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November 1700, 16-30


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'Warrants etc: November 1700, 16-30', Calendar of Treasury Books, Volume 16: 1700-1701 (1938), pp. 155-165. URL: http://www.british-history.ac.uk/report.aspx?compid=83306 Date accessed: 24 November 2014.


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November 1700, 16-30

Nov. 16.Privy seal for the allowance of 4l. a day to Ford, Earl of Tankerville, Keeper of the Privy Seal, as in lieu of the ancient diet of 16 dishes of meat. King's Warrant Book XX, p. 415.
Nov. 16.William Lowndes to the Receipt to issue 250l. to the Treasurer of the Chamber on his unsatisfied order: to be for the Lord Almoner for two quarters to Michaelmas last on the allowance of 500l. per an. for his Majesty's daily alms. Disposition Book XV, p. 228.
Nov. 18.Treasury warrant dormant to the Customs Cashier to pay the salary of 62l. 13s. 4d. per an. to John Weaver as Customer Inwards, Southampton port. Money Book XV, p. 209.
Money warrant for 369l. 11s. 2d. to William, Earl of Portland, for several taxes, rates and duties, detailed, assessed on the Great and Little Parks at Windsor and the lodges therein between 1697 March 25 and 1700 March 25. (Money order dated Dec. 16 hereon.) (William Lowndes to the Receipt dated Nov. 13 to issue same out of Civil List moneys.) Ibid., p. 210. Order Book V, p. 231. Disposition Book XV, p. 228.
Treasury warrant to the Customs Commissioners to pay Henry Ballow and John Smith (Deputy Chamberlains of the Exchequer Court for joining of tallies) for their fees on 906,321l. 0s. 5½d. paid into the Exchequer on account of Customs 1696–7 on which sum the said Chamberlains have received no consideration for their said fees. Money Book XV, pp. 211–12.
Same to same to pay the officers of the Pipe one year to June 24 last on their several fees payable out of the Customs: viz. 63l. 2s. 0d. to Robert, Lord Russell as Clerk of the Pipe and to the Secondary and sworn clerks in his office; 5l. 15s. 0d. to John Pottinger, Comptroller of the Pipe; 11l. 15s. 4d. to Henry Ballow and John Smith, Deputy Chamberlains. Ibid., p. 215.
Treasury allowance of the 1700 Sept. 29 quarter's salary bill (total 490l. 10s. 0d.) of the Hackney Coaches Office: and of the incidents bill detailed (73l. 19s. 9d.) for same quarter. Ibid., p. 217.
William Lowndes to the Customs Commissioners. What debentures remain unsatisfied out of the arrears of the New Subsidy viz. the Subsidy which ended 1699 Dec. 25? Out Letters (General) XVI, p. 285.
Same to Mr. Borrett to attend the King's Bench and Common Pleas ut supra p. 149, the Treasury Lords being informed of the great abuses committed by attorneys in the said Courts in the prosecution of Popular Actions. Ibid., p. 286.
[?]The Treasury Lords to John Smith, Chancellor of the Exchequer, to allow 60l. in the accounts of the sheriff of Bucks for 3 years to Sept. 29 last on the allowance to the keeper of the Gaol "there"; "taking care that no further allowance be made thereupon." Ibid.
Nov. 18.Treasury reference to the Agents for Taxes of the petition of Augustine Briggs, Receiver General for part of Norfolk, for stay of process, he being willing to assign to the King his estate of 359l. per an. in satisfaction of his debt. Reference Book VII, p. 403.
Nov. 18.Treasury warrant to the Postmasters General to allow in account to Henry Finch, Postmaster at Sandwich, the sum of 14l. 12s. 0d. being 4l. 12s. 0d. loss on 55l. 3s. 6d. received by him by weight after the 18th Dec. 1696 the time limited by the Act [8–9 Wm. III c. 1] and 10l. lost in the mail. Warrants not Relating to Money XVII, p. 4.
Same to the Clerk of the Pipe for a patent to pass the Exchequer seal to constitute Owen Roberts as steward and Keeper of the Courts of Menai Co. Anglesea as amply &c. as Sir William Williams Knt. and bart. deceased. Ibid., p. 6.
Nov. 19.Royal warrant to the Attorney or Solicitor General for a great seal for a new Commission of Stamps, the Commissioners to be Edward Lloyd, Henry Cornish, Henry Harris, James Isaacson, Thomas Farrington, Richard Uthwayt and Robert Pooley with the salaries of 300l. per an. to each of the first five named and 300l. for the last two [jointly]. King's Warrant Book XX, pp. 417–9.
