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August 1699, 1-20


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August 1699, 1-20

Letters Patent, Privy Seals, Royal Sign Manuals and Warrants, Treasury Warrants, Commissions, Orders, Letters, Memorials, Reports and Other Entries: All Not of the Nature of Treasury Minutes.
August 1/11.Royal warrant dated at our Court at Loo for a privy seal for an annuity or yearly salary of 100l. to William, bishop of Oxford, as from Lady day last: to be applied by him as follows viz. to pay 40l. per an. each to John Wallis and Benjamin Marshall (who are recommended to us by the Archbishop of Canterbury as persons who have a genius for languages) and 20l. per an. to Thomas Hyde D.D. for instructing of them in the said languages. (The privy seal hereon is dated Sept. 30). King's Warrant Book XX, p. 167.
August 1.Money warrant for 448l. 10s. 0d. to Theophilus Westwood, one of the underkeepers of New Park near Richmond, for the salaries of underkeepers and officers of said Park as in part of 1195l. 12s. 0d. due for salaries and works in said Park between 1691 June 24 and 1697 Xmas: as follows viz.
to Edwd. Alrich an underkeeper for 6½ years from 1691 June 24 on his salary162100
to Jo[h]n Gilmore, a same, for two years from same date as same40
to Theophilus Westwood who succeeded said Gilmore, for 4½ years on same90
to Thomas Satchfeild, bailiff, for same 6½ years' salary65
to William Oliver, moletaker, for two years from 1691 June 24 on his salary28
to Henry Badger who succeeded said Oliver, for 4½ years on same63
(Money order dated August 9 hereon). (William Lowndes dated Nov. 21 to the Receipt to pay same out of Civil List moneys). Money Book XIV, p. 411. Order Book V, p. 125. Disposition Book XV, p. 107.
Treasury warrant dormant to the Customs Cashier to pay the fee or salary of 62l. 13s. 4d. per an. to John Weaver as Customer Inwards, Southampton port. Money Book XIV, p. 416.
William Lowndes to the Auditor of the Receipt to issue 15,000l. to the Navy Treasurer on the unsatisfied order in his name: out of loans on the present Land Tax: to be applied as follows: viz.
to pay off the Messenger advice boat3000
to complete the pay of the ships at Plymouth5000
for bills of exchange and imprests5000
Disposition Book XV, p. 80.
August 1.William Lowndes to the Auditor of the Receipt to issue 19,801l. 18s. 2d. to the Earl of Ranelagh on the unsatisfied order in his name as Paymaster of the Forces: out of loans on the present Land Tax: to be applied as follows: viz.
for two months' clearings to the Forces from May 26th last1072180
for two weeks' subsistence to same to Aug. 13 inst.9080102
Disposition Book XV, p. 80.
Same to same to issue 986l. 2s. 0d. to same: on the like order: out of like loans: for the subsistence of the four Companies at New York from March 25 last to July 30 last; being 18 weeks at 53l. 12s. 4d. per week. Ibid., p. 81.
Same to same to issue to me, Lowndes, 500l. on the unsatisfied order in my name for secret service. Ibid.
Same to the Auditor of the Receipt to pay to Samuel Travers Esq., on an unsatisfied order in his name, the 400l. which will be paid into the Receipt by Robert Fowles, goldsmith, for the fine of a lease. Disposition Book XV, p. 86.
Same to the Earl of Rochester. I read to my Lords yours of the 11th ult. this morning being their first meeting since its receipt. Please give order to your officer to pay the assessment on him for such part of New Park as lies in the parish of Kingston. It shall be allowed in your next bill of disbursements for said Park. Out Letters (General) XVI, p. 138.
Treasury warrant to the Surveyor General of Crown Lands for a particular of the farm called Inglescombe Farm in Co. Somerset in order to a lease thereof to Thomas Gibbs et al, one moiety thereof to said Gibbs and the other moiety to the three other petitioners.
