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July 1696


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July 1696

July 1,
Present:—Lord Godolphin, Chancellor of the Exchequer, Mr. Smith, Sir Thomas Littleton.
[My Lords direct] 10,000l. to the Navy [Treasurer] for wages [to ships: to be issued] out of loans on the fourth 4s. Aid.
[Send] to Auditor Bridges to attend at the Exchequer to-morrow morning instead of Mr. Smith.
[Prepare] a letter to be signed by my Lords thanking Lord Lucas for his care already taken in the overseeing of the Coinage and desiring him to proceed in inspecting and overseeing that work and doing what may be necessary for promoting the same.
Send to Mr. Knight to be here on Friday morning: and to Mr. Duncomb [to be here] at the same time. Ibid., p. 334.
July 2,
Present:—Lord Godolphin, Chancellor of the Exchequer.
[Wrote] to the Attorney General to peruse the agreement between Sir John Fenwick and Sir William Blacket, which will be brought him with this: and to give my Lords his opinion thereon. Ibid., p. 335.
Eodem die, afternoon.[No entry of any attendance or minutes]. Ibid.
July 3.Present:—Lord Godolphin, Sir Stephen Fox, Mr. Smith.
[Write] to the Agents [for Taxes] to write to the Commissioners of the fourth 4s. Aid acquainting them with the sums of clipt money paid into the Exchequer by their respective Receivers General and desiring them to inform themselves how much each parish hath paid towards the said sum and how much remains unpaid; and to send my Lords an account thereof.
Mr. Leighton is to have 100l. as bounty on the [Royal Bounty] list. Ibid., p. 336.
Eodem die, afternoon.Present:—Lord Godolphin, Sir Stephen Fox, Chancellor of the Exchequer, Mr. Smith.
[My Lords order] Mr. Smith to have 2,000l. of the tallies levied on the Post Office for the Works and [in its place] the 2,000l. on the Excise which was intended for him [is] to go to the Office [of Works].
[Send] to the [Principal] Officers of the Ordnance and the Ministers to be here on Tuesday afternoon.
The Attorney General [attends and informs my Lords that he] is of opinion that Sir William Blackett may safely pay Sir John Fenwick the arrears of his annuity (half a year is due 1st June last) before conviction.
[Write] to Sir William Blackett that what money is now due to Sir J. F[enwick] may be paid him.
[My Lords order] the accounts of the late Wine Licence Commissioners to be transmitted to Auditor Bridges who is to make a state of the account according to the contract and to make memoranda of their equitable cravings, if they have any.
My Lord Carlisle [attends]. He says the tenants of the late Viscount Preston's estate who have appeared for the King's title shall have good leases and be well used. His lordship will see that the arrear due to the King shall be answered by him and Sir Geo. Fletcher.
As to Chetwood his Lordship says my Lords may pay him out of the King's arrear, but cannot charge the estate in the hands of the heir in tail.
Mr. Fergus Grahme [is called in and assures my Lords] he will be willing to assist my Lord Carlisle and Sir George Fletcher in getting their arrears: he says the tenants above mentioned shall have the same usage as the other tenants have; there shall be no objection against any of them for anything they have done; he says he will advise my Lady [Preston] to pay all debts as fast as they can.
[My Lords order] the said tenants and the account to be here on Tuesday afternoon.
The Commissioners for the National Land Bank come in. Sir Thomas Cook [says]: my Lords I am commanded to acquaint your Lordships since we were last here no subscriptions were taken. Therefore the Commissioners, for the service of the King have met to consider of such methods as might be for his Majesty's service and have put their opinion in writing, which he presents and is read [as follows] viz.:
Mercers Hall. At a general meeting there held on Friday the 3rd of July, 1696, by the Commissioners for taking subscriptions for the National Land Bank.