Same to the Clerk of the Signet for a privy seal for 3,000l. to Secretary James Vernon for secret service. (Money warrant dated 1700–1 Jan. 31 hereon. This warrant quotes the privy seal as dated Nov. 30.) (Money order dated Feb. 5 hereon.) Ibid., p. 420. Money Book XV, p. 251. Order Book V, p. 244.
Royal sign manual for 6,000l. to Thomas Lloyd, Paymaster of the Works: as imprest for the works done and to be done in Hampton Court Gardens and Parks. (Money warrant dated Nov. 22 hereon.) (Money order dated Nov. 24 hereon.) King's Warrant Book XX, p. 420. Money Book XV, p. 209. Order Book V, p. 225.
Royal warrant to the Clerk of the Signet for a privy seal for paying the salaries detailed of the Commissioners for Trade and their officers, as in replacement of the privy seal of 1697 June 24: to wit, for the present Commissioners as under the Commission of July 11 last which replaced the Commission of 1699 June 9. King's Warrant Book XX, pp. 422–3.
Same to same for a same for 1,850l. per an. to Sir Charles Hedges as Secretary of State as from Nov. 5 inst, the day he was made Secretary. Ibid., p. 424.
Same to same for a same for 2000l. to said Hedges for secret service. (Money warrant dated Dec. 5 hereon. This warrant quotes the privy seal as dated Dec. 5.) (Money order dated Dec. 11 hereon.) Ibid., p. 424. Money Book XV, p. 220. Order Book V, p. 229.
William Lowndes to the Postmasters General. Although my Lords have signed your incidents bill for last Sept 29 quarter they cannot but take notice that the articles for the tallow chandler and for stationery ware seem to be very high. Also is not the bringing of the letters from Hampton Court the duty of the Court Post ? Also upon what consideration is the King's money paid for the ship letters? Out Letters (General) XVI, p. 286.
Same to the Earl of Ranelagh to report on the enclosed petition of Ann Carr widow for taking off the respits on her son's pay of 78l. 19s. 6d. as an Ensign in Col. Farrington's Regiment. Ibid., p. 292.
Nov. 19.Royal warrant to the Lords Justices, Ireland to pay Col. Charles Ross 890l. 17s. 4d. to make good to the officers of his Regiment of Dragoons the difference of their pay for the months of 1691–2 Jan. Feb. March and 1692 April for which months they are charged with the full subsistence paid them in Ireland according to the English Establishment but are credited in the computation of their pay only at the rates of the reduced Irish Establishment: it appearing that after the reduction of Ireland the said Regiment with several others was left to be placed on a new Establishment for Ireland commencing from 1691–2 Jan. 1 (though not formed in England till April 1692) whereby the subsistence of the Regiment continued to be issued there according to the same regulation as the English Establishment till 1692 May 1 and by reason of the said commencement the pay of the said officers at clearing was computed at the reduced rates, the Regiment being of the same strength on the Irish Establishment as it was on the English Establishment. Out Letters (Ireland) VIII, p. 105.
Nov. 20.
[probably erratum for 22.]
Money warrant for 100,000l. to Henry Mordaunt, Treasurer and Paymaster of the Ordnance, as imprest for land and sea service of the Ordnance: as by the privy seal of the 21st inst. (Money order dated Nov. 22 hereon.) Money Book XV, p. 212. Order Book V, p. 225.
Nov. 20.William Lowndes to the Receipt to issue 300l. to the Cofferer of the Household on his unsatisfied order: 15l. a week thereof to be for the Agents from Morocco as from the 15th inst and 15l. a week for the Envoy from Tripoli as from the 5th inst, being the day of his landing in England: being the King's allowance for their diet, house rent and all other charges. Disposition Book XV, p. 225.
Same to same. The Navy Treasurer has been directed to bring to the Exchequer several orders of loan (viz. 20,300l. principal of orders on the fourth 4s, Aid and 70,400l. of the like on the Duties on Salt) to receive interest thereon. When they come to your hands you are to direct half a year's interest thereon, and charge same on said Treasurer by memorandum in the prest certificate. Ibid., p. 226.
Same to the Auditor of the Duchy of Cornwall for a state of what is due to the King from said Duchy. Out Letters (General) XVI, p. 286.
Same to the Board of Greencloth to pay 2 weeks in advance on the allowances to the Agents from Morocco and the Envoy from Tripoly. Ibid., p. 287.