Prefixing: said Surveyor's report on the petition of said Gibbs et al ut supra Tr. Cal. XIV., p. 305. The said Gibbs married one of the daughters of John Rosewell whose ancestors were tenants of the farm for over 300 years and whose son Samuell is dead. The three daughters of Mr. Philips who married another of said Rosewell's daughters are entitled to the other moiety. Warrants not Relating to Money XVI, p. 252.
Same to the Clerk of the Pipe for a lease to Robert Fowles goldsmith of all the capital messuage called Fauxhall in the manor of Kensington for 22½ years from 1705 at the ancient rent of 6l. 13s. 4d. and fine of 400l.
Prefixing: Auditor's particular and memorandum of the premises and rental thereof by the Surveyor General. (Followed by: undated entry [? Nov. 23 1699] of the Treasury Lords' subscription of the docquet of this lease). Ibid., pp. 253–4, 304.
Same to the Surveyor General for a particular of the land called Buckholt Wood in Co. Southampton and Wilts. in order to a grant thereof to Thomas Smith on a fine of 1250l.
Prefixing: said Surveyor's report and Smith's petition for same ut supra Tr. Cal. XIV., p. 356. The premises were granted to Capt. Chaloner in 1672. They were then valued by Sir Fra. Roll and Mr. Thistlethweyte living near the place at about 20l. per an. above the rent of 40l. 10s. 0d.: and there was neither timber nor wood on it but only a few bushes and an old house. In the margin: a further report of the Surveyor General dated 1700 July 17 amending the ratal in view of other proposals of the petitioner due to his meeting with difficulties in passing the inheritance of the premises. Ibid., p. 255.
August 1.Same to same for a particular of the lands called Prince's Meadows in Kennington in order to a lease thereof to John Arundell.
Prefixing: like report on the petition of said Arundell ut supra Tr. Cal. XIV., p. 338. Petitioner holds the premises for several terms. On his petition I set a fine of 700l. for 13 years extension of term. He positively refuses to give more than 600l. affirming that the houses thereon are now old and ruinous and that he has suffered great losses by poor tenants. He is an old tenant and his case falls under the construction of the late Act of Parliament for encouraging tenants of the Duchy of Cornwall to renew their estates. Ibid., p. 257.
August 2.Treasury warrant dormant to the Customs Cashier to pay the fee or salary of 3l. 6s. 8d. per an. to John Brett and John Waring as searcher of Customs in the port of Chester, Beaumaris and Liverpool.
The fee or salary of 52l. per an. to William Parsons as a King's waiter London port. Money Book XIV, pp. 409, 414.
Money warrant for 300l. to Serjeant Phillip Ryley for so much expended by him in execution of the Parliamentary Commission for New Forest. (Money order dated Aug. 7 hereon). (William Lowndes to the Auditor of the Receipt dated Aug. 9 to pay same out of Civil List moneys.) Ibid., p. 410. Order Book V, p. 101. Disposition Book XV, p. 83.
Same for 40l. to Henry Barnard for his expenses and trouble in discovering the evil practices and proceedings of Thomas Ray and Samuell Oldershaw in contriving to counterfeit Exchequer Bills. (Money order dated Aug. 19 hereon). Money Book XIV, p. 411. Order Book V, p. 115.
William Lowndes to Lord Edward Russell to apply as follows the 11,797l. 3s. 10d. lately directed to be issued to you by 12 weekly payments: viz.
for half-a-year's wages [payable in the Office of the Chamber]10277164
for Dr. Frazier for three-quarters of a year and 16 days to 1699 April 11 being the time of his death23840
for Sir John Stanley, money disbursed120
for Mr. Benj. Colinge for his attendance on the House of Lords the Session before last107
for William Churchill for stationery wares delivered to the offices of the Secretaries of State705136
for two children of the Chapel40
for Eliz. Jux, strewer of Herbs42
for Lord Ossulston, half-a-year's rent of his house for entertainment of Ambassadors and for taxes and other charges296100
Disposition Book XV, p. 81.