Resolved, that it be humbly represented to the Right Honorable the Lords Commissioners of his Majesty's Treasury as followeth: that the exigent occasions for money and the great advantages to be made thereof upon all securities as well public as private have left the Commissioners without hopes of receiving any more subscriptions upon the allowance of 5 per cent.; and the Commissioners having endeavoured to satisfy themselves upon what allowances the subscriptions may be expected are humbly of opinion that an allowance after the rate of 300,000l. for the whole fund of 2,564,000l. will yet bring in the subscriptions; but the time limited for taking them drawing so near to an end, if the adjusting thereof be deferred it will render the accomplishment to be very doubtful: the Commissioners therefore do humbly desire that they may receive from their Lordships such assurance thereof as may be a reasonable security and satisfaction to the subscribers for the same: upon confidence whereof and such other favours and conveniences as are in their Lordship's power to grant, the Commissioners have great hopes of success.
Lord Godolphin [says] I observe there is no certainty but only hopes if what is proposed should be consented to.
Sir Thomas Cook [says] the Commissioners have had a meeting and with an unanimous consent have agreed to make this proposition and are all resolved to subscribe as far as their abilities will give them leave, and others abroad have declared that they will subscribe considerable sums. "We believe if it were lawful for us to take subscriptions on the terms proposed we could give assurance under their hands the whole sum would be subscribed but we are advised we could not take such subscriptions without the danger of a praemunire and it is our opinions the thing will succeed upon what is here proposed: and if there be any other method more advantageous than this seems to be if your Lordships will please to let us know them we shall be ready to proceed therein."
They withdraw and are called in again.
Lord Godolphin [addressing them says], Gentlemen, my Lords have considered your paper and your proposal and have commanded me to tell you that in all the steps [which] have been made in this matter they have had that precaution and care not to do anything of themselves, but as [and when] you have made propositions they have laid them before my Lords Justices and have received their directions and all the particulars [thereof] from time to time, and can make you no other answer at present: but they will take the first opportunity and lay this proposition before them to-morrow morning and receive their direction as soon as possible.
Sir Joseph Herne [asked] when shall we wait [upon your Lordships] again.
Lord Godolphin [replies] according as you shall hear from them.
The Excise Commissioners [are called in and are informed that] my Lords will procure a privy seal to discharge Alderman Duncomb's bond that is lost, he giving new security.
Mr. Duncomb and his clerk think that the money from the country [Receivers and Collectors of Excise] for the Excise should be [taken] in good money (upon the bills drawn for the same) and not in bills. Mr. Duncomb thinks the same as to the London Excise. Treasury Minute Book VIII., p. 336–8.
July 7,
Present:—Sir Stephen Fox.
[No entry of any minute.] Ibid., p. 339.
Eodem die, afternoon.Present:—Sir Stephen Fox, Chancellor of the Exchequer, Mr. Smith.
[My Lords direct] 10,000l. for wages to the Navy: to be issued out of loans on the fourth 4s. aid.
Mr. Eyles [? attends with a request for] 10,000l. on two bills from Mr. Hill. Ibid.
July 8,
Present:—Lord Godolphin, Chancellor of the Exchequer, Mr. Smith, Sir Thomas Littleton.
My Lords will furnish 615l. 1s. 7d. for three weeks' subs[istence] to Col. Gibson's Regiment at Portsmouth, half in money and half in Exchequer Bills.
My Lords direct 5,660l. 7s. 0d. to be issued to the Earl of Ranelagh for the war; out of money to be advanced by himself on credit of the Exchequer Bills [and to be applied as follows, viz.]
for Mr. Eyles in part, on Mr. Hill's bills for subsistence in Flanders320000
for three weeks' subsistence to Col. Gibson's Regiment at Portsmouth61519
for the like for the soldiers in garrison at Hull61519
for the like for Col. Mordant's Regiment in Jersey61519
for the like for Col. Erle's Regiment at Plymouth61519
[Send] a letter to the Excise Commissioners and Customs Commissioners and to Mr. Knight and to the Agents for Taxes that they give order forthwith to the Receivers of the Revenue and the Receivers of Taxes to take all Bills under the Exchequer Seal pursuant to the late Act of Parliament in payment for his Majesty's revenues and taxes.