Same to the Navy Commissioners to send a hoy to Sheerness to bring to Scotland Yard a statue and pedestal of marble for the King brought by Capt. Leake on board the Hampshire from the Straits. Ibid.
Same to the Earl of Portland to make such reparations in Windsor Great Park as are necessary. Ibid.
Nov. 20.Same to the King's Printers to send to the Treasury one book of all the Acts of Parliament passed since 6 & 7 Wm. III in continuation of the two volumes "now extant." Ibid.
The Treasury Lords to the Commissioners [for Taxes] Co. Montgomery to deliver to Mr. Maximilian Stephens, one of the Agents for Taxes "whom we have on this occasion purposely sent" the duplicates for said County, to enable Morgan Whitley to pass his accounts. (The like to the Commissioners of Chester, Anglesea, Carnarvon, Flint, Merioneth and Denbigh.) Ibid., p. 288.
William Lowndes to Mr. Borrett to put a stop to the prosecutions against the Hudsons Bay Company: likewise the King will not be at any further charge in the suit about Powys House or for the living of St. Bottolph lately enjoyed by Dr. Hollingworth or for the prosecution against Mr. Grascombe. Ibid., p. 290.
Treasury warrant to the Customs Commissioners to employ Richard Ryves as a landwaiter London port (he having been long instructed at the waterside and being qualified) loco his kinsman Francis White who resigns to him. Out Letters (Customs) XIV, p. 102.
Treasury reference to the Customs Commissioners of the petition of Sir Owen Buckingham to be allowed the drawback on dressed flax which he prepared for the Canaries. Reference Book VII, p. 404.
Same to same of the petition of John Terry of Southampton to be discharged of the 80l. fine against him for running wines. Ibid.
Same to William Borrett of the petition of Tho. Davies messenger [of the Chamber] showing that Mr. Vanburgh has detained his bills and refuses to pay him. Ibid.
Nov. 21.William Lowndes to Lord Coningsby to enquire into several cases of arrears of the 3 French Regiments which are claimed by administrators that do not appear to be of kin to the deceased. Out Letters (General) XVI, p. 289.
Nov. 22.Royal letters patent appointing Sir Charles Hedges as Secretary of State. King's Warrant Book XXI, pp. 119–120.
Money warrant for 250l. to Sir Thomas Rymer, Historiographer Royal, towards the charge of transcribing and publishing the 'Ancient Leagues and Public Acts' &c. (Money order dated Nov. 29 hereon.) Money Book XV, p. 213. Order Book V, p. 226.
Treasury warrant dormant to the Commissioners &c. of the Four and a Half per cent. Duty in the Leeward Islands to pay 700l. per an. to Christopher Codrington as Captain General and Governor in Chief of said Islands, as by the privy seal of the 21st inst. Money Book XV, p. 214.
Same to the Sheriff of Somerset to pay 81l. 17s. 9d. to Richard Escott of Charham [Charlton], Co. Somerset for his charges in prosecuting Thomas Barton of Sylferton [Silverton] Co. Devon who with Charles Hedman his servant did about 2 years since carry away the wife of Alfred Escott [now] deceased, petitioner's late brother, against the will of her said husband and used her as his wife whereof the said brother fell sick and died and for which they were found guilty at the last Assizes in Somerset and fined 300 marks. Money Book XV, p. 214.
Nov. 22.Treasury warrant to Edward Pyle, woodward of New Forest, to retain (out of the sale price of dotard timber) all sums due since 1698 Xmas on his salary of 150l. per an., and on the salary of 50l. per an. for his deputy. Ibid., p. 215.
William Lowndes to Mr. Henning to pass forthwith his accounts of moneys for the King's Gardens. Out Letters (General) XVI, p. 289.
The Treasury Lords to Christopher Codrington, Captain General and Governor in Chief of the Leeward Islands, to allow a moiety of his salary to his deputy in his absence, in accordance with the King's pleasure. Ibid.
William Lowndes to Lord Coningsby to report on the enclosed petition [missing] of Francis Salles, late a Surgeon in Brigadier Du Cambon's Regiment concerning his arrears of subsistence praying that a stop may be put to the arrears due to the said Brigadier until the petitioner be satisfied an arrear of subsistence which he alleges the said Brigadier has received of the petitioner's and never accounted to him for. Ibid., p. 290.
