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August 1697


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'Minute Book: August 1697', Calendar of Treasury Books, Volume 12: 1697 (1933), pp. 67-74. URL: http://www.british-history.ac.uk/report.aspx?compid=82786 Date accessed: 27 November 2014.


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August 1697

Aug. 3,
Present:—Mr. Chancellor of the Exchequer, Mr. Smith, Sir Thomas Littleton, Mr. Pelham.
The [Principal] Officers of the Mint to have a copy of Lord Lucas's answer.
Mr. Killigrew to have 20l.
[Write] to Mr. Blathwaite that my Lords are taking care to make a remittance of 30,000l. for the magazine at Gand and elsewhere in the best manner they can and they do not doubt but they shall be able to send the bills in a short time having it now under consideration how to affect this service to his Majesty's best advantage. Ibid., p. 238.
Eodem die, afternoon.Present:—Mr. Chancellor of the Exchequer, Sir Thomas Littleton, Mr. Pelham.
The Customs Commissioners are called in: [their] papers are read.
The Chancellor of the Exchequer goes to the Privy Council.
The Excise Commissioners are called in.
Mr. Smith comes in.
Several brewers are called in who are liable to Double Duty for not clearing within the month. My Lords tell them they approve the order but in regard there may be some surprise at first they have directed the Excise Commissioners generally to remit the Double Duty; but they must comply with the order for the future.
Memorandum: to speak with Mr. Attorney for his opinion about the power of the Commissioners of Appeals and Excise in ascertaining costs. Write to the said Commissioners to be here on Thursday morning. Treasury Minute Book IX, p. 138.
Aug. 4,
Present:—Mr. Smith, Sir Thomas Littleton, Mr. Pelham.
[Write] to the Auditors of Imprests to send my Lords a list of all the debts owing to the Crown upon accounts made up by them and and what accounts are now depending before them not passed.
[Write] to Mr. Gibbons to be here this afternoon at 5.
Order for 2,500l. [to the Navy Treasurer] in Exchequer Bills for another week on Mr. Tailor's contract.
Mr. Chancellor of the Exchequer comes in.
[Order for] 10,000l. to be issued in new Exchequer Bills to the Earl of Ranelagh for Machado and Pereira upon account of subsistence [for the Forces] in Flanders and to be charged to them at the rate of 10 guilders 8 stivers for the £ sterling.
Also 30l. in the like Bills to be paid over to Lieut. Uise in Col. Collingwood's Regiment for carrying over some recruits.
Also 30l. to be paid over to the Provost Marshal for the subsistence of himself and his men during the incampment.
Col. Tailor to have 10l. upon account of his pension of 2s. 6d. a day [payable] by the Earl of Ranelagh. Ibid., p. 239.
Eodem die, afternoon.Present:—Mr. Chancellor of the Exchequer, Mr. Smith, Sir Thomas Littleton, Mr. Pelham.
[Order for] 20l. to Dr. Otes and 20l. to Col. Edw. Howard.
Mr. Carlton, Mr. Richardson and Mr. Babe [attend].
Mr. Slone, of counsel for Carlton, says Carlton is of very good reputation; that Richardson complains partly for himself and partly in behalf of others; that in compassion to his mother they made him landwaiter at Derry.
Richardson says the supervisor found some fault in his book: but my Lords require him to proceed article by article.
He begins with the 9th [article] about the Hearthmoney and he and Mr. Babe insist upon several things in their articles by hearsay but make no proofs. My Lords think their accusations trivial. If they would propose anything for the advantage of the revenue of Ireland they must apply to the Commissioners there. Ibid.
Aug. 5,
Present:ut supra.
The Agents of Taxes and Mr. Whitley [attend]. He promises that the King's money about 24,000l. in the Mint at Chester shall be brought up to the Exchequer as fast as it comes from the Mint and that the sum (about 8,200l.) which he owes upon the fourth 4s. Aid shall be paid into the Exchequer within a month: and the Agents for Taxes are to direct one of the officers of Chester Mint to attend the money to London.
