Warrants etc
August 1698, 1-10


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'Warrants etc: August 1698, 1-10', Calendar of Treasury Books, Volume 13: 1697-1698 (1933), pp. 406-424. URL: http://www.british-history.ac.uk/report.aspx?compid=82950 Date accessed: 28 November 2014.


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August 1698, 1-10

August 2.Treasury fiat for royal letters patent to constitute William Taylour as Comptroller of Bristol port loco Sir Cornwall Bradshaw, deceased. Out Letters (Customs) XIII, p. 446.
August 3.The like to constitute John Sansom junr. as customer and collector of Poole port loco Sir Cornwall Bradshaw, Kt. deceased. Ibid., p. 447.
Aug. 4–14.Royal warrant under the King's sign manual, dated at our Court at Loo, to the Attorney or Solicitor General for a great seal for a fresh Commission of the Customs: the new Commissioners to be Charles Godolphin, Sir Walter Yong, Samuell Clarke, Benjamin Overton, Sir Henry Hobart, Sir Jno. Austen, Robert Henly, and Sir William St. Quintin Bart, with the salary of 1,000l. per an. each; and with John Sansom as their Secretary but out of his salary 300l. per an. to be paid to Robert Bertie, Esq. King's Warrant Book XX, pp. 1–2.
Same to the Treasury Lords for 1500l. to Secretary James Vernon in reward for his service as Secretary to the Lords Justices of England during the King's absence in the last three years. (Money warrant dated Aug. 12 hereon). (Money Order dated Aug. 12 hereon). Ibid p. 3. Money Book XIV, 132. Order Book IV, p. 480.
Same to the Attorney or Solicitor General for a great seal for a grant to Eliz. Tillotson, widow of John, late Archbishop of Canterbury of an additional annuity of 200l. over and above the 400l. per an. granted to her by the great seal of 1695 May 2: to be payable from June 24 last out of the Four and a Half per cent. Duty in Barbados and the Leeward Islands, for her natural life in like manner as her said former annuity is. King's Warrant Book XX, p. 4.
Same to the Treasury Lords for the following payments as Royal bounty.
Dorothy, Countess of Dorchester, towards the maintenance of her daughter the Lady Catherine Darnley1600
Robert Phillips, Esq.200
Bernard Granville200
Thoms Povey100
John Gachon100
Dame Katherine Dalyson100
Katherine Leslie100
. . . . Carlisle100
Susanna, Countess Dowager of Lincoln, towards the support of her son Henry, Earl of Lincoln an infant200
(Money warrant dated Aug. 12 hereon.) (Money order dated Aug. 12 hereon.) Ibid p. 5. Money Book XIV, p. 131. Order Book IV, p. 478.
Aug. 4–14.Same to same for 3000l. to Edward, Earl of Jersey, as royal bounty (Money warrant dated Aug. 12 hereon.). (Money order dated Aug. 12 hereon.) King's Warrant Book XX, p. 5. Money Book XIV, p. 132. Order Book IV, p. 480.
Same to same for 500l. to Dr. Titus Oates as royal bounty. (Money warrant dated August 12 hereon.) (Money order dated August 12 hereon.) King's Warrant Book XX, p. 6. Money Book XIV, p. 131. Order Book IV, p. 476.
August 4.John Taylour (in the absence of William Lowndes) to the Auditor of the Receipt to issue 15,900l. to the Earl of Ranelagh on the unsatisfied order in his name as Paymaster of the Forces: out of funds and for services as follows
out of loans on the Quarterly Poll
towards subsistence of the Forces in England12800
out of loans on the 3s. Aid
towards the disbanding3100
Disposition Book XIV, p. 236.
Aug. 4–14.Royal warrant under the King's sign manual dated from "our Court at Loo" to the Lords Justices of Ireland for a patent under the great seal of Ireland for a grant to James Puissar Esq, commonly called Marquis de Puissar, of forfeited lands as below with all arrears thereout unanswered to the Crown: but he is first to convey in trust for the Crown all his right and title to the estate of Terence Coghlan comprised in the grant which was directed to the said Puissar by the royal sign manual of Sept. 15 last supra Tr. Cal. XII pp. 318–20; by reason that the said Coghlan's estate is also passed in grant amongst other things to William Wolseley by the patent of Nov. 22 last supra Tr. Cal. Vol. XI p. 295, XII p. 315. The present grant is by reason that the said prior grant to Puissar proves deficient by 325l. 10s. 11½d. per an.
Appending: schedule of the abovesaid lands hereby to be granted.
Forfeited estate of Christopher Nugent
in Co. Meath: Duleek Barony
East and West Karnes [Carnes] 206 acres, 45l. per an. value; 4l. 4s. 10d. quit rent; 40l. 15s. 2d. clear yearly value.
Forfeited estate of Major Rt. Nangle in Co. West Meath: Moygoish Barony.
