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April 1701


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William A. Shaw (editor)

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April 1701

April 1,
Present: Sir Stephen Fox; Chancellor of the Exchequer; Mr. Hill; Mr. Pelham.
The Treasury Commission constituting Lord Godolphin, Sir S. Fox, Chancellor Boyle, Mr. Hill and Mr. Pelham as Lords is read.
[Order for 2000l. to the Navy on the head of Wages to pay off tenders: [to be issued] out of the loans on the Vote.
[A draft] letter for Mr. Vanbrook is read and approved.
The letter for determining the matter between Bodington and Graham is read and approved.
The letter for the Duke of Devonshire's piece of hanging is read and approved.
Ordered that the Wine Licences Commisioners do forthwith bring hither their accounts of the produce of the wine licences during the 10 years of their term and to charge themselves with all arrears received by them of that revenue due before the commencement of their term. Treasury Minute Book XII, p. 243.
April 2,
Present: Sir Stephen Fox; Mr. Chancellor of the Exchequer; Mr. Hill.
Capt. Delaval's order is to be paid.
[Order for] 250l. for 2 quarters to the Lord Almoner.
Lady Stapleton to give bond for £5000 only to indemnify the King against claims of arrears.
[The King's] letter for 1143l. 9s. 6d. to Capt. Delaval et al is read and approved. Ibid., p. 244.
April 3,
Present: ut supra.
The 200l. odd due to Capt. Rigby for wages at the Navy Office is to be paid to him or so much imprested [to him] by the Navy Board and to be satisfied out of any money for wages [and is] to enable him to pay 200l. in part of his fine to the King.
If 500000l. be not subscribed for circulating Exchequer Bills upon this contract now set forth [my Lords promise that] the subscribers shall not be bound by their subscriptions. Ibid., p. 245.
April 7,
Present: Sir Stephen Fox; Chancellor Boyle; Mr. Hill; Mr. Pelham.
[Order for] 36l. 17s. 3¼d. to John Sparks sheriff of Bucks on his order.
[Order for] 1000l. for the K[ing] for secret service.
[Write] to the Agents for Taxes to be here to-morrow morning and to the [Principal] Officers of the Mint to be here then.
Make a Memorandum for the King's pleasure concerning the Comptrollers of the Mint.
[Order for] 400l. to be imprested to Mr. Borret.
[Write] to the Customs Commissioners to attend to-morrow afternoon and to bring an account how Mr. Colt's debts stand at present.
Green and Spendelove [come in with their Counsel and their case is heard]. Mr. Dod [of counsel] for Green says that Woodward was first indebted to Green for the King's money; that Green first seized his estate: Green has paid all due to the King and by the course of the Exchequer should have the lease of the extended estate: it never was contradicted in the like case and there is a proviso that my Lords can determine Spendelove's lease. Mr. Tully says Spendelove's lease was unfairly obtained without notice.
Mr. Browne for Spendelove owns that my Lords have power to avoid the lease but says that by Green's inquisition Woodward is found debtor to Green; whereas [by] Spendelove's inquisition Woodward is found debtor to the King in 1000l.: Green's debt was of long standing from Woodward who was his relation and juggled with him; and Spendelove has actually paid the 1000l. to the King: this matter was determined before by the Treasury and Spendelove has commenced suits that must fail if this lease to Spendelove is vacated: that an immediate debt to the King ought to be preferred to a debt in aid.
Dod [replies that] there is no relation between Woodward and Green but that of debtor and creditor; both extents are in aid; [there is in this respect] no difference: the lands were seized by Green's inquisition, and so the suggestion in Spendelove's lease is false: 'tis a void lease and [obtained] upon misinformation.
Spendelove's lease is read and appears to be grounded upon his own inquisition.
My Lords will advise with the Attorney General. Ibid., p. 246.
eodem die afternoon.Present: Earl of Rochester; Lord Godolphin; Sir Stephen Fox; Chancellor Boyle; Mr. Hill.
Capt. Stanyan et al. are called in. Lord Godolphin says he remembers the patent of discharge was given to them as a great favour and kindness and to even all accounts but not to make the King a debtor to them, and when that patent was granted the meaning was to put a final end to the whole affair.