[Order for] 20,000l. in new Exchequer Bills for the Victuallers, viz. 14,000l. for the [Victualling] course and 6,000l. for imprests.
Write to the Lords Justices [Ireland] that the method proposed for payment of the army in Ireland which was transmitted [to the Treasury] by their Excellencies has been considered by my Lords and if care be taken that the part of the arrears which is intended to be paid by debrs. [debentures] be afterwards provided for in Ireland my Lords have no objection.
The Trustees for Exchequer Bills [attend]. They say the subscribers demand interest (at the rate allowed per the Bills) from 27 April last to August 6 inst. for the first quarterly payment. The Trustees will state this in writing. Ibid., p. 240.
Aug. 6,
Present:ut supra.
Mr. Lock and Mr. Dodington are called in. Mr. Lock says he had no doubt about the power of taxing costs by the Commissioners of Appeals [in Excise]. [He says] the Attorney General told him that he and the Attorney General were to consider about levying of costs and taxing of costs and he thinks the questions came from their Lordships [of the Treasury]. Memorandum: to speak with the Attorney and Solicitor General about this.
They desire that Mr. Tilson's deputy may be approved and sworn, which my Lords direct.
[Write] a letter to Sir Ed. Gregory letting him know that a pay is intended to be made to the ship Deptford and desiring him to be assist (struck through) it is very much for his Majesty's service that Exchequer Bills of 5l. each should be applied as far as is possible to this particular service, it being the provision made by Parliament which hath been already accepted in the pay of recalls as well as in payment of wages, [and] by merchants and private masters of ships. My Lords therefore desire him to be instrumental as far as he can in disposing the seamen to accept these ticquets; wherein he will do a singular service to the King which will be acknowledged by their Lordships and represented in his behalf to the King.
The Bank, for the money they borrowed of the States, deposited but the equal sum in tallies, the first 100,000l. to be repaid in 12 months, the other in 2 years.
They borrowed 200,000l. more upon depositing an equal value in tallies to be repaid in 6 years' time or sooner, giving 6 months' notice by the borrower.
[Order for] the following in the Earl of Ranelagh's memorial [of this day for money] to be issued to him in Malt ticquets, viz., 5,756l. 15s. 0d., 2,307l. 5s. 0d., 500l.
[Order for] 200l. to Monsieur Dampiere out of the like.
Mr. Burton and Mr. Dodington to be here this day week.
[Order for] 20l. to widow Hastings as [royal] bounty; 70l. to widow Thurlby on account of her husband's arrears: [both sums to be issued] out of the Lottery ticquets.
[Order for] 13,000l. to the Earl of Ranelagh for a fortnight's subsistence for all the Forces now in England: to commence from Aug. 1 inst: to be issued in new Exchequer Bills.
[Likewise for] 30,000l. in the like Bills [to same] to complete the payment of 100,000l. to the merchants for so much by them lately remitted for the subsistence [of the Forces] in Flanders.
[Likewise for] 11,835l. in the like Bills [to same] for Exchequer fees [on issues for the Forces] and 3,835l. which he paid to make up 20,000l. to the merchants that gave the last bills for subsistence in Flanders. Ibid., pp. 241–2.
August 10.Present:—all the five Lords.
The Duchess of Cleveland to have half a year's pension out of the Post Office on the signification per Mr. Blathwait from the King.
[The] letter from Col. Rich is read.
Mr. Dewy's information of 70,000l. in Williamson's hand is read.
My Lords resolve not to procure any grant to Mr. Brunskel of the derelict lands in Sussex and that the inquisition be quashed and that direction be given to the Attorney General accordingly.
[My Lords order] 400l. to be paid to Mr. London in Malt ticquets.
The [Principal] Officers of the Ordnance [attend].
The [Principal] Officers of the Mint and Mr. Floyer [attend].
