Warrants etc
April 1698, 16-30


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'Warrants etc: April 1698, 16-30', Calendar of Treasury Books, Volume 13: 1697-1698 (1933), pp. 301-322. URL: http://www.british-history.ac.uk/report.aspx?compid=82944 Date accessed: 27 November 2014.


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April 1698, 16-30

April 16.William Lowndes to the Auditor of the Receipt [sic for the Treasurer of the Chamber] to pay as follows out of the 10934l. 12s. 4½d. which the executors of Dr. Richards have agreed to pay into the Office of the Treasurer of the Chamber [as on account] of said Richards' debt: viz.
to clear the wages due to the King's servants payable in the Office of the Treasurer of the Chamber to 1696 Michaelmas11895
ditto to clear the wages due at 1696 Xmas2910170
ditto to clear the wages due at 1697 Lady day and also for a quarter to the Yeoman of the Guards at 1697 June 245900196
to Mris. Jane Ireland, mistress starcher to the King, the remainder of a warrant for 139l. 10s. 0d. for her riding charges in Holland and Flanders anno 16906970
to ditto for her riding charges in Flanders anno 16958500
to 2 Pages of the Backstairs for their riding charges anno 16958500
to Jeremy Chaplin Esq. for his riding charges in Flanders anno 1695
to William Ludington and — Wood 2 children of the Chapel Royal4000
to Mris. Battersby for 2 years' rent of the door into Channel Row600
My Lords desire you to cause the lists of the said wages to be publicly affixed at the door of your office to the end the persons concerned may have notice of the money directed for them. Disposition Book XIV, p. 211.
Same to the Commissioners for Stamped Paper to report on the enclosed proposal [missing] for raising money by a further Duty on paper. Out Letters (General) XV, p. 431.
April 18.Royal warrant to the Earl of Ranelagh to pay to Algernon, Earl of Essex, Colonel of a Regiment of Dragoons, 96l. for the pay of the hoboys of the said Regiment from 1697–8 Jan. 1 to April 1 inst. notwithstanding their being respited for that time, according to the certificate of David Crawford, Deputy Commissary General of the Musters. King's Warrant Book XIX, p. 502.
Same to same to pay to George Cholmondley Esq., Col. and Capt. of the King's Troop of Grenadiers Guards, 87l. 15s. 0d. to make good the respites upon the musters of the said Troop from 1697 Nov. 23 to Dec. 31; according to certificate as above. Ibid.
William Lowndes to Augustine Briges [Briggs], Receiver [General for Taxes for part of Co. Norfolk] at Norwich. My Lords are informed that you are not only in arrear on your receipts for the year 1696 but that you also have in your hands 32,200l. of the moneys of the 3s. Aid. You are to attend them on the 26th inst. and in the meantime to pay in the said moneys. Out Letters (General) XV, p. 431.
Same to Lord Coningsby and Mr. Fox to report on the enclosed petition [missing] of Henry Coles praying payment of 62l. 19s. 1d. due to his brother as a Quartermaster of the army in Ireland; which debt he has assigned to the petitioner. Ibid.
Same to the Usher of the Receipt to cause some part of the Malting House near the Exchequer to be forthwith fitted up at the King's charge for an office for Mr. Hume and Mr. Cremer who are employed by my Lords in inspecting and examining the Tellers' vouchers. Ibid.
Treasury reference to the Customs Commissioners of the petition of Nicholas Gibbon praying to be commander of a vessel which is to be employed on the coast of Cornwall to prevent the running of merchants' goods. Reference Book VII, p. 263.
Same to same of the petition of Capt. William Cross shewing that his purser bought 19 hogsheads of wine at Guernsey and Jersey which was for himself and other Captains, for their one [own] drinking, of which he gave an account to the Customs officers, who coming on board found 7½ hogsheads more which belonged to the sub-officers of the ship, yet the petitioner hath received an order from the Admiralty Lords to pay the Duty: therefore praying the privilege of other captains. Ibid.
The Treasury Lords to the Revenue Commissioners, Ireland. The warrant of Nov. 5 last from the Lords Justices, England supra p. 145 directed the payment of 1124l. 3s. 35/8d. to the late Farmers of the Revenue, Ireland as additional to the allowance of 4364l. 19s. 2¾d. on the account of the said late Farmers of the Revenue of Ireland, by reason that John Price, late Receiver General of the Revenue of Ireland, has charged himself with 5489l. 2s. 63/8d. arrears of rent and effects within the [time of the] grant made to the said late Farmers which exceeds the said 4364l. 19s. 2¾d. by the sum of 1124l. 3s. 35/8d. On behalf of the said Farmers it is complained that the Lords Justices of Ireland have not complied with the said direction, a stop having been put thereto by you the Revenue Commissioners, Ireland. We see no reason why the said direction should not be obeyed. Please send us your answer to the said complaint. Out Letters (Ireland) VII, pp. 411–12.
April 19.Money warrant for 401l. 8s. 11d. to Lancelot Burton Esq: without account: as 2 per cent. reward for several sums by him lent to the King on tallies of pro (each of 500l.) on credit of the Hereditary and Temporary Excise. (Money order dated April 21 hereon).
Appending: statement of said loans (10,000l. lent 1694–5 Feb. 19; 4,000l. lent 1694–5 Mar. 18; 4,000l. lent 1695 Nov. 16: making 18,000l. in all): with Burton's memorandum ("I was obliged to sell 4,000l. of the tallies above mentioned, which I discounted at 18 per cent. which is 720l. to my loss."): and certificates by Sa. Story and Jno. Tooker of the Excise Office of the said interest. Money Book XIV, pp. 55–56. Order Book IV, p. 447.
Treasury warrant dormant to the Customs Cashier to pay the salary of 10l. per an. to Daniell and John Mann as Comptroller of Cardiff port.
The salary of 16l. 6s. 8d. per an. to Richard Gwyn and William Gwyn in respect of their office of [Customer of Cardiff port]. Money Book XIV, p. 56.
