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'Appendix', Calendar of Treasury Books, Volume 15: 1699-1700 (1933), pp. 447-454. URL: Date accessed: 23 September 2014.


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Establishment of Half Pay for the Officers of Horse, Dragoons and Foot disbanded 10 Sept. 1697 (see supra p. 320 under date 16 April 1700).
Col. Harvey's Regiment:
Lieut. Col. Thomas Pownall as Lieut. Col. and Captain 11s.: Major John Petry as Major and Captain 9s. 9d.
Captains William Prettyman, Thomas Stanwix and Charles Dormer each 7s.
Lieutenants Richard Jeffreys, John Gumbleton, Anthony Bartlemy, Edward Cockram and Henry Townsend each 5s.
Cornets James Butler, Francis Forrester, Edmund Smyth, Fra. Majeson, John Seagrave each 4s. 6d.
Quartermasters John Drake, Phabian Phillips, Adam Blair, Mart. Grandprey and John Mozett each 3s.: Cha. Pinkney Chaplain 3s. 4d.
Lord Windsor's Regiment:
Thomas, Lord Windsor as Colonel and Captain 13s.: Lieut.
Col. William Culliford as Lieut. Col. and Captain 11s.:
Major Isaac de la Font as Major and Captain 9s. 9d.
Captains William Elwes and Samuell Shute 7s.
Captain Lieutenant Nicholas Lapel 5s.
Lieutenants Wallop Brabazon, Edward Clifford, Francis Ellison, Thomas Done and Thomas Gawdy each 5s.
Cornets Thomas Leigh, Anto. Najac, Thomas Newell, Charles West and Thomas Dodsworth each 4s. 6d.
Quartermasters David Lawrence, Humphry Poole, Henry Razoux, Richard Parks, Phillip Evat and John Serjeant each 3s.: William Legard, Chaplain 3s. 4d.
Col. Leigh's Regiment:
Col. Edward Leigh as Colonel and Captain 13s.: Lieut. Col.
Anto. Rodney as Lieut. Col. and Captain 10s.: Major John Corbet as Major and Captain 8s.
Captains John Orfeur, Robert Hedges, Henry Carter and Edward Goddard each 5s. 6d.: Capt. Lieutenant William Emmett 3s.
Lieutenants Francis Brown, 3s., Gideon Bonivert, Henry Hartus, John Nicholson, George Walker and Henry Powney each 3s.
Cornets Thomas Edwards, Henry Rodney, Thomas Chetwood, Geo. Phillips, John Pearson, John Usher and Anto. Fackenhoff each 2s. 6d.
Quarter-Masters Anto. Bishop, Edward Orfeur, Robert Cuningham, Dunc Mackenny, Anto. Buckeridge, Geo. Snow, George Newman, Richard Searle each 2s.
Cha. Johnson, Chaplain 3s. 4d.
The Earl of Denbigh's Regiment:
Bazil, Earl of Denbigh as Colonel and Captain 13s.: Major William Oglethorpe as Major and Captain 8s.
Captains Thomas Hartopp, Geo. Whitmore, Richard Creed, Henry Cromwell, Samuell Lennard each 5s. 6d.
Captain Lieutenant Eli. Studholm 3s.
Lieutenants Edward Nicholls, Arthur Pepys, Francis Harwood, Samson Breedy, John Creed, Lewis Lestang and Daniel Bonmer each 3s.
Cornets William Cecil, Geo. Jucks, Edward Cooper, Anto.
Chester, Barlow Wickham, Younger Cook, John Grace each 2s. 6d.
Quarter-Masters John Hodgson, Daniel Wayte, Peter de la Rue, William Hewit, Christopher Chapham, John Hilton, and Robert Lightfoot each 2s.
Thomas Rose, Chaplain 3s. 4d.
Major General Thomas Erle's Regiment of Foot:
Captains Andrew Abington, Thomas Took, Edward Jones, Charles Floyer, John Simmons, Thomas Wagget, Richard Henning and Peter Minshall each 4s. 8d.