Ballycorky 250 acres, Kilbrixy 247 acres, Baronstown 247 acres, Cominstown 81 acres, worth in all 140l. per an.; quit rents 16l. 12s. 1½d.; clear yearly value 14l.
Forfeited estate of Jno. Forster in the last named Barony.
tithes of Drumrany; yearly value 40l.; quit rent 4l. 10s. 0d.; clear yearly value 35l. 10s. 0d.
Forfeited estate of Teage Byan [? Bryan] in Co. Clare: Tulla Barony.
Monygenagh 489 acres; worth 50l. per an.; quit rent 7l. 8s. 6d.; encumbrances 10l. 12s. 6d.; clear yearly value 31l. 19s. 0d.
Forfeited estate of James F[it]z Morris
in Co. Kerry, Clanmaurice Barony.
Dughnefelig alias Ballinrealy; Knockavallig; Knockandarvall; and Killcarra: in all 1031 acres; value 76l. per an.; quit rents 15l. 13s. 6d.; incumbrances 14l. 4s. 1½d. per an.; clear yearly value 42l. 12s. 4½d.
Forfeited estate of Alexander Eustace
in Co. Kildare, Kilkea and Moone Barony.
Ballycollane 547 acres; value 130l. per an.; quit rent 10l. 1s. 6d.; incumbrances 15l. per an; clear yearly value 104l. 18s. 6d.
Forfeited estate of Row[lan]d Savage
in Co. Down; Ards Barony.
Ballygalgott 161 acres; Ballyneskella and Ballyganoogan 240 acres; 60 acres in Ballybranagan; two Ballyfuneraghs 120 acres; total yearly value 80l.; quit rents 7l. 16s. 0d.; clear yearly value 36l.
Forfeited estate of James Deveraux
in Co. Kilkenny, Fassadinin Barony.
Arderry, 347 acres; yearly value 43l.; quit rents 7l. 0s. 6d.; clear yearly value 35l. 19s. 6d.
Total clear yearly value 341l. 14s. 6d.
Out Letters (Ireland) VII, pp. 435–8.
Aug. 4–14.Royal warrant under the King's sign manual dated "at our Court at Loo" to the Lords Justices of Ireland to allow in the accounts of the Receivers General Ireland the following sums amounting to 1116l. 6s. 6½d. which were paid out of forfeited rents by warrants of the Chief Governors of Ireland before the date of the arrival of the present Lords Justices, by reason whereof the Commissioners of Accounts scruple to allow thereof as not sufficiently vouched (without royal warrant), being extraordinary payments beyond the Establishment.
Appending: list of said payments.
paid to Sir Mich. Mitchell Kt. and Cha. Dering Esq., two of the Commissioners for managing the Forfeited Estates, one moiety of their salary from 1692 April 4 to 1693–4 Feb. 6 at 400l. per an.; by warrant of the Lord Deputy 1695 July 3117928
paid to Ann Hutchinson widow in full of salary due to her late husband Joseph Hutchinson, collector of forfeited rents in Co. Dublin; by like warrant dated 14 Aug. 169513368
paid to Cha. Dering in full of his salary as above; by like warrant dated 1695 Oct. 268864
paid to John Gregory, employed as gardener and housekeeper at Carrtown, the house of the late Earl of Tyrconnel, for wages; by like warrant dated 1695 Nov. 2510
paid to John Knapp, employed by the [said] Commissioners as a riding messenger, a moiety of salary due; by the warrant dated 1695 Nov. 2814140
paid to Jermyn Wyche, Lieutenant of the Ordnance [Ireland], for making 6 sentry boxes and for carrying on the works of the fort at Kinsale; by warrant of the Lords Justices dated 1694–5 Jan. 31150
paid to Col. William Wolseley, Master of the Ordnance [Ireland] for providing timber for making carriages &c. for Charles Fort near Kinsale by the Lord Deputy's warrant of 1695 Oct. 5158
paid to William Robinson, Surveyor General of the Works, for repairing of Ross Castle in Co. Kerry; by like warrant dated 1695 Nov. 2672
paid to Sir Mich Mitchell in full of salary as a Commissioner as above by like warrant dated 1695–6 Jan. 490164
paid to Col. William Wolsely as above for carrying on the works necessary at Kinsale; by like warrant dated 1695–6 Feb. 4133
paid to William Robinson as above for completing the repairs at Ross Castle; by warrant of the Lords Justices dated 1696 June 2325
paid to John Gregory, gardener and housekeeper as as above in full of salary and board wages to Nov. 1696 as by like warrant dated 1696 Dec. 10445
paid to Jno. Gregory as above for 9 months wages from 1696 Nov. by like warrant dated 1696 Dec. 10; being in full to the time of his discharge17156
Out Letters (Ireland) VII, pp. 463–5.
