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William A. Shaw (editor)

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'Prefatory Note', Calendar of Treasury Books, Volume 13: 1697-1698 (1933), pp. V-VI. URL: Date accessed: 23 November 2014.


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Prefatory Note.

The Introduction to Volumes XI—XVII of this Calendar is contained in a separate volume.

The Index has been prepared by Mr. R. D. Farmer of the Public Record Office.
Wm. A. Shaw.

31 May, 1933.

Abstracted Documents

The documents abstracted in this Volume are as follows:

Treasury Minute Book, Vols. IX and X (T 29. 9–10.)

King's Warrant Book, Vols. XIX and XX (T 52. 19–20.)

Money Book, Vols. XIII and XIV (T 53. 13–14.)

Order Book, Vol. IV (T 60. 4.)

Disposition Book, Vol. XIV (T. 61. 14.)

Out Letters (General), Vols. XV and XVI (T 27. 15–16.)

Out Letters (Customs), Vol. XIII (T 11. 13.)

Reference Book, Vol. VII (Index 4621.)

Warrants not Relating to Money, Vols. XV and XVI (T 54. 15–16.)

Out Letters (Ireland), Vol. VII (T 14. 7.)

Caveat Book, Vol. I (T 64. 40.)

Out Letters (Plantations Auditor), Vol. II (T 64. 89.)