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March 1686, 6-10


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'Entry Book: March 1686, 6-10', Calendar of Treasury Books, Volume 8: 1685-1689 (1923), pp. 634-642. URL: http://www.british-history.ac.uk/report.aspx?compid=82538 Date accessed: 28 November 2014.


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March 1686, 6-10

Mar. 6.Same to Mr. Fillingham to see that no process issue against Sir William Swan of Southfleet, co. Kent, for his baronetcy fee.Ibid.
Same to Mr. Pepys to report on the enclosed letter [missing] from the Navy Board concerning repairs done by the late Victuallers [of the Navy].Ibid.
Same to the Customs Commissioners. What is the amount of the Customs due on Monsieur de Ruvigni's goods ?Ibid, p. 287.
Same to Mr. Griffin. The Lord Treasurer approves the enclosed draft royal warrant [missing] relating to the pay of the officers and Yeomen of the Guard.Ibid.
Same to Mr. Tho. Whitley, Receiver of [Crown revenues] North Wales. The Duke of Beaufort complains to Treasurer Rochester that you do not use him well in his payments, but keep in your hands two half years of his payments while his Grace pays the officers and expences [of the Court and Household of the Marches of Wales] at Ludlow out of his own pocket. You are forthwith to pay the said two half years and to make punctual payments thereof for the future.Ibid.
Same to the Commissioners of Excise and Hearthmoney. Have you anything against Mr. William Probert, Receiver General of Hearthmoney in South Wales ?Ibid.
Mar. 6.Henry Guy to Auditor Shales to report on the enclosed account [missing] of the [Navy] Victualling for the year 1684.Out Letters (General) IX, p. 287.
Reference by Treasurer Rochester to the Chancellor of the Exchequer of (a) infra; to report particularly what arrears are likely to be recovered and which of them are illeviable and fit to be put out of charge.Reference Book III, p. 280.
Prefixing: a state of the revenue of the Duchy of Cornwall for the year ended 1684, Michaelmas, as it stood upon the last account of Sir Peter Killegrew, Receiver General thereof: as certified Feb. 25 last by Ri. Meredith, deputy auditor of said Duchy.
[receipts of rents, profits, etc.]15,7115
Same by same to the Customs Commissioners of the petition of William Halsey for a landwaiter's place, London port, he having been bred in business.Ibid, p. 284.
Warrant by same to same to employ Moses Lowman (a landwaiter, London port) as surveyor of Bristol port loco Mr. Aldworth, deceased, but Lowman to remain on the establishment of London port at his present salary of 80l. per an. with the addition of 20l. per an. on the establishment of Bristol port "in the same manner as Mr. King, one other of the surveyors of the said port is paid," whereby 80l. per an. will be saved to the King.Out Letters (Customs) X, p. 121.
Money warrant for 375l. to Francis Gwyn for last Michaelmas quarter on his pension. (Money order dated Mar. 8 hereon.)Money Book VI, p. 253. Order Book I, p. 93.
Warrant by Treasurer Rochester to the Customs Cashier to pay one year to Christmas last to Samll. Langford, gent., on his 52l. per an. as a King's waiter, London port; and dormant warrant for same in future. (Henry Guy to same to pay same accordingly.)Ibid, p. 253. Disposition Book IV, p. 150.
The like for Anthony Segar's fee of 62l. 13s. 4d. as one of the collectors of Customs, Southampton port. (The like letter of direction ut supra.)Money Book VI, p. 253. Disposition Book IV, p. 150.
Money warrant for 1,194l. 18s. 5¼d. to Col. Edward Sackville, for the surplusage on his account from 1680, Oct. 28, to 1681–2, Jan. 1, as late Governor of Tangier; as declared Jan. 29 last. (Money order dated Mar. 27 hereon.)Money Book VI, p. 253. Order Book I, p. 100.
Warrant by Treasurer Rochester to Auditor Bridges to allow in the account for one year to 1685, Sept. 29, of Edw. Seymour as Deputy Clerk of the Hanaper, 40l. for the expense of passing said account.Money Book VI, p. 254.
Prefixing: said Bridges' certificate that said account is brought in for declaration.
Money warrant for 125l. to Sir William Killegrew for last Christmas quarter on his annuity or pension.Ibid, p. 255.
Mar. 6.Money warrant for 50l. to Andrew Clench, Dr. in Physick, for half a year to Christmas last on his annuity or pension. (Money order dated Mar. 10 hereon.)Money Book VI, p. 255. Order Book I, p. 95.