Same to Mr. Borrett to report on the enclosed petition of Bartholomew Vanderhoven concerning 30l. in the hands of Mr. Ball recovered for the King from petitioner for importing sword blades. Ibid., p. 291.
Same to Mr. Lloyd to forthwith pass his accounts for the Works and the Gardens. Ibid.
Treasury warrant to the Customs Commissioners to accept as in discharge of tobacco bonds due from George Buck, John Smith and Antho. Juliot, merchants of Bideford port, certain debentures for the King's debt to them for the hire of their ships employed in his Majesty's service in the reduction of Ireland. Out Letters (Customs) XIV, p. 102.
Same to same to employ Edward Harwood as Surveyor of Chester port loco Thomas Harwood who is infirm. Ibid., p. 103.
Treasury reference to same of the petition of Sir Christopher Frankling, Controller of Berwick port, shewing that his duties require constant attendance and his fees are very small and his salary but 5l. per an.: therefore praying an addition. Reference Book VII, p. 404.
Same to same of the petition of Arthur Shallett showing that he owes the King about 7,000l. on Customs bonds but there is a greater debt due to petitioner on account of transports: therefore praying the like favour granted to the merchants of Bideford, Ibid.
Nov. 22.Same to Auditor Shales of the petition of Augustine Fish, vicar of Gedney Co. Lincoln showing that the Treasury promised to discharge him from a 12l. arrear of a pension of 40l. per an., whereof he has paid 6l. and fees and is threatened with distress for the remainder. Ibid.
Treasury warrant to the King's Remembrancer for a particular of the estate of Sir William Parkins attainted and executed for high treason, in order to a lease or grant of part thereof to Susanna Parkyns his widow. Warrants not Relating to Money XVII, p. 4.
Same to Philip Ryley, Surveyor General of Woods Trent South, to fell timber (not for the Navy) in Holt Forest sufficient to raise 45l. and 32 loads for the repair of the paling of the park there for the better sustentation of the deer. Ibid., p. 5.
William Lowndes to Mr. Bird, Receiver General of his Majesty's Revenue in Virginia (Receiver General of the Land Revenue in Virginia). On your petition to come for some short time into England for the recovery of your health and that you may be empowered to leave some fit person for whom you will be answerable in the excution of your office during your absence; my Lords are pleased to give you 6 month's leave and direct you to appoint such substitute for whom you will be answerable. Out Letters (Plantations Auditor) II p. 33. Out Letters (General) XVI, p. 295.
[?]Entry of the Treasury Lords subscription of the docquet of an in custodiam lease under the Exchequer seal to Catharine Phillips spinster of lands in Co. Denbigh being parcel of the lands of Booth Basnelt outlaw: at a rent of 16s. 8d. per an. and fine of 33s. 4d. Warrants not Relating to Money XVII, p. 5.
Novr. 24.Treasury order to the Receipt to innovate a lost order [of loan] on the first 4s. Aid being No. 2660 dated 1693 August 15 for 300l. in the name of Theo. Collidon. Order Book V, p. 224.
Nov. 25.Money warrant for 1,096l. 19s. 0d. to Charles, Earl of Manchester, Ambassador Extraordinary to France, for one bill of extraordinaries 1699 June 1 to Sept. 1. (Money order dated Dec. 5 hereon.) (William Lowndes to the Receipt dated Nov. 13 to pay same out of Civil List moneys.) Money Book XV, p. 207. Order Book V, p. 228. Disposition Book XV, p. 228.
Same for 30,000l. to Lord Edward Russell Treasurer of the Chamber in part of 50,000l. for the service of his office as by the privy seal of 25 Jan. last supra Tr. Cal. XV, p. 228. (Money order dated Dec. 4 hereon.) Money Book XV, p. 217. Order Book V, p. 229.
Treasury warrant to the Hackney Coaches Commissioners to insert in their salary bill an additional 28l. per an. to the 62l. per an. salary of Edward Wharton, Receiver of the Rents of the Hackney Coaches, by reason of the multitude of small payments made to him each quarter, the late Act of Parliament for making a convenient way out of Chancery Lane into Lincolns Inn Fields obliging him to give 700 extra receipts each quarter and to keep an extra servant for so doing. Money Book XV, p. 218.
Nov. 25.William Lowndes to the Agents for Taxes to report on the enclosed draft of a warrant for granting to trustees the estate of Mr. Mason, late Receiver of several Taxes in Co. Cambridge. Out Letters (General) XVI, p. 290.