Treasury warrant to same to pay 50l. to the Mayor &c. of Lyme Regis for half a year to 1697 Xmas on the annuity (for 21 years from 1684) for the repair of the Cobb pier there. Ibid., p. 57.
Money warrant for 50l. to John Baber, to wit 30l. for his charges in surveying the brewhouse &c. of Sir John Freind (who was executed for high treason) and 20l. in reward for his pains therein. (Money order dated April 27 hereon). Ibid., pp. 57. Order Book IV, p. 450.
Treasury warrant to the Receipt to innovate a lost order No. 1377 for an annuity of 24l. to Alicia Bubb in respect of 200l. by her lent on the Tunnage and Poundage. Order Book IV, p. 445.
Same to the Customs Commissioners to employ Tho. Glover as tidesurveyor at Yarmouth loco Edward Lawrence who has quitted same: Glover having long and well served as waiter and searcher at Lowestoft.
William Hardwick as waiter and searcher at Lowestoft loco said Glover. Out Letters (Customs) XIII, pp. 422–423.
Same to Sir Thomas Trevor, Attorney General, to enter a noli prosequi upon the information against Francis Castleton et al who about Sept. last had a parcel of linen consigned to them on their own account from Holland, which was ignorantly entered by their servant Joseph Hanson as Holland linen instead of narrow Germany linen whereby they overpaid about 6d. an ell in the Duty; but having occasion afterwards to re-export same they ordered one Joseph Fookes to calendar and measure 88 pieces thereof who only measured 8 or 10 pieces thereof averaging 27 ells each and computed the whole thereby and their servant took out a certificate of the exportation of that quantity of Holland linen whereas there were 51 ells short upon which the officer Henry Canby exhibited an information on the ground of said shortage, but he finds that as the goods had been entered inwards as Holland linen they were not liable to forfeiture for being entered outwards under the same denomination: and the Customs Commissioners are of opinion that the mistake in measure was an innocent one. Out Letters (Customs) XIII, p. 422.
April 19.Treasury reference to the Navy Commissioners of the petition of William Culliford and Antho Evernden shewing that they employ above 1000 poor people in their sailcloth work; that there is above 3000l. due to them for goods furnished to the Navy; that their profit is small and the poor people they employ cannot [give any] trust: therefore praying an imprest for 1500l. Reference Book VII, p. 263.
April 19,
et postea.
Same to the Agents for Taxes of the petitions as follows from the persons respectively appointed Receivers General of the Land Tax [as by 9 Wm. III, c. 10] for the respective counties, cities and places as follows: the petitions containing in each case the details of the securities offered by the said Receivers for their due and proper accounting: (1) the form of reference being to the Agents for Taxes to examine the sufficiency of such securities. When reported on satisfactorily there follows in each individual case (2) a Treasury warrant to the King's Remembrancer to take such securities to the value specified in the name of the King and (3) the Treasury Commission to each respective Receiver: all as follows: viz.
Mr. Thomas Mathews for Cos. Hereford, Brecon and Radnor: reference dated April 19: warrant for securities 9800l. April 26: commission dated April 26.
Sir Thomas Cuddon for the cities of London and Westminster and county of Middlesex: reference dated April 19: warrant for securities 100,000l. May 5: commission dated May 5.
Samuel Bradshaw for Co. Derby: reference dated April 19: warrant for securities 9000l. April 29: commission dated April 29.
John Woolaston for Co. Herts.: reference dated April 19: warrant for securities 16000l. April 29: commission dated April 29.
Benj. Mathews for Cos. Northampton and Rutland: reference dated April 19: warrant for securities 18000l. April 26: commission dated April 26.
Thomas Woodcock for Co. Leicester: reference dated April 19: warrant for securities 13000l. May 5: commission dated May 5.
Lawrence Ambrose for Co. Berks.: reference dated April 19: warrant for securities 15000l. April 26: commission dated April 26.
John Mason for Co. Cambridge and Isle of Ely: reference dated April 19: warrant for securities 12000l. June 1: commission dated June 1.
Richard Cocks for Co. Gloucester and city of Gloucester: reference dated April 19: warrant for securities 17000l. April 26: commission dated Apr. 26.
Hen. Whitebread for Co. Beds.: reference dated April 19: warrant for securities 10500l. May 17: commission dated May 17.
Tho. Spendelow for Co. Stafford and city of Lichfield: reference dated April 19: warrant for securities 10,000l. May 13: commission dated May 13.
Hugh Horton for Co. Bucks.: reference dated April 19: warrant for securities 17,000l. April 29: commission dated April 29.
Charles Brawn for Co. Somerset and city of Bristol: reference dated April 19: warrant for securities 27,000l. April 29: commission dated April 29.
Thomas Brougham for Cos. Cumberland and Westmorland: reference dated April 19: warrant for securities 2500l. May 17: commission dated May 17.
John Bury for the County and town of Notts: reference dated April 19: warrant for securities 10,000l. May 13: commission dated May 13.
Thomas Bromfeild for Co. Sussex: reference dated April 19: warrant for securities 22,800l. June 1: commission dated June 1.
Nich. Elwill and Robt. Burridge for Co. Devon and city of Exeter: reference dated April 21: warrant for securities 30,000l. May 5: commission dated May 5.
John Child for Co. Wilts.: reference dated April 21: warrant for securities 19,000l. May 24: commission dated May 24.
John Andrews Esq. for Co. Warwick and city of Coventry: reference dated April 21: warrant for securities 15000l. May 13; commission dated May 13.
William Cawthorp and Thomas Kent for Co. Lincoln and city of Lincoln: reference dated April 21: warrant for securities 27,000l. May 20: [the omission of the entry of the Commission appears to be accidental.]
Ralph Williamson for Co. York and city and country of the city of York and city and town and county of Hull, and Cos. Durham and Westmorland and towns of Newcastle and Berwick: reference dated April 21: warrant for securities 44,000l. May 19: commission dated May 19.
John Parran for the county, university and city of Oxford: reference dated April 21: warrant for securities 15000l. May 5: commission dated May 5.