Henry Guy to the Auditor of the Receipt to issue the 535l. 17s. 8d. of money of goods seized, 110l. 6s. 7d. of the Letter Office money and 445l. of Doyley's debt (making in all 1,090l. 14s. 3d. sic) as follows, viz. 15l. to the schoolmaster of Southwell; 300l. to Consul Baker; 375l. to Thom. Lano, esq.; 37l. 10s. 0d. to Mr. Corbyn; 125l. to Sir Philip Warwick's executors; 37l. 10s. 0d. to Mr. Hurford; 15l. to the Secondaries of the Pipe. (Total, 905l.)Disposition Book IV, p. 149.
Same to Mr. Stephens [Cashier to the Navy Treasurer]. Certify the Lord Treasurer whether the 4,149l. this week issued to the Navy Treasurer for Deptford and Woolwich Yards be so issued to them.Ibid.
Same to the Auditor of the Receipt to issue (out of loans on the linen duty Act) 3,000l. to Charles Fox in further part of the arrears due to him for the Forces at Christmas last.Ibid.
Warrant by Treasurer Rochester to the King's Remembrancer and Lord Treasurer's Remembrancer to forbear process till next term against John Tooker, bailiff and collector of the manor of Midsomer Norton and other manors, parcel of the Duchy of Cornwall.Warrants not Relating to Money XI, p. 230.
Same by same to the Clerk of the Pipe for a grant to Nicholas Courtney, of the Inner Temple, of the office of Attorney General of the Duchy of Cornwall, his patent of 1675, Aug. 31, for same having become void by the death of Charles II.Ibid, p. 237.
Mar. 8.Henry Guy to Mr. Griffin [Treasurer of the Chamber]. Sir Tho. Witherley, one of the King's physicians, has made a surrender in Chancery of his 100l. per an. payable in the Exchequer, in order to be paid a certain allowance settled for him on the establishment of your Office.Out Letters (General) IX, p. 288.
Same to the Commissioners of Victualling to give Auditor Shales all necessary help for preparation of your account of the Victualling for the year 1684.Ibid.
Same to Mr. Graham to report on the enclosed particular [missing] of a freehold estate to be sold in Aldgate parish, London.Ibid.
Same to Col. Legg, enclosing letters [missing] touching the mounts set up against the King's garden wall.Ibid.
Same to Justice Withens to permit Mr. Hinde, now prisoner in the King's Bench, to attend the Auditor who is making up Capt. Philip Howard's account.Ibid.
Same to the Commissioners of Excise and Hearthmoney to bring to-morrow your report on the draft concerning pedlars.Ibid.
Same to Col. Strode and Mr. Trant to forthwith make up your accounts of the last farm of the Four and a Half per cent. duty. Carry your tallies and other vouchers to Mr. Blathwaite immediately.Ibid, p. 289.
Mar. 8.Money order for 244l. 14s. 5d. to Capt. William Wynd in full of all pay due to him for himself and the noncommissioned officers and soldiers of his Troop [part of the late new Raised Forces for the war with the French King], disbanded in the Isle of Jersey, and for their subsistence and transportation from Jersey to England: according to a certificate dated 1679, July 12, from two of the Commissioners for Disbanding said [New Raised] Forces together with eight per cent. per an. interest: to be paid out of the last six months' assessment for said Disbandment.Order Book I, p. 93.
Money warrant for 30,000l. to Charles Fox, late Paymaster of the Forces, as imprest for pay up to Dec. 31 last of the Guards, Garrisons and Land Forces and contingencies thereof; as in part of the privy seal of Feb. 27 last, ut supra, p. 610. (Money order dated Mar. 9 hereon.)Money Book VI, p. 255. Order Book I, p. 94.
Warrant by Treasurer Rochester to the Treasurer's Remembrancer to supersede [all Recusancy] process against William Wavell of the parish of St. Margarets, New Fish Street, London, late of Clapham, co. Surrey, and his lands and goods etc. ut supra, p. 626: said Wavell being certified as loyal etc. ut ibid.Warrants not Relating to Money XI, pp. 231–2.