Captain Lieutenant Jos. Dolling 2s. 4d.
Lieutenants John Pratt, Henry Trenchard, Robert Strangeways, Robert Northcot, John Jackson, Edward Hastings, Francis Izod, Hopton Twiniho, Benja. Tredenham, Cha. Gooking, Edward Emmet each 2s. 4d.
Ensigns Samuell Norman, Ignatius White, Gilbert Barrington, Zach. Clarke, Thomas Coward, Jos. Henning, Robt.
Clarke, William Strode, Henry Hawley, John Williams each 1s. 10d.
Edward Scarborough, Chaplain 3s. 4d.; Rt. Northcot, Quarter Master 2s. 0d.
The late Duke of Bolton's Regiment:
Lieut. Col. Hen. Hickman as Lieut. Col. and Captain 8s.
2d.: Major John Aspin as Major and Captain 7s. 2d.
Captains Robert Parsons, Ralph Gore, Fitzmaur[ice] Gifford, Thomas Porter, Phillip Gerg, James Manley, Thomas Kitson, Edward Mansell, John Powell each 4s. 8d.
Capt.-Lieutenant Mich. Robinson 2s. 4d.
Lieutenants Henry Sewell, Christopher Robinson, Maur.
Betsworth, Thomas Colon, John Jardin, John Wilson, Leonard Thornton, Richard Coleman, Thomas Toogood, Edward Pyle, Rowland Cockran and Christopher Harrison each 2s. 4d.
Ensigns Thomas Westwood, John Skyes, Gilburn Scroop, John Ramsey, John Pippin, Phillip Orfeur, Thomas Hewit, John Applin, William Cook, John Busted and Lennard Keeling each 1s. 10d.
Samuell Pickett, Chaplain 3s. 4d.; John Gerg, Quarter Master 2s. 0d.
Col. Richard Coote's Regiment:
Col. Richard Coote as Colonel and Captain 11s. 4d.; Lieut.
Col. Thomas Allen as Lieut. Col. and Capt. 8s. 2d.; Major Francis Holroyd as Major and Captain 7s. 2d.
Captains Ralph Brenn, Stephen Capell, Robert Houston, William Adaire, Loftus Duckinfield, William Harrison, Dudley Loftus, Francis Toplady, William Rutter and Parkin Vaughan each 4s. 8d.
Capt.-Lieutenant Chandler 2s. 4d.
Lieutenants Maurice Warren, Geo. Pordam, John Goodwynn William Wadds, Geo. Wingfield, John Ewer, Hugh Smyth, Thurston Haddock, Thomas Gold, Isaac Jacob, William Gargrave and William Pyewell each 2s. 4d.
Ensigns Blundel Summers, Hen. Hodgkinson, Peter Ducla, George Hewit, Thomas Mansell, John Tucker, Thomas Bourden, George Napper and Daniel Winter each 1s. 10d.
Thomas Langdarth, Chaplain 3s. 4d.
Col. Thomas Brudenall's Regiment:
Col. Thomas Brudenall as Colonel and Captain 11s. 4d.: Lieut. Col. John Hubbart as Lieut. Col. and Capt. 8s. 2d.; Major John Rose as Major and Captain 7s. 2d.
Captains Neh[emiah] Farmer, William Gay, Robert Cecill, John Lloyd, Edmd. Keating, John Hutchinson, Peter Lisle, Cha. Edwards, Solomon Rapin and Thomas Aston each 4s. 8d.
Lieutenants John Anto. Barmier, George Foulks, Thomas Piers, Alexander Gay, Rixton Darby, George Beate, John Mussage, Phillip Carpenter, Charles Burgh, Gilbert Pickering, William Barton, Edward Dove and John Burgh each 2s. 4d.
Ensigns John Mackensie, Thomas Lloyd, John Farmer, Hugh Drisdale, William Rose, Samuel Hutchinson, Henry Warren, Samuell Francis and Samuell Hackett each 1s. 10d.
