Warrants etc
December 1697, 21-31


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'Warrants etc: December 1697, 21-31', Calendar of Treasury Books, Volume 13: 1697-1698 (1933), pp. 189-210. URL: http://www.british-history.ac.uk/report.aspx?compid=82936 Date accessed: 27 November 2014.


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December 1697, 21-31

Dec. 21.Royal sign manual for 800l. to Charles, Duke of St. Albans, who is appointed to go into France to congratulate the French King and the Dauphin on the marriage of the Duke of Burgundy. (Money warrant dated 1697–8 Jan. 14 hereon). (Money order dated 1697 Dec. 30 [sic] hereon). King's Warrant Book XIX, p. 457. Money Book XIII, p. 427. Order Book IV, p. 425.
Dec. 22.Royal warrant under the King's sign manual dated Kensington to the Attorney or Solicitor General for a great seal to determine the grant to William Barrett of the office of one of the four Messengers of the Receipt and to grant the said office to John Barrett, junr.: with the usual fee or salary of 4½d. a day payable quarterly at the Receipt and 24s. per an. for a livery at Xmas. King's Warrant Book XIX, pp. 443–4.
Dec. 22.Treasury warrant to the Auditor of the Receipt to issue 14,000l. in Exchequer Bills to the Earl of Orford on the unsatisfied order in his name as Navy Treasurer: as imprest: and is intended for wages to seamen. Disposition Book XIV, p. 143.
William Lowndes to same to issue 100l. to William Knight and Henry Evans out of Malt Lottery tickets remaining in the Exchequer. Ibid, p. 144.
Treasury warrant to the Surveyor General of Crown Lands for a particular of Kemp's Field, Bunches Close and Doghouse Field, alias Brown Close, parcel of the Bailiwick of St. James, in order to a grant thereof to William, Earl of Portland for ever under the several rents of 52s. 6d. and 16s.: as in lieu of certain defective fee farm rents conveyed to him, and in consideration also of faithful and acceptable services.
Prefixing: said Surveyor's report on said Earl's petition for same. Presuming it might be necessary for his Majesty's service and for his lordship's interest to have those defective fee farm rents [re-] conveyed to the [Fee Farm] Trustees as a consideration for this intended grant, I desired my Lord's agent to ascertain them, "which it seems he is not able to do at present" they being granted (amongst many other rents in divers counties) by deed from the said Trustees to his lordship dated 1696 Sept. 18 which passed in consideration of 2457l. answered by a tally struck in the Exchequer the 11th of the same September. But he alleges that six several rents supposed to have been issuing out of fen lands in Lincolnshire, amounting to 611l. 6s. 0d. [per an.] and the yearly rent of 100l. 5s. 0d. payable (as 'twas believed) out of the manor of Rudfen in Warwickshire included in the said deed and making together 711l. 11s. 0d. are irrecoverable; and that he is informed there are in the same grant divers other defective rents amounting to 200l. or 300l. [per an.] more but those being not particularised I am not able at present to give an account thereof.
As to the premises desired they are parcel or reputed parcel of the manor or bailiwick of St. James's and were granted in 1660 to Jno. Harvey and Jno. Coel in trust for the late Earl of St. Albans by two several leases for 21 years and 10 years the last of which expired at Michaelmas 1691; and on 17 July 1672 another lease thereof for 33 years from 1681 Sept. 29 (concurrent with the former) was made by the Queen Mother and her Trustees to the said Mr. Harvey and Sir John Coel in trust as aforesaid; and a further term of 28 years was granted by Charles II 1674 Sept. 10: so that at Michaelmas last there were 37 years to come on the said grants. The reserve rents therein were as above.
On 8 March 1693–4 these lands (with the rest of the said manor or bailiwick) were petitioned for by the Duke of Ormonde and I reported thereon April 3 following and observed therein that the several houses or tenements now erected thereon (excluding the ground whereon St. Ann's Church is built with the Greek church and alms houses granted in fee and the unfinished house granted to the Duchess of Monmouth for a long term of years) in the following streets and places viz. King's Square alias Soho Square, Greek Street, Church Street, Moor Street, King's Court, Compton Street, Frith Street, Charles Street, Sutton Street, Queen Street, Dean Street, north side of King Street, west side of Hog Lane, Falconbury Court and the south side of Acton Road (being almost all St. Anne's Parish) contain in the several fronts about 12000 foot which considering all casualties which might happen during the 41 years then in being I valued at 10,500l. per an. and though part thereof in Dean Street has been since lately granted to Thomas Pitt by for 99 years in reversion at a small rent yet I conceive the reversion in fee now proposed (after the 33 years in being) may be valued at 25,000l. and the rents of 3l 6s. 8d. (which will become due to the grantee immediately if the fee simple [be] passed) at 20 years' purchase makes 68l. 10s. 0d. or in all 25,068l. 10s. 0d. Warrants not Relating to Money XV, pp. 430–2.
Dec. 23.Privy seal for 300l. for equipage and 40s. a day as ordinary to Mathew Prior Esq. as Secretary to the Extraordinary Embassy to the Most Christian King: with the usual clause for allowance of his extraordinaries. King's Warrant Book XIX, p. 449.