The like warrants in the case of Lawrence Threele of Bulmer, co. Essex; Fran. Crane of Wickham St. Paul, co. Essex; John Hamly of Endellion, co. Cornwall; and the following, all of co. Berks, viz.: Sir Henry Moore, of Fawley, bart.; Sir John Yate, of Buckland; Edward Yate, of the same, esq.; Nicho. Peterson, of the same, gent.; Fran. Coffin, of the same, gent.; Marmaduke By, of ditto; Alben Bradshaw, of Wick, gent.; Mary Sherwood, of Abingdon, widow; John Bray, of the same, gent.; Bartho. Chase, of Drayton; George Littleboyce, of Abingdon, gent.; Ann Yateman, of the same, widow; William Browne, of Shefford, esq.; Fran. Hyde, junr., of Pangbourn, esq.; Martin Wolloscott, of Sutton, gent.; William Young, of Whatcombe, gent.; Edwd. Moring, of Lambourn; Francis Tonstall, Peter Middleton, Roger Meynell, George Meynell, John Smythson; Ann Edesforth, widow; Robt. Maltus, Robt. Wilson, Katherine Willson.
Mar. 9.Royal warrant to the Attorney General for a privy seal to discharge the baronet fee of 1,095l. due from Sir Richard Shirly, of Preston, co. Sussex, for the baronetcy conferred on his father, Sir Anthony Shirly, deceased. (Treasurer Rochester's warrant dated Mar. 20 hereon to the Auditor et al. of the Receipt accordingly.)King's Warrant Book X, p. 360. Money Book VI, p. 267.
Same to same for a same to discharge the executors of Sir Maurice Diggs, of Chilham Castle, co. Kent, of the like fee for said Diggs's baronetcy. (Treasurer Rochester's warrant dated Mar. 27 hereon.)King's Warrant Book X, p. 361. Money Book VI, p. 276.
Same to same for a same to discharge the baronetcy fee due from Sir William Swan of Southfleet, co. Kent. (Treasurer Rochester's warrant dated 1686, June 9, hereon.)King's Warrant Book X, p. 361. Money Book VI, p. 329.
Three royal sign manuals for respectively 266l. 13s. 4d., 700l. and 400l. to Henry Guy, for secret service, without account: to be issued on the 10,000l. privy seal dormant of Feb. 25 last. (Three money warrants dated Mar. 11 hereon. Three money orders dated Mar. 11 hereon.)King's Warrant Book X, p. 361. Money Book VI, p. 258. Order Book I, p. 95.
Mar. 9.Royal warrant to the Clerk of the Signet for a privy seal dormant for the salary of 366l. 16s. 8d. per an. to Sir Edmund Turner, kt., as surveyor of the Customs (to inspect all the Customs and subsidies in all the ports of England, except London, and to examine all the books etc. of all the officers of said ports); said office having been granted 1669, Dec. 2, to said Turner and Phi. Marsh, the latter being dead and the former having by deed dated Mar. 3 inst. surrendered his said salary and all arrears thereof: his said salary to be hereby payable quarterly from Christmas last during pleasure: further one year on said salary from 1684, Christmas, is hereby to be paid forthwith. All with proviso that said Turner allow out of his said salary the allowances (as specified in his patent) to certain customers and officers for the sending up their accounts to the [said] Surveyor's Office in London.King's Warrant Book X, pp. 361–2.
Royal constitution and appointment of John Graunt (Grant), senr., of Kingston upon Thames, brewer, to be brewer for the camp to be upon Hounslow Heath the ensuing summer and for the Hospital there: he to cause good and wholesome beer to be brewed and to pay the usual Excise of 2s. 6d. per barrel: the Commissary General of the Provisions for the Army to assist and encourage him therein: he to licence no sutlers to the camp but such as shall submit and oblige themselves to take all their beer and ale from him.Ibid, p. 362.
Warrant by Treasurer Rochester to William Hewer to pay 10l. to James Boynton, he being engaged for so much to the creditors of Edwd. Chapman to prevent him being arrested and to preserve him from perishing of want: same being designed to said Chapman by the King for his long and good service at Tangier.Money Book VI, p. 255.
Money warrant for 50l. to John Richardson for several services performed by him: to be paid out of the 146l. 16s. 8d. levied by the sheriffs of London of the estate of William Harcourt alias Harrison, attainted of high treason. (Money order dated Mar. 9 hereon.)Ibid, p. 256. Order Book I, p. 94.
Warrant by Treasurer Rochester to the Customs Cashier to pay 142l. 11s. 3d. to Seth, Bishop of Sarum, Chancellor of the Garter, for last Christmas quarter for the support of the honour of said Order.Money Book VI, p. 256.
Money warrant for 938l. 7s. 5d. to Charles Toll for 6 per cent. interest to Jan. 1 last on several sums by him lent for the late King's service: as by an account thereof made up by Auditor Aldworth and allowed Feb. 19 last by the Lord Treasurer. (Money order dated Mar. 11 hereon.)Ibid, pp. 256–7. Order Book I, p. 96.