August 9.Money warrant for 2520l. 17s. 11d. to Sir John Woolfe and Sir Samuell Blewitt, sheriffs of London and Middlesex for the year ended 1697 Sept. 29, as in satisfaction of 2760l. 2s. 11d. claimed by them for money expended in removing prisoners, apprehending highwaymen, clippers, &c.; the balance of the said 2760l. 2s. 11d. being to be satisfied to them by allowance in their [shrievalty] account: the present payment to be satisfied out of moneys to be by them paid into the Exchequer as follows viz. 84l. 7s. 8d. on the Poll of I Wm. and Mary; 55l. 14s. 6d. on the 2s. Aid and Additional 12d. Aid; 120l. 17s. 0d. on the Poll of 2 Wm. and Mary; 202l. 11s. 8d. on the Quarterly Poll of 4 Wm. and Mary; 309l. 12s. 0d. on the 4s. Aid of 5 Wm. and Mary; the remaining 1747l. 15s. 0d. to be satisfied out of any money in the Receipt. (Money order dated Aug. 10 hereon.) Money Book XIV, p. 122. Order Book IV, p. 474.
Treasury warrant dormant to the Postmasters General to pay the annuity or pension of 300l. per an. to Dr. Titus Oates as by the patent supra p. 392.
In the margin: a later memorandum dated 1702 May 26 by Treasurer Godolphin: "let this warrant be executed." Money Book XIV, p. 123.
Aug. 9.Treasury warrant to the Auditor of the Receipt to issue 691l. 11s. 4½d. on unsatisfied orders in the names as follows, by tallies of anticipation on the Commissioners for the Two Millions, viz.:
Sir James Edwards, late sheriff of Norfolk261011½
Ste. Rothwell Esq. late sheriff of Lincoln217
William Lea Esq. late sheriff of Worcestershire2659
Thomas Harwood Esq. late sheriff of Berks.313
Jno. Ponsonby Esq. late sheriff of Cumberland40
Jno. Bagshaw Esq. late sheriff of Derbyshire536
Arthur Jocelyn Esq. late sheriff of Cambridge and Huntingdon2196
Gifford Yerbury Esq. late sheriff of Wilts.6660
Jno. Winter, Esq. late sheriff of Hants.4000
Thomas Langston Esq., late sheriff of Somersetshire4217
Sir Thomas Wheale, late sheriff of Oxford3913
Jno. Chettwind Esq. late sheriff of Staffordshire102311
Thomas Eyre, late sheriff of Wilts.18069
Ibid, p. 124.
Money warrant for 166l. 13s. 4d. to Thomas Lord Wharton for one year to 1698 Lady day on his annuities of 100 marks and 100l. as Warden Chief Justice and Justice in Eyre Trent South: to be satisfied by tallies of anticipation on the Commissioners for the Two Millions. Ibid, p. 125.
Same for 355l. 8s. 10d. to William Mason Esq. Sheriff of Surrey for the year ended 1697 Sept. 29 for an overpayment on his account by the charges of apprehending highwaymen, coiners, &c. (Money order dated Aug. 17 hereon). Ibid, p. 127. Order Book IV, p. 482, 483.
Treasury warrant dormant to Thomas Albert, Receiver General of the Duties on Marriages and the Duties on Houses for Co. Worcester to pay the salary of 70l. per an. to John Skeate as Surveyor and Inspector of the said Duties for said county. Money Book XIV, p. 128.
Money warrant for 30,000l. to Ralph, Earl of Montagu, Master of the General Wardrobe, as in further part of the 100,000l. for the service of the said Wardrobe as by the privy seal of 1696 Sept. 30 supra Tr. Cal. XI p. 243. (Money order dated Aug. 11 hereon.) Ibid, p. 128. Order Book IV, p. 476.
Aug. 9.Treasury warrant dormant to the Customs Cashier to pay the salary of 48l. per an. to John Sansom junr. gent as Customer and Collector of Poole port.
the salary of 32l. per an. to William Christian Esq. as Customer of Carlisle port. Money Book XIV, pp. 129, 134.
Money warrant for 3000l. to George, Duke of Northumberland for one year to 1697 June 24 on his annuity out of the Excise: to be satisfied out of any unappropriated treasure in the Exchequer. Ibid, p. 130.
Aug. 9 and 13Same for 66l. 13s. 4d. each to Brook Bridges and Thomas Done for one year 1698 Lady day on their fee as Auditors of Imprests. Ibid, pp. 147, 203.
Aug. 9.William Lowndes to the Auditor of the Receipt to issue 8389l. 8s. 9d. to the Earl of Ranelagh on the unsatisfied order in his name as Paymaster of the Forces: to be issued out of loans on the third Quarterly Poll: and is intended to complete the sum of 21189l. 8s. 9d. payable for subsistence and half pay to officers. Disposition Book XIV, p. 236.
