Warrants etc
September 1699


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'Warrants etc: September 1699', Calendar of Treasury Books, Volume 15: 1699-1700 (1933), pp. 240-243. URL: http://www.british-history.ac.uk/report.aspx?compid=83233 Date accessed: 27 November 2014.


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September 1699

Sept. 26.Report to the Treasury Lords from John Povey (in the absence of William Blathwayt) on the memorial of Mr. Brooks. As Receiver General of the public revenue in New York he has yearly transmitted four quarterly accounts of the public revenues arising there by the Customs, Excise, the King's Beam, Quit Rents and such Aids as have been sent thither from the adjacent Colonies for the security of the frontiers of that Province, to wit from 31 Jan. 1690–1 (when he first entered upon that Office) to 7 June 1698 when he was suspended by the Earl of Bellomont. These quarterly accounts are all certified by the Deputy Auditor to be truly stated and Col. Fletcher has certified to most of the said accompts during his Government that he believes them to be true charges and discharges of the revenue for the respective quarters. The accomptant has also produced a receipt from Mr. Cortland (one of the present Commissioners for the receipt of said revenue) for the balance [remaining on the foot] of said accompts. The accomptant has further, since his coming into England, delivered in an accompt of the Additional Duty raised by several Acts of Assembly in New York in 1692 and since [that year], for payment of the debts of the Government and other uses expressed in the said Acts and an accompt of the taxes raised by public rates by Acts of Assembly in New York for the security of the frontiers during the war; which accompts I have examined with the vouchers produced by him. I have made several objections thereto as below. In reply the accomptant's agents allege that they are ready to answer provided they may have time to send to New York for the vouchers that are wanting. Whereupon your Lordships being attended with a short abstract of the said accompts you ordered copies of same to be sent to the Earl of Bellomont for examination with [by] the accomptant's vouchers in New York. Those accompts are now ready to be sent to said Earl. To save him trouble and expense his vouchers may be examined here rather than sent to New York. In this case he may be allowed time to send to New York to complete his said vouchers.
Followed by: objections to Mr. Brooks' accompts of the revenue [of New York].
for Col. Slaughter's salary516611
for Col. Fletcher's salary3651210½
for the Earl of Bellomont's salary9512
for his [Brooks'] salary455168
for sterling money1000
for payments upon orders not expressing for what service10320
for Pennsylvania Expedition upon the credit of that Province40113
The accomptant produces regular orders and receipts for these [abovesaid] payments justifying himself thereby for having paid the same according to his Instructions except for his own salary, &c.
Payments upon defective vouchers.
to Major Schuyler in 169119180
to ditto in 169111911
to Robert Stone in 1693174
to Robert Aliston in 16931150
to John Clap in 16943129
to Hellick Cornelish in 1695500
to Stephen Cortland in 1695363
to John Trevot in 1695900
to John Messo in 16955111¾
to Augustin Grahme in 16961200
to Isaac Deschamp in 1696106
to Hendrick Renslaer in 1696990
to Hellick Cornelish in 1697234
to Francis le Comte in 16971100
to George Lockart in 1694187
to Daniel Honan in 169410500
to Depeyster in 16943700
to bills of incidents in the accomptant's office for the last 10 quarters without orders84181
to himself for agency in England in 1698 without order17990
The accomptant has omitted to charge himself with
the bills received from Maryland about [the year] 169339000
money advanced to the public about 1692 for fitting out Major Schuyler's Dragoons329184
money advanced to the public about 1692 for Col. Slaughter's funeral20990
Memorandum: there is a further deficiency in the voucher produced for 60l. per an. allowed to the Minister of Albany which appears to be received by Mr. Clerkson the Secretary as his [the minister's] Attorney: but the letter of attorney is not produced as a voucher.
To the accompt of the Additional Duty, the whole charge whereof amounts to about 9294l. 7s. 9½d. The payments made in discharge of this accompt appears to be chiefly to Col. Bayard and Mr. Cortland, without expressing for what service, except 1882l. 13s. 4¾d. transmitted [transferred] to the accompts of the Ordinary Revenue and there accompted for. "But no order appears to warrant this transfer and [the transfer of] 1l. 7s. 8d. paid as the balance of this accompt to the present Receiver [successor to said Brooks].
For the general vouchers of this accompt the accomptant produces a copy of the Journal of the Assembly of the 20th June 1698, attested by the Secretary of the Commissioners of Trade to have been received by him of the Earl of Bellomont's Agent here; whereby it appears that besides the said 1882l. 13s. 4¾d. the sum of 4443l. 15s. 8½d. had been issued out of the said Duty pursuant to the Acts of Assembly: which [sums] being in all 6326l. 9s, 1¼d. there remains 2967l. 18s. 8¼d. to be accompted for by the accomptant; for which he is ready to produce the receipts of Mr. Bayard and Mr. Cortland for his discharge.
To the accompt of Taxes: amounting to 27079l. 11s. 11¼d.
For the voucher of this whole accompt [there] is produced the copy of the Journal of the Assembly 20 June 1698, attested by the Secretary of the Commissioners of Trade to have been received by him from the Earl of Bellomont's Agent here; whereby the accomptant is allowed to have paid by warrants from the Governor and Council out of the taxes24527183
Of the remainder [being 2551l. 13s. 8¼d] he discharges himself by an account of debts standing out£15896
the balance paid to Mr. Cortland by order6587
the residue by several articles craved by the accomptant amounts to30319
[sic ? for303196½]
Out Letters (Plantations Auditor) II, pp. 26–27, 28–30.