August 2.William Lowndes to Mr. Rowe. My Lords notice that you have made no proceedings towards passing the grant of the extended estate of John Hinde. If you do not perfect it by the first day of Michaelmas term they will direct fresh process against you. Out Letters (General) XVI, p. 138.
Same to the Agents for Taxes enclosing the case of the Commissioners acting in the Hundreds of Haytor and Tunbridge [Teignbridge] within the County of Devon touching the assessments to the present Land Tax. You are to attend the King's Counsel for their opinion thereon. Ibid.
Same to Mr. Blathwayte. On June 30 last I sent you the petition of Sir Samuell Barnardiston ut supra Tr. Cal. XIV., p. 404. There is since found here a letter from you dated at Gemblours 1696 July 6/16 (which was mislaid) signifying the King's pleasure that 1405l. 18s. 2½d. should be paid to said Barnardiston to complete 1905l. 18s. 2½d. of his fine on the 5th Nov. 1688. I enclose a royal warrant for the King's signature for such payment. Ibid.
Same to same to remind the King that on the application of Mr Fairfax made to the King before his Majesty's going to Holland he seemed inclined for him to have Ralph Williamson's place of Comptroller of Newcastle port. Ibid., p. 139.
Same to same. In May 1697 Sir Henry Ashurst (on receipt of 3000l. from you) gave bond for supplying the Forces in New England with credits for 4000l. and to pay back for the King's use such part of the said credits as should not be used by the following Lady day. Pursuant thereto Col. Gibson in New England received 1610l. and Ashurst has further paid here the said Gibson's bills drawn from Newfoundland to the sum of 1621l. 11s. 10d. Further the Exchequer Bills that were put into Ashurst's hands for the said credits were at 6l. 15s. 0d. per cent. discount at that time and a good while after besides his extraordinary trouble in the affair. He therefore prays allowance of the 170l. 18s. 2d. still remaining due from him on his bond as above. My Lords think this reasonable and desire you to deliver back to him his said bond. Ibid.
Same to Mr. Parkhurst and Mr. Paschall. On reading your memorial of June 30 last my Lords direct you to draft such instructions as you think most conducible to the King's service. Ibid.
August 2.Treasury warrant dormant to the Customs Cashier to pay the salary of 52l. per an. to William Parsons as a King's waiter London port. Out Letters (Customs) XIV, p. 34.
Treasury warrant to the Customs Commissioners to employ John Cheavely (at present waiter and searcher at Mevagissey in Fowey port) as landwaiter, Plymouth port loco John Hutchins removed to be surveyor waiter and searcher in Fowey port loco John Platt dismissed for negligence.
John Bolitho (Collector of Penzance) as surveyor of Plymouth port loco Jonathan Wharton dismissed for great neglects and miscarriages.
John Williams as Collector of Penzance port loco John Bolitho as above.
William Spencer as tidesman in Liverpool port loco William Glegg dismissed.
Peter Simonds as waiter and searcher in Mevagissey in Fowey port loco John Cheeveley as above.
John Hutchins (a land waiter at Plymouth) as surveyor, waiter and searcher at Fowey loco John Plott dismissed ut supra.
James Slade (the waiter and searcher at Truro, being represented as unfit for that business) to exchange with Walter Kestle the riding officer for guarding the coast from St. Mawes eastward to the Deadman in Falmouth port.
James Strong (present Collector of Looe) to be Collector of Penryn loco Edmond Harry who is to be Collector of Fowey loco Jno.Dagg and the said Dagg to be removed to be Collector of Looe loco said Strong.
George Ward (a landwaiter in Plymouth port) to be riding officer for the guard of the coast from Cawsand Bay westward to Looe; and Thomas Burgoine (now in that employment, being better qualified) to be landwaiter at Plymouth loco said Ward.
Sidney Strode (a landwaiter in Plymouth port) to be a riding officer for inspecting the coast between Plymouth and Exeter loco Richard Doidge who on his desire is to be a landwaiter in Plymouth port.
Charles Tincombe as surveyor at West Looe, to be established at 40l. per an. to keep the tidesmen to their duties and to assist the waiter and searcher in the delivery of ships, he having a certificate of good service in the Prize Office during the late war.