Same to same to issue to the Treasurer of the Navy, on the unsatisfied order in his name, the cash, now in the Exchequer, of loans on the Coal Act together with 50,000l. out of loans to be made on the said Act by the said Treasurer: and is to be as in further part of 250,000l. appropriated by Parliament to the payment of wages to seamen out of the said Duties on Coals or out of loans thereon. Ibid, p. 237.
Same to same to issue 2205l. to the Earl of Ranelagh on the unsatisfied order in his name as Paymaster of the Forces: to be issued out of loans to be made by said Earl on credit of the Duties on Coal and Culme: and is intended to satisfy a contingency warrant to the Count de Frize. Ibid.
Same to Mr. Blaithwaite transmitting a duplicate of the warrant for a grant of 500l. per an. in quit rents to the Earl of Dorset, the original warrant being by some accident mislaid. Please procure the King's signature to same and also to the following warrants
for 15,000l. per an. to the Duke of Gloucester from Lady day last during pleasure.
for a grant to Dr. Leslie of the inheritance of certain lands which he holds for life.
for a grant of forfeited lands to Col. Gustavus Hamilton.
for a grant to Mr. Wray of the custody of his father's estate during his father's life.
for 9691l. 15s. 0d. to Sir Theodore Janssen for the King's subscription to the Two Millions. Out Letters (General), XVI, p. 2.
Same to the Commissioners for the Two Millions to take particular care that no interest be allowed on any tallies of anticipation levied on you except where specifically authorised by Treasury warrant. Ibid, p. 3.
Aug. 9.William Lowndes to Mr. Twitty to examine and make up the accounts of Mr. Packer and of Mr. Edwin for necessaries by them furnished for the several new offices at the Exchequer. Out Letters (General) XVI, p. 3.
Same to the Customs Commissioners to consider the Act which was passed the last Session to prevent the exportation of wool and to advise what order may be necessary for the Treasury Lords to give for the effectual execution of same. Ibid.
Treasury reference to the Customs Commissioners of the petition of Samuel Wickens shewing that for several years he has been a considerable merchant and paid great sums in Customs but by great losses and misfortunes during the late war he is reduced to great necessities and forced to abscond and that his effects are seized under an extent on several Customs bonds for tobacco duties; therefore praying the Treasury to compound with him at the same rate as his other creditors. Reference Book VII, p. 282.
Same to same of the petition of Jeffry Jeffrys and William Read shewing that the ship Canterbury is an English built ship and the master and three fourths the mariners are Englishmen that "the petitioner" before his arrival at Cales [Cadiz] was at Algier where he took in several goods of no great value, but on his arrival in the Thames she is seized by Mr. Burfor an officer. Ibid p. 286.
Same to same of the petition of Giles Been merchant shewing that the ship Endeavour, Thomas Cooke master, and 8 pieces of the petitioner's wine being Blinkards and imported from Dort in Holland are seized by Mr. Radford an officer and condemned by default as French, therefore praying discharge of the King's part of the seizure. Ibid.
Same to same of the petition of Robert Bristow merchant shewing that his ship Success, English built, was fitted out of the Thames for the coast of Guinea in Dec. 1695, the master and above three-fourths the mariners being English; but upon the sudden occasion to supply the King's ships of war with men on the expedition for Calais "and upon another exigent occasion" he had 11 of his Englishmen pressed away; that before his ship was ready to sail from Virginia several men ran away "with boat" and petitioner wanting a mate supplied himself with one who long lived in London but proves to be a Scotchman and the master had a servant who was bred up in London but proves to have been born abroad, by which means the number of foreigners is questioned and the ship seized: therefore praying a non pros to the information. Ibid.
Same to same of the petition of George Wood Powell merchant shewing that one Walters, a Customs officer, has obtained judgment against him for 500l. for some prohibited goods to the value of 100l. which petitioner imported to London through ignorance: therefore praying a stay of proceedings till the matter be stated by the Customs Commissioners. Ibid.
Aug. 9.Same to Samuell Travers, Surveyor General of Crown Lands, of the petition of Col. William Lloyd for a grant of the Crown title to the manor of Netherhall and Overhall Co. Essex and the manor of Creppinghall in Sutton Co. Suffolk which will descend to the Crown for want of male issue; and also of the Crown reversion of the capital messuage and manor of Welton alias Wolverton in Midsomer Norton part of the Duchy of Cornwall. Ibid, p. 287.
Same to the Customs Commissioners of the petition of Richard Middleton praying to be approved as deputy to Mr. Villiers, one of the searchers at Gravesend, loco Mr. Baron who gives an account of his health. Ibid.
Same to same of the petition of the Earl of Rivers praying a grant of a debt due from Michael Weeke, Receiver of the impost on tobacco; in consideration of his losses at sea. Ibid.