William Lowndes to the Earl of Ranelagh to pay as follows out of the sum of 20,000l. part of 50,000l. which is to be repaid or refunded to you by the Trustees for Exchequer Bills: viz.
to clear the sum of 10270l. 13s. 9d. for the week's subsistence to the 25th inst. to the Troops in England363111
for a week's subsistence to Jan. 1 next to all the Troops now in England10901161
for 3 weeks' subsistence to the Regiment of Scots Guards on account of their arrear92840
for the subsistence of the two Regiments of Dutch Horse commanded by Rechteren and Steenboch viz from Nov. 7 to Dec. 6 inst, the time they embarqued1540100
to clear the disbanded men of Col. Windsor's Regiment of Horse1641110
the like for Col. Harvey's Regiment of Horse200
the like for Col. Leigh's Dragoons119510
for 3 Companies of Col. Colt's Regiment in garrison at Sheerness on account of their subsistence400
for a month's subsistence to Col. Row's Regiment on account of the arrear due to them82024
for several disbanded troops from Flanders100
Disposition Book XIV, p. 143.
Same to the Auditors of Imprests for a state of the accounts of Phillip Packer Esq. deceased as late Paymaster of the Works. Out Letters (General) XV, p. 404.
Treasury reference to the Customs Commissioners of the petition of Arthur Atherly shewing that he is concerned in the salt works at Lymington and about Aug. 2 last according to law he took a permit and put on board 300 bushels of salt for Botley, 8 miles from Lymington which he must otherwise have carried 15 miles about through New Forest; that the salt had not been long on board but one Mr. Hayward an officer there seized it and carried it to Southampton pretending petitioner had no permit from the patent officers at Southampton for which they pretend to take and have taken 4s. and afterwards the said Mr. Hayward takes 2s. 10d.: therefore praying that the said officers may be called to account why they take the said fees and that his salt may be restored. Reference Book VII, p. 249.
Dec. 24.Treasury warrant dormant to the Postmasters General to pay the allowance of 10s. a day to William Van Huls as Court Post as by the patent of Dec. 4 inst. supra p. 169. Money Book XIII, p. 413.
William Lowndes to the Auditor of the Receipt to issue 2254l. 3s. 4d. to Charles Shales, his Majesty's goldsmith, on the unsatisfied order in his name: to be issued out of any disposeable money that shall hereafter come into the Exchequer. Disposition Book XIV, p. 143.
Treasury warrant to same to issue 10,000l. in Exchequer Bills to the Earl of Orford on the unsatisfied order in his name as Navy Treasurer: as imprest: and is intended for wages to seamen. Ibid, p. 144.
William Lowndes to Lord Coningsby and Mr. Fox to report upon the enclosed petition [missing] of Richard Bere late Collector of Customs, Carlisle port, praying an allowance of 74l. 4s. 0d. in his accounts for so much disbursed in subsisting twelve Irish soldiers secured as papists in the garrison of Carlisle. Out Letters (General) XV, p. 405.
Treasury reference to Samuel Travers, Surveyor General of Crown Lands, of the petition of Joshua Baber for renewal of his lease of the manor of Laverton, Co. Somerset, parcel of the Duchy of Cornwall. Reference Book VII, p. 249.
Same to the Customs Commissioners of the petition of George Higginson for a king's waiter's place London port. Ibid.
Same to the Transports Commissioners of the petition of John Fisher et al woodmongers shewing that being forced to take licences from the Transports Commissioners appointed to put in execution the Hawkers and Pedlars Act they have paid one part of the said moneys so demanded and given bonds for the remainder pursuant to the said Act, for sending carts with faggots to sell; that divers others of their trade have been taken up for like practice in London and Southwark and refusing to pay for such licences have been discharged by the Justices of Peace who pretend they are not intended or within the limits of the said Act and that the Attorney General hath given it under his hands they ought not to pay: therefore praying that their moneys may be paid back and their bonds di charged unless it shall appear that all others are comprehended in the Act and forced to pay. Ibid.
Dec. 24.Same to the Excise Commissioners of the petition of William Clayton shewing that being a security for his brother Andrew Clayton, a Collector of Excise, he is prosecuted for 2000l. and 1600l. remaining due of his brother's account; that he has recovered 400l. of his brother's estate and paid it to the Excise Commissioners but is utterly unable to pay anything further: therefore praying stay of proceedings and that the debt may be remitted. Ibid, p. 250.
Treasury warrant to the Barons of the Exchequer to discharge the recognizances for 400l. forfeited at the General Gaol Delivery of Newgate holden at Justice Hall in the Old Bailey Sept. 1 last being 100l. each forfeited by William Cobbe of Bedford Street in St. Paul's Covent Garden, cook; William Alexander of the same, silkman; Nathaniel Oldfield of Maiden Lane in the same parish gent; and Jno. Blackmore of Church Street in the parish of St. Ann, Westminster broker, as manucaptors of George Ward. Warrants not Relating to Money XV, p. 439.
Same to the Trustees for Fee Farms to convey to Richard Adney Esq. fee farm rents as in the schedule below, contracted for by him on the 10th Dec. inst. to the value of 700l. per an. being rated at 16 years' purchase in accordance with the royal sign manual of April 16 last and the Treasury warrant of April 19 last thereon: the total purchase money being 11,200l.