They pray the King's aid to recover some arrears which they say are due to them in Ireland not by them assigned to the King. They must exhibit a particular of those arrears to be first sent into Ireland and examined there.
They will offer some particulars to raise money.
[Order for the issue to Mr. Lowndes of] 1200l. for secret service. Ibid., p. 247.
April 8,
Present: all my Lords.
[Write] to the Governors and Directors of the Bank that my Lords desire to speak with some of them to-morrow morning.
Write to the Surveyor [General of Crown Lands] to hasten his report concerning the stones and materials of the Castle of York.
[Write] to Mr. Young and Mr. Ryley to be here to-morrow morning.
[Write] to the Director of the Old East India Company to be here to-morrow morning.
The 100l. upon the Agents for Taxes' order is to be now paid.
Sir Samuell Barnardiston's order of 1405l. 18s. 10d. [is ordered] to be paid.
Write to the Victuallers and the Earl of Ranelagh to be here tomorrow morning.
The Gentlemen of the Bank [?attend]. Ibid., p. 248.
eodem die afternoon.Present: Lord Godolphin; Sir Stephen Fox; Mr. Pelham.
Mr. Row to be acquainted that in case he doth not acquiesce in the agreement made when the warrant was signed for stop of process my Lords will be obliged to take off the said stop.
Write to Mr. Holt to know if there be any arrears standing out of the Sub[sidies] ended at Xmas 1699 and if so what they amount to and what debentures may still be chargeable thereon: and to make an estimate of moneys now due upon bonds for the 15 per cent. by the candle and how much that Duty will amount to by East India silks and muslins &c. to be imported by Michaelmas next over and above all drawbacks estimated as payable thereout.
Desire the Attorney General and Solicitor General to be here on Friday about a doubt concerning the payment of the new sub[sidy] for portage wines. Treasury Minute Book XII, p. 248.
April 9,
Wednesday forenoon.
Present: all my Lords.
The Earl of Ranelagh comes in [order for the issue to him of] 20000l. by tallies out of the last Vote of Credit for 50000l. for the Forces.
The Gentlemen of the Bank are called in. Lord Godolphin acquaints them that not as a bank but as private persons they are desired to promote the present subscription for circulating Exchequer Bills. Mr. Ward says that in their private as well as public capacities they have and will endeavour to promote the subscription. Lord Godolphin says that several gentlemen here are concerned in the circulation and desires them to propose anything that they conceive for this service. They desire my Lords to recommend the subscription to the Navy Commissioners, the Victualling, Sir Stephen Evance and others that [i.e. such as] my Lords think may be serviceable.
Order for the issue to the Navy Treasurer (out of loans to be made by the said Treasurer on yesterday's Vote of Credit) of any sum not exceeding 100,000l. for the Victualling; 20,000l. thereof to be for the buying of flesh in the Victualling Office; 7446l. 13s. 4d. for 4 months' Necessary money for the pursers; 5000l. to pay for short provisions to the West India Squadron; 40553l. 6s. 8d. for the course of the Victualling; 21000l. for Short Allowance Money; 6000l. for bills of exchange: making 100,000l. in all. Ibid., p. 249.
eodem die, Wednesday afternoon. Kensington.Present: the King; all the five Lords.
Mr. Stratford's proposal for providing about 20000l. worth of cloth for Sweden is read. My Lords are [directed by the King] to agree with him so that the service be despatched. Write to Mr. Stratford to attend on Friday morning.
Lord Fitzharding [his petition is read]. Refer it to Lord Halifax.
The Comptrollers of the Mint [their petition is read]. Next week the King will determine.
The King's Trumpeters and Drummers [their petition is read]. The King will know how much in money was formerly allowed them.
Lord Montagu is to send [to his Majesty] the precedents.
The King will have the new Establishment for Newfoundland [to] be supplied out of so much of the pay of the gunners now on the Establishment of the Guards and Garrisons.
Lord Chancellor Methwyn [his petition is read: the King orders him] to have 1000l. in Ireland as bounty.
Daniel Sadler [his petition is read]. Write to the Transports Commissioners to attend on Friday morning about it.