Treasury warrant to the Trustees for sale of Fee Farms to contract with Henry Tyson for fee farm rents as follows to the value of 199l. 19s. 11¼d. per an. at 16 years' purchase, making 3199l. 19s. 0d. in all.
Prefixing: schedules of said fee farms contracted for by Mr. Tyson "for Mr. Williams."
Co. Northumberland.
a rent out of the town of Riplington within the ward of the Castle168
ditto out of the town of Walton240
" " Black Callerton168
" " Cramlington0110
" " Hartley079
" " Bollam280
" " Long Witton0100
" " Nether Witton100
" " Staunton0130
" " Horseley140
" " Ersden070
" " Tritlington Fenrodes1211
" " Langhurst060
" " Woodington072
" " Hadston0134
" " Togesden0180
" " Marrick050
" " Cockell Park & Heborne0180
" " West Cheamington030
" " Halton in the Ward of Tyndale400
" " Ulston1100
" " Heddon upon the Wall200
" " Swinborn West100
" " Develston066
" " Inghe068
" " Chopwell in Bywell900
" " Yellington within the ward of Curdale [Allenton in Coquetdale ward]368
" " Carbaline2134
a rent out of Whittingham100
a rent out of the town of Little Ryle100
" " Glanton068
" " Barton044
" " Thornton040
" " Learthild058
" " Lamordan096
" " Abberwick0120
" " Haysand068
" " Sinter068
" " Lurbottle0100
" " Hedgley040
" " Benley0160
" " New Berwick048
" " Hebborne01110
" " Eglinton060
" " Harrope090
" " South Indleton0100
" " Eastlington007
" " Chillington080
" " North Indleton0100
" " East Lilborne050
" " Edlington090
" " Busley100
" " Rotherburg0130
" " Mickle Tosson114
" " Little Tosson014
" " Heppell012
" " Rotterton014
" " Warton014
" " Brambrough and Sherston in the ward of Brambrough1118
" " East Ditchborne050
" " South Charlton168
" " North Charlton094
" " Newsteed088
" " Warnford080
" " East Bradford007
" " Mussen012
" " Bedwell1118
" " Doxforth110
" " West Ditchborne044
" " Lairdmouth in the ward of Glendale016
" " Worke014
" " Presfenn014
" " Wyndrave014
" " Pawscon014
" " Hillam011
" " Downam007
" " Howtell0011
" " West Newton010
" " Heathpool006
a rent out of the town of Kirknewton007
" " Laughton007
" " Akeld014
" " Homilton014
" " Crockam014
" " Leatstowe014
" " Ford010
" " Skermeston007
" " Bowesden014
" " Barmare012
" " Howick015
" " Howborne012
" " Dichant014
" " Middleton014
" " Milnefield005
" " Copland014
Town of Newcastle.
a rent out of a house in Newcastle late William the Dyer's006
" " there, of Williams the son of Hugh002
" " late William Erchenband's100
" " late the said William168
a rent out of lands there late Coppin008
" a certain messuage in Bamburgh014
" a certain place of Gibert004
" the farm of Jacklington140
" divers minute farms of Newcastle086
" part of a certain place called Gallstrip0100
" a certain waste place called Delgate in Newcastle090
" 2 messuages there, paid by Hen. Gategand168
" lands there paid by Adam Page040
" a certain meadow there paid by the inhabitants0134
" lands and tenements in Ullesby paid by the same0150
" a waste place with appurtenances paid by Richard Delahey040
" a place in Newcastle called Widdon Place and Jackman house paid by John Denton100
Parcel of the late Monastery of Newminster.
a rent out of 2 fulling mills in Newminster100
" tithes of corn in Clifton town068
" tithes there within the fields and boundaries034
" certain lands in Bullersgreen120
" a tenement in Morpeth038
a rent out of the Churchyard there payable by Tho. Gray034
" Lady's Close payable by the same Tho. Gray034
" two closes payable by James Cowle048
" Siggestone Close payable by Elinor Pye074
" Stobe Close payable by Richard Todd030
" lands in Rothly0168
" a tenement in Edington late Ralph Middleton080
" a watermill in Rusden, alias Earsden168
" a tenement in Newcastle late Tho. Russell's010
" a tenement there, Jno. Mowles008
" a tenement there near Newgate008
" a cottage there00
" a tenement there late Andr. Bewick's028
" a tenement there late Alex. Swinburne's014
" a pasture in Rughly068
" a tenement in Lanwitton068
" a tenement in Caldwell in Clifton late Lord William Howard's0100
" a tenement in Blithnook0134
" the Vicarage of Whelpington068
" a tenement called St. Leonard's Hospital in Spittlehill1134
" a tenement in Hewell alias Heppell late Geo. Humble's0134
" a tenement in Tossen in Rothley parish late Tho. Owrds168
" lands in Bradford late John Middleton's100
" lands in Ditchfield late Robt. Fenwick's068
" a meadow called Freez Meadow in Thropple006
" a tenement in Mitforth late Robt. Mitforth's068
" a tenement in Merefen late Gilb. Errington's0134
" a cottage in Thornton late William Fenwick's010
" 3 tenements in Stamington Glebe late Humph Green200
" a pension out of the Vicarage there040
Parcel of Brenckborne late Monastery.