Appending: (a) long detailed schedule of said fee farm rents: being out of lands in or part of the late Monastery of Durham; in Cos. Yorks; Cornwall; Huntingdon; Warwick; Leicester.
parcel of Durham late Monasteryper an.
the rent of certain lands in Wood end0160
lands in Smalleys026
tenement in Evaton0100
lands called Crook in Benwellwater154
lands in Somerho[use]020
lands in Lespringe006
lands in Strainton010
lands in Barnard Castle: five items 10d. each042
lands in Castle Edon020
lands in Long Newton010
lands in Brandspeth008
lands and tenements in Hart5160
a tenement there 3s. 8d. and six cottages there 3s.; 3s. 4d.; 4s. 4d.; 3s.; 2s. 4d.; 3s.128
a tenement there034
lands of the Hermitage in Binchester020
the herbage of woods in Chopwell1600
for Carreswood in Chopwell1180
lands and tenements in Shyrdon in North Aukland652
the like in Binchester904
Co. Yorks.
The rent of the Blessed Ma[ry] Mad[alene] in Knaresborough0108
[ditto of] B. Mary and St. Ann in Hampthwait0108
[ditto of] St. Mary in Aldburgh2181
[ditto of] St. John Baptist in Aldburgh072
[ditto of] B. Mary and St. Dominick in Boroughbridge005
[ditto of] B. [Mary] in Rowcliffe0120
[ditto of] B. Mary in Ryrley090
a rent out of concealed lands in Skelton0148
lands beneath the castle and church of Pickering028
lands in Brampton056
lands in Darton1156
chantry of Rufforth3158
B. Mary in Pontefract2136
Prebendary of Potterton5100
St. Ka[therine] in Kellington2173
B. Ma[ry] in Kippax0120
St. Saviour in Rothwell320
ditto South part41411
chapel of Middleton485
Holy Trinity in Whitekirk10134
B. Mary in Thornhill568
ditto in Warmfeild438
Ser. of Jesus in Bristall3168
B. Ma[ry] there140
Holy Trinity there4610
B. Ma[ry] in Darfeild3140
St. Ann in Baddesworth2196
St. Ka[therine] in Wragby3108
B. Mary Magd[alene] in Leeds3172
B. La[dy] Ma[ry] in Leeds718
Ser[vice] of the Chapel of Wragby51210
St. John Baptist in Barnsley15
St. John the Evangelist there2140
B. Ma[ry] in Silkstone1410
B. Ma[ry] in Darton300
ditto in Campsall068
ditto in Dorrington190
St. John in Skelbrook1148
Church of Felchurch0144
B. Mary in South Kirkby049
Golden Crucifix apol. Pickhill508
obit lands221
lands on the backside of Saxton030
mines of stone and marble in Ryions0100
lands in Melton on the Hill024
the rent of lands in the manor of Gringley, Co. Notts.1410
corn tithes in Hooton Pannel et al968
divers firr [free] rents in St. Saviours Gate01
lands in Kirk Enely004
lands in Hesill0128
lands in Anleby080
Toft and Croft and other lands in Sutton upon Darvent2190
tenement in Toft and Croft and other lands in Yaulthorp368
tenement and garden in Walmgate in York00
Cott[age] and garden in Great Haughton046
Rubry of Bolton upon Dern and Muckleburgh069
lands in Wakefield0100
ditto in Hillfield020
tenement called Cannonhall in Cawthorse020
a close called Dicken Stabing in Holland040
Hallestows near Moorho[use] in Hallestows006
lands near Oxspring in Benyston040
Amry flatt and dangerous Oxgang024
furlong of land in Ardislaw010
lands in Barnby014
messuage with appurtenances in Higham006
furlong of land in Smithly040
lands in Darton046
close there near Goosbrig020
close near Stoopland018
close and garden there020
tenement and close and 5 acres of land0100
tenement 2 crofts 1 acre of land068
parcel of land next Ellerton Grange016
4½ acres land in Parsons Flats034
lands in Ellerton in Darton046
lands in Thurnsire080
Monkdame close messuage and 2 acres of land in Ruston0120
a messuage called Carr House in Carhouse0511½
tenement in Brockhouse in Thurleston02
a tenement in Cubly020
Morton Fields and al in Fishlake0178
scite of Byland late Mon[aste]ry31411
tenement called Wistoncote028
tenement called Old Bylandcote040
tenement called Cornmill060
the rent of 15 acres of land in Ivelbeck040
a grange in Snylethwate060
cottage called Highcote020
tenement called Steventhwaite020
tenement called Bagbycote060
Byland in Cockwold004
Cullyland in Thornaby018
a pasture in Ovingham parish in Ereholme054
Bentley Grange in Bently060
Windhill Grange in Windhill052
tenement and 4 furlongs in Rillington054
two cott[age] and garden there 5s. & 5s.0100
tenement in le Moor in Thornton0100
ditto in Fishergate01
little close there00
tenement in Skeldergate004
little close and cott[age] in Fishergate006
tenement in Wallingate extra barr006
little close in Norths Street004
Co. Cornwall.
