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June 1681, 21-30


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June 1681

Date.Nature and Substance of the Entry.Reference.
June 21.The Treasury Lords to the Duke of Ormonde [Lord Lieutenant of Ireland]. There have been proposals lately made to the King concerning a new contract for the [farm of the] revenue of Ireland which he thought fit so far to accept of as to direct a contract to be prepared, to commence as from May 1 last. In reference hereto it will be of advantage to have a perfect state of the revenue in Ireland to the said May 1. We perceive by your letter of May 28 that the Deputy Vice-Treasurer and the Farmers had not then been able to agree their accounts to Mar. 20 last. You are to order them forthwith to perfect their accounts to that date and if they cannot agree the accounts then to transmit them separately to us, adding thereto what has been received and paid by the Deputy Vice-Treasurer and what has been paid or assigned by the Farmers from said Mar. 20 to May 1 last. All orders of restraint which the Farmers have complained of may be taken off so that they have no pretence thereby to demand defalcations after May 1 last, till which day provision is designed to be made in the new contract to free his Majesty from all pretences to defalcations. In former grants of the [farm of the] revenue of Ireland inconvenience has arisen from want of due knowledge here [in London] of the particular practices and usages of Ireland. For prevention thereof you are to direct the Attorney and Solicitor General to consider in what cases his Majesty has formerly been so inconvenienced and what clauses, covenants, provisoes or instructions have been inserted or omitted in the late contracts with the Foorths, Lord Ranelagh or the present Farmers to the King's prejudice. And they are to advise such expedients as may prevent the like for the future and remedies for anything defective. Do all this with all expedition as his Majesty has ordered the present contract to be perfected with all speed.Out Letters (Ireland) II, pp. 177–8.
Treasury grant for royal letters patent to constitute Wm. Scott, gent., as searcher of Bridgwater port loco William Heyman, deceased: to hold during pleasure.Warrants not Relating to Money VIII, p. 351.
Report to the King from the Treasury Lords on the petition of Sir Jon. Lanyer, kt. We have no objection to the payment of the 211l. 6s. 2d. (therein mentioned to have been disbursed by him in the repairs of Castle Elizabeth in Jersey) out of the tonnage assigned to your Majesty for that and other purposes.Ibid.
June 21.Treasury warrant to the King's Remembrancer to take security of Ralph Williamson, William Pegg of Suffolk Street, St. Martins in the Fields, Jon. Rawlins of Charing Cross, sadler, and Tho. Williamson of Aldersgate Street, cheesemonger, as sureties of said Ralph Williamson as Controller of Newcastle port.Warrants not Relating to Money VIII, p. 351.
Same to the Customer of Newcastle port to swear in and admit the deputies, ut supra, p. 177, of the abovesaid Williamson.Ibid, p. 352.
Same to the Customs Commissioners to employ Samuell Mayle as collector of Woodbridge port loco John Margetts, lately deceased.Out Letters (Customs) V, pp. 336, 338.
Richard Porter as a watchman, London port loco Charles Lewis, lately deceased.
Same to same to discharge the seizure of 19 wool beds, three flock beds and six hair beds belonging to Sir Tho. Bond, bart., same having been lately seized by Capt. Richard Goodlad, but William Guillotin having sworn that there is not in the said wool beds and flock beds any wool or flocks of the growth of England or Ireland, but that same are made up of foreign wool; whereupon said Goodlad has relinquished his right to said seizure; and the King being willing to remit to said Bond that part of the said seizure which upon judgment of forfeiture would have belonged to the king, it being certified that the said beds were made in France and brought over when the late Queen-Mother came into England.Ibid, p. 337.
Treasury reference to Bartholomew Fillingham of the following [memorial from the Paymaster of the Works]. Hereon Fillingham is to certify what arrears are [standing out] on the last Eighteen Months' tax and whether the 157l. 16s. 0d. may be properly satisfied thereout.Reference Book I, p. 289.
Prefixing: said memorial praying that the sum of 157l. 16s. 0d. for the King's bathing room heretofore charged by Treasurer Danby's warrant on certain arrears of Hearthmoney "and of late actually disposed and paid by your lordships' order to Mr. Lloyd for Mr. Burton," may be transferred to the arrears in co. Middlesex of the Eighteen Months' tax.
Same to Mr. Burton of the petition of Mathew Maganly (Magnaly) a surety in 250l. for one Smith's appearance at the King's Bench: prays pardon of the penalties of his recognizance on which the sheriff of Middlesex has seized his goods.Ibid.
Same to the Mint Commissioners of the petition of Sir Tho. Wharton (on a reference dated Windsor, May 16, from the King, thereof), shewing that at the passing of the Coinage Act of 18 Car. II, the House of Lords moved for the salary of the Warden of the Mint to be increased in regard his care and pains would be increased by the Act, whereupon the King ordered the salary to be made 500l. per an. like that of the Master and Worker. But by the establishment of the Mint made upon the passing of the said Act the Warden's salary is but 400l. per an. Prays it be made 500l. per an.Ibid, p. 289b.
June 21.Treasury recommendation to the Customs Commissioners of the petition of John Faucett for the place of waiter or surveyor at Norwich being recommended by the Mayor etc. thereof. He is to be presented for the first place he is qualified for.Reference Book I, p. 290.
Money warrant for 100l. to Sir Timothy Tyrrill for one year to 1679, Sept. 29, on the privy seal of 1677–8, June 31, which granted him 100l. per an. from 1677, Lady day, to continue till the sum of 3,000l. due to him out of his Majesty's particular quit rents in Ireland shall (after other payments charged thereon) begin to be paid and "then what money shall appear to have been paid upon the said allowance of 100l. per an. is to be applied towards the discharge of the said 3,000l." (Money order dated June 22 hereon.)Money Book III, p. 74. Order Book XXXVIII, p. 224.
Treasury warrant dormant to the Receipt for tallies of assignment from time to time on the First Fruits or Tenths for the 1,000l. due for two quarters to Lady day last, and so quarterly for the future on 2,000l. per an. as part of the 3,000l. per an. as by the patent of 1678–9, Mar. 20, which granted to Peregrine Bertie, Charles Bertie and Charles Osborne 3,000l. per an. out of the revenue of First Fruits or failing that then out of the Tenths of the clergy, being in trust for the Countess of Plymouth as by the indenture trepartite of 1678, Aug. 30, relating to the marriage between the late Earl of Plymouth and Bridget, daughter of the Earl of Danby "by which indenture as also by another dated 1679–80, Mar. 20, also enrolled in Chancery and relating to the former, it appears that the said patentees and their heirs were to stand seized of the said annuity in trust for the said Earl of Plymouth during his life and after his decease as to 2,000l. per an. (part of the said annuity) in trust for the said Lady Bridget during her life for part of her jointure, the remaining 1,000l. per an. from the death of the said Earl and the other 2,000l. per an. from the death of the said Lady Bridget being thereby limited in trust for the issues of the said Earl and Lady Bridget in special tail with a remainder to the trustees for 99 years to raise portions for daughters and another remainder to the heirs of the said Earl in fee." And the said Earl being now dead without heirs special or general (as is supposed) the said trustees now stand seized of only 2,000l. per an. of the said 3,000l. per an.Money Book III, p. 75.