a rent out of a tenement in Framlington late Lancelott Leighton080
" a cottage there late John Hall's034
a rent out of 2 tenements there late Tho. Wardall's100
" a tenement there late William Lange's0100
" a tenement there late Tho. Dawson's068
" a tenement late William Robinson's0100
" a tenement late Robert Clarke's0100
" a tenement late John Cooke's070
" a tenement late Robt. Johnson's0130
" lands in Brenckbornehill060
" lands in Felton0160
" a tenement there late the widow Willson's048
" a tenement there late Richd. Wardell's0100
" a tenement late John Browne's0100
" a tenement late John Johnson's050
" 2 tenements in Overtrewhitt060
" 2 tenements in Great and Little Tossen late Clem. Lydall and William Simson's1120
" another tenement late Owrds0100
" certain lands in Brencklaw0144
" a tenement in Little Felton late John Lisle's040
" a tenement in Gateside late Nich. Mosse's050
" a tenement in Woodorne late Thos. Thomson's168
" a tenement in Wickham late Robt. Harding's0120
" coal mines late Robt. Anderson's168
" certain lands in Captheton late Robert Swinborne's034
" a tenement in Heyworth late the Lord William Gray's080
" a tenement in Weldondicke late Richard Sumers068
" a burgage in Bondgate late Nich. Chandler's034
" a tenement called Kenyfield in Brenckborne006
Parcel of Tinmouth late Monastery.
a rent out of divers tenements in Cowpen220
" a cottage in Gatehead near Newcastle late Quint. Johnson's050
" a vaste in Holgate018
" a cottage there068
" a cottage there late Jno. Carnabie's050
" a cottage there late Robt. Birtfeilds030
" a cottage there late Hen. Patteson's034
a rent out of a cottage there late Edward Thomson's018
" a vaste late Cuthbert Saunderson's020
" a vaste late the widow Anderson's010
" tithes of corn in Woodhearne5100
" a vicarage of Hartborne4134
a pension out of the Rectory of Little Halton0134
" " the parish of Wooler0134
a rent out of the tithes of hay and corn in Dreakiche068
" tithes in Newbiggin034
" tithes in Ovington068
" divers lands and tenements in the Preaching Friars House0511½
a rent reserved for the scite of Wacknoll Hospital02
a rent out of a windmill in Cowpen1134
Parcel of Alnwick late Monastery.
a rent out of the small tithes in Guisings228
" 2 closes in Alnwick Common Gate0100
" a tenement in Baily Gate in Alnwick, late William Watson's080
" a tenement, lands and the tithes in Shilbottle Westfield1100
" a tenement in Newton super Montem late Thomas More's020
" a tenement in Yardley late Gilb. Skircott's0100
" a tenement in Equard late John Arckle's0100
" a tenement in Lukar late Hen. Man's0100
" a tenement in Houghton late William Scott's0168
" a tenement in Stainford late Christopher Burrell's040
" a tenement in Bilton late Tho. Shepheard's0100
" a tenement in Denwick late Tho. Gibbson's068
" a tenement in Boston late Robt. Jaikes'049
" a tenement in Chillingham0134
" a tenement in Alnwick016
" a tenement in Alnwick016
" a parcel of land in Abbyside006
" a tenement in Alnmouth late Robt. Pyn's020
" a cottage there late John Walker's008
" a cottage there late Roger Remith's008
" a cottage there late Cuthbert Willson's014
" a cottage there John Clarke's000
" the tithes of corn there1134
a rent out of the tithes of corn in Lyem alias Lyme100
" the tithes of corn in Whitewood1134
" the tithes of corn in Horton1134
" the tithes of corn in Alnham100
" the tithes of corn in Scarewood0134
" the tithes of corn in Alnham100
" the tithes of corn in Alemouth034
a pension out of the Rectory of Wooller168
" " the Rectory of Fenton168
a rent out of the tithes of corn in Westmaines050
" hay tithes in Broxfield040
Parcel of Blanchland late Monastery.
a rent out of a tenement in Echwick, late —. Barley's034
" a tenement in Birkenside late Antho. Snowball's's080
" tithes in Haselwood in Hexham014
" a mill called Rydings mill in Bywell Lordship0134
" a cottage in Newbiggen late Elinor Quinten's034
Parcel of the late Nunnery within Newcastle-upon-Tyne.
a rent out of lands in Owston late William Barentine's0160
" tithes in Newcastle late William Barentine's024
" divers tenements in Harwell034
" a cottage in Pelton late Robert Millet's020
" a tenement in Newcastle late Robt. White's050
Parcel of Oswald's late Monastery.
