Privy Purse 1,000l. and 800l.1,80000
Out of the Post Office money.
to Phillip Packer for repairing the house for the Venetian ambassador10000
to the Auditors of Imprests13368
to Mr. Progers118162
to me [Guy] for secret service by way of advance5000
to the usher of the Exchequer Court657177
to Mr. Wardour10000
to the two Deputy Chamberlains4000
to me [Guy] for secret service by way of advance20000
Out of the duty on wines and vinegar.
to the Treasurer of the Navy in further part of 29,745l. for the extraordinary and ordinary repairs of the Navy2,00000
Out of the loans on French linens etc.
to the Paymaster of the Forces6,00000
Out of the Queen Dowager's [Portugal money or] portion.
to the Prince and Princess of Denmark in part of 16,000l.3,00000
(Same dated same to the Customs Cashier, enclosing the paper of the disposition of the Customs cash for the present week; said paper including the abovesaid five Customs and one Wine Duty items [payable out of the Exchequer] together with the following items [payable direct out of the Customs Office on tallies] viz. 2,000l. in part of last Sept. 29 quarter's salary bill of the Customs [London port]; 96l. 12s. 0d. for a year's impost of wine to the Lord Mayor and Aldermen of London; 1,000l. to Mr. Toll in repayment of loan. Total disposition of the Customs, 11,496l. 12s. 0d.) (Same dated same to the Commissioners of Excise and Hearthmoney enclosing the like paper for the Excise and Hearthmoney cash; said paper including for the Excise the abovesaid four Excise items [payable out of the Exchequer] together with the following items [payable direct out of the Excise Office on tallies] viz. 3,000l. to the Queen Dowager; 3,000l. to Mr. Kent and Mr. Duncombe in repayment of loan; 160l. for the [Excise on the herring] fishery at Yarmouth: total disposition of the Excise, 15,423l. 8s. 5d.: and for the Hearthmoney the abovesaid Hearthmoney item [payable out of the Exchequer] together with the following item [payable direct out of the Hearthmoney Office on tallies] viz. 1,000l. to Mr. Toll in repayment of loan: total disposition of the Hearthmoney, 2,800l.)
Nov. 17.Henry Guy to the Auditor of the Receipt to advance 250l. to me [Guy] for secret service: out of the loans on the duty on linens etc.Disposition Book IV, p. 97.
Same to same to issue as follows out of [the fund of] goods seized and now in the Exchequer, viz. 500l. to Mr. Dunstar; 15l. to Mris. Ann Bird.Ibid, p. 98.
Warrant by Treasurer Rochester to the Customs Commissioners to employ Humphrey Ray as waiter and searcher at Tenby in Milford Haven port at 20l. per an. and to take an account of the collieries; loco Lewis Moore, lately dismissed.Out Letters (Customs) X, pp. 69, 73.
Patrick Mein as Surveyor General of Customs in the colonies of Virginia and Maryland and such other Plantations as the said Commissioners shall think fit: with an allowance of 20s. a day: loco William Dyre, whom they propose to recall.
Nov. 18.Privy seal dormant for 10,000l. to be issued in such proportions, to such persons and for such uses and services as the King shall from time to time direct by warrant under his royal sign manual. (Royal warrant dated Nov. 10 for this privy seal.)King's Warrant Book X, p. 209.
Same for 500l. per an. to Sir Edward Lutwich, kt., Chief Justice of Chester, as an addition to the profits of his place there; the said addition having been made to the said office upon the augmentation of the salaries of all the Justices at Westminster etc. and so continued to Sir Job. Charlton, Sir George Jeffrys, now Lord Chancellor, and Sir Edward Herbert, now Chief Justice of the King's Bench: the said 500l. per an. to commence from Oct. 24 last. (Royal warrant dated Nov. 10 to the Clerk of the Signet for said privy seal.)Ibid, p. 210.
Nov. 18.Royal warrant to the Clerk of the Signet for a privy seal for 16,000l. to the King's son-in-law, Prince George, Hereditary of Denmark, and Anne, Princess of Denmark, his wife: as royal bounty without account.King's Warrant Book X, p. 211.