Same to same for tallies on the post fines for 500l. for two quarters to Lady day last, and so quarterly in future on the 1,000l. per an. granted by the patent of 1678–9, Mar. 20, to the abovesaid trustees out of the fines upon writs of covenant and writs of entry sur disseisin in le post or otherwise out of the Alienation Office in trust (as by the indenture trepartite of 1678, Aug. 30, as above, and the indenture of 1679–80, Mar. 20 as above) for the said Earl for life and after him for the said Lady Bridget with remainders ut supra, which annuity was to complete her jointure.Ibid, p. 76.
Money warrant for 1,000l. to Sir Stephen Fox for secret service for half a year to 1680, June 24, on the 2,000l. per an. to him by the privy seal of 1674, Aug. 25, as for the Earl of Sussex. (Money order dated June 23 hereon.)Ibid, p. 77. Order Book XXXVIII, p. 225.
June 21.Money warrant for 360l. to Arthur, Earl of Anglesey for 1681, Lady day quarter, on his 4l. a day in lieu of the ancient [diet] allowance of 16 dishes of meat as Lord Privy Seal. (Money order dated June 30 hereon.)Money Book III, p. 78. Order Book XXXVIII, p. 227.
Same for 90l. to same for same quarter on his 20s. a day out of the Customs.Money Book III, p. 78.
Same for 25l. to Nicholas Estoll for half a year to 1681, Lady day, on his annuity for discovering a plot against the King. (Money order dated June 29 hereon.)Ibid, p. 78. Order Book XXXVIII, p. 227.
Same for 500l. each to the Duke of Southampton, Duke of Grafton and Earl of Northumberland on their pensions of 3,000l. per an. each; viz. to the Duke of Southampton 300l. to complete 1679, Christmas quarter, and 200l. as in part of 1680, Lady day quarter; to the Duke of Grafton 250l. in full of 1680, Lady day quarter, and 250l. in part of 1680, June 24 quarter; to the Earl of Northumberland 500l. in full of 1679, Christmas quarter.Money Book III, p. 79.
Same for 10,000l. to William Hewer, Treasurer for the affairs of Tangier, as imprest in part of the privy seal of 1680, Nov. 17, for 50,000l. to said Hewer for the extraordinary expense of the expedition designed to that garrison. (Money order dated June 22 hereon.)Ibid, p. 80. Order Book XXXVIII, p. 225.
Same for 34l. 7s. 6d. to Nathaniel Cocks, gent., for three quarters to Christmas last on his fee of 2s. 6d. a day as Keeper of the Council Chamber.Money Book III, p. 84.
Henry Guy to the Navy Commissioners to make out a bill of imprest to Richard Gibson for 5,023l. 7s. 2d. for what remains due to the inhabitants of Rochester, Chatham and Strood, for quarters of sick and wounded men in the last Dutch war.Out Letters (General) VI, p. 264.
Same to Mr. Burton. Hasten your report to the Treasury Lords concerning Vincent Goddard.Ibid.
Same to Mr. Fillingham. Send to my Lords copies of all the lists signed by them for process against Popish Recusants in co. Kent.Ibid.
Same to same to treat with Mr. Cleyton concerning the debt due from Mr. Hortop [Hartop] receiver for co. Leicester of the [last Six Months'] tax.Ibid.
Same to Mr. Finnes. You have not paid to the Dean and Chapter of Peterborough the pension and rent of 10l. 16s. 2 ½d. per an. due to them for several years past, although the auditor has certified that you have moneys in your hands for that purpose. You are forthwith to answer them all arrears thereon.Ibid, p. 268.
June 22.Treasury warrant to the Excise Commissioners to pay into the Exchequer 1,000l. this week for the use of the Forces and to pay immediately on receipt of this warrant 4,000l. to Sir John James and partners as in part of the balance which upon adjusting accounts with the King shall appear to be due to them, taking from them 4,000l. of the tallies of pro which are in their hands as counter security, "which tallies are to remain with you till the said accounts be adjusted and [then] you shall receive a more regular discharge in lieu thereof."Money Book III, p. 79.
June 22.Treasury warrant to the Customs Cashier to pay 100l. to Richard Topham for half a year to 1680, Christmas, on his annuity or pension out of the Customs.Money Book III, p. 80.
Same to Edward Seymour, late Treasurer of the Navy, to pay over to Viscount Falkland, present Treasurer of the Navy, for the service of the Navy and Victualling, 10,000l. of the money imprested to you at the Exchequer and elsewhere and now remaining in your hands for such services as follows (and is to be received by said Visct. Falkland for such purposes, viz.):Ibid, p. 81.
l. s. d.
to satisfy so much unpaid upon old funds received before 1679, Mar. 25 1,165 14 10
remains of 1,150l. received 27 Oct. 1679, for repairs of several ships 50 0 0
[remains] of 527l. 1s. 6d. for the French war [on] bills under 10l. 273 11 2
[remains] of 8,400l. received 1680–1, Mar. 16, for repairs of several ships 106 8 11
[remains] of 10,000l. for stores 1680, Aug. 4 75 19 2
[remains] of the interest money for the remains of the French war debt 378 11 2
[remains] of 168l. 8s. 9d. received of Mr. James Pearse 37 0 1
[remains] of money appointed for the works for the new ships 233 16 2
[remains] of 1,000l. received 1681, May 2, for repairs of docks 200 0 0
[remains] of weekly money appointed for tickets, stores, and other uses of the Navy not yet assigned away or not yet called for 7,478 18 6
£10,000 0 0
Upon said Seymour's producing [said Visct. Falkland's] acquittances for said sum the Auditors of Imprests are to discharge said Seymour thereof and to charge said Falkland therewith.
Same to same to deliver over to said Visct. Falkland tallies as follow to the total of 12,682l. 7s. 2d. to be by said Visct. disposed and applied to the uses for which they were respectively levied: the Auditors of Imprests taking care to discharge Seymour and to charge said Visct. ut supra, viz. two tallies on the Customs (1678–9, Mar. 12, for 1,000l. for weekly money [for the Navy]; 1681, May 17, for 5,023l. 7s. 2d. for Sick and Wounded [quarters] at Rochester and Chatham); on the Hearthmoney (four dated 1679–80, Feb. 28, and payable 1681, Sept. 19, for in all 172l. on account of the French war debt; six of same date payable 1681–2, Mar. 15, for in all 720l. for same; seven of same date payable 1682, Sept. 19, for in all 2,902l. for same; 35 of same date payable 1682–3, Mar. 15, for in all 2,865l. for same): full total, 12,682l. 7s. 2d.Ibid, pp. 82–3.
June 22.Henry Guy to the Customs Commissioners to amend the presentment to Mr. Scott, loco. William Hayman as searcher of Whinhead [Minehead] by putting Bridgwater as the head port and Minehead but as a member, as it stood in said Hayman's grant.Out Letters (General) VI, p. 264.