a rent out of corn tithes in Ulchester368
" corn tithes in Essington6134
Parcel of Kirkham late Monastery.
a rent out of corn tithes in Roadham0134
" wood [wool] tithes in Presto, Midrome &c.1134
" corn tithes in Pressen0134
" corn tithes in Mindrome200
" corn tithes in Menilaws168
" corn tithes in Downham0100
Parcel of the Commanderie of the Mount of St. John Baptist.
a rent out of lands in Morpeth late John Harrison's010
" lands in Seiton and Ellington late Jno. Taylour's0110
a rent out of lands in Warkworth late Tho. Proffitt's010
" lands there late William Finch's010
" lands there late — Barker's030
" lands in Spindlestone late Jno. Bullock's068
" lands in Fallowdowne late Jno. Hartbottle's020
" lands in Woodhall late Robert Cheseman's0100
" lands in Stainton late Cuthbert Shaftoe's100
" lands in Whawton late George Simpson's020
" lands in Kenton late William Bainton's040
" lands in Alnwick late Robert Green's068
" lands in Buckingfield010
" lands in Marrick020
" lands in Alnwick late Robt. Moscropp010
" land in Shilbottle late Robt. Huntly's024
" lands in Burton late Jno. Gray's020
" lands in Highamdike late Rich. Mitforth's020
" lands in Old Felton late Jno. Lisle's040
" lands in Thornton late William Fenwick's068
Chantry Lands of St. Thomas in Prudhoe.
a rent out of a tenement in Ovingham late Rich. Surret's1134
" tenement there late widow Thomson's068
" tenement there late Jno. Harbottle's068
" tenement there late William Sisterton's050
" tenement there late Edward Sclater's060
" tenement in Ovingham late William Dryden's050
" lands in Ovingham Fields late Christopher Mitforth's068
" a meadow &c. in Prudhoe late the said Mitforth's068
" tenement in Ovingham late Martin Bowman's060
" 2 cottages there late Edward Richardson's050
" a cottage the[re] late Robt. Scott018
" a close there late Robt. Harison020
Parcel of the Chantry of the Blessed Mary in the Church of Corbrigg.
a rent out of a burgage in Corbrigg late Ralph Milburn's140
" a burgage there late Ralph Etteringham0108
" a burgage there late Gilb. Hudspeth's0134
" a burgage there late Jno. Spurnstone's0138
" a burgage there late Hen. Younger's080
" a tenement late Ranald Carnabie's094
" a tenement late Robt. Peace's030
" a burgage there late William Hudspeth's030
" a burgage there late Alex Baxter's008
" 2 burgages there late William Spurnstone's008
" an acre of land there late Hen. Robinson's010
" lands in Alnwick late Jno. Dawson's060
" lands there late George Clarkson's0100
" lands there late Tho. Clarkson's030
" lands there late the widow Bedwell's0100
" lands there late the widow Wallson's0100
" lands there Robert Clerke's0100
" lands there late Robert Marshall034
" lands there late Jno. Willson's014
" lands there late Thomas Clarkeson's024
" lands there late Edward Laidman's016
" lands there late Geo. Carver's030
" lands there late Jno. Alder's006
" lands there late Jno. Womble's010
" lands there late widow Eland's016
" lands there late Cuthbert Milner's010
" lands there late Rich. Tyler's030
" lands there late Jno. Anderson's058
" lands there late Osland Stainer's0100
" lands there late Thomas Gray050
" lands there late William Gray's040
" lands there late William Harrison's018
" lands there late Edward Awgood's078
" lands there late John Gibbson's020
" lands there late Robert Hirde's034
" lands there late the widow Clay's010
" lands there late Geo. Kidland's020
" lands there late Thomas Stamforth's040
" lands there late Jno. Watson's020
" lands there late Jno. Scott's040
" lands there late Richard Kildland's034
" lands there late Geo. Sailey020
" lands there late Jno. Wallson's058
" lands there late Geo. Piper's020
" lands there late Robert Latt's020
a rent out of lands there late the widow Thompson's040
" lands there late Edward Scott's010
" lands there late the widow Clerkeson's040
" lands there late — Spinwell's040
" lands there late Rich. Bennett's006
" lands there late widow Lees'034
" lands there late Leo Forster020
" lands there late Geo. Davison024
" lands there late William Hudson's040
" lands there late the widow Potterson's028
" lands there late the Widow Carsey's014
" lands there late the widow Hodgson's020
" lands there late — Mahome's020
" lands there late John Atkinson040
" lands there late — Dawson's020
" lands there late Robt. Hudson's020
" lands there late — Davison's034
" lands there late Jno. Singlestone's018
" lands there late Riddell's020
" lands there late the widow Noble's020
" lands there late John Cole's006
" lands there late — Lermehold0120
" lands there late widow Atkinson020
Parcel of the Chantry of the Blessed Mary in Great Benton.