Borough of Camelford45
Isle of Scilly4000
fee farm rent of the city of Exeter2000
ditto of the borough of Saltash1800
the rent of the borough of Liskeard1800
Helston borough6134
Plymouth borough200
the rent of the manors of Framsden and Petho in Suffolk168
Eastloe [Looe] borough100
Westloo borough217
Grandpont borough1100
town of Launceston153
rent for lands out of the Metropolitan Church in York663
scite of the Carmelites house in Scarborough034
4 messuages with appurtenances in Blackfriars Gate034
messuage and garden in the Corn Cross060
2 little tenements in Newburgh Gate040
a messuage near the Gate there050
vast [waste] ground there050
two parcels of land in Carrgate010
another parcel there004
cott[age] in Hartshead014
cott[age] in Westburton004
tenements in Coppergate00
tenement there00
lands in Braton056
messuage and lands in Helm upon Woldham234
10 parcels of land there 1l. 18s. 0d.; 10s.; 13s. 4d.; 1l. 8s. 8d.; 10s.; 15s.; 3s.; 4s.; 3s.; 2s.650
lands in Bristall010
lands in Kelnsey020
lands in Notton alias Potton026
lands in Norton030
corn and hay tithes in Warmley010
King's meadow in Hart Bucking0150
parcel of inclosed ground in the Church of Huntington008
Vicarage Salton0100
60 acres of Marsh in Howk and Gowle0134
scite of Whitgift manor0134
Swinfleet manor0134
lands in Heworth014
East and West mills in Hornsey400
close in Newton in les Willows0010½
lands in Broton008
lands in Helleby010
lands in Gisbrook010
lands in Nottingley 1s. & 2s. 2d.032
messuage in Whiton012
lands in Nuninton011
lands in Druton010
lands in Gawnton & Phinge051/8
lands in Menythorp006
Potterslagh lands in Pottersley014
lands in Seaton010
other lands there 2d. & 2d.004
Price of 2 hens of Dringhoe tenements004
Price of Mansford tenements004
Cotam lands in Noton013
Sheild (Land) in Beilby004
Windmil in Swinton014
lands in Thornton020
Alonson place in Ferminby01
lands and tenements in York, Shalsgrave, Scarborough, Newly268
lands in Beverley 1s. & 1s.020
tenement there0100
Marton manor011
land in Tollesby010
land in Broton010
land in Bramingham010
land in Langton007
land in Richmond018
Church there 20 lb. wax0100
lands in Marsk010
scite of deme[s]n in Ribston566
tenement and lands in Walshford168
manor and rectory of Hunsingare49
messuage and lands in Beverley016
lands in Buckclose004
toft and croft in Auleby016
lands there009
lands in Wolverton010
Chantry in St. John's Church in Beverley020
messuage and lands in Swanland006
cartilage in Weton010
cottage and land in Northcane006
lands there 6d. and 6d.010
lands in Santon002
toft in Ingleby010
lands in Kildale019
croft in Southborne018
cottage in Nafferton006
crofts in Lowthorpe 6d.; 1d.; 6d.011
messuage and garden in Sanderlandwick010
lands in Pokethorp010
cottage and garden in Pickering010
toft and croft in Newton upon Rowcliffe010
lands in Leyland008
messuage in Thornton010
lands in Fermanby040
3 cottages and crofts there 4d.; 1s.; 1s. 1d.061
Holcross in Kilwarby006
cottage and lands in Rillinton010
lands there001
lands in Thurkelly006
lands in Middleton004
cottage and garden in Radston004
part of a cottage there010
tenement and croft in Kirby011
croft in Collome004
cottage in Forden016
toft and croft in Eastherleton006
croft in Westherleton006
cottage and garden in Bointon018
toft in Harpham010
toft and croft in Dodinton018
messuage in Holmeton010
close in Heydon006
messuage and lands there016
lands in Homilton010
cottage curtilage and dovehouse in Rystone003
lands there 4d.; 10d.; 8d.0110
messuage and lands there008
cottage and lands there 1½d. & 1d.00
one curtilage in Goodmadam006
lands there002
messuage and lands in Wighton006
lands in Everingham006
2 crofts and tofts012
messuage and lands in Harlethorp010
lands in Sutton upon Darvent010
lands in Wilberfosse007
flat in Newton feild010
west loft in Youlthorp008
curtilage in Spittlefangfoss008
2 furlongs of land there0170
messuage and land there0160
messuage and curtilage in Bolton020
wast toft there006
2 closes there040
messuage and lands in Meltingby010
toft and lands in Nunburnholme040
lands in Huntington034
lands in Clifton050
lands in Rocliffe018
lands in Haxby0134
lands in Wiginton100
lands in Dalton and Heringthorp008
3 cottages in Wentworth 3s.; 3s.; 3s. 6d.096
tenement in French Gate in Doncaster0149
garden there010
lands there010
8 tenements there 10d.; 1s. 2d.; 2s.; 2s.; 6d.; 6d.; 1s.072
10 tenements in Wakefield, 7s.; 1s.; 2s.; 1s.; 6d.; 4d.; 3d.; 2s. 1½d.; 10½d.; 1s.0161
tenement and lands belonging to Morrow mass priest020
burgage there0114
half an acre of land in Winhall050
half an acre at Flaxenfield006
ditto at Sandall016
tenement in Westgate in Wakefield060
close in Northgate there016