Same to Mr. Fillingham to forthwith pay into the Exchequer 100l. as a surety for Sir William Doyly, late a Teller of the Exchequer.Ibid, p. 265.
Same to Auditor Shales. I have written to Mr. Stephens for the copy you desire. You are to allow the two per cent. [reward] as if a privy seal were already passed which [privy seal] the Treasury Lords will afterwards obtain. Send my Lords a list of the tallies remaining unsatisfied upon 'that' [the Wine Licence] revenue. In the margin: [sent by] Mr. Smyton.Ibid.
Same to Mr. Stephens. Auditor Shales is directed to make up the account of the Wine Licence Commissioners [for the year] commencing 24 June, 1676. Send him a copy of the preceding year's account as made up by Auditor Aldworth.Ibid.
Same to Lord Hunsdon. The Treasury Lords have ordered you 125l. [on your pension] and desire you to take care to satisfy your debt of 71l. 11s. 0d. to Capt. Forsha (Forsh) for lodgings by such proportions as may be suitable to your affairs and his necessities: on which debt he has received only 10l., my Lords having respect to his poverty and to the length of time the debt is due.Ibid.
Treasury reference to the Customs Commissioners of Phillip Jordan's petition for restoration to a tidesman's place, having been put out by the misinformation of one Luke Lock. In the margin: cancelled 12 Feb., 1681–2.Reference Book I, p. 290.
Same to same of the petition of James Harman [for a place in the Customs] on account of his sufferings for the late King and his necessitous condition.Ibid.
[?]Henry Guy to the Auditor of the Receipt to pay 25l. to Mr. Estoll out of fines and forfeitures of Popish Recusants' estates now in the Exchequer.Disposition Book II, p. 77.
[?]Same to same to reserve for the Treasury Lords' disposal what remains of Mr. Hornebye's loans (after satisfaction of the lists already sent you), and what further sums shall be lent by him.Ibid.
June 22.Entry of the Treasury Lords' signature of a docquet of a demise by in custodiam lease under the Exchequer seal to Edward Hales of divers lands and tenements in co. Bucks belonging to Anne Roper, Viscountess Baltinglass, outlaw: at a rent of 53s. 4d. per an. and fine of 5l. 6s. 8d.Warrants not Relating to Money VIII, p. 352.
Treasury warrant to the Customs Commissioners to employ John Foster as collector of Lancaster port loco Francis Medcalfe, lately deceased.Out Letters (Customs) V, p. 339.
Noble Waterhouse as waiter and searcher at Rye loco Thomas Burdett, lately dismissed.
James Harris as boatman at Bewley loco Robert Walker, lately dismissed.
John Dent as waiter and searcher at Wells, a member of Lynn Regis port loco Samuel Ramply, lately deceased.
John Cooke as boatman at Norwich loco Richard Edwards, dismissed.
John Clarke as tidesman at Weymouth loco Francis Hill, lately dismissed.
June 26.Henry Guy to Mr. Seymour [late Treasurer of the Navy] to pay the following list out of 2,150l. remaining in your hands upon the late pay of ships and yards. In case any in the list are not qualified to receive their money you are to apply same towards satisfying Capt. Richd. James's wages, being 363l. as late commander of the Portland. Pay the residue of said 2,150l. to Visct. Falkland, the present Treasurer of the Navy. The said list is as follows:Out Letters (General) VI, pp. 266–7.
l. s. d.
John Mandry, Lieutenant of the Swallow 141 0 0
John Garret, gunner 96 0 0
Tho. Wooding, carpenter 61 17 0
William Wright, boatswain 17 11 8
John Bee, servant 6 7 4
John Andrews, boatswain 3 15 0
[the] Chaplain [and the] Chirurgeon four pences and two pences 128 5 0
Jno. Walker, boatswain [of the] Leopard 41 19 10
Tho. Marshall, Lieut. [of the] Woolwich 70 7 8
Jno. Browne, boatswain 49 19 0
Tho. Rippingham, gunner 49 19 0
William Carver, carpenter 49 19 0
Chaplain and Chirurgeon four pences and two pences 123 0 0
Capt. Elliot [of the] Castle fireship 187 16 0
Capt. Jno. Tosier [of the] Hunter 357 17 6
Rich. Street, boatswain 87 2 6
John Bond, carpenter 86 16 0
John Prestman, purser [of the] Saphyre 14 0 0
Daniel Batwell, purser [of the] Mary 61 8 6
John Wilkinson, purser [of the] Saphire 101 8 6
[? the purser of the] Bristol 20 8 6
John Phillips, purser [of the] Captain 35 10 0
Edmd. Wheeler, purser [of the] Returne 39 5 9
Mark Weldboar, purser [of the] Guernsey 83 10 0
Robert Boyly, purser [of the] Greenwich 61 17 0
Geo. Littlepage. boatswain 61 17 0
John Boswood, purser [of the] Sweepstakes 47 0 0
£2,085 17 9
Same to Col. Strode. At the hearing of your accounts on July 5 next Sir Charles Wheeler intends to have counsel. You are at liberty to have the same.Ibid, p. 269.
June 27.Money warrant for 2,000l. to the Treasury Lords (Laurence Hyde, Viscount Kenilworth, Sir Jno. Ernle, Sir Edw. Dering. Sidney Godolphin and Sir Stephen Fox), for 1681, Lady day's quarter salary. (Money order dated June 28 hereon.)Money Book III, p. 84. Order Book XXXVIII, p. 226.
June 27.Henry Guy to Mr. Duncomb, Receiver of co. Beds [of the last Six Months' Assessment]. Attend the Treasury Lords on Wednesday next to clear yourself or process will issue against you.Out Letters (General) VI, p. 266.
Same to Vicst. Falkland, present Treasurer of the Navy. Mr. Seymour is directed to pay you 74l. of money remaining in his hands. You are to apply this towards payment of the New Bezan. What more may be necessary to complete her pay is to be supplied out of the Navy's weekly money.Ibid, p. 267.
Same to the Auditor of the Receipt for a certificate what loans have been made on the Wine Licence revenue since 1679, Lady day, by whom, and what now remains unpaid thereof.Ibid.
Same to Sir Tho. Meeres. Attend the Treasury Lords on Wednesday with a certificate of your paying the money into the Exchequer which you undertook to pay on Mr. Duckett's account, for his sureties desire either to be discharged or to have an assignment of the bonds on payment of the money.Ibid, p. 268.
Same to Mr. Kirwood. The Treasury Lords are displeased to find a delay of the delivery of a particular of the arrears of the last Eighteen Months', and Seventeen Months' and Six Months' Assessments [viz. for London and Middlesex] in your management [collection]. You are to bring it on Wednesday next and meantime pay in what remains in your hands.Ibid.
Same to Mr. Hosier to attend, ut supra, about your arrears on the last Six Months' Assessment. (The like letter to William Levett.)Ibid.