William Stoughton, Chaplain 3s. 4d.: John Fulford, QuarterMaster 2s.
Col. Thomas Saunderson's Regiment:
Col. Thomas Saunderson as Col. and Captain 11s. 4d.: Lieut.
Col. Charles Wills as Lieut. Col. and Capt. 8s. 2d.: Major Richard Sutton as Major and Captain 7s. 2d.
Captains Geo. Burston, Hen. Frankland, Isaac Knight, Thomas Bedford, Phillip Griffin, Richard Bolton, James Brathwayt, John Saunders, Walter Pallister and William Brereton each 4s. 8d.
Capt.-Lieutenant Ja. Harris 2s. 4d.; Lieutenants William Singleton, Robert Jackson, William Whittoff, Francis Filbridge, Marc Anto. Bernard, Nathaniel Potter, Peter de St. Just, Alexander Davison, John Bernard, Hugh Pallister and Richard Pinnock each 2s. 4d.
Ensigns Stamp Yarborow, Andrew Day, Jno. Partridge, Geo. Saunderson, John Sharp, Nicholas Tyrwhit, Robert Hume, John Daulton, Thomas Vauchin and William Saunderson each 1s. 10d.
John Waley, Chaplain; Hen. Clarke, Quarter-Master 2s.
Col. John Gibson's Regiment:
Lieut. Col. Thomas Dove as Lieut. Col. and Captain 8s. 2d.
Captains Medburn Smith, Clifford Brexton, Griffin May, Robert Daliel, John Foulk, Edward Rigby, Jos. Hargrave and Geo. Watkins each 4s. 8d.
Captain-Lieutenant Luke Spicer 2s. 4d.; Lieutenants Alexander Hardine, George Heron, Nathan[iel] Lawson, Peter Morin, Jermin Archbold, Tho[mas] Symons, David Gibsone, Lewis Liermont and Jacob Boyce each 2s. 4d.
Ensigns James Gibsone, Roger Handasyde, Isa. Gab. La Font, — Houghton, Peter Heart, Fra. Gibsone, William Wanless, Robert Overton, William Levingston and Bryan Stapleton each 1s. 10d.
David Heart, Chaplain 3s. 4d.; William Slone, QuarterMaster 2s. 0d.
Col. Thomas Farrington's Regiment:
Lieut. Col. William Froud as Lieut. Col. and Captain 8s. 2d.:
Major Christopher Wray as Major and Capt. 7s. 2d.
Captains Cha. Cratchrode, Thomas Phillips, John Dally, John Bickley, James Howard, Robert Cheyne, Richard Nanfan, Robert Minzeis, Samuell Pitman and James Otway, each 4s. 8d.
Capt.-Lieutenant John White 2s. 4d.: Lieutenants Francis Lewis, John Danvers, John Brooks, Vere Harcourt, Charles Drake, Robert Uthwayt, Cha. Midleton, James Devise, John Greenwood, Robert Carr, David Castellane and Robert Pyke each 2s. 4d.
Ensigns Dankin Wilmott, Antho. Gaudy, Peter Bonafons, William Carr, Courtney Southwell, John Miller, Thomas Farrington, Abell Cook, John Davenport, Cha. de Castelnau and Richard Bissell each 1s. 10d.
John Hancox, Chaplain 3s. 4d.; Ja. Howard, Quarter-Master 2s. 4d. [2s. 0d.].
The late Col. William Northcott's Regiment:
Lieut. Col. Alexander Luttrell as Lieut. Col. and Capt.
8s. 2d.: Major Thomas Carew as Major and Capt. 7s. 2d.
Captains William Courtney, Alexander Cockle, Jonath[an] Stukley, Phillip Docton, Thomas Adams, Walter Pigott, Christopher Dalton, James Blakeney, Benjamin Buller and Francis Blynman each 4s. 8d.