John Derbie for Co. Dorset and town of Poole: reference dated April 21: warrant for securities 12,000l. April 29: commission dated April 29.
Thomas Doyly for Co. Monmouth: reference dated April 21: warrant for securities 3500l. May 18: commission dated May 18.
Thomas Cobb for Co. Southampton and Isle of Wight: reference dated April 21: warrant for securities 21,000l. June 1: commission dated June 1.
Geo. Hosier for Co. Salop: reference dated April 21: warrant for securities 10,000l. May 18: commission dated May 18.
William Kent for Co. Lancs.: reference dated April 21: warrant for securities 8000l. May 13: commission dated May 13.
Gilbert Spencer for Co. Kent and city of Canterbury: reference dated April 21: warrant for securities 31000l. May 25: commission dated May 25.
Thomas Albert for Co. Worcester and city and county of the city of Worcester: reference dated April 28: warrant for securities 12500l. May 20: [the omission of the entry of the commission appears to be accidental].
Leonard Child and John Nuthall for Co. Surrey: reference dated April 30: warrant for securities 25,000l. May 18: commission dated May 18.
Nathaniell Rich senr. for Co. Essex: reference dated April 30: warrant for securities 34,000l. May 17: commission dated May 17.
William Love for Co. Huntingdon: reference dated April 30: warrant for securities 6000l. May 13: commission dated May 13.
Richard Tregear for Co. Cornwall: reference dated May 6: warrant for securities 12,000l. June 3: commission dated June 3.
Geo. Howells for Cos. Cardigan, Carmarthen, Glamorgan, Pembroke and town of Haverford West: reference dated May 6: warrant for securities 6000l. May 18: commission dated May 18.
Leonard Blofield for the following Hundreds in Co. Norfolk: viz. Blofield, Brothercross, Clackclose, Erpingham North, Erpingham South, Forehoe, Freebridge Marshland, Freebridge citra Lynn, Flegg East, Flegg West, Greenhoe North, Gallow, Humbleyard, Holt, Happing, Lynn Regis, Smithdon, Tunstead, Taverham, Walsham, Yarmouth: reference dated May 17: warrant for securities 32,000l. June 8: commission dated June 8.
Robert Chaplin for the following Hundreds in Co. Suffolk viz. Stow, Hartismere with the borough of Eye, Blackbourn, Thedwastry, Thingoe with St. Edmundsbury and that part of Thetford in Suffolk, Risbridge, Babergh with Sudbury, Cosford, Lackford with Exning, Mildenhall half Hundred: date of reference May 18: warrant for securities 14,000l. June 1: commission dated June 1.
Samuell Pacey for the following Hundreds and places in Co. Suffolk: viz. the Hundreds of Blything and borough of Dunwich, Wangford, Mutford and Lothingland half Hundreds, Hoxne, Plomesgate, Loes, Wilford, Thredling, Carlford, Colneis, Samford: date of reference May 18: warrant for securities 14,000l. June 9: commission dated June 9.
Augustine Briggs for the city and county of the city of Norwich and the Hundreds of Lodden, Clavering, Mitford, Launditch, Eynsfold, Earisham, Dyke Deepwade, Weyland, Grinsho, South Greenho, Shropham, Guiltcross, Thetford, Henstead in Co. Norfolk: for petition see infra under date 1698 June 30: warrant for securities 32,000l. May 13: commission dated July 9.
Morgan Whitley for Cos. Cheshire, Anglesea, Carnarvon, Denbigh, Flint, Merioneth and Mongomery: reference dated July 7: warrant for securities 19,000l. July 8: commission dated July 8. Reference Book VII, pp. 266, 267, 268, 269, 271, 272, 279. Warrants not Relating to Money XVI, pp. 53–5, 55–7.
April 20.Royal sign manual for 200l. to Aubry, Earl of Oxford and 55l. to Lady Katherine Keightly as royal bounty. (Money warrant dated April 29 hereon). (Money order dated April 30 hereon). King's Warrant Book XIX, p. 487. Money Book XIV, p. 60. Order Book IV, p. 448.
Royal warrant dated Kensington to the Clerk of the Signet for a privy seal for 100,000l. to Francis, Earl of Bradford, Cofferer of the Household; as imprest for the ordinary and extraordinary service of the Household. (The privy seal bears date May 12). (Money warrant dated May 19 hereon). (Money order dated May 25 hereon). King's Warrant Book XIX, p. 487. Money Book XIV, p. 70. Order Book IV, p. 462.
April 20.Same to same for a same to discharge (out of the King's princely consideration) John Phillpotts, mercer, George Rogers, Thos. Rogers, Tho. Tayloe and Jeremiah Rowles clothiers who in May 16 1689 became securities for Daniell Ballard in 2000l. for his office of clerk to John Dutton Colt, head collector of Bristol port: the said Ballard having lately withdrawn himself and all his papers and accompts are seized and his effects extended to the King's use, which not being sufficient to satisfy the King's money which said Ballard had received the said Colt has taken process in aid out of the Exchequer Court and, by an inquisition thereupon, the said Colt is found debtor to the King and the said sureties debtor to Colt in said 2000l. bond (which by writing of the 19th inst. the said Colt has assigned to the King) whereby they and their effects are liable to be taken in execution to their utter ruin, they being not any ways able to raise or pay any such sum; being now reduced to a very low and mean condition by misfortunes in their trade in the woollen manufacture both by sea and land and have great families to maintain; as is certified by divers noblemen and others of the best quality in the country.
In accordance herewith the said Colt is to be allowed the said 2000l. in his account of the Customs of Bristol port. King's Warrant Book XIX, p. 488–90.
Same to same for a same to discharge Charles, Marquess of Winchester of the 1050 ounces of white plate delivered to him 1689 Dec. 30 for the service of his table (as then Earl of Wiltshire and Chamberlain to the then Queen) by Sir Gilbert Talbot then Master of the Jewel House, which plate is still remaining in the hands of the said Marquess. King's Warrant Book XIX, p. 516.