Same to Mr. Langley. Attend as above about the very great arrear upon you, otherwise process will forthwith issue.Ibid.
Same to Lewis Trethewy to attend as above about the arrear of near 600l. due from you on the Six Months' Assessment. Process is delayed till Wednesday next in expectation that you will forthwith satisfy said arrear.Ibid, p. 269.
Same to the Customs Commissioners to give the Treasury Lords an account what has been done on Mr. Foley's order about imported iron wire.Ibid.
Royal sign manual for 270l. to Henry Guy for secret service without account: to be issued on the 10,000l. dormant privy seal of Mar. 9 last. (Money warrant dated June 28 hereon. Money order dated June 29 hereon.)King's Warrant Book VIII, p. 194. Money Book III, p. 85. Order Book XXXVIII, p. 226.
[?]Henry Guy to the Auditor of the Receipt to issue as follows out of such Excise money as shall this week be paid into the Exchequer, viz.:Disposition Book II, p. 78.
to Mr. Johnson for the Forces 1,000
to me [Guy] for secret service in part of 5,000l. 200
and to issue as follows out of Mr. Hornby's loans. viz.:
to Mr. Johnson for the Forces 1,000
to same for office moneys 3,000
June 27.Henry Guy to the Auditor of the Receipt to issue 100l. to Sir Timothy Tyrrill out of the moneys of Hornby's loans now remaining in the Exchequer.Disposition Book II, p. 78.
Treasury warrant to Sir Nicholas Crispe, collector outwards, London port, to swear in John Berkeley and William Shaw as one of the two searchers at Gravesend loco Edwd. Godfrey, and to swear in John Baron as deputy to said Berkeley and Shaw.Warrants not Relating to Money VIII, p. 352.
Henry Guy to the Customs Commissioners to deliver at St. James's House three boxes directed to her Royal Highness Lady Anne [said boxes being now] aboard the Mary yacht and six chests for the Duke of York directed to Sir Allen Apsley in St. James's Square.Order Book XXXVIII, p. 225.
Treasury reference to same of the petition of Owen Conor for a landwaiter's place in [one of] the outports.Reference Book I, p. 291.
Same to Auditor Stephens of the following account.Ibid, p. 293.
Prefixing: account of interest [for one quarter] made up to 1681, June 24, for money lent by Richard Kent and Charles Duncombe for his Majesty's service:Ibid, p. 293.
[Principal.] [Interest and Reward.]
l. s. d. l. s. d.
1681, March 25 [balance of] money lent at several times as per account made up to this day 200,000 0 0 2,991 15 0
[1,994 10 0]
due for interest on the foot of said account 6,350 9 6 94 19 9
[63 6 6]
money [formerly] advanced to the Prince of Orange at several times 30,000 0 0 598 7 0
interest Mar. 25 to May 7 on the 6,350l. 9s. 6d. 88 10 0
£236,350 9 6 £5,742 18 3
Same to same of the like account of interest for [same quarter] made up to June 24 for money lent by said Kent and Duncombe for the service of Tangier.Ibid, pp. 293–4.
Appending, said account.
[Principal.] [Interest and Reward.]
l. s. d. l. s. d.
1681 [sic for 1680], Nov. 17, lent on four tallies on the Customs dated "this day" 20,036 5 10 721 6 0
Nov. 19, money lent on 29 tallies on ditto dated "this day" 22,058 4 0 786 16 7
Dec 1, money lent on four tallies on ditto dated "this day" 3,709 12 1 125 0 0
Feb. 2. money lent on a tally on ditto dated 18 May, 1681 5,172 9 2 120 14 7
1,753 17 2
four per cent. reward or two-thirds interest 1,169 14 9
£50,976 11 0 £2,923 1 11
against which:
repaid by money received by said Kent on seven tallies (1681, May 21) 22,911 16 0 128 0 9
by money received by same, 1681, June 18, for the tally dated May 18 last 5,172 9 2 5 1 10
133 2 7
four per cent. reward or two-thirds interest 88 15 0
£28,084 5 2 £221 17 7
leaving a balance of principal still due of 22,892l. 5s. 11d. and a balance of interest still due of 2,701l. 4s. 4d.
June 27.Treasury reference to William Harbord, Surveyor General of Crown Lands, of the petition of Sir John Henden shewing that by grant dated 1661–2, Mar. 24, he was granted the hundreds of Cranbrook, Berkeley, Blackbourne, Selbrittenden, Rolvenden and Barnfield in co. Kent for 21 years from the preceding Michaelmas at 30s. per an. rent and 10s. increase rent: prays a renewal thereof for 21 years, the premises having been long enjoyed by his ancestors by grant from the Crown. In the margin. cancelled 12 Feb., 1681–2.Reference Book I, p. 294.
Henry Guy to Sir James Shaen. forwarding, on Treasury reference to him, the petition of Walter Gallwey of Youghal, merchant, praying to be relieved in the great loss he sustained by means of the ship Goulden Salmon "being given from him." Said petition being referred 1680, Aug. 16, to the Duke of Ormonde, the Lord Lieutenant and Council of Ireland reported thereon 1680–1, Jan. 31, by way of letter to the Earl of Sunderland. Said report being referred 1681. April 27, to the Treasury Lords, same is hereby referred by the latter to said Shaen. together with a copy of a letter proposed by said Gallwey to be signed by his Majesty.Ibid, p. 295.
June 28.Treasury warrant to the Clerk of the Pipe and to the Comptroller of the Pipe to put in charge in the great roll of the Pipe the farm rent of 1,800l. due to the King on the grant dated 1667, Dec., to Sir William Bucknall, kt., since deceased, and Robert Huntington of the duty of 5s. per tun on French shipping, viz. for four years from 1667, Oct. 20: of which rent no account has yet been made to his Majesty, and it having been certified by Auditor Done 1680, April 20, that 2,516l. was then due to his Majesty thereupon. After so putting it in charge process is to issue forthwith against the heirs of said Bucknall and against said Huntington.Warrants not Relating to Money VIII, p. 353.
June 28.Treasury reference to William Harbord, Surveyor General of Crown Lands, of the petition of Capt. Phillip Howard (as by a reference thereof from the King dated 1681, June 13): being for a reversionary lease of a parcel of land called Well Close with houses and waste ground thereto belonging, lying in the manor of East Smithfield in reversion after the 31 years' lease thereof to Sir Herbert Price, bart., deceased.Reference Book I, p. 291.
Followed by: (a) note of the reference to Auditor Phillips dated 1681, Dec. 12, of the Surveyor General's report dated 1681, July 2: said Phillips being to certify what profits have been answered to the King by said Price since 1664 for a fourth part of the premises. (b) Reference dated 1681, Dec. 1, to Sir Christopher Wren to view the premises and report what improvement can be made thereupon by building and the value thereof.