messuage in Alverthorp028
cottage in Walmgate in Wakefield040
tenement for one obit there070
cottage in Westgate there050
19 pieces of land in Harbury 19s. 2d.; 8s. 6d.; 8s.; 10s.; 3s.; 4s. 4d.; 2s.; 2s.; 6s. 8d.; 11s. 9d.; 2s. 1d.; 1s. 3d.; 1s. 6d.; 1s. 6d.; 8d.; 3d.; 10d.; 3d.; 1s. 6d.455
rent of a cottage in Wakefield040
2 chambers in Tadcaster040
rent of a cottage there028
land called the chappell yard in Ferebrig003
23 pices of land in Lumley 3s. 6d.; 7s.; 7d.; 5d.; 16s.; 7d.; 4s. 8d.; 6s. 8s.; 6s. 8d.; 4s.; 12s.; 4s. 8d.; 1s.; 1s.; 3s. 8d.; 1s. 6d.; 12s. 1d.; 5s. 5d.; 6d.; 2d.; 10d.; 1s. 2d.;4122
half an acre in Danfield in Bolton parcel004
3 roods in Owingfield in Moor Monkton024
waste land on which was built Hamilton Chapel014
toll in Willoughbridge and Marybrigg in Doncaster Sprotbrough and Arkesey100
lands in Moorbyings020
land paid by the Dean and chapter of York100
lands in Gillingraves040
lands in Bishop Burton040
lands paid by the Dean and Chapter of York0160
lands there040
lands in Scarborough 2s. 4d.; 10s.0124
tenement in Buckross020
10 pieces of land in Scarborough1176
Haversland out of the Church in Wane068
tithes in Esk234
lands and tenements in Blankborne010
tenement in Killom050
Cottage in Waghen010
land and tenement in Patrington0155
one acre there004
rent of all the tithes in Hagthorp and Brakenholme200
2 cottages and lands in Rudston026
common of 60 beasts and 400 sheep in Linelinton and Marton068
watermill upon Leven in Ayton168
windmill in Southkirkland and watermill in Northkirkland240
6 oxgangs in Eastgate2128
7 ditto there2167
12 acres in Hornsey200
20 acres called Hornsey lands500
9 acres called Burtons Marre260
tithes of corn in Herryholme upon Teasam3134
messuage lands and pasture in Drypoole266
lands and tenements in Rotheram Brinsforth et al.290
3 cottages and 2 tenements in Bishopshill and tenement without Micklegate208
3 oxgangs in Mellescroft200
3 oxgangs, herbage underwood called Carmonscrobs in Mollscroft240
30½ acres in Newland Feild4134
lands in Skelton260
mill in Patrington368
watermill in Nafferton632
grange in Westcrafton2890
grange of Gundbergh600
Arundell House600
grange of Carlton Flats6134
grange of Coverhead2000
Blanchfarm in Spalding030
lands in Seaton020
lands in Rolton020
lands in Kildwick060
lands in Hayton030
lands in Southcliffe020
lands in Lostham040
lands in Northcane 6 pieces 1s.; 2s. 11d.; 2s.; 4½d.; 5d.068
lands in Broken010
lands in Middleton080
lands in Gaunthorp006
lands in Thorp en le Street070
lands in Goodmadam 2s.; 2s.040
lands in Esthorp0411
rent of the town of Newswick068
lands in Northcliffe010
lands in Northdalton022
lands Barneby080
lands in Burnholme030
lands in Cottingham168
lands in Brantingham020
lands in Seton020
lands in Denton010
lands in Eaton called Lown020
lands in Brentley034
lands in Eaton 2s. & 5s.070
the rent of Kilborn township068
Blanchfarm in Thwing0110
rent for Andeton town050
rent for Carnaby town034
rent for Foxholes town050
lands in Hummby050
lands in Pockthorp011
lands in Butterwick070
Benington town020
Gaunton town050
Faulton township034
lands in Grindall054
rent for Potter Brompton township034
Rawthorp township034
Flixton township011
Maston township01110
rent of lands for the like016
rent for the township of Saxton140
rent for the township of Flixton034
Blanchfarm called Thoraby Grange140
lands called Garaby Grange040
lands in Levening040
lands in Kenthorp026
manor of Bursdale030
lands in Firby014
lands in Menthorp 11d.; 8d.; 9½d.02
lands in West Hutton 2s.; 1s.030
lands in Shaklethorp009
lands in West Hutton034
the rent of lands018
Blanchfarm in Stillingfleet022
town of Weldrake020
rent for the town of Kelfeild020
rent for the town of Thorganby and Cottingworth020
rent for the town of Naborn024
rent for the town of Hellsington006
rent for the town of Skipwith006
rent for the town of Menythorp006
rent for the town of Waterfallworth008
Blanchfarm in Bulmer & Welborne060
lands in Hewson068
Terrington town049
lands in Westlilling010
lands in Whenlye010
lands in Cornburgh060
lands in Skensbye016
lands in Bransby020
town of Fawling020
lands in Skelton040
town of Calthorp020
town of Holtby040
lands in Bossall040
lands in Barton020
lands in Stockton020
town of Brafferton040
rent for the inhabitants of Sheriff Hutton and Stockton0168
lands in Hildingly and Grange040
lands in Warthill010
Bernards lands in Flaxton on Moor020
lands in Sand Hutton020
lands in Sollthorp020
town of Linton020
Blanchfarm in Barton-in-the-Street0100
Feyton Grange020
lands in Slingsby068
the rent for the town of Heveningham020
lands in Cawton010
lands in Scalton020
lands in Ryton050
lands in Navson and Broton030
lands in Hubden020