Same to the Attorney or Solicitor General for a great seal for a grant to Amias Hext of an annuity or pension of 100l. per an. for his life and to Juliana his wife a like pension of 100l. per an. for her life: to be paid quarterly from Sept. 29 last: the said Juliana having a patent dated 1674, April 3, for a pension of 200l. per an. for good services in the escape of Charles II from Worcester fight: which patent is first to be surrendered. The 150l. arrears from Christmas, 1684, to Sept. 29 last on said patent is also hereby to be paid.Ibid, pp. 212–3.
Same to same for a same for a grant to Sir Thomas Duppa, Gentleman Usher Black Rod, of a yearly pension or sum of 200l. he having a grant dated 1673, Oct. 18, of the like sum as in lieu of certain perquisites and allowances by him released or agreed to be released, which grant is become void by the late King's death and is hereby to be renewed. Payment hereon is to commence from 1684, Christmas, and to continue during pleasure; the 150l. for the three quarters to Sept. 29 last to be paid forthwith.Ibid, p. 213.
Royal letter to Francis, Lord Howard of Effingham, Governor of Virginia. The Customs Commissioners have appointed Patrick Mein, gent., "the bearer hereof" to be Surveyor General for inspecting the accounts of the collectors and other officers [of the Customs] within the colonies of Virginia and Maryland and to give such orders as he shall find necessary for the King's service, particularly for the better collecting the [Plantation] duties under the Act of 25 Car. II [c. 7]. You are to give him all assistance herein and in putting in execution all other the laws relating to the trade of the Plantations. (The like letter to the Governor of Maryland.)Ibid, p. 214.
Warrant by Treasurer Rochester to the Customs Commissioners to remit the duty on a piece of serge imported for wearing apparel by James Goussett, a poor distressed French Protestant fled hither from Prosecution.Out Letters (Customs) X, p. 78.
Henry Guy to the Auditor of the Receipt to issue to me [Guy] for secret service the two several sums of 500l. "which hath been advanced at the Exchequer to Mris. Ellen Gwynn."Disposition Book IV, p. 99.
Nov. 19.Money warrant for 66l. 13s. 4d. each to Brook Bridges and Thomas Done for one year to Sept. 29 last on their fee of 100 marks per an, as Auditors of Imprests.Money Book VI, p. 177.
Nov. 19.Report to the King by Treasurer Rochester on the petition of Sir Charles Gaudy for the personal estate of John Revans, a felo-de-se, which estate is claimed by the Master and Fellows of Pembroke Hall in Cambridge and also by Thomas Glemham. The Attorney General reported to me June 14 last ut supra, p. 248, as to the ancient rights of the Prior of Ely. I am also certified by Richard Graham July 31 last that he has had the inquisition on the death of said Revans filed in the Treasurer's Remembrancer's office by which it is found that Waldegrave Alexander was indebted to Revans for 100l. mortgage of lands in Framlingham and Easton, co. Suffolk, and that Revans had deposited 505l. in the hands of Samuel Wightman, draper of Framlingham, and that John Dawson of Framlingham owed Revans 300l. for mortgage of lands in Wickham Market, and similarly John Bradlaugh owed him 300l. for mortgage of divers lands in Brandeston and that Robert Bourne of Easton owed him 4l. 10s. 0d. for rent of lands in Kettleburgh. All the said towns and money are within the liberty of St. Etheldred, co. Suffolk, as in the grant by James I to the Dean and Chapter of Ely.Warrants not Relating to Money XI, pp. 140–1.
Henry Guy to the Auditor of the Receipt to issue (out of Customs money) 250l. to the Keeper of the Privy Purse for Healing Medals.Disposition Book IV, p. 99.
Same to same to issue out of the following funds in the Exchequer, viz. 106l. of the Duchy of Cornwall revenue, 363l. 6s. 11d. of Wine Licence money, 106l. 3s. 2½d. of Compositions, 123l. 6s. 8d. of King's Bench fines, 92l. 4s. 10d. of alienations (making 801l. 1s. 7½d. in all) as follows, viz.:Ibid, p. 100.
to Mris. Ann Atwood12500
to Mr. Ben. Coling34150
to Mr. Ford1850
to Mr. Pottenger5368
to Rich. Welbeck618
to the executors of John Sayer57130
to the executors of William Goldesborough178120
to Mr. Natha. Cox34150
to Mr. Nicho Estoll37100
to Mris. Laurence for the Trial of the Pix7692
to Mr. Warner7549
Same to Mr. Darcy et al. to forthwith provide as follows:Out Letters (General) IX, p. 213.