My Lords will give Sir William Gore 1,000l. on Friday morning and continue 1,000l. a week till he is paid the remainder of 40,000l. advanced to the Duke of Brandenburg.
The [Principal] Officers of the Ordnance, Auditor Bridges and Mr. Meesters are to be here on Friday morning about Mr. Meesters' account. Ibid., p. 340.
July 9,
Present:—Lord Godolphin, Chancellor of the Exchequer, Sir Thomas Littleton.
Send to Mr. Knight to be here to-morrow morning.
Send to the Excise Commissioners to be here to-morrow afternoon. Ibid., p. 341.
July 10,
Present:—Lord Godolphin, Sir Stephen Fox, Mr. Smith, Sir Thomas Littleton.
Write to Mr. Blathwaite to represent to the King that Sir P. Ward is dead this morning; that my Lords think it their duty to take notice that there was a supernumerary [member on the Commission of the Customs] and Ward's death reduces the number to 7 which was the usual number; that my Lords cannot but have heard that the King is under some engagement as to the next person that shall succeed there [in the said Commission] but at the same time they think themselves obliged to put his Majesty in mind of Mr. Culliford as a person that is very zealous for his Majesty's service and well qualified for the employment.
My Lords are resolved that the charge of passing any new Commission of the Customs, Excise or of any other [Branch of the] revenue, where the Commissioners have a salary, shall not be put to the King's account for the future.
The gentlemen of the Bank come in. They say the merchants in Holland have been forced to make good their [the Bank's] protested bills at 32 stivers 2d. which is 10 per cent. for 2 months: and this has hurt their [the Bank of England's] credit abroad, which will be ruinous to the [public] credit at home: it puts an impossibility upon every merchant in London to pay his bills [in Holland]: he could pay in [Amsterdam] Bank [money] but not in money. They [the gentlemen of the Bank] demand 40,000l. or 50,000l. immediately and money to answer the bills for the credit they lately gave for subsistence of the army.
Sir William Scawen says it is [to] the interest of England that application should be made to the States [General] to have the late judgment in Amsterdam reversed and that the drawers [of the bills] should be obliged only to make good 6 per cent. for the time.
My Lords [tell them they] will do all they can for them as to helping them to some money against Tuesday next.
Send to Mr. Knight to be here in the afternoon about the credits for the Privy Purse, [and for the members of] the Household and the Stables [attending the King abroad], to be sent to Flanders.
[My Lords direct] 1,000l. out of money to be advanced for Exchequer Bills, to be issued to the Earl of Ranelagh in further part of 40,500l. [in] R D [Reichs Dollars] paid by Sir William Gore to the Duke of Brandenburg.
Mr. Meesters' account of the machine ships is read. Let copies be transmitted to the Navy Board and Ordnance and let each [said] Office draw out an account distinguishing how much of this expense ought to be borne by the one or the other.
Direct Mr. Stede to wait on Auditor Bridges to assist him to examine the vouchers (which are in Dutch) belonging to Mr. Meesters' accounts. Ibid., p. 342.
Eodem die, afternoon.Present:—Sir Stephen Fox, Chancellor of the Exchequer, Mr. Smith, Sir Thomas Littleton.
The Excise Commissioners are called in and the memorial of the Victuallers concerning their brewers' Excise is read. As to Mrs. Shee of Portsmouth the Commissioners say her goods are seized for Excise (because other creditors would have attached them) but she continues the use of them to go on with her trade.
My Lords recommend it to the Commissioners to use such tenderness towards the [? said] brewers as is consistent with the safety of the King's debts.
The [Principal] Officers of the Mint are called in [and present a request] for money to carry on the works of the Mints. Treasury Minute Book VIII., p. 343.
July 13 (14),
Present:—all the five Lords.