lands in Buttwick020
lands in Calton020
Blanchfarm in Vostell060
town of Cowsby050
town of Cookwould168
lands in Carlton Merriot068
Great Thirkleby034
township of Cookwould020
the rent of the township of Baxby with Thornton on Hill030
the rent for the township of Helvinton020
the rent for the township of Hethersilton068
the rent for the township of Oversilton010
the rent for the township of Thirkelby020
the rent for the township of Wollerbury062
the rent for the township of Skipton02
the rent for the township of Daletown030
the rent for the township of Newson with Brackenburgh020
the rent for the township of Sowerby068
the rent for the township of Kirby Knoll016
the rent for the township of Sand Hutton03
the rent for the township of Thornton-uponthe-Moor018
Blanchfarm in Spofforth100
township of Righton034
lands in Astwick030
lands in Colthorp020
lands in Plumpon040
lands in Goldburgh070
lands in Allerton Malevrer070
lands in Shiply050
town of Anfield050
town of Nethersomly020
lands in Green Hamerton040
lands in Kirkditton013
Blanchfarm in Drax011
rent for Sutton020
rent for Byron018
rent for Saxton022
lands in Scarthingwill0110
town of Folton020
lands in Northmillforth024
lands in Guniston010
lands in Ryther030
Towston township020
Cifforth township020
lands in Heselwood050
township of Newton Kyme030
for lands0710
lands in Newton Aditon024
town of Barton060
lands in Camblesforth0150
lands in Kirkfelton026
lands in Westadlesy called Sothell030
town of Offendike and Rither020
Churchfarm in Aston and Fodwick0134
lands in Barnaby upon Down026
lands in the township of High Ellers020
lands in Pigborne030
rent for Barnaby on Downe township040
rent for Cantly068
rent for Edling020
rent for Hewton020
rent for Brampton-in-le-Morning030
rent for Haton030
rent for Ullay030
rent for Thyborn056
rent for Broomforth060
rent for Rawmarsh050
rent for Marre010
rent for Leversall0310½
rent for Hamsall Stubbs020
rent for Brampton Beverley030
rent for Darfeild068
rent for Bolton-on-Downe040
rent for Cadeby020
Blanchfarm in Harwood Manor0180
lands in Ickley030
town of Heydon010
lands in Horsforth010
lands in Ansthorp024
lands in Thorner050
manor of Mawson024
lands in manor of Kelke026
Blanchfarm in Astwick0150
town of Thornton0150
for lying at Brakenbetham100
manor of Kellum0134
capital messuage called Hall Close called the Park Close, called the Broading with other parcels of the manor of Goldsborough020
Co. Warwick.
township of Westborne020
manor of Farnburgh040
manor of Shotteswell040
cott[age] messauage there040
messuage in Tillardington020
manor of Kington050
manor of Aulston040
rent for the township of Aven alias Avendorsett021
rent for the township of Rawly021
rent for the township of Mollinton022
rent for the township of Compton023
rent for the township of Stretton on Ross023
rent for the township of Aylston020
rent for the township of Oxhill024
rent for the township of Shotteswell034
rent for the township of Tyso009
land and tenements belonging to the Abbey of Studley040
Upton Mill020
Bailiff of Kington Hundred03
township of Warrinton086
land and tenements in Warrinton040
township of Morton alias Burton02
farm of Burton Henmarsh040
a messuage in Compton020
township of Hawksford02
pastures in Bitmarsh068
rent for township of Arron068
rent for township of Upton020
rent for township of Alceter068
rent for township of Aston020
rent for township of Wooho[use]008
rent for township of Haseler008
rent for township of Morton Baggott010
rent for township of Upton008
rent for township of Langly018
rent for township of Edson008
Bailiff of Barlishway Hundred146
township of Rawne Awne016
manor of Shastock and Hambottle016
acre of land in Brinklow0010
tithes of sheathes of corn and oats in Holme and Newbridge0100
late Hospital of St. Michaell in the town and county of Warwick0100
chapel of St. Mary Mada[line] of Guys Cliffe1163
lands in Grandborough0144
lands in Ullenhall0180
rent for the Vineyardhouse900
lands in Ansley094
Co. Leicester.
rent for the township of Newbold100
rent for the township of Aston Havill040
rent for the township of Nerborrough0110
rent for the township of Ratcliffe028
rent for the township of Charmford041
lands in Ratcliffe 2s., 2s.040
messuage there006
Serpancy there0150
3 acres of land in Whittock008
rent for the manor of Harcourt034
lands in Ashby Parva030
lands in Barsby2134
lands in Bickwell0410½
lands in Coldwell093
lands in Wickham1114
lands in Keame3116
lands in Grinton150
lands in South Marefield130
lands in Kirkby Bellowes0010
lands in Queenburr020
lands in Saxilby0174
lands in Somerby0197
lands in Warlnaby1190
lands in Leicester050
Humberston Rectory16178
manor of Garthorp1000
Co. Nottingham.