Appending: letter dated Nov. 18 from the Earl of Mulgrave, Lord Chamberlain, to the Lord Treasurer. The King has intimated his pleasure to the Duke of Ormonde, Lord Steward of the Household (who at present officiates the place of Lord Great Chamberlain of England) that a Court should be forthwith erected in Westminster Hall for the trial of the Earl of Stamford on Dec. 1 next according to ancient custom; and I am to issue my warrants for preparing and furnishing the same. The following particulars have been usually provided "whensoever the Court was erected in Westminster Hall when the whole House of Peers assembled there," viz., 22 pieces of say of the largest size; 160 ells of canvas to make sacks and [to] cover stools and forms; 12 todd of wool for stuffing all the forms and stools appointed for the Lords; and to pay for hay to fill the said sacks; crimson velvet to cover two seats [one] on each side the State in said Court as in the House of Peers; thread lyre and nails and to pay for the workmanship: all to be delivered to Sir Thomas Duppa, kt., Gentleman Usher Black Rod.
Nov. 19.Henry Guy to the Mint Commissioners and Warden of the Mint to report on the petition of Mris. Ann Wharton [missing].Out Letters (General) IX, p. 213.
Same to Mr. Griffin [Treasurer of the Chamber]. Sir Gilbert Talbot has surrendered his annuity of 50l. per an. payable in the Exchequer as Master of the Jewels "in regard he is now to be paid the same on your establishment."Ibid, p. 214.
Warrant by Treasurer Rochester to the Customs Commissioners to employ Jonathan Rogers as boatman at Rochester loco Robert Feild, who has left the employment.Out Letters (Customs) X, pp. 70, 72, 73.
John Turke as weighing porter at Bristol loco Walter Watkins, lately deceased.
John Dutton as waiter and searcher at Frodsham in Liverpool port loco Thomas Dutton, his father superannuated and willing to resign.
William Alford (one of the 70 tidesmen in extraordinary, London port) as a tidesman in fee ibid. loco Stephen Cooper, lately deceased.
Anthony Lambe as a tidesman, Newcastle port loco George Meverell, lately deceased.
John Bell as chief boatman at Berdsey [Bawdsey] Ferry and James Carter as his mate locis John Taylor and Richard Sanders, lately dismissed.
Stephen Farley as waiter and searcher at Beckley in Rye port loco Edwd. Bromfeild, lately dismissed.
Thomas Davies (riding surveyor on the coast of Kent, under the establishment of Faversham port) as surveyor of Portsmouth loco Thomas Ogle, lately dismissed. The said office of riding surveyor on the coast of Kent to be sunk whereby 60l. per an. will be saved to the King.
Nov. 20.Same by same to same to add 5l. per an. to the salary of James Stringer, weighing porter at Exeter, and he to have an assistant at 20l. per an. as in lieu of the previous arrangement of 25l. per an. salary to Stringer and 35l. per an. for incidents for persons occasionally hired for his assistance in weighing.Ibid, p. 72.
Henry Guy to same. The Attorney General has given his opinion in point of law as to such ships that have been made free by warrant from the late King since 1682, Oct. 1, [viz. that] in case they shall bring any goods liable to Aliens Customs by the Act of Navigation, the freedom of such vessel is determined [terminated] and the ship liable to pay Aliens duty. You are hereon to report to the Lord Treasurer your opinion whether it will be for the King's service and the good of trade that such ships should pay the Aliens duty.Out Letters (General) IX, p. 214.
Nov. 20.[Henry Guy to the Customs Commissioners] to report on (a) infra.Out Letters (General) IX, p. 214.
Appending: (a) petition of Rich. Journall et al. (as by a reference from the King dated Nov. 10 inst.) praying an order to the Customs Commissioners that foreign built ships made free by his late Majesty to supply the loss of merchants' ships by the late Dutch wars and to carry on the trade of this kingdom may pass as they did in his late Majesty's time.