Lord Suffolk [his petition is read. Write to] the Attorney General to report what Audley End was bought for, how much paid, how much due and what it has cost the Crown besides.
Major Hen. Foubert [his petition is read]. He is to explain his petition and then it is to be referred to the Surveyor [General of Crown Lands].
[A petition is read from the] Churchwardens &c. of St. Martin's concerning the widow of John Russell. The King can do nothing in it.
Hugh, Lord Willoughby of Parham [his petition is read. The King orders him] 200l.
Lord Hunsdon, Lord Eure and Lord Culpeper [their petitions are read]. See what has been paid to each of them.
The Marquess of Carmarthen [his petition is read].
Ann Paltock [her petition is read]. The arrears to be paid to the time of his death but no further.
Sara Cobbot [her petition is read]. Referred to see if [it is] a discovery.
Sara Abbott [her petition is read]. Not granted.
Speak with the Lord Chamberlain to have a new Establishment made.
Henry Killigrew [his petition is read: ordered to have] 50l.
The Scheme [of Civil List payments] is approved; make an abstract of it for the King.
Randue to have three quarters.
[Order for the issue to Mr. Lowndes of] 1000l. for secret service. Ibid., p. 250.
April 11.
Friday forenoon. Cockpit, Treasury Chambers.
Present: all the five Lords.
[Order for] 500l. to the Cofferer upon account of the Running Horses.
Mrs. Howard is now to be paid 500l. in part of her portion of 3000l.
[Ordered that] 4880l. is to be paid according to the [Civil List payments] scheme: to be for Sir Stephen Evance for jewels.
[Ordered that] 3595l. 19s. 0d. is to be now paid to the Earl of Manchester viz. 2600l. for half a year's ordinary [as ambassador to France] and 995l. 15s. 0d. for extraordinaries.
[Order for] 2000l. to the Treasury Lords for a quarter's salary.
Mr. Stratford will proceed with all expedition in furnishing the cloth not exceeding 20000l. for Sweden.
Desire some of the Africa Company to be here on Monday morning. Write to the New East India Company to be here then. Ibid., p. 251.
April 14,
Monday forenoon.
Present: ut supra.
[Write] to Mr. Dodington and Auditor Done to be here to-morrow.
My Lords order Mr. Borret to proceed to a trial of the case concerning the church of St. Botolph: to maintain the King's title: at the King's charge.
The Secretaries of State to be paid their last quarter.
Write to Mr. Bodington and Mr. Piper to be here on Wednesday morning.
Write to the Customs Commissioners to hasten their report on the petition of John Gardner and to forbear the prosecution of him till they have made their report and have received my Lords' direction thereupon.
Sir Robert Killigrew's warrant is to be satisfied. Ibid., p. 252.
April 15,
Tuesday forenoon.
Present: Lord Godolphin; Mr. Hill; Mr. Pelham.
Sign the letter [of direction to the Exchequer] for 240l. for Mr. Randue; 200l. for the Maundy; 10l. for Mr. Roier.
[Write] to the Navy Commissioners to attend to-morrow morning about several demands made by the Navy Treasurer and about perfecting the report concerning the defalcations.
Order the late Commissioners of Sick and Wounded with Mr. Povey to attend to-morrow morning with an account how they have disposed the last money they received and to take direction for applying the remainder of the 20,000l. Ibid., p. 253.
April 16,
Wednesday forenoon.
Present: Lord Godolphin; Sir Stephen Fox; Mr. Hill.
Recommend John Chadock [to the Customs Commissioners] to be a quayman loco James Keyde deceased.
Recommend Thomas Bayly of Abingdon to be Surveyor for Window Duty &c. co. Berks. Direct the Agents for Taxes to enquire into the behaviour of the surveyor of those Duties co. Worcester.
Write to the [Principal] Officers of the Mint and Mr. Fauquier to be here this day week.
The letter [of direction to the Exchequer] for 10370l. 10s. 0d. on Mr. Nicholas' order is read and approved.
The [like] letter for 6250l. for the Wardrobe is read and approved.
[Order for the issue to the Navy Treasurer of] 15,000l. for the course for flag pay, pilotage, disbursements for pressing men, necessaries and bedding for the Fleet: to be issued out of loans: on the head of wages.