Samuell James as tidesman at Plymouth loco James Upcott who was presented on Oct. 22 last as loco the said James then dismissed for frequent drunkenness and neglect, which accusation was malicious.
Richard Puckley and Henry Wannell, weighing porters at Plymouth to have 5l. per an. each additional, making their salary 25l. per an. each.
Samuell Middleton waiter and searcher [at St. Ives] to have the 10l. per an. which was lately established for Richard Hitchens the collector of St. Ives for keeping a horse and guarding that part of the coast, but who is unable to ride by reason of the gout: the said Middleton is to keep a horse and guard the coast and riding to Penzance, there to assist in the discharge of ships.
William Conning (an extraordinary boatman Plymouth) as boatman in fee there loco Joseph Bowling deceased. Ibid., pp. 31, 32, 33, 34, 35, 36.
August 2.Treasury reference to Henry Baker of the petition of William Pope, labourer, shewing that he was convicted in Michaelmas term 1696 for transporting 6 packs of wool and the execution on his goods has not raised his fine: therefore praying his freedom for the sake of his numerous family. Reference Book VII, p. 345.
Same to John Parkhurst and John Paschell of the petition of William Carter shewing that he was one of the first who came in at the King's landing at Torbay and being employed by the Earl of Bath and sent to Exeter with notice of the speedy surrender of the Castle of Plymouth the King for some reward recommended him to the Prizes Commission for employment of the value of 50l. per an.; and being made Agent for Prizes at Dartmouth he continued there for seven years and upwards: but not being established at a fixed salary he has received only 20l. per an. for the said seven years: therefore praying payment of the balance of said 50l. per an. "as was established [for him] at Plymouth." Ibid., p. 347.
[? Aug 3.]Treasury allowance of the incidents bill, detailed, of the Stamps Office for 1699 May 1 to August 1: total 1552l. 18s. 7d. Money Book XIV, p. 415.
August 6.Treasury warrant to the Auditors of Imprests to allow to the executors of Robert Squib of 206l. in his account of moneys disbursed for the redemption of captives in Barbary: being for his disbursements therein: and on condition that he pay in the 342l. 0s. 8d. balance due from him thereon. Warrants not Relating to Money XVI, p. 251.
August 7.William Lowndes to the Auditor of the Receipt to issue 100l. to me, Lowndes, on the unsatisfied order in my name for secret service. Disposition Book XV, p. 82.
Same to the Postmasters General to pay 2350l. to the Duchess of Cleveland by 150l. a week. She consents that out of it 40l. a week be paid to Sir Robert Dashwood in part of his mortgage and 10l. a week to Mr. Sayers in part of his assignment. Ibid.
Same to the Auditor of the Receipt to issue (out of Hackney Coaches money) 20l. to Thomas Lord Coningsby, Paymaster General of the Forces Ireland: to be paid over to Elizabeth Culliford, administratrix of Capt. William Webster for the use of said Captain's children and as in further part of 122l. 10s. 0d. respited out of his pay. Ibid.
Same to same 100l. to Mris. Carie ut supra Tr. Cal. XIV., p. 295 out of Civil List funds. Ibid., p. 83.
Money warrant for 50l. to Henry Oulding in reward and for his charges in apprehending and prosecuting Patrick Cunningham and William Smith for speaking dangerous words tending to taking away his Majesty's life: as by the order in Council of April 20 last. (Money order dated August 9 hereon). Money Book XIV, p. 412. Order Book V, p. 102.
August 7.Money warrant for 5545l. 16s. 7d. to Philip Packer executor to John Packer and administrator to his grandfather Philip Packer for the value of necessaries delivered by them as late Ushers of the Receipt of the Exchequer: viz. deliveries from 1682–3 Feb. 12 to 1686 Dec. 24: to be satisfied as to 3061l. 6s. 0½d. by tallies on the said Philip Packer junr. as administrator for his said grandfather Philip who was Paymaster of the Works, being so much due from the said Paymaster on his accounts; and the balance of 2484l. 9s. 11½d. to be satisfied out of the Exchequer. (Money order dated August 31 hereon). Money Book XIV, p. 416. Order Book V, p. 103.