My Lords will furnish in Exchequer Bills to Sir John Johnson and Mr. Floyer 1,500l. for each of the Mints at York, Exeter, and Bristol; and 1,000l. for each of the Mints at Chester and Norwich, in all 6,500l. to coin the plate there according to the Act: in consideration whereof Mr. Floyer undertakes to receive the plate and pay ready money for the same at those Mints and to perform all matters according to the contract for the Tower Mint and on same terms. And the [Principal] Officers of the Mint will take care that persons be appointed in the country Mints to oversee the performance of this service.
A warrant to issue to the Master [Worker] of the Mint this 6,500l. in part of the 50,000l. granted by the Act of Parliament for this service.
[Order for] 100,000l. [to the Navy Treasurer] in Exchequer Bills: for wages to the Navy. Treasury Minute Book IX, p. 243.
Eodem die, afternoon.Present:ut supra.
The Customs Commissioners are called in. Their papers are read and answered [and the answers are endorsed thereon].
The Excise Commissioners are called in. The next time they attend they are to bring the establishment for the [Excise] Comptroller's Office, what it was in Mr. Ashmole's time and what now. Write to Sir Scroop How and Mr. Story to be here at the same time.
[My Lords consider a scheme of] a distribution of the [Exchequer] Bills for 1,200,000l, taking out the 50,000l. for the Mints. Ibid., p. 243.
August 11,
Present:ut supra.
[Order for] a dormant warrant for the 500l. a year to Mr. Petit and Sir Algernon May.
[Write] to the Customs Commissioners for a list of all their officers with the dates of their Commissions.
[Order for] 1,090l. in new Exchequer Bills to be issued to the Navy; which with 1l. 6s. 3½d. in money is to be applied to satisfy Mr. Fitch for his works at the new dock at Portsmouth pursuant to an award per Mr. Thompson.
[Order for] 2,500l. [to the Navy Treasurer] in old Exchequer Bills for a week on Mr. Taylor's hemp contract and the rest of the old Exchequer Bills to be issued for wages.
[Order for] 13,000l. in new Exchequer Bills to be issued to the Earl of Ranelagh for two weeks' subsistence [for the Forces] in England to Aug. 28 inst:
[likewise for] 2,800l. more [in the like Bills to same] to discharge some of Mr. Hill's bills for subsistence [of the Forces] in Flanders.
[Write] to the Commissioners of Prizes (upon reading their report of the 10th inst.) that they must take care to comply with the payments directed by Act of Parliament; and as to the execution of the warrants mentioned in the report my Lords will receive the King's pleasure therein at his return.
[Order for 50,000l.] to the Ordnance out of the new Exchequer Bills, 30,000l. for sea service and 20,000l. for land service, out of which they are to discharge the debt for powder bought in Holland per the East India Company and place the charge thereof to account of land service and sea service in the usual proportions.
[Order for] 2,500l. in new Exchequer Bills to the Earl of Ranelagh to discharge the money furnished by Mr. Hendly, Mr. Cox and others for subsisting the Forces at Bristol and in Southwark.
Order for 20,000l. for the Victuallers, viz., 15,000l. for the [Victualling] course and 5,000l. for imprests.
My Lords resolve that Mr. Percival Brunskell shall be a Commissioner for the Alienation Office when there shall be a vacancy. Ibid., p. 244.
Eodem die, afternoon.Present:—Mr. Chancellor of the Exchequer, Mr. Smith, Sir Thomas Littleton, Mr. Pelham.
A letter [is to be sent to the Customs Commissioners] to pass my Lord Bellomont's goods.
My Lords observing the multiplicity of orders [which are] desired for sending officers of the Customs to visit goods at great men's houses upon importation or exportation, and being sensible of the inconvenience thereof have this day resolved that from this time no application of that nature shall be complied with.
Petitions [are] read and answered [and my Lords' answers are endorsed thereon]. Ibid., p. 245.
August 12,
Present:—all the five Lords.
The Agents for Taxes [attend]. They are to present proper officers to be added to those for the Window Duty money.