Same for 500l. to Henry, Duke of Grafton, for half a year to Christmas last on his pension of 1,000l. per an. out of First Fruits and Tenths.Money Book VI, p. 257.
Same for 36l. 10s. 0d. to Sir Edwd. Sherburne, kt., Clerk of the Ordnance, for one year to Christmas last on his fee of 2s. a day: being the first year grown due thereon since the King's accession.Ibid.
Mar. 9.Money warrant for 54l. 15s. 0d. to Thomas Gardner for one year ut supra, to Christmas last, on his fee of 3s. a day as Chief Keeper of the stores in the Office of the Ordnance.Money Book VI, p. 257.
Henry Guy to the Auditor of the Receipt to issue 400l. to me [Guy] for secret service: out of loans on the linen duty Act.Disposition Book IV, p. 150.
Same to same to issue to Visct. Preston, George, Lord Dartmouth, James Graham and Francis Gwyn the 5,200l. remainder of the 10,000l. paid into the Exchequer by William Shaw.Ibid.
Same to the Customs Cashier to pay 142l. 11s. 3d. to the Chancellor of the Garter ut supra.Ibid, p. 151.
Same to the Auditor of the Receipt to issue as follows out of the branches of the revenue directed to be this week paid into the Exchequer, viz.:Ibid, pp. 151–2.
Out of the Customs.
to Mr. Packer for the new buildings in the Privy Garden1,50000
to Mr. Graham for the Privy Purse50000
to Mr. Scarborough as Envoy to Portugal95500
to Lord Lansdowne for 3 months' ordinary45500
to the Treasurer of the Navy for a quarter to Chatham and Sheerness Yards7,977100
to ditto for the Victuallers80000
to ditto for sea officers and bills in course40000
to Mr. Fox towards arrears of the Forces7,00000
Out of the Excise.
to Visct. Ranelagh for the Forces6,00000
to the Duke of Northumberland75000
to Mr. Toll for interest to Jan. 193875
to Mr. Hornby for interest to Dec. 25 [last]77796
to Mr. Stephen Fox on his privy seal1,00000
Out of Hearthmoney.
to Sir William Villiers on account of the Stables1,00000
Out of the Post Office money.
to the Auditors of Imprests33000
to Mr. Burton20000
Out of loans on the linen duty.
to Mr. Fox in further part of the arrears to the Forces2,00000
Out of the imposition on wine and vinegar.
to the Treasurer of the Navy in further part of 29,745l. for the extraordinary repairs of the Navy2,00000
to ditto towards finishing the first new dock at Chatham50000
to ditto for stores furnished on the credit of the [Navy's] weekly money2,00000
to the Treasurer of the Ordnance1,00000
(Same dated same to the Customs Cashier enclosing the paper of the disposition of the Customs cash for the present week, said paper including only the above eight Customs items.) (Same dated same to the Commissioners of Excise and Hearthmoney enclosing the like paper of disposition for the cash of those revenues; said paper including for the Excise the above five Excise items [payable out of the Exchequer] together with the following item [payable direct out of the Excise Office on tallies] viz. 1,500l. to the Prince and Princess of Denmark: and for the Hearthmoney the above Hearthmoney item [payable out of the Exchequer] together with the following item [payable out of the Hearthmoney Office on tallies] viz. 3,000l. to Mr. Duncomb in [part] repayment of loan.
Mar. 9.Henry Guy to the Navy Commissioners to meet the Auditors of Imprests to consider which of the imprest accountants are fit to be continued in charge and which of them ought to be struck out of charge in the accounts of the Treasurer of the Navy.Out Letters (General) IX, p. 289.
Same to the Customs Commissioners. The Countess D'Roye is coming hither with an intention to stay a short time here and then to go to Denmark. She will deposit the customs on her goods which will come in the Soudades yacht and on her going to Denmark the said Customs are to be restored on such goods as she shall transport thither.Ibid.
Same to the Auditor of the Receipt for a list of all unsatisfied [money] warrants now lying before you for which no money is provided [by letter of direction].Ibid.