Capt.-Lieutenant William Tregea, Lieutenants Walter Elliott, Abraham Cookley, James Clark, Robert Stawell, John Taylor, Solomon Balmier, John Owen, Ephr. Aylward, John Conyers, Mark Hildesley and John Salter each 2s. 4d.
Ensigns John Beckwith, Richard Tippet, William Northcot, John Harris, John Northcot, Charles Stackley, Thomas Northcot and Adam Wightman 1s. 10d. each.
Geo. Snell, Chaplain 3s. 4d.: John Andrews, Quarter-Master 2s. 0d.
The Independent Companies.
Captain John Pitt 4s. 0d.: Lieutenant Thomas Marwood 2s. 9d.: Col. Rouse as Lieutenant 2s. 4d.: Ensign Thomas Thomson 1s. 10d.
Royal Regiment:
Captain James Crofts 5s. 6d.: Lieutenants John Richerson and Thomas Cropley each 3s.: Cornets — Harris and John Marshall each 2s. 6d.: Quarter Masters Robert Richerson and John Anderson each 2s.
Col. Lloyd's Regiment:
Captain Peter Hawker 5s. 6d.: Lieutenants John Perkins and Thomas Huntbach 3s. each. Cornets Joseph Scaife and Cornelius de Witt 2s. 6d. each. Quarter-Masters Thomas Haley and Charles Headlam 2s. each.
Earl of Essex's Regiment:
Captains Andrew Samazon and Fra. St. George 5s. 6d. each: Lieutenants Benja[min] Martin and James Hamilton 3s. each: Cornet John Gravenor 2s. 6d.: Quarter-Masters John Oliver, Nathaniel Manchier 2s. each.
Brigadier Selwyn's Regiment:
Captains William Kingsley and John Arnot 4s. 8d. each: Lieutenants Hugh Phillip, Henry Godfrey and Henry Sands 2s. 4d. each: Ensigns Robert Wansbrough, William Danby and Fra. Bickerstaff 1s. 10d. each.
Major General Churchill's Regiment:
Captains Josua Churchill, William Bright and Charles Churchill 4s. 8d. each: Lieutenants George Palfrey, Barnaby Bowtall and John Grierson each 2s. 4d.: Ensigns Thomas Manwaring, Thomas White and John Grant 1s. 10d. each.
Brigadier Trelawney's Regiment:
Captains Samuell Mitchell, Richard Ceely and John Lloyd each 4s. 8d.: Lieutenants Leonard Fish, Geo. Nelthrop and Hen. Walker each 2s. 4d.: Ensigns Richard Tregeagle and Hen. Devenish each 1s. 10d.
Major General Erle's Regiment:
Captain — Wilkinson 4s. 8d.: Ensign Robert Adams 1s. 10d.
Capt. Henry Holt's Regiment:
Col. Henry Holt as Col. and Capt. 11s. 4d.: Major Edward Nott as Major and Captain 7s. 2d.: Captain David Ganspoule 4s. 8d.
First Lieutenants John Lyons, Henry Meoles, Robert Cunningham and Charles Lloyd each 2s. 4d.
Second Lieutenants Francis Smyth, Adrian Godolphin, Henry Plarn and John Sanderson each 2s. 4d.
Quarter-Master John Perry 2s.
The late Col. Russell's Regiment:
Major Thomas Garth as Major and Captain 7s. 2d.
First Lieutenants Richard Hopson and George Pain each 2s. 4d.
Col. Lillingston's Regiment.
Major James Mountjoy as Major and Captain 7s. 2d.
Ensign Richard Holland 1s. 10d.
Marquis of Carmarthen's Regiment:
Captains Anthony Gibbons, Steward Spicer, Unton Deering, William Bradbury, Edward Weaver each 4s. 8d.
First Lieutenants Thomas Horner, Thomas Needler, Jacob Levesque, John Forster, William Grace, Richard Thomas, Henry Phillips, John Patilo, Edmd. Harris, Robert Austin each 2s. 4d.