William Lowndes to the Attorney and Solicitor General for their opinion on the enclosed case relating to a lease made to Mr. Rogers and Mr. Hassett of the forfeited estate of Sir Valentine Brown and Sir Nicholas Browne. If obtained in an unusual manner for unusual terms may it not be avoided ? (Same to Nicholas Baker to attend the Attorney General for same). Out Letters (General) XVI, pp. 140, 143.
Same to Henry Baker to prosecute at the King's charge all persons who aided the escape of Ashenden and Crosse who were imprisoned in Dover Castle for exporting wool: as by the order of the Lords Justices in Council of July 6 last. Ibid., p. 140.
Same to the Agents for Taxes to enquire into the occasion of the overpayment of 146l. 5s. 10d. made by Mr. Bradshaw, Receiver of Taxes for Co. Derby, which seems very extraordinary. Ibid.
Same to Mr. Dodington. Widow Cordwent has petitioned my Lords concerning the great debt due to her husband for clothing the late Lord Berkeley's Regiment of Marines, whilst a considerable sum is stopt in the Navy Treasurer's hands applicable to that service. Give my Lords an account hereof. Ibid., p. 141.
Same to Mr. Twitty and Mr. Thrale for a new state of the debts owing to Mr. Packer and those owing by him to any persons who furnished goods for the use of the officers in the Receipt of the Exchequer. Ibid.
Same to the Customs Commissioners to report on the enclosed petition of Nicholas Voden, late boatswain of the Mary yacht, concerning his dismissal upon account of prohibited goods being found in his custody. Ibid.
Treasury warrant to the Customs Commissioners to employ John Hartlib as clerk to the coast business in London port loco Peter Mills deceased. Out Letters (Customs) XIV, p. 36.
Treasury reference to the Surveyor General [of Crown Lands] of the petition of John Lanse, late Yeoman of the Stirrop to the late Queen Mary, for renewal of lease of an old messuage in Richmond upon the King's ground "as it has been allowed within these few years to his neighbours Sir Charles Hedges and Mr. Smith." Reference Book VII, p. 346.
August 7.Treasury warrant to the Exchequer for tallies to be struck on the Farmers of the Post Fines for 5552l. being the rent of the said farm for the two years ended 1697 Sept. 29 at 2276l. per an.: same having been answered direct to the King by the sheriffs of the respective counties: as certified by the Deputy Clerk of the Pipe. Warrants not Relating to Money XVI, p. 260.
[?]Entry of the Treasury Lords' signature of the docquet of a lease to Joseph Damer, John England and John Elderton of a moiety of the farm called Inglishcombe Co. Somerset in reversion after Thomas Gibbs. Ibid.
[?]The like of in custodiam leases under the Exchequer Seal to Griffin Davies and Eleanor his wife of lands and tenements in Co. Denbigh being lands of Humphrey Holland and Hugh Lloyd outlaws: at a rent of 8s. 10d. per an. and fine of 17s. 7d.
And of other lands in Co. Denbigh to Griffith Davies being lands of John Ashpoole outlaw: at a rent of 7s. 4d. per an. and fine of 14s. 8d. Ibid.
August 7.The Treasury Lords to the Lords Justices of Ireland enclosing (a) infra.
Appending: statement of opinion dated July 27 last by Sir Thomas Trevor and Sir Jo. Hawles. respectively Attorney and Solicitor General. relating to wool licences Ireland. We are of opinion that the Act made the last session of Parliament in England to prevent the exportation of wool out of Ireland and England into foreign parts and for encouragement of woollen manufactures in England doth not exempt the wool exported out of Ireland into England from any Duty which such wool exported was liable to pay before the making of the said Act nor excuse the exporters of such wool from taking out such licences as they were obliged to take out before the said Act. Out Letters Ireland VIII, p. 7.