Same to Auditor Done for Sir Henry Goodrick's account of moneys received and paid for the King upon his [Majesty's] first landing in England. Ibid.
Same to the Master of the Jewel House for his answer to an extract [missing] from the Earl of Bath's letter concerning plate which he was desired to return into the Jewel House. Ibid.
Same to Mr. Ryley. Hasten your report on the Earl of Bath's account of disbursements in St. James's Park. Ibid.
Same to the Commissioners of the Victualling concerning the bills drawn on you by Mr. Thomas Harvey from Madrid. You are not to accept his bill of Oct. 14 last for 3,000 Pieces of Eight at 59d. each (amounting to 737l. 10s. 0d.) because Harvey was called home before that time by the Admiralty Lords and has no further business there. Write to Sir William Hedges to acquaint him with this reason. Ibid., p. 291.
Treasury reference to the Customs Commissioners of the petition of Jacob Taxira de Matos shewing that he brought some small presents from Holland for his friends which he landed at Deptford, being a stranger and unacquainted with the laws but same were seized in their passage to London. Reference Book VII, p. 404.
Same to the Agents for Taxes of the petition of Sarah Chaplin, widow of Richard Chaplin late Receiver General of Taxes (on Marriages and on Houses) for Co. Suffolk, praying a stay of process till Hilary term next on his accounts. Ibid., p. 425.
Novr. 26.Warrant under the royal sign manual to authorise the Excise Commissioners to discharge Thomas Hall, their Cashier, from the debt of 632l. 7s. 5¼d. owing by Jacob Sheldrake, who served about 16 years in the Excise Office and who was appointed by Sir Charles Duncombe then Excise Cashier, to be Keeper of the Bills of Exchange and was continued in said office by Bartholomew Burton as successor to Duncombe and by said Hall as successor to Burton; but falling distracted about June 1699 Sheldrake received several sums of money due on [Exchequer] Bills and [Bank] notes in his custody (contrary to his duty) amounting to 1,184l. 11s. 0¼d. and embezzled great part thereof before he could be taken up: of which sum the said Hall recovered 552l. 3s. 7d. leaving the said debt of 632l. 7s. 5¼d. Hall is first to assign the said debt to the Excise Commissioners. King's Warrant Book XX, p. 425–6.
Royal sign manual for 500l. to Bernard Smith, organ maker, without account: as royal bounty on consideration of his loss by the burning of an organ prepared by him by warrant of the late Queen [Mary of Modena] for the use of the royal chapel at Hampton Court and which by command of the said late Queen was set up in the late Popish Chapel at Whitehall pending some alterations in the said royal chapel at Hampton Court, but which was burned in the late dreadful fire in Whitehall. (Money warrant dated Dec. 6 hereon.) (Money Order dated 1700–1701 Jan. 15 hereon.) Ibid., p. 427. Order Book V, p. 238.
Nov. 26.Same for 50l. to Edward Howard as royal bounty. (Money warrant dated Dec. 4 hereon.) (Money order dated Dec. 5 hereon.) (William Lowndes to the Receipt dated Nov. [sic for Decr.] 9 to pay same out of Civil List moneys.) King's Warrant Book XX, p. 428. Money Book XV, p. 218. Order Book V, p. 227. Disposition Book XV, p. 232.
Nov. 27.Entry of a Treasury caveat in favour of Thomas Spendlove of Newcastle Co. Stafford against any grant to William Green of Stafford of lands lately belonging to Thomas Woodward of Northamptonshire, seized into the King's hands by inquisition. Caveat Book, p. 55.
Novr. 27
and 29.
William Lowndes to the Receipt to issue 1,000l. to me, Lowndes, on the unsatisfied order in my name for secret service. (A like letter on the 29th for a further 1,000l.) Disposition Book XV, p. 226.
Nov. 28.Same to the Board of Greencloth. Please send immediately the Establishment of the Household ut supra, p. 141. Out Letters (General) XVI, p. 291.
Same to the [principal] Officers of the Works to report on the enclosed estimate [missing] for works by Mr. Wise in the Gardens and plantations at Hampton Court. Ibid., p. 292.
Nov. 29.Money warrant for 20l. to Adam Straichan, clerk, for his passage money as chaplain to the Leeward Islands. (Money order dated Dec. 5 hereon.) Money Book XV, p. 185. Order Book V, p. 211. Disposition Book XV, p. 233.
Same for 40l. to Thomas Hoy (Hoye) for one year to 1699 Sept. 29 on his fee as Reader of Physic in the University of Oxford. Money Book XV, p. 215.