April 21.William Lowndes to the Earl of Ranelagh to apply 9226l. 10s. 6d. as follows out of the tallies on the land tax which were put into your hands: viz.
for a week's subsistence to the 30th inst. for the Forces in England87851511
for arrears of pay to 3 discharged men of Leveson's Regiment of Horse38170
for an arrear to one reduced man of Lumley's Regiment of Horse1445
to Col. Billingsby for so much by him laid out in disbanding Lord Denbigh's Dragoons10204
to clear several serjeants, corporals, drums and private men of Saunderson's late Regiment due before 1 April 16926000
for arrears to 2 discharged men of Langston's Horse251210
to the Marquis de Puizar on account of the arrears due to the reduced men of his Regiment20000
Disposition Book XIV, p. 212.
April 21.Jo. Taylour (in the absence of William Lowndes) to the Auditor of the Receipt to issue to Henry Baker (in part of his order for 1000l. ut supra) the 323l. 17s. 1½d. which is or will be speedily paid into the Exchequer for the King's part of a seizure of several parcels of French goods; "notwithstanding any former order to the contrary." Disposition Book XIV, p. 212.
Same to the Earl of Ranelagh to pay the 107,368l. 8s. 5d. (directed to you ut supra p. 260) to Sir Joseph Herne, Mr. Eyles and the rest of the merchants who remitted the last 100,000l. to Flanders and as in satisfaction for said remittance. Ibid., p. 213.
Same to the Excise Commissioners to report on the enclosed letter [missing] from Mr. Simpson to John Thornhagh Esq., a Member of Parliament, touching an abuse offered by two officers of Excise. Out Letters (General) XV, p. 432.
Same to the Auditors of Imprests enclosing an account of the Wine Licence revenue for seven years to 1698 March 25. Please state same and present it to my Lords with all speed. Ibid.
Treasury reference to Sir Thomas Trevor, Attorney General, of the petition of Otho, baron of Schwerin, a subject to the Elector of Brandenburg shewing that his wife Emgart Mary, niece to the La[dy] Morgan of Chelsea, having some expectance from the said Lady was naturalised by Act of Parliament in order to enjoy what she might have at her death; that the said Lady left his said wife [an estate of] 400l. per an. but [she as his wife] cannot convey lands in this kingdom as he is an alien: therefore praying such a grant from the King as may secure those who are willing to purchase the said estate. Reference Book VII, p. 263.
Treasury warrant to the Trustees for sale of Fee Farm Rents of the Crown to convey fee farm rents as follow amounting to 600l. per an. to Samuel Newton and his heirs at 16 years' purchase.
Prefixing: schedules of said rents.
In the City of London.
the farm of the New River Water368
tenements in Crickland34
tenements in Swan Alley, Coleman Street50
tenements in Little Trinity Lane66
tenement in Pye Corner100
"Sun and Three Daggers" against the Church in Cateaton Street40
"Whitelyon" there40
tenements in Blackboy Alley in Thames Street120
tenements against 'Half Moon' in Aldersgate Street28
ditto ibidem14
ditto on St. Peter's Hill28
ditto in Aldersgate Street and Barbican811
3 sheds on Tower Hill near East Smithfield60
tenements in Gracechurch Street06
ditto in St. Michael's parish near Crooked Lane50
ditto in Blackhorse Alley, Coleman Street58
5 shops at the end of St. Buttolph Aldersgate Church18
Church house there84
tenements near Aldersgate10
ditto ibidem10
ditto near Blackhorse Alley there16
3 tenements near Maidenhead Alley there14
tenements in Leadenhall Street34
4 tenements in Phillip Lane68
Rectory of St. Michael Wood Street40
7 tenements in Queen Street40
stables in the Saracens Head Inn, Carter Lane68
Rectory of St. Peter's Cheapside40
Castle Inn in Wood Street20
tenements in Winchester Street46
3 tenements in Soper Lane End10
ditto in St. Leonard Eastcheap145
tenements near the Old Swan in Thames Street134
ditto in Philpot Lane26
ditto ibidem26
Rose Tavern in —80
King's Arms in New Fish Street Hill120
4 tenements in Bucklersbury100
corner house on Lambert Hill210
tenements in St. Mary Woolchurch parish10
3 tenements on Lambert Hill10
tenements there08
Ralphs Quay100
Rectory of St. Sepulchre's14134
tenements in Wood Street near the Compter130
tenements against Mincing Lane End54
ditto in St. Helen's parish1148
ditto against the corner of Bow Lane40
ditto in Little Drury Lane60
Trumphet in Soper Lane90
Red Lyon in St. Helen's Gate120
a messuage at St. Helen's68
tenements in Bishopsgate Street54
ditto ibidem20
ditto in Hamonds Alley40
ditto in Bishopsgate Street40
a tenement there34
houses in Lime Street13
tenements in Leadenhall Street40
a tenement at St. Helen's Gate100
ditto in St. Helen's49
ditto in St. Mary Axe29
ditto there25
ditto there25
ditto there56
ditto there29
ditto there25
ditto there25
ditto against the Church in Fanchurch Street172
tenements in Clarks Hall, Bishopsgate Street106
tenements in Threadneedle Street10
tenements there10
ditto at Dowgate80
a tenement there40
ditto there50
Three Crowns there30
tenements in Castle Alley near Exchange Alley130
tenement in Cornhill10
ditto in Basingshaw Street20
tenements the corner of St. Low Lane54
ditto in Pudding Lane120
tenements in Bow Lane40
ditto in Fleet Ditch side40
ditto in St. Margaret's Lane310
ditto in Bread Street Hill36
Catherine Wheel in Smithfield32
tenements against the Temple and in Bellyard172
2 tenements near the Temple40
a tenement at St. Dunstan's and the Half Moon Tavern ibid.40
tenements in Pudding Lane60
2 tenements in Star Alley20
ditto in Old Fish Street34
tenements in Noble Street100
ditto in Thomas Street on Lambert Hill50
ditto near the Bridge Foot in Southwark170
2 tenements against St. Thomas Hospital there50