Bestwood Park500
arch[deanery of] Richmond manor of Hamesthwaite568
Co. Lincoln.
rent of divers tenements of Fallerhall Coll[ege] (besides in decay 22s.]401710
manor of Ellesham1000
tithes of Punchbeck100
cowpasture in Pointon250
derelict lands500
manor of North Ingoldsby500
lands in Potterhanworth0110
Weston vicarage0134
Ferriby vicarage03
lands in Stickforth018
lands in Scamlesby050
lands in Rippingale068
lands in Keadinson030
lands in Kirmond020
lands in Dunesby020
lands in Belchford020
lands in Barkwith022
lands in Alvingham0810
lands in Alderkirk040
lands in Ashby020
lands in Skendleby019
lands in Earsbye020
lands in Bratoft 1s. 10d.; 4s.; 1s. 10d.078
lands in Fursby014
town of Winthorp034
Attle Carlton018
East Wickham020
Kelitern 1s. 10½d.; 1s. 8½d.037
South Alvingham020
Island of Axholme2134
Stainton in the Hole010
Fevelby 1s. 10d.; 1s. 10d.; 1s. 10d.056
Burgh on the Braine019
Bickering 1s.; 1s.; 8d.028
South Urlington018
West Turrington 2s.; 9d.; 8d.; 7d.; 3½d.04
(b) Certificate by Auditor R. Marriot that Richard Adney hath this day contracted for the several rents in the several schedules above amounting to 700l. per an. and in present possession at 16 years' purchase pursuant to his Majesty's sign manual date the 16 Apl, and the Treasury Lords' warrant dated the 19th April last thereupon: the whole money 11200l. to be paid within 30 days next ensuing. The arrears of rent due at Lady day last are to be reserved and answered to his Majesty. Warrants not Relating to Money XV, pp. 439–451.
Dec. 27.The Treasury Lords to the Lords Justices, Ireland. In yours of Nov. 6 last you inform that you have ordered the adjusting the account of the several Regiments of the Army in Ireland in order to clearing the arrears due to them to June 24 last; towards which you have desired that there might be returned to you the muster rolls or authentic duplicates of such Regiments as were raised in whole or in part in England since the beginning of the Establishment [for the Forces] in Ireland; also an account of the payments made by the Paymaster of the Forces, England, for subsistence or otherwise to any the Regiments in Ireland; likewise an account of the arms, ammunition &c. delivered to and chargeable on each Regiment. We have procured these accounts and enclose them [missing] herewith. Out Letters (Ireland) VII, p. 250.
Dec. 29.Treasury warrant to the Customs Cashier to pay 80l. 12s. 4d. to the officers of the Pipe for one year to June 24 last on their several fees payable out of the Customs viz. 63l. 2s. 0d. to Robert, Lord Russell, Clerk of the Pipe; and the Secondary and sworn clerks in that Office; 5l. 15s. 0d. to Jo[h]n Pottinger Esq. Comptroller of the Pipe and 11l. 15s. 4d. to Henry Ballow and John Smith, Deputy Chamberlains in the Exchequer. Money Book XIII, p. 413.
Same dormant to same to pay the salary of 27l. per an. to Richard Lowther as one of the Customers of Newcastle port. Ibid, p. 414.
Same to same to pay the fee or salary of 39l. per an. to Robert Jackson as one of the Customers of the port of Kingston upon Hull. Ibid, p. 415.
For the renewal of the warrant for payment of the city impost see supra Tr. Cal. XII, p. 100. Ibid, p. 276.
Money warrant for 107l. 4s. 2d. to Lord Robert Russell being 47l. 4s. 2d. for one year to Sept. 29 last on his fee as Clerk of the Pipe and 60l. for same year on the allowance formerly paid at the Receipt to the Clerk of the Pipe for charging &c. the convictions, rents and seizures of Recusants. Ibid, p. 415.
Treasury warrant to the Auditor of the Receipt to issue 16000l. in Exchequer Bills to the Earl of Orford on the unsatisfied order in his name as Navy Treasurer: as imprest: and is intended for wages to seamen. Disposition Book XIV, p. 144.
William Lowndes to same to issue 6349l. as follows out of loans on credit of the Exchequer in General
out of the said loans in new money
to the Earl of Ranelagh on the unsatisfied order in his name as Paymaster of the Forces: and is intended to pay the arrears of Col. Coot's discharged men349
out of the said loans in Exchequer Bills
to Charles Fox and Lord Coningsby on the unsatisfied order in their names as Paymasters of the Forces, Ireland: and is intended for the Transports Commissioners1000
to the Treasurer of the Navy for the Navy Commissioners, viz. 2000l. for the Victualling course and 3000l. for imprests5000
Disposition Book XIV, p. 145.
Dec. 29.William Lowndes to the Auditor of the Receipt to issue 15000l. to the Cofferer of the Household on the unsatisfied order in his name for the service of the Household, to be issued out of such Malt Lottery tickets as are remaining in the Exchequer for the uses of the Civil List: and is intended to provide for the reception of the Czar of Muscovy and his retinue. Ibid.
Same to the Auditor for Co. Lincoln to report on the enclosed memorial [missing] touching a rent issuing out of the manor of Patsell [? Tattershall] Co. Lincoln alleged to be in grant to the Duke of Leeds but demanded of the tenants by a messenger for the King. Out Letters (General) XV, p. 405.
Same to the Navy Commissioners enclosing a petition [missing] of the officers and clerks of the Navy [Office] for payment of their assessments to the 3s. Aid. Ibid.
Treasury order to the Customs Commissioners to observe (a) infra.
Prefixing (a) order of the King in Council dated Kensington Nov. 25 (made upon reading the Treasury Lords' report on the petition of Philemon Coddan) that upon the said Coddan paying the fine of 100l. his ship James of Brest with the seized part of her lading of wine, linen and paper be restored to him. Out Letters (Customs) XIII, p. 396.