Same to same of the petition of Leonard Symondson, shewing that he has served his Majesty for several years past as messenger in ordinary to attend the auditor for the several counties of Kent, Surrey, Sussex, Oxford, Berks, Beds, Bucks and the Honor of Windsor; to which place there is an ancient salary of 19l. 6s. 8d. which he has not received for the three years ended Michaelmas last, "and whereas there are several manors in the said county of Kent to which his Majesty's right cannot be asserted. by reason of divers purchases, without the keeping of his Majesty's courts there," he therefore prays that he may be empowered to keep the said courts to ascertain his Majesty's right in the said manors so that he may pay himself by defalcing to himself his said arrears as above, accounting for the overplus to said auditor.Ibid, p. 292.
Same to the Customs Commissioners of the petition of Capt. Robert Harry, surveyor of Penzance and St. Ives, who is confined to his chamber by age and gout, for his son John to be admitted to his place.Ibid.
Treasury recommendation to same of the petition of Tho. Bolitho (Boltho) for a place in the Customs, he having been brought up to writing and keeping accounts.Ibid, p. 295.
Same to William Harbord, Surveyor General of Crown Lands, of the petition of John Topham, praying a lease for 31 years of a piece of land called Cock Close alias Cock Pitts, containing about two acres with two small tenements upon part thereof lying in the parish of Eton, co. Bucks, which was formerly held of the Crown by a term now expired but is now detained unjustly from the Crown by concealment.Ibid, p. 296.
Followed by: (a) undated certificate by Auditor John Shalls [Shales]. I find no lease entered of the said close since the lease to Jo. Eldred and William Whitmore, dated 1610, Aug. 31, for 60 years, so that I conceive the King has a good title to the same with the appurtenances. (b) A later Treasury reference dated 1681, Oct. 13. of said petition with the "annexed report" [missing] to the Attorney General to certify the probability of the King's title to the premises.
June 28.Henry Guy to Mr. Morgan, surveyor of Chester [Castle], to survey the castle and prison of Chester and to report to the Treasury Lords what is necessary for the repair thereof; Sir Thomas Mainwaring and several other Justices of Peace for said county having represented that same are in great decay.Out Letters (General) VI, p. 269.
The Treasury Lords to Col. Kirke, recommending to his care the case of Mris. Gosse, widow of Henry Gosse, she having petitioned shewing that her husband furnished several officers now at Tangier with clothes and necessaries to the value of 76l. 9s. 4d. and praying payment of same in regard her creditors are hard upon her since her husband's death. In the margin: a note of items for said clothes. Capt. Charles Wingfeild 7l., Ensign Henry Withers 12l. 16s. 0d., Ensign Jon. Martyn 14l. 8s. 9d., Capt. Geo. Wingfeild 6l. 5s. 6d., Ensign Owen Wingfield 6l. 16s. 4d., this [? the above] in the first expedition: Capt. Cha. Fox 6l. 7s. 7d., Capt. Hastings 5l. 11s. 1d., Ensign Lassells 5l. 18s. 0d., Ensign Carell 5l. 8s. 0d., Ensign Ja. Bush 5l. 18s. 1d., this [? the above] in the second expedition: total 76l. 9s. 4d.Ibid, p. 270.
Followed by: a further marginal note: Sir Peter Wych, Resident at Hamburg. 50l. 16s. 0d.
[?]Henry Guy to the Hearthmoney Farmers, You have not paid the 6,500l. to complete the 13,000l. which you have agreed to advance. The Treasury Lords desire you to pay same immediately into the Exchequer. (Entry struck through and marked "countermanded.")Ibid.
June 28.Money warrant for 455l. to Robert, Visct. Bodmin, for a quarter's ordinary to Dec. 3 last as Envoy Extraordinary with the King of Denmark. (Money order dated June 29 hereon.)Money Book III, p. 84. Order Book XXXVIII, p. 226.
Treasury warrant to the Customs Cashier to pay 28l. to Andrew Worth for one year to Lady day last on his salary as customer of Bridgwater port: and dormant warrant clause for payment of said salary to him hereafter.Money Book III, p. 85.
Money warrant for 300l. to Thomas Baker for one year to 1680, May 2, on his ordinary as Agent and Consul-General at Tripoli. (Money order dated June 29 hereon.)Ibid, p. 85. Order Book XXXVIII, p. 227.
Same for 250l. to Frances, Countess of Portland, for 1679, Michaelmas quarter, on her annuity or pension.Money Book III, p. 86.
Same for 60l. to Anne Golding for half a year to 1680, Christmas, on her same.Ibid.
Same for 125l. to Dame Ruth Trever for 1679, Lady day, on her same.Ibid.
June 28.Money warrant for 25l. each to Mris. Mary Nevill and Mris. Sophia Nevill for half a year to 1680, Christmas, on their annuities or pensions. (Money orders dated July 4 hereon.)Money Book III, p. 86. Order Book XXXVIII, p. 228.
Same for 125l. to Lady Joane Howard for 1680, Lady day quarter, on her pension.Money Book III, p. 87.
Same for 50l. to Bridgett Sanderson for 1679, Christmas quarter, on her annuity or pension.Ibid.
Same for 75l. to Mris. Sophia Stuart for 1671, Christmas quarter, on her same.Ibid.
Same for 75l. to Mris. Honora Harding for 1674, June 24 quarter, on her pension.Ibid.
Same for 50l. to Isabella Bointon, widow, for 1678, Michaelmas quarter, on her annuity or pension.Ibid, p. 88.
Same for 500l. to Christopher, Lord Hatton for half a year to 1678, June 24, on his same.Ibid.
Same for 100l. to Clara Bolton, widow, for half a year to 1674, June 24, on her same.Ibid.
Same for 62l. 10s. 0d. each to Elizabeth and Anne, daughters of Sir John Lawson, kt., deceased, for 1675, Lady day quarter, on their same.Ibid.
Same for 60l. to Thomas Poultny for half a year to 1680, June 24, on his same.Ibid, p. 89.
June 20
[sic, erratum
for June 28].
Same for 50l. to Rebecca, daughter of William, late Lord Chandos, for same quarter on her same.Ibid.
June 28.Same for 100l. to Mris. Justicia Vandike, now Lady Stepney, for half a year to 1674 (altered to 1675), June 24, on her same.Ibid.
Same for 300l. to Anne, Countess Dowager of Newburgh, for half a year to 1680, Lady day, on her same.Ibid.
Same for 50l. to John Dryden, Poet Laureat, for 1679, Lady day quarter, on his same of 200l. per an.; and further for 50l. to him for half a year to 1678, Christmas, on his additional annuity of 100l. (Money order dated July 2 for said second 50l.)Ibid, p. 90. Order Book XXXVIII, p. 227.
Same for 125l. to Edward Griffin, esq., for 1678, Christmas quarter, on his annuity of 500l. (Money order dated July 13 hereon.)Money Book III, p. 90. Order Book XXXVIII, p. 233.
Same for 500l. to George Dunstan for half a year to 1680, Lady day, on his annuity or pension.Money Book III, p. 90.
July 28
[sic, erratum
for June 28].
Same for 50l. to Sutton Oglethorpe for 1679. Michaelmas quarter, on his fee as Master of his Majesty's Studs.Ibid.