Angel in St. Tully Street134
tenements in New Fish Street Hill20
ditto in Crooked Lane20
ditto in Tower Street80
ditto in Gracechurch Street150
4 tenements in Queen Street16
tenements in Mincing Lane68
Hermitage brew house near St. Catherine70
tenements near the Hermitage Bridge0
Hartshorn brew house at St. Catherine2
Three Kings at the Hermitage Bridge19
more tenements there10
The Ball near the Bridge28
tenements in Tower Street60
Redlyon brew house near St. Catherine30
tenement in Tower Street60
tenements in Shoreditch belonging to Christs Hospital20
tenements against the Church there26
ditto against the new Church there39
ditto near Cock Lane14
ditto the corner of the Poultry90
ditto near the Church in Shoreditch12
tenements and garden near the churchyard in Bucklersbury14
tenements near the Three Cranes in Hempershead Alley, Three Kings in Bucklersbury610
Talbott and other tenements there150
3 tenements in Fanchurch Street54
ditto in Gracechurch Street near the corner of Fanchurch Street68
tenements in Gutter Lane90
tenements in Aldersgate Street30
Church there14
tenements in Austin Friars06
tenements in East Smithfield in Nightingale Lane18
tenements there06
tenement and wharf near St. Catherine08
Swan's Nest and Lewin's Wharf there08
tenements in the Back Lane at Queenhithe20
ditto against the market in Bucklersbury100
ditto on St. Margaret's in St. Mary overs010½
tenement belonging unto St. Mary Abchurch parish120
ditto in St. Mary Axe20
2 tenements there16
tenements in the Charter House54
a tenement and garden there110
tenements in Sermon Lane34
ditto belonging to St. Dunstan's East128
ditto in Red[c]rose Street in the corner of Barbrian [Barbican]20
ditto in Bellyard against the Monument134
ditto on St. Benet's Hill34
ditto in Charterhouse Lane54
ditto in Distaffe Lane44
ditto there18
a tenement there10
tenements on College Hill20
ditto in Wallbrook belonging to St. Stephen Walbroke68
shop in Old Fish Street belonging to St. Thomas's parish94
tenements belonging to St. Michael Queenhithe100
shop in Old Fish Street belonging to the same80
the Three Cranes in Thames Street734
Co. Middlesex.
garden and houses called the Curtain Playhouse in Hallowell Lane in Shoreditch1
tenements near Annis a Clace there12
ditto in Cock Lane there12
ditto ibidem13
ditto against the Church there14
tenement and garden there04
lands and tenements called Nicolsfield there12
the rent or 10 [tenth] payable by the Dean and Chapter of Westminster619
tenements built in Star Close in Shoreditch26
ditto built on Catharine's Close there10
the Star there0
tenements in Hallywell Court there20
Bellfield in Hallywell at the foot of Highgate Hill28
tenements and 12 acres of garden in Shoreditch36
tenements and garden in Hooton26
Ladyfeild at Kensal Green Kensington94
Kibborn Woods and flower fields36
lands in Chelsea and Hampstead (4s. 8d. and 4s. 8d.)94
gravel pits at Longmore20
tenement in Cabidge Lane, Westminster10
4 tenements in James Street ibid.02
3 ditto there02
6 ditto in Cabidge Lane02
5 ditto there02
5 ditto against almshouses in St. James02
other tenements in Cabidge Lane02
a messuage on the waste ground of the King's highway leading from Westminster to Knightsbridge10
a house next the Privy Garden in King Street, Westminster68
a messuage and orchard in Staines28
a tenement at Bowe69
tenements and lands Whitwell Beach80
tenements called Woods Close78
ditto in Butcher's Alley in St. John's street10
Cock in Turnmill Street0
tenements in Pissing Alley in St. John's Street02
ditto near the Sessions there48
Manor of Hegston6
Mays and Molts in Landon2
Chantry house in Malden42
house and lands in parish of Waltham Abbey0
tenement in Christopher's Alley alias Suncourt in Golden Lane01
tenements in Nicholas Lane10
Mulbery Garden near Arlington House100
divers messuages &c. with in the manor of St. James's71610
3 tenements in St. Stephen's Alley Westminster268
Co. Herts.
Fryers farm in Rusden68
manor of Wormley1130
lands in Welwyn40
ditto in Richmondsworth90
parcel of meadow ground there20
tenement and lands there50
ditto there40
Nash Mills in Abbots Langley28
manor of Aldbury alias Eldbury160
Theobald's mansion house and park134
tenement and orchard in Aldbury68
lands there68
Mages close there34
parcel of wood there010
Langham tenement in Standon34
Newlands in Little Munden160
other lands there called Newlands108
tenements and lands at Collyer's and ]End] in Standen68
house and lands in Little and Great Munden18
Claypits ibid.16
Chantry lands in Hinsworth108
Colleys tenement in Wotton and Stone parish30
Blackmore lands in Watford14
tenements in Wotton and Stone parish10
Co. Yorks.
St. Saviour's in Rothwell320
lands in Scalby, Claughton and Newby2084
Co. Surrey.
manor of Reigate68
Co. Worcester.
lands in Suckly paid by Geo. Martin05
Co. Norfolk.
Blackborough Priory139
Moorhall in Upwell and Outwell168
tenements in Methwould16
tythes in Sampton10
manor of Massingham and other lands there110
manor of Feltham alias Felthams200
messuage and lands in Great Massingham20
ditto in Little Massingham50
manor of Wroxham2000
Howmill in East Dereham400
2 acres of land in Little Brandon100
house and 4 acres of lands in Colton100
foldage of sheep in Kipton and Wissenham40
tenement and lands in Tilny Allsts06
ditto there10
house and lands Wigenhall St. Mary's06
lands in Saddlebon there26
lands in Docking belonging to the manor of Cosell8
manor of Uphall in Hellington91
house and lands in Upwell6
ditto in Sherford04
ditto in Upwell28
tenement and lands in Worsted110
other part of the same5
24 pieces of land in Metton, Filbridge, Rowton and Susted10
house and garden in Upwell04
house and lands there16
Co. Essex.
