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January 1686


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'Entry Book: January 1686', Calendar of Treasury Books, Volume 8: 1685-1689 (1923), pp. 1111. URL: http://www.british-history.ac.uk/report.aspx?compid=82572 Date accessed: 27 November 2014.


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January 1686

1685–6. Jan. 19.Treasurer Rochester's warrant to the Customs Commissioners to appoint Robert Olton (who is presented for selection along with William Kingsley, both tidesmen, London port) as a coastwaiter ibid. loco Tho. Newberry, lately deceased.Out Letters (Customs) IX, p. 97.
[?]Same to same to add 5l. per an. to the salaries of Randolph Chamberlaine and Jno. Sommers, boatmen at Poole; to make their present salaries of 30l. per an. equal to those of the tidesmen of said port.Ibid.
Jan. 26.Same to the Surveyor General of Crown Lands for a particular and ratal of premises, being small parcels of land not above 10 acres [in the bishopric of Durham], forfeited to the Crown about 50 years since by the attainder of Robert Hincke for felony: with a view to a lease thereof to Benjamin Purchas, ut supra, pp. 693–4.Warrants not Relating to Money XI, pp. 237–8.
Prefixing: report dated 1685, Dec. 22, by John Fisher (in the absence of the Surveyor General) on Purchas's petition for same. The premises were passed to Major Norton 1662, May 12, for 31 years at 39s. 4d. per an. and 20s. per an. de incremento, and after his death his son Christopher Norton assigned to petitioner 1678, Sept. 12. Petitioner has sworn before Baron Atkins that what has been recovered of the premises is only worth 5l. 10s. 0d. per an. and what is not yet recovered is only worth 20s. per an. more.
Jan. 28.For the order of this date concerning aliens' duties see supra, pp. 732–3.Out Letters (Customs) X, pp. 96–7.
Jan. 30.Privy seal for the discharge of the baronetcy fee of 1,095l. due to the King from Sir Paul Jenkinson, ut supra, p. 537. (Treasurer Rochester's warrant to the Receipt dated Feb. 4 hereon accordingly.)King's Warrant Book X, pp. 284–5. Warrants not Relating to Money XI, p. 197.