Aug. 9.Money warrant for 500l. to Henry Baker: upon account: for Crown Law charges. (Money order dated Aug. 9 hereon). (William Lowndes to the Auditor of the Receipt dated Aug. 9 to pay same out of Civil List moneys). Money Book XIV, p. 413. Order Book V, p. 102. Disposition Book XV, p. 83.
Treasury warrant to the Customs Commissioners to pay to John Ford, searcher of Chichester port, 253l. 6s. 8d. being one third of the forfeiture of silks and lace imported from France by Roger Laming of Kent and a further sum of 27l. 10s. 0d. for the charges of prosecuting same. Money Book XIV, p. 413.
Same dormant to the Customs Cashier to pay the fee or salary of 32l. per an. to William Christian and Benjamin Crofts for the office of Customer and Collector of Carlisle port.
The like for the fee or salary of 52l. per an. to Thomas Hardwick as a King's waiter London port. Ibid., p. 414.
The like for the salaries of 12l. per an. each to Charles Bevoir, Robert Burton, Richard Peirce and Peregrine Bertie, four of the undersearchers of London port and to Christopher Walter Stocdale and Anthony Meeke who enjoy the office of one other of the said undersearchers. Ibid., p. 417.
Aug. 9.Money warrant for 548l. 13s. 7d. to the Farmers of Post Fines for so much of the said Fines answered direct to the Crown by the sheriffs for the year ended 1698 Sept. 29 over and above the rent of 2276l. due for the said year, as appears by the certificate of Peter Frowde, Deputy Clerk of the Pipe. Ibid., p. 414.
Treasury warrant to the Receipt to innovate a lost annuity order No. 62 on the Tonnage Duty in the name of Stephen Seignuret. Order Book V, p. 103.
William Lowndes to the Auditor of the Receipt to issue 293l. to the Treasurer of the Chamber on the unsatisfied order in his name: to be paid over to Mr. Herbert, his Majesty's watchmaker, upon his bills. Disposition Book XV, p. 83.
Same to same to issue 50,000l. to the Earl of Orford on the unsatisfied order in his name as Navy Treasurer: out of loans on the Land Tax: to be applied to wages of seamen. Ibid.
Same to same to issue 25l. to same out of the rent of Hackney Coach Licences: to be paid to Jane Needler wife of Thomas Needler who was Lieutenant in the late First Marine Regiment under the Marquess of Carmarthen: for arrears of his pay. (Same to the Navy Commissioners dated same ("this day") to cause same to be paid over to said Jane Needler). Ibid., pp. 83–4.
Same to same to issue 150l. to Thomas Rymer on the unsatisfied order in his name: out of Civil List moneys. Disposition Book XV, p. 91.
Same to the Attorney General to report his opinion on the enclosed memorial and certificate relating to the collection of the temporalities of the bishopric of St. Davids now supposed to be vested in the King by the late sentence of deprivation against Dr. Thomas Wilson. Has the King power to appoint a Receiver of the said temporalities without an inquisition be first taken or some other process be laid in that matter. Out Letters (General) XVI, p. 141.
Same to Mr. Blathwaite enclosing for the King's signature two warrants (1) for the 380l. per an. to Mr. Lodington, consul at Tripoli, to be paid at the Exchequer, having been paid at the Customs until the appropriations thereof made in the last sessions of Parliament: (2) for a grant to Mr. Rowe and partners, late Contractors for the Hearthmoney. Ibid., p. 142.
Same to the Earl of Ranelagh to report on the enclosed petition [missing] of John Key, late Captain in Lord Strathnaver's Regiment. Ibid.
August 9.William Lowndes to Auditor Bridges. It hath been the ancient practice and usage for the Auditors of the Imprests to take the annual accounts before them alternately. On passing one year's account of the Duties on Marriages &c. and the Duties on Salt you are to pass the next year's account [thereof] to [your colleague] Auditor Done "according to the [above] ancient method of accompting." Out Letters (General) XVI, p. 142.
Same to the Excise Commissioners. The Auditor of Excise is to attend with you the next time you attend the Treasury Lords. Ibid.