June 28.Treasury allowance of the 1681, Lady day quarter's salary bill, detailed, of the Excise Office. (Total. 2,107l. 10s. 0d.)Ibid, p. 91.
Money warrant for 60l. to Robert Killegrew for half a year to 1680, Midsummer, on his annuity or pension as a Page of Honour to the King. The like for 60l. to Christopher Sayers for half a year to 1680, Sept. 29. as a Page of Honour to the King.Ibid, p. 92.
June 28.Money warrant for 20l. to Lodwick Bray for half a year to 1681, June 24, on his annuity or pension.Money Book III, p. 92.
Same for 50l. to Nicholas Gibbon for the half year ended 1680, June 24 on his same.Ibid.
Same for 20l. to Robert Bertie for half a year to 1680, Sept. 29, on the annuity or pension of 40l. to him for the life of Mris. Mary Cock.Ibid, p. 93.
Same for 50l. to Edw. Progers for 1679, Lady day quarter, on his annuity or yearly pension.Ibid.
Same for 100l. to George Feilding for half a year to 1680, Christmas, on his annuity. (Money order dated July 2 hereon.)Ibid, p. 93. Order Book XXXVIII, p. 228.
Same for 100l. to William Levett for half a year to 1670, Michaelmas, on his pension.Money Book III, p. 93.
Treasury warrant to the Customs Commissioners to employ Capt. Gregory Alford as Surveyor of Customs within all the ports, creeks and members and other places on the sea coast within the counties of Hampshire. Dorset and Devon: with the salary of 250l. per an.. not to continue for more than a year without further direction from the Treasury Lords: the said Lords having been informed that many frauds and abuses in the Customs are frequently committed in the said coasts for prevention whereof the said officer is constituted in the nature of a survey within the said counties.Out Letters (Customs) V, p. 340.
June 29.Privy seal for the issue to Anthony, Viscount Falkland, now Treasurer of the Navy, of all sums of money remaining unsatisfied upon any orders payable to Edward Seymour, late Treasurer of the Navy, for the service of the Navy and Victualling, and for the drawing of orders in the name of said Viscount on all privy seals in the name of said Seymour on which the orders are not yet drawn or which remain unsatisfied. All such moneys, etc. are to be to said Visct. Falkland as imprests for the Navy and Victualling, and no imprest is to be set upon said Seymour for the same. (Royal warrant dated June 23 for said privy seal.)King's Warrant Book VIII, p. 186.
Same as follows for the regulating and passing of William Chiffinch's account of the moneys received from the French King. Said Chiffinch did at several times between 1670–1. Feb. 18, and 1677, Dec. 13 receive by the King's directions and for his use from the ministers or agents of the French King, "pursuant to a treaty formerly made or some other agreement between us and the said King," several sums of money, amounting in all to 689,758l. It is the King's pleasure that he render account hereof so that the persons who have received any part thereof on account may be charged therewith. Of said sum said Chiffinch craves allowance of the following sums paid pursuant to the King's orders and directions from time to time "albeit the same orders and directions were not signified under our great or privy seal, whereby the allowance of such payments might have been warranted by the strict rules and usage of our Exchequer": to wit: several sums amounting to 84,700l. to Sir Tho. Clifford, afterwards Lord Treasurer, viz. between 1671, Mar. 28, and 1672, April 30, from which the heirs of said Clifford are discharged by a great seal of date 1676, July 29 (ut supra, Calendar of Treasury Books, Vol. V, p. 180), said Clifford having in his lifetime paid 16,000l. thereof to Sir Tho, Littleton when joint Treasurer of the Navy with Sir Tho. Osborne, 60,000l. to said Osborne when Treasurer of the Navy, 3,700l. to Robert, Earl of Sunderland as Ambassador to Spain, and 5,000l. to several other persons by the King's appointment and command: (2) several sums, amounting in all to 3,500l., paid by said Chiffinch to Sir William Lockhart, viz. 500l. paid 1671–2, Mar. 7, 1,500l. paid 1673, Mar. 26, and 1,500l. paid 1673, April 9: (3) several sums amounting in all to 43,000l. paid by said Chiffinch to James, Duke of Monmouth, viz. 11,000l. between 1671–2, Mar. 22. and 1672, April 30, 5,000l. paid 1672, July 4, 2,500l. paid 1672, Nov. 11, 2,500l. paid 1672–3. Feb. 13, 5,000l. paid 1672, Mar. 20, 9,000l. paid 1673, Sept. 15 (which was for equipage and maintenance beyond sea from 1672–3, Feb. 28, to 1673, Oct. 1), 5,000l. paid 1673, Sept. 22, as royal bounty towards his wife's lying-in with her first child, and 2,400l. paid 1673, Dec. 3, for the charge of his equipage beyond sea: (4) 100l. to Anthony Deane, now Sir Anthony Deane, paid 1672, Nov. 9, for his son in France: (5) 1,000l. to George, Duke of Buckingham paid 1671, April 11, in part of what he was to receive for "our mourning for the Duchess of Orleans": (6) 2,900l. to the Earl of Peterborough, viz. 1,600l. paid 1672–3, Feb. 1, and 1,300l. paid 1672–3, Feb. 7: (7) 400l. to David Chastellain paid 1672–3, Feb. 7, for a George set with diamonds which was sent to the Prince of Orange: (8) 60l. to Richard Cotterell to buy hay for the deer in Cranbourne Walk in Windsor Forest, viz. 20l. paid 1672–3, Feb. 13, 20l. paid 1673, Dec. 17, and 20l. paid 1674–5, Mar. 1: (9) 3,300l. to Tho. Wormly, gent., for the Earl of Sunderland, viz. 1,300l. paid 1673, Mar. 26, and 2,000l. paid 1673, April 7 (10) 2,792l. 11s. 0d. to Monsieur Peyrard, upholsterer, viz. 1,792l. 11s. 0d. paid 1673, April 3, for goods which the King bought of him, and 1,000l. paid 1673, April 17, for a bed and furniture thereunto: (11) 200l. to Andrew Newport, 1673, April 3, for charges about the said goods: (12) 274l. to William Perwich, 1673, April 18, as the King's Agent in France: (13) 200l. to Hugh May, 1673, Nov. 29. as Controller of the Works, to be employed in making a nursery at Greenwich, repairing the fences at Hampton Court and planting and fencing trees in St. James's Park: (14) 50l. to Lord St. John, 1673, Dec. 27, for winter provision for the red deer in the New Park in New Forest: (15) 50l. to Lady Harvey, 1673–4, Jan. 3, to buy hay for the deer in New Park: (16) 50l. to Col. Panton: (17) 754l. 2s. 8d. to Sir William Lockhart, 1673, Dec. 10 for the pay of his Regiment of Foot, consisting of 1,200 soldiers besides officers for 14 days: (18) 47l. 2s. 0d. to Henry Dagley, bricklayer, 1674 June 17, for work done in Hyde Park: (19) 257l. 11s. 8d. to Henry Ball, bricklayer, 1674, Sept. 26, for making a wall in Hyde Park, near Tyburn: (20) 14l. to himself. said William Chiffinch, for hay for the deer in Hyde Park in 1674: (21) 69l. to Richard Stirt, carpenter, for work done at the New Lodge in Hyde Park: (22) 201l. to Elizabeth Stirt, 1675–6, Jan. 26, for inside paling in Hyde Park: (23) 100l. to Capt. James Dunbarr, 1676, Dec. 15, as royal bounty: (24) 1,000l. to the Duke of York, 1676–7, Feb. 23: (25) 400l. to the Duchess of Southampton, 1677, July 13 upon the King's allowance to her: (26) several sums, amounting in all to 95,559l., to Charles Berty, esq. [for secret service], viz. 3,000l. paid 1676, Nov. 10, 6,000l. paid 1676, Nov. 13, 3,000l. paid 1676, Nov. 29, 2,000l. paid 1676, Dec. 13, 2,000l. paid 1676, Dec. 15, 10,000l. paid 1676–7, Feb. 13, 7,359l. paid 1676–7, Mar. 10, 4,000l. paid 1676–7, Mar. 16, 3,500l. paid 1676–7, Mar. 21, 2,000l. paid 1677, April 5, 3,000l. paid 1677, April 13, 3,000l. paid 1677, May 2, 500l. paid 1677, May 12, 2,700l. paid 1677, May 17, 4,000l. paid 1677, June 8, 3,500l. paid 1677, June 28, 3,000l. paid 1677, July 11, 2,000l. paid 1677, July 17, 3,500l. paid 1677, Aug. 3, 1,000l. paid 1677, Aug. 13, 3,000l. paid 1677, Aug. 13, 3,500l. paid 1677, Sept. 10, 4,000l. paid 1677, Nov. 1. 500l. paid 1677, Nov. 12, 4,000l. paid 1677, Nov. 13, 4,000l. and 3,500l. paid 1677, Dec. 4. and 4,000l. paid 1677, Dec. 14.Ibid, pp. 125–33.