Likewise for 1500l. for advance to the chirurgeons of the Fleet for their chests: to be placed to the head of wages.
Likewise for 3,000l. on the same head: for manning the Fleet.
Likewise for 20,000l. on the same head to pay the officers the wages in arrear to them on the recalls [viz. such officers] who have passed their accounts.
[Order for] 1,250l. for the Secretaries of State's secret service.
The letter to the Navy Board for freight of the Machine Vessels is read and approved.
[Order for] 1,200l. to the Earl of Portland for a quarter on the Gardens: on the old Establishment [arrangement].
Order for 3,512l. 5s. 1d. to Mr. Shales [the King's] goldsmith. [All these above civil payments are] according to the scheme [of periodic payments out of the Civil List funds].
A letter [of direction to the Exchequer is approved] for 1538l. 11s. 6d. to satisfy several warrants to the poor of St. Michael Cornhill et al. as per the list. Treasury Minute Book XII, p. 254.
April 23,
Wednesday forenoon.
Present: Sir Stephen Fox; Chancellor Boyle; Mr. Hill; Mr. Pelham.
The letter [of direction to the Exchequer] for 6,120l. 10s. 11½d. for the Bedchamber men [Gentlemen and Grooms] is read and approved.
Likewise the letter for 5,600l. for pensions to the Duchess of Grafton et al.
Likewise the letter for 9,884l. for Mr. Stepney and the other foreign ministers.
The order for 2,133l. 7s. 2½d. for the Farmers of Post Fines is to be paid on June 4 next.
The [Principal] Officers of the Mint [attend. My Lords order] the auditors to attend on Monday with a state of the Mint accounts depending before them and their observations thereon and to inform my Lords what accounts of the country Mints are not yet brought to them.
Write to Mr. Done and Mr. Dodington to attend on Friday morning concerning the accounts of the Marine Regiments. Ibid., p. 255.
eodem die afternoon. Kensington.Present: the King; my Lords ut supra.
The Ordnance Officers [attend on the petition] about the pay of the gunners. They will make report to my Lords.
Col. Henry Holt the report [on his petition] is read. Direct Mr. Blathwayt to prepare a warrant according to the report.
Lieut. Col. Gore et al. [their petition is read]. If any money given to clear the arrears of the year 1699 are in the Earl of Ranelagh's hands the petitioners are to be paid: but not out of any Contingent Money.
Capt. William Wansbrough [his petition is read]. Refer to the Earl of Ranelagh.
Next week the King will determine his pleasure as to the office of Comptroller of the Mint.
Lord Willoughby and Lord Hunsdon: [order for] 100l. each.
Order for 500l. to Mr. Aglionby who is sent by his Majesty into Spain.
My Lords are [directed by the King] to consider Mr. Robinson with relation to the sum to be allowed to him.
Lady Jefferson [her petition is read]. Look into the precedents.
The Court Drums and Trunpeters [their petition is read]. The King will find them no liveries in money.
Mr. Mervin and Mr. Warburton [their petition is read]. Speak to my Lord Rochester about ordering their money.
The salary of the Ranger of Phoenix Park [is considered]. Speak with my Lord Rochester about this.
Mrs. Kirk [her petition is read]. The King orders the place of housekeeper at Whitehall to be reduced and that her arrears be paid and his Majesty will no further pay the rent of the house.
Sir Lambert Blackwell [his petition is read]. He is to be paid up equally to everybody else.
The Duchess of Buccleuch [her petition is read]. She is to have a year and a quarter within this year.
The Duchess of Cleveland [her petition is read]. She is to be paid a year within this year.
The Countess of Dorchester [her petition is read: order for] 400l. to be paid her as the King's bounty.
The Earls of Peterborough and Ranelagh [their petition is read]: not granted.
Eliz. Boson [her petition is read: the King orders her] 20l. as [royal] bounty.
Mr. Foubert [his petition is read]. He is to entertain a page and the King will pay the rent of his house but the King will be at no charge of repairs.
Francis, Earl of Bradford [his petition is read]: not granted.