Same to same enclosing letters [missing] from the King to the [respective] Governors [of the forts of] Deal, Sandown and Walmer Castles to permit the Customs officers to search in those castles for prohibited and uncustomed goods.Ibid.
Same to Mr. Griffin. Dr. Pearse alleges that by mistake he is put down in the establishment of your [Treasurer of the Chamber] Office for only 369l. 13s. 4d. per an. as Serjeant Chirurgeon, which is 27l. per an. less than his former allowances of 396l. 13s. 4d. per an. Is this true and how can it be amended?Ibid.
Reference by Treasurer Rochester to Mr. Graham and Mr. Burton of the petition of John Skinner, gent., for a grant of the fine of 26l. 13s. 4d. set on Oliver Brookes, whom he prosecuted for seditious words against the late King; which fine is now in the hands of William Wall, late sheriff of Gloucester: petitioner having spent 14l. in the prosecution.Reference Book III, p. 198.
Same by same to the Surveyor General of Crown Lands of the petition of Sir John Ardern for a grant in fee farm of all the lands which have been encroached upon and enclosed in the Forest of Delamere, co. Chester, these 20 years last past; under the rent of 6d. per acre for so much thereof as he shall recover [to the Crown].Ibid, p. 199.
Same by same to Sir Robert Sawyer, Attorney General, of the petition of the Bishop of Sodor and Man, shewing that Charles Peyton having a term of 500 years in certain houses in trust for Sir Robert Peyton did 1683, Oct. 7, with the consent of said Sir Robert assign same to one Perry for 1,000l. and Perry did 1684, May 14, assign same to petitioner for 1,000l.: that Sir Robert Peyton stands indicted for high treason committed in May, 1683, which is before the assignment to Perry: as petitioner purchased with the greatest part of his fortune almost two years before the treason appeared, prays to enjoy the said term until the purchase money be repaid.Ibid.
Same by same to the Customs Commissioners of the petition of Sam Dassell for a landwaiter's place at Weymouth, he having, as deputy searcher at Lyme, been the first to bring the news of the late invasion there.Ibid, p. 200.
Same by same to Mr. Hewer of the petition of Jam. Bush for consideration, he being bound to several merchants in 860l. for corn and necessaries for the workmen [on the mole and fortifications] at Tangier.Ibid.
Same by same to Edw. Griffin, Treasurer of the Chamber, of the petition of Jonathan Chase, a Groom of the Removing Wardrobe of Beds (as by a reference of the 13th inst. from the King): petitioner shewing that in the new establishment his wages and boardwages are reduced from 130l. to 120l.: the King having declared his pleasure that their allowances should remain as they did.Ibid.
Nov. 20.Reference by Treasurer Rochester to the Customs Commissioners of the petition of Theophilus Lamb for a commission to seize all ships with their ladings which shall be found to export wool contrary to law, "and he will build a vessel suitable for that purpose."Reference Book III, p. 200.
Same by same to same of the petition of Jno. Moore, a King's waiter, Bristol port, for a moiety of the three years' arrears of salary due to him and to be put on the establishment with 10l. addition as his fellow officers are; he being willing to abate the remainder of his arrears.Ibid, p. 201.
Same by same to same of the petition of Cha. Lugar for a more settled employment, he having been a tidesman in extraordinary for three years.Ibid.
Same by same to Richard Graham and Philip Burton of the petition of Tho. Cheek (as by a reference from the King dated Windsor, Aug. 11 last), petitioner shewing that he had a grant (in reversion after Sir Jno. Mounson and Jno. Griffith, both now dead) of fines upon declarations in the King's Bench under the yearly rent of 100 marks: that said fines were formerly worth 600l. per an. but now by practice among the attorneys of that Court are reduced to about 120l. per an.: therefore prays a discharge of said rent to 20 nobles per an.Ibid.
Recommendation by same to the Customs Commissioners of the petition of Tho. Dison, tidesman in extraordinary, London port, for the place of watchman in fee ibid loco Jno. Hines, dismissed for fraud.Ibid, pp. 203–4.