[Send word] to the clerks of the Tellers [of the Receipt] to be here in the afternoon: and memorandum to speak to Mr. Burton then about the course of Sir John Banks's orders.
Send to Mr. Duncomb to be here in the afternoon.
The gentlemen of the Bank are called in. Sir William Scawen says they come according to appointment for the money promised them. My Lord Godolphin says the raising the money depends on the discount of the Bank Bills and my Lords will take all the pains they [possibly can].
[Send] to Mr. Twitty to send [to my Lords] a paper this afternoon to show who stand next in course to receive the repayments of loan on the several funds.
Mr. Mathews says he has procured 5,000l. for the credit at Exeter in case my Lords will allow the discount of 7 per cent.: which is consented to [by my Lords].
Wilfreind Phillips [is called in and informs my Lords he] will pay 500l. to Mr. Lowndes by this day week and the rest within a month to be computed from the 10th inst. Ibid., p. 344.
Eodem die, afternoon.Present:—ut supra.
The Lord Chief Baron and the Warden of the Mint [attend]. Ibid.
July 14,
Present:—Lord Godolphin, Chancellor of the Exchequer, Mr. Smith, Sir Thomas Littleton.
The officers of the Ordnance [attend] with their answer about Mr. Meesters' account.
[Send] to the Navy Commissioners to be here on Friday afternoon about the said Meesters' account.
[Send] to Mr. Fox and the Agents concerned for the Irish, to be here on Friday morning.
Send to Auditor Bridges to be here on Friday afternoon, not this afternoon.
[Send] to Sir John Foche and Mr. Noel to be here on Friday morning. Ibid., p. 345.
July 17,
Present:—Lord Godolphin, Sir Stephen Fox, Mr. Smith, Sir Thomas Littleton.
[Send word to the King's Remembrancer] to stay till next term the process for the accounts of Lord Griffin, late Treasurer of the Chamber. But direct Mr. Baker to inform himself of the state of that matter and to prosecute [same] with effect the next term if the accounts be not finished in the mean time.
My Lords are of opinion that it is more proper that a warrant should be signed now for allowing 100,000l. to the Earl of Ranelagh for the tallies and orders he has delivered to the President de la Tour [for the Duke of Savoy] than a warrant to direct the payment of it at this time. Acquaint Mr. Blathwait therewith and that my Lord Godolphin wrote lately to him giving an account how the matter of those tallies now stands.
Mr. Medina will furnish money to the Earl of Ranelagh for payment of some of Mr. Hill's bills; for which he [Medina] is to have tallies deposited by the Earl of Ranelagh and my Lords will take care that Mr. [Medina] be repaid in about 6 weeks.
[Send word] to Mr. Burton to be here in the afternoon. Ibid., p. 346.
Eodem die, afternoon.Present:—Sir Stephen Fox, Chancellor of the Exchequer, Mr. Smith, Sir Thomas Littleton.
[My Lords order the issue of] 150l. to the Secretaries of the Commission of Trade for incidents.
[Likewise] 1,000l. to the Secretaries of the Commissioners of Accounts as in part for incidents.
[Likewise] 455l. to the Speaker [of the House of Commons] for his allowance. All these [three issues to be] out of the next disposeable money coming in.
The Victuallers [attend with a request] for money for the Fleet. My Lords tell them they are to represent their wants to the Lords of the Admiralty who have orders from the Lords Justices to give their opinions about their [the Victuallers'] supply.
The Navy Commissioners [attend] about Mr. Meesters' account. One of Auditor Bridge's clerks is [to be ordered] to attend the Navy Board to shew the [Navy] Commissioners the particulars of the expense for which allowance is craved by him [Meesters] and Mr. Meesters is to be with them for the same purpose.
[My Lords direct the issue to the Navy Treasurer of] 10,000l. for wages out of loans on the fourth 4s. aid and 5,000l. in orders.
[My Lords direct as royal bounty to] Anne Palmer 3l. Ibid.
