Warrants etc.
April 1696


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William A. Shaw (editor)

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'Warrants etc.: April 1696', Calendar of Treasury Books, Volume 12: 1697 (1933), pp. 350-351. URL: http://www.british-history.ac.uk/report.aspx?compid=82808 Date accessed: 27 November 2014.


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April 1696

1696. April 15.Royal warrant, dated Kensington, to the Attorney or Solicitor General for a great seal for a grant, release and confirmation to Rebecca, Viscountess Falkland, relict of Anthony Cary late Visct. Falkland, late Treasurer of the Navy and to her heirs and assigns for ever of all the lordship and manor of Great New otherwise Michells Teu, Co. Oxford; and all the rectory and parsonage of Great Tew and Little Tew and all the appurtenances thereto with the advowson to the vicarage of Great Tew; and the capital messuage or mansion house of Great Tew as hitherto enjoyed by her; and the park or enclosed ground called the Park adjoining the said messuage and the meadow ground adjoining containing in the whole 119 acres heretofore in the tenure of William Draper Esq. and John Grundy; and the coppice or wood ground called the Upper Coppice containing 3 acres heretofore in the tenure of John Grundy; and the messuage or tenement called the Farm House and the close adjoining containing 7 acres and the close called the Beares Close containing 7½ acres heretofore in the tenure of John Gerard: and the parcels of meadow or pasture called Preists Lands, Coleway Hills, the coppice between Coleway Hills and Lodgfeild and the grove of trees adjoining to Oxon Hayes meadow containing in the whole 160 acres heretofore in the tenure of Richard Gascoyne; and the coppice called Woolcome Copice of 2½ acres in the like tenure; and the parcels of meadow or pasture called New Leasow of 78½ acres heretofore in the tenure of Thomas Hore, and New Leasow adjoining and heretofore belonging thereto, being 21 acres and heretofore in the tenure of William Hiorne and John Hiorne; and the parcels of meadow or pasture called Lodgfeild of 137 acres heretofore in the tenure of Timothy Taylour of North Newington; and the close called Great Poole of 4 acres heretofore in the occupation of the said Viscountess Falkland; and the parcels of meadow or pasture called Beaconsfeilds, Nastfeilds and Cotman Mead of 420 acres heretofore in the tenure of William Draper, John Gerard, and William Pready; and the meadow called Parsons Meadow and the little close adjoining, in all 10 acres heretofore in the tenure of John Hiorne; and the lands called Grove Ashe Farm: and all other the lands and hereditaments of the said late Visct. Falkland within Great Tew, Little Tew and Sandford, and all the Crown's title thereto arising by reason of any [Navy] moneys received by him from the Crown, from Charles II, James II, the late Queen Consort Mary and the present King, viz., as Treasurer of the Navy or by reason of any other debts owing to the Crown: all which premises were (by lease and release of 1681 Aug. 12 and 13 between the said Viscount and Viscountess of the one part and Thomas Kerwood, Henry Cherrey and James Needler of the second part, Dame Rebecca Litton mother of the said Viscountess and William Hussy of the third part, and Sir Edward Atkins and Playters Lucy of the fourth part) settled for the life of said Visct., his wife and Rebecca his mother who is still living: and further hereby no process is to go against the said Viscountess by reason of any such moneys or account as above. King's Warrant Book XIX, pp. 198–202.