The Navy Commissioners [attend]. A letter to be dated the 9th inst. [is ordered directing them] to assign 4,700l. more of the Malt tickets in the [Navy] Treasurer's hands to the course of the Navy for the head of Wear and Tear.
The Trustees for Exchequer Bills [attend]. An advertisement [calling for payment] for the first fourth part of the new subscription is approved. To be inserted in the Gazette when further direction [is given].
The Agents [for Taxes are directed] to write to the Receivers to give them a weekly account how much they receive in bills [Exchequer Bills] on those funds where upon they are to be cancelled viz. the Subsidy and the 1s. in the £ and the new Subsidy of Tonnage and Poundage.
Mr. Knight says some merchants will remit 50,000l. for the subsistence [of the Forces] in Flanders by 10,000l. a week, sending away the first bills on Tuesday next payable at double usance in current money at the rate of 10 guilders 10 stivers [in return] for Exchequer Bills to be delivered them weekly in like manner: to which my Lords agree. A warrant [is ordered] to put these 50,000l. Bills into the Earl of Ranelagh's hands.
Write to Mr. Attorney General to be here at 5 o'clock this afternoon. Ibid., p. 246.
Aug. 12,
Present:—Mr. Chancellor of the Exchequer, Mr. Smith.
Mr. Clayton and the graver [attend]. My Lords direct the graver to amend (alter) a plate to [make it] serve for 100l. [Exchequer] Bills. Treasury Minute Book IX, p. 246.
Aug. 13.Present:—Mr. Chancellor of the Exchequer, Sir Stephen Fox, Mr. Smith, Sir Thomas Littleton.
Mr. Shales [is directed] to hear what Mr. Richard Hawson has to allege concerning the receipts of the King's [Crown Land] revenue in Yorkshire, Durham, and Northumberland and to discourse with Mr. Aldworth about the same and to inform my Lords how those rents are received and accounted for.
The Trustees of Exchequer Bills are to have the 50l. already ordered made up to 100l. for last quarter.
The advertisement concerning the first payment of the second Subscription [for Exchequer Bills] is to be inserted in next Monday's Gazette.
[Order for] 50,000l. in new Exchequer Bills [to be issued] to the Navy; and the like [sum] to the Earl of Ranelagh: the same being intended to be delivered over to the Trustees for circulating Exchequer Bills, to be applied by them to satisfy the subscribers for circulating the said Bills for the money they are to pay for the first fourth part of their respective subscriptions: and are to be refunded to the Navy and Army respectively either in money or Bills by the said Trustees when they shall have received all the payments from the subscribers upon the said new subscription.
Every [Teller's] office is to send a new list (as soon as the drawing [of the Malt ticquets] is finished) of the ticquets remaining in each [Teller's] office not disposed [of]; and to express the course of payment each ticquet is to have by the drawing of the indices and where any ticquet is to have a benefit by the printed lists of the drawing that the benefit be expressed against the number of the ticquet. (The marginal entry of this minute is as follows: Tellers to make a list of the malt ticquets after drawn, in what course they are drawn).
Write to the Commissioners of Excise and of Customs that they need not attend till Tuesday fortnight.
[Order for] 10,000l. in new Exchequer Bills to be issued to the Mint, in part towards the recompense for hammered money (for plate).
[Order for] 919l. 11s. 10d. to be issued to Mr. Packer on any of his [unsatisfied money] orders.
Write to the Chamberlain [of the city of London] to come to me [William Lowndes] on Wednesday morning. Ibid., p. 247.
Aug. 17,
Present:—Sir Stephen Fox, Mr. Smith, Sir Thomas Littleton.
[Order for] 5,000l. to be put into the Earl of Ranelagh's hands to discharge Count Frize's bills: [to be issued] in new Exchequer Bills.
[Direction is given for] 120,000l. in salt tallies in the Earl of Ranelagh's hands to be put into the Dutch Ambassador's hands as a credit for raising money in Holland for the Forces in Flanders, taking a receipt from the Dutch Ambassador for the same pursuant to his Majesty's pleasure signified by Mr. Blathwait's letter of the 19th inst.