Same to the Comptroller of Excise to present to my Lords a deputy for controlling the accounts of the Salt Duty. Ibid.
Same to the Agents for Taxes to inspect the accounts of the taxes and to see whether the auditors have lessened any duplicates by [virtue of] certificates of particular Commissioners. Ibid.
Same to same to report on the enclosed petition [missing] of the Commissioners for the last year's Land Tax in the North Riding of Co. Yorks relating to the deficiencies which are yet unpaid in that Riding. Ibid., p. 143.
Treasury warrant to the Customs Commissioners to permit Jahleel Brenton to export for New England a bell weighing two hundred a quarter and 13 pounds: on payment of Duties. Out Letters (Customs) XIV, p. 36.
Same to same to employ Robert Blakiston as collector of the Duties arising at Patuxent River in Maryland loco Peter Jennings who has quited said employment.
Roger Heath and Henry Hone to be established as boatmen at Wilcove within the harbour of Plymouth for the guard of that and Saltash at 30l. per an. each: they to find and maintain each their own boat: in place of Pierce Blechinden, a tidesman of Plymouth port, who has for some time acted as preventive officer at Saltash but whom it is thought fit to recall to his duty at Plymouth.
Henry Browne to be established as boatman at Chepstow at 25l. per an. as additional to the one already established because of the want of another boatman for the boarding of foreign ships as well as examining and inspecting the coasters, being a growing place in trade.
John Kempe as a waterman attending the surveyor of the Navigation Act in London port loco Nathaniell Ives dismissed.
John Wilkins as waiter and searcher at Barry and Sully in Swansea port loco Edward Hancorne dismissed. Ibid., pp. 37, 38.
Treasury reference to the Surveyor General of Crown Lands of the petition of Sir John Morden bart. praying that on his ready payment of 2000l. for the grant in fee of the manor of Old Court and Sedgwick Park ut supra Tr. Cal. XIV, p. 406 there may be thrown into the said grant the rents and perquisites of the manor of Chesworth, which have been formerly accounted worth near 7l. a year but no Court kept or rent answered for many years past; as also an old house and some parcels of land called Colstable Farm worth about 30l. a year: both of which are in the Queen Dowager's jointure and the reversion in the crown but of small value. Reference Book VII, p. 345.
August 9.Same to same of the petition of Beaupre Bell Esq. for renewal of lease of certain lands lying within the parishes of Upwell and Outwell Co. Norfolk granted by Charles II to John Sharpe gent and now held by petitioner. Ibid.
Treasury warrant to the Excise Commissioners to allow 73l. 3s. 1¼d. to Samuell Lubbock late a Collector of Excise on his petition supra Tr. Cal. XIV, p. 405; the said Commissioners having reported that he was very active in his Majesty's service at the Revolution and was at great expenses therein and being the officer at Kingston-onThames the 23 August 1692 and having the custody of the Leather [Duty] Register and receipt of that Duty there did receive the said sum which when called upon to pay he could not; and that he has a wife and five children and is very poor. Warrants not Relating to Money XVI, p. 256.
Same to the Surveyor General of Crown Lands for a particular of the capital messuage of the manor of Kennington in order to a further lease thereof to Sir Robert Clayton on a fine of 350l. and the ancient rent of 16l. 10s. 9d. per an.
Prefixing: said Surveyor's report on said Clayton's petition ut supra Tr. Cal. XIII, p. 162. The premises consist of the said old ruined capital messuage with an old barn, some cottages and 35 acres of demesne lands and were granted 1661 May 22 to Earl of Drogheda for 31 years who assigned to petitioner and John Morice deceased. Ibid., p. 258.
Treasury Commission to Jonathan Cooe to be a Surveyor in General of the Duties on Houses and on Marriages loco Jos. Dolphin whose commission is hereby superseded.
Ezekiell Polstead as a surveyor loco Alexander Shoebridge hereby superseded.
Walter Warlow as a same loco said Polstead "who is removed into Sussex." Ibid., p. 82.