Charles Earl of Carlisle [his petition is read]: no improvement [in or of a branch of the revenue] can be granted and it is well known already that 231 cubical inches in practice and 224 by the standard is the wine measure.
Monsieur D'Auverquere [his petition is read]. The balance of his account is to be paid into the Exchequer and issued to Mr. Jollivet as [royal] bounty.
Sarah Hamond [her petition is read: the King orders] nothing.
[Order for the issue to William Lowndes of] 1,000l. for secret service. Ibid., p. 256.
April 25,
Friday forenoon. Cockpit, Treasury Chambers.
Present: all the five Lords.
[Order for] the issue of half a year more, 728l. to Mr. Robinson on his [unsatisfied money] orders: to be issued out of the first money on the [scheme of payment of the Civil] List for the foreign ministers, to enable him to go to Lifland.
Mr. Thomas Matthews having cleared his accounts to [within] 851l. 4s. 0d. which [sum per contra] is due to him on an Exchequer order my Lords order that sum to be paid him out of Civil List money on June 4 next.
[Write] to Mr. Bertie to be here on Tuesday morning.
The letter [of direction to the Exchequer] for 9,000l. for the Maids of Honour is read and approved.
Likewise the letter for 496l. 2s. 2d. to Mr. Nicholas for fees. Treasury Minute Book XII, p. 257.
April 26.
Saturday forenoon.
Present: Lord Godolphin; Sir Stephen Fox; Mr. Hill; Mr. Pelham.
The Countess of Dorchester [my Lords sign a letter of direction for her for] 400l.
[Write] to the Navy Commissioners and Sir Thomas Littleton to be here on Monday morning. Ibid., p. 258.
April 28.
Monday forenoon.
Present: all the five Lords.
The Auditors of Imprests [attend].
[The Principal] Officers of the Mint [attend]. They are to send a copy of Mr. Rotier's patent.
Sir H. Dutton Colt is called in.
[Write] to the Commissioners of Customs and Excise to attend to-morrow.
Order for the Auditors to proceed in stating the accounts of the two old Marine Regiments and write the Colonels to deliver in all their vouchers.
[Write] to the Navy Commissioners to be here on Wednesday morning.
Write to the [Principal] Officers of the Ordnance to attend on Mr. Bertie's petition. Ibid., p. 259.
April 29,
Tuesday forenoon.
Present: Lord Godolphin; Chancellor Boyle; Mr. Hill; Mr. Pelham.
Mr. Cha. Bertie and Auditor Bridges [attend]. Prepare a sign manual to allow to Mr. Charles Bertie in his last account as Treasurer of the Ordnance the sum of 275l. in reward and satisfaction for himself and clerks during the half year ended 1699 Xmas in paying the moneys which remained in his hands for the service of the Office of Ordnance &c. Ibid., p. 260.
eodem die afternoon.Present: ut supra.
[Order for the issue of] one quarter due at Lady day last to the Secretaries of State.
[likewise for] 836l. 16s. 7d. to Capt. Munden et al.
Direct the Customs Commissioners to warn the two East India Companies to pay in the moneys due to the King upon their [Customs] bonds where the days of payment are passed, in default whereof the bonds will be put in suit.
The Customs Commissioners attend. Their papers are read and answers [are endorsed] upon them. Ibid.
April 30,
Wednesday forenoon.
Present: all the five Lords.
The Navy Commissioners are called in, also Mr. Dodington and the Auditors of Imprests. My Lords are of opinion that such perfect bills as shall be brought to the Earl of Orford or Mr. Dodington before 24 June next to discharge imprests shall be received by them and inserted in the said Earl's accounts now depending, that so the persons who received the said imprests cleared by such perfect bills may not be set in super in the Exchequer: and that notice be given by the Navy Board that no perfect bills after the said 24 June can be received so as to be inserted in the said account now depending.
My Lords direct that in the Earl of Orford's account he shall be charged not only with the money by him received at the Exchequer for the Marine Regiments (which ought to be comprised in the Imprest Roll) but also with all the defalcations made upon the ships' books from the men of those Regiments over and above the money for which the Treasurer has produced proper vouchers from the Colonels or their Agents. (Ibid., p. 261.)