Waltham Rectory156
Boxted Rectory108
Bournmill in West Donyland94
Bennets lands in Purly121
Barrow lands in Writtle40
Pryors manor in Bromfield68
Middlemill in Colchester600
fair in Witham68
Mary lands in Colchester120
house and lands in East Street there60
Maplested Rectory6
Waltham Hall in Pakley15
Fryarne in Tolham Magna80
Chisall alias Friers Grange1221/8
Thundersly Park134
lands in Springfield110
ditto there70
Burshes manor in Thundersley160
Boxtead Rectory70
portion of tithes in Chapell parish70
Great Yealdham Rectory103
tithes in Stokenayland100
Colnewark Rectory134
Leeding Rooding Rectory134
Misley Rectory134
Finchingfield Rectory27
Staplebumsted Rectory134
Rectory of Filbury near Clare50
tithes out of Brenthall in Harlow90
Aldham Rectory88
Newhithe in Colchester50
Little Yealdham Rectory40
Baker's lands in Wethersfield60
manor of Edwards Hall in Woodham Ferrys134
manor of Elgres134
Champions lands there134
Cuckolds Moor in Fordham20
Gossons in Thaxted24
Brasen head in Lynsell40
Blacknotley called Henys38
Writtle Lodge10
Bulberk in Aldenham54
Harvys in Wimbush Magna85
house and lands there41
2 messuages in Chelmsford100
Mr. Johns lands in Munazeens34
land there819
manor of Guns in Great Yealdham18
lands belonging to Foxyard Hall500
Priests Chamber in Chelmsford40
Cathar[ine] Whitbreads there26
fishstalls there68
priest's house there50
other tenements there late Brereton's90
Witham's Croft in Duddinghurst68
Little Bullwards in Fullnes200
lands belonging to Chester ford30
2 tenements in Chelmsford late widow Humphry168
Redgraves in Halstead28
house and lands in Ramsey168
Tinberts in Aderton50
Hill chantry in Much Baddor1710
tenement and lands belonging to Dover Court134
Ripingale Mead in Much Tey50
Pond Mead in Great Sampford34
lands in Little Sampford0
lands there0
lands in Great Sampford late John Ballys03
lampare there08
Goodchilds in Guilderstor50
manor of Marshall30
Patenston's lands in Boreham34
house and lands at Harlow Tye48
tenement at Mudborrow Green03
Docone's lands in Harlow14
house and garden at Mudborrow Green03
house and garden there0
ditto there26
Bowers Green in Harlow20
Frethes lands there136
lands there70
Shanks lands there04
East Westline lands in Westham134
Bowersfield in Harlow70
manor of Snall68
Carters lands in Newhall in Harlow62
Tunys lands50
Prentices lands in Great Chisell010
lands there05
ditto there010
ditto in Barly and Chisell04
Pounces lands there29
Richard Greenhills lands there10
Chiswick in Bocking80
tenements and lands in Braintree40
house and lands in Little Walsham22
Pollards lands in Berdfield Saling18
Bigland Mead alias Tun Mead in Harlow68
Essex lands in Ridgewell20
Crossman lands in Tolleshunt Knight44
Bridges lands in Willingale Spaine50
Turner's lands in Wimbish10
Baglands alias Little Buggs10
Trundles lands10
Taylors Croft08
house and lands in Springfield28
Blewboar in Chelmsfield30
house against the Church there30
house and lands belonging to Springfield50
ditto belonging to ditto58
ditto in Springfield04
the Hermitage there34
house and lands in Langdale Hills1168
house and lands belonging to Colchester80
Fowlestoys in Lexden68
leestes in Horsley08
church ways in Weely40
mannax in Great Parnden30
Staffords in Little Yealdham190
lands there40
Whelpscroft there20
Whitescroft there50
Thines are there34
lands in Flyfield08
lands in Hatfield Bradock100
lands and tenements in Westhanfield80
Osmondscroft in Finchingfield20
locksmith's lands there010
tenement and lands in Stanbourne06
house and garden in Little Berdfield12
tenements belonging to Great Berdfield12
Berdfield Place10
Ragged Row in Westhurock34
manor of Liston Hall in Henningham Sibley124
3 rods of land near Laybridge in Westham50
Hackmead in Radwinter20
Grays Croft there09
lands in Much Walsham08
ditto in Much Leys40
land and tenements belonging to Horndor super Mont10
Sceptre lands in Streting10
lampare there04
Staple croft in Great Berdfield10
Blewitt's garden there06
tenement near the Geo[rge] in Monsham20
Bumstedhelion Rectory20
lands and tenements called Masters there06
Fourhopes osier lands34
tenement and garden in Springfield08
Turbett's Mead in Castle Hanningham50
Maycroft in Great Walsham20
old White's tenements and lands in Stisted20
Tending lands in Little Baddow28
Hunter's land in Little Wigborrow20
3 acres of land in Barly02
a tenement called Wacklis and 3 acres of land in Newport40
house lands and orchard in Newport and Widintor198
Churchcroft in Shalford10
tenement and lands in Layerd Layhay08
ditto in Henningham Sibly10
ditto in Cressall50
lands in Braxted belonging to Great Posham10
house and lands in Gray08
ditto [in] Geslingthorpe20
ditto in Ramsey40
lands in Bellshamp08
Poynett's lands Weshertfield20
Cockecroft in Terlingstreet10
tenement and backside there10
2 tenements next the Anchor in Stratford50
lands in Little Sampford1
Chaipman's lands and tenements in Hamsted100
Mellhous and Mechatts34
tenement and lands in Stanborough and Topsfield28
garden and lands in Great Chisell14
lands there05
tenement and lands in Much Baddow30
Vine in Stansted Abbot14
house and lands in Margaret Reding28
Porpightle in St. Ma[ry's] parish in Colchester24
lands in Great Shobury06
manor of Steeplehall near Malden134
Palmer's mead in Raleigh44
Greenboun hills there20
marsh lands called Antheletts and Wispitt in Pitsy and Bowers in Cadymarsh68
Co. Middlesex.