Further, the said Chiffinch prays allowance of the following sums paid upon account to sundry persons to be employed for his Majesty's service, and of which the said persons are to render account: to wit: (27) several sums, amounting in all to 143,000l., paid to Anthony Stephens, esq. for the service of the Navy as Cashier to Sir Tho. Osborne, then Treasurer of the Navy, who is to be charged there with; viz. 5,000l. paid 1672, June 11, 5,000l. paid 1672, June 17, 5,000l. paid 1672, July 8, 10,000l. paid 1672, Sept. 17, 5,000l. paid 1672, Sept. 21, 15,000l. paid 1672. Sept. 30, 15,000l. paid 1672, Oct. 4, 5,000l. and 4,000l. paid 1672, Oct. 14, 9,500l. paid 1672. Oct. 28, 5,000l. paid 1672, Nov. 18, 12,000l. paid 1672, Nov. 22, 5,000l. paid 1672–3, Jan. 31, 3,000l. paid 1672–3. Feb. 11 (for the victualling of the Navy), 3,000l. paid 1672–3, Feb. 18, 5,000l. paid 1672–3, Feb. 20, 2,500l. paid 1672–3, Feb. 25, 4,500l. paid 1672–3, Mar. 1, 3,000l. paid 1672–3, Mar. 5, 4,500l. paid 1672–3, Mar. 6, 4,000l. paid 1673, Mar. 25 (for the Victuallers), 3,000l. paid 1673, April 5 (for same), 10,000l. paid 1673, April 8: (28) likewise several sums amounting in all to 111,050l. to the said Stephens for the use of the Navy and other services, viz. 5,000l. and 10,000l. paid 1673, Sept. 24, 10,000l. paid 1673, Oct. 7, 10,000l. paid 1673, Oct. 24, 10,000l. paid 1673, Nov. 12, 10,000l. paid 1673, Nov. 25, 10,000l. paid 1673. Dec. 11, 10,000l. paid 1673, Dec. 23, 10,000l. paid 1673. Dec. 30, 11,000l. paid 1676, May 9, 6,050l. paid 1676, May 12, 4,000l. paid 1676, May 13, 5,000l. paid 1676, Oct. 3: of which total of 111,050l. the sum of 96,000l. was received by said Stephens as Cashier to Edward Seymour, Treasurer of the Navy, who is to be charged therewith, and the remaining 15,050l. said Stephens is to be charged with as received by him for his Majesty's service: (29) several sums amounting in all to 66,500l. paid by Chiffinch to Sir George Wharton, bart. (late George Wharton, esq.) as Treasurer and Paymaster of the Ordnance, viz., 59,500l. paid between 1670–1, Feb. 20, and 1672. April 16. towards the fortifications at Sheerness, Tilbury and other parts and for the service of the Office of Ordnance, 2,000l. paid 1672, April 18, for the Ordnance, 1,000l. paid 1672, Oct. 14, for same, 1,000l. paid 1672, Oct. 26, for same, and 3,000l. paid 1672–3, Feb. 11, for same; (30) 5,000l. paid 1672, Nov. 12, to Samuell Pepys, Treasurer for the Affairs of Tangier: (31) several sums, amounting to 3,500l., paid to Sir Robt. Holmes, Governor of the Isle of Wight, viz. 1,000l. paid 1671, May 13, 1,000l. paid, 1671, June 29, 1,000l. paid 1672, April 30, by the hands of James Halsall, which was to be employed on the fortifications in the said Isle of Wight, and 500l. paid 1673, April 19, for his Majesty's use in the said island: (32) 2,000l. paid to Simon Smith, esq. for impaling the Great Park at Windsor, viz. 1,000l. paid 1671, May 13, and 1,000l. paid 1671, Sept. 13; both which sums were at first intended to be [re]paid to the said Chiffinch by the said Smyth out of such money as should be assigned to him [Smyth] for such impaling, "but we are satisfied the same are not so repaid to the said William Chiffinch," therefore he is to be hereby allowed same and Smyth is to be charged therewith: (33) 1,000l. paid to Richard Marriot, 1671, May 12, as Receiver of the Honor, etc. of Windsor for repairs and building of the Castle; which sum was intended at first to be repaid to said Chiffinch by said Marriot as soon as Marriot should receive same on the privy seal of 1671, April 29, but there having been no payment since made upon the said privy seal (which remains in the hands of said Chiffinch) said sum is to be hereby allowed in account to said Chiffinch, and Marriot is to be charged therewith and an endorsement is to be made on said privy seal that hereafter no payments be made upon it: (34) 100l. paid 1671, June 7, to Hartgill Baron for the [then] present occasion of the Works at Windsor; which sum was likewise intended to be repaid out of the moneys assigned for those Works, but the same not having been done said Chiffinch is to be hereby discharged of it and said Baron to be charged with it: (35) several sums, amounting in all to 18,000l., paid to William Roberts, Receiver of the Honor, etc. of Windsor, viz. 2,000l. paid 1676–7, Jan. 19, for the rebuilding and repairing of Windsor Castle, 2,000l. paid 1676–7, Feb. 22, for same, 2,000l. paid 1677, April 3, for same, 1,000l. paid 1677, April 14, for same, 2,000l. paid 1677, July 18, for same by the hands of Tho. Roberts, 2,000l. paid 1677, Aug. 27, for same, 4,000l. paid 1677, Sept. 22, for same, 3,000l. paid 1677, Nov. 18, for same: (36) 50l. paid 1672 to Christopher (now Sir Christopher) Wrenn to be employed for steps of moor stone in the Works at Windsor: (37) 250l. paid 1672, Nov. 22, to Cha. Wood, gent. to be employed for the charge of repairing Walsingham House for Lady Marischal; (38) 72l. 1s. 6d. paid 1673, April 19. to Edmund Portman for the Navy Victuallers according to a special agreement made with them: (39) 100l. paid 1676–7, Mar. 21, to Joseph Lawrence towards the charge of building a yacht: (40) 500l. paid to John Poictevin by way of advance for furnishing the lower rooms at Windsor.