Treasury warrants dormant to the Customs Cashier to pay the salary of 8l. per an. to John Aldred as searcher of Yarmouth port.
the salary of 45l. per an. to Robert Culliford as Comptroller of Southampton port. Ibid., p. 216.
Treasury warrant to the Auditors of Imprests to allow 150l. to Brook Bridges, one of the said Auditors, for engrossing &c. Mr. Neale's account of the 12 General Remains and of the recoining the hammered money and plate brought into the Tower Mint and also the account of Jonathan Ambrose of the charge of melting and refining the waste upon the said 12 General Remains. Ibid., p. 217.
Same to the Customs Cashier to pay 24l. to John Sansom, junr. for half a year to June 24 last as late Customer and collector at Poole; he being succeeded as such on the latter date by William Congreve, Esq. Ibid., p. 219.
Nov. 29.Treasury warrant dormant to the Customs Cashier to pay the salary of 48l. per an. to William Congreve as Customer of Poole Port. Money Book XV, p. 219.
Money warrant for 48l. 13s. 4d. to Michael Studholme, Keeper and Guide of his Majesty's Roads, 18l. 5s. 0d. for half a year to Xmas 1698 on his patent fee of 2s. a day and 30l. 8s. 4d. for his riding charges &c. (Money order dated Dec. 18 for said 30l. 8s. 4d.) Ibid., p. 219. Order Book V, p. 333.
Treasury warrant to the Excise Commissioners to allow 400l. to John Hawkins in his account as collector of Excise in the collection for Co. Derby; being money returned by him in Febr. 1698–9 through Thomas Woodward of Northamptonshire who failed. Money Book XV, p. 221. Warrants not Relating to Money XVII, p. 12.
Same to the Receipt to issue 10,440l. to the Navy Treasurer on the unsatisfied order in his name: out of loans by himself on the overplus of the 700,000l. [9 Wm. III, c. 22] to be paid over to the Victualling Commissioners on account of the Victualling service:
and 7,651l. to Harry Mordaunt out of so much to be lent by him on the 15 per cent. on wrought silks &c. [11 Wm. III, c. 3]: and to be applied to sea services of the Ordnance. Disposition Book XV, pp. 226–7.
Same to same to issue 7,224l. 17s. 2d. to the Earl of Ranelagh on his unsatisfied order: out of so much to be lent by him on the 15 per cent. on wrought silks: and to be for 14 days' subsistence to the Forces to Dec. 18 next. Ibid., p. 227.
William Lowndes to same to issue as follows out of Civil List moneys viz.:
to Secretary Vernon for Secret Service500
to the 11 Judges of England for last Michaelmas term2750
to the Masters in Chancery for same term275
to the Attorney and Solicitor General for half a year to Sept. 29 [last]75134
Ibid., p. 228.
Same to the Customs Commissioners enclosing a copy [missing] of the agreement lately made by Capt. Munden and Consul Cole with the Government of Algiers relating to providing English merchants [ships] with passes. Give notice to the merchants to furnish themselves timely with such passes. Out Letters (General) XVI, p. 291.
Treasury warrant to same to permit Chrisostom Hamilton to ship for the Canaries one bell weighing 150 pound weight. Out Letters (Customs) XIV, p. 103.
Treasury reference to the Excise Commissioners of the petition of Eliz. Clark, relict of Thomas Clark late a collector of Excise in Hereford and Worcester, showing that he is in debt through making returns of 675l. 15s. 7d. through several persons of substance who failed: therefore praying to be allowed same on his accounts. Reference Book VII, p. 405.
Nov. 29.Same to the Agents for Taxes of the petition of Cha. Brawn, Receiver General of Taxes for Co. Somerset, praying that overpayments on the Marriage Duties and on the third Quarterly Poll may be transferred to his account of the second 2s. Aid. Ibid.
Treasury warrant to Isaac Newton, Master and Worker of the Mint, to pay Thomas Fendall, a collector of Excise for Norwich collection, the value of 5,111 ounces 5 pennyweight of hammered silver money carried by him to the late Mint at Norwich in August 1697: he to deliver up the acquittances of Anthony Redhead late Deputy Worker of the said Norwich Mint. Warrants not Relating to Money XVII, pp. 11–12.
Nov. 30.Money warrant for 440l. to John Conyers one of his Majesty's Counsellors at Law, for 11 years to 1699 Xmas on his annuity of 40l. Money Book XV, p. 242.