a tenement and 50 acres of garden at the Horseferry108
the Naked Boy near Standbridge34
a large messuage and appurtenances at Charing Cross200
a messuage the corner of Hedge Lane168
Heydon Yard in the Minories50
ground in Gerrard Street40
Warslands in St. Giles in the Fields300
3 tenements in King Street Westminster300
the Crown in St. Stephen's Alley180
manor of Swakely1102
Pope's Head in Chancery Lane10
Castle and other tenements the upper end of Chancery Lane10
a messuage without Temple Gate36
tenement against Kingsgate, Holborn48
another tenement there10
ditto there10
tenements near Gunpowder Alley in Crutchet Fryers14
Puddledock Wharf2134
tenements next without Temple Bar80
Pope's Head in St. Jones Lane14
tenement the corner of Cow Lane in Smithfield46
water house in York Buildings50
Co. Surrey.
manor of Imber2053
Co. Berks.
Easthampstead Park1000
City of London.
Queen's Head in Cheapside100
3 tenements at the end of Poppings Alley50
White Bear in Cheapside180
3 tenements in Mitre Court36
Nagg's Head in Leadenhall Street30
Angel and Crown in Cheapside100
Star and Pheasant there120
3 tenements near the White Horse in Fleet Street190
the Harrow at Queenhithe166
a windmill there166
Queen's Head tavern against the Temple34
tenements in Mitre Court40
2 tenements in Crown Court Chancery Lane08
a tenement there06
3 tenements there16
a tenement there06
3 tenements there10
4 tenements there20
Green Dragon in Cheapside54
a tenement in St. Mary Abchurch parish belonging to the Pewtrers Company2140
Green Dragon in Fleet Street and tenements in Paternoster Row belonging to the Vintners Company68
ditto in Cornhill belonging to the Merchant Taylors40
the Plough there34
the Bear and Ragged Staff there78
ground in Pencroft Lane now the Bagino2910
tenements in Bow Lane128
ditto there60
ditto there100
Garraways Coffee House near Lombard Street220
Bleball near Bishopsgate134
Hen and Chicken in Lumbard Street50
Co. Hunts.
lands and tenements in Kimbolton180
lands in Perry Inchipe1134
3 tenements and lands in Croxton28
lands there51
lands in Yelling411½
Great Southton manor500
10000 acres in the Great Level of the Fens134
Co. Cumberland.
lands in Kirkoswold368
ditto in Carlisle18
a house in Botchergate30
ditto in Castlegate60
ditto in Fishergate40
Warrants not Relating to Money XVI, pp. 30–40.
April 26.Treasury warrant dormant to the Customs Cashier to pay Richard Patrickson 20l. per an. salary as searcher of Carlisle port. Money Book XIV, p. 59.
April 26.Money warrant for 50l. to Thomas Rymer for 1698 Lady day quarter's salary as Historiographer Royal. Ibid.
Treasury allowance of John Thorowkettle's bill of 25l. [sic. for 15l.] for 1698 Lady day quarter's allowance as messenger of the Chamber attending the Treasury Lords. Ibid., p. 61.
Treasury warrant to the Customs Cashier to pay said Thorowkettle 15l. for same quarter's allowance as messenger attending the Customs. Ibid.
Same to the Receipt to renew a lost order No. 34 for 23l. 6s. 1d. transferred to the 3s. Aid No. 1388 in the name of Edward Barker. Order Book IV, p. 447.
The like for a lost order No. 1725 in the name of Nath. Jackson [in repayment of loan] on the Exchequer in General. Ibid., p. 448.
William Lowndes to Mr. Briggs, Receiver General of Taxes for part of Co. Norfolk. Unless you forthwith pay in your receipts and pass your accounts my Lords will supersede your Commission and order you to account in custody. You are forthwith to attend my Lords. Out Letters (General) XV, p. 432.
Same to Mr. Ryley to attend the House of Lords with Counsel for the Bill before that House for the increase and preservation of wood in New Forest. Ibid.
Treasury warrant to the Customs Commissioners to discharge the ship Charles, brigantine and her cargo, she being owned by Thomas Byfeild of London merchant et al and seized ut supra p. 298 for being only short of within the fourth part [of her due complement of men] according to the Act of Navigation, which happening in a time of war the said Commissioners conceive the case may deserve favourable consideration. Out Letters (Customs) XIII, pp. 423–4.
Treasury subscription for the execution of a warrant dated March 23 from Peregrene Bertie [Vice Chamberlain] to Heneage Montague, Master of the Jewel House, for the delivery to Lord Lexinton of 120 ounces of gilt plate as a gift from the King at the christening of his child.
The like for 200 ounces of gilt plate to the Duke of Southampton on the like occasion. Warrants not Relating to Money XVI, p. 51.
Fresh signature of the grant ut supra Tr. Col. Vol. XI, p. 333–4 to William Founds and Henry Petty of the office of Ranger and Gamekeeper &c. ut ibid.: the alterations being to put the name of Founds first. Out Letters (Ireland) VII, p. 152.
April 27.Royal warrant under the King's sign manual dated Kensington, to the Clerk of the Signet for a privy seal to appoint Charles Dartiquenave to be one of the Agents for Taxes: the said Agents to be Phillip Ryley, James Dewy, William Clayton and the said Dartiquenave: with 200l. per an. salary each: as in place of Thomas Hall (now deceased), Ryley, Dewy and Clayton thereto appointed by the privy seal of 1697. King's Warrant Book XIX, pp. 491–2.
April 27.William Lowndes to Mr. Yard to insert the following advertisement in to-morrow's Gazette.
Appending: (a) said advertisement. A letter dated the 27th inst. and signed C. H. was sent to the Treasury Lords intimating that he can discover great sums of money that have been lost in the King's Duties provided he can have a reward. If the writer will attend William Lowndes, Secretary to the Treasury Lords, at his house near the west end of Westminster Abbey and make the said discovery he shall have all due encouragement. Out Letters (General) XV, p. 433.