Second Lieutenants Peter Chasseloup, Geo. Harnage, Cha. Christian, Charles Cooper, George Ord, Edwd. Cowley, John Dixon, Peregrine Bertie, James Brough, Thomas Golding, Vincent Bonnard, Thomas Pretty, Christopher Buck, John Anderson each 2s. 4d.
Sir Cloudesly Shovel's Regiment:
Major Thomas Webberly 7s. 2d.: Captains George Rodney, Samuell Odbert, John Thornhill, John Vanbrook each 4s. 8d.
First Lieutenants Thomas Bourk, Archibald Purvis, William Richards, Phillip Reeves, Manlie Callis, John Lancaster, Thomas Brown, James Saunders, James Mallory each 2s. 4d.
Second Lieutenants William Hibberd, Richard Doiley, Richard Sanger, Alexander Cragg, David Evans, James Desbordes, George Howard, Thomas Miles, Griffith Vaughan, Charles Burton, Walter Dougherley [sic for Doughertey], Lewis Billingsley each 2s. 4d.
Col. William Seymour's Regiment:
Col. William Seymour 11s. 4d.: Major William Dornell. Captains Alexander Hamilton, John Le Hunt, Henry Fulville, Lesly Finch, John Gilbert, William Helmsley, William Bissett, Abraham Delivron, Nicholas Lechiere each 4s. 8d.
First Lieutenants John Hutton, Paul Craddock, Henry Dale, Francis Scott, John Lowther, Thomas Crawford, William Walcot, Robert Parker, Winwood Masham, John Hill, John Finch, Richard Cullon, Richard Hammaker each 2s. 4d.
Ensigns James Dejoye, Samuell Graham, Thomas Willis, Cutts Haston, John Whitehall, Samuell Bell, William Adams, Thomas Sutton, Peter Colborn, William Armorer, Thomas Hooper, Isaac Ewres, James Moor each 1s. 10d.
C. Josselyn, Chaplain 3s. 4d.; John Webb, Quarter Master 2s. 0d.
Col. Edward Dutton Colt's Regiment:
Col. Edward Dutton Colt 11s. 4d.: Lieut. Col. Theo. Rabesniere 8s. 2d.: Major Henry Grove 7s. 2d.
Captains William Abrahall, John Phill Goodwyn, Geo. Dutton Colt, Richard Cobham, Robert Swift, John Thomson, Lewis de Sediere, Charles Dereham, Anto. Stoughton, Oliver d' Hercourt each 4s. 8d.
Lieutenants James Paynter, John Stennett, Peter Regnaud, Nich Cook, George Grime, John Caswall, Alexander Forster, Robert Innis, William Whittacre, William Codd, Alexander Macraw, Richard Cole, John Barraton each 2s. 4d.
Ensigns William Charnell, Sir William Mansell, William Besbreech, Peter Hall, Robert Smyth, Lewis de Boye, Robert Pargeter, Francis Otway, James Rainsford, Richard Stronghill, — Vaugensinner each 1s. 10d.
Robert Cox, Chaplain, 3s, 4d.: William Fiswick, Quarter Master.
Col. Henry Mordaunt's Regiment:
Lieut. Col. Jos. Johnson 8s. 2d.: Major Edward Norton 7s. 2d.
Captains Lewis Mordaunt, Louis Cont de Ligniere, Francis Rufane, Nicholas de la Noe, Hugh Dean, John Brereton, Thomas Somner, Samuell Forster each 4s. 8d.
Lieutenants Mich Benediot, Theo. Duchesne, Jas la Boullage [Boullaye], Geo. Ford, John Jewett, Thomas Wiltshire, John Woodcock, Francis Foulk, — Desclouseux, Lewis Rivall, John Sait, Obadiah More, George Foulks, each 2s. 4d.
Ensigns Henry Nicholls, Hugh White, Charles Harwick, Paul Dancour, Oliver Hethrington, Henry Mordaunt, Thomas Brown, John Maynard, Samuell Forrester, Charles Mordaunt, Charles Mordaunt, George Patriarch each 1s. 10d.