July 21,
Present:—Sir Stephen Fox, Chancellor of the Exchequer, Mr. Smith, Sir Thomas Littleton.
[The gentlemen of the] East India Company [attend]. Sir John Fleet says they have paid 13,000l. upon bills for the powder and [salt] petre in Holland. They have received tallies only for 10,000l. and cannot raise any money upon them.
My Lords [tell them they] will send for Mr. Bertie [Paymaster of the Ordnance] and make the best provision they can.
[Send] a letter to Mr. Bertie to be here to-morrow.
[My Lords direct the issue of] 500l. to the Household towards the entertainment of the installation of the Duke of Gloucester [as knight of the Garter].
[My Lords direct] 10,000l. out of the next disposeable money; for the charges in the Mint. Ibid., p. 347.
Eodem die, afternoon.Present:—all the five Lords.
Sir Robert Howard desires an allowance for managing the Exchequer [Bills of] Credit. My Lords will consider of it and resolve as soon as they can see what the work will be.
Send to Mr. Sturt to be here on Thursday morning.
[Send to] Henry Baker about the place of Solicitor of the Treasury.
The Excise Commissioners are called in. Ibid.
July 22,
Present:—Lord Godolphin, Chancellor of the Exchequer, Mr. Smith, Sir Thomas Littleton.
The [Principal] Officers of the Mint are called in. [My Lords decide that] Mr. Rotiers must provide a man to polish the dies in each Country Mint at a reasonable salary to be allowed by the King, not exceeding 40l. a year.
[My Lords direct] 1,000l. more to be issued to the Mint out of any disposeable money.
[My Lords order that] 1,000 pound weight of standard silver proceeding from the [melting down of the] clipt moneys lent or to be lent on credit of the Exchequer in general, by [or under the terms of] the privy seal for 5s. 8d. an ounce, is to be sent to every Country Mint to be coined there and applied to such uses as my Lords shall direct.
[Send] to Mr. Hoar to be here in the afternoon.
[My Lords direct the issue to the Earl of Ranelagh] of 600l. for Mr. Robinson's bill [drawn from Sweden]: and also 500l. for subsistence of the soldiers at Sheerness and Tilbury.
[My Lords direct that] my Lord Ranelagh is to accept such bills as Mr. Hill has drawn or shall draw on him for subsistence of the Forces in Flanders.
[Send] to the Officers of the Ordnance to be here to-morrow morning. Treasury Minute Book VIII., p. 348.
Eodem die, afternoon.Present:—all the five Lords.
Mr. Hoare jun. [attends]. My Lords tell him that the business of the Country Mints is at a stand because his grandfather does not make [appoint] his deputies [as Comptrollers thereof] and that my Lords must know by to-morrow morning whether he will make his deputies or no. His answer must be in writing.
Wilfreind Phillips [attends and] offers to make a discovery of estate which belonged to Sir John Freind other than the brewhouse goods at Tottenham distreyned by the landlord and the jewel for which he has contracted with my Lords.
My Lords will allow him a third part [of any such discovery which he can make.]
[Send] a letter to Mr. Nicho Baker to prosecute the recovery of such estate [of said Freind] at the King's charge. Ibid.
July 23,
Present:—ut supra.
[My Lords order] Lord Lucas to have his 300l. [which he has] expended: [to be issued] out of loans on Low Wines.
[Send] to the Customs Commissioners and Mr. Knight to be here on Tuesday afternoon about a mistake alleged to be in Mr. Knight's account. Ibid., p. 349.
July 27,
Present:—Lord Godolphin, Sir Stephen Fox, Sir Thomas Littleton.
[Send] to the Excise Commissioners and Mr. Duncomb to be here to-morrow afternoon.
[My Lords order] Alex. Calcot to be [appointed] a land carriageman if there be a vacancy.