April 28.Money order for 500l. to the Duchess of Grafton, sole heiress of the late Earl of Arlington, on the 500l. per an. payable till 5000l. be paid, being in part of a quarter sum due to the said Earl: "whereof 1900l. hath been already paid." Order Book IV, p. 447.
William Lowndes to the Earl of Ranelagh to apply 9217l. 14s. 11d. as follows out of the loans in your hands on the Exchequer in General viz.
for one week's subsistence to May 7 next for the Forces in England87851511
to clear the serjeants, corporals, drummers, and private men of Col. Saunderson's late Regiment: and to be placed to the account of the officers' arrears from 1692 April 17000
for 2 weeks' subsistence in advance for a detachment of 50 men out of each of the 3 Troops of Guards ordered to attend the King at Windsor361190
Disposition Book XIV, p. 213.
Contract (being the fifth contract of the kind the precedent contract being of date 1697–8 March 3 supra p. 264) between the Treasury Lords of the one part and the signatory subscribers hereto [not specified] for the circulation of Exchequer Bills viz. 1500000l. thereof as under the terms of the late Deficiency Act [8–9 Wm. III. c. 6] and 1200000l. thereof as under the late Subsidy of Tonnage and Poundage and Additional Land Tax [8–9 Wm. III. c. 24]: the said subscribers undertaking to pay to the Trustees for Exchequer Bills (Francis Eyles, Esq., Sir Theodore Janssen, Mordecai Abbott, Gilbert Heathcote, William Sedgwick, George Doddington, Sir William Ashurst, James Bateman, Sir Henry Furnese and Sir Joseph Herne) the sums named in their subscriptions, a quarter thereof within 14 days' of Treasury notice and the remainder as required by the like notice: all on the lines of the precedent contract. Warrants not Relating to Money XVI, pp. 185–192.
April 29.Treasury warrant dormant to Thomas Cuddon, Receiver General [of the Duties on Marriages and on Houses] in London, Westminster and Middlesex to pay the salary of 100l. per an. to William Clayton as from 1698 Lady day for managing the said Duties and for directing and governing the surveyors and inspectors thereof in England, Wales and Berwick; in which service he has been appointed by the Treasury Lords to succeed Thomas Hall deceased. Money Book XIV, p. 60.
April 29.William Lowndes to the Auditor of the Receipt to issue (out of the General loans remaining in the Exchequer for the Civil List) 4000l. to the Treasury Lords for half a year's salary to Lady day last (see infra p. 323); and 1000l. to me [Lowndes] on the order in my name for secret service. Disposition Book XIV, p. 213.
Same to the Attorney General. Mr. Joseph Ayloff has petitioned the King for a commission of inquiry into the King's title to several parcels of land (late left by the sea) in Cos. Kent and Sussex. Please examine same and report whether there be a probable title [to the King] in the said lands. Out Letters (General) XV, p. 433.
Same to Mr. Packer enclosing the petition [missing] of Tho. Merchant of Wells, haberdasher, concerning 418l. 5s. 0d. which he entrusted to your late father to lend for him into the Exchequer. Give my Lords forthwith an account how this matter stands. Ibid.
Same to Lord Coningsby and Mr. Fox to report on the enclosed letter [missing] from the Lord Justices of Ireland touching several particulars relating to the army debt in Ireland. Ibid., p. 434.
Same to the Secretaries of the Admiralty to lay before the Admiralty Lords the enclosed petition [missing] of Capt. Mich. Lang concerning the great hardships he has lain under for giving information against several Danish and Swedish ships that illegally traded with France. It is the King's pleasure that the Admiralty Lords speak with the Prizes Commissioners thereon and report their opinion what petitioner may deserve. Ibid., p. 435.
Treasury warrant to the Customs Commissioners to deliver to Jno. Raynold Brant merchant the coney tail wool ut supra p. 262; the said Commissioners having reported that there is some colour of the petitioner's being misled by one of the clerks of the Custom House in making his entry. (Same to the Attorney General to enter a noli prosequi to the information in this case). Out Letters (Customs) XIII, p. 425.
Treasury reference to the Customs Commissioners of the petition of James de Peyrove (Peygrove) shewing that the ship Paradise laden with white wines for Amsterdam was forced on the Goodwin Sands by bad weather and brought into Sandwich haven where she and her lading remain in such a condition that they are fit for no foreign market: therefore praying that he "may save something by a recovery for the payment of the charges and re-fitting the said ship." Reference Book VII, p. 264.
Treasury order and direction that Maximilian Stephen do sit and act with the Agents for Taxes as constituted by the royal sign manual of this day (which directed the passing of a privy seal to constitute Phillip Ryley, James Dewy, William Clayton and Cha. Dartiquenave to be the said Agents): but without any allowance of salary: it having been represented to the Treasury Lords that it will be for the King's service to have a person joined with them to act with and assist them in performing the service. Warrants not Relating to Money XVI, pp. 57–9.
April 29.The Treasury Lords to the Lords Justices of Ireland to report on the enclosed petition [missing] of Lady Hellen Kinmare in behalf of herself and children praying payment of her pension of 400l. per an. (granted to her by the late Queen) and the arrears thereof out of her husband's forfeited estate. Out Letters (Ireland) VII, p. 412.
April 30.William Lowndes to the Auditor of the Receipt to issue as follows out of the General loans remaining in the Exchequer for the uses of the Civil List: viz.
to Monsieur Auverquere for the liveries [payable] in the Office of the Stables3000
to the Cofferer of the Household1000
to the Duchess of Buckingham200
Disposition Book XIV, p. 212.
Same to the Customs Commissioners. My Lords have granted a month's leave of absence to Peregrine Bertie, one of the [five] undersearchers of London port upon [his] extraordinary occasions in Lincolnshire. Out Letters (General) XV, p. 434.
Same to same to examine Gerrard Borne for some place in the Customs, it being the King's pleasure to so recompense him for several services done by him. Ibid.