Treasury warrant to the Surveyor General of Crown Lands for a particular of a tenement in the manor of Boyton, parcel of the Duchy of Cornwall, in order to a reversionary lease thereof to Walter Robyns at 48s. rent and fine of 170l.
Prefixing: said Surveyor's report on said Robyns' petition ut supra, Tr. Cal XI, p. 192. The premises were formerly acconuted two tenements lying in a village called Tamerton in the manor of Boyton and have long been enjoyed together under an ancient entire rent of 48s. A lease thereof was made in 1661 to George Glyn gent. for the lives of Phillip Glyn, Arthur Arscott and Thomas Curtis at 48s. per an., 18l. de incremento and fine of 210l. the tenements being valued at 42l. per an. In 1678 the petitioner bought off the increased rent (after it had been paid for 17 years) at 144l. and obtained a fresh grant on surrender for the life of him, Thomas Courtis and Walter Robyns his son at 80l. fine. Both Courtis and the said son are dead and petitioner is a healthy man under 60. I value the addition of two fresh lives at 170l. fine. Warrants not Relating to Money XV, pp. 433–4.
[?]Entry of the Treasury Lords' signature of the docquet of a lease to George Cuthbert of a messuage in Shippon ut supra p. 169 for 99 years terminable on the lives of his son George [?and] Robert and daughter Kath[erine]. Ibid, p. 434.
Dec. 29.Money order for 323l. 11. 10d. to John Walker, Usher of the Exchequer Court, for necessaries delivered to the officers of the said Court in Michaelmas term 1697. Order Book IV, p. 425.
For the Treasury renewal of the City wine impost warrant for the year 1696 see supra Tr. Cal. Vol. X, p. 1317–8. Money Book XIII, p. 78.
Dec. 30.Money warrant for 482l. to Mathew Prior Esq. as Secretary to the Extraordinary Embassy to the Most Christian King; 300l. thereof per equipage and 182l. for three months on his ordinary of 40s. a day in advance. (Money order dated 1697–8, Jan. 10 hereon). Money Book XIII, p. 414. Order Book IV, p. 423.
William Lowndes to the Postmasters General to pay (out of the revenue of the Post Office over and above the 600l. per week appropriated thereout by Act of Parliament) 300l. into the Exchequer for his Majesty's special service. Disposition Book XIV, p. 146.
Same to Mr. Augustine Briggs, Receiver General for taxes for port of Lincoln. to attend my Lords on Thursday, Jan. 13 next and to pay into the Exchequer by that day all the King's moneys in your hands otherwise my Lords will order you to account in custody. Out Letters (General) XV, p. 406.
Same to the Agents for Taxes informing them of the above. Please write Briggs that process will issue against him if he fail. Ibid, p. 405.
Same to Mr. Twitty for a state of the debts owing from the King to the estate of Phillip Packer and John Packer, Esqrs. deceased for necessaries provided by either of them as Ushers of the Receipt; showing therein who furnished the goods and what is due respectively to such persons. Ibid.
Treasury warrant to the Customs Commissioners to employ William Loup as landwaiter at Poole loco Gyles Knightley who relinquishes same. Out Letters (Customs) XIII, p. 396.
Treasury reference to same of the petition of Gilbert Heathcote and Josias Wordsworth of London merchants shewing that their correspondents at Konigsburg consigned a parcel of hempseed to them, in the entry of which they are obstructed by Major Lane, Surveyor of the Navigation Act, on pretence that the ships are not duly navigated; whereas petitioners are altogether ignorant thereof and the masters are ready to make oath that they could not possibly get other men to prosecute the voyage: therefore praying that the ships may be discharged on satisfying the officer [who seized]. Reference Book VII, p. 250.
Same to Mr. Travers, Surveyor General of Crown Lands, of the petition of Edward Darrell for renewal of lease of a piece of ground called the Fryers in Richmond containing about 3 acres and a brick messuage or wharf lying near the Thames at 70l. fine and the old rent of 4l. per an. or 120l. fine and rent of 6s. 8d.; the Surveyor General having (on petitioner's previous petition) rated a fine of 200l. which is an overvaluation of at least 100l. Ibid, p. 254.
Treasury warrant to the King's Remembrancer to forbear process till further order against the executors &c. of Phillip Packer deceased as late Paymaster of the Works. Warrants not Relating to Money XV, p. 433.
Dec. 31.William Lowndes to the Victualling Commissioners to make forth bills on the Cashier of the Victualling for paying 1000l. to Henry Nunalee, of Bythorn, Co. Huntingdon, yeoman and grazier, which the Treasury Lords think fit to allow him in satisfaction of his loss by his contract of Oct. 1696 with you for supplying the Navy with 10000 hogs at 26s. per hundredweight for which by the contract he was to be paid weekly as the hogs were delivered; but by your not supplying him with money according to contract he lost 1506l. 18s. 8d.
Appending: said Nunalee's affidavit dated May 27 last as to the accounts of the said transaction between 1696 Oct. 27 and 1696–7 Feb. 3. Disposition Book XIV, pp. 146–7.
Same to Mr. Blathwayte to procure a royal warrant to be signed by the King to authorise the Paymaster of the Forces, Ireland to pay 1000l. to the Transports Commissioners on account for the transport service. Out Letters (General) XV, p. 406.