All the abovesaid sums, amounting to 592,100l. 8s. 10d, are vouched by the respective acquittances and are hereby to be allowed to Chiffinch in account as fully as if such payments had been warranted by great seals or privy seals. Further, the said Chiffinch craves allowance of several sums, amounting in all to 44,768l. 10s. 0d., which by the King's direction he paid to Sir Stephen Fox for secret service; and of several other sums, amounting in all to 33,591l. 10s. 0d., paid part thereof to the King's own hands and the residue to sundry persons, by the King's particular direction, for gratuities and other secret services. Being well satisfied touching the expense of the said two sums, the King hereby commands that the same be allowed him in account, although same were not paid by him by virtue of any formal warrant and although the vouchers to manifest the particular payments be not produced.
Chiffinch further craves allowance of several sums, amounting to 18,016l. 10s. 7d., by him paid to Sir John Banks, viz. 16,632l. thereof in repayment of moneys advanced and for satisfaction of goods delivered by said Banks for the service of the Navy, 1,000l. more in repayment of so much advanced by said Banks for the service of the Office of Ordnance and 384l. 10s. 7d. for interest which the King agreed to allow to said Banks for advancing the said moneys or some part thereof. And because upon the payment of the said moneys to said Banks the latter did not give to him any acquittances for the same but delivered to him the particulars following, viz. a tally of loan for 4,000l. dated 1672–3, Jan. 2, purporting a loan to that amount made that day at the Exchequer by said Banks, a note under the hand of Anth. Stephens purporting the receipt by him of 2,200l. on the 10th Jan., 1672–3, from said Banks for the service of the Navy, another note under the hand of said Stephens purporting the receipt of 2,000l. by him 1672–3, Jan. 16, from said Banks for the Navy, another note from same similarly purporting the receipt of 4,000l. on 1672–3, Jan. 24, for the same use, another note from same similarly purporting the receipt of 2,000l. on 1673, Mar. 29, for the same use, a Navy bill dated 1673. April 9, for 1,260l. 4s. 0d. for hemp, a certificate of the Navy Commissioners dated 1673, April 17, for a second parcel of hemp and a note under the hand of Sir John Banks for making good in money or by a Navy bill the sum of 314l. 17s, 0d. which said Navy bill, certificate and note last mentioned were afterwards, viz. on 1673, May 10 (as appears by a receipt of that date under the hand of said Anthony Stephens) delivered to said Stephens by said Chiffinch as [equivalent to the sum of] 3,632l. for the use and service of the Navy. The said several sums, making up 18,016l. 10s. 7d., are hereby to be allowed to said Chiffinch in his account, but special care is to be taken to call the respective Treasurers to whom said Banks advanced the said moneys for his Majesty's service to a strict account for the same, and to charge them therewith and that the said tally of loan [for 4,000l. as above] and the order of repayment drawn thereupon be vacated or re-assigned to his Majesty's use.
Finally, allowance is to be made to said Chiffinch in his account after the rate of 1d. per £ on the whole sum received and paid as above for his labour, hazard, loss. etc. therein and for the charge of passing his account, he having not hitherto had any manner of allowance or consideration therefor. And he is not to be charged with any [12 per cent.] interest or damages for detaining any part of the said moneys in his hands at any time. (Royal warrant dated 1680–1, Mar. 1 [struck through and altered to] 1681, June 20, for said privy seal.)
June 29.Treasury reference to Auditor Stephens of Mr. Johnson's account for interest from 1680–1, Jan. 1, to 1681, July 1. (Total [? of principal and interest] 172,616l.)Reference Book I, p. 296.
Same to the Customs Commissioners of the petition of John Collins, praying a place in the Customs.Ibid, p. 297.
[?]Same to same of the petition of Edmd. Rumball, praying for the place of a waiter, Exeter port.Ibid.
June 29.Treasury warrant to the Surveyor of Woods Trent South to fell 14 pollards or decaying trees in Salcey Forest, co. Northampton, to be sold to raise money for the repair of the posts, rails, gates and bridges there; as by the certificate from Robert Osborne, John Rawlins and Tho. Church, three of the regarders of said forest. An account of the sale is to be rendered to the Auditor for co. Northampton before the end of next Michaelmas term. This warrant to be entered in the office of the Chief Justice in Eyre.Warrants not Relating to Money VIII, p. 353.
Henry Guy to the Auditor of the Receipt to issue as follows out of such Excise money as is directed to be paid into the Exchequer this week.Disposition Book II. p. 78.
to Mr. Johnson for the Forces 2,000
to same for off-reckonings 3,000
to me [Guy] for secret service 200
to Sir Stephen Fox for secret service, being intended for the Earl of Sussex 700
to the Cofferer on his extraordinaries, being intended for Alderman Sturt for Oates 300
Money warrant for 39l. 2s. 8d. to Richard Morley in part of the interest from 1678, Sept. 27, due to him for 500l. which Edward Coleman (who was executed for high treason) was indebted to said Morley and which sum the King by the privy seal of 1679, June 18, granted to said Morley with interest and charges from the date of the loan and to be paid out of any of said Coleman's estate forfeited by his treason, or out of any moneys which should come to the King from such estate; in accordance with which said privy seal Morley has been paid said 500l. at the Exchequer; it appearing by the note of said Coleman that said 500l. was lent to him by said Morley, 1678, Sept. 27. The present issue is to be satisfied out of such money as shall be paid into the Exchequer out of said Coleman's estate. (Money order dated July 4 hereon.)Money Book III, p. 94. Order Book XXXVIII, p. 228.
Money order for 20l. each to Jon. Lowe and Mathew Lister, deputy chamberlains of the Receipt, for 1681, Easter and Trinity terms, on their allowance of 40l. per an. each as an additional increase of fees in respect of extraordinary service, etc.Order Book XXXVIII, p. 226.
June 30.Treasury warrant to the Receipt to issue to Anthony Visct. Falkland for the Navy all moneys unpaid on orders in the name of Edward Seymour as by the privy seal of the 29th inst.supra, p. 198.Money Book III, p. 95.