[The like direction for] 10,000l. more [of tallies] on the 3s. Aid [in said Earl's hands] to be put into the said Ambassador's hands as a credit for raising money for the Forces on the Rhine.
[Write] a letter to the Earl of Ranelagh that whereas there was 100,000l. left in his hands in Malt ticquets designed as a security for a million of guilders which his Majesty is borrowing of the States [General] which security is now given [in a different way, to wit] by depositing 120,000l. in salt tallies as above in the Dutch Ambassador's hands, that his Lordship is to keep the said 100,000l. in Malt ticquets for the supply of subsistence for the Forces in Flanders.
[Order for] 20,000l. in new Exchequer Bills for the Victuallers, to wit 15,000l. for the [Victualling] course and 5,000l. for imprests. Ibid., p. 248.
Aug. 24,
Present:—Sir Stephen Fox, Sir Thomas Littleton.
[Write] to Mr. Blathwaite that there being only two [of my Lords] in town I [William Lowndes] have communicated his letter to them and that I am preparing the warrants pursuant to the King's command, which I shall lay before the Board next Tuesday for my Lords' perusal and shall then take my Lords' direction for sending the same.
[Write] to the Postmasters-General to satisfy the Duchess of Cleveland's warrant of 2,350l. by 100l. a week for 23 weeks and 50l. the last week; the first payment to be made this week.
The warrant for the Earl of Portland [and for Mr.] Abbot and such other [warrants] as can be ready by this night's post are to be sent to his Majesty this evening.
Mr. Knight will remit 12,000l. for the [part of the King's] Household [which is accompanying the King] in Holland, viz., at 11 guilders 3 stivers [per £]: the bills payable at double usance in current money at Rotterdam or Amsterdam. Ibid., p. 249.
Aug. 31,
Present:—Sir Stephen Fox, Sir Tho. Littleton, Mr. Pelham.
A letter from T.B. about a counterfeit Exchequer Bill is read. Mr. Packer is to take care in it. He not being in town Mr. Hen. Baker is to take care in it.
Mr. Yong and Mr. Mason (at the instance of Sir William St. Quintin et al) are to be joined as surveyors for windows in Co. Yorks.
The copies of the accounts of the revenues and forfeitures in Ireland transmitted by the Commissioners [of the Revenue there] are read.
Mr. Chancellor of the Exchequer comes in.
The Trustees for Exchequer Bills come in. They propose that the subscriptions be closed when 700,000l. is completed. My Lords approve thereof.
[Order for] 2,269l. 12s. 15/8d. to be issued to the Earl of Ranelagh in Exchequer Bills, to the intent same may be delivered over to the Trustees for Exchequer Bills, therewith to pay the interest due on 107,862l. 10s. 0d. deposited for the first fourth part of the first subscription, viz. from April 27 last to Aug. 6 inst. The advertisement in the Trustees' memorial of this day is approved. Mr. L[owndes] to speak to the Tellers about cancelling Bills that have no room for further endorsements "that they may be cancelled instead of [and be replaced by] Bills having no endorsement."
[Write] a letter to the [Principal] Officers of the Ordnance to pay the debt due to the East India Company for 6,000 barrels of powder supplied in Holland: [to be paid] out of Exchequer Bills.
To speak with the [Principal] Officers of the Ordnance at their next attendance why they don't receive from the East India Company the 300 tons of saltpetre towards this year's proportion.
Mr. Oades, scrivener in Bread Street, to attend next Thursday morning with the Agents for Taxes about money of Mr. Blowfield's receipt.
Mr. Hall to have the additional salary of 100l. from the same time with the other Agents [for Taxes].
The draft of the Earl of Albemarle's warrant for lands in Ireland is read and approved and [ordered] to be sent [to Blathwait for the King's signature].
The like for the grant of quit rents in the name of J. Butcher. Treasury Minute Book IX, p. 250.