Reference by same to Mr. Graham and Mr. Burton of the petition of Gregory Westcomb for 900l. due to him from Mr. Cornish.Ibid, p. 204.
Same by same to the Customs Commissioners of the petition of Abraham Hough for some place in the Customs, he having been bred a merchant.Ibid.
Same by same to William Hewer of the petition of Peter May, executor of John Hethersell, praying for payment of the 25 months' arrears due to said Hethersell as a soldier at Tangier in Capt. Langston's Troop of Horse.Ibid.
Recommendation by same to the Customs Commissioners of the petition of Richard Hale for a place as tidesman etc. [London port].Ibid, p. 205.
Reference by same to William Hewer of the petition of William Aldham, shewing that Robt. Hughs, late a soldier at Tangier in Capt. Bowes' Company, rented a house of petitioner at 53s. per an. and did May 17 last give a bill for 5l. 5s. 0d. for rent to Christmas last and directed the bill to Mr. Boudler to be satisfied out of his arrear of pay, but Boudler refuses to pay without a letter of attorney.Ibid.
Nov. 20.Reference by Treasurer Rochester to the Customs Commissioners of the petition of Oliver Lyme for the arrears of his salary from 1678, June 24, as Comptroller of Chester port.Reference Book III, p. 205,
Same by same to William Blathwayte of the petition of Lieut. Terence O'Brien for half pay, he having formerly served as a Lieutenant in France and quitted that employment on the late King's command.Ibid, p. 206.
Same by same to William Harbord, Surveyor General of Crown Lands, of the petition of William Dike for a confirmation of his Majesty's grant to him of the office of bailiff of Spalding, viz. by a grant for the remainder of Walter Dike's interest in the premises "whereby he may be enabled to recover the said office, being wrongfully held from it by the executors of one Ewrie."Ibid.
Same by same to Antho. Stephens of the petition of Robt. Sewell: shewing that in the late King's exile he was instrumental in remitting 13,000l. beyond sea for which he should have suffered death: that having had a plentiful estate he married the Dean of Windsor's daughter, but is reduced to a low condition, having had 37 [sic] children and some of them now in his Majesty's service: therefore prays payment of a Navy bill (No. 90, dated 1684, July 28, for 15l. 1s. 6d.) for the service of one of his sons on board the Dover, "the greatest part of this kind [of bill] having been paid by particular directions from the Treasury to such whose necessity and loyalty hath been thought deserving of such advance."Ibid, p. 207.
Same by same to the Customs Commissioners of the petition of Monsieur de Millery, a [French Protestant] refugee, for delivery of a seizure of lace, etc., seized by Darnish, a searcher.Ibid, p. 208.
Same by same to the Attorney General of the report of Auditor John Shales, dated the 18th inst. on the petition of James Fortrey and Tho. Doucett for a lease of a farm.Ibid, pp. 209–10.
Prefixing: said report made on an order of reference of Oct. 21 last from the Surveyor General of Crown Lands. There is no record in my office of Goleston's farm. The copy of the grant to Sir Nicholas Fortescue was never entered in my office nor any rent paid thereon, which is a direct forfeiture of the grant. If petitioners be granted the lands once enjoyed by the Goulstons the rents hitherto lost ought to be made good to the King.
Same by same to Richard Graham and Phillip Burton of the petition of George Macy for the reimbursement of moneys laid out in the prosecution of clippers and coiners, he having discovered about 240 persons.Ibid, p. 210.
Same by same to William Hewer of the petition of Andrew Mortimer for 188l. 5s. 0d. which he laid out in the repairs of a house [at Tangier] which he was put into in the Earl of Inchiquin's time [of being Governor] and which he finished in the time of Sir Palmes Fairborn.Ibid, p. 213.
Nov. 20.Reference by Treasurer Rochester to William Hewer of the petition of Ann, widow of John Ironmonger, late a soldier at Tangier, and killed at Charles Fort; praying a pension or other relief.Reference Book III, p. 227.
Same by same to the Customs Commissioners of the petition of Richard Miller, a tidesman extraordinary, praying to be made a tidesman in fee.Ibid, p. 229.