a rent out of a tenement in Pilgrim Street in Newcastle-upon-Tyne late the widow Walles060
" tenement in Newgate there late Robert Young0010
" tenement in Middle Street there late Jno. Benwick0010
" tenement there late William Fresill's008
" tenement in the Pigmarket there late Christopher Walle's0160
" tenement in Killingworth late Jno. Killingworth's050
" tenement in Great Benton late Edward Clerke's030
" 3 acres in South Westfield late Robt. Rede's040
" 9 acres there of the same Rede's128
" tithes in Morpeth late the bailiff and burgesses there0108
" a college in Captheton late Robt. Hare's001
" an acre of land in Westharrell late Tho. Harrell's010
" lands there late Jno. Harrill's100
" tithes in Stamington028
" lands there late William Morton's004
Parcel of the Chantries of the Blessed Mary in Warkworth.
a rent out of a tenement in Warkworth late Jno. Wasson's020
" a tenement there late Robert Monck's020
" a tenement there late Robert Leighton's050
" a tenement there late the widow Willson's010
" a tenement there late William Finch's010
" a tenement there late Thomas Earsden's030
" a tenement there late William Johnson's014
" a tenement there late William Hunter's020
" a tenement there late widow Lenddall's018
" a tenement there late Burnygall020
" a tenement there late Tho. Witham020
" a tenement there late George Harrison018
" a tenement there late William Fede's010
" a tenement there late Tho. Huntly's026
" a tenement there late Tho. Watson0100
" a tenement there late Geo. Finch040
" lands there late Geo. Watson0100
" lands there late Jno. Wytham030
" lands there late Jno. Harrison018
" lands there late Rich. Lewis020
" lands there late Jno. Thompson's020
" lands there late Peter Hunter's010
" lands there late Antho Kenles018
" a cottage in Rothbury late Peter Jameson0010
" a cottage there late Malferes010
" lands in Horsley late Geo. Horsly040
" lands there late Wm. Patteson's010
" lands in Fourd late Rookeby's368
" all those cottages in Woller late Jno. Forster's and Roger Gray's020
" a tenement in St. Nicholas parish late Robt. Brandling's034
" a tenement in St. Thomas parish020
Warrants not Relating to Money XVI, pp. 103–109.
Aug. 9.The Treasury Lords to the Lords Justices of Ireland enclosing the petition of Francis D' La Rue Esq. shewing that he has not received any benefit of the King's grant to him of 400l. per an. of lands in Ireland ut supra Tr. Cal. XII, p. 118 by reason you have not sent over to us lists of forfeited lands in Ireland to that amount. It is the King's pleasure that you forthwith transmit such a list. Out Letters (Ireland) VII, p. 435.
Aug. 10.Treasury warrant dormant to the Customs Commissioners to pay the salary of 31l. 13s. 4d. to William Taylour as Comptroller of Bristol port. Money Book XIV, p. 127.
Money warrant for 2800l. 3s. 4d. to John Child, Esq., Receiver General of Taxes for Co. Wilts, being an overpayment on his account of the 3s. Aid anno 1697: same to be immediately paid back into the Exchequer on his account of the 1s. Aid. (Money Order dated Aug. 11 hereon.) Money Book XIV, p. 129. Order Book IV, p. 478.
William Lowndes to the [Principal] Officers of the Mint to report on the enclosed copy [missing] of a proposal for coining the smaller species of money in Ireland. Out Letters (General) XVI, p. 3.
Treasury warrant to the Customs Commissioners to employ Richard Parsons as a weighing porter in the warehouse, London port, loco Guy Smith deceased. Out Letters (Customs) XIII, p. 447.
Treasury reference to Henry Baker of the petition of Michael Assenden showing that he has been prosecuted by Mr. Beverton for exporting wool and being convicted lies in prison for non-payment of a fine of 219l. 12s. 0d. which he is utterly unable to pay: therefore praying my Lords to permit the prosecutor to take 10l. for his part and to accept of 10l. for the King's moiety. Reference Book VII, p. 289.
Same to same of the petition of Martha de Senne shewing that her husband John de Senne has lain in gaol these 8 months on a judgment for the King for 1400l.; that he has compounded with the informer for 150l.; therefore praying that the King's part of the forfeiture may be remitted. Ibid.
Treasury commission to Alexander Catcott as surveyor of the Duties on Houses and on Marriages loco Edward Palmer deceased. Warrants not Relating to Money XVI, p. 81.
Treasury warrant to the King's Remembrancer to prepare and present to the Treasury Lords schedules of all the supers and ipsums in the accounts of taxes and revenues passed since 1688 Nov. 5. (A like warrant dated Aug. 19 to the Clerk of the Pipe). Ibid, p. 116.