Treasury warrant to the Excise Commissioners to allow 20l. 13s. 0¾d. to Henry Ireton in his account as Collector of Excise in Kent in 1695, which sum he ordered Edward Hall an officer under him to collect from a small market town called Wrotham in the Division of Malling and which was taken from him by three highwaymen; and further to allow him 140l. returned by him through John Lyndsell the Mayor of Saffron Walden, whose notes were returned unpaid and the said Lyndsell is withdrawn with what effects he had. Ibid., p. 261.
Same to the same to give allowance of 111l. 6s. 7¾d. to Jonathan Powell in his account as a collector of Excise for the principal and interest of 19 Exchequer Bills ut supra Tr. Cal. XIV, p. 292 being part of 21 such Bills and a bill of exchange which he sent up but the mail was robbed but two of the said Bills were found on one Arthur who was one of the highwaymen who robbed the mail and Humphrey Rogers supposed to be another of the said highwaymen has written to the Excise Commissioners a confession further referring to the remaining 19 Bills. Ibid., p. 287.
August 9.Entry of a Treasury caveat in favour of the Earl of Peterborough and his Lady that no grant pass of the reserved rent of the manor of Dauntsey till they be first heard. Caveat Book, p. 54.
August 10.Treasury reference to the Customs Commissioners of the petition of Capt. Kerrill Roffey on behalf of himself and several others of the Captains employed in the King's ships of war upon the Newfoundland expedition shewing that he and the other Captains on that expedition having divided the prizes taken therein according to instructions from the Admiralty and being threatened with several prosecutions relating thereto the King was pleased by sign manual of 26 June 1698 to direct a noli prosequi to be entered: but that contrary thereto [there are] several informations exhibited in the Exchequer against him and the rest: therefore praying a noli prosequi to same. Reference Book VII, p. 345.
August 16.William Lowndes to the Auditor of the Receipt to issue 9080l. 10s. 2d. to the Earl of Ranelagh on the unsatisfied order in his name as Paymaster of the Forces: out of loans on the Land Tax: to be applied as follows: viz. for two weeks' subsistence from August 14 inst. to the standing Troops and Regiments ut supra Tr. Cal. XIV, p. 416. Disposition Book XV, p. 84.
Same to the Earl of Ranelagh to report on the enclosed petition [missing] of Archibald Hutcheson relating to the subsistence and clothing of the Independent Company at St. Christopher. Out Letters (General) XVI, p. 143.
August 17.Same to the Earl of Ranelagh to report on the enclosed petition [missing] of the pensioners residing at Tinmouth [Tynemouth] Castle relating to the money which Bethel Peppett, their late agent, got into his hands. Ibid.
August 18/28.Royal warrant dated at our Court at Loo to the Attorney or Solicitor General for a great seal for a grant to Anthony Rowe and William Bridges of all the lands debts &c. as in the several particulars hereto annexed [missing] signed by Tobias Eden late Deputy King's Remembrancer or in the several inquisitions following viz. of 1686 Sept. 25 against Anthony Rowe, Sir Nathaniell Johnson, Sir Cornwall Bradshaw, Robert Nott, Thomas Buck, Patrick Trant, William Bridges, John Hind, Lemuell Kingdon, for the several debts of 33,800l., 77,870l. 9s. 9d. and 60,000l.; and of 1686 Sept. 15 and of 1686 Nov. 2 and 1685–6 Feb. 16 against John Hinde and John Toplady; 1685–6 Jan. 14 against the said Rowe, Johnson, Bradshaw, Nott, Trant, Hind and Bridges for the debt of 33,800l.: to hold to the said grantees and their heirs for all the term and interest the Crown has therein by reason of the said debts.
And whereas the said Hind stood indebted to the said Sir Patrick Trant in several sums of money and the said Trant was outlawed for high treason whereby the Crown is become entitled to the said debts the herein grantees are to declare and agree that they will stand possessed of the said Trant's interest as in trust for the Crown. King's Warrant Book XX, pp. 164–6.