Peter Rivall, Chaplain 3s. 4d.: Lewis de Plessy, Quarter Master 2s. 0d.
Col. Thomas Brudenall's Regiment:
Major Joseph Stopford 7s. 2d.: Captains Ellis Cooper, William Spragg, Gilbert Symmons, Benj. Bennett, John Webb, James Plunkett, John Phillips, Charles Williams, John Harnage, Robert Hill each 4s. 8d.
First Lieutenants Charles Stevens, William Saunderson, Humphy Leary, Richard Allison, Joseph Butler, Henry Killigrew, Thomas Brown, John Davis, Ruben Caillaud, Thomas Wilson, Robert Bing each 2s. 4d.
Second Lieutenants Giles Stevens 1s. 10d.
to 68 disabled Officers and 600 disabled private men (for whom there is no room in Chelsea Hospital) who are lodged at Windsor, Hampton Court, Chester and Tynemouth: whose allowances (being half pay to the Officers and 5d. a day to each private man besides clothes once in two years) amounts in one year to 6763l. 18s. 8d.
Commissaries of the Musters:
Deputy Commissaries Charles Abington, Geo. Harlackenden, Thomas Aldcroft each 5s.
Two old Marine Regiments Sir Thomas Knatchbull 10s., George Gillard, 5s.
Four late Marine Regiments George Byng 10s., Edward Aylmer 5s.
Additional list and Establishment of Half Pay for the several English disbanded Officers hereafter mentioned and of such who served in Scots Regiments upon English Establishment at the time of their being disbanded: to commence from the respective days of their being disbanded and naturalization accordingly: and to be continued until Xmas next upon certificates as in the foregoing lists.
Capt. William Davison (Earl of Lindsey's Regiment) 4s. 8d.
Capt. John Le Wright (Col. Bochan's Regiment) 4s. 8d.
Lieut. John Fishwick (Earl of Strathnaver's Regiment) 2s. 4d.
Lieut. Gustavas Belford (Lord Jedborough's Dragoons) 3s. 0d.
Lieut. Oliver Wheeler (Lord Lorne's Regiment) 2s. 4d.
Lieut. John Highems (Col. Geo. Hamilton's Regiment) 2s. 4d.
Ensign Theophilus Nicholls (Earl of Portmore's Regiment) 1s. 10d.
Capt. Sixt Dahlem (Col. Bochan's Regiment) 4s. 8d.
Capt. De la Bene (Lord Lorne's Regiment) 4s. 8d.
Capt. Millon (Col. Rowe's Regiment) 4s. 8d.
Lieut. John Hauteclaire (Col. Rowe's Regiment) 2s. 4d.
Capt. La Jour (Brigadier Maitland's Regiment) 4s. 8d.
Capt. Gignoux (Col. Bochan's Regiment) 4s. 8d.
Ensign Daniel Campagne (Lord Portmore's Regiment) 1s. 10d.
Mervin Perry, chaplain (Lord Portmore's Regiment) 3s. 4d.
Lieut. Col. Guyllim (Col. Bochan's Regiment) 8s. 2d.
Capt. James Gibbons (Col. Geo. Hamilton's Regiment) 4s. 8d.
Lieut. John Bland (Lord Jedborough's Regiment) 3s. 0d.
Cornet Archibald Primrose (Lord Jedborough's Regiment) 3s. 0d. 2s. 6d.
Capt. Henry Wortly (Col. Rowe's Regiment) 4s. 8d.
Edward D' Ailvergne, chaplain (Scots Guards) 3s. 4d. King's Warrant Book XX, pp. 307–313.
July 16.Treasury warrant to the Surveyor General of Crown Lands to amend the particular of Buckholt Wood in order to the lease thereof to Thomas Smith ut supra p. 122. Warrants not Relating to Money XVI, p. 255.