Same to Sir Christopher Wren and Mr. Fisher. In your report of Jan. 12 last concerning the little piece of waste ground near Spring Garden alleged to be demised by the late Earl of St. Albans to Andrew Ellis, esq., deceased, late husband to Mris. Frances Ellis, you say you do not see what use this ground may be to his Majesty provided the common passage which leads over it out of Pall Mall to St. James's Park at the east end of the King's garden in said Park may be continued. You are to see that the said passage be kept open for his Majesty's service and if hereafter any attempt be made to stop it you are to give the Lord Treasurer early notice.Ibid.
Same to the Customs Commissioners. John Tooth and other officers at Dover have seized some lace in the pacquet boat [plying] between Newport [Havre] and Dover. You are to have it sent up to London.Ibid, p. 290.
Same to the Navy Commissioners to report on Mr. Taylor's proposal to supply hemp, pitch and tar for the Navy for this year on the same terms as his last year's contract.Ibid.
Same to the Commissioners of Excise and Hearthmoney to report on the enclosed petition [missing] of John Redmayne, printer.Ibid.
Same to Mris. Kathe Clarke. Please appoint some one to attend me so "that we may agree together what will be proper for the King to allow you for a present maintenance for you and your children: and I am to acquaint you that his Majesty will take care of disposing [the calling or livelihood] of your children as they grow fit for it."Ibid.
Mar. 9.Warrant by Treasurer Rochester [to the Surveyor General of Crown Lands or his deputy] for a particular and ratal of the scite of the old capital messuage of the manor of Kennington, the old barn, several cottages and 86 acres of meadow and pasture parcel of the demesne of said manor: all with a view to a new lease thereof to Sir Robert Clayton.Reference Book III, pp. 281–3.
Prefixing: report dated Jan. 2 last from John Fisher, in the absence of the Surveyor General, on said Clayton's petition for same. Said premises were granted to Henry, Earl of Drogheda, 1661, May 22, for 31 years at 50l. rent, which grant was assigned to petitioner and Mr. Morice 1661, May 27, and they obtained a further grant thereon 1671, June 8, for 10 years from 1691, Sept. 29. In 1676 they petitioned for a further term and for the rent to be reduced to the old rent of 16l. 10s. 9d. which was formerly reserved for the whole demesnes of this manor and a favourable report was made thereon in regard Mr. Arundell had obtained the like favour for his grant of the Princes Meadows, being the other part of the demesnes of this manor his rent being reduced from 176l. 5s. 0d. to the like sum of 16l. 10s. 9d. Thereupon a warrant for a particular passed but no lease is enrolled so that it does not appear to have been passed. About a year since Henry Bulkeley petitioned the late King for a lease thereof and thereupon a ratal was made, but same was ordered to be reconsidered as the Lord Treasurer was not satisfied therewith, whereupon the Surveyor General and I surveyed the premises and valued it by the help of the ablest tenants there. To buy off the remaining 16 years in the 33l. 9s. 3d. per an. which is the improved value of said 50l. rent over 16l. 10s. 9d. I estimate seven years' purchase or a fine of 234l. 4s. 0d.; and 532l. 6s. 0d. for a fine for the fresh term.
Same by same to the Mint Commissioners to prepare a medal of the value of 30l. and to deliver same to Bevill Skelton, Envoy to Holland, to be presented to Monsieur Meesteoirs, Master of the Artillery there.Warrants not Relating to Money XI, p. 235.
Same by same to the Treasurer's Remembrancer, the Clerk of the Pipe and the Comptroller of the Pipe, to forbear process against John Raymond for Recusancy, on the petition of his brother Sir Jonathan Raymond, kt. and alderman of London, they having jointly entered into a recognizance of 500l. for his future fidelity to the government, as is certified by Charles Hinton, one of the Justices of Peace for co. Middlesex and the Liberty of Westminster.Ibid, pp. 235–6.
Same by same to same to forbear process against Sir Richard Shirly of Preston, co. Sussex, on the baronetcy fee due from his late father, Sir Anthony Shirly.Ibid.
Same by same to the King's Remembrancer and the Lord Treasurer's Remembrancer to forbear process against Phi. Howard, esq., as Receiver of the last Seventeen Months' tax and Eighteen Months' tax [for London and Middlesex].Ibid, p. 238.
Same by same to the Customs Commissioners to permit the export, Customs free, of a bell weighing 3,040 lbs. which the Queen Dowager is about to ship for Portugal.Out Letters (Customs) X, p. 121.
Mar. 10.Reference by Treasurer Rochester to the Commissioners of Excise and Hearthmoney of the petition of William Seagrave to be restored to his place as a gauger in the Excise from which he was dismissed for not having the true method, but having since fully attained the right practice.Reference Book III, p. 284.