Mr. Floyer and Mr. Johnson [attend and promise my Lords that they] will give bills to-morrow for 20,000l. in Flanders at the current rate of exchange [on condition that or] so as they [shall] have liberty to export 20,000l. worth of bullion and [so as they] be repaid in a short time.
My Lords [undertake that they] will repay them by 5,000l. a week beginning from a day to be prefixed.
They will come again to-morrow at 11 [with their answer to this]. Ibid., p. 350.
July 28,
Present:—all the five Lords.
[My Lords direct the issue to the Navy Treasurer of] 5,000l. for wages and 2,000l. for the ordinary of the Navy: [to be issued] out of loans on the fourth 4s. aid.
Mr. Floyer and Mr. Johnson [attend and] say they have not been able to speak with their friends [about my Lord's undertaking as proposed yesterday] but they will presently furnish 5,000l. in bullion and 5,000l. in bills [but they stipulate that] they are to have liberty to export 10,000l. in bullion and will give their bills for Antwerp for the whole 10,000l. this day to my Lord Ranelagh at the present rate of exchange to be certified by Mr. Abbot.
My Lords [on their part agree that they] will presently deposit in the Earl of Ranelagh's hands Exchequer Bills for the said 10,000l. which shall be delivered [as follows] viz., the first 5,000l. on the 10th of August next and the other 5,000l. on the 17th August and my Lord Ranelagh in the mean time is to give them an acknowledgment for their bills. The insurance of the bullion is to be considered in the rate of exchange. My Lords as to this parcel agree to [an exchange rate of] 10 guilders per £ sterling.
My Lords direct my Lord Ranelagh to raise money at any discount upon the tallies in his hands to satisfy the bills payable to Mr. Eyles drawn by Mr. Hill. Ibid., p. 351.
Eodem die, afternoon.Present:—ut supra.
The Customs Commissioners are called in with Mr. Knight. He says he has received Bank Bills and paid them into the Exchequer from time to time and has heard no more of them: and the merchants that pay them are willing to take the like bills in payment upon their debentures [for drawback of Customs Duties]. He says the collectors in the outports have written to him but he could send no direction to them till he had received order here.
My Lord Godolphin puts into the hands of the Customs Commissioners the papers concerning registering of seamen pursuant to the Act, whereupon they are to give my Lords their opinion whether it be reasonable to employ the Customs officers [in such an affair] or whether it will hinder their proper business.
Reports [on petitions, &c.] and presentments are read and the answers [of my Lords are] endorsed thereon.
Mr. Knight is complained of [by informers] for undue payment of debentures. A paper signed by Mr. Weeks is read. Mr. Knight says he has a debenture for the payment mentioned in that paper and the merchant will own the receipt of the money and the King is not defrauded.
Mr. Godolphin says the voucher is not pertinent to Mr. Knight's account and the 1,500l. odd is paid twice by the King.
Mr. Weeks says the bonds of Mr. Carew are not paid but are delivered amongst other [papers or vouchers] to the Customs Commissioners, but his signed paper affirms the contrary.
Mr. Cary says in 1690 he gave bond because he had not money; a month after he pays his bond and ships out the tobacco and then he hopes he was entitled to have the money on his debenture and when Mr. Knight paid the debenture he shewed Mr. Knight the bond is cancelled.
Mr. Cary affirms he actually paid the money upon the bonds to Mr. Weeks.
A report [from my Lords] is to be made to the King at his return about the citizens of Londonderry. Ibid., p. 351–2.
July 29,
Present:—Lord Godolphin, Chancellor of the Exchequer, Mr. Smith, Sir Thomas Littleton.
[Send a letter] to the Lord Mayor of York taking notice of a scandalous reflection as [well] upon my Lords as upon Alderman Tompson of York as if my Lords had directed 600l. to be paid to distribute among the poor of York and that he [Tompson] had converted the greatest part to his own [use]. My Lords as well in their own vindication as his think fit to acquaint you [the said Mayor] that they directed no such sum to him nor know of any sum whatsoever paid to him or any other for that purpose; and my Lords desire you to communicate this to the city of York for satisfaction of all persons that may otherwise lie under misinformation in this matter.
[Write] to Sir Joseph Herne to be here to-morrow afternoon. Treasury Minute Book VIII., p. 353.
July 30,
Present:—Sir Stephen Fox, Chancellor of the Exchequer, Mr. Smith, Sir Thomas Littleton.
[Send] to Capt. Aston to be here to-morrow morning. Let the messenger go to the Admiralty.
[My Lords direct the issue] of 1,000l. to the Earl of Ranelagh for Sir William Gore in further part of the money by him remitted for the Duke of Brandenburg: to be issued out of cash advanced on [Exchequer] Bills of Credit.
[Send] to Sir Christopher Wrenn to receive the direction of the Commissioners of Trade for fitting up the office for them and their clerks in Whitehall.
Margaret Good [attends and] says all the money in the Centurion is not brought to the Custom House; that she was informed there was 30,000l. in the whole.
My Lords think she should be considered before the money is discharged though it be foreign coin, there being about 4,000 ounces which seems not to be duly shipped. She lives in Red Lyon Yard in Holborn between the two Turnstiles.
My Lords will speak to Mr. Vernon that Robert Price in the Chester may be discharged.
[Send word to] Mr. William Penn (now at Bristol) that my Lords are informed he owes 500l. to Sir John Freind upon bond and they desire him to give them an account of it.
[My Lords order] Alexander Catcott to be land carriageman in the room of Henry Walter preferred.
Sir Joseph Herne [attends and] says he has disposed of 8,000l. by order of President de la Tour and gave him authority to draw 25,000l. more; but has heard nothing of him since, and the rest of the tallies are in his [Sir Joseph's] hands which [he] Sir Joseph has promised shall not be delivered without order of the Lords Justices: and if any bill comes pursuant to the credit given to La Tour he will not pay it without acquainting my Lords.
[My Lords order] Philip Shales to be Comptroller of the farthing [coinage] contract. Ibid., p. 354.
July 31,
Present:—Sir Stephen Fox, Chancellor of the Exchequer, Sir Thomas Littleton.
Mr. Pereira [attends and informs my Lords that] his friends will give bills at double usance for the subsistence in Flanders at the rate of 10 guilders current money in Antwerp [per pound sterling] without [demanding] any benefit of exporting silver [and they will do this] to the amount of 20,000l. if they may have Exchequer notes [Bills] deposited [in their hands] for payment at certain days to be agreed on.
John Mendez de Costa and Peter and Pierre Henriques [attend and inform my Lords that they] will send the bills of exchange for 20,000l. by Tuesday night's post.
The Exchequer Bills are [ordered] to be left in Mr. Pereira's hands, who undertakes that they shall not be delivered but as follows, the first 10,000l. on the 18th August and the other 10,000l. on the 25th following.
Mr. Meesters' account [is ordered] to be considered on Wednesday afternoon.
Capt. Austen [attends and] says the money he brought from the Centurion was 4,800 ounces: he gave an account of all that was aboard: there was a little bag of foreign gold for which there was a cocquet. That which he brought up was money unduly entred.
Lord Godolphin comes in.
Mr. Floyer and Mr. Johnson [are called in and] are thanked for the last 10,000l. remitted: but [my Lords inform them that] a better bargain is offered which my Lords will make use of for the future.
Mr. Russell's [Mediterranean victualling] account is [ordered] to be considered on Wednesday afternoon.
Write to Mr. Hoare that my Lords having approved Mr. Vanburgh (who is well known to them) to serve as Comptroller [of the Mint] at Bristol are informed that he [Hoare] has laid him [Vanburgh] aside in favour of another person: which my Lords think they have reason to take ill after Mr. Vanburgh's having instructed himself for this employment and depended so long upon it. My Lords hope he will consider further of it and give Mr. Vanburgh his deputation